SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index 8
Transaction Code - 8
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 8AS5 PCA: Balance Carryforw.Field Transf.  
2 8KAL Controlling Areas: ALE for PCA  
3 8KE1 PCA: Rollup: Create Field Assignment SAPMGCU0
4 8KE2 PCA: Rollup: Change Field Assignment SAPMGCU0
5 8KE3 PCA: Rollup: Display Field Assignmnt SAPMGCU0
6 8KE4 PCA: Rollup Substitution  
7 8KE5 PCA: Rollup Substitution  
8 8KE6 PCA: Delete Rollup Field Assignment SAPMGCU0
9 8KEA Create Cond. Table (Price/Prof. Ctr) SAPMV12A
10 8KEB Change Cond. Table (Price/Prof. Ctr) SAPMV12A
11 8KEC Display Cond.Table (Price/Prof. Ctr) SAPMV12A
12 8KED Access: Pflegen (Profit Center)  
13 8KEE Condition:Sheet for Transfer Pricing  
14 8KEF Maintain Condition Types  
15 8KEG Create Condition List SAPMV14A
16 8KEG_02 Change Pricing Report SAPMV14A
17 8KEG_03 Display Pricing Report SAPMV14A
18 8KEG_16 Execute Pricing Report SAPMV14A
19 8KEH Condition Exclusion:Sheet Assgt TP  
20 8KEI Maintain Exclusion Group (TP)  
21 8KEJ Maintain CElem for Excl. Grou (TP)  
22 8KEK Maintain Transfer Price Variants  
23 8KEL Trans.Pr.:Allowed Flds for Cond.Tab.  
24 8KEM Currency and Valuation Profiles  
25 8KEN Acct Det. for Charg. Off Val. Diff.  
26 8KEO Assign Representative Material RCOPCA41
27 8KEP Activate Cur.+Val. Profile in COArea R_TP_CVPROF_ASSIGN
28 8KEP_WIZARD Activate Transfer Pricing R_WZ_TP_ACTIVATE
29 8KEQ Assign Cur. + Val. Profile to COArea  
30 8KER Derive Partner Profit Center: Sales RCOPCA41
31 8KES Derive Partner Profit Center: Purch. RCOPCA41
32 8KET Derive Costing Key PCA01CALC
33 8KET1 Maintain Stock Change Accounts  
34 8KET2 Maintain Stock Change Accounts  
35 8KET3 Define Costing Key  
36 8KET4 Opening Balance for PCA Costing RCOPCA37
37 8KET5 Valuation for Calculation Base SAPLPC20
38 8KET6 Enter Accts for Quantity Based Plang  
39 8KET7 Set up Profit Planning R_WZ_PCA_VAL
40 8KEU Deactivate C&V Profile in CO Area R_TP_CVPROF_DEACT
43 8KEX Conversion of condition vals for TP  
44 8KEY Company Code Field Transfer Rule  
45 8KEZ EC-PCA Transfer Pricing PCA_TP_FIND