SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index O, page 11
Transaction Code - O
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 OOQ_SKILL_ESS Root Qualification Group RHCUST01
2 OORA Create Room  
3 OORB HR-TEM: Number Range Reference Doc.  
4 OORE Create Resource  
5 OORP Plan Version for Room Reservation RHCUST01
6 OORT Create Resource Type  
7 OORU Shift Planning: Proposal Strategy RHCUST01
8 OORV Strategy for Automatic Assignment RHCUST01
9 OORW Work Schedule: Rule Values RHCUST01
10 OOSB User (Structural Authorization)  
11 OOSC Define Scales  
12 OOSD Integration Billing RHCUST01
13 OOSE Organizational Elements RHCUST01
14 OOSF Search Function RHCUST01
15 OOSG Settings for Credit Memo RHCUST01
16 OOSH Control Elements Day-To-Day Actys RHCUST01
17 OOSK Cost Accounting Control RHCUST01
18 OOSO Create Organizational Unit  
19 OOSP Authorization Profiles  
20 OOSQ Create Requirements Profile  
21 OOSR Settings for Invoice RHCUST01
22 OOSS Prices, Taxes, Account Assignment RHCUST01
23 OOST Standard Assignment  
24 OOSU Subtypes  
25 OOSV Customizing for Ctry Reassg Workflow  
26 OOSW Create Work Center  
27 OOT1 Shift Groups for Shift Planning  
28 OOT2 Requirement Types per WS/Shift Group  
29 OOT3 Requirements  
30 OOT5 Shift Groups for Shift Planning  
31 OOTA Attendee Type: Print Control  
32 OOTB Attendee/Organizer Types Allowed  
33 OOTG Areas  
34 OOTK Integration Appointment Calendar RHCUST01
35 OOTM Time Schedule  
36 OOTO Specify Appointment Types RHCUST01
37 OOTP Create Development Plan  
38 OOTR Display Import Lock Table  
39 OOTS Breakpoints RHCUST01
40 OOTT Attendee Types RHCUST01
41 OOTV Prebookings RHCUST01
42 OOUA Batch Input User Level  
43 OOUM Integration Cost Transfer Posting RHCUST01
44 OOUR C. Enhancement Resource Reservation RHCUST01
45 OOUS Maintain User  
46 OOV1 Display Table T77S0  
47 OOV2 Maintain Table T77S0  
48 OOVA Business Event Catalog RHCUST01
49 OOVACPTIME No.of Days to Bring Forward Vacns RHCUST01
50 OOVB Vacancy Editing RHCUST01
51 OOVC Formatting Text Variables  
52 OOVD Output Sequence of Text Elements  
53 OOVI Notification Abbr.: Assign Event  
54 OOVK Relationships  
55 OOVM User-Specific Output Control  
56 OOVO Prebooking Business Event Types RHCUST01
57 OOVS Create Notification Abbreviation  
58 OOVW Service for Lock RHCUST01
59 OOW1 Classification of Task Complexes  
60 OOW2 Substitute Profile  
61 OOW3 Substitute Profile: Class. Assignmnt  
62 OOW4 Workflow/Org.Mgmt Prefix Numbers SAPLRHWW
63 OOWB TEM-ESS : Standard values RHCUST01
64 OOWFAC Activate Workflow Event Linkage RHCUST01
65 OOWIZ1 Wizard: Cost Transfer Posting SAPLHRTEM00_WIZ1
66 OOWIZ2 Wizard: Activity Allocation SAPLHRTEM00_WIZ2
67 OOWIZ3 Wizard: Billing SAPLHRTEM00_WIZ3
68 OOWIZ4 Wizard Customizing Correspondence SAPLHRTEM00_WIZ4
69 OOWIZ41 Form Wizard SAPLHRTEM00_WIZ4
70 OOWIZ42 Text Variable Wizard SAPLHRTEM00_WIZ4
71 OOWIZ43 Notification Abbreviation Wizard SAPLHRTEM00_WIZ4
72 OOWIZ5 Wizard: Cost Transfer Posting SAPLHRTEM00_WIZ5
73 OOZI Dynamic Menus Additional Info RHCUST01
74 OOZO Shift Planning: Simulate Attendences RHCUST01
75 OOZR Target OT-Dependent Time Constraint  
76 OOZS Attendance Types Time Management RHCUST01
77 OOZT Shift Planning: Employee Status RHCUST01
78 OOZW Integration with Time Management RHCUST01
79 OO_CA_TAX_SPL HR: Set up Canada Tax Split RHCUST01
80 OO_CENTRAL_PERSON HR: Set Up Central Person RHCUST01
84 OO_GB_DRILLDOWN HR: Set up GB Drilldown Reporting RHCUST01
85 OO_GB_HESA_01 HR: Set up GB HESA Institution Code RHCUST01
86 OO_GB_ME HR: Set up GB Multiple Employments RHCUST01
87 OO_GB_ME_CHECK HR: Set up GB ME consistency check RHCUST01
88 OO_GB_ME_PAYSLIP HR: Set up GB ME payslip aggregation RHCUST01
90 OO_HRALXCUSTINT Activate Integration RHCUST01
91 OO_HRALXCUSTOBP Data Synchronization: Org. Units RHCUST01
92 OO_HRALXCUSTPBP Data Synchronization: Persons RHCUST01
93 OO_HRALXCUSTPER Logging/Error Analysis RHCUST01
94 OO_HRRCF_CAT_CREATE Set Up Categories for Questionnaires RCF_QA_CREATE_CATEGORY
96 OO_HRRCF_CAT_UPDATE Update Questionnaire Categories RCF_QA_UPDATE_CATEGORY
97 OO_HRRCF_CREATE_USER Create User for E-Recruiting RCF_CREATE_USER
99 OO_HRRCF_SYST_CUST System Parameters in E-Recruiting RHCUST01
101 OO_HRRCF_WD_BL_CUST System Parameter Backend System RHCUST01
102 OO_HRRCF_WD_CUST System Parameter Front-End System RHCUST01
103 OO_MGE_MAN_PATH Master Switch for Man. of Gl. Empl. RHCUST01
104 OO_MGE_MS Master Switch for Man. of Gl. Empl. RHCUST01
105 OO_POST_ARCHI Archiving Function for Posting Index RHCUST01
106 OO_POST_PPMAR Payment Posting Active AR RHCUST01
107 OO_POST_PPMAT Payment Posting Active AT RHCUST01
108 OO_POST_PPMAU Payment Posting Active AU RHCUST01
109 OO_POST_PPMBE Payment Posting Active BE RHCUST01
110 OO_POST_PPMBR Payment Posting Active BR RHCUST01
111 OO_POST_PPMCA Payment Posting Active CA RHCUST01
112 OO_POST_PPMCH Payment Posting Active CH RHCUST01
113 OO_POST_PPMCN Payment Posting Active CN RHCUST01
114 OO_POST_PPMDE Payment Posting Active DE RHCUST01
115 OO_POST_PPMDK Payment Posting Active DK RHCUST01
116 OO_POST_PPMES Payment Posting Active ES RHCUST01
117 OO_POST_PPMFI Payment Posting Active FI RHCUST01
118 OO_POST_PPMFR Payment Posting Active FR RHCUST01
119 OO_POST_PPMGB Payment Posting Active GB RHCUST01
120 OO_POST_PPMHK Payment Posting Active HK RHCUST01
121 OO_POST_PPMID Payment Posting Active ID RHCUST01
122 OO_POST_PPMIE Payment Posting Active IE RHCUST01
123 OO_POST_PPMIN Payment Posting Active IN RHCUST01
124 OO_POST_PPMIT Payment Posting Active IT RHCUST01
125 OO_POST_PPMJP Payment Posting Active JP RHCUST01
126 OO_POST_PPMKR Payment Posting Active KR RHCUST01
127 OO_POST_PPMMX Payment Posting Active MX RHCUST01
128 OO_POST_PPMMY Payment Posting Active MY RHCUST01
129 OO_POST_PPMNL Payment Posting Active NL RHCUST01
130 OO_POST_PPMNO Payment Posting Active NO RHCUST01
131 OO_POST_PPMNZ Payment Posting Active NZ RHCUST01
132 OO_POST_PPMPH Payment Posting Active PH RHCUST01
133 OO_POST_PPMPT Payment Posting Active PT RHCUST01
134 OO_POST_PPMRU Payment Posting Active RU RHCUST01
135 OO_POST_PPMSE Payment Posting Active SE RHCUST01
136 OO_POST_PPMSG Payment Posting Active SG RHCUST01
137 OO_POST_PPMTH Payment Posting Active TH RHCUST01
138 OO_POST_PPMTW Payment Posting Active TW RHCUST01
139 OO_POST_PPMUS Payment Posting Active US RHCUST01
140 OO_POST_PPMVE Payment Posting Active VE RHCUST01
141 OO_POST_PPMXX Payment Posting Active XX RHCUST01
142 OO_POST_PPMZA Payment Posting Active ZA RHCUST01
143 OO_PTSPPS_ADHVP Additional Checks PP61 RHCUST01
144 OO_PTSPPS_AKSP Save Shift Abbreviation RHCUST01
145 OO_PTSPPS_BDV Activate Cumulation of Requirements RHCUST01
146 OO_PTSPPS_DET Activation of Additional Information RHCUST01
147 OO_PTSPPS_EXBDA MS EXCEL Print Macros Reqmts Matchup RHCUST01
148 OO_PTSPPS_INCLUPD Activate Functionality RHCUST01
149 OO_PTSPPS_MRK Activate Special Day Marking RHCUST01
150 OO_PTSPPS_PSABG Activate Long-Term Temp. Assignments RHCUST01
151 OO_PTSPPS_PSAPL Direct Access to Absence Planner RHCUST01
152 OO_PTSPPS_PSASP Result of Proposal Determination RHCUST01
153 OO_PTSPPS_PSCDO Activate PSOLL Change Documents RHCUST01
154 OO_PTSPPS_PSDCI Activate Background Process RHCUST01
155 OO_PTSPPS_PSDWI Protect Employee Preferences RHCUST01
156 OO_PTSPPS_PSHID Hide Temp. Reassigned Employees RHCUST01
157 OO_PTSPPS_PSINF Activate Extended Info Columns RHCUST01
158 OO_PTSPPS_PSKSA Retain Abbreviation for Availability RHCUST01
159 OO_PTSPPS_PSLVV Delete Obsolete Substitutions RHCUST01
160 OO_PTSPPS_PSPLM Activate Pool Management RHCUST01
161 OO_PTSPPS_PSSRT Activate Enhanced Sorting RHCUST01
162 OO_PTSPPS_PSTAA Maintain Info Texts for Att./Absence RHCUST01
163 OO_PTSPPS_PSTSN Time Statement for Student Nurses RHCUST01
164 OO_PTSPPS_RFRSH Refresh on Saving RHCUST01
165 OO_PTSPPS_SMUCD Assgmt Proposal for Changed Days RHCUST01
166 OO_PTSPPS_SMUDR Assgmt Proposal for Changed Days RHCUST01
167 OO_PTSPPS_TASSA Temp. Assgmt Despite Att./Absence RHCUST01
168 OO_PT_PT50 Switch to Initialize Sel. Intervals RHCUST01
169 OO_PT_V3S Schalter Vorgezogene Dritte Schicht RHCUST01
170 OO_RCF_INIT_KPRO Initialization of KPro Integration RCF_INITIALIZE_KPRO
171 OO_T77BW Automatic State Management  
172 OO_UGHR_CENTRAL_PERS HR: Set Up Central Person RHCUST01
173 OO_USPS_CERT_RENEW Msg Class for Cert. Renewal Code RHCUST01
174 OP00 Maintain Operation Control Key  
175 OP01 Customizing Routing/Work Center MENUOP01
176 OP03 Factory Calendar C SAPMOMS0
177 OP04 Word Processing  
178 OP07 Standard Text SAPLC0VL
179 OP08 Standard Text SAPLC0VL
180 OP09 Maintain Alternative Activity Desc.  
181 OP10 Maintain Person Responsible  
182 OP11 Maintain Period Pattern Key  
183 OP12 Maintain Location  
184 OP13 Maintain Screen Sequence ROOP0011
185 OP14 Maintain Type of Std. Value Determin  
186 OP15 Production User Profile  
187 OP16 Maintain Period Pattern  
188 OP17 Formula Parameters  
189 OP18 Maintain Setup Group/Setup Group Cat SAPMOUT1
190 OP19 Standard Value Key  
191 OP20 Maintain Setup Type Key  
192 OP21 Define Formula  
193 OP22 Maintain Wage Groups  
194 OP23 Maintain Location  
195 OP24 Maintain period dependent oper. val.  
196 OP26 Maintain suitability  
197 OP28 Maintain Perf. Efficiency Rate Key  
198 OP30 Maintain Move Time Matrix  
199 OP31 Maintain Time Segment (Per. Pattern)  
200 OP32 Maintain Capacity Category  
201 OP34 Maintain Work Center Planner Group  
202 OP35 Maintain Perf. Efficiency Rate Key  
203 OP36 Maintain Capacity Default Values SAPMC68K
204 OP37 Maintain Available Capacity Version  
205 OP38 Maintain Setup Type Key  
206 OP39 Maintain Graphics Profile  
207 OP40 Maintain Work Center Category  
208 OP41 Matchcode for work center SAPMOUT4
209 OP42 Default work center  
210 OP43 Maintain Setup Group Categories  
211 OP44 Maintain Task List Usage  
212 OP45 Maintain Usage  
213 OP46 Maintain Task List Status  
214 OP47 Maintain PRT Usage  
215 OP48 Maintain Planner Group  
216 OP49 Matchcode for Routings/Ref. Op. Sets SAPMOUT4
217 OP4A Maintain Shift Sequences  
218 OP4B Overview variant: Routing  
219 OP4C Overview variant: Ref. oper. set  
220 OP4D Overview variant: Rate routing  
221 OP4E Overview variant: Ref. rate routing  
222 OP4F Overview var.:Scheduling of routings  
223 OP4G Overview var.:Scheduling ref.op.set  
224 OP4H Overview var.:Scheduling of rate rtg  
225 OP4I Overview var.:Scheduling RefRateRtgs  
226 OP50 Assign Material Types  
227 OP51 Formula Parameters  
228 OP52 Formula Parameters  
229 OP53 Formula Parameters  
230 OP54 Define Formula  
231 OP55 Define Formula  
232 OP56 Define Formula  
233 OP57 Define Formula  
234 OP58 Maintain Default Value Profiles SAPMOUT1
235 OP59 Formula Parameters  
236 OP5A Field Selection: Task List Overview  
237 OP5B Field Selection: Task List Header  
238 OP5C Field Selection: Task List Sequence  
239 OP5D Field Selection: Task List Details  
240 OP5E Field selection task list overview  
241 OP5F Field selection std network -> PRT  
242 OP5H Field sel. insp.plan characteristics  
243 OP61 Number range maintenance: ROUTING_3 SAPMSNUM
244 OP62 Number ranges for routings SAPMSNUM
245 OP63 Number Ranges for Ref.Operation Sets SAPMSNUM
246 OP64 Maintain Setup Group Key  
247 OP65 Formula Parameters  
248 OP66 Maintain Location Group  
249 OP67 Maintain Operation Control Key  
250 OP68 Maintain Move Time Matrix  
251 OP69 Maintain wage type  
252 OP70 Maintain PRT Control Key  
253 OP71 Maintain Wage Group  
254 OP72 PRT Control Key  
255 OP73 PRT Authorization Group ROOP0010
256 OP74 Maintain PRT Group Key  
257 OP76 Define suitability  
258 OP77 Engineering Workbench for Task Lists ROOP0010
259 OP78 Maintain Type of Std. Value Determin  
260 OP7A Customizing matchcode for PRTs SAPMOUT4
261 OP7B Define Parameters  
262 OP80 Maintain PRT Status  
263 OP82 Define Formula  
264 OP84 Profiles: Default Values for Rtgs. ROOP0010
265 OP85 Profiles: Default Values for QM ROOP0010
266 OP87 Maintain Routing/Ref.Op.Set Usage  
267 OP88 Maintain Assignmt. of Task List Type  
268 OP8A Maintain operation value description  
269 OP8B Maintain standard value texts  
270 OP8C Record layout for background (APL) RDDSRCG0
271 OP8D Data transfer APL RCPTRA01
272 OP8E Command file task lists Rel. 2.2A  
273 OP8F Maintain production scheduler  
274 OP8H Profiles: Default Values for Rtgs. ROOP0010
275 OP91 Maintain Object Overview Version  
276 OP95 Assign Work Center Cat. to Applicatn  
277 OP96 Maintain Work Center Category  
278 OP97 Maintain Performance Efficiency Rate  
279 OP98 Maintain Validity of Perf.Effic.Rate  
280 OPA0 Status selection profiles  
281 OPA1 Maintain combination definitions  
282 OPA2 Define selection profile  
283 OPA3 Define option profile  
284 OPA4 Define list profile  
285 OPA5 Define graphics profile  
286 OPA6 Define overall profile  
287 OPA7 Define columns  
288 OPA9 Maintain selection profiles  
289 OPB1 Define list versions  
290 OPB2 Define distribution function  
291 OPB3 Specify distribution functions  
292 OPB4 Specify distribution strategies  
293 OPB5 Specify distribution key  
294 OPC0 Axis representation selection  
295 OPC1 Maintain axis representation  
296 OPC2 Curve representation selection  
297 OPC3 Maintain curve representation  
298 OPC5 Max. no. of data records  
299 OPCD Capacity category  
300 OPCE Capacity planner  
301 OPCF Time units SAPMUNIT
302 OPCG Maintain Operation Control Key  
303 OPCH Maintain production scheduler  
304 OPCI Setup group key/category SAPMOUT1
305 OPCL Scheduling type  
306 OPCM Standard value key  
307 OPCN Maintain move time matrix  
308 OPCQ Efficiency rate  
309 OPCR Formula parameters  
310 OPCS Define formula  
311 OPCT Strategies  
312 OPCU Strategy levels  
313 OPCW Planned order parameters  
314 OPCX Formula parameters  
315 OPCY Define formula  
316 OPD0 Resource planning overall profile  
317 OPD1 Resource planning selection profile  
318 OPD2 Capacity leveling - time profile  
319 OPD3 Resource planning evaluation profile  
320 OPD4 Resource planning period profile  
321 OPD5 Flow control definition  
322 OPD6 Flow control control table  
323 OPD7 Flow control statuses  
324 OPD8 Flow Control Actions  
325 OPD9 Flow Control Messages  
326 OPDA Transition matrix (setup matrix)  
327 OPDB Capacity Leveling Strategy Profile  
328 OPDD Factory calendar SAPMOMS0
329 OPDE Resource planning control profile  
330 OPDF Define requirements grouping  
331 OPDH Capacity leveling - list profile  
332 OPDJ Define layout  
333 OPDK Define standard overview ROOP0010
334 OPDL Cap. plan. detailed cap.list maint. ROOP0010
335 OPDM Define detail list (leveling) ROOP0010
336 OPDQ Profile for planning table (tab.)  
337 OPDR Define layout key  
338 OPDT Define detail list ROOP0010
339 OPDU Maintain perf. efficiency rate key  
340 OPDV Com-file (Rel-Info/OLPK) KOP. Set´s SETCOPY1
341 OPDW Com-file (Rel-Info/OLPK) KOP. Set´s SETCOPY2
342 OPE0 Maintain Sort String  
343 OPE1 Maintain Value Type  
344 OPE2 Maintain Machine Type  
345 OPE3 Maintain Planner Group  
346 OPE4 Maintain Control Parameters  
347 OPE5 Maintain rounding categories  
348 OPE6 Maintain Rounding Category  
349 OPE7 Maintain overhead key  
350 OPE8 Maint. Roundg. and Add.Val.Key (Def)  
351 OPE9 Maintain User Profile SAPMS01C
352 OPEA User selection  
353 OPEB Automatic selection  
354 OPEC PP user fields  
355 OPENPS Download Activities to Palm Pilot OPENPS
356 OPF0 Maintain User  
357 OPF1 Authorizations for CAPP  
358 OPFA Field Selection: Work Center  
359 OPFP Configuring the Fixed Price Version SAPMKFPC
361 OPG0 Profile for planning table  
362 OPG1 Chart sequence - selection  
363 OPG2 Line representation  
364 OPG3 Scale time axis  
365 OPG4 Time scale profile  
366 OPG5 Graphic obj.type sel./repr.profile  
367 OPG6 Transition matrix setup fam.key  
368 OPG7 Line display selection  
369 OPG9 Graphical object type/obj.represent.  
370 OPGD Ref. Oper. Set-All Task Lists (PP)  
371 OPGE Ref. Oper. Set - Rate Routings (PP)  
372 OPGF Work Center - All Task Lists (PP)  
373 OPGG Work Center - Rate Routings (PP)  
374 OPGH Document PRT - All Task Lists  
375 OPGI Equipment PRT - All Task Lists  
376 OPGJ Material PRT - All Task Lists  
377 OPGK Misc. PRT - All Task Lists  
378 OPGL Resource - Master Recipes (PI)  
379 OPGM Process Instr. Cat. - Master Recipe  
380 OPGN Document PRT - Maintenance Task List  
381 OPGO Equipment PRT-Maintenance Task Lists  
382 OPGP Material PRT - Maintenance Task List  
383 OPGQ Misc. PRT - Maintenance Task Lists  
384 OPGR Work Center - Standard Network (PS)  
385 OPGS Document PRT - Standard Network (PS)  
386 OPGT Equipment PRT - Standard Network(PS)  
387 OPGU Material PRT - Standard Network (PS)  
388 OPGV Misc. PRT - Standard Network (PS)  
389 OPH1 CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: Delete Actual Data RFFMDL82
390 OPH2 PS Cash Management: Delete Plan Data RKFMDL83
391 OPH3 CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: Delete Master Data RFFMMDD1
392 OPH4 CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: MM Data Transfer RFFMRP20
393 OPH5 CO CBM: Successive FI Data Transfer RFFMRP82
394 OPH6 CO CBM: Take Over FI Completely RFFMRP81
395 OPH7 CO-CBM: Take Over All Data RFFMRP85
396 OPI1 Maintain Value Categories RKP_ACPOS_MAINTENANCE
397 OPI2 Value Categories for Cost Elements RKP_ACPOS_MAINTENANCE
398 OPI3 Update Control: File RPSCO  
399 OPI4 Commitment Item Value Categories RKP_ACPOS_MAINTENANCE
400 OPI5 Value Categories for Stag.Key Figs RKP_ACPOS_MAINTENANCE
401 OPI6 Activate CO Cash Budget Management  
402 OPI8 Display Value Category RKP_ACPOS_MAINTENANCE
403 OPIA Interest Profile for Projects  
404 OPIB Maintain Interest Profile  
405 OPIC Intrst Relevance: Cost Els/Cmmt Itms  
406 OPIC1 Specify system messages RPICMESG
407 OPID Proj.Int Calc: Account Determination  
408 OPIE Interest Indicator  
409 OPIF View Maintenance:Compound Int.Cont.  
410 OPIG View Maint.: Compound Int. Periods  
411 OPIH Interest Scale, General Conditions  
412 OPIN Number range maintnce: VHU_PINST SAPMSNUM
413 OPJ2 Production order stock determination  
414 OPJ4 Schedule batch function request COWORKDISPATCH_SCHEDULE
415 OPJ6 Maintain Status Profiles SAPMBSVA
416 OPJ7 Maintain Routing Usage  
417 OPJ8 Maintain Operation Control Key  
418 OPJ9 Maintain prod. scheduler group  
419 OPJA Maintain setup group/group category SAPMOUT1
420 OPJB Specify system messages ROOP0016
421 OPJC Maintain Wage Groups  
422 OPJD Item Categories  
423 OPJE User Selection  
424 OPJF Automatic Selection  
425 OPJG Maintain Default Values  
426 OPJH Order types production order  
427 OPJI BOM Usage Priorities  
428 OPJJ Maintain Scope of Check  
429 OPJK Maintain Control  
430 OPJL Maintain Checking Rule  
431 OPJM Application-Specific Criteria  
432 OPJN Maintain Scheduling Type  
433 OPJO C MM-BD units of measurement SAPMUNIT
434 OPJP Maint. acct.assgnm.types for orders  
435 OPJQ Standard Value Key  
436 OPJR Maintain move time matrix  
437 OPJS PP: Maintain reduction strategies  
438 OPJT Maintain Strategy Levels  
439 OPJU Production order control parameters ROOP0013
440 OPJV Maintain Capacity Category  
441 OPJW Maintain Capa.Planr.Grp for WrkCentr  
442 OPJX Factory Calendar C SAPMOMS0
443 OPJY Maintain perf. efficiency rate key  
444 OPJZ Maintain Release Periods  
445 OPK0 Confirmation Parameters PP  
446 OPK0T Confirmation Parameters  
447 OPK1 Confirmation Parameters PP-PI  
448 OPK1T Confirmation Parameters  
449 OPK2 Formula Parameters  
450 OPK3 Define Formula  
451 OPK4 Confirmation Parameters  
452 OPK4N Confirmation Parameters (Extended)  
453 OPK5 Maintain variances  
454 OPK6 List Layout  
455 OPK7 Accessing Customizing PDC transfer PPCOBDEC
456 OPK8 Maintain print control prod. orders  
457 OPK9 Maintain Goods Receipt Valuation  
458 OPKA Maintain Movement Types  
459 OPKB Control parallel confirmation  
460 OPKC Control confirmation process chain  
461 OPKD Control confirmation process chain  
462 OPKE Screen Sequence for Components  
463 OPKF Control parallel confirmation  
464 OPKG Maintain Messages  
465 OPKH Maintain Breakpoints  
466 OPKI Maintain Collective Confirmation  
467 OPKJ Maintain PRT Control Key  
468 OPKK Standard Text SAPLC0VL
469 OPKL Formula Parameters  
470 OPKM Define Formula  
471 OPKN Overview variant production control  
472 OPKO Command File for Production Orders  
473 OPKP Shop floor control profile  
474 OPKQ Customizing: Matchcode for Proc.Ord. SAPMOUT4
475 OPKR Print flag PPSFCAJB
476 OPKS Maintain Origins for CO Object  
477 OPKT Initial Screen: Settlement Structure SAPMKOAU
478 OPKU Maintain Collective Confirmation  
479 OPKV Print Flag PPPRBTCM
480 OPKW Print shop papers PPPRBSCM
481 OPKX Deletion Flag/Indicator PPREJOB1
482 OPKZ Customizing Matchcode for ProdOrder SAPMOUT4
483 OPL1 Costing Variants: PP Prod. Order  
484 OPL2 Maintain trigger point group  
485 OPL3 Trigger point usage  
486 OPL4 Profile for missing parts list  
487 OPL5 Order type LIS parameters  
488 OPL6 Profile for documented goods mvmts  
489 OPL7 Order change management profile  
490 OPL8 Order type parameters: Overview  
491 OPL9 Parameters for order change mgmt  
492 OPLA Conditions: V_T682F for H CO  
493 OPLB CondTab: Create (batch, prod.) SAPMV12A
494 OPLC CondTab: Change (batchs, prod.) SAPMV12A
495 OPLD CondTab: Display (batches, prod.) SAPMV12A
496 OPLE Strategy types: Batch determ. (prod)  
497 OPLF Access: Maintain batch determ.(prod)  
498 OPLG Batch determ.: Procedure for prod.  
499 OPLH Overview variant - production orders  
500 OPLI Background job for goods movements PPGOMOVE