SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index O, page 6
Transaction Code - O
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 OF40 Activate Funds Management and HR  
2 OF41 Define Default FM-PM Account Asst  
3 OF4A Categories  
4 OF4B Assign transaction/subtransaction  
5 OF4C Calculate Budget Surcharges BPCALC01
6 OF51 Nummernkreispflege: FM_CTRNR01 SAPMSNUM
7 OF52 Maintain RFC Dest.for FM Pos.Mgt  
8 OFAK Activate/Deactivate PPA  
9 OFB2E1 RFC Connections for IC Reconciliatn  
10 OFB2E2 e-mail Templates for IC Reconciliatn  
11 OFB2E3 Define Reconciliation Criteria  
12 OFB2E_CNUM Company IDs in External System  
13 OFBL Budgetary ledger account derivation  
14 OFBLBW Budgetary Ledger BW Extractors RGUCBIW1_PI
15 OFBW Classify Movement Types  
16 OFC1 Assign FM Area to CO Area  
17 OFC2 Nummernkreispflege: FM_BELEGCO SAPMSNUM
18 OFC3 Year-Dependent Assignment  
19 OFC4 Assign CO Transctns for FM Recording  
20 OFCA FM: Budget Calculation  
21 OFCC Cover Eligibility Restrictions  
22 OFCL Rules for Closing Ledger Accounts  
23 OFCV Settings for Cover Eligibility  
24 OFD1 Cash Bdgt Mgt: Delete Master Data RFFMMDD1
25 OFD2 Cash Budget Mgt: Delete Act.Data RFFMDL52
26 OFD3 Cash Budget Mgt: Delete Plan Data RFFMDL53
27 OFD5 Delete Funds and Application of Fnds RFFMMDD4
28 OFD7 Funds Management: Delete Budget RFFMDL90_ISPS
29 OFD8 Delete Commitment Item From G/L Acct RFFMDL03
30 OFDA FM Areas - Year-Dependent Parameters  
31 OFDB Finanzstelle für Budgetierung  
32 OFDC Real Estate Implementation Guide  
33 OFDE FM: Delete Cmmt Items in FM Area RFFMMDD1
34 OFDF Delete Funds Centers in FM Area RFFMMDD2
35 OFDG Delete Funds Centr in Hierarchy Var. RFFMMDD3
36 OFDH Funds Management: Delete CO Actuals RFFMDLCU
37 OFDM1 Delete Earmarked Funds by Client RFDLKBLA
38 OFDM2 Delete Selection of Earmarked Funds RFDLKBLX
39 OFDSM Delete Status Management Entries RFFMMDD5
40 OFE1 Maintain Resvtn Doc.Types for HR/PM  
41 OFED Create Template for Commitment Items  
42 OFES Create Characters for Cmt Itm Templ.  
43 OFEW Einwohnerzahl pro Finanzkreis  
44 OFFNUMLV Obsolete: Assignment of Act Numb.Grp  
45 OFFNUMLV2 Assign Number Ranges for ODN LV  
46 OFFP Maxium amount limit  
47 OFFPMG Fast Pay material group  
48 OFFT Create FM fund types  
49 OFG1 Cash Bdgt Mgt: Take Over All Docs RFFMRP50
50 OFG2 Cash Budget Mgt: Take Over MM Data RFFMRP53
51 OFG3 Cash Bdgt Mgt:Take Over Fds Res Data RFFMRP56
52 OFG4 Cash Bdgt Mgt: Take Over Pymt Tsfr RFFMRP55
53 OFG5 Funds Mgmt: Take Over All Documents RFFMRP99
54 OFG6 Funds Mgmt: Take Over MM Data RFFMRP99
55 OFG8 Funds Mgmt: Take Over Pymt Tfr Data RFFMRP99
56 OFG9 CBM: Gradual FI Data Transfer RFFMRP52
57 OFGA CBM: FI Data Transfer in Full RFFMRP51
58 OFGB Funds Mgmt: Gradual FI Data Transfer RFFMRP99
59 OFGC Funds Mgmt: FI Data Transfer in Full RFFMRP99
60 OFGD Customize Budgeting  
61 OFGE Cash Holding Years  
62 OFGG Copy Commitment Item To G/L Account RFFMCP01
63 OFGH Sequence In Generic Arguments  
64 OFGR Create user groups  
65 OFIR (Penalty) Interest rate entries  
66 OFIV Invoice verification rules for PPA  
67 OFK1 Maintain Criteria Type Cmmt. Item SAPL0FMK
68 OFK2 Maintain Criteria Category Group SAPL0FMK
69 OFK3 Assign Crit.Cat. to Crit.Cat.Group SAPL0FMK
70 OFK4 Maintain Criteria SAPL0FMK
71 OFKA Maintain Carryfwrd Values Tot. Rec. SAPLFM11
72 OFKT Generic in Revenues Incr. Budget  
73 OFKT2 FM Account Assignment Settings  
74 OFM01A Create Doc. Type and Clearing Item  
75 OFMBG0 Activating public-owned comm. oper.  
76 OFMBG1 Maintain PCO  
77 OFMBG2 Maintain Input Tax Deduction Rates  
78 OFMBG3 Maintain Global Data  
79 OFMCA_P000 Account Determination: Rec/Pay  
80 OFMCA_P001 Account Determination: Rev/Expense  
81 OFMCA_P010 Derive Transactions for Acct Balance  
82 OFMCA_P020 Ranking Order Funds Application Sel.  
83 OFMCA_P030 Write Off Additional Specifications  
84 OFMCA_P040 Petty Amounts for Mass Write-Off  
85 OFMCA_P100 Paymt Medium - ID Application Form  
86 OFMCA_P110 Switch off Acct Asmnt on RE Contract  
87 OFMCA_P200 Document Interface PSM-FM =>IS-PS-CA  
88 OFMCA_P201 Doc. Type Assgnmnt PSM-FM =>IS-PS-CA  
89 OFMCA_P203 IS-PS-CA Clearing Account Assignment  
90 OFMCA_P204 Document Interface PSM-FM =>IS-PS-CA  
91 OFMCA_P205 RDCA: Settings for One-Time Customer  
92 OFMCA_P210 Sender of XML Files to Coll. Agency  
93 OFMCA_P220 Payments Without Mail for Coll.Agncy  
94 OFMCA_PD05 Default Values: Contract Acct Cat.  
95 OFMCA_PGIN_E1 C FKK Acct Determination (Grantor )  
96 OFMCA_PL05 Versions for Plan and Sample Docs  
97 OFMCA_PSOBASACT AS for Contract Objects is Active  
99 OFMFGRLAYOUT Reporting Layout  
100 OFMFG_ALC Maintain Agency Location Code  
101 OFMFG_PMS_ALC Map Pmt Meth Supp to ALC and Pmt Off  
102 OFMFG_PO Maintain Payment Office  
103 OFMG Funds Management Message Control  
104 OFMM Maintain minimum & maximum penalties  
105 OFMR0 Global Settings for Earmarked Funds  
106 OFMR1 Earmrkd Funds: Maintain Lock Reasons  
107 OFMR2 Earmarked fnds: Diplay block reasons  
108 OFMR3 Maintain Acct Assgmt Transfer Rules  
109 OFMR5 Assgt of Activities to Transfer Rule  
110 OFMR6 Maintain Template Types  
111 OFMRO_TKBBA Recurring Obligation document types  
112 OFMS FM: +/- Sign in the Info System  
113 OFMTOAC2 Define Debit/Credit GL in FM to AC  
114 OFM_ACT_MD_YEAR Activate Year-Dependent Master Data RFFMMDACT
115 OFM_FM01_KOM Maintain ID Number in FM Area  
116 OFM_HSART Maintain Commitment Item  
117 OFNG Maintain negative grace days  
118 OFNM Maintain payment term for mat. group  
119 OFN_YR Number range maintenance: OFN_YR SAPMSNUM
120 OFO1 OI List Per Real Estate Objects RFVIDOPO
121 OFP1 Maintain Transfer Price Number Range  
122 OFP2 Access Seqs: Packing Object Determ.  
123 OFP3 Condition types: Pack.obj.determin.  
124 OFP4 Procedure: Pack.obj.determination  
125 OFP5 Condition table: Pack.obj.determin. SAPMV12A
126 OFP6 Condition table: Pack.obj.determin. SAPMV12A
127 OFP7 Condition table: Pack.obj.determin. SAPMV12A
128 OFP8 Field catalog pack.obj.determination  
129 OFPK FM budgetary ledger posting keys SAPMFKM0
130 OFPM Change Message Control KFPR_VIEW_MAINTENANCE
131 OFPT Maintain all PPA payment terms  
132 OFR1 Cover Pool Number Ranges SAPMSNUM
133 OFR2 Assign Cover No.Range to FM Area  
134 OFRA Report Selection SAPMKKB5
135 OFRB Report Selection SAPMKKB5
136 OFRC Maintain reason codes & their texts  
137 OFSN Collective Expenditure Settings  
138 OFTC Funds Management MENUOFTC
139 OFTD Cash Management Configuration Menu MENUOFTD
140 OFUC Call Procedure  
141 OFUD Distribution Procedure/Line Items  
142 OFUG Settings for Revenues Incr. Budget  
143 OFUN Assign Commitment Item to Fund  
144 OFUP Funds Management Control  
145 OFUR Overwrite FM update profile  
146 OFUT Totals-Based Distribution Procedure  
147 OFY5 Closing Ops for Budget: Approval  
148 OFY6 Number Ranges Fiscal Yr Change Docs  
149 OFY7 Number Ranges Lot Number  
150 OFZC Cash Holding Years  
151 OG00 Personnel Administration Customizing RPUCUS10
152 OG01 Personnel Administration Customizing RPUCUS10
153 OG02 Recruitment Customizing RPUCUS10
154 OG03 Generate calendar for cumulation RPUCUS10
155 OG04 Customizing: Country-Spec. Features RPUCUS20
156 OG05 Customizing: Dyn. Schema Selection RPUCUS30
157 OG07 Current settings Time Management RPUCUS70
158 OG30 HR:call SM30 subobjects individually RPUCUS10
159 OG42 Customizing Tool for PA42 RPMYPA42
160 OGS6 Load zip codes RPUBSIU8
161 OGS7 Generate schema RPUSCG00
162 OGS8 Delete tax table entries RPUTAXU0
163 OGS9 Generate ADP number ranges RPUANRU0
164 OH00 Access Subset View RPUCUS00
165 OH02 Call View Cluster with Subset Views RPUCUS50
166 OH04 Conversion of third party remittance RPUUMS00
167 OH11 Copy Wage Types SAPMPU30
168 OH12 Access View for T512W RPVIEW00
169 OH13 HR Customizing: Wage Type Grouping RPVIEW10
170 OH14 Access Subset View for Check Table RPUCUS14
171 OH16 Call RPUCTF00 with Var. SAP_OH16 RPUCUS16
172 OH17 HR Customizing: SI Contrib.Statement RPUSVBD0
173 OH18 HR Customizing: Absence Docu. RPDABWD0
174 OH19 Access Transaction OH20 RPCCON00
175 OH20 Maintain Payroll Constants SAPMOH20
176 OH21 Supply Parameters for PE51 RPUCUS21
177 OH23 Enter Parameters for PUFK RPUCUS23
178 OHPS Org.Management Configuration MENUOHPS
179 OHU_INV (empty) SAPMSNUM
180 OHX2 Maintain wage types for remittance RPURMW00
181 OHX3 Maintain number ranges for 3PR  
182 OHX4 Number range for 3PR  
183 OHX5 Number range for tax reporting  
184 OIAA ABC Indicator  
185 OIAB Plant Sections  
186 OIAC Matchcode notifications SAPMSD20
187 OIAD Field sel. equipment-specific fields  
188 OIAE Field selection funct.loc/ref.loc  
189 OIAF Field sel. equipment/functional loc.  
190 OIAG Authorization Group  
191 OIAH Bus. transactions with auth. profile  
192 OIAI Maintenance Planner Groups  
193 OIAJ Field sel. for (ref) funct. location  
194 OIAK Cost key figure info system  
195 OIAL Field Selection for PM Notifications  
196 OIAN Field Selection Order Header Data  
197 OIAO Field Select. Ref. Obj. PM Notific.  
198 OIAP Maintenance Order Cost Profile  
199 OIAS Maintain Locations  
200 OIAT Object Cat. Transaction Def. Value  
201 OIAW Stats. Currency: Info System  
202 OIAY Field Selection Order Header Service  
203 OIAZ Field selection functional location  
204 OIB1 Maintain inv.program budget profile ROOBP100
205 OIB3 Budget profile: proj.->invst.prg.typ ROOBP100
206 OIB4 Budg. profile order -> inv.prog.type ROOBP100
207 OIB5 Depreciation areas/value transfer RACSTABL
208 OIB9 TL list - production resource/tool RIOFSE00
209 OIBC List Task Lists (M.-Lev.) Eqpmt Data RIOFSE00
210 OIBD List Task Lists (M.-Level) Loc. Data RIOFSE00
211 OIBS Maintain Status Profiles SAPMBSVA
212 OIBY List Display of Goods Movements RIOCUS00
213 OICA User-Specif. Settings f. BOMs  
214 OICB BOM Modification Parameters  
215 OICC BOM Default Values  
216 OICD BOM Usage  
217 OICE BOM Usage Default Values  
218 OICF DefltVals f. Copying Item Status  
219 OICG Valid Material Types in BOM  
220 OICH BOM Status  
221 OICI Laboratory/Office  
222 OICJ BOM Usage Priorities  
223 OICK Item Categories  
224 OICL BOMs with History Requirement  
225 OICM Variable-Size Item Formulas  
226 OICMPD Field Selection for Components PM/CS  
227 OICMPL Field selection component list PM/CS  
228 OICN Spare Part Indicators  
229 OICO Material Provision Indicators  
230 OICP Valid Material Types for BOM  
231 OICQ Application-Specific Criteria  
232 OICS Alternative BOM Selection  
233 OICT C PM BOM Application  
234 OICX BOM Item Object Types  
235 OICY Application ID for PM RIOT399J
236 OID1 Shop Papers  
237 OID2 Shop Papers by Document Type  
238 OID3 User-Specific Print Control  
239 OID4 Activate Print Diversion  
240 OID5 Print Diversion Values  
241 OID6 Print Control Online/Update  
242 OID7 Determine Printing Time for Papers  
243 OID8 PM Shop Papers for Orders RIPRJUMP
244 OIDA PM Shop Papers for Notifications RIPRJUMP
245 OIDB PM Shop Papers by Notification Type RIPRJUMP
246 OIDC PM Notifs - User-SpecifPrintControl RIPRJUMP
247 OIDD PM Print Diversion for NotifPapers RIPRJUMP
248 OIDE PM NotifPrintDivers. by FldContent RIPRJUMP
249 OIDF PM Shop Papers for Orders RIPRJUMP
250 OIDG PM Shop Papers by Order Type RIPRJUMP
251 OIDH PM Orders - User-SpecifPrintControl RIPRJUMP
252 OIDI PM Shop Paper Print Diversion RIPRJUMP
253 OIDJ PM OrdPrintDivers. by FldContent RIPRJUMP
254 OIDP PD Order - Define Shop Papers RIPRJUMP
255 OIDQ PD Shop Papers by Order Type RIPRJUMP
256 OIDR PD Order - User Specif. Print Contrl RIPRJUMP
257 OIDS PD Print Diversion f. Shop Papers RIPRJUMP
258 OIDT PD Order Print Diversion by FldConts RIPRJUMP
259 OIDU PM Download  
260 OIDV Download SAP Tables into MS Access RIACCESS
261 OIDW Download catalog profile RIACCCAT
262 OIEA Equipment Types  
263 OIEB Equipment Status Profile  
264 OIEF EquipMaster Field Selection  
265 OIEG Editing Types  
266 OIEH Usage History  
267 OIEM Matchcode for Equipment SAPMSD20
268 OIEN Equipment Number Ranges SAPMSNUM
269 OIEP Installation at FunctLoc.  
270 OIES Multilingual Texts  
271 OIET Equipment Categories  
272 OIEV Allocate PartnrDetProc. to EqCateg.  
273 OIEZ Insert Usage Period  
274 OIF1 Partner schema for app. request RAIPAR00
275 OIF2 Maint. of plan profile f. app.req. ROOBP100
276 OIF3 Maint.- plan profile app.r. cash flw ROOBP100
277 OIFL Vehicle List RIOCUS01
278 OIF_MAINTAIN Maintain Outbound Interface Models OIF_REPORT_START_APPLICATION
279 OIGN List Editing of Permits RIOCUS00
280 OIIB Number range maintenance: IB_IBIB SAPMSNUM
281 OIIC Nummernkreispflege: IB_IBASE SAPMSNUM
282 OIK1 Maintenance of PM value categories RKP_ACPOS_MAINTENANCE
283 OIK2 Maint. of PM value cat. assignments RKP_ACPOS_MAINTENANCE
284 OIKS Maintenance of Cost Estimate Version SAPMIKSC
285 OIL0 Number Ranges: FunctLoc.Task Lists SAPMSNUM
286 OIL1 Task List Status  
287 OIL2 Standard Task List Usage  
288 OIL3 Planner Group  
289 OIL4 Task List Number Ranges SAPMSNUM
290 OIL5 Equipment number ranges SAPMSNUM
291 OIL6 Operation Default Value Profiles RIOCA41I
292 OIL7 Operation Control Keys  
293 OIL8 Standard Text SAPLC0VL
294 OILA Wage groups  
295 OILB Qualification Type  
296 OILC Object Overviews Gen.Task Lists  
297 OILD Object Overview Equip.Task List  
298 OILE Object Overviews FunctLoc Task Lists  
299 OILG Standard Task List Matchcode SAPMSD20
300 OILJ User Fields  
301 OILZ BOM Usage Free Material Asssignment  
302 OIM1 PM Notification Workflow Settings  
303 OIM2 SM Notification Workflow Settings  
304 OIM3 Order Type by NotifType RIOTQ80A
305 OIM6 Alloc. PartnDetermProc. to NotifType  
306 OIM7 Response time monit. by NotifType  
307 OIM8 Priorities by Priority Types  
308 OIM9 Service Notif. Special Parameters  
309 OIMD Object Info Parameters  
310 OIME Edit Response Profile  
311 OIMF Service Window SAPMIO10
312 OIMK Catalog Types  
313 OIML Notification Info Window  
314 OIMM Operating Condition  
315 OIMN Customizing setting table TQSCR RICUTQSCR
316 OIMP Priority Types  
317 OIMRC Field Selection Meas.Points & Docs  
318 OIMW Effects on the Function  
319 OIMX Define follow-up actions for tasks  
320 OIMZ System Status  
321 OINI Network ID  
322 OINM Object Link Medium  
323 OINV_HU Number Range Maintenance: HUINV SAPMSNUM
324 OIO1 Priority Types  
325 OIO2 Priorities by Priority Types  
326 OIO3 Maintenance Activity Types  
327 OIO4 Default MAT by Order Type  
328 OIO5 Valid MATs by Order Type  
329 OIO6 Default Control Keys  
330 OIO7 Operation Control Keys  
331 OIO8 Default Current Date  
332 OIO9 Operation Units: Duration/Work  
333 OIOA Maintenance Order Types  
334 OIOB Revisions  
335 OIOD Valid Order Types by PlanPlant  
336 OIOE Operation No. - AutoIncrement RIO399XS
337 OIOF Costing Parameters RIO399XK
338 OIOG Maintenance Order Status Profile  
339 OIOH PM Graphic and Rel. for Orders  
340 OIOI MatAvailCheck Control  
341 OIOJ Object Info Parameters f. Order Type  
342 OIOK Posting Rules  
343 OIOL Service Order Indicator  
344 OIOM Assign PartnDetermProc. to OrdType  
345 OION Order number ranges SAPMSNUM
346 OIOP Order Priority Types  
347 OIOPD Field Selec. for Order Opertn Detail  
348 OIOPL Field Selec. for Order Opertn Detail  
349 OIOR Order Completion Confirmation RIOTCORU
350 OIOS Default Planning Indicator  
351 OIOT Scheduling Type  
352 OIOV PM Order Costing Sheet  
353 OIP1 Maintain inv.prog. planning profile ROOBP100
354 OIPG Maintenance of Permit Group SAPLIPCL
355 OIPK FunctLocation StructIndicators  
356 OIPL Plant Maint./Service search help  
357 OIPM Matchcode for Functional Locations SAPMSD20
358 OIPP Change functional location category  
359 OIPR RefFunctLocation Categories  
360 OIPSMDMAT Field Selection for PS Components  
361 OIPSMKMAT Field Selection PS Component List  
362 OIPT FunctLocation Categories  
363 OIPU Alternative Indicator Syst. Settings  
364 OIPV Functional Location Labeling Systems  
365 OIR0 Task lists (multi-lvl)- Test eqpmt RIOFSE00
366 OIR1 FieldSel. PartnType Customer RIOFSE00
367 OIR2 FieldSel. PartnType Vendor RIOFSE00
368 OIR3 FieldSel. PartnType Personnel No. RIOFSE00
369 OIR4 FieldSel. PartnType Contact Person RIOFSE00
370 OIR5 FieldSel. PartnType OrganiznUnit RIOFSE00
371 OIR6 FieldSel. PartnType Position RIOFSE00
372 OIR7 FieldSel. PartnType User RIOFSE00
373 OIR8 Field Selection for General Address RIOFSE00
374 OIRA Field selectn serial no. RefurbOrder RIOFSE00
375 OIRB PM Object Contracts RIOCUS00
376 OIRC Multi-Level EquipList - Permit RIOFSE00
377 OIRE Field Sel. Serial No. Product. Order RIOFSE00
378 OIRE0 Field Sel. Serial No. Handling Unit RIOFSE00
379 OIRE1 Field Selection Serial No. Inventory RIOFSE00
380 OIRE2 Field Selection for Serial No. in PO RIOFSE00
381 OIRE3 Field Selection for Serial No. in PR RIOFSE00
382 OIRF Measuring Point List RIOCUS00
383 OIRG Multi-Level Order List - Permit RIOFSE00
384 OIRH Order List (M.-Lev.) - Iss. Permits RIOFSE00
385 OIRI Location List (Multi-Level) - Permit RIOFSE00
386 OIRL Measurement Document List RIOCUS00
387 OIRM FieldSelect. Ser.No. Goods Movement RIOFSE00
388 OIRN FieldSelect. Ser.No. Delivery RIOFSE00
389 OIRO FieldSelect. Ser.No. Inspection Lot RIOFSE00
390 OIRP FieldSelect. Ser.No. Sales Order RIOFSE00
391 OIRQ FieldSelect. Ser.No. PM Order RIOFSE00
392 OIRR Field Sel. Serial No PM Notification RIOFSE00
393 OIRS Multi-level Order List: Sub-Orders RIOFSE00
394 OIRT List Task Lists (M.-Level) - Header RIOFSE00
395 OIRU List Task Lists (M.-Lev) - Operation RIOFSE00
396 OIRV List Task Lists (M.-Lev.) - Sub-Optn RIOFSE00
397 OIRW List Task Lists (M.-Lev.) - Relships RIOFSE00
398 OIRX List Task Lists (M.-Lv) - Components RIOFSE00
399 OIRZ List Task Lists (M.-Lv) - Maint.Pkg. RIOFSE00
400 OIS0 Funds Management MENUOIS0
401 OIS1 Global Parameters for Serial Numbers  
402 OIS2 Maintain serial number profile  
403 OIS3 Task Lists (Multi-lvl)- ServPackages RIOFSE00
404 OIS4 Task List (Mul.lev.) - ObjectDepend. RIOFSE00
405 OIS5 Archive Serial Number History  
406 OISC Generation of PM Orders  
407 OISD Generation of PM Orders from SD  
408 OISE SD Service Processing Active?  
409 OISF Generation of Orders from the WP  
410 OISH Customizing MENUOISH
411 OISK Funds Management MENUOISK
412 OISM Customizing MENUOISM
413 OISN Number range maintenance: IRESTO SAPMSNUM
414 OIST Maintain Permit Categories  
415 OIT1 Special Character Position Coding  
416 OIT2 Coding Masks for Inv. Prog. Position  
417 OIT3 Program types  
418 OIT4 Number range maint: IM_POSNR SAPMSNUM
419 OIT5 Assignmt of actual vals to bdgt cat.  
420 OIT6 Inv. Programs Report Selection SAPMKKB5
421 OIT7 Approp. Request Report Selection SAPMKKB5
422 OIT8 Budget categories  
423 OITA Investment profile  
424 OITB Inv. Profile - AuC per Source Assgn.  
425 OITD Definition of scale  
426 OITE Version aspect cap.inv. FI-AA/PM  
427 OITF Version aspect cap.inv. IM/PS/CO-OPA  
428 OITG Value type aspect cap. investments  
429 OITK Key figure allocation for scale  
430 OITL Field selection for app. request  
431 OITM1 User name for user field 1 RAMODWRD
432 OITM10 User name for user field 10 RAMODWRD
433 OITM11 User name for user field 11 RAMODWRD
434 OITM12 User name for user field 12 RAMODWRD
435 OITM13 User name for user field 12 RAMODWRD
436 OITM14 User name for user field 12 RAMODWRD
437 OITM2 User name for user field 2 RAMODWRD
438 OITM3 User name for user field 3 RAMODWRD
439 OITM4 User name for user field 4 RAMODWRD
440 OITM5 User name for user field 5 RAMODWRD
441 OITM6 User name for user field 6 RAMODWRD
442 OITM7 User name for user field 7 RAMODWRD
443 OITM8 User name for user field 8 RAMODWRD
444 OITM9 User name for user field 9 RAMODWRD
445 OITN Assign workflow tasks RAIMAWFC
446 OITO Master Data Tab RAVC0ALA
447 OITW Lower value limit for scale  
448 OIU E&P Production Application Menu MENUOIU
449 OIUB Field Sel. Equipment Usage List RIOCUS00
450 OIUC Equipment List - CS RIOCUS00
451 OIUCI_CR Check Input Copy/Reverse ROIUCI_COPY_REVERSE
452 OIUF Functional Location List - CS RIOCUS00
453 OIUG Service Order List RIOFSE00
454 OIUH_CI03 Check Layout SAPLOIUHCI03
455 OIUH_CI04 Remitter/Layout Cross Reference SAPLOIUHCI04
456 OIUH_CI05 Check Input - Process Rules - CI05 SAPLOIUHCI05
457 OIUH_CI06 Product/Property Translations SAPLOIUHCI06
458 OIUH_DO08 DOI Owner Accounting Entry code SAPLOIUHDO08
459 OIUH_JE01 Account Maintenance SAPLOIUHJE01
460 OIUH_JE02 Account Entry Control SAPLOIUHJE02
461 OIUH_JE04 Journal Entry Batch Control SAPLOIUHJE04
462 OIUH_JE05 Manual Journal Entry SAPLOIUHJE05
463 OIUH_JE07 General Ledger Query SAPLOIUHJE07
464 OIUH_JE10 Miscellaneous Subledger Query SAPLOIUHJE10
465 OIUH_JE11 Intercompany Subledger Query SAPLOIUHJE11
466 OIUH_JE12 Owner Payable Subledger Query SAPLOIUHJE12
467 OIUH_JE13 Legal Suspense Subledger Query SAPLOIUHJE13
468 OIUH_JE14 Statistical Subledger Query SAPLOIUHJE14
469 OIUH_JE15 Income Subledger Query SAPLOIUHJE15
470 OIUH_JE16 Expense Subledger Query SAPLOIUHJE16
471 OIUH_JE17 Tax Payable Subledger Query SAPLOIUHJE17
472 OIUH_JE18 Accounts Payable Subledger Query SAPLOIUHJE18
473 OIUH_JE19 Accounts Receivable Subledger Query SAPLOIUHJE19
474 OIUH_RD02 A/R Reconciliation SAPLOIUHRD02
475 OIUH_RD03 Owner Check SAPLOIUHRD03
476 OIUH_RD04 Owner 1099 Information SAPLOIUHRD04
477 OIUH_RD05 Owner Check Detail SAPLOIUHRD05
478 OIUH_RD06 Withholding Tax Rate SAPLOIUHRD06
479 OIUH_RD07 Ad Valorem Tax Recovery SAPLOIUHRD07
480 OIUH_RD08 Negative Payable/Suspence SAPLOIUHRD08
481 OIUH_RD09 A/R Write-off Approval SAPLOIUHRD09
482 OIUH_RD10 Manual Royalty Check (RD10) SAPLOIUHRD10
483 OIUH_RD14 Owner Interest Calculation SAPLOIUHRD14
485 OIUH_TR01 Tax and Royalty Profile SAPLOIUHTR01
486 OIUH_TR02 Severance Tax Master File SAPLOIUHTR02
487 OIUH_TR04 Severance Tax Transaction SAPLOIUHTR04
488 OIUH_TR06 Colorado Ad Valorem SAPLOIUHTR06
489 OIUH_VL10 Purchaser/Remitter Cross Reference SAPLOIUHVL10
490 OIUI Order List - CS RIOCUS00
491 OIUK Order list (multi-lev.) - goods mvmt RIOFSE00
492 OIUL Order list (multi-lev.)-relationship RIOFSE00
493 OIUN Order list (multi-lev.) costs/rev. RIOFSE00
494 OIUN_OP Multi level, Operations, Cost/Rev RIOFSE00
495 OIUO Func.loc.list (multi-lev)-meas.point RIOFSE00
496 OIUOR R.P. List (Multilev.)- Ref. Meas.Pt RIOFSE00
498 OIUP Func.loc.list (multi-lev)-meas.doc. RIOFSE00
499 OIUQ Equi.list(multi-lev)-measuring point RIOFSE00
500 OIUR Equi.list(multi-lev)-measuring doc. RIOFSE00