SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index O, page 9
Transaction Code - O
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 OMJ9 Change Manual Account Assgt. ROOLMB00
2 OMJA Set Screen Layout for Goods Movement ROOLMB00
3 OMJC Generate Phys.Inv.Doc.for Goods Mvmt SAPMOMB0
4 OMJD Set Missing Parts Check SAPMOMB0
5 OMJE Exp.Date at Plant Level and Mvmt Lvl SAPMOMB0
6 OMJH Maintain Dataset for Phys. Inventory RM07EDMI
7 OMJI Set Material Block SAPMOMBD
8 OMJJ Customizing: New Movement Types  
9 OMJK Number Ranges for Reservations  
10 OMJL Maintain Print Indicator (autom.MvT) ROOLMB00
11 OMJM Comprn plnt/val.area - divis.->BusAr ROOLMB00
12 OMJN General field selection: goods mvmnt  
13 OMJO Convert MKOP into Consgt. Info Recs. RM06IBKI
14 OMJP Batch Input: Consignment Info Recs. RM06IBI0
15 OMJQ Deletion Flag: Consg. Price Segments RM06IMKI
16 OMJR Printer Determin.: Message Type/User ROOLMB00
17 OMJS Check expiration date at goods issue ROOLMB00
18 OMJU Gen. field selection, physical inv.  
19 OMJV Subsequent Calculation of Value SAPMOMBD
20 OMJW Create Purchase Order Automatically ROOLMB00
21 OMJX GR Field Selection From Procurement  
22 OMJY GR Field Selec. Fr. Procment (Table)  
23 OMK0 Link to PP interface SAPMOLVI
24 OMK1 Batch search method for Whse Mgmt SAPMOLVI
25 OMK2 Customer exits for strategies SAPMOLVI
26 OMK3 Conditions: field catalog (WM)  
27 OMK4 CondTable: Create (Batches, WM) SAPMV12A
28 OMK5 CondTable: Change (Batches, WM) SAPMV12A
29 OMK6 CondTable: Display (Batches, WM) SAPMV12A
30 OMK7 Batch WM..... (will be deleted) SAPMOLVI
31 OMK8 Services: Exclusion Indicator  
32 OMKA Conditions: V_T681F for A V  
33 OMKB Conditions: Rebate - Allowed Fields  
34 OMKC C MM PUR Price Marking  
35 OMKD C MM PUR Supply Regions  
36 OMKE C MM-PUR: Optimize Access  
37 OMKF C MM-PUR: Exlusion Indicators  
38 OMKG C MM-PUR: Limits  
39 OMKH C MM-PUR Reg. Vend. Source of Supply  
40 OMKI C MM-PUR Default Purchasing Org.  
41 OMKJ C MM-PUR P.Org. Cross-CoCode Release  
42 OMKK C MM-PUR Tax Indicators: Material  
43 OMKL C MM-PUR Tax Indicators: Acc. Assgt.  
44 OMKM C MM-PUR Tax Indicators: Plant  
45 OMKN C MM-PUR Assign Tax Inds. to Plant  
46 OMKO C MM-PUR Assign Tax Inds. to A. Ass.  
47 OMKR Search Types: Optimize Access WM  
48 OMKS1 Maintain Number Range for Vendor Sus  
49 OMKT Strategy Types: Batch Determin.WM  
50 OMKU Access: Maintain Batch Determin.WM  
51 OMKV Batch Determination: Proced.for WM  
52 OMKW Stock removal strategy "SLED" SAPMOLVI
53 OMKX Automatic Transfer Orders SAPMOLVI
54 OMKY Link to External System via ALE SAPMOLVI
55 OMKZ Automatic Transfer Orders SAPMOLVI
56 OML1 Overview of Criticl Whse Monitor Obj  
57 OML2 Var. Report RLLL01SE: TOs  
58 OML3 Var. Report RLLL02SE: TR Items  
59 OML4 Var. Report RLLL03SE: Post.Chge Doc.  
60 OML5 Var. Report RLLL04SE: Deliveries  
61 OML6 Var. Report RLLL05SE: Negative Stock  
62 OML7 Var. Report RLLL06SE: Interim Stock  
63 OML8 Var. Report RLLL07SE: Stock Product.  
64 OML9 Customizing MOB Interface SAPMOLVI
65 OMLA Putaway Near Picking Bin SAPMOLVI
66 OMLB MObj.01: Critical TOs RLOLML01
67 OMLC MObj.02: Critical TRs RLOLML01
68 OMLD MObj.03: Critical Post. Chge Notices RLOLML01
69 OMLE M.Obj.04: Critical Deliveries RLOLML01
70 OMLF M.Obj.05: Negative Stocks RLOLML01
71 OMLG M.Obj.06: Stocks Interim Stor.Bins RLOLML01
72 OMLH M.Obj.07: Critical Stocks in Prod. RLOLML01
73 OMLI Report Variant: Single Entry ActData  
74 OMLJ Movement Types for Whse Management  
75 OMLK Default Values for Inventory  
76 OMLL WM Movement Type: Clear Invent.Diff.  
77 OMLM Definition Empty Bin Index  
78 OMLN Warehouse Control Link  
79 OMLO Sectioning of Storage Bins  
80 OMLP Plan Jobs for Whse Activity Monitor RLOLML01
81 OMLQ Stock Removal Strategy FIFO  
82 OMLR WM Interface to Inventory Management  
83 OMLS Stock Removal Strategy LIFO  
84 OMLT Stock Removal Strat. Partial Qty  
85 OMLU Stock Placement Strategy Empty Bin  
86 OMLV Print Control for Whse Management SAPMOLVI
87 OMLW Number Ranges for Whse Management SAPMOLVI
88 OMLX Confirmation SAPMOLVI
89 OMLY Storage Type Search SAPMOLVI
90 OMLZ Storage Section Search SAPMOLVI
91 OMM1 Storage Bin Type Search SAPMOLVI
92 OMM2 Haz.Material Stock Placement SAPMOLVI
93 OMM3 Stock Placement Strat.for Pallets SAPMOLVI
94 OMM4 Putaway Strategy for Bulk Storage SAPMOLVI
95 OMM5 Storage Type Definition  
96 OMM6 Storage Type Definition  
97 OMM7 Storage Type Maintenance  
98 OMM8 Stock Removal Strat. Stringent FIFO SAPMOLVI
99 OMM9 Stock Removal Strat. Large/Small SAPMOLVI
100 OMMA Print Assignment per Storage Type  
101 OMMB Inventory No.Ranges for Whse Mgmt SAPMOLVI
102 OMMC Printer Assignment per WM Mov.Type  
103 OMMD Confirmation Ctrl per Storage Type  
104 OMME Confirmation Ctrl per Movement Type  
105 OMMF Number Ranges per Warehouse  
106 OMMG Number ranges physical inventory  
107 OMMH Type Search per Movement  
108 OMMI Section Check per Storage Type  
109 OMMJ Storage Unit Check per Storage Type  
110 OMMK Putaway Strategies  
111 OMML Hazardous Materials Storage Type  
112 OMMM Storage Type Maintenance  
113 OMMN Stringent FIFO Storage Type  
114 OMMO Consistency Check for MM-WM Tables RLVSCHEC
115 OMMP Decentralized Warehouse Management SAPMOLVI
116 OMMQ Pre-allocated stock  
117 OMMR Group numbers  
118 OMMS Reference Number Documents  
119 OMMT Reference Number Documents 2  
120 OMMU Link to Decentralized Unit  
121 OMMV Accumulation Decentralized  
122 OMMW Error Recovery Decentralized  
123 OMMX Printer Determination  
124 OMMY Print Code  
125 OMMZ Spool Parameters for WM Print Ctrl  
126 OMN0 Control of Transaction Codes (MM-WM)  
127 OMN1 Print Reference Number  
128 OMN2 Stor.Type Control, Block Storage  
129 OMN3 Storage Classes Allowed  
130 OMN4 Storage Section Search  
131 OMN5 Storage Units Allowed  
132 OMN6 Storage Bin Type Search  
133 OMN7 Storage Type Search  
134 OMN8 Difference Indicators  
135 OMN9 Block Sectioning  
136 OMNA Assignment for Bin Sectioning  
137 OMNB Assignment PF Status  
138 OMNC Control of Subsequent Screen  
139 OMND Field Selection for Whse Mgmt  
140 OMNE Control of Transactions in MM-WM  
141 OMNF Requirement Types for Whse Mgmt  
142 OMNG Queues Warehouse Management System  
143 OMNH APPC Interface per Warehouse Number  
144 OMNI Print Program per Warehouse Number  
145 OMNJ Link to Warehouse Control Unit SAPMOLVI
146 OMNK Inventory Control per Storage Type  
147 OMNL Warehouse Number Maint./Inventory  
148 OMNM Define Mail Recipient  
149 OMNN Conversion Exit SU Number RLCUST00
150 OMNO Define Mail Recipient  
151 OMNQ Special Movement Indicators  
152 OMNR TO Print Control with SU Management  
153 OMNS Print Code for TOs with SU Mgmt  
154 OMNT Printer Pool for SU Management  
155 OMNU Print Control with SU Management SAPMOLVI
156 OMNV Number Range Intervals for Whse Mgmt SAPMOLVI
157 OMNW System Parameters for Dec.Whse Mgmt  
158 OMNX Bulk Storage Indicators  
159 OMNY Access Strategy for Stor.Type Search  
160 OMNZ Parameters for Activity in WM  
161 OMO! Std Analyses: Std Settings, LO SAPMMCSC
162 OMO$ QMIS: Std Settings, Gen.Std Analyses SAPMMCSC
163 OMO, Std Analyses: Delete Sel. Version RMCSMCSI
164 OMO0 Self-Def.Anal.: Std.Settings PP-IS SAPMMCSC
165 OMO1 Update Maintenance: SIS SAPMMC0C
166 OMO2 Update Maintenance: PURCHIS SAPMMC0C
167 OMO3 Update Maintenance: External Data SAPMMC0C
168 OMO6 Maintain Applications MENUOMO6
169 OMO9 Update Maintenance: INVCO SAPMMC0C
170 OMO= PMIS: Default Settings,Gnl.Std.Anal. SAPMMCSC
171 OMOA LIS: Create Application SAPMMC0C
172 OMOB LIS: Change Application SAPMMC0C
173 OMOC LIS: Display Application SAPMMC0C
174 OMOD Update Maintenance: SFIS SAPMMC0C
175 OMOE Generate and Initialize LIL RMCLGN00
176 OMOF Update Maintenance: User-Defined App SAPMMC0C
177 OMOG Maintain Update Groups  
178 OMOH Var.Std Analyses: Standard Settings SAPMMCSC
179 OMOJ Var.Std Analyses: SIS Std Settings SAPMMCSC
180 OMOK Var.Std Analyses: Ext. Std Settings SAPMMCSC
181 OMOL Var.Std Analyses: PURCHIS Std Set. SAPMMCSC
182 OMON Var.Std Analyses: INVCO Std Settings SAPMMCSC
183 OMOR Update Maintenance: QMIS SAPMMC0C
184 OMOS Update Maintenance: PMIS SAPMMC0C
185 OMOT Updating maintainence: TIS SAPMMC0C
186 OMOU Var. Std Analyses: TIS Std Settings SAPMMCSC
187 OMOY Maintain Updating: Warehouse Mgmt SAPMMC0C
188 OMOZ Update Maintenance: Logistics Genrl SAPMMC0C
189 OMP0 Customizing: Demand Mngmt (Menu) MENUOMP0
190 OMP1 Customizing: Requirements Types SAPL0MPB
191 OMP2 Customizing: Versions SAPL0MPB
192 OMP3 Customizing: Vers. per Reqmts Class SAPL0MPB
193 OMP4 Customizing: Indep. Reqmts History SAPL0MPB
194 OMP5 Customizing: Refer.Type (Dep.Reqmts) SAPL0MPB
195 OMP6 Customizing: Consuming Indep. Reqmts SAPL0MPB
196 OMP8 Customizing: Reorganizing Indep.Req. SAPL0MPB
197 OMP9 Customizing: Fixing Indep. Reqmts SAPL0MPB
198 OMPA Customizing: Version per Ref. Type SAPL0MPB
199 OMPC Customizing:PlgInd/Cons.Indep.Reqmts SAPL0MPB
200 OMPD Customizing:Indep.Reqmts Init.Screen SAPL0MPB
201 OMPE Takeover Structure RDDSRCG0
202 OMPG Maintain Consumption Mode  
203 OMPH Period Split SAPL0MPC
204 OMPI Configuration SAPL0MPC
205 OMPJ Reqmts Type Message Control SAPL0MPC
206 OMPL Direct Input RM60IN00
207 OMPL1 Specify system messages ROOCMESG
210 OMPM Create Example File RM60INEX
211 OMPN C MM-PUR Purchasing Manuf. Part No.  
212 OMPO Maintain Requirements Classes  
213 OMPP Internal Number Assignment SAPL0MPB
214 OMPS Maintain Period Split  
215 OMQ1 Transfer of Purchase Orders RM06EEI0
216 OMQ2 Transfer of Purchase Order History RM06EEI1
217 OMQ3 Transfer of PO Texts RSTXLITF
218 OMQ4 Create PO Transfer File RM06EEEX
219 OMQ5 Edit PO Transfer File RM06EESF
220 OMQ6 Create PO Text Transfer File RM06EET1
221 OMQA C MM-PUR: Take-Back Agreement  
222 OMQK Fine-Tuned Control: RFQ  
223 OMQL C MM-PUR: Supply Region for Plant  
224 OMQM C MM-PUR Matchcode: Entry Sheet ROOLMS00
225 OMQN Fine-Tuned Control: Purchase Order  
226 OMQO Fine-Tuned Control: Outl. Agreement  
227 OMQP Fine-Tuned Ctr.: Sch. Agmt. Schedule  
228 OMQQ Fine-Tuned Control: Service Entry  
229 OMQR Assign Schema to RFQ  
230 OMQS Assign Schema to Purchase Order  
231 OMQT Assign Schema to Outline Agreement  
232 OMQU Assign Schema to Sch. Agmt. Schedule  
233 OMQV Assign Schema to Service Entry Sheet  
234 OMQW Entry Aids w/o Material Master  
235 OMQX Default Asset Class for Mat. Group  
236 OMR0 C MM-IV Autom. Acct. Assgt. (Simu.)  
237 OMR0H C MM-IV Automatic Account Assignmnts SAPMO20M
238 OMR14 Define Variant Name  
239 OMR2 C RM-MAT MR Default Incoming Invoice  
240 OMR3 C MM-IV Default Account Maintenance  
241 OMR4 MM-IV Doc.Type/NK Incoming Invoice SAPMOMR0
242 OMR5 MM-IV Doc.Type/NR Acct Maintenance SAPMOMR0
243 OMR6 Tolerance limits: Inv.Verification ROOLMR00
244 OMR8 C RM-MAT MR PO Supplement SAPMOMR0
245 OMR9 C RM-MAT MR Payment Block Reasons  
246 OMRA C MM-IV Val.Cat./Subs.Debit/Credit ROOLMR02
247 OMRAB Maintain Settlement Profile  
248 OMRB C MR Tolerance Groups  
249 OMRBW Maintain movement type parameters  
250 OMRC C MR Alloc. User/Tolerance Group  
251 OMRDC Configure Duplicate Invoice Check  
252 OMRE Purchasing Document Lists Config. SAPMV76A
253 OMRER_WORKFLOW Workflow for Eval.Receipt.Settlement  
254 OMRF C MM_IV Activate Stochastic Block  
255 OMRG C MM-IV Stochastic Block Values  
256 OMRH C MM-IV Activate Item Amount Check  
257 OMRI C MM-IV Item Amount Check Parameters  
259 OMRK Mail to Purchasing  
260 OMRL Tax Version  
261 OMRM C MM-IV Customer-Specific Messages  
262 OMRMA Screen Selection Initial Screen  
263 OMRMB Screen Selection Header Data Screen  
264 OMRM_2 C MM-IV Customer-Specific Messages  
265 OMRM_BASE MM-IV: Customer-Specific Messages RMCUST00
266 OMRN C MM-IV Carry Forward Price Change  
267 OMRO G/L Account Auth. in Requisition  
268 OMRP G/L Account Auth. in Purchase Order  
269 OMRQ G/L Account Auth. in Contract  
270 OMRR Transaction/Event Key Usage RV80C001
271 OMRS Transaction/Event Key Usage  
272 OMRT Transaction/Event Key Usage  
273 OMRU Sender Texts, Form  
274 OMRV Invoice Status Change  
275 OMRW Treatment of Exch. Rate Differences  
276 OMRX Vendor-Specific Tolerances  
277 OMRY EDI Program Parameters  
278 OMRZ Runtime Invoice Document Archiving  
279 OMS1 Units of Measure Grouping  
280 OMS2 Maintain Material Types  
281 OMS2OLD C MM-BD Material Types SAPMM03C
282 OMS3 Configure Industry Sectors  
283 OMS4 C MM-BD Material Status  
284 OMS5 C MM-BD Set Up Laboratory  
285 OMS6 C MM-BD Storage Condition(s)  
286 OMS7 C MM-BD Temperature Condition(s)  
287 OMS8 C MM-BD Container Requirement(s)  
288 OMS9 Configure Field/Screen Selection SAPSMGFL
289 OMSA C MM-BD T130W Plant-Specific  
290 OMSB C MM-BD Special Stock Description  
291 OMSD C MM-BD F. Sel. Spec. T148G  
292 OMSE C MM-BD F. Sel. Reference T148W  
293 OMSF C MM-BD Material Groups  
294 OMSFIX Maintain Lock-Relevant Indicator SAPSMGFI
295 OMSG Account Groups: Vendor  
296 OMSH C MM-BD Matchcode for Material ROOLMS00
297 OMSI C MM-BD Matchcode for vendor ROOLMS00
298 OMSJ C MM-BD Number Range for Vendor SAPMOMS0
299 OMSK C MM-BD Valuation Classes T025 SAPMOMS0
300 OMSL C MM-BD Maintain TMCNV  
302 OMSL_DI Maintenance Table TMCNV in DI  
303 OMSM CS MM Set Up Administrative Data RMMMVERW
304 OMSP C MM-BD Divisions  
305 OMSPCUST Maintain:Ext No Range & Rev.Type  
306 OMSR C MM-BD Field Groups  
307 OMSS C MM-BD Field Groups: Special Stocks  
309 OMSU C MM-BD Mat. Master Data Transfer RMMMBIM0
310 OMSV C MM-BD Vendor Data Transfer RFBIKR00
312 OMSX TCODE/Field Selection: Vendor  
313 OMSY C MM-BD Company Code for Matl Master  
314 OMT0 C MM-BD Global Setting  
315 OMT1 C MM-BD Consistency Check Updating RM07MCC1
316 OMT2 Required Fields Control MM-BD ALE/DI  
317 OMT3 Customizing for the Material Master  
318 OMT3B Maintain Screen Sequences  
319 OMT3C Copy Customer-Spec. Function Group SAPMMGC5
320 OMT3E Maintain Influencing Factors  
321 OMT3P Maint. Status Determination Type  
322 OMT3R Maintain Order of Screens  
323 OMT3U Maintain User Settings  
324 OMT3Z Assign Secondary Screens  
325 OMT4 Customizing for EAN Messages SAPMMGC3
326 OMT5 Auth. Group MatMaster (Inactive)  
327 OMT6 Maintain Basic Materials Allowed  
328 OMT8 Transfer Material Master Data by DI RMDATIND
329 OMTA Output Program: RFQ  
330 OMTB Output Program: Purchase Order  
331 OMTC Output Program: Outline Agreement  
332 OMTD Output Program: Delivery Schedule  
333 OMTE Output Program: Service Entry Sheet  
334 OMTF Output Partner: RFQ  
335 OMTG Output Partner: Purchase Order  
336 OMTH Output Partner: Outline Agreement  
337 OMTI Output Partner: Delivery Schedule  
338 OMTJ Output Partner: Service Entry  
339 OMTX Define non-SAP system  
340 OMUP Forecast Schedule: Transm. Profile  
341 OMV1 Service Category  
342 OMV2 Org. Status, Service Category  
343 OMW0 C MM-IV Control Valuation SAPMOMBD
344 OMW1 C RM-MAT MW Price Control  
345 OMW2 C Define LIFO Pools  
346 OMW3 C Define LIFO Valuation Levels  
347 OMW4 C LIFO/FIFO-Relevant Movements  
348 OMW5 C Devaluation by range of coverage  
349 OMW5W C Devaln by Rge of Coverage (Val.Ar)  
350 OMW6 C Devaln by Slow/Non-Movement  
351 OMW6W C Devaln by Slow/Non-Mvt (Val. Area)  
352 OMW7N C Weighting Mat. Mvts (Mvt Rate)  
353 OMW7R C Weighting: Consmpts (Rge Coverage)  
354 OMW8 C Stock Weighting (Obsolete)  
355 OMW8N C Stock Weighting (Mvt Rate)  
356 OMW8R C Stock Weighting (Rge of Coverage)  
357 OMW9 C RM-MAT MW Doc.Type/F-u.Csts.Pr.Ch. SAPMOMW0
358 OMWA C RM-MAT MW Doc.Type/F-up Csts.D/C SAPMOMW0
359 OMWB C MM-IV Autom. Acct. Assgt. (Simu.)  
360 OMWC C MM-IV Split Material Valuation SAPMO10M
361 OMWD C RM-MAT MB Grouping Valuation Area ROOLMB00
362 OMWE C LIFO/FIFO Valuation Active? SAPMOMBD
363 OMWEB Maintain C Valuation Tracks  
364 OMWF C MM-IV User Maintenance  
365 OMWG C RM-MAT MW User Profiles  
366 OMWH C Indicator for Materials LIFO Pools  
367 OMWI C Movement Types: Lowest Value  
368 OMWJ C Document Types: Lowest Value  
369 OMWK C MM-IV Authorizations  
371 OMWM C MM IV Control: Accnt Determination SAPMOMBD
372 OMWN MM-IM: Acct Group. Code for Mvt.Type ROOLMB00
373 OMWO C MM-PUR: Purchase Account Mgmt  
374 OMWP C LIFO/FIFO Methods  
375 OMWPS1 C LIFO Pools: Splitting  
376 OMWPS2 C LIFO Pools: Merging  
377 OMWPS3 C LIFO: Reassign Material Layer  
378 OMWQ C LIFO/FIFO Sample  
379 OMWR C LIFO Layer Versions  
380 OMWS Activate Proportion/Product Unit SAPMOMBE
381 OMWT C FIFO Valuation Levels  
382 OMWU C Constants for DB Commit  
383 OMWV C Movement Types: Movement Rate  
384 OMWW MM Account Determination Wizard SAPLMB0D_WIZ
385 OMWW2 Old MM Account Determination Wizard SAPM021M
386 OMWX C Mvt Types: Excptns, Rge of Cov.  
387 OMWY C Reduction: Sales Prices  
388 OMWZ C LIFO/FIFO: Company Code Parameters  
389 OMX0 Assign ML Movement Type Groups  
390 OMX1 ML Activation in n Valuation Areas  
391 OMX2 Define Material Ledger Type  
392 OMX3 ML Assignment of Valuation Area  
393 OMX4 Number Range Maintenence: ML-DOCU. SAPMSNUM
394 OMX5 Dyn. Price Release Plan. Pr. Change  
395 OMX6 Texts for Currency Types/Valuations  
396 OMX7 Definition ML Movement Type Groups  
397 OMX8 Assign Material Update Structure  
398 OMX9 Define Material Update Structure  
399 OMXA Display Quantity Structure Type  
400 OMXB Define Naming Rule  
401 OMXC Rules for Name Formation  
402 OMXD Maintain Naming Structure  
403 OMXE Assign Naming Structure to Plant  
404 OMXF Activate Actual Cst Component Split  
405 OMXG Maintain Key Figure Scheme  
406 OMXH Maintain FIFO Variant  
407 OMXL Configure empties processing SAPMOMBD
408 OMXW Activate WIP at Actual Costs  
409 OMXX Update Contr. Release Order Docu. MM SAPMOMEV
410 OMX_NLINK_DISP Assign Contr. Level to Process Cat. SAPRCKM_LIST_CO_AREA_ASSIGN
411 OMX_NRULE_DISP Display Controlling Levels SAPRCKM_LIST_CO_AREA
413 OMY0 Display Material Transfer File RMDATSHO
414 OMY1 Create Input File from Material RMDATGEN
415 OMZE C MM-PUR Reorg. Contract Extra ROOLME00
416 OMZN C MM-PUR Reorg. Sched. Agrmnt Extra ROOLME00
417 ON/1 IS-H: Calc. Procedure Determination  
418 ON01 IS-H: Control Institution RNCSTABL
419 ON02 IS-H: Parameter Time-dep. Institut. RNCPARAS
420 ON03 IS-H: Maintain Screen Sequence RNCSTABL
421 ON04 IS-H: Screen Modification SAPMNDYM
422 ON05 IS-H: Control Client RNCSTABL
423 ON06 IS-H: Parameters time-dep., client RNCPARAS
424 ON07 IS-H: Default Service Catalog RNCPARAS
425 ON08 ISH: Authorizations  
426 ON09 ISH: User  
427 ON10 ISH: User Profiles  
428 ON100 IS-H: Calc.Formula for Cmp DynCaseMx  
429 ON14 IS-H: Postal code maintenance RNCPLZ00
430 ON15 IS-H: Maintain Geographical Areas RNCPEZ00
431 ON16 IS-H: Parishes  
432 ON17 IS-H: Addresses  
433 ON18 IS-H: Name affixes - titles  
434 ON19 IS-H: Parameters, time-indep.,client RNCPARAS
435 ON20 IS-H: Inst-Spec., Time-Indep. Params RNCPARAS
436 ON21 IS-H: Sex  
437 ON22 IS-H: Default End Date of Services RNCPARAS
438 ON24 IS-H: Certificate Status RNCSTABL
439 ON25 IS-H: Name elements for search  
440 ON26 IS-H: Marital Status  
441 ON27 IS-H: Religious denominations  
442 ON28 IS-H: Relationships  
443 ON29 IS-H: Asgmt. of case type to  
444 ON30 IS-H: Categories of case-case asgmt. RNCSTABL
445 ON31 Conditions: Customizing for Pricing SAPMV12D
446 ON32 IS-H: Parameter for Copymnt Request RNCSTABL
447 ON33 IS-H: Parameter for Copayment RNCSTABL
448 ON34 IS-H: Accident types  
449 ON35 IS-H: Copayment Waiver  
450 ON36 IS-H: Diagn.Coding Catalog Ctgrs SAPL0N37
451 ON37 IS-H: Diagnoses Codes SAPL0N37
452 ON38 IS-H: Cust.Proc. maint.Prce.Determtn RNCPARAS
453 ON39 IS-H: Risk Factors  
454 ON40 IS-H: Service Text Service Entry RNCPARAS
455 ON41 IS-H: Case types  
456 ON42 IS-H: Case-to-person asgmt functions  
457 ON43 IS-H: Movement categories  
458 ON44 IS-H: Movement types RNCSTABL
459 ON45 IS-H: Discharge statuses  
460 ON46 IS-H: Types of Coverage  
461 ON47 IS-H: Causes of death  
462 ON48 IS-H: Delivery categories  
463 ON49 IS-H: Birth Procedures  
464 ON4A IS-H: Case categories  
465 ON4B IS-H: Assignments to Case Categories  
466 ON4C IS-H: Activation of Case Categories  
467 ON50 IS-H: Organizational Categories RNCSTABL
468 ON51 IS-H: Organizational Cat. Hierarchy RNCSTABL
469 ON52 IS-H: Assgmt. Specialty - Department RNCSTABL
470 ON54 IS-H: Departmental Key RNCSTABL
471 ON55 IS-H: Down Payment Parameters RNCSTABL
472 ON56 IS-H: Params. for Down Pymnt request RNCSTABL
473 ON57 IS-H: R/2 screens for batch input RNCSTABL
474 ON59 IS-H: Outpatient visit status  
475 ON60 IS-H: Building Categories RNCSTABL
476 ON61 IS-H: Building Category Hierarchy RNCSTABL
477 ON62 IS-H: Equipment/Facilities ID code RNCSTABL
478 ON63 IS-H: General Parameter Maintenance RNCPARAS
479 ON64 IS-H: Blocking Reason Build. Unit RNCSTABL
480 ON66 IS-H: Service-related Cat.Determntn. RNCPARAS
481 ON68 IS-H: Hierarchy Bld.Cat. - Org. Cat. RNCSTABL
482 ON69 IS-H: Maintain Division for Pricing RNCPARAS
483 ON70 IS-H: Work org. type: ID codes/texts  
484 ON71 IS-H: Event-work org.type: SAP value  
485 ON72 IS-H: Event-Work Org.Type Asgmt-Cust  
486 ON73 IS-H: Work Organ.: Keys/texts/types  
487 ON74 IS-H Specialty categories  
488 ON75 IS-H: Work Organizer Ctrl w/o Condit  
489 ON76 IS-H: Work Organizer Ctrl with IPTyp  
490 ON77 IS-H: Work org.: Form windows, elem.  
491 ON78 IS-H: Input/output device assignment  
492 ON79 IS-H: Assign Work Organ. to Printer  
493 ON7A IS-H: Work org.: With bill.t./IPType  
494 ON7B IS-H: Assign Work Organizers to OUs  
495 ON7C IS-H List of work organizer settings RNFORM01
496 ON7F IS-H: Work Organizer-Event Filter  
497 ON80 IS-H: Determine Billing Type RNCSTABL
498 ON81 IS-H: Maintain Charge Master Type RNCSTABL
499 ON82 IS-H: Charge Master Columns RNCSTABL
500 ON83 IS-H: Grouping categories RNCSTABL