SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index O, page 12
Transaction Code - O
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 OPLJ Job "Fast entry confirmation" PPPRECONF
2 OPLK Overall profile for order prog. rep.  
3 OPLL Order progress: Displayed fields PPORPFSE
4 OPLM Order progress: Displayed fields  
5 OPLO maintain selection profile  
6 OPLP Job "Convert planned order" PPGOMOVE2
7 OPLQ maintain filter for control keys  
8 OPLR Maintain filter for capacity version  
9 OPLS Parallel processing control  
10 OPLT Target System for Data Transfer  
11 OPLV Maintain Filter for Task List Usage  
12 OPLW Maintain Filter for Task List Status  
13 OPLX Maintain Filter for BOM Usage  
14 OPLY Maintain Filter for BOM Status  
15 OPLZ Maintain POI Planned Order Selection  
16 OPM0 Maintain profile - field selection  
17 OPM1 Costing Variants - Production Order  
18 OPM2 Maintain Detail Screen Control Oper.  
19 OPM3 Maintain Detail Scrn Control Header  
20 OPMC Activation of Enhancement Objects  
21 OPMCF PDF Form: Plant Assignment  
22 OPMF Field Selection - BOM Transfer  
23 OPMI Import models activities RKMODIMP
24 OPMJ Determine progress values PPORPPLA
25 OPN0 Master Recipe Profile  
26 OPN1 Maintain Profiles for Master Recipes SAPMOUT1
27 OPN2 Valuation Variants - Prod. Order  
28 OPN3 Overv.Var.: Master Recipe Scheduling  
29 OPN5 Field Seln: Std Network Overview  
30 OPN6 Field Selection Standard Network Hdr  
31 OPN7 Field Sel.:Std Ntwk Activity Detail  
32 OPN8 Field Sel.:Std.Ntwk Comp.Overview  
33 OPN9 Field Sel. Std Ntwk Comp.Detail  
34 OPO1 Create Cost Element Planning Layout SAPMKES1
35 OPO2 Change Cost Element Planning Layout SAPMKES1
36 OPO3 Display Cost Element Planning Layout SAPMKES1
37 OPO4 Create Stat. KF Planning Layout SAPMKES1
38 OPO5 Change Stat. KF Planning Layout SAPMKES1
39 OPO6 Display Stat. KF Planning Layout SAPMKES1
40 OPO7 View Maintenance V_TCJ41_7  
41 OPO8 View Maintenance V_TCJ41_8  
42 OPO9 View Maintenance V_TCJ41_9  
43 OPOA View Maintenance V_T003O_N0  
44 OPOB View Maintenance V_T003O_N1  
45 OPOC View Maintenance V_T399X_N0  
46 OPOD View Maintenance V_T399X_N1  
47 OPOE View Maintenance T_T399X_N2  
48 OPP1 Customizing MRP MDCUOPP1
50 OPP3 Customizing Repetitive Manufacturing MDCUOPP1
51 OPP5 List Profile Component List SAPMM61C
52 OPPA PP/MRP Customizing Explosion  
53 OPPB Direct Procurement SAPMOPPR
54 OPPC Period Grouping  
55 OPPD Customizing Planning Time Fence  
56 OPPE Conversion Plnnd Order -> Prod.Order SAPMOMDB
57 OPPE01 General iPPE Customizing  
58 OPPE02 Define iPPE Node Type  
59 OPPE03 Define iPPE Variant Types  
60 OPPE04 Define iPPE Alternative Types  
61 OPPE05 Define iPPE Relationship Types  
62 OPPE06 Customer-Spec. Model Assgts (iPPE)  
63 OPPE07 Time Analysis: Partner Products iPPE  
64 OPPE11 Profiles: iPPE WB Professional AVC_PPEGIPROFIL
65 OPPE12 Tabs: iPPE Workbench Professional AVC_PPETABSTRIP
66 OPPE13 User Assgmt: iPPE WB Professional SAPLPPEGIENG
67 OPPE14 Define Reports for iPPE WB Prof.  
68 OPPE15 Define Interface for iPPE Workbench  
69 OPPE20 Profile Maintenance iPPE PS SAPLPPEPROCUST
70 OPPEACT01 Define Std Val. Determin. Type  
71 OPPEACT02 Object Dependency in Process Struct.  
72 OPPECHK01 Customizing: Consistency Check  
73 OPPEDOK Documentation  
74 OPPEGENFILT Generate Attribute Value Filter PPEFILT_ATTR_UI_GEN
75 OPPELUI01 Profile Definition: iPPE WB Express  
76 OPPELUI02 User Assignment: iPPE WB Express  
77 OPPERES01 Customizing for Production Resources  
78 OPPESCMPV Object Dependent Status Management  
79 OPPESTATUS Cross-Application Status Management AVC_PPESTATUS
80 OPPF Customizing for Order Report  
81 OPPH Customizing Purchase Req. Conversion  
82 OPPI Available Stock  
83 OPPJ MRP Checking Rule SAPMOMD9
84 OPPK Hierarchy Element  
86 OPPM Evaluation Profiles SAPT457G
87 OPPN Layout  
88 OPPP Customizing Direct Procurement  
89 OPPQ C M MRP Plant Parameters for MRP SAPMM61C
91 OPPS Strategy  
92 OPPT Strategy Group  
93 OPPU Strategy Group for MRP Group  
95 OPP_MIGR Opportunites Migration OPP_MIGR
96 OPQDP02P Define Derivation Paths  
97 OPQDP03D Maint. Derivation Paths for Stucture  
98 OPQ_CORRESPONDENCE Deter. interest key, tol. grp, clear  
99 OPQ_DDS_OF_PSOB Determine DDS for Contr. Object Type  
100 OPQ_LOCK_REASON Determine Payment Lock Reason  
101 OPQ_PAYMENT_METHOD Determine Payment Method and DDS  
102 OPQ_ST_BP_SYNC Create Business Partner for Student RHIQ_ST_BP_SYNC
103 OPQ_ST_SYNC_CURR Synchronize Student Account Data RHIQ_ST_PERS_SYNC_CURR
104 OPR1 Area of Responsibility <-> Message  
105 OPR3 Definition of Breakpoints  
106 OPR4_ACT Multilevel Actual Settlement  
107 OPR4_CK Material Cost Estimate  
108 OPR4_CKMC Mass Costing - Sales Documents  
109 OPR4_CKML Closing and Calc. of Periodic Price  
110 OPR4_CKPF Price Update  
111 OPR4_FCO Collective Processing: Variances  
112 OPR4_KKA WIP Calculation  
113 OPR4_KKP Repetitive Mfg and Process Mfg  
114 OPR4_KKS Collective Processing: Variances  
115 OPR4_KKS1 Individual Processing: Variances  
116 OPR4_PPCO Production Order: Cost Calculation  
117 OPR5 Definition of Error Mgmt IDs (SAP)  
118 OPR6 Definition of Object IDs (SAP)  
119 OPR7 Def. of Areas of Responsibility  
120 OPR8 Def. of Minimum Message Types (SAP)  
121 OPR9 Def. of Reference Objects (SAP)  
122 OPRCMFE User-Defined Messages RKKCMFE
123 OPRF Maintain Quotation Prefixes  
124 OPS Customizing for Project System  
125 OPS0 Maintain print control for networks  
126 OPS1 Maintain User Fields  
127 OPS2 Maintain Relationship Texts  
128 OPS3 Maintain PS Text Types  
129 OPS4 maintain simulation profile  
130 OPS5 Maintain Standard Network Profile ROOPSS10
131 OPS6 Maintain Project Manager  
132 OPS7 Maintain Applicant  
133 OPS8 Materialflow network  
134 OPS9 Budget Management Profile ROOBP100
135 OPSA Maintain Project Profile  
136 OPSB Cost Planning Profile ROOBP100
137 OPSC Create network types  
138 OPSCAS Command File Payments (PS)  
139 OPSCOS Command File Costs (PS)  
140 OPSD Maintain Profile for Report Lines  
141 OPSE Maintain Report Groups  
142 OPSF Maintain Report Variations  
143 OPSG Order change management profile  
144 OPSH Maintain ctrl. key for activity (PS)  
145 OPSI Edit PS validation rules SAPLCNGX
146 OPSINS Command File Info System (PS-F)  
147 OPSJ Maintain Project Coding  
148 OPSK Maintain Special Characters  
149 OPSL Project Info System Overview Maint.  
150 OPSM Maintain Overall Profile PS InfoSys SAPL0PSR
151 OPSN Edit PS substitution rules SAPLCNGX
152 OPSO Maintain Project Types SAPL0PSD
153 OPSP Capacity availability check ROOP0014
154 OPSPAR1 Maintain Partner Functions  
155 OPSPAR2 Define Lang.-Dep.Partner Functions  
156 OPSPAR3 WBS Partner Profile RAIPAR00
157 OPSQ Intervals for Cost/Revenue Types  
158 OPSR Maintain milestones  
159 OPSREV Command File Revenues (PS)  
160 OPSS Maintain milestones  
161 OPST Network Confirmation Parameters RIOTCORU
162 OPSU Maintain Activity Control Key  
163 OPSV Cost object ind.  
164 OPSW Info System Profile  
165 OPSX PS: Reset "Budgeted" Status RKBUDSDP
166 OPT1 Maintain PS Transaction Types  
167 OPT2 Matchcode for project definition SAPMOUT4
168 OPT3 Matchcode for WBS elements SAPMOUT4
169 OPT4 Matchcode for standard network SAPMOUT4
170 OPT5 Customizing matchcode for network SAPMOUT4
171 OPT6 Maintain std. milestone group  
172 OPT7 Project planning board profile  
173 OPT8 Maintain hierarchy graphic / dates  
174 OPT9 Network parameters for PS-SD  
175 OPTA Command file for PS -> FI area  
176 OPTB Command file for WBS  
177 OPTC Command file for network  
178 OPTD Command file for standard network  
179 OPTE Command file for PS info system  
180 OPTF Command file for PS graphic  
181 OPTG Maintain PS Info Summztn Criteria  
182 OPTH PS info system maintenance R0PSR000
183 OPTI Maintain Progrss Analysis Overview  
184 OPTJ Maintain PS Info Unit Conversion  
185 OPTK Exclude Cost Elems from Avlbty Cntrl  
186 OPTL Maintain PS Info Comparison Criteria  
187 OPTM Fincl Budgeting Profile for Projects ROOBP100
188 OPTN Maintain priorities  
189 OPTO Change costing variants  
190 OPTP Sub-network parameters  
191 OPTQ Maintain WBS scheduling parameters  
192 OPTR Strategies for settlement rules  
193 OPTS Maintain project version profile  
194 OPTT Maint. acct.assgnm.types for orders  
195 OPTU Maint. PS Info System field settings  
196 OPTV Maint. PS Info System sort criteria  
197 OPTW Maint.PS Info System group. criteria  
198 OPTX Maint. PS Info System database set. SAPL0PSR
199 OPTY Capacity leveling - Time profile/PS  
200 OPTZ Matchcode for standard WBS elements SAPMOUT4
201 OPU0 Matchcode for standard project def. SAPMOUT4
202 OPU3 Production order control parameters ROOP0015
203 OPU4 Maintain Capacity Planning (SOP)  
204 OPU5 Parameter long term planning PlndOrd  
205 OPU6 Production order control parameters ROOP0015
206 OPU7 Control parameters plant maintenance ROOP0015
207 OPU8 Overview Var.: Header Line Info Sys.  
208 OPU9 Overview Variant: Item Line  
209 OPUA Field selection: Network: Header  
210 OPUB Field selection: Network: Overview  
211 OPUC Field selection: Network: Details  
212 OPUD Field selection:Network confirmation  
213 OPUH Field sel: Std. project definition  
214 OPUI Field selection: Std. WBS elements  
215 OPUJ Field selection: Project definition  
216 OPUK Field selection: WBS element  
217 OPUL PS: Maintain reduction strategies  
218 OPUM Maintain Subprojects  
219 OPUN Capacity overviews  
220 OPUO Project schedule overviews  
221 OPUP Subnetwork schedule overview  
222 OPUQ Overall network scheduling overview  
223 OPUR Info System: Structure overview  
224 OPUS Maintain Version Number Entry Mask  
225 OPUT Maintain overview variants  
226 OPUU Maintain Network Profile  
227 OPUV Network Type Parameters  
228 OPUW Standard Network Status  
229 OPUX Maintain overview variants std netwk  
230 OPUY Overview var.:Std.ntwrk scheduling  
231 OPUZ Control parameters plant maintenance ROOP0015
232 OPVC Convert Avlability Cntrl Tol.Limits BPFDPINI
233 OPVP Collective availibility checkProfile SAPMM61C
234 OQ02 Maintain Forms RQIFORM0
235 OQ26 Maintain qualification type  
236 OQ49 Routing matchcode SAPMSD20
237 OQ62 Number ranges for inspection plans SAPMSNUM
238 OQ63 Number ranges for ref.operation sets SAPMSNUM
239 OQ77 Engineering Workbench for QM ROOP0010
240 OQ84 Profile def. values: Task list/gen. ROOP0010
241 OQ85 Profile def. values: Task list/char. ROOP0010
242 OQB1 Maintain control key  
243 OQB2 Maintain certificate type  
244 OQB3 Maintain procurement block key  
245 OQB4 Maintain document types Q documents  
246 OQB5 Insp. type for stat. prof. and stat.  
247 OQB6 Number range for certificate receipt  
248 OQB7 Maintain required QM systems  
249 OQB8 Define QM systems  
250 OQBA Variants-maintain all-QINF in DB RIOCUS00
251 OQBB Activate Customizing doc. types RQOCST01
252 OQBC Deactivate Customizing doc. types RQOCST01
253 OQCZ Settings for Workflow Certificates  
254 OQFA Adapt field selection  
255 OQGN1 Task Customizing  
256 OQI3 Storage Data Maintenance RIOCUS00
257 OQI4 Customize Lot Selection for QA32/33 RIOCUS00
258 OQI5 List of control charts for insp. lot RIOCUS00
259 OQI6 List of control charts for task list RIOCUS00
260 OQI7 Results Recording Worklist: New RIOCUS00
261 OQI8 Work list variant automatic UD RIOCUS00
262 OQI9 Cntrl chart lists for master charac. RIOCUS00
263 OQIA Maintain variant: Q-level evaluation RIOCUS00
264 OQIC Work list variant for results rec. RIOCUS00
265 OQID Order maint. variant for material RIOCUS00
266 OQIE Usage var. for QM order in material RIOCUS00
267 OQIF Customize Lot Selection for QVM1 RIOCUS00
268 OQIG Customize Lot Selection for QVM2 RIOCUS00
269 OQIH Customize Lot Selection for QVM3 RIOCUS00
270 OQII Customize Lot Selection for QA16 RIOCUS00
271 OQIJ Field select. maintain results hist. RIOCUS00
272 OQIK Field sel. PhysSampDraw with ref. RIOCUS00
273 OQIL Field sel. insp. lots for physSamps RIOCUS00
274 OQIM Field sel. deletion program Q-levels RIOCUS00
275 OQIN Results recording for insp. points RIOCUS00
276 OQIO Results recording for insp. lots RIOCUS00
277 OQIP Results recording for insp. charac. RIOCUS00
278 OQIQ Results recording variant for sample RIOCUS00
279 OQIR Results recording variant for equip. RIOCUS00
280 OQIS Res. recording variant for fnct. Loc RIOCUS00
281 OQIT Settings for Insp. Method List RIOCUS00
282 OQIU Settings for Master Insp. Char. List RIOCUS00
283 OQIV Results History for Task List Charac RIOCUS00
284 OQIW Results History for Task List Charac RIOCUS00
285 OQIX Test Equipment Usage List RIOCUS00
286 OQIY Test Equipment Tracking RIOCUS00
287 OQIZ Settings for Notification Workflow  
288 OQL8 Assign origin for delivery type  
289 OQL9 Assign Inspection Type to Del. Type  
290 OQM1 Q-Notification Field Selection: Gen.  
291 OQM2 Q-Notif. Field Sel: Initial Screens  
292 OQM3 Q-Notif. Field Sel: Ref. Objects  
293 OQM4 Q-Notif. Field Sel: Partner Screens  
294 OQN0 Maintain notification types  
295 OQN2 Maint. status prof. for Q-notif.type  
296 OQN3 Maint. prio. types for notif. types  
297 OQN5 Maintain catalogs for notif. types  
298 OQN6 Maintain cat. profile for Q-notific.  
299 OQN7 Start values - notification  
300 OQNAOB Fld Selectn Multilvl List:Assnd Obj. RIOFSE00
301 OQNC Set field selection for notif. list RIOCUS00
302 OQND Set field selection for task list RIOCUS00
303 OQNE Set field selection for item list RIOCUS00
304 OQNF Variant: Work list activities RIOCUS00
305 OQNL Field selec. multi-lvl list - notif. RIOFSE00
306 OQNM Field selec. mul.lev. list - partner RIOFSE00
307 OQNN Field selec. mul.level list - item RIOFSE00
308 OQNO Field selec. multi-lvl list - activ. RIOFSE00
309 OQNP Field selec. multi-level list - task RIOFSE00
310 OQNR Define follow-up actions  
311 OQNU Multi-lev. list fld selection-cause RIOFSE00
312 OQNW Settings for Notification Workflow  
313 OQP1 Insp. plan lists  
314 OQR0 Organize QM Archiving RQTQREO
315 OQS8 Customizing for IQS8 RIOCUS00
316 OQS9 Customizing for IQS9 RIOCUS00
317 OQZ6 Def. access seq. for cert. profile  
318 OQZ7 Create cond. table for certificates SAPMV12A
319 OQZ8 Change cond. table for certificates SAPMV12A
320 OQZ9 Disp. cond. table for certificates SAPMV12A
321 OQZA Field catalog cert. profile V_T681F  
322 OQZC Condition types certificate profiles  
323 OQZE Certif. profiles search procedure  
324 OQZN Number ranges for quality certs.  
325 ORA_LOCK Oracle: Lock-Monitor SAPLS_ORA_COCKPIT_1
326 ORA_PERF DBACockpit: Oracle - Performance SAPLS_ORA_COCKPIT_2
327 ORA_SPACE DBACockpit: Oracle - Space Statistic SAPLS_ORA_COCKPIT_5
328 ORCP01 Recipe Customizing Status  
329 ORCP03 Customizing for Equip. Requirements  
330 ORCP04 Customizing for Recipes  
331 ORCP05 Customizing for Process Stages  
332 ORCP06 Customizing for Processes  
333 ORCP07 Customizing for Actions  
334 ORCP08 Customizing for Operations  
335 ORCP09 Customizing for Units of Measurement  
336 ORDO Download of an Investment Program RAIM_DOWNLOAD
337 ORDYWB CRM IR Delivery Workbench CRM_OR_DY_WB
338 ORET Report Selection SAPMKKB5
339 ORF1 C SD TVST in Route Determination  
340 ORF2 C SD TVLK in Route Determination  
341 ORFA Asset Accounting Customizing RAORFA_IMG
342 ORFA_OLD Asset Accounting Customizing RAORFA_IMG
343 ORFB (empty) MENUORFB
344 ORGANIZER Records Management SAPRMSSTART
346 ORIS Stat. Setup: Sales Price Revaluation RMCWNEUU
347 ORISBW Reorg: BW Sls Price Revaluation Docs RMCBWEXUSEG
348 ORK0 Configuration menu gen. controlling MENUORK0
349 ORK1 Customizing: Account-Based EC-PCA MENUORK1
351 ORKA C CO-OPA Configuration Menu: Orders MENUORKA
353 ORKL Reconciliation Ledger Menu MENUORKL
354 ORKS (empty) MENUORKS
355 ORLNA Number Range Maintenance: VHU_ACCT SAPMSNUM
356 ORLNC Number Range Maintenance: VHU_CPGRP SAPMSNUM
357 ORLNI Number Range Maintenance: TRMNO_INT SAPMSNUM
358 ORLNP Number Range Maintenance: VHU_PSHP SAPMSNUM
359 ORLNR Number Range Maintenance: VHU_REPROC SAPMSNUM
360 ORLNS Number Range Maintenance: VHU_PSHPA SAPMSNUM
361 ORLNT Number Range Maintenance: VHU_ACST SAPMSNUM
362 ORLNV Number Range Maintenance: VHU_ACPO SAPMSNUM
363 ORLPT Maintain account posting types  
364 ORLPTA Assign Account Posting Types  
365 ORLRP Residence Times for Archiving  
366 ORLRS1 Create Condition Table SAPMV12A
367 ORLRS2 Change Condition Table SAPMV12A
368 ORLRS3 Display Condition Table SAPMV12A
369 ORLRS4 Field Catalog for RP Acct Statement  
370 ORLRS5 Access Sequence for RP Acct Statemt  
371 ORLRS6 Output Types for RP Account Statemts  
372 ORLRS7 Assign Output to Partner Roles  
373 ORLRS8 Output Procedure for RP Acct Statemt  
374 ORMI Import models orders RKMODIMP
375 ORMXT04 Custom.: Field Sel. for Trial Views  
376 ORMXTNR Maintain Number Ranges for Trials  
377 ORMXTQMBBIDNR Maintain Number Ranges for Trials  
378 ORPS1 Checks for Worklists  
379 ORPS11 Settings for Variant Selection  
380 ORPS12 COIS POWL Buttons Customizing  
381 ORPS2 Message Type for Confirmation  
382 ORPS3 Qty/Error Combination for Confirm.  
383 ORPS4 Assign Quantity Layout to Plant/ID  
384 ORPS5 Define Layout for Confirmation  
385 ORPS6 Assign Layouts to Plant/Order Type  
386 ORPS7 Shift Report Type  
387 ORPS8 Shift Note Type  
388 ORUP Upload of an Investment Program RAIM_UPLOAD
389 OS01 LAN check with ping RSHOST14
390 OS02 Operating system configuration RSHOST01
391 OS03 O/S Parameter changes RSHOST02
392 OS04 Local System Configuration RSHOST03
393 OS05 Remote System Cconfiguration RSHOST04
394 OS07 Remote Operating System Activity RSHOST06
395 OS07N Remote Operating System Activity RSHOST1N
396 OS07_HOST call OS07 with hostname RSHOST15
397 OS07_U Remote Operating System Activity RSHOST06_U
398 OS11 Spare Part Indicators  
399 OS12 Material Provision Indicators  
400 OS13 Item Categories  
401 OS14 Material Types Allowed in BOM Item  
402 OS15 Variable-Size Item Formulas  
403 OS16 BOM Item Object Type  
404 OS17 Explosion Types  
405 OS18 Relevancy to costing  
406 OS20 BOM Usage  
407 OS21 BOM Usage Default Values  
408 OS22 Copying Defaults for Item Statuses  
409 OS23 BOM Statuses  
410 OS24 Material Types Allowed in BOMs  
411 OS25 BOMs with History Requirement  
412 OS26 Laboratory/Office  
413 OS27 Modification Parameters for BOMs  
414 OS28 Defaults for BOMs  
415 OS29 User-Specific Settings for BOMs  
416 OS30 Application  
417 OS31 BOM Usage Priorities  
418 OS32 Alternative BOM Determination  
419 OS33 Alt. Determination in Inventory Mgmt  
420 OS34 Alt. Determination in Costing  
421 OS35 Alt. Determination in Production  
422 OS36 Alt. Determination in SD  
423 OS37 Alt. Determination in PM  
424 OS38 Alt. Determination in MRP  
425 OS40 Generate BOM Transfer File RDDSRCG0
426 OS41 Transfer BOM without Long Text RCSBI010
427 OS42 Process Transfer File RCCSBISC
428 OS43 Copy BOM changes RCSBI020
429 OS44 Copy BOM variants RCSBI030
430 OS45 Copy BOM with description RCSBI040
431 OS46 Edit transfer file (long text)_ RCCSBIST
432 OS47 Field Groups: Assigned Fields  
433 OS48 Field Groups: Definition and Descs  
434 OS51 Change Master Statuses  
435 OS52 Change Master Matchcode  
436 OS53 Number Ranges for Change Master SAPMSNUM
437 OS54 Change Master Control Data  
438 OS55 Material Revision Level Sequence  
439 OS56 Change Types  
440 OS57 Document Revision Level Sequence  
441 OS58 Object Mgmt Record Change Types  
442 OS59 ECM: Profile Settings  
443 OS60 Effectivity Parameters: Definition  
444 OS61 Effectivity Type SAPMCC02
445 OS62 Effectivity parameters - popup texts  
446 OS65 Effectivity types - texts  
447 OS66 Effect. params - texts - headings  
448 OS67 ECH: Effectivity Profile  
449 OS68 ECH: History Requirement Control  
450 OS69 Engineering Change Mgmt: release key  
451 OS70 User-Specific List Profiles  
452 OS71 ECH: Change Number Format  
453 OS72 ECH: Workflow for ECR/ECO  
454 OS73 ECH: Workflow for Object Mgmt Record  
455 OS80 REM Planning Table (Gen. + Sched.)  
456 OS81 REM Planning Table (Row Display)  
457 OSC1 Appointment Type Maintenance  
458 OSC2 Appoint. diary: Maint. destination  
459 OSC3 Appointment Calendar:Priority Maint.  
460 OSC4 Maintenance of Appointment Type Grps  
461 OSC_WF_REPLY Customizing for WF appt. replies  
462 OSDM0 Receipt and Demand profile  
463 OSDM1 Material Shortage profile  
464 OSDM2 User assignment to Mat. Short. Prof.  
465 OSDPAPO Distinction SDP-APO or Standard APO  
466 OSGR Command file for Customizing graph.  
467 OSP1 Settings for Repet.Manufacturing  
468 OSP2 Repetitive Mfg Profile  
469 OSP4 Repetitive Mfg: Distribution Functn  
470 OSP5 Repetitive Manufacturing: Cost Log  
471 OSP6 Create Cost Collector Strategy  
472 OSP7 Withdrawal Sequence  
473 OSP8 Number Range for Backlogs  
474 OSP9 Number Range for Document Log  
475 OSPA Customizing Distribution Function  
476 OSPB Customizing Production Order Type  
477 OSPC Customizing Goods Movements  
479 OSPD Customizing Planning Periodicity  
480 OSPF Repetitive Manufacturing Line Texts  
481 OSPH Batch Search Proced. in REM Profile  
482 OSPI Number Range for Backflush Discrep. SAPMSNUM
483 OSPJ No.Range Maintenance f. Document Log SAPMSNUM
484 OSPK Storage Location Search  
485 OSPM Background Job Reprocessing REM RMSERI14
486 OSPN Background Job: Adjmt. of Dep. Reqs RMSERI36
487 OSPO Backgr. Job - Agg. Coll. Backflush RMSERI71
488 OSPP Customizing for Pull List  
489 OSPR Number Ranges in REM SAPMRMCU
490 OSPS Batch Search Procedure for Pull List  
491 OSPT Repetitive Mfg Profile Assistant SAPMRMCU
492 OSPX Customizing stock determination  
493 OSPY Conversion for withdrawal seq. grp MDBFUPDT
494 OSQ1 Customizing for Seqeuncing: Visual.  
495 OSQ2 Customizing for Sequencing: Planning  
496 OSS1 Logon to SAP Service Marketplace RSEFA910
497 OSSC Appt. Calendar: Appt. Type Maint.  
498 OST1 CS Transport C Tables TCS21/TCS22  
499 OST2 CS Transport C Tables BOM Usage  
500 OST3 Transp. Customizing tabs T418F,T418G