SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index O, page 3
Transaction Code - O
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 O4NM Maintain Nomination ROIJ_NOM_GUI
2 O4NR OIL-TSW Recover Nomination ROIJNREC
3 O4NS Display Nomination ROIJ_NOM_GUI
4 O4NSN Display Nomination ROIJ_NOM_GUI
5 O4NV Change Nomination ROIJ_NOM_GUI
6 O4NVN Change Nomination ROIJ_NOM_GUI
7 O4N_DIP_OC Opening closing test calculator SAPLOIIC_DIP
8 O4O1 Create output: Bulk Tran. Scheduling SAPMV13B
9 O4O2 Change Output:Bulk Tran. Scheduling SAPMV13B
10 O4O3 Display Output:Bulk Tran. Scheduling SAPMV13B
11 O4O4 Create output: Bulk Tran. Loading SAPMV13B
12 O4O5 Change Output:Bulk Tran. Loading SAPMV13B
13 O4O6 Display Output:Bulk Tran. Loading SAPMV13B
14 O4O7 Create output: Bulk Tran. Del. Conf. SAPMV13B
15 O4O8 Change Output:Bulk Tran. Del. Conf. SAPMV13B
16 O4O9 Display Output:Bulk Tran. Del. Conf. SAPMV13B
17 O4OA Modify Output Det. - Scheduling ROIGSPRS
18 O4OB Modify Output Det.-Sch. (Detailed) ROIGSPRP
19 O4OC Modify Output Det. - Loading ROIGSPRL
20 O4OD Modify Output Det.-Del. Confirmation ROIGSPRC
21 O4OE TD Output from deliveries ROIGSPRD
22 O4P0 Terminal Automation Interface MENUO4P0
23 O4P1 Create LID Master Data SAPMOIKM
24 O4P2 Change LID Master Data SAPMOIKM
25 O4P3 Display LID Master Data SAPMOIKM
26 O4P4 Delete Load ID SAPMOIKM
27 O4P5 Display released LID's SAPMOIKM
28 O4P7 Release LIDs SAPMOIKN
29 O4P8 Revise LIDs SAPMOIKN
30 O4P9 Transport Planning System Interface MENUO4P9
32 O4PDCL List DCP history ROIKDC_LIST
33 O4PDCR Delete DCP status entries ROIKDC_REORG
34 O4PDCT Delivery Confirmation Frontend SAPMOIKDCT
35 O4PH Display Load information ROIKHIG1
36 O4PI Show LID-Details ROIKLLD1
37 O4PJ Display LID to SD-Document ROIKLIH2
38 O4PK Load data pickup SAPMOIKU
39 O4PL Transfer Location Master Data to TPS ROIKLMTP
40 O4PM Call Flowlogic Control ROIKFCL1
41 O4PMN TPI History Information ROIKFCL2
42 O4PN Skip shipment inbound process ROIKCIDS
43 O4PO Change order and plant ROIKOCHG
44 O4PP Shipment planning SAPMOIKP
45 O4PQ Distribute orders ROIKPRTP
46 O4PR Selection without LID Type SAPMOIKU
47 O4PS Load data shipment SAPMOIKU
48 O4PTPIR Delete TPI status entries ROIKDELHIS
49 O4PV Driver Vehicle Assignment SAPMOIKP
50 O4PW IDOC via Changepointer for OILDVA  
51 O4PX Shipment Planning Workbench MENUO4PX
52 O4PZ Display / Delete log table entries ROIKSSLV
53 O4R1 TD Create Rack Meter SAPMOIGR
54 O4R2 TD Change Rack Meter SAPMOIGR
55 O4R3 TD Display Rack Meter SAPMOIGR
56 O4R4 TD Delete Rack Meter SAPMOIGR
57 O4R5 Rack Meter Reconciliation ROIGRM00
58 O4R6 Distribute Rack Meter ROIGMID1
59 O4RP1 Create release profile SAPLOIJ_SCHED_MD
60 O4RP2 Change release profile SAPLOIJ_SCHED_MD
61 O4RP3 Display release profile SAPLOIJ_SCHED_MD
62 O4S0 Transport and Distribution MENUO4S0
63 O4S1 TD Master Data MENUO4S1
64 O4T0 IS-OIL TSW (Trader's & Scheduler's W MENUO4T0
65 O4T3WP 3 way pegging SAPLOIJ_3WP_GUI
66 O4T3WPD 3 way pegging (display) SAPLOIJ_3WP_GUI
67 O4T5 Create records in cond table - NOM SAPMV13B
68 O4T5_TKT Create records in cond table - TKT SAPMV13B
69 O4T6 Change records in cond table - NOM SAPMV13B
70 O4T6_TKT Change records in cond table - TKT SAPMV13B
71 O4T7 Display records in cond table - NOM SAPMV13B
72 O4T7_TKT Display records in cond table - TKT SAPMV13B
73 O4T8 Display of archived nominations ROIJANMV
74 O4TAPN Automatically process nominations ROIJ_ELAPN
75 O4TB Stock Projection Worksheet SAPMOIJRD
76 O4TBB Stock Projection Worksheet SAPMOIJRD
77 O4TB_CT Change What-if type ROIJWICTYP
78 O4TB_CV Copy What-if Version ROIJWICVER
79 O4TB_PHYS To update physical inventory figures SAPMOIJPI
80 O4TB_RDALV Stock Projection Worksheet SAPMOIJRD
81 O4TC Generate Stock Projection ROIJRDU1
82 O4TCB Generate Stock Projection for batch ROIJRDU1B
83 O4TCN Generate Stock Projection New ROIJRDU1N
84 O4TD Generate worklist entries ROIJWLEN
85 O4TDG OIL TSW: Maintain deal groups  
86 O4TDL OIL-TSW Delete Location SAPMOIJL
87 O4TE OIL-TSW: Enter movement ticket SAPMOIJT
88 O4TEN Ticket create new SAPMOIJTN
89 O4TENCORR Correct ticket SAPMOIJTN
90 O4TENCRPT Terminate invalid ticket SAPMOIJTN
91 O4TENREV Reverse Ticket SAPMOIJTN
92 O4TE_CORRECT OIL-TSW: Correct ticket actualizatio SAPMOIJT
93 O4TE_REVERSE OIL-TSW: Reverse ticket actualizatio SAPMOIJT
94 O4TF OIL-TSW: Change ticket SAPMOIJT
95 O4TFN Change ticket SAPMOIJTN
96 O4TG OIL-TSW: Display Ticket SAPMOIJT
97 O4TGN Display Ticket SAPMOIJTN
99 O4TH OIL-TSW: Delete movement ticket SAPMOIJT
100 O4THN Delete Ticket SAPMOIJTN
101 O4TI TSW archiving - Tickets  
102 O4TJ Display archived tickets ROIJATKV
103 O4TK TSW archiving - Nomination  
104 O4TL TSW Delete Transport System SAPMOIJA
105 O4TLB_CP Loc Bal copy schedules ROIJLB_CPSCHEDS
106 O4TM OIL-TSW: Safety stock calc. engine ROIJSSC
107 O4TM_BPB Berth Planning Board ROIJ_BPB_GUI
108 O4TN OIL-TSW: Planning engine ROIJPL
109 O4TO Worklist ROIJWL_LIST
111 O4TP Partner Role Parser ROIJPRP
112 O4TQ OIL-TSW Create Partner Role SAPMOIJR
113 O4TR OIL-TSW Change Partner Role SAPMOIJR
114 O4TS OIL-TSW Display Partner Role SAPMOIJR
115 O4TSCD Display Transport System Changes SAPMOIJTS_CD
116 O4TSW_PD Production data SAPLOIJ_EL_PD
117 O4TT Create Transport System SAPMOIJA
118 O4TU Change Transport System SAPMOIJA
119 O4TV Display Transport System SAPMOIJA
120 O4TW OIL-TSW Create Location SAPMOIJL
121 O4TX OIL-TSW Change Location SAPMOIJL
122 O4TX_LIST Maintain location / material list ROIJLOC_LIST
123 O4TX_TREE Drill-down planning locations ROIJLOC_TREE
124 O4TY OIL-TSW Display Location SAPMOIJL
125 O4TZ OIL-TSW : Recover Tickets ROIJTREC
126 O4T_EDIACC Assign EDI account numbers to vendor  
127 O4V1 TD Create Vehicle SAPMOIGV
128 O4V2 TD Change Vehicle SAPMOIGV
129 O4V3 TD Display Vehicle SAPMOIGV
130 O4V4 TD Delete Vehicle SAPMOIGV
131 O4V5 Vehicle Reconciliation (LOV-PTL) ROIGSM01
132 O4V6 Distribute Vehicles ROIGVID1
133 O4W1 WWWInterface to rapid confirmation SAPMOIGF
134 O4_SILO_ANA_CREATE Create tank analysis data ROIB_DIP_ANALYSIS
135 O4_TIGER Tank Management SAPMOIIC_DIP
136 O501 General functionality switch(On/Off)  
137 O502 Customize message control ROI0CUSM
138 O503 Parameter admin. (set value)  
139 O505 Customize message control ROI0CUSM
140 O50BW01 BW init. UoM group / mass changes ROI0BW_INIT_ADQNTCUS
141 O541 Number Range Maintenance: OIA01 SAPMSNUM
142 O542 Number Range Maintenance: OIA10H SAPMSNUM
143 O544 Maintain Exchange Stmnt. Customizing  
144 O545 Customzing for Exchange Statement ROIAMM01
145 O547 Reconciliation OIA07 ROIAEW10
146 O548 Reconcile Movb. Netting balance ROIAEW20
147 O54E Maintain Exchange Accounting SAPMFKM0
148 O54L Set Price Ref. Plant Flag  
149 O54N Set reversal movement type indicator  
150 O54R Maintain IS-OIL User Exits SAPMOIAJ
151 O54U Number Range Maintenance: OIA08 SAPMSNUM
152 O54X Create Netting Selection Crit. SAPMOIAQ
153 O54Y Maintain Netting Selection Crit. SAPMOIAQ
154 O54Z Display Netting Selection Crit. SAPMOIAQ
155 O581 OIB02 Conversion Mode  
156 O588 Conversion group maintenance  
158 O5A4 Intransit store location determ  
159 O5AA Number range maintenance: OIG_TU SAPMSNUM
160 O5AB Number range maintenance: OIG_DRIVER SAPMSNUM
161 O5AC Number range maintenance: OIG_VEHMET SAPMSNUM
162 O5AD Number range maintenance: OIG_VEH SAPMSNUM
163 O5AE Number range maintenance: OIG_S SAPMSNUM
164 O5AF Number range maintenance: OIG_RACMET SAPMSNUM
165 O5AM In-transit batch/handling type  
166 O5AV Shipment archiving retention time  
167 O5AW Number range maintenance: OIG_MASSPR SAPMSNUM
168 O5AX TD Customized Message Handling ROIGCST0
169 O5AY Define intransit storage location  
170 O5BAP4 Set up application log ROIRA_SETUP_APPL_LOG_AUTOM
171 O5BAPR1 Number range maintenance: OIRA_PRDOC SAPMSNUM
172 O5BAPR2 Number range maintenance: OIRA_PRIDX SAPMSNUM
173 O5BAPRDE1 SSR Output Det. - Field catalog  
174 O5BAPRDE2 Cond.table - SSR Group output SAPMV12A
175 O5BAPRDE3 Maintain Condition Type - SSR Gr.Out  
176 O5BAPRDE4 Access Sequence (SSR Group Output)  
177 O5BAPRDE5 SSR Group Output Det.Procedure  
178 O5BAPRDE6 Output Det. Procedure - SSR Gr.Outp.  
179 O5BAPRDE7 Cond.table - SSR Group output SAPMV12A
180 O5BAPRDE8 Cond.table - SSR Group output SAPMV12A
181 O5BC08 SSR Pricing - Create LV/Cond. SAPMOIRC_01
182 O5BC09 SSR Pricing - Disp/Change LV/Cond. SAPMOIRC_01
183 O5BC19_COPY SSR Pricing - Copy error check cust. ROIRC_PRICE_CUST_COPY
184 O5BC19_LIST SSR Pricing - List error check cust. ROIRC_PRICE_CUST_LIST
185 O5BCNRRG Number range maintenance: OIRC_PRUPD SAPMSNUM
186 O5BCPRCH Number range maintenance: OIRC_PRCHG SAPMSNUM
187 O5BEAD1 V_T681F: SSR CH Object-Allowed flds  
188 O5BEAD11 Cond.proc. for SSR CH Object  
189 O5BEAD13 Credit card accounts  
190 O5BEAD16 SSR Clearing House Determination RV61QKOS
191 O5BEAD2 SSR CH Det. : Create tab. SAPMV12A
192 O5BEAD3 SSR CH Det. : Change tab. SAPMV12A
193 O5BEAD4 SSR CH Det. : Display tab. SAPMV12A
194 O5BEAD5 SSR CH Object det: Acc. seq.- Create  
195 O5BEAD8 Condition types: SSR CH Object  
196 O5BENR Number range maintenance: OIREDTF SAPMSNUM
198 O5BENRRECON Number range maintenance: OIRERECON1 SAPMSNUM
199 O5BENRRECON2 Number range maintenance: OIRERECON2 SAPMSNUM
200 O5BEPC4 Generate DTF Objects ROIREDTFGEN2
201 O5BESNR Number range maintenance: OIRESETLNR SAPMSNUM
202 O5BESTAT1 Update Maintenance: IS-Oil SAPMMC0C
203 O5BH03 Generate CH Sttlmnt Msg Structure ROIRHCHSGEN
204 O5BH04 Number range maintenance: OIRH_CHSMG SAPMSNUM
205 O5BINR03 Number range maintenance: OIRALINKNR SAPMSNUM
206 O5F5 Maintain Form and Average Exits SAPMOICJ
207 O5F9 Number Range Maintenance: RepForm-ID SAPMSNUM
208 O5K_J1B_27 Global plant business settings  
209 O5N7 Customized Messages for BDRP ROIICST0
210 O5NX Maintain time windows for Ref. set SAPLOII6
211 O5O_CTNUM Number range maintenance: OIO_CNTNR SAPMSNUM
212 O5O_PKGNR Number range maintenance: OIO_EXIDV SAPMSNUM
213 O5O_RTNUM Number range maintenance: OIO_RTDOC SAPMSNUM
214 O5O_VGNUM Number range maintenance: OIO_VOYAGE SAPMSNUM
215 O5PC Number range maintenance: OIK_LID SAPMSNUM
216 O5PL TPI Customized Message Handling ROIKCST0
217 O5R7 Number Range Maintenance: OIF_PBL SAPMSNUM
218 O5S1 Output - Cond.Table - Scheduling. SAPMV12A
219 O5S2 Conditions: Possible fields schedul.  
220 O5S3 Maintain Condition Type - Scheduling  
221 O5S4 Access Sequence (Bulk Scheduling)  
222 O5S5 Bulk Scheduling Output Det.Procedure  
223 O5S7 Output Det. Procedure - Scheduling  
224 O5SA Output - Cond.Table - Change TD Load SAPMV12A
225 O5SB Conditions: Possible fields loading  
226 O5SC Maintain Condition Type - Loading  
227 O5SD Access Sequence (Bulk Tran.-Loading)  
228 O5SE Bulk Loading Output Det. Procedure  
229 O5SG Output Det. Procedure - Loading  
230 O5SJ Output - Cond.Table - Del. Confirm. SAPMV12A
231 O5SK Conditions: Possible Fields Del.Conf  
232 O5SL Maintain Condition Type-Del. Confirm  
233 O5SM Access Sequence (Bulk Scheduling)  
234 O5SN Bulk Scheduling Output Det.Procedure  
235 O5SP Output det.procedure del confirm.  
236 O5T1 Number range maintenance: OIJ_WL SAPMSNUM
237 O5T4 Number range maintenance: OIJ_TS SAPMSNUM
238 O5T7 Maintain condition tables - NOM SAPMV12A
239 O5T7_TKT Maintain condition tables - Ticket SAPMV12A
240 O5T8 Update fields in field catalog - NOM  
241 O5T8_TKT Update fields in field catalog - TKT  
242 O5T9 Maintain Condition Type - NOM  
243 O5T9_TKT Maintain Condition Type - TKT  
244 O5TA Maintain access sequence - NOM  
245 O5TA_TKT Maintain access sequence - TKT  
246 O5TB Maintain output det procedure - NOM  
247 O5TB_TKT Maintain output det procedure - TKT  
248 O5TC Assign output det procedure - NOM  
249 O5TE Assign forms and programs - NOM  
250 O5TE_TKT Assign forms and programs - TKT  
251 O5TG Maintain TSW Planning Calendar  
252 O5TNR_NOM_COMM Number range maintenance: OIJ_NOMCOM SAPMSNUM
253 O5TNR_NOM_VERS Number range maintenance: OIJ_VERS SAPMSNUM
255 O5TNR_OIJ_PEG Number range maintenance: OIJ_PEG  
256 O5TNR_OIJ_SIM Number range maintenance: OIJ_SIM  
257 O5TPEGT Define Pegging type  
259 O5UCM_TT Common Table Maintenance ROIUHS_CM_TAB_MAINT
260 O5UCW_CHECK_NUMBERS Configure Check Numbers in Check Lot  
261 O5UH_JE03 Accounting Category SAPLOIUHJE03
263 O5UP_SET_MONTHS Set Data Retention Periods SAPLOIUP_SET_MONTHS
264 O5UREP_BACKUP1 Number range maintenance: OIUREPSYS SAPMSNUM
265 O5UREP_COMMON Regulatory Reporting Setup SAPLOIUREP_MASTER
266 O5UREP_MMS_TRANS_VAR MMS-2014: Transport Suppl Rpt Vars ROIUREP_MMS_2014_TRANSPORT_VAR
267 O5U_MEDOCN Measurement document number ranges  
268 O5V1 Number range maintenance: OIJ_EL_TKT  
269 O5W10 Storage location/license number  
270 O5W11 Config.excise duty account determ.  
271 O5W12 ED consumpt.posting/Activ.movement  
272 O5W13 Activ.ED postings per movement type  
273 O5WV Number range maintenance: OIH01 SAPMSNUM
274 O5WW Number range maintenance: OIH30 SAPMSNUM
275 O5WX Number Range Maint.: Tax Revaluation SAPMSNUM
277 O5ZZ C FI Table T030 EXD SAPMFKM0
278 O5_SILO02 Silo M. Cust.: Tank storage location  
279 O7E1 Payment advice note entry screens. SAPMFKM0
280 O7E3 Acnt assignment model entry screens SAPMFKM0
281 O7E4 Preliminary posting entry screens SAPMFKM0
282 O7E5 Vendor inv./cr.mem. entry screens SAPMFKM0
283 O7E6 G/L item fast entry screens SAPMFKM0
284 O7F1 Clearing field selection conditions SAPMFKM0
285 O7F2 Clearing field selection search SAPMFKM0
286 O7F3 Clearing Field Selection Sort SAPMFKM0
287 O7F4 Item Display Field Sel.Conditions SAPMFKM0
288 O7F5 Item Display Field Selection Search SAPMFKM0
289 O7F6 Item Display Field Selection Sort SAPMFKM0
290 O7F7 Item Display Field Selection Total SAPMFKM0
291 O7F8 Item Display Field Sel.Addit.Fields SAPMFKM0
292 O7F9 Paymnt Adv.Notes Field Selction Flds SAPMFKM0
293 O7FA Pyt Adv.Notes Field Sel.Ext.Sel.Fld SAPMFKM0
294 O7FB Auto.Pymt Fld Sel.Sort Payment SAPMFKM0
295 O7FC Auto.Pymt Fld.Sel.Find Payment SAPMFKM0
296 O7FD Auto.Pymt Fld.Sel.Sort Payment SAPMFKM0
297 O7FE Auto.Pymt Fld.Sel.Find Line Item SAPMFKM0
299 O7L1 FI IMG Link: Check Document  
300 O7L2 Check Parked Documents  
301 O7L3 Check Correspondence  
302 O7L4 Check Withholding Tax  
303 O7L5 Settings for Displaying Payments  
304 O7L6 Settings for Displaying Line Items  
305 O7L7 Settings for Processing Open Items  
306 O7L8 Check Workflow Basis Settings  
307 O7L9 Settings for Payment Release  
308 O7R1 Item Display Totals Variants SAPMFKM0
309 O7R2 Item Display Master Record Info. SAPMFKM0
310 O7R3 Item Display Special Fields SAPMFKM0
311 O7S1 Pyt Medium Correspondence Sort Varnt SAPMFKM0
312 O7S2 Pyt Medium Line Items Sort Variant SAPMFKM0
313 O7S3 Credit Management Sort Variants SAPMFKM0
314 O7S4 General Correspondence Sort Variants SAPMFKM0
315 O7S5 Correspondence Int.Docs Sort Variant SAPMFKM0
316 O7S6 Line Item Corresp.Sort Variant SAPMFKM0
317 O7S7 Item Display Sort Variants SAPMFKM0
318 O7V1 Document Display Default Line Layout SAPMFKM0
319 O7V2 Item Display Default Line Layout SAPMFKM0
320 O7V3 Clearing Default Line Layout SAPMFKM0
321 O7V4 Automatic Paymnt Default Line Layout SAPMFKM0
322 O7V5 Auto.Pyt Line Item Dflt Line Layout SAPMFKM0
323 O7V6 Paymt Adv.Notes Default Line Layout SAPMFKM0
324 O7V7 Credit Management Dflt Line Layout SAPMFKM0
325 O7Z1 Document Display Line Layout SAPMFKM0
326 O7Z2 Document Posting Line Layout SAPMFKM0
327 O7Z3 Document Display Line Layout SAPMFKM0
328 O7Z4 Clearing Line Layout SAPMFKM0
329 O7Z4D Clearing Line Layout SAPMFKM0
330 O7Z4K Clearing Line Layout SAPMFKM0
331 O7Z4S Clearing Line Layout SAPMFKM0
332 O7Z5 Auto.Payment Line Layout SAPMFKM0
333 O7Z6 Auto.Pyt Line Item Line Layout SAPMFKM0
334 O7Z7 Payment Adv.Notes Line Layout SAPMFKM0
335 O7Z8 External Documents Line Layout SAPMFKM0
336 O7Z9 Credit Management Line Layout SAPMFKM0
337 O851 Update settings  
338 O984 Customizing doc converter program RSMVPROJ
339 OA01 Gain/loss substitution -Fixed assets RACSTABL
340 OA02 Substitution: Mass Changes to Assets RACSTABL
341 OA03 C AM Asset Class Index RAMUST00
342 OA05 C AM Maintain Table T499S SAPMSTBM
343 OA07 Generate C AM BALTD Record Layout RDDSRCG0
344 OA08 FI-AA: Maintain Country Table  
345 OA11 C AM Asset Master Matchcode ROOLAC00
346 OA13 FI-AA Legacy Data Transfer RAALTD01
347 OA14 Direct import of data RAALTD11
348 OA15 C AM Maintenance Table T094P SAPMSTBM
349 OA1X Asset Data Transfer  
350 OA2C_CONFIG OAuth 2.0 Configuration  
351 OA2C_GRANT OAuth 2.0 Configuration  
353 OA50 Maint. of rules for delivery costs  
354 OA79 C AM Maintain Ast.Hist.Sheet Defin. SAPMA06C
355 OA80 C AM Maint. Asset.Hist.Sheet Defin. SAPMA06C
356 OA81 Maintain Transaction Types - Expert RAVCLUST
357 OA84 Generate Period Control RAPERGEN
358 OA85 C FI-AA: Weighting periods RACSTABL
359 OA90 AM: Asset Register  
360 OAA1 SAP ArchiveLink: Maint. user st.syst OAARCCON
361 OAA3 SAP ArchiveLink protocols OAKOMM00
362 OAA4 SAP ArchiveLink applic. maintenance OAKOMM06
363 OAAD ArchiveLink Administration Documents SAPLOPTF
364 OAAQ Take back FI-AA year-end closing RACSTABL
365 OAAR C AM Year-end closing by area RAVCLUST
367 OAAW FI-AA: Memo value for asset class RACSTABL
368 OAAX FI-AA: Asst class for grp asset only RACSTABL
369 OAAY FI-AA: Hist. layout set-asset class RACSTABL
370 OAAZ FI-AA: Settlement profile RACSTABL
371 OAB4 SAP ArchiveLink: Create batch job  
372 OABA SAP ArchiveLink: Batch job  
373 OABC Depreciation areas/value transfer RACSTABL
374 OABD Depreciation areas/param. transfer RACSTABL
375 OABE Deprec. areas/gross transfer RACSTABL
376 OABK Delete asset class RACLSDEL
377 OABL C AM Reset Company Code SAPMA10C
378 OABM Depreciation areas/Transfer of resvs RACSTABL
379 OABN Depreciation areas/ordinary deprec. RACSTABL
380 OABO Displaying Open Bar Codes OABARCOX
381 OABR Maint. of rules for delivery costs  
382 OABS Depreciation areas/Special deprec. RACSTABL
383 OABT Set Up Parallel Currencies  
384 OABT_OLD Deprec. areas/parallel currencies RACSTABL
385 OABU Depreciation areas/Unplanned deprec. RACSTABL
386 OABW Depreciation areas/Replacement vals RACSTABL
387 OABX Deppreciation areas/Investmt support RACSTABL
388 OABY C AM Maintain Table T093Y SAPMSTBM
389 OABZ Depreciation areas / Interest RACSTABL
390 OAC0 CMS Customizing Content Repositories SCMS0
391 OAC1 C AM Leasing Types  
392 OAC2 SAP ArchiveLink: Global doc. types  
393 OAC3 SAP ArchiveLink: Links  
394 OAC5 SAP ArchiveLink: Bar code entry  
395 OACA SAP ArchiveLink workflow parameters  
396 OACB Customer name for evaluation group 1 RAMODWRD
397 OACC Customer name for evaluation group 1 RAMODWRD
398 OACCR01 Accruals/Deferrals Doc. Type Maint.  
399 OACCR02 G/L Acct Determination for Acr./Def.  
400 OACD Customer name for evaluation group 1 RAMODWRD
401 OACE Customer name for evaluation group 1 RAMODWRD
402 OACF Customer name for evaluation group 1 RAMODWRD
403 OACH SAP ArchiveLink: Link Check OACHECK
404 OACHP SAP ArchiveLink: Link Check OACHECKP
406 OACK SAP ArchiveLink: Syntax check OACUSTOM
408 OACP Account plan. profile group maint.  
409 OACS C FI-AA View maint. substitutions RACSTABL
410 OACT Maintain Categories  
411 OACV C FI-AA View maint. validations RACSTABL
412 OAD0 SAP ArchiveLink: Object links  
413 OAD2 SAP ArchiveLink document classes  
414 OAD3 SAP ArchiveLink: Link tables  
415 OAD4 SAP ArchiveLink: Bar code types  
416 OAD5 ArchiveLink: Customizing Wizard OACUSWIZ
417 OADB Define Depreciation Area  
418 OADB_WZ Set Up Parallel Valuation AWIZ_OADB
419 OADC Depreciation Areas: Area type RACSTABL
420 OADD ArchiveLink: Print List Display OADISPPR
421 OADFFCUST DF Framework Customizing ALINK_CUST_DFF
422 OADI Maintain KPro Distribution Tables  
423 OADOCSP SAP ArchiveLink Document Area  
424 OADR SAP ArchiveLink: Print list search OADLSETP
425 OAER SAP ArchiveLink: Document search BDSFIND_1
427 OAFT_PP_RUN_AGT_LOG Execute Agent Application Log OAFR_PP_RUN_AGENTS_LOG
428 OAFT_SCHED_AGENT Schedule Agent Processing OAFR_SCHED_AGENT
429 OAG1 SAP ArchiveLink Basic Settings SAPLOPTF
430 OAG2 SAP ArchiveLink Basic Settings SAPLOPTF
431 OAG3 SAP ArchiveLink Basic Settings SAPLOPTF
432 OAG4 SAP ArchiveLink Basic Settings SAPLOPTF
433 OAGL Reset posted depreciation SAPMA10C
434 OAGO ArchiveLink:Gen. Obj.Key Maintenance  
435 OAGZ Maintain report selection  
436 OAHT Send Certificate SCMS_HTTP_CERT_SEND
437 OAI5 C FIAA Time-dependent inv. support RACSTABL
438 OAIA Customizing Application Attributes  
439 OAIA2 Customizing Application Attributes  
440 OAIMC_VIEW Document Viewer using IMC  
441 OAK1 C AM Consist. Chart of Depreciation RACAFAPL
442 OAK2 C AM Consist. Company Code RACBUKRS
443 OAK3 C AM Consist. Depreciation Area RACAFABE
444 OAK4 C AM Consist. G/L Accounts RACKONT1
445 OAK5 C AM Customizng reconc. acct. contrl  
446 OAK6 C AM Consist. G/L accounts RACHECK0
447 OAK7 Reconc. acct. as stat. cost element RACKAR00
448 OAKA Standart texts in asset class  
449 OAKB Define asset for gain/loss  
450 OAKPRO SAP ArchiveLink KPRO Archivelink  
451 OALO Maintain KPro Locations  
452 OALOGCUST Customizing Logging  
453 OALX Define Long Text Templates  
454 OAM1 ArchiveLink: Monitoring SAPLOPTR
455 OAM3 ArchiveLink: Monitoring SAPLOPTR
456 OAMK Change Reconciliation Accounts  
457 OAMP C MM-PUR Purch. Maint. Blockg. Reas.  
458 OANR Number Range Maintenance: ARCHIVELNK SAPMSNUM
459 OAOA FI-AA: Define asset classes  
460 OAOB FI-AA: Assign company codes  
461 OAOH ArchiveLink: Create Documents OANEWCON
462 OAOR Business Document Service: Documents BDSFIND_1
463 OAP4 FI-AA: Description of chart of dep.  
464 OAPL C FI-AA: Set Chart of Depreciation RACSTABL
465 OAQI SAP ArchiveLink: Create Queues ILQAPI00
466 OAR1 SAP ArchiveLink: Request Management OAREQUES
467 OARC Maint. of retention periods FI-AA  
468 OARE SAP ArchiveLink:St.syst.return codes  
469 OARK Archive Settings  
470 OARM Advanced Returns Management RMSR_CUSTOMIZING
471 OARM_ARCH_PR Archiving Supplier Returns  
472 OARM_ARCH_SR Archiving Customers Returns  
473 OARP Call up of AM report overview  
474 OASI FI-AA Implementation Guide (smart)  
475 OASV Enter G/L Account Postings SAPMA03B
476 OATASK ArchiveLink Customizing transaction  
477 OATB Asgmt of dep.area to cross-sys.area RACSTABL
478 OATR Define Report Selection SAPMKKB5
481 OAV5 Index figures RAVCLUST
482 OAV7 C AM Change Simulation Versions  
483 OAV8 FI-AA C Def. Eval. Group, 8 places RACSTABL
484 OAV9 C AM Asset hist. group view maint. RACSTABL
485 OAVA C AM Eval. Group View Maintenance RACSTABL
486 OAVB C AM View Maintenance Prop.Indicator RACSTABL
487 OAVC C AM Manual Valuat. View Maintenance RACSTABL
488 OAVD C AM Insurance Data View Maintenance RACSTABL
489 OAVE C AM View Maintenance Classif.NWTax RACSTABL
490 OAVF C AM View Maint. Insurance Companies RACSTABL
491 OAVG C AM View Maint. Report Simul.(Dep) RACSTABL
492 OAVH C AM View Maint. Period Control RACSTABL
493 OAVI C AM View Maint. Sort Versions RACSTABL
494 OAVIEW_IMC IMC Viewer for ArchiveLink OAVIEW_IMC
495 OAVJ C AM View Maint. Trans.Type Group RACSTABL
496 OAVL C AM View Maint. Locations RACSTABL
497 OAVM C AM View Maint. Field Groups RACSTABL
498 OAVN C AM View Maint. Fld.Grp. Asset Data RACSTABL
499 OAVO C AM View Maint. Screen Control RACSTABL
500 OAVP C AM View Maint. Deprec.Trace Texts RACSTABL