SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index O, page 5
Transaction Code - O
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 OBY0 C FI Copy CoCde with Ctry Chrt/Accts SAPMFKM8
2 OBY2 C FI Copy company code (G/L account)  
3 OBY6 C FI Maintain Table T001  
4 OBY7 C FI Copy Chart of Accounts SAPMFKM8
5 OBY8 C FI Delete Chart of Accounts SAPMFKM8
6 OBY9 C FI Transport Chart of Accounts SAPMFKM8
8 OBYAL Ledger-Specific CoCode Clearing SAPMFKM0
9 OBYB Maintain automatic postings accounts SAPMFKM0
10 OBYC C FI Table T030 SAPMFKM0
11 OBYD C FI Table T030 SAPMFKM0
12 OBYE C FI Table T030 SAPMFKM0
13 OBYF Revenue Account Determination RV61CKOS
14 OBYG C FI Table T030 SAPMFKM0
15 OBYH C FI Table T030 SAPMFKM0
16 OBYK C FI Table T045W  
18 OBYM C FI Table T074 Bill of Exchange SAPMFKM0
19 OBYN C FI Table T074 Bill Receivable SAPMFKM0
20 OBYP C FI Table T074 Check/Bill of Exch. SAPMFKM0
21 OBYR C FI Table T074 SAPMFKM0
22 OBYS C FI Table T074 Tangible Fixed Asset SAPMFKM0
25 OBYY C FI Table T030 Maintenance KDT/KDT SAPMFKM0
26 OBYZ C FI Condition Components  
31 OBZ4CT Letter for Payment Correspondence  
32 OBZ5 Maintain Bank Determination Ranking  
33 OBZ6 C FI FBZP Consistency Check  
34 OBZA Reporting Selection: Global Menu RFABADAB
35 OBZB Reporting Selection: Accts Receivble  
36 OBZC Reporting Selection: Accts Payable  
37 OBZD Reporting Selection: G/L Accounts  
38 OBZE Reporting Selection: Documents  
39 OBZF Reporting Selection: Documents  
40 OBZG Reporting Selection: G/L Accounts  
41 OBZH C FI Maintenance Table TCCFI  
42 OBZI C FI Maintenance Table TCCAA  
43 OBZJ C FI Maintenance Table T000CM  
44 OBZK C FI Maintenance Table T001CM  
45 OBZL C FI Maintain Table T001 (XCOS)  
46 OBZM C FI Substitution FI/0005: Create SAPMFKM0
47 OBZN C FI Substitution FI/0005: Change SAPMFKM0
48 OBZO Doc.Types for Single Scrn Transactns  
49 OBZT Single Screen Transaction Tax Code RFT007ACV
50 OBZZ (empty) SAPMSNUM
51 OB_7 C FI Maint.Table T044G Val.Adj.Key  
52 OB_8 C FI Maintain Table T044I Base Value  
53 OB_9 C FI Maintain Table T044J: Display  
54 OB_GLACC01 Create G/L accounts with reference SAPGL_ACCOUNT_MASTER_START
55 OB_GLACC11 G/L acct record: Mass maintenance 01 SAPGL_ACCOUNT_MASTER_START
56 OB_GLACC12 G/L acct record: Mass maintenance 02 SAPGL_ACCOUNT_MASTER_START
57 OB_GLACC13 G/L acct record: Mass maintenance 03 SAPGL_ACCOUNT_MASTER_START
58 OB_GLACC21 Configuration G/L account record RAVC0ALA
59 OB_GLACC31 Assign G/L Account Change Request  
60 OB_T001_CESSION FI Customizing: Accts Rble Pledging  
61 OB_VAR_FBWAPI0 FI Cust.: INet/Service Variants SAPF_OB_VAR_INTERNET
62 OB_VAR_FBWARI0 FI Cust.: INet/Service Variants SAPF_OB_VAR_INTERNET
63 OB_V_CESSION FI Customizing: Accts Rble Fact.Ind.  
64 OB_V_FDKDATES FI Cust.: Internet/Time Frame  
65 OC00 C FI-LC : Table T850  
66 OC01 C FI-LC : Table T850A  
67 OC02 C FI-LC : Table T852P  
68 OC03 C FI-LC : Table T854  
69 OC04 C RF-KONS : Table T854S  
70 OC05 C FI-LC : Table T854T  
71 OC07 C FI-LC : Table T855T  
72 OC08 C FI-LC : Table T856  
73 OC09 C FI-LC : Table T856T  
74 OC10 C FI-LC : Table T857  
75 OC11 V_T850F: Define Upload Methods  
76 OC14 C FI-LC : Table T858  
77 OC15 C FI-LC : Table T858T  
78 OC16 C FI-LC : Table T859  
79 OC17 C FI-LC : Table T859T  
80 OC18 C FI-LC : Table T860  
81 OC19 C FI-LC : Table T861  
82 OC20 C RF-KONS : Table T862Q -> T862S  
83 OC21 C RF-KONS : Table T862K -> T862T  
84 OC22 Customizing line layout of reports  
85 OC23 C FI-LC : Table T863  
86 OC24 C FI-LC : Table T863T  
87 OC25 Maintain VAlue Types  
88 OC26 C FI-LC : Table T864  
89 OC27 Customizing IC eliminations  
90 OC28 C FI-LC : Table T866  
91 OC29 C FI-LC : Table T867  
92 OC30 C FI-LC : Table T867T  
93 OC31 C FI-LC : Table T869  
94 OC32 C FI-LC : Table T869T  
95 OC33 Customize document types  
96 OC34 C FI-LC : Table T876T  
97 OC35 C RF-KONS: Table T866Z  
98 OC36 C FI-LC : Table T879  
99 OC37 C FI-LC : Table T881  
100 OC38 C FI-LC : Table T884  
101 OC39 C FI-LC : Table T884H  
102 OC40 C FI-LC : Table TCURC  
103 OC41 Maintain Exchange Rates  
104 OC42 C RF-KONS : Table T876V  
105 OC43 C FI : Table T850S  
106 OC44 C FI : Table T880B  
107 OC45 C FI-LC : Table T851  
108 OC46 C FI : Table T871  
109 OC47 Maintain E/R Types for Crcy Transl.  
110 OC48 C FI-LC : Table T855  
111 OC49 C FI-LC: Table T863I  
112 OC50 Gain/Loss from asset retirement RGCABG00
113 OC51 C RF-KONS : Table T866Z - add.fld  
114 OC52 Group Shares RGCANT00
115 OC53 Group Reports RGCAUS00
116 OC55 Contra items/Retained earnings RGCCHP00
117 OC56 Download for consolidation RGCDOW10
118 OC57 Transfer chnges in invest./equity RGCEQL00
119 OC58 Data transfer for affiliated co.s RGCEQT00
120 OC59 Print data entry forms/audit trail RGCERH00
121 OC60 Bundle Data Entry Forms RGCERH10
122 OC61 K3 form RGCFK300
123 OC62 List of Ownership RGCGLI10
124 OC63 Changes in equity RGCGLI20
125 OC64 Changes in investment RGCGLI30
126 OC65 Print Translation Method RGC884PR
127 OC66 Changes in hidden reserves RGCGLI50
128 OC67 Investment in companies RGCGLI60
129 OC68 Interactive consolidation reporting RGCIAR00
130 OC69 Consolidation of investments RGCKAP00
131 OC70 Print financial statement items RGCKPD00
132 OC71 Listing of Totals File Records RGCLST00
133 OC72 Database list: Journal entries RGCLST10
134 OC73 Consolidation: data input via MT RGCMBU00
135 OC74 Bundle Consolidation Activities RGCONS00
136 OC75 Print cons. of investments method RGCCUSKP
137 OC76 Data input via PC RGCPCU10
138 OC77 Validate consolidation data RGCPLS00
139 OC78 Copy FS items from RF Tables RGCPOS00
140 OC79 Create D/E form from f/s item tables RGCPOS10
141 OC80 Build Standard Report from D.E.form RGCPOS20
142 OC81 Change FS Item Numbers RGCPOS30
143 OC82 Validation Check: Items/DE Forms RGCPOS40
144 OC83 Exchange Item Numbers:Totals Records RGCPOS50
145 OC84 Renumber Lines for Data Entry Forms RGCRNN00
146 OC85 Renumber Standard Report Table RGCRNN10
147 OC86 Copy Totals Records RGCSCD00
148 OC87 Data selection for reporting RGCSEL00
149 OC88 Layout of FS Chart of Accounts RGCPOS80
150 OC89 Intercompany Elimination RGCSKO00
151 OC90 Reclassifications RGCUMG00
152 OC91 Currency Translation (Consolidation) RGCUMR00
153 OC92 Carry Forward Balances-Consolidation RGCVTR00
154 OC93 Currency devaluation RGCWRF00
155 OC94 Elim.of Intercompany Profit/Loss RGCZGE00
156 OC95 Validation Maintenance RGCVAL00
157 OC96 Exchange Item Numbers: Documents RGCPOS60
158 OC97 Upload FS Items and Texts RGCPOS70
159 OC98 FI-LC: Rptg line layout frm Item tbl RGCPOS15
160 OC99 Totals recs: Delete (local values) RGCSCD10
161 OCA0 (empty) MENUOCA0
162 OCA1 C FI-LC: Equity/Earnings Adj.Table  
163 OCA2 C FI_LC: Fidden Reserves Table  
164 OCA3 C FI-LC: Amot.of Hidden Reserves Tbl  
165 OCA4 C FI-LC: Asset Tfr Dep.History Tble  
166 OCA5 C FI-LC: IC P&L Elim. - Rep.Co. Tble  
167 OCA6 C FI-LC: IC P&L Elim. - Sup.Co. Tble  
168 OCA7 C FI-LC: IC Asset Transfers Table  
169 OCA8 C FI-LC: Display Cons.Methods Table  
170 OCA9 C RF : Table T863B  
171 OCAA C FI-LC: Table T862K  
172 OCAB C FI-LC: Table T862Q  
173 OCAC C FI-LC: Table T862X  
174 OCAD C FI-LC: Display V_T862K  
175 OCAE C FI-LC: Display V_T862Q  
176 OCAF C FI-LC: Display V_T862X  
177 OCAG C FI-LC: Display V_T862S  
178 OCAH C FI-LC: Display V_T862T  
179 OCAI C FI-LC: Display V_T862Z  
180 OCAJ C FI-LC: Display V_T863W  
181 OCAK FI-LC: Print Transaction Types RGCT856
182 OCAL FI-LC: Print IC Eliminations RGCT865
183 OCAM FI-LC: Print Inventory Mgmt Company RGCT868B
184 OCAN FI-LC: Print Supplying Company RGCT868L
185 OCAO FI-LC: Print Changes in Net Income RGCT872
186 OCAP FI-LC: Print Hidden Reserves RGCT873
187 OCAR FI-LC: Print Chgs in Trfr Depreciatn RGCT875E
188 OCAS FI-LC: Print Asset Transfer RGCT875D
189 OCAT FI-LC: Print Versions RGCT858
190 OCAU FI-LC: Print Selected FS Items RGCT854S
191 OCB0 Step consolidation RGCHRY10
192 OCB1 Bundle Standard Reports RGCAUS10
193 OCB2 Consolidation Documents RGCIA400
194 OCB3 C FI : Table T879P  
195 OCB4 C FI : Table T882C  
196 OCB5 Extract Subgroup RGCSTC00
197 OCB6 Totals file records RGCLST30
198 OCB7 Create set  
199 OCB8 Create set  
200 OCB9 Create set  
201 OCBA Create set  
202 OCBB Create set  
203 OCBC Create set  
204 OCBD C RF-KONS : Table T854S  
205 OCBE C RF-KONS : Table T854S  
206 OCBF C RF-KONS : Table T854S  
207 OCBG C RF-KONS : Table T854S  
208 OCBH C RF-KONS : Table T854S  
209 OCBI C RF-KONS : Table T854S  
210 OCBJ C FI-LC : Table T869  
211 OCBK C FI-LC : Table T869  
212 OCBL C FI-LC : Table T865  
213 OCBM C RF-KONS : Table T854S  
214 OCBN C FI-LC : Table T879  
215 OCBO C FI-LC: AM Trans.Types Table  
216 OCBP Upload extract from R/2 RGCEUR20
217 OCBQ C RF-KONS : Table T854S  
218 OCBR C RF-KONS : Table T854S  
219 OCBS C RF-KONS: Per.Equity/Earn.Adj.Table  
220 OCBT C FI-LC: Cons.Method Assign.Table  
221 OCBU C RF-KONS : Table T854S  
222 OCBV Reconcile Extended G/L Accounts RGCCDB00
223 OCBW Consolidation: data input via MT RGCMBU00
224 OCBX FI-LC: Field Mvt for BalCarFwd Tble  
225 OCBY Create Corporate Chart of Accounts RGCPOS01
226 OCBZ Compare Extract / Cons.Data Base RGCCEDB0
227 OCC0 Central Group Table SAPMF10C
228 OCC1 FI-LC: Table FGSBK  
229 OCC2 FI-LC: Table TGSB  
230 OCC3 FI-LC: Table TGSBG  
231 OCC4 FI-LC: Table T880G  
232 OCC5 FI-LC: Display Table T880G  
233 OCC6 FI-LC: Table TLMGB  
234 OCC7 FI-LC: Table TKMGB  
235 OCC8 Info System: Report Selection RGC863LT
236 OCCB Info System: Further Reports  
237 OCCC Maintain Group Account RGCPOS02
238 OCCD Customer: Maintain Trading Partner  
239 OCCE Change GL customizing company code SAPMGCU0
240 OCCF Create GL Customizing Company code SAPMGCU0
241 OCCG Business area for MM  
242 OCCI Cons. Integration Settings SAPMF10C
243 OCCJ Maintain FILCA Number range  
244 OCCK Vendor: Trading Partner  
245 OCCL FI-LC: Table T880 / read  
246 OCCM Reconcile G/L Accounts/Consolidation RGUCOMP1
247 OCCM1 Equip. BOM Settings for CC  
248 OCCP Print G/L account / group account RGCDDP00
249 OCCS Validate GL acct Group acct RGCDDC00
250 OCCT FS Items from Chart of Accounts RGCPOS03
251 OCD2 Line layout entry form  
252 OCD3 Line layout entry form texts  
253 OCD4 Column layout data entry form  
254 OCD5 D/E form column layout texts  
255 OCD6 Line layout data entry form number  
256 OCD7 Column layout data entry form number  
257 OCD8 Maintain Validation groups  
258 OCD9 Maintain texts  
259 OCDA Maintain data entry form groups  
260 OCDB Maintain D/E form group texts  
261 OCDC Maintain Transaction Type Groups  
262 OCDD Maintain TTy Groups - Texts  
263 OCDE Maintain Cons. Activity Groups  
264 OCDF Maintain Cons.Activity Group texts  
265 OCDG Maintain Report groups  
266 OCDH Maintain Report groups - Texts  
267 OCDI Maintain Cons.Frequencies  
268 OCDJ Maintain F/S Item short texts  
269 OCDL Delete FI-LC Ledger Transaction data RGUDEL00
270 OCDM Hierarchy of Totals Reports RGCAUSHY
272 OCDO Delete FS chart of accounts RGCPOS05
273 OCDT FI-LC: V_T876B_CT (DTs for Transltn)  
274 OCDZ Cons stag. ledger: delete trans data RGUDEL00
275 OCE1 C RF-KONS : Table T85A  
276 OCE2 C RF-KONS : Table T85B  
277 OCE3 C RF-KONS : Table T85C  
278 OCE4 C RF-KONS : Table T85S1  
279 OCE5 C RF-KONS : Table T85S2  
280 OCE6 Additional Field Category  
281 OCFV Organizational area restrictions  
282 OCH0 Batch Management MENUOCH0
284 OCHS Set system messages ROOLMB00
285 OCI1 Maintain TCUSC RSCITA00
286 OCL1 FI-LC: Create Ledger SAPMGCU0
287 OCL2 FI-LC: Change Ledger SAPMGCU0
288 OCL3 FI-LC: Display Ledger SAPMGCU0
289 OCL4 FI-LC: Delete Ledger SAPMGCU0
290 OCL5 Extract to EIS RGCEISS1
291 OCL6 Import Report definition RGCRWIMP
292 OCLM1 Task Customizing  
293 OCLM2 Claim Field Selection: General  
294 OCM1 Backgrd Job: Processing Init.Objects CO_OCM_OBJECT_LISTH_H
295 OCM2 Backgd Job: Processing Proc.Elements CO_OCM_ORDER_LIST_H
296 OCM3 Background Job: OCM Goods Movements COOCMPICK_H
297 OCM9 Fill Partner Roles for Header Scrns  
298 OCMAC01 Create Condition Tables SAPMV12A
299 OCMAC02 Change Condition Tables SAPMV12A
300 OCMAC03 Display Condition Tables SAPMV12A
301 OCMAC04 Maintain Field Catalog  
302 OCMAC05 Define Access Sequences  
303 OCMAC06 Define Condition Types  
304 OCMAC07 Maintain Pricing Procedures  
305 OCMAC_01A Create Condition Record SAPMV13A
306 OCMAC_01B Maintain Condition Record SAPMV13A
307 OCMAC_01C Display Condition Record SAPMV13A
308 OCMAC_01D Create Condition Record With Ref. SAPMV13A
309 OCMAC_03C Determine Document Currency  
310 OCMAC_03D Determine Fee Calculation Procedure  
311 OCMAC_05C Determine Contract Account Category  
312 OCMAC_05D Determine Document Type  
313 OCMAC_05G Determine G/L Account  
314 OCMAC_05M Determine Main and Sub Transaction  
315 OCMAC_05T Determine Contract Object Type  
316 OCMAC_06C Determine.CO Account Assignment  
317 OCMAC_07C Determine dunning procedure  
318 OCMAC_07D Determine Document Type(Grant)  
319 OCMAC_07S Determine St. C.O.T (Grant)  
320 OCMAC_07T Main Trans./Subtrans. for Grants  
321 OCMAC_08 Define Acct. Key  
322 OCMAC_09 Assign Acct. Key  
324 OCMAC_GRDOCNUM Number Ranges for Grant Documents SAPMSNUM
325 OCMAC_PC09 Grant Clearing Account  
326 OCMAC_PC20 Determine Tax Code  
327 OCMAC_PCU0 1098T: Derivation of Tuit Statement  
328 OCMI Import models cost elements RKMODIMP
329 OCMM FI Table T030A SAPMFKM0
330 OCN1 FI-LC: Repost FI data RGUREC10
331 OCN2 FI-LC: Repost MM data RGUREC30
332 OCN3 FI-LC: Repost SD data RKEPCU40
333 OCNG Graphic customizing MENUOCNG
334 OCNPQ1 Customizing Invoicing Plan PS  
335 OCNRC Search Schema for CN Batch Detmntn  
336 OCO2 Customizing: Country Version RSCICO02
338 OCP1 Allowed Business Objects  
339 OCP2 Profile Names  
340 OCP3 Field Groups per Profile Name  
341 OCP4 Profile Sequences  
342 OCP5 Filters for Structure Overview  
343 OCPLM Data Display in PLM Portal  
344 OCPLMT Group Descriptions for PLM Portal  
345 OCPLMU Data for User Groups in PLM Portal  
346 OCPP GG Price Protection by Sales Org.  
347 OCPR Maintenance of Backflush Profiles  
348 OCR1 Payment Cards: Check Results  
349 OCR2 Payment Cards: Check Results  
350 OCR3 Payment Cards: Check Results  
351 OCR4 Payment Cards: Check Results  
352 OCRD Number Range Maintenance: FCRP SAPMSNUM
353 OCU0 Customizing Menu for Variants MENUOCU0
354 OCUW Assign Worklist Folder to Users  
355 OCV1 FI-LC: V_T854T_A (only SY-LANGU)  
356 OCV2 FI-LC: V_T854U_A (only SY-LANGU)  
357 OCV3 FI-LC: V_T855T_A (only SY-LANGU)  
358 OCV4 FI-LC: V_T850A_A (SY-LANGU only)  
359 OCV5 FI-LC: V_T879_2 (only AA='AW')  
360 OCV6 FI-LC: V_T879_2 (only AA='PC')  
361 OCV7 FI-LC: V_T879_2 (only AA='PL')  
362 OCV8 FI-LC: V_T850_A (Access entry)  
363 OCV9 FI-LC: V_T850_B (DBase entry)  
364 OCVA FI-LC: V_T850I_A (Access entry)  
365 OCVB FI-LC: V_T850I_A (Dbase entry)  
366 OCVC FI-LC: V_T850I_B (PC entry, other)  
367 OCVD FI-LC: V_T850I_C (only valid.groups)  
368 OCVE FI-LC: V_T850_D (only DE form group)  
369 OCVF FI-LC: V_T850_E (only first consol.)  
370 OCVG FI-LC: V_T850_F (only sort criteria)  
371 OCVH FI-LC: V_T852_A (only report group)  
372 OCVI FI-LC: V_T852V_A (only  
373 OCVJ FI-LC: V_T880B_A (only transl.meth.)  
374 OCVK FI-LC: V_T879_A ('PL',only SY-LANGU)  
375 OCVM View Maintenance: initial screen SAPMF100
376 OCVN FI-LC: V_T850I_A (from SAP System)  
377 OCVO FI-LC: V_T850I_A (from R/2 system)  
378 OCVP FI-LC: V_T881_A  
379 OCVQ FI-LC: V_T850I  
380 OCVR V_T85A Additional Fields  
381 OCVS V_T85S1 Assignment AddFld 1- AddFld2  
382 OCVT V_T85S2 Assignment AddFld2 - AddFld3  
383 OCVU FI-LC: V_T879_A ('K3',only SY-LANGU)  
384 OCVV FI-LC: V_T879_A ('AW',only SY-LANGU)  
385 OCWS_APO Activate Prop/Prod Quantities in APO SAPMWSAPO
387 OCWT Define Worklist Folder  
388 OCY1 Create Totals Archive  
389 OCY11 Create Line Item Archive  
390 OCY6 RW/RP Reports for FI-LC Archive  
391 OCYA FI-LC: V_T850I_D (Access Data Entry)  
392 OCYB FI-LC: V_T850I_E (Dbase Data Entry)  
393 OCYC Assign Type of Additional Field  
394 OCZ1 FI-SS: Create add. ledger SAPMGCU0
395 OCZ2 FI-SS: Change Cons Staging Ledger SAPMGCU0
396 OCZ3 FI-SS: Display Add. Ledger SAPMGCU0
397 OCZ4 FI-SS: Delete Add. Ledger SAPMGCU0
398 OD00 Number ranges for documents SAPMSNUM
399 OD01 Document Types  
400 OD05 Data Carr./Netwk Node  
401 OD06 Data carrier  
402 OD07 Frontends  
403 OD08 Text for document types  
404 OD09 Document Status Texts  
405 OD10 Document Status  
406 OD11 Key Fields of Classifiable Ojbects  
407 OD12 Maintain Number Range for Vaults SAPMSNUM
408 OD13 Sources for Application  
409 OD14 Text for Object Link  
410 OD15 Object Link  
411 OD16 Document link text  
412 OD20 Data Carrier Type  
413 OD25 Application  
414 OD30 Lab/Office  
415 OD36 Mount Points/Log. Drives  
416 OD37 Workstation Applications  
417 OD40 CAD System  
418 OD41 Global DMS Settings  
419 OD50 DMS IAC - group definition  
420 OD51 Control Parameters  
421 OD52 DMS IAC - User allocation  
422 OD55 Functions  
423 OD56 Assign Field Sets  
424 OD57 Field Names  
425 OD58 Field Sets SAP->CAD  
426 OD59 Field Sets  
427 OD60 Exception Fields  
428 OD65 User Functions  
429 OD70 Create Conditions Table (DMS) SAPMV12A
430 OD71 Change conditions table (DMS) SAPMV12A
431 OD75 Output Types for Documents  
432 OD77 Document Output Determ. Procedure  
433 OD79 Document Output Access Sequence  
434 OD81 Messages by Partner Function  
435 OD90 Record Layout for Batch Input (Docs) RDDSRCG0
436 OD91 Document Data Transfer RCVBI010
437 OD92 Document Batch Input Example File RCVBI005
438 OD93 Display Document File RCCVBISC
439 ODELGRP1 Number Range Maintenance: AUTO_SUEDG SAPMSNUM
440 ODI1 Number range for distr. order Id SAPMSNUM
441 ODI2 Number range for initial order Id  
442 ODI3 Number range for dist.order pack. Id SAPMSNUM
443 ODI4 Number range for partial order Id SAPMSNUM
444 ODI5 Number range for original files SAPMSNUM
445 ODI6 Number range for recipient list SAPMSNUM
446 ODLC Delivery Confirmation Outbound RJITOUTDLCN01
447 ODLCM Create Delivery Conf. Manually SAPLJITOUT05
448 ODOC Activate Docmt Mgmt for Batches SAPMOMBE
449 ODP1 DIP Profile RDPPROF00
450 ODP11 DIP Profile: Billing Plan Integratn  
451 ODP14 Fixed Price Condition for Billing  
452 ODP2 DIP Profile: Consistency Check RDPPROF46
453 ODP2A DIP Profile:Multiple Consist. Checks RDPPROF10
454 ODP2L DIP Profile:Consistency Check (List) RDPPROF45
455 ODP3 Determine Apportionment Reason  
456 ODP4 Determine Cost Condition  
457 ODP5 Residence Time for DIP Sources  
458 ODQMON Monitor for Operational Delta Queue SAPLODQ_MONITOR
459 ODRV Customizing for Derivation RMIMGDIRECTODRV
460 OE00 HR Customizing: Maintenance T500C RPUEMU99
461 OEH4 Field Catalog Variants V_T681F  
462 OEH5 Define Access Sequence for Variants  
463 OEH6 Condition Types Variant Matching  
464 OEH7 EHS: Variant Matching Procedure  
465 OESP Setup for ESP procurement  
466 OEXC Define Expiring Currencies  
467 OEXP Subsequent Process in Expiring Curr.  
468 OEXR Expiring Currencies  
469 OEXU Superuser for Expiring Currencies  
470 OEXW Define Warning and Error Date  
471 OF01 Maintain FM Area  
472 OF03 Transfer Cash Holdings SAPMFM00
473 OF05 Activate/Deactivate Cash Budget Mgt  
474 OF06 Commt Item for Unassgd Revs/Exps  
475 OF07 Cash Budget Mgt Consistency Check SAPMFM00
476 OF09 Funds Management Consistency Check SAPMFM00
477 OF12 FM: Maintain Budget Profile ROOBP100
478 OF13 (empty) SAPMSNUM
479 OF14 Set Up FM Area  
480 OF15 Maintain FM Area - Funds Management  
481 OF16 Activate/Deactivate Funds Management  
482 OF18 Assign Company Code to FM Area  
483 OF19 Maintain Number Range: FM_BELEG2 SAPMSNUM
484 OF20 FM Budget Avail.Control Tolerances ROOBP100
485 OF21 FM: Budget Versions ROOBP100
486 OF22 Financial Budgeting Versions ROOBP100
487 OF23 Availability Control Tolerances  
488 OF24 Assign Default Funds Center  
489 OF28 Maintain Commitment Type Profile  
490 OF29 Settings for the Payment Transfer SAPLFMFS
491 OF30 Assign FY Variant to FM Area  
492 OF31 Assign Plan Profile to FM Area  
493 OF32 Assign FY Variant to FM Area  
494 OF33 Assign Number Range to FM Area  
495 OF34 Assign Budget Profile to FM Area  
496 OF35 Assign Status Profile to FM Area  
497 OF36 User-Dependent Profile Maintenance SAPLFMFS
498 OF37 Assign FS Profile to FM Area  
499 OF38 Assign cmmt type profile to FM area  
500 OF39 Customized update profile