SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index O, page 7
Transaction Code - O
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 OIUT2_PURGE Purge Interface records  
2 OIUX1 Eqmt List (Multilevel) - Maint.Item RIOFSE00
3 OIUX2 Eqmt List (Multilevel) - Maint.Date RIOFSE00
4 OIUX3 Eqmt List (Multilevel) -Maint.Pckg. RIOFSE00
5 OIUX4 Eqmt List (Multilevel) - Operation RIOFSE00
6 OIUX5 Func.Loc.List(Multilvl) -Maint. Item RIOFSE00
7 OIUX6 Func.Loc.List(Multilvl) -Maint. Date RIOFSE00
8 OIUX7 Func.Loc.List(Multilvl) -Maint. Pckg RIOFSE00
9 OIUX8 Func.Loc.List (Multilvl) - Operation RIOFSE00
10 OIUXA Multilevel Lists - Linear Data RIOFSE00
11 OIUXB Multilevel Lists - LinearCharactData RIOFSE00
12 OIUXC Structure Lists - Linear Data RIOFSE00
13 OIUXG Multilvl F.Loc. Netw. List: Network RIOFSE00
14 OIUXH Multilvl F.Loc.Netw.List: Netw.Attr. RIOFSE00
15 OIUXI Multilvl F.Loc. Netw. List: Obj.Link RIOFSE00
16 OIUXJ Multilvl F.Loc.Netw.List: Funct.Loc. RIOFSE00
17 OIUXK Multilvl F.Loc.Netw.List: Notificat. RIOFSE00
18 OIUXL Multilevel F.Loc. Netw. List: Order RIOFSE00
19 OIUXM Multilvl F.Loc.Netw.List: Meas.Point RIOFSE00
20 OIUXN Multilvl F.Loc.Netw. List: Meas.Doc. RIOFSE00
21 OIUXO Multilevel Equi. Netw. List: Network RIOFSE00
22 OIUXP Multilvl Equi.Netw. List: Netw.Attr. RIOFSE00
23 OIUXQ Multilevel Equi.Netw. List: Obj.Link RIOFSE00
24 OIUXR Multilvl Equi. Netw. List: Equipment RIOFSE00
25 OIUXS Multilvl Equi.Netw. List: Notificat. RIOFSE00
26 OIUXT Multilevel Equi. Netw. List: Order RIOFSE00
27 OIUXU Multilvl Equi.Netw. List: Meas.Point RIOFSE00
28 OIUXV Multilvl Equi. Netw. List: Meas.Doc. RIOFSE00
29 OIVA Maintenance Plan Default Order Type  
30 OIVC Check Report for Value Categories RCNCC020
31 OIVN Maintenance Plan No. Ranges RIOT399J
32 OIW0 Detail Info (MaintPlan) RIOFSE00
33 OIW1 Activities list display RIOCUS00
34 OIW3 List of Order Confirmations RIOCUS00
35 OIW5 Maintenance dates list display RIOCUS00
36 OIW6 FunctLocation list - PM RIOCUS00
37 OIW7 Reference location list RIOCUS00
38 OIW8 Material List RIOCUS00
39 OIWD Object Networks - Objects (FL) RIOCUS00
40 OIWE Equipment Structure Display RIOFSE00
41 OIWI PM Notification List RIOCUS00
42 OIWK CS Notification List RIOCUS00
43 OIWL PM order list RIOCUS00
44 OIWM Component Structural Display RIOFSE00
45 OIWO List of PM task lists RIOCUS00
46 OIWP Functional Location Structure RIOFSE00
47 OIWQ Installed Base Structural Display RIOFSE00
48 OIWR Reference Location Structure RIOFSE00
49 OIWU PM Operation List RIOCUS00
50 OIWUN Order- and Operation List RI_ORDER_OPERATION_CUST
51 OIWW Maintenance plan list RIOCUS00
52 OIWY Maintenance item list RIOCUS00
53 OIX0 Run Mntce Planning Plant Maintenance  
54 OIX1 Allocn PlanPlant to MaintPlant  
55 OIX2 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - FunctLoc. RIOFSE00
56 OIX2R R.P. List (Multilevel) - Ref. Locat RIOFSE00
57 OIX3 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - EquipUsage RIOFSE00
58 OIX4 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Equipment RIOFSE00
59 OIX5 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Partners RIOFSE00
60 OIX6 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Notifictn RIOFSE00
61 OIX7 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Order RIOFSE00
62 OIX8 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Class RIOFSE00
63 OIX8R R.P. List (Multilevel): Class RIOFSE00
64 OIX9 Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Chrctrstic RIOFSE00
65 OIX9R R.P. List (Multilev)- Characteristic RIOFSE00
66 OIXA Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Document RIOFSE00
67 OIXAR R.P. List (Multilevel) - Document RIOFSE00
68 OIXB Multi-Lev.FunctLocList - Object Link RIOFSE00
69 OIXC Multi-Lev.EquipList - Equipment RIOFSE00
70 OIXD Multi-Lev.EquipList - EquipUsage RIOFSE00
71 OIXE Multi-Level EqList - FunctLocation RIOFSE00
72 OIXF Multi-Lev.EquipList - Partners RIOFSE00
73 OIXG Multi-Lev.EquipList - Notification RIOFSE00
74 OIXH Multi-Lev.EquipList - Order RIOFSE00
75 OIXI Multi-Lev.EquipList - Class RIOFSE00
76 OIXJ Multi-level EqList - Characteristic RIOFSE00
77 OIXK Multi-level EqList - Document RIOFSE00
78 OIXL Multi-level EqList - Object Link RIOFSE00
79 OIXM Multi-Level NotifList - Notification RIOFSE00
80 OIXN Notif. List (M.-Lev.) - Funct. Loc. RIOFSE00
81 OIXO Notif. List (Multi-Lev.) - Equipment RIOFSE00
82 OIXP Multi-Level NotifList - Partners RIOFSE00
83 OIXQ Notif. List (Multi-Level) - Item RIOFSE00
84 OIXR Multi-Level NotifList - Activity RIOFSE00
85 OIXS Multi-Level NotifList - Class RIOFSE00
86 OIXT Notif. List (Multi-Lev.) - Charact. RIOFSE00
87 OIXU Notif. List (Multi-Level) - Task RIOFSE00
88 OIXV Multi-Level NotifList - Order RIOFSE00
89 OIXW Multi-Level Order List - Order RIOFSE00
90 OIXX Multi-Level Order List - FunctLoc. RIOFSE00
91 OIXY Multi-Level Order List - Equipment RIOFSE00
92 OIXZ Multi-Level Order List - Notif. RIOFSE00
93 OIY1 C PM Transport Table Settings  
94 OIY2 C PM TableSettngs MaintPlanning 2.1A  
95 OIY3 C PM PrelimTabSettngs PM Notifs 2.1A  
96 OIY4 C PM PrelimTabSettngs PM Orders 2.1A  
97 OIY5 C PM TableSettngs ObjectNtwrkng 2.1A  
98 OIY6 PM PrelimTabSettngs Master Data 2.1A  
99 OIY9 Scheduling Overview RIOCUS00
100 OIYC Equipment list RIOCUS00
101 OIYG Confirmations list for PM operations RIOCUS00
102 OIYH Serial number list RIOCUS00
103 OIYJ Object Links - Objects (EQ) RIOCUS00
104 OIYL Detail Info (Order Operation) RIOFSE00
105 OIYM Details (Order Header) RIOFSE00
106 OIYP Multi-Level Order List - Partners RIOFSE00
107 OIYQ Multi-Level Order List - Operation RIOFSE00
108 OIYR Multi-Level Order List - Component RIOFSE00
109 OIYS Multi-Level Order List - CompConf. RIOFSE00
110 OIYT Multi-Level Order List - PRTs RIOFSE00
111 OIYV Notifictn list (multi-level) - cause RIOFSE00
112 OIYW List of Tasks RIOCUS00
113 OIYZ Notification Item List RIOCUS00
114 OIZ0 Specify Distribution Key  
115 OIZ1 WrkCtrCategory. by ApplicType  
116 OIZ2 Default Value Keys  
117 OIZ3 PersResp. f. Work Center  
118 OIZ4 Location  
119 OIZ5 Operation Control Keys  
120 OIZ6 Standard Text SAPLC0VL
121 OIZ7 Work Center Matchcode SAPMSD20
122 OIZ8 Qualification Type  
123 OIZ9 HR Interface Parameters  
124 OIZA Maintain Work Center Categories  
125 OIZB Wage groups  
126 OIZD Maintain Task List Usage  
127 OIZE TaskListUsage by TL Type  
128 OIZF Capacity Category  
129 OIZG Work Center Planner  
130 OIZH Factory Calendar SAPMOMS0
131 OIZI Work Center Shift Program  
132 OIZJ Work Center Shift Definition  
133 OIZK PerfEfficRate Keys  
134 OIZL Formula Parameters  
135 OIZM Formula Definition  
136 OIZN Field Sel. for Confirmation PM Order  
137 OIZO Capacity Default Values SAPMC68K
138 OIZR PerfEfficRate Validity Area  
139 OIZS Maintain Transport Times Matrix  
140 OIZU Work Centers Screen Sequence ROOP0011
141 OIZV Work Center Default Values  
142 OIZX Define distribution function  
143 OIZY Specify Distribution Functions  
144 OIZZ Specify Distribution Strategy  
145 OJI1 Nummernkreispflege: PABHD SAPMSNUM
146 OJI2 JIT Call Profile  
147 OJI3 Maintain Time Definitions  
148 OJIN1 Maintain Cond. Table: Sum. JIT Call SAPMV12A
149 OJIN2 Maintain Access Seqs: Sum. JIT Call  
150 OJIN3 Maintain Mess. Types: Sum. JIT Call  
151 OJIN4 Maintain Mess.Det.Schema: SumJITCall  
152 OJIN5 Maintain Partner Role: Sum. JIT Call  
153 OJIT0 JIT Customizing Subtree SAPLJIT05
154 OJIT1 Customizing JIT Actions  
155 OJIT13 Maintenance Dialog SumJC Settings  
156 OJIT14 JIT: Authorizations Internet  
157 OJIT15 Number Range Maintenance SAPLJITC1
158 OJIT16 Number Range Maintenance: JIT_HD_01 SAPMSNUM
159 OJIT17 Number Range Maintenance: JIT_IT_01 SAPMSNUM
160 OJIT18 Number Range Maintenance: JIT_MA_01  
161 OJIT19 Nummernkreispflege: JIT_PP_01  
162 OJIT2 JIT: Customizing Status  
163 OJIT20 Number Range Maintenance: DELCONHD01 SAPMSNUM
164 OJIT21 Number Range Maintenance: JIT_GR_01 SAPMSNUM
165 OJIT22 JIT: Assign Operator Tasks SAPLJITC1
166 OJIT23 JIT: Activate Event Linkage SAPLJITC1
167 OJIT24 Profile Delivery Creation (JIT)  
168 OJIT25 JIT: Maintenance Dialog Ref. Numbers  
169 OJIT26 Maintenance of HU Profile  
170 OJIT3 JIT: Customizing Call Control  
171 OJIT4 JIT: Customizing Comp.Group Determn  
172 OJIT5 JIT : Sort Variant Maintenance  
173 OJIT50 Replenishment Strategy SumJCs  
174 OJIT51 Replenishm Strat. SumJC Stk Transf.  
175 OJIT52 Replenish. Strat. SeqJC Ext. Proc.  
176 OJIT53 Scheduling Profile SumJCs  
177 OJIT54 Determine Storage Location Vendor  
178 OJIT55 Number Range Maintenance JITO_HD_01  
179 OJIT56 Number Range Maintenance PABHD  
180 OJIT57 Number Range Maintenance JITO_DLCN  
181 OJIT58 JIT Outbound: Actions  
182 OJIT59 JIT Outbound: Processing Statuses  
183 OJIT6 JIT : Barcode Qualifier Maintenance  
184 OJIT60 JIT Outbound: Action Control  
185 OJIT61 JIT Outbound: No. Range Maintenance SAPLJITOUTC1
186 OJIT62 Vendor-specific Number Ranges  
187 OJIT63 Barcode Qualifier JIT Outbound  
188 OJIT64 JIT Call Profile  
189 OJIT7 JIT: Control Print Formatting  
190 OJIT8 JIT : Ctrl Prfle Int. Warehouse Call  
191 OJIT9 Variable JIT Messages  
192 OJITI Customizing JIT Inbound JITCUSTO
193 OJITO Customizing JIT Outbound JITCUSTO
194 OK01 Controlling Area: Components/StKFs SAPMSVMA
195 OK02 Maintain Status Profiles SAPMBSVA
196 OK03 Display Status Profiles SAPMBSVA
197 OK11 Number Ranges for Cost Plg/Budgeting SAPMSNUM
198 OK12 Reset "Budgeted" Status RKBUDSDO
199 OK13 Maintain Reconcil. Ledger Nr. Ranges SAPMSNUM
200 OK14 Maintain Budget Manager  
201 OK15 Maintain authorization group version RKSCUS09
202 OK16 Planner Profiles: Maint. Auth.Group RKSCUS09
203 OK17 Reconciliation Ledger: Acct Determ. SAPLKALO
204 OK18 Maintain Authorization Groups RKSCUS09
205 OK19 RW/RP Reports Reconc. Ledger Archive  
206 OK29 Maintain SMP profile/variant SAPLOG29
207 OK30 Software Maintenance Process MENUOK30
208 OK31 Execute SMP profile/variant ROGSMPSL
209 OK32 SMP order due list ROGSMPDL
210 OK34 Define push-material  
212 OK60 Maintain Number Range: IRW_PFLEGE SAPMSNUM
213 OK70 Number Range Maintenance: EF_GROUPNB SAPMSNUM
214 OK91 Maintain Number Range: BP_BPDK SAPMSNUM
215 OKA1 Display Cost Center Types  
216 OKA2 Maintain Cost Center Categories  
217 OKA4 Maintain Attribute Groups  
218 OKA5 Display Attribute Groups  
219 OKA6 Maintain Cost Element Attributes  
220 OKA7 Display Cost Element Attributes  
221 OKA8 Change Primary Posting Price Var.  
222 OKA9 Display Primary Posting Price Var.  
223 OKB1 Transfer G/L Acct: Display Defaults SAPMKC01
224 OKB2 Transfer G/L Acct: Maintain Defaults  
225 OKB3 Batch Input for Cost Elements RKBIKA00
226 OKB6 Generate Cost Center Acctg. Reports RKKBBGEN
227 OKB9 Change Automatic Account Assignment  
228 OKB9N CO Account Determination  
229 OKB9NR CO-Account Determination: Rule Maint  
230 OKBA Transfer FI Documents to CO RGUREC10
231 OKBB Transfer MM Documents to CO RGUREC30
232 OKBC Transfer SD Documents to CO RKEPCU40
233 OKBD Change Function Areas  
234 OKBF Import Planning Layouts RKCOBTR7
235 OKBG Post Down Payments RKANBU02
236 OKBI Define CO Line Item Summarization  
237 OKC0 View maint. TKCF Text read table  
238 OKC1 Display CO Transactions  
239 OKC3 Delete transaction data RKSCUS01
240 OKC4 Delete Cost Centers RKSCUS02
241 OKC5 Delete cost elements RKSCUS03
242 OKC6 Delete Activity Types RKSCUS04
243 OKC7 Define Validation  
244 OKC8 Change Currency Translations  
245 OKC9 Define Substitution  
246 OKCA RKC Maintaining data area  
247 OKCB Time dimension of characteristics  
248 OKCC Maintain Sender Structures RKCDSM_1
249 OKCD Transfer parameters  
250 OKCDBC Maintain sender structure package  
251 OKCDBD Create sender structure package  
252 OKCDS SAP-EIS: Data Slice Statistics RKCSLICE
253 OKCE SAP-EIS: Set up data collection rep. RKCREPCU
254 OKCF Maintain value types  
255 OKCG CO-BPC Maintain Transfer Rules SAPLKCD0
256 OKCH Create key figure groups TKCKU  
257 OKCI Display Characteristic Values RKC_CALL_VIEW_T242B_KC
258 OKCJ Change Characteristic Values RKC_CALL_VIEW_T242B_KC
259 OKCK Generate Master Data Maint. Modules RKCCOMD0
260 OKCL Sort into report portfolio T242E  
261 OKCM (empty) MENUOKCM
262 OKCP Reorganize EIS field catalog RKCREOFC
263 OKCS SAP-EIS character. display TKCF  
264 OKCSL Process Data Slices SAPMKCSL
265 OKCSLA Assignment of data slices to tables  
266 OKCSLD Data Slices  
267 OKCSLG Data slice option groups  
268 OKCSLU Data Slices: User Assignment  
269 OKCX Change "All Currencies" Indicator RKALLEWS
270 OKCY Number range record no. in EIS/BP SAPMSNUM
271 OKD1 Export CO-CCA Reports RKKBJBEX
272 OKD3 Import CO-CCA Reports RKKBJBIN
273 OKD6 Import Individual Reports RKKBJBIN
274 OKE1 Display logical databank CRK RKSARLDB
275 OKE10 Transport Organization Customizing SAPMKC02
276 OKE2 Display logical databank CEK RKSARLDB
277 OKE3 Display logical databank CIK RKSARLDB
278 OKE4 Display logical databank CPK RKSARLDB
279 OKE5 Transport Organization Customizing SAPMKC02
280 OKE6 Transport Mater Data Settings SAPMKC02
281 OKE7 Transport Planning Settings SAPMKC02
282 OKE8 Transport Actual Posting Settings SAPMKC02
283 OKE9 Transport Tool Settings SAPMKC02
284 OKEA Maintain Cost Center Matchcode IDs SAPMKC05
285 OKEB Display Cost Center Matchcode IDs SAPMKC05
286 OKEC Maintain Cost Element Matchcode IDs SAPMKC05
287 OKED Display Cost Element Matchcode IDs SAPMKC05
288 OKEE Maintain Activity Type Matchcode IDs SAPMKC05
289 OKEF Display Activity Type Matchcode IDs SAPMKC05
290 OKEG Change Time-Based Fields/Cost Ctrs RKSCUS05
291 OKEH Display Time-Based Fields/Cost Ctrs RKSCUS05
292 OKEI Maintain Time-Based Fields/Act.Types RKSCUS05
293 OKEJ Display Time-Based Fields/Act.Types RKSCUS05
294 OKEK Maintain Time-Based Fields/CElems RKSCUS05
295 OKEL Display Time-Based Fields/CElems RKSCUS05
296 OKEM Display logical databank SAK RKSARLDB
297 OKEN Display Standard Hierarchy RKSTDHIE
298 OKENN Display Standard Hierarchy KEO_START_NF_STDHIERARCHY
299 OKENNX Display stand.hierarchy: UO active KEO_START_NF_STDHIERARCHY
300 OKEO Change Standard Hierarchy RKSTDHIE
301 OKEON Change Standard Hierarchy KEO_START_NF_STDHIERARCHY
302 OKEONX Change standard hierarchy: UO active KEO_START_NF_STDHIERARCHY
303 OKEP Down Payment: Maintain Default CElem SAPL0KO2
304 OKEQ Maintain Versions (General)  
305 OKEQN General Version Maintenance  
306 OKER Define Component/Switching Structure  
307 OKES Maintain Splitting Structure  
308 OKET Maintain Price Calculation Settings SAPLKSPJ
309 OKET1 Maintain settings: plan reconciliatn SAPLKNMJ
310 OKET2 Maintain settings: target=actl IAA SAPLKNMJ
311 OKEU Change Source Structure  
312 OKEV Maintain Versions (CO Area)  
313 OKEV1 Change Valuation in Version 0  
314 OKEVN Version Maintenance in CO Area  
315 OKEW Splitting: Assignment KOSTL -> SCNAM SAPLKSL7
316 OKEX Transport Planning Layouts RKCUTR01
317 OKEY Display Time-Dependent Field/Process RKSCUS05
318 OKEZ Change Time-Dependent Field/Process RKSCUS05
319 OKF1 Change Budget Planning Profile ROOBP100
320 OKG1 Results Analysis Keys  
321 OKG2 Results Analysis Versions RKKTKKAP
322 OKG3 Customizing Valuation Methods  
323 OKG4 Update for Results Analysis RKKTKKAR
324 OKG5 Customizing Assignment  
325 OKG6 No. Ranges Results Analysis CO Doc. SAPMSNUM
326 OKG8 Posting Rules for Res. Analysis Data  
327 OKG9 Results Analysis Versions for WIP RKKTKKAP
328 OKGA Update for WIP Calculation RKKTKKAR
329 OKGB Customizing Assignment  
330 OKGC Customizing: WIP Valuation  
331 OKGD Customizing: WIP Valuation  
332 OKGG Customizing: SD MENUOKGG
333 OKGK Maintain Capitalization Percentages  
334 OKGL Versions for capitalization val.calc  
335 OKI0 Determine activity number: entry SAPL0EBB
336 OKI1 Activity numbers for activity types  
337 OKI2 Activity numbers for cost elements  
338 OKI3 Activity numbers for stat. key fig.  
339 OKIP Costing variants: Simulation costing  
340 OKIQ Costing types simulation costing  
341 OKIR Movement variants simulation costing  
342 OKK4 Valuation Variants for Prod. Costing  
343 OKK5 Qty Structure Control for Costing  
344 OKK6 Scheduling for Costing  
345 OKK7 Price Factors for Costing Relevancy  
346 OKK9 Indicator for Relevancy to Costing  
347 OKKA Maintain Controlling Area SAPMSVMA
348 OKKB Selection Screen Maintenance RKKBSELC
349 OKKC Maintain Sel. Screens for Order-Rel.  
350 OKKD Maintain Sel. Screens Intern. Orders  
351 OKKE Valuation Variants: Base Plan Obj.  
352 OKKI Costing Types for Product Costing  
353 OKKK Maintain Costing Tables RKKKOKKK
354 OKKL Transfer of Cstg Table Entries: 2.1D  
355 OKKM Transfer Control  
356 OKKN Costing Variants for Product Costing  
357 OKKO Costing Variants Base Planning Obj  
358 OKKP Maintain Controlling Area SAPMSVMA
359 OKKP1 Controlling Area: ALE Settings  
360 OKKP2 Controlling Area: ALE Settings  
361 OKKR Costing Variants for Internal Orders  
362 OKKS Set Controlling Area SAPLRKSR
363 OKKT Costing Variants for Projects  
364 OKKW Valuation Variants for Projects  
365 OKKX Valuation Variant f. Internal Orders  
366 OKKY Maintain Selection Screens for MTO  
367 OKKZ Maintain Selec. Screens Process Mfg  
368 OKL1 Report Tree for CO-OPA SAPMKKB5
369 OKL2 Report Tree: Order-Related Prod. SAPMKKB5
370 OKL3 Report Tree: Sales-Order-Rel. Prod. SAPMKKB5
371 OKL4 Report Tree: Repetitive Mfg SAPMKKB5
372 OKL5 Report Tree: Unit Costing SAPMKKB5
373 OKL8 Report Tree: Product Costing SAPMKKB5
374 OKLB Maintain ABC Report Tree SAPMKKB5
375 OKLF Report Tree: Cost Objects SAPMKKB5
376 OKLH Report Tree: Engineer-to-Order SAPMKKB5
377 OKLI Report Tree: Process Manufacturing SAPMKKB5
378 OKLS Maintain CCA Report Tree SAPMKKB5
379 OKM0 Display IMG Structure RKIMG001
380 OKM1 IMG Controlling: General RKIMG001
381 OKM2 IMG Controlling: General RKIMG001
382 OKMI Import models Cost Center Accounting RKMODIMP
383 OKN0 Control of CO-PC Information System  
384 OKN2 Control Info Sys Prod Cost by Order  
385 OKN3 Control Info Sys Prod Cost Sales Ord  
386 OKN4 Control Info Sys Prod Cost by Period  
387 OKN8 Control Info Sys Prod Cost Planning  
388 OKNF Control Info Sys Intangible Goods  
389 OKO1 Maintain Order Matchcode IDs SAPMKC05
390 OKO2 Display Order Matchcode IDs SAPMKC05
391 OKO3 Maintain Hier.Std.Cost Elem.Layout  
392 OKO5 Delete CO Orders RKODEL01
393 OKO6 Maintain Allocation Structure SAPLKOAS
394 OKO7 Maintain Settlement Profiles  
395 OKO8 Maintain Processing Groups  
396 OKO9 Maintain Settlemen Exchng. Rate Type  
397 OKOA Init. Screen-Customizing Settlement SAPMKOAU
398 OKOB CO Orders: Budgeting profiles ROOBP100
399 OKOD Convert Avlability Cntrl Tol.Limits BPFDPINI
400 OKOG Maintain overhead key  
401 OKOH Maintain Cost Element Group  
402 OKOI Maintain Capitalization Percentages SAPL0KKD
403 OKOJ Results Analysis Key for Cap.Value SAPLKK0C
404 OKOL Int.Orders: Maintain Screen Variants RKOLISTV
405 OKOR Selection Rules for Internal Orders RKOTCODE
406 OKOS Struct.Planning Profiles - CO Orders ROOBP100
407 OKOT Transport Settlement Tables  
408 OKOU Substitution Rules - Internal Orders RKOTCODE
409 OKOV Select. Variants for Internal Orders RKOTCODE
410 OKOZ Maintain Overhead Tables  
411 OKP1 Maintain Period Lock SAPMKCSP
412 OKP2 Display Period Lock SAPMKCSP
413 OKP6 Costing Variant for PM Order  
414 OKP7 Costing Types for PM Order  
415 OKP8 Valuation Variants for PM Order  
416 OKPLACTRL Transfer Plan Data from Foreign Sys.  
417 OKPLAMDT CCA Planning in Manager's Desktop  
418 OKQ0 Classification Data (Summarization) RKKRXGEN
419 OKQ1 Classification Data for Obj. Records  
420 OKQ2 Define Reference Characteristics RKKRCLZM
421 OKQ3 Define Reference Character. (Orders)  
422 OKQ4 Define Reference Chars (Projects)  
423 OKQ5 Maintain Hierarchy Struct. (General) RKKROGEN
424 OKQ6 Maintain Characteristic Structure  
425 OKR0 Report List for Sales Orders  
426 OKR1 Report List for Internal Orders  
427 OKR2 Report List for Repetitive Mfg  
428 OKR3 Report List for Make-to-Order  
429 OKR4 Report List for Process Mfg  
430 OKR5 Report List for Unit Costing  
431 OKR6 Change Report List for Cost Centers  
432 OKR7 Report List for Projects  
433 OKR8 Report List for Product Costing  
434 OKRA Summarization Hierarchy for Orders  
435 OKRC Report List for Run Schedule Headers  
436 OKRD Report List for PPC  
437 OKRH Table Maintenance for Report List RKKBKKB1
438 OKRI Table Maintenance for Report Layouts RKKBKKB2
439 OKRK Report Layouts for Sales Orders  
440 OKRL Report Layouts for Internal Orders  
441 OKRM Report Layouts for Repetitive Mfg  
442 OKRN Report Layouts for Make-to-Order  
443 OKRO Report Layouts for Process Mfg  
444 OKRP Report Layouts for Unit Costing  
445 OKRS Change Report Layouts for Cost Ctrs  
446 OKRT Report Layouts for Projects  
447 OKRU Report Layouts for Product Costing  
448 OKRV Report Layouts for Run Sched Headers  
449 OKRW Report Layouts for PPC  
450 OKRZ Hierarchy ID for Process Mfg RKKRTGEN
451 OKS0 Generate Reports for Sales Orders RKKBBGEN
452 OKS1 Generate Reports for Int.Ord.: Batch RKKBBG00
453 OKS2 Generate Reports for Repetitive Mfg RKKBBGEN
454 OKS3 Generate Reports for Make-to-Order RKKBBGEN
455 OKS4 Generate Reports for Process Mfg RKKBBGEN
456 OKS5 Generate Reports for Unit Costing RKKBBGEN
457 OKS6 Generate Reports for Cost Ctr: Batch RKKBBG00
458 OKS7 Generate Reports for Projects RKKBBGEN
459 OKS8 Generate Reports for Product Costing RKKBBGEN
460 OKS9 Generate Reports for Run Schedules RKKBBGEN
461 OKSA Generate Reports for Internal Orders RKKBBGEN
462 OKSB Import Reports for Repetitive Mfg RKKBJBIN
463 OKSC Export Reports for Make-to-Order RKKBJBEX
464 OKSD Import Reports for Make-to-Order RKKBJBIN
465 OKSE Export Reports for Process Mfg RKKBJBEX
466 OKSF Import Reports for Process Mfg RKKBJBIN
467 OKSH Export Reports for Unit Costing RKKBJBEX
468 OKSI Import Reports for Unit Costing RKKBJBIN
469 OKSJ Export Reports for Product Costing RKKBJBEX
470 OKSK Maintain Cost Element Group: Orders SAPMKKB3
471 OKSL Import Reports for Product Costing RKKBJBIN
472 OKSM Export Reports for Run Schedules RKKBJBEX
473 OKSN Import Reports for Run Schedules RKKBJBIM
474 OKSO Export Reports for Sales Orders RKKBJBEX
475 OKSP Import Reports for Production Ctrl RKKBJBIN
476 OKSQ Export Reports for Projects RKKBJBEX
477 OKSR Import Reports for Projects RKKBJBIN
478 OKSS Generate Reports for Run Schedules RKKBBGEN
479 OKST Report Layouts for Summ. Objects  
480 OKSU Maintain Cost Element Group SAPMKKB3
481 OKSV Maintain Cost Component Structure SAPMKKB3
482 OKT0 EC-PCA: Import Reports RKKBJBIN
483 OKT4 Define Report Writer Languages RGRLNG00
484 OKT5 Cost Comp. Groups for Repetitive Mfg  
485 OKT6 Cost Comp. Grps for Product Costing  
486 OKT7 Report List: General Cost Objects  
487 OKT8 Cost Elem. Groups: General Cost Obj  
488 OKT9 Generate General Cost Object Reports RKKBBGEN
489 OKTA General Cost Object Reports RKKBJBIN
490 OKTB Report List for Process Mfg  
491 OKTC Cost Element Groups for Process Mfg  
492 OKTD Generate Reports for Process Mfg RKKBBGEN
493 OKTE Import Reports for Process Mfg RKKBJBIN
494 OKTG Generate text module RKCCOTX0
495 OKTH Report List for Orders, Eng.-to-Ord  
496 OKTI Cst Elem Grps for Orders, Eng-to-Ord  
497 OKTJ Generate Rpts for Orders, Eng-to-Ord RKKBBGEN
498 OKTK Import Reports for Orders,Eng-to-Ord RKKBJBIN
499 OKTO Call Summariz. Hierarchy for Orders RKKTKKR0
500 OKTP Call Summar. Hierarchy for Projects RKKTKKR0