SAP ABAP Program RACSTABL (Asset Customizing: Calling Up Different Views)
BBPCRM (Software Component) BBPCRM
   CRM (Application Component) Customer Relationship Management
     CRM_APPLICATION (Package) All CRM Components Without Special Structure Packages
       AC (Package) Application Development R/3 Assets: Customizing
Basic Data
Program RACSTABL Asset Customizing: Calling Up Different Views  
Program Type 1 Executable program  
Status P SAP Standard Production Program  
Application A Asset Accounting  
Authorization Group  
Logical database  
Selection screen  
Editor lock Fixed point arithmetic  
Unicode checks active Start using variant  
Transaction Code
Transactions reference to this program
# Transaction Code Short Description
1 AFAMD View Maint. Declining-Bal. Method 
2 AFAMP View Maint. Period Control Method 
3 AFAMR View Maintenance Base Method 
4 AFAM_093B View Default Values for Valuation 
5 AFAM_093C Company Code Default Values 
6 AM05 Lock Asset Class 
7 AO67 Define Transaction Type 
8 AO68 Define Transaction Type 
9 AO73 Define Transaction Type 
10 AO73_INV Define Transaction Type 
11 AO74 Define Transaction Type 
12 AO75 Define Transaction Type 
13 AO76 Define Transaction Type 
14 AO77 Define Transaction Type 
15 AO78 Define Transaction Type 
16 AO79 Define Transaction Type 
17 AO80 Define Transaction Type 
18 AO81 Define Transaction Type 
19 AO82 Define Transaction Type 
20 AO83 Define Transaction Type 
21 AO90_ACI Maint. Technical Clearing Account 
22 AO91 Specify field group authorization 
23 AO92 Logical field groups 
24 AOBK Depreciation areas/Reduction rules 
25 OA01 Gain/loss substitution -Fixed assets 
26 OA02 Substitution: Mass Changes to Assets 
27 OA85 C FI-AA: Weighting periods 
28 OAAQ Take back FI-AA year-end closing 
29 OAAW FI-AA: Memo value for asset class 
30 OAAX FI-AA: Asst class for grp asset only 
31 OAAY FI-AA: Hist. layout set-asset class 
32 OAAZ FI-AA: Settlement profile 
33 OABC Depreciation areas/value transfer 
34 OABD Depreciation areas/param. transfer 
35 OABE Deprec. areas/gross transfer 
36 OABM Depreciation areas/Transfer of resvs 
37 OABN Depreciation areas/ordinary deprec. 
38 OABS Depreciation areas/Special deprec. 
39 OABT_OLD Deprec. areas/parallel currencies 
40 OABU Depreciation areas/Unplanned deprec. 
41 OABW Depreciation areas/Replacement vals 
42 OABX Deppreciation areas/Investmt support 
43 OABZ Depreciation areas / Interest 
44 OACS C FI-AA View maint. substitutions 
45 OACV C FI-AA View maint. validations 
46 OADC Depreciation Areas: Area type 
47 OAI5 C FIAA Time-dependent inv. support 
48 OAPL C FI-AA: Set Chart of Depreciation 
49 OATB Asgmt of dep.area to cross-sys.area 
50 OAV8 FI-AA C Def. Eval. Group, 8 places 
51 OAV9 C AM Asset hist. group view maint. 
52 OAVA C AM Eval. Group View Maintenance 
53 OAVB C AM View Maintenance Prop.Indicator 
54 OAVC C AM Manual Valuat. View Maintenance 
55 OAVD C AM Insurance Data View Maintenance 
56 OAVE C AM View Maintenance Classif.NWTax 
57 OAVF C AM View Maint. Insurance Companies 
58 OAVG C AM View Maint. Report Simul.(Dep) 
59 OAVH C AM View Maint. Period Control 
60 OAVI C AM View Maint. Sort Versions 
61 OAVJ C AM View Maint. Trans.Type Group 
62 OAVL C AM View Maint. Locations 
63 OAVM C AM View Maint. Field Groups 
64 OAVN C AM View Maint. Fld.Grp. Asset Data 
65 OAVO C AM View Maint. Screen Control 
66 OAVP C AM View Maint. Deprec.Trace Texts 
67 OAVR C AM View Maint. Dep.Check Rules 
68 OAVS C AM View Maint. Period Rule 
69 OAVT C AM View Maint. Insurance Premium 
70 OAVX C AM view maint no.periods shtd f.yr 
71 OAVZ C AM Call up report 
72 OAXG Define Transaction Type 
73 OIB5 Depreciation areas/value transfer 
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