BBPCRM (Software Component) BBPCRM
   CRM (Application Component) Customer Relationship Management
     CRM_APPLICATION (Package) All CRM Components Without Special Structure Packages
       KE (Package) Profitability Analysis
Basic Data
Program SAPMKES1  
Program Type M Module Pool  
Application K Cost Accounting  
Authorization Group  
Logical database  
Selection screen  
Editor lock Fixed point arithmetic  
Unicode checks active Start using variant  
Transaction Code
Transactions reference to this program
# Transaction Code Short Description
1 7KEA Create Planning Layout for Costs/Rev 
2 7KEB Change Planning Layout for Costs/Rev 
3 7KEC Display Planning Layout for Cost/Rev 
4 7KEF Create Planning Layout for Inventory 
5 7KEG Change Planning Layout for Inventory 
6 7KEH Display Planning Lyt for Inventory 
7 7KEK Create Stat. KF Planning Layout 
8 7KEL Change Stat. KF Planning Layout 
9 7KEM Display Stat. KF Planning Layout 
10 9KEA Create Layout for Cost/Revenue Bals 
11 9KEB Change Layout for Cost/Revenue Bals 
12 9KEC Display Layout for Cost/Revenue Bals 
13 9KEF Create Layout for Stock Balances 
14 9KEG Change Layout for Stock Balances 
15 9KEH Display Layout for Stock Balances 
16 9KEK Create Layout for Entering ActStatKF 
17 9KEL Change Layout for Entering ActStatKF 
18 9KEM Display Layout for Entering AcStatKF 
19 9KEN Create Layout for Doc. with Stat. KF 
20 9KEO Change Layout for Doc. with Stat. KF 
21 9KEP Display Layout for Doc. with Stat.KF 
22 9KES Create Layout for Actual Doc. Entry 
23 9KET Change Layout for Actual Doc. Entry 
24 9KEU Display Layout for Actual Doc. Entry 
25 CACS_4 Create Form 
26 CACS_5 Change Form 
27 CACS_6 Display Form 
28 CACS_D5 Data Mining: Create Form 
29 CACS_D6 Data Mining: Change Form 
30 CACS_D7 Data Mining: Display Form 
31 CJE4 Create Project Report Layout 
32 CJE5 Change Project Report Layout 
33 CJE6 Display Project Report Layout 
34 CP65 Create ABC Planning Layout (ActInpt) 
35 CP66 Change ABC Planning Layout (AcInput) 
36 CP67 Display ABC Planning Layout (AcInpt) 
37 CP75 Planning Layout: Create Qtys/Prices 
38 CP76 Planning Layout: Change Qtys/Prices 
39 CP77 Planning Layout: Display Qtys/Prices 
40 CP85 Create ABC Planning Layout (St.KF) 
41 CP86 Change ABC Planning Layout (St.KF) 
42 CP87 Display ABC Planning Layout (St.KF) 
43 CX37 Create data entry layout 
44 CX38 Change data entry layout 
45 CX39 Display data entry layout 
46 CXR4 Form for creating reports 
47 CXR5 Form for changing reports 
48 CXR6 Form for displaying reports 
49 CZ48_1 PS-CM: Create Planning Layout 
50 CZ48_2 PS-CM: Change Planning Layout 
51 CZ48_3 PS-CM: Display Planning Layout 
52 FAGLPLC Gen. Ledger: Change Planning Layout 
53 FAGLPLD Gen. Ledger: Display Planning Layout 
54 FAGLPLI Gen. Ledger: Create Planning Layout 
55 FDI4 Create Form 
56 FDI5 Change Form 
57 FDI6 Display Form 
58 FGI4 Create Form 
59 FGI5 Change Form 
60 FGI6 Display Form 
61 FKI4 Create Form 
62 FKI5 Formular ändern 
63 FKI6 Display Form 
64 FM48_1 PS-CM: Create Planning Layout 
65 FM48_2 PS-CM: Change Planning Layout 
66 FM48_3 PS-CM: Display Planning Layout 
67 FMEN FMCA: Create Form 
68 FMEO FMCA: Change Form 
69 FMEP FMCA: Display Form 
70 FMPLLC FI-FM Change Planning Layout 
71 FMPLLD FI-FM Display Planning Layout 
72 FMPLLI FI-FM Create Planning Layout 
73 FOEU Create form for real estate report 
74 FOEV Change form for real estate report 
75 FOEW Display form for real estate report 
76 FOKC Create Cost Element Planning Layout 
77 FOKD Change Cost Element Planning Layout 
78 FOKE Display Cost Element Planning Layout 
79 FOKF Create Stat. KF Planning Layout 
80 FOKG Change Stat. KF Planning Layout 
81 FOKH Display Stat. KF Planning Layout 
82 FSI4 Create Form 
83 FSI5 Change Form 
84 FSI6 Display Form 
85 FXI4 Create Form 
86 FXI5 Change Form 
87 FXI6 Display Form 
88 GLPLC FI-SL Change Planning Layout 
89 GLPLD FI-SL Display Planning Layout 
90 GLPLI FI-SL Create Planning Layout 
91 GRR1 RW: Create Row/Column Structure 
92 GRR2 RW: Change formula 
93 GRR3 RW: Display formula 
94 GRR4 Create model 
95 GRR5 Change model 
96 GRR6 Display model 
97 IMC4 IM Summarization: Create form 
98 IMC5 IM Summarization: Change form 
99 IMC6 IM Summarization: Create form 
100 IMD4 App.req: Create form 
101 IMD5 App.req: Change form 
102 IMD6 App.req: Display form 
103 IME4 Create layout set for inv.prog. rep. 
104 IME5 Change layout set for inv.prog. rep. 
105 IME6 Display layout set for inv.prog.rep. 
106 JBK1 Preliminary Costing: Create Form 
107 JBK2 Preliminary Costing: Change form 
108 JBK3 Preliminary Costing: Display Form 
109 JBW4 Create Form 
110 JBW5 Change Form 
111 JBW6 Display Form 
112 KCP4 Create entry form 
113 KCP5 Change entry form 
114 KCP6 Display entry form 
115 KCP7 Create planning layout 
116 KCP8 Change planning layout 
117 KCP9 Display planning layout 
118 KCR4 Create form 
119 KCR5 Change form 
120 KCR6 Display form 
121 KE14 Create Planning Layout 
122 KE15 Change Planning Layout 
123 KE16 Display Planning Layout 
124 KE34 Create form 
125 KE35 Change form 
126 KE36 Display form 
127 KE3F Create line item layout 
128 KE3G Change Line Item Layout 
129 KE3H Display line item layout 
130 KE84 EC-PCA: Create Form 
131 KE85 EC-PCA: Change Form 
132 KE86 EC-PCA: Display Form 
133 KE94 Create form 
134 KE95 Change Form 
135 KE96 Display Form 
136 KED5 Data Mining: Create Form 
137 KED6 Data Mining: Change Form 
138 KED7 Data Mining: Display Form 
139 KEH5 Change Form 
140 KK65 COC Create Planng Layt Cost/ActInput 
141 KK66 COC Change Plnng Layt Cost/ActvInput 
142 KK67 COC Display Plnng Layt Cost/ActvInpt 
143 KK95 COC Create Planning Layout Stat. KF 
144 KK96 COC Change Planning Layout Stat. KF 
145 KK97 COC Display Planning Layout Stat. KF 
146 KKML4 Create Form 
147 KKML5 Change Form 
148 KKML6 Display Form 
149 KKO4 Create Form 
150 KKO5 Change Form 
151 KKO6 Display Form 
152 KOPA1 Overall Plan., Orders: Create layout 
153 KOPA2 Overall Plan., Orders: Change Layout 
154 KOPA3 Overall Plan., Orders: Displ. Layout 
155 KP65 Create Cost Planning Layout 
156 KP66 Change Cost Planning Layout 
157 KP67 Display Cost Planning Layout 
158 KP75 Create Activity Type Planning Layout 
159 KP76 Change Activity Type Planning Layout 
160 KP77 Display Activ. Type Planning Layout 
161 KP85 Create Stat. KF Planning Layout 
162 KP86 Change Stat. KF Planning Layout 
163 KP87 Display Stat. KF Planning Layout 
164 KPG5 Create Cost Planning Layout 
165 KPG6 Change Cost Planning Layout 
166 KPG7 Display Cost Planning Layout 
167 KPH5 Create Stat. KF Planning Layout 
168 KPH6 Change Stat. KF Planning Layout 
169 KPH7 Display Stat. KF Planning Layout 
170 ONP4 Create Ntwk Pl.Layout Statistical KF 
171 ONP5 Change Ntwk Pl.Layout Statistical KF 
172 ONP6 Display Nwk Pl.Layout Statistical KF 
173 OPO1 Create Cost Element Planning Layout 
174 OPO2 Change Cost Element Planning Layout 
175 OPO3 Display Cost Element Planning Layout 
176 OPO4 Create Stat. KF Planning Layout 
177 OPO5 Change Stat. KF Planning Layout 
178 OPO6 Display Stat. KF Planning Layout 
179 RECOPLCSTLAY01 Create Cost Element Planning Layout 
180 RECOPLCSTLAY02 Change Cost Element Planning Layout 
181 RECOPLCSTLAY03 Display Cost Element Planning Layout 
182 RECOPLKYFLAY01 Create Stat. KF Planning Layout 
183 RECOPLKYFLAY02 Change Stat. KF Planning Layout 
184 RECOPLKYFLAY03 Display Stat. KF Planning Layout 
185 TLM4 Create Form 
186 TLM5 Change Form 
187 TLM6 Display Form 
188 TRD5 Data Mining: Create Form 
189 TRD6 Data Mining: Change Form 
190 TRD7 Data Mining: Display Form 
191 TRM4 Create Form 
192 TRM5 Change Form 
193 TRM6 Display Form 
194 WXP04 Create Retail Planning Layout (Lib) 
195 WXP05 Change Retail Planning Layout (Lib) 
196 WXP06 Display Retail Planning Layout (Lib) 
# Screen Short Description
1 0100  Create Form: Initial Screen 
2 0110  Create Form: Initial Screen 
3 0200  Display/Change Form: Initial Screen 
4 0210  Display/Change Form: Initial Screen 
5 1000  Variables 
6 1102  Choose replace with entry or automaticaly 
7 2100  Create Form: Initial Screen as popup 
8 5000  Element definition 
9 5112  Popup for variable selection 
10 5300  Structure of lead column 
GUI Status
# GUI Status Short Description
1 01ASTART  CO-PA: Initial Screen, "Change" 
2 01CONTEXT  CO-PA: Initial screen 
3 01CONTEXTC  CO-PA: Initial screen 
4 01HEALL  CO-PA: ** Basic status ** 
5 01HEMARA  CO-PA: "Move" after "Cut" -> HEMARK 
6 01HEMARC  CO-PA: Select Mode Cells 
7 01HEMARF  CO-PA: Format Mode 
8 01HEMARK  CO-PA: Normal Select Mode 
9 01HEMASH  CO-PA: Select Mode Rows/Columns 
10 01HSTART  CO-PA: Initial Screen "Create" 
11 01SEALL  CO-PA: Display Mode 
12 02ASTART  CO-PA Planning: Initial Screen for "Change" 
13 02CONTEXT  CO-PA Planning: Initial screen 
14 02CONTEXTC  CO-PA Planning: Initial screen 
15 02HEALL  CO-PA Planning: ** Basic Status ** 
16 02HEMARA  CO-PA Planning: "Move" after "Cut" -> HEMARK 
17 02HEMARK  CO-PA Planning: Normal Select Mode 
18 02HSTART  CO-PA Planning: Initial Screen "Create" 
19 02SEALL  CO-PA Planning: Display Mode 
20 03ASTART  SAP-EIS: Initial Screen "Change" 
21 03CONTEXT  SAP-EIS: Initial screen 
22 03CONTEXTC  SAP-EIS: Menu without Copy Form 
23 03HEALL  SAP-EIS: ** Basic status ** 
24 03HEMARA  SAP-EIS: "Move" after "Cut" -> HEMARK 
25 03HEMARC  SAP-EIS: Select mode, Cells 
26 03HEMARF  SAP-EIS: Format mode 
27 03HEMARK  SAP-EIS: Normal select mode 
28 03HEMASH  SAP-EIS: Select mode, rows/columns 
29 03HSTART  SAP-EIS: Initial Screen "Create" 
30 03SEALL  SAP-EIS: Display mode 
31 04ASTART  Report Writer: Initial Screen "Change" 
32 04CONTEXT  Report Writer: Initial screen 
33 04CONTEXTC  Report Writer: Initial screen 
34 04HEALL  Report Writer: ** Basic status ** 
35 04HEMARA  Report Writer: "Move" after "Cut" -> ref. HEMARK 
36 04HEMARF  Report Writer: Format mode 
37 04HEMARK  Report Writer: Normal select mode 
38 04HSTART  REport Writer: Initial Screen "Create" 
39 04SEALL  Report Writer: Display mode 
40 05ASTART  Report Writer Model: Initial Screen "Change" 
41 05CONTEXT  Report Writer Model: Initial screen 
42 05CONTEXTC  Report Writer Model: Initial screen 
43 05HEALL  Report Writer Model: ** Basic status ** 
44 05HEMARA  Report Writer Model: "Move" after "Cut" -> HEMARK 
45 05HEMARF  Report Writer Model: Format mode 
46 05HEMARK  Report Writer Model: Normal select mode 
47 05HSTART  Report Writer Model: Initial Screen "Create" 
48 05SEALL  Report Writer Model: Display mode 
49 06ASTART  Planning processor: Initial Screen "Change" 
50 06CONTEXT  Planning processor: Initial screen 
51 06CONTEXTC  Planning processor: Initial screen 
52 06HEALL  Planning Processor: ** Basic status ** 
53 06HEMARA  Planning Processor: "Move" after "Cut" -> HEMARK 
54 06HEMARK  Planning Processor: Normal select mode 
55 06HSTART  Planning Processor: Initial Screen "Create" 
56 06SEALL  Planning Processor: Display mode 
57 07ASTART  Data Mining: Initial Screen "Change" 
58 07CONTEXT  Data Mining: Initial screen 
59 07CONTEXTC  Data Mining: Initial screen 
60 07HEALL  Data Mining: ** Basic status ** 
61 07HEMARA  Data Mining: "Move" after "Cut" -> HEMARK 
62 07HEMARC  Data Mining: Select mode, Cells 
63 07HEMARF  Data Mining: Format mode 
64 07HEMARK  Data Mining: Normal select mode 
65 07HSTART  Data Mining: Initial Screen "Create" 
66 07SEALL  Data Mining: Display mode 
67 08ASTART  Line items: Initial Screen "Change" 
68 08CONTEXT  Line items: Initial screen 
69 08CONTEXTC  Line items: Initial screen 
70 08HEALL  Line items: ** Basic status ** 
71 08HEMARA  Line items: "Move" after "Cut" (ref. HEMARK) 
72 08HEMARC  Line items: Select mode, Cells 
73 08HEMARF  Line items: Format mode 
74 08HEMARK  Line items: Normal select mode 
75 08HSTART  Line items: Initial screen "Create" 
76 08SEALL  Line items: Display mode 
77 09ASTART  SAP-EIS Data Entry Layout: Change, initial screen 
78 09CONTEXT  SAP-EIS Data entry layout: Initial screen 
79 09CONTEXTC  SAP-EIS Data entry layout: Initial screen 
80 09HEALL  SAP-EIS Data Entry Layout: Basic status 
81 09HEMARA  SAP-EIS Data Entry Layout: MOVE after CUT -> HEMARK 
82 09HEMARK  SAP-EIS Data Entry Layout: Normal select mode 
83 09HSTART  SAP-EIS Data Entry Layout: Initial Screen "Create" 
84 09SEALL  SAP-EIS Data Entry Layout: Display mode 
85 5112_STATUS  Variable selection 
86 B1ASTART  SEM Banking: Initial Screen, "Change" 
87 B1HEALL  SEM Banking: ** Basic status ** 
88 B1HEMARA  SEM Banking: "Move" after "Cut" -> HEMARK 
89 B1HEMARC  SEM Banking: Select Mode Cells 
90 B1HEMARF  SEM Banking: Format Mode 
91 B1HEMARK  SEM Banking: Normal Select Mode 
92 B1HEMASH  SEM Banking: Select Mode Rows 
93 B1HSTART  SEM Banking: Initial Screen "Create" 
94 B1SEALL  SEM Banking: Display Mode 
95 CONTEXT  Context menu in a tree 
96 STATUS_1000  Status for screen 1000 
97 STATUS_1102  Status for screen 1102 
98 STATUS_2100  Popup for create form 
99 STATUS_5000  Status for screen 5000 
100 STATUS_5000_VIEW  Status of screen 5000 in display mode 
101 STATUS_5300  Status for screen 5300 
GUI Title
# GUI Title Short Description
1 001  Report Painter: Create & 
2 002  Report Painter: Change & 
3 003  Report Painter: $: Calculation Rule 
4 004  Report Painter: Display & 
5 TITLE_1000  Form & - Variables definition 
6 TITLE_1102  Variable &1(&2) - Detail 
7 TITLE_5000  Element definition: & 
8 TITLE_5112  Variable selection 
9 TITLE_5300  Lead column structure: & 
Last changed by/on SAP  19930710 
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