SAP ABAP Domain - Index W, page 7
Domain - W
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
2 WSTAT Bill of exchange status CHAR   
3 WSTATE External Status, Application Status CHAR   
4 WSTATI Internal Status CHAR   
5 WSTI_BSTAT Status of Calculation of Inventory Balance at Count Time CHAR   
6 WSTI_BUFFER_TYPE Buffer Control for Sales as per Receipt POS Transactions CHAR   
7 WSTI_CALCDATE Date of Calculation of Inventory Balance at Count Time DATS   
8 WSTI_CALCTIME Time of Calculation of Inventory Balance at Count Time TIMS   
9 WSTI_COUNTDATE Date of Count During Opening Time DATS   
10 WSTI_COUNTTIME Time of Count During Opening Time TIMS   
11 WSTI_FREEZEDATE Freeze Date for Inventory Balance DATS   
12 WSTI_FREEZETIME Freeze Time for Inventory Balance TIMS   
13 WSTI_NAME PDC Transaction Triggered By CHAR 20    
14 WSTI_ORIGIN Origin of the operation CHAR   
15 WSTI_PDC_STATUS Retail Store: PDC Status of a Physical Inventory Document CHAR   
16 WSTI_POSDATE Date of Sale or Return to POS DATS   
17 WSTI_POSTIME Time of Sales or Return to POS TIMS   
18 WSTI_SELBUF Criteria for Selective Buffering CHAR   
19 WSTI_SIGN Plus/Minus Sign of POS Transaction CHAR   
20 WSTI_STATUS Processing Status of a PDC Transaction CHAR   
21 WSTI_STATUS_PI Physical Inventory Status of POS Transaction CHAR   
22 WSTI_TIME_SELECT Selection of Time with Several Counts of a Material CHAR   
23 WSTKZ Bill of exchange tax code CHAR   
24 WSTN_AL_NBSITE Number of plants in a store group INT4 10    
25 WSTN_AL_UPDSTS Prepack allocation maintenance status (1 to 7) CHAR 10    
26 WSTN_APPL Application where structured material is used CHAR   
27 WSTN_DELV_TYPE Default delivery is applying to stores or DC CHAR   
28 WSTN_MENG10 Quantity field, length 10 without decimal QUAN 10    
29 WSTN_PP_POST_STS Prepack posting status (1 to 3) CHAR   
30 WSTN_PP_UPDSTS Prepack maintenance status (1 to 5) CHAR 10    
31 WSTRA Maintenance strategy CHAR   
32 WSTROM Transformer current DEC
33 WSTR_MODE Editing mode CHAR   
34 WSTYPE Type or Origin of Worklist CHAR   
35 WST_BOOLEAN Logical Variable CHAR   
36 WSUBST_APPL Calling Application in Substitution Process CHAR   
37 WSUBST_ATP_RESULT Result of Availability Check CHAR   
38 WSUBST_COUNTER Sequence Number NUMC   
39 WSUBST_CTRL_TYPE_ENHANCED Substitution Control Enhanced CHAR   
40 WSUBST_DATE Date of Substitution DATS   
41 WSUBST_DOC_ITEM document line number NUMC   
42 WSUBST_DOC_NUMBER Document Number CHAR 10    
43 WSUBST_ERROR_FLAG Error indicator CHAR   
44 WSUBST_GLOBAL_RUN Function Replacement by Follow-On/Replacement Article Active CHAR   
45 WSUBST_ITEM Indicator - Substitute Item CHAR   
46 WSUBST_MATNR Material Number CHAR 18    
47 WSUBST_PRE_STEP Previous Process Step CHAR   
48 WSUBST_PROC_IND Processing Status CHAR   
50 WSUBST_REASON Reason for Substitution CHAR   
51 WSUBST_SUBST_CTRL Substitution Control CHAR   
52 WSUBST_SUBST_SWITCH Switchover Type: 1 = Switch; 2 = Reverse Switch CHAR   
53 WSUBST_SWITCH_TYPE Switchover Type: 1 = Switch; 2 = Reverse Switch CHAR   
54 WSVD_ACTIVITY SRS Vendor Master: Activity CHAR   
55 WSVD_MNTN_AUTH SRS Vendor Master: Maintenance Authorization CHAR   
56 WSVIFERRTYP Web Service/VIF Error Type CHAR   
57 WSWTE Evaluation control CHAR   
58 WS_BLOCK IS-PAM: Commercial block within a time slice CHAR   
59 WS_DEST_D Import WSDL CHAR   
60 WS_LENGTH IS-PAM: Commercial length in seconds NUMC   
61 WS_LEN_CH Commercial length in seconds (as CHAR field) CHAR   
62 WS_MSGID_HASH_CODE Message ID Hash Code INT4 10    
63 WS_SENDFRM IS-M/AM: Commercial Design Type CHAR   
64 WS_SENDUNG IS-M/AM: Commercial Broadcast CHAR   
65 WS_TARIFGR IS-M/AM: Commercial rate group CHAR   
66 WS_TIMESLC IS-M/AM: Commercial time slice CHAR   
67 WTFLD Value field for internal medical service CHAR 10    
68 WTIND Wage Type Indicator CHAR   
69 WTR_AUFLOE IS-PSD: Can be exploded further CHAR   
70 WTTYP Unit costing value type NUMC   
71 WTYID HR: Comp. 709: Identifier for wage types CHAR   
73 WTYMP_MSGTY Message Type CHAR   
74 WTYP Winding category CHAR   
75 WTYSC_ACTIVE Application Active indicator CHAR   
76 WTYSC_APPLICATION Application identification CHAR   
77 WTYSC_AUART Sales order type CHAR   
78 WTYSC_CLAIM_CONTROL Claim Control Indicator CHAR   
79 WTYSC_CLMITEM Claim Item CHAR 16    
80 WTYSC_CLMNO Warranty Claim Number CHAR 12    
81 WTYSC_CLM_HDR Claim Header CHAR 16    
82 WTYSC_DOCKEY Document key for customer data CHAR 15    
83 WTYSC_DOCTYPE Document type for Service integration with warranty CHAR   
84 WTYSC_GOODS_ISSUE Goods issue CHAR   
85 WTYSC_HEADER_WIDTH Width of Hierarchy Column INT4 10    
86 WTYSC_ICON Warranty Workbench: Icons CHAR   
87 WTYSC_ICON_NAME Icon name CHAR 30    
88 WTYSC_MAX_SELECTION Maximum selection NUMC   
89 WTYSC_MODE Processing mode CHAR   
90 WTYSC_NAVTREE_EXT Width of the Navigation Area INT2   
91 WTYSC_OUTBOUND_DEL Outbound Delivery CHAR   
92 WTYSC_PROFILE Layout Profile CHAR 10    
94 WTYSC_PROFILE_TXT Profile Description CHAR 40    
96 WTYSC_RTN_PROCESS Process for the return part CHAR   
97 WTYSC_STATUS Status of the data object CHAR   
98 WTYSC_TEXT Text CHAR 40    
99 WTYSC_UPDATE_CONTROL Claim update control from service order CHAR   
100 WTYSC_UPDATE_NEEDED Indicator if claim needs to be updated CHAR   
101 WTYSC_VIEW_TEXT View text CHAR 40    
102 WTYSC_VIEW_TYPE View type CHAR   
104 WTYSC_WTY_INDICATOR Warranty Indicator CHAR   
105 WTYSC_WWB_MSG_RAISER Message Raiser CHAR   
106 WTYSC_WWB_OBJ_SELECTION_START Object that is the basis for Selection CHAR   
107 WTYSC_WWB_SELECTION Selection (Inclusive / Exclusive) CHAR   
108 WTYUI_APPLOBJ_TYPE iPPE Application Object Type CHAR   
109 WTY_ACODE Activity Code CHAR   
110 WTY_ACTYP ActionType CHAR   
111 WTY_AKTIV ActiveFlag CHAR   
112 WTY_APDES Description of Action Profile CHAR   
113 WTY_APROF Action control CHAR   
114 WTY_APROF_MODE Processing Mode of Warranty Claim CHAR   
115 WTY_ARCH_FLAG Archiving Indicator CHAR   
116 WTY_ASTATE Processing Status of a Warranty Claim CHAR   
117 WTY_AUTOM Indicator Action is Called Automatically CHAR   
118 WTY_AUTORI Authorization Indicator CHAR   
119 WTY_BAPI_HANDLE Temporary Key of Object NUMC 10    
120 WTY_BLART Document Type FI CHAR   
121 WTY_BUTTON_SORT Sort Pushbuttons INT1   
122 WTY_CAUSP Damage-Causing Part CHAR   
123 WTY_CBACTIONDT Recalls: Valid-To Date DATS   
124 WTY_CBOBJ Object for Recall Campaigns CHAR 40    
125 WTY_CBOBJTY Object Type for Recall Campaigns CHAR   
126 WTY_CBPERF Recall Executed CHAR   
127 WTY_CHANGEDOC Create Change Documents CHAR   
128 WTY_CHANGE_FLAG Change Flag CHAR   
129 WTY_CHAR70 CHAR70 CHAR 70    
130 WTY_CHARLINE CHAR Character String CHAR 990    
131 WTY_CHECK_RESULT Result of Object Warranty Check NUMC   
132 WTY_CLMGRP Warranty Claim Groups CHAR 10    
133 WTY_CLMNO Warranty Claim Number CHAR 12    
134 WTY_CLMTY Warranty Claim Type CHAR   
135 WTY_CNTTY Calculation Type for Contribution CHAR   
136 WTY_COMPL Parts to Be Returned Delivered Completely CHAR   
137 WTY_COPYPROF Copy Procedure CHAR   
138 WTY_DATUM Date DATS   
139 WTY_DFLMSG_TXT Description for Name of Message Group CHAR 40    
140 WTY_EKORG Purchasing Organization CHAR   
141 WTY_ENDVERSION Indicator: No Further Incoming Versions Expected CHAR   
142 WTY_EQUNR Equipment Number CHAR 18    
143 WTY_ERSCH CO-PA Transfer Structure CHAR   
144 WTY_FLTP_INOUT I/O field for floating point fields, 22-digit CHAR 22    
145 WTY_HANDLE Warranty Handling, Number when no GUID Has Been Created CHAR 22    
146 WTY_IMRC_DECIM Number of Decimal Places for Number Display INT2   
147 WTY_IMRC_POINT Measuring Point CHAR 12    
148 WTY_IV_PERIOD Answer Period IV Versions NUMC   
149 WTY_JOBID Job ID CHAR 20    
150 WTY_JOB_BADI_POINT Execution Time ID for Customer Exit Call CHAR 20    
151 WTY_JOB_STEPID Step ID CHAR 20    
152 WTY_KALSM_D Calculation Schema CHAR   
153 WTY_KATEG Category CHAR   
154 WTY_KNPRS Pricing Type CHAR   
155 WTY_KOART1 Absolute Condition Amount CHAR 16    
156 WTY_KSCHL Condition key CHAR   
157 WTY_KUNNR Customer Number CHAR 10    
158 WTY_KURRF Currency exchange rate for RF postings DEC
159 WTY_LEVEL Version/Item in Warranty Claim CHAR   
160 WTY_LIFNR Account Number of the Vendor CHAR 10    
161 WTY_MATNR Material Number (Field C18) CHAR 18    
162 WTY_MATNR_SERNO Material Number (40) CHAR 40    
163 WTY_MEINS Units of Measurement of Various Types UNIT   
164 WTY_MESS_QUALFR IDoc Qualifier Measuring Points CHAR   
165 WTY_MGANR Master warranty number CHAR 20    
166 WTY_MODE Processing Mode of Warranty Claim CHAR   
167 WTY_MODEL Model for Reference Object CHAR 40    
168 WTY_MODID Change Indicator CHAR   
169 WTY_MSEH6 External measurement unit CHAR   
170 WTY_MSGPP Checkbox for Message Dialog Box CHAR   
171 WTY_OBART Account Assignment Object Type CHAR   
172 WTY_OBJID Object ID of the relevant unit cost estimate CHAR 24    
173 WTY_OBJNR Object Number CHAR 22    
174 WTY_OTYPE Application Table CHAR   
175 WTY_PARNR Partner ID CHAR 10    
176 WTY_PARTNER_QUALFR IDoc Qualifier Partner CHAR   
177 WTY_PARVW Partner Function CHAR   
178 WTY_PNODE_TYPE PVS: Item Node Type CHAR   
179 WTY_PNREL_TYPE Relationship Types Warranty Claim CHAR   
180 WTY_POSKT Controlling Item Type CHAR   
181 WTY_POSKT_CUST Item Type CHAR   
182 WTY_POSKT_GRP Item Type Group CHAR   
183 WTY_POSNR Item Number of the SD Document NUMC   
184 WTY_PRIO_REJECT Priority for Decision Reason NUMC   
185 WTY_PROFIL_DESC Profile Description CHAR 50    
186 WTY_PROFIL_ID ID for the iPPE User Profile CHAR   
187 WTY_PROFIL_NAME Profile Name CHAR 20    
188 WTY_PRTLY Parts that Have to Be Returned Partly Received CHAR   
189 WTY_PRTYPE Relationship Type CHAR   
190 WTY_QMNUM Quality notification no. CHAR 12    
191 WTY_RCLOBJ_OBJ Object for Recall Campaigns CHAR 40    
192 WTY_RCLOBJ_SUBTYPE SubObjectType for Recall Campaigns CHAR   
193 WTY_RCLOBJ_TYPE Object Type for Recall Campaigns CHAR   
194 WTY_RECALL Recall Indicator CHAR   
195 WTY_REFKT Reference Category CHAR   
196 WTY_REFKT_TXT Text for Reference Type CHAR 40    
197 WTY_REFNR Reference Number CHAR 35    
198 WTY_REJCD_TXT Text Decision Code CHAR 100    
199 WTY_RELOB Reference Object Number for Warranty CHAR 40    
200 WTY_RELTY Reference Object Type Warranty CHAR   
201 WTY_RETDT Relevant Date for Parts that Have to Be Returned DATS   
202 WTY_RETPA Part that Has To Be Returned CHAR   
203 WTY_RETPARTNER Partner for Parts that Have To Be Returned CHAR   
204 WTY_RETPA_DATE Date for Status of Parts to be Returned DATS   
205 WTY_RETPA_TXT Text for Status of Parts CHAR 40    
206 WTY_RET_PERIOD Deadline for Parts that Have to Be Returned NUMC   
207 WTY_SEQUENCE Sequence NUMC   
208 WTY_SHOW_ALL Display All CHAR   
209 WTY_SPLIT Grouping Number for Version Split NUMC   
210 WTY_STATUS Warranty Claim Status Indicator CHAR   
211 WTY_STREL Relevant Date for Parts that Have to Be Returned CHAR   
212 WTY_STUNR Step Number CHAR   
213 WTY_TABLE_ALV_GENERIC Allowed Table Names Generic Field Catalog WTY CHAR 30    
214 WTY_TAX_CODE Taxes on sales/puchases code CHAR   
215 WTY_TNAME Table Name for Warranty Processing CHAR 30    
216 WTY_TREE_ID Identification of the ALV Tree on the iPPE User Interface CHAR   
217 WTY_TXJCD Jurisdiction for Tax Calculation - Tax Jurisdiction Code CHAR 15    
218 WTY_UNIT_PERIOD Unit for Time Periods CHAR   
219 WTY_URL Internet/Intranet Address CHAR 255    
220 WTY_UZEIT Time TIMS   
221 WTY_VGLZA Link Results CHAR   
222 WTY_VIEW_ACTION Activity Code CHAR   
223 WTY_VSDAT Validity Date for Validation/Substitution DATS   
224 WTY_WERKS Plant CHAR   
225 WTY_WERT11 Value field length 11 CURR 11 
226 WTY_WERTV6 Value field PL6 with sign CURR 11 
227 WTY_XFLAG Indicator X or Blank CHAR   
228 WTY_ZAEHK Numerator conditions CHAR   
229 WT_ACCOUNTS Type of data reported CHAR   
230 WT_ACCPT Accumulation period CHAR   
231 WT_BASE Type of withholding tax base amount CHAR   
232 WT_BCPLVL Minimum Check at Item or Document Level (Invoice/Payment) CHAR   
233 WT_CALC Withholding Tax Already Calculated/Determined? CHAR   
234 WT_CEINV Central invoice CHAR   
235 WT_CERT_LOC Storage location of withholding tax certificate numbers CHAR 20    
236 WT_CORR_IND Correction File Indicator CHAR   
237 WT_DATA_SRC Data source for reporting extended withholding tax CHAR   
238 WT_DATA_SRC_NAME Data source desc. for generic withholding tax reporting CHAR 30    
239 WT_END End date DATS   
240 WT_ES_DECL Declaration option for Spain NUMC   
241 WT_ES_OUTPUT Output option for Spain NUMC   
242 WT_EXCLUDED Excluded from Withholding Tax Calculation CHAR   
243 WT_EXCL_INCLUDED Included in the Base Calculation for Withholding Tax CHAR   
244 WT_FAC Work Schedule Factor for Collective Positions DEC
245 WT_FACTOR Express Amounts In CHAR 10    
246 WT_FORMNAME Form Name CHAR 30    
247 WT_FORMTYPE Form Type CHAR   
248 WT_GR_CRIT Grouping criteria for withholding tax reporting list output CHAR 30    
249 WT_GR_LEVEL Group.hier.level in lists for reporting ext.w/holding tax NUMC   
250 WT_ITEM_REF Reference to WT item CHAR 24    
251 WT_ITEM_SOURCE Data source of item CHAR   
252 WT_LFDNR Sequence number (vendors for withholding tax reporting) NUMC   
253 WT_LIST_TYPE List type for extended withholding tax reporting CHAR   
254 WT_MANUAL Manual entry of withholding tax amount CHAR   
255 WT_MINBAS Maintain minimum/maximum amounts CHAR   
256 WT_OUTPUT_GROUP Output groups supported CHAR 10    
257 WT_OUTPUT_GRP Output groups CHAR   
258 WT_OWTCD Official Withholding Tax Key CHAR   
259 WT_PARNO_TYPE Type of partner number CHAR   
260 WT_PERIOD Tax reporting period CHAR   
261 WT_POSIN Posting indicator CHAR   
262 WT_POSTM Posting time CHAR   
263 WT_PROG_NAME Program name for reporting extended withholding tax CHAR 40    
264 WT_QSREC Vendor recipient type CHAR   
265 WT_QSREP Recipient code for recipient type CHAR   
266 WT_QSTRE_INV_DATE Date for table QSTRE from invoice document NUMC   
267 WT_QSTRE_PYMT_DATE Date for table QSTRE from payment document NUMC   
268 WT_REPBASMIN W/tax minimum base amount for withholding tax reporting CURR 15 
269 WT_REPNAME Name of a report for reporting extended withholding tax CHAR 30    
270 WT_REPORT Report indicator in generic withholding tax reporting CHAR   
271 WT_REPORTED_DOCUMENTS Documents covered by report CHAR   
272 WT_REPTITEL1 Title 1 for reporting extended withholding tax CHAR 70    
273 WT_REPTYPE Type of withholding tax reporting CHAR   
274 WT_REPWTMIN Minimum withholding tax amount for reporting CURR 15 
275 WT_SNDRENUM sender enumeration CHAR 30    
276 WT_START Start date DATS   
277 WT_STAT Line item status CHAR   
278 WT_STRAT_ACTIVE Status of Strategy CHAR   
279 WT_TITLE Title CHAR 70    
280 WT_TPNR Sequential number of a withholding tax type NUMC   
281 WT_USAGE Table usage CHAR   
282 WT_US_AGENT_OR_PAYER Indicator for Payer or Transfer Agent CHAR   
283 WT_US_EIN_IND Withholding Agent's EIN Indicator NUMC   
284 WT_US_TEST_FILE Command input control for test file creation CHAR   
285 WT_VALUE Cumulative or central invoice with first partial payment? CHAR   
286 WT_WITHCD Withholding tax code CHAR   
287 WT_WS_STATUS Web Service Status CHAR   
288 WT_WTBEX Withholding tax base exemption amount CURR 15 
289 WT_WTBEXRS Reason for withholding tax exemption CHAR   
290 WT_WTEXRS Reason for exemption CHAR   
291 WT_WTMAX Maximum w/tax amount CURR 15 
292 WT_WTMIN Minimum withholding tax amount (during posting) CURR 15 
293 WT_WTMINB Withholding tax minimum base amount CURR 15 
294 WT_WTRD Rounding rule CHAR   
295 WUF_APPLICATION Application CHAR 30    
296 WUF_BOOLEAN Boolean Value CHAR   
297 WUF_CLASS Name of a Class CHAR 30    
298 WUF_CLASS_METHOD Method CHAR 61    
299 WUF_CONTEXT Context CHAR 10    
300 WUF_COUNT Counter NUMC   
301 WUF_EVENT Event CHAR 30    
302 WUF_FIELD Field Name CHAR 255    
303 WUF_FIXED_VALUE Generic Fixed Value CHAR 255    
304 WUF_GROUP Group of Field Assignments CHAR   
305 WUF_ORDER Sequence NUMC   
306 WUF_PACKAGE_GROUP Package List CHAR 30    
307 WUF_PARAMETER Parameter of Method CHAR 30    
308 WUF_STRUCTURE_IDENTIFICATOR Identifies the Structure CHAR   
309 WUF_TABLE_NAME Table Name CHAR 30    
310 WUF_TEXT Text CHAR 60    
311 WUNVO Payment processing CHAR   
312 WUSL_EXIT Where-used list: Possible exit events CHAR 30    
313 WVARO_EB Further processing type CHAR   
314 WVERW Bill of exchange usage type CHAR   
315 WVERW_WEDF Bill of exchange usage type CHAR   
317 WVFB_STEPS Processing methods/steps for dispatcher CHAR   
318 WVFI_XPROT Issue Log CHAR   
319 WVLBDATETYPES Date types for automatic load building CHAR   
320 WVLBFLPT Floating Point Number for Load Building (Max. in No. Points) FLTP 16  16 
321 WVLBMETSL Methods for calculating actual vendor service level CHAR   
322 WVLBOUTCONTROL Output control for log for RWVLB013 CHAR   
323 WVLB_PO_CREATE Document generation in automatic load building CHAR   
324 WVLB_VLFKZ Site category selection CHAR   
325 WVMI_ACTION Action Code CHAR   
326 WVMI_PAPRF Control profile for PROACT outbound processing CHAR   
327 WVMI_QUALF Qualifier for quantity information in IDoc PROACT CHAR   
328 WVMI_SLKEY Selection key for material CHAR   
329 WVMI_STCKT Description of stock types CHAR   
330 WVMI_WI_RESULT Work items results for error processing: ORDRSP VMI CHAR   
331 WVOBJTYPE_DESCRIPTION Short Description of an Object Type CHAR 80    
332 WVOBJTYPE_SCOPE_ID Functional Usage Area of Object Type CHAR 30    
333 WVOBJTYPE_UINAME Label of an Object Type in UI CHAR 60    
334 WVOLP AB: Sales Posting Procedure CHAR   
335 WWEEK Working week CHAR   
336 WWP_INDEX_TYPE Application index in planning workbench CHAR   
337 WWP_LINK_TYPE Internet link CHAR 256    
338 WWP_MAILLINK_TYPE E-Mail address CHAR 263    
339 WWP_MAX_COUNT_TYPE Critical number of tree entries INT4 10    
340 WWP_ORDER_TYPE Sequence CHAR   
341 WWP_STATUS_TYPE Status in planning workbench CHAR   
342 WWP_TEXT_TYPE Application name CHAR 50    
343 WWWACTID Internet action ID CHAR   
344 WWWCOLOR Color of an HTML table field CHAR 16    
345 WWWOBJID Internet object ID CHAR 16    
346 WWWOBJTYPE Internet object type CHAR 10    
347 WWWPWD Password for Internet user CHAR 16    
348 WWWZORTN Target location for WWW data CHAR 20    
349 WZAHL Agency business: Customer terms of payment CHAR   
350 WZAHLK Settlement request: vendor payment terms CHAR   
351 WZEITC Total replenishment lead time in days NUMC   
352 WZKUR Agency Business: Determine Payment Rate of Exchange CHAR   
353 WZKZ1 Processing Type of Capital Formation Record CHAR   
355 WZRE_AGENCY_DOC_CATEGORY Agency Document Category CHAR   
356 WZRE_APPLICATION Application using Posting Engine CHAR   
357 WZRE_BADI_OWNER BAdI Implementation Owner INT1   
358 WZRE_COUNT Counter NUMC   
359 WZRE_CUST_OR_VEND_FOR_COND Customer or Vendor Side for Conditions in a Settlement CHAR   
360 WZRE_DOC_NO Generic Document Number CHAR 32    
361 WZRE_EXT_POST_TYPE External Posting Type CHAR   
363 WZRE_ITEM_NO Generic Item Number NUMC 10    
364 WZRE_KAPPL Condition Application CHAR   
365 WZRE_PROXY_CUST_ID AB: IDs for customizing tables used by eSOA-Services CHAR   
366 WZRE_PROXY_CUST_TXT AB: Texts for customizing tables used by eSOA-Services CHAR 40    
367 WZRE_PRX_MAP_DOC_TYPE Agency business: Document categoryfor proxy mapping CHAR   
368 WZRE_SIDE Sales or Purchasing Side CHAR   
369 WZRE_SSR_CANCEL_INDICATOR Indicator for ERP Invoice Cancel Service CHAR   
370 WZRE_STRUCTURE_NAME Structure Name CHAR 30    
371 WZRE_TEXT Text CHAR 100    
372 WZTWE Checking period for GR NUMC   
373 WZYKL Length of cycle/offset of a maintenance package CHAR 22    
374 WZ_FIELDNAME Fieldname CHAR 40    
375 W_ABBNR Picture number in catalog CHAR   
376 W_AB_REGEL Rules for promotion quantity comparison (order / PO) CHAR   
377 W_ACTIM Time interval NUMC   
378 W_AKART Promotion type CHAR   
379 W_ARCH Origin of Pricing Document CHAR   
380 W_BEZ30 Description, length 30 CHAR 30    
381 W_BINPUT Yes/no field CHAR   
382 W_BONNR Cash register receipt number NUMC 15    
383 W_BTYP Module type IS-R assortments CHAR   
384 W_B_TYP Object type (pl/cust) control batch/online IS-R ranges CHAR   
385 W_COLOR Color (Lib) CHAR 11    
386 W_CONTTAX Flag: Tax Included in Sales CHAR   
387 W_CSTOBJ Customizing object, Store Workbench CHAR   
388 W_CSTSCM Store Workbench: Customizing object schemas CHAR   
389 W_DEF_STRU Default for structure object CHAR   
390 W_DLV_CHAN Delivery channel CHAR   
391 W_EBN_STAT Inventory management status material (IS-R) CHAR   
392 W_ERAPPL Application that created a promotion CHAR   
393 W_FLAG Indicator if statistical ratio describes a currency CHAR   
394 W_FRBNR External document number in sales price calculation CHAR 10    
395 W_GROUP_TYPE Grouping Type of Plants to Reference Plants CHAR   
396 W_GRPRF Characteristic value assignment profile CHAR   
397 W_HERKU Origin of Pricing Document CHAR   
398 W_INEXC Range category CHAR   
399 W_KKENN Condition type identification CHAR   
400 W_KOSTL Cost center CHAR 10    
401 W_KSART Type of POS data CHAR   
402 W_KSKRS POS controller NUMC   
403 W_KUNDK Customer ID CHAR   
404 W_LCHECK Check against listing rules/listing conditions CHAR   
405 W_LIFIX_KEYFIELD_DISPLAY_MODE Price calculation: Key fields of the liste CHAR   
406 W_LI_URS Listing cause CHAR   
407 W_LPD_DISP List of Pricing Documents: Display CHAR   
408 W_LPRIO Delivery priority IS-R CHAR   
409 W_LSTUFE Del. lev, warehouse proc. CHAR   
410 W_NEXTBEK Event to be expected when promotion announced CHAR   
411 W_OS_CIDEN Customer ID number CHAR   
412 W_OS_OSTORE Online store CHAR 10    
413 W_OS_REDIR Go back to calling application CHAR   
414 W_OS_TREXP Display Product Group Hierarchy CHAR   
415 W_PARA_DISPATCHER_TIMEOUT Timeout Dispatcher After Last Task (Seconds) INT4 10    
416 W_PARA_MAX_PARALLEL_TASKS Maximum Number of Parallel Tasks INT4 10    
417 W_PARA_OBJECTS_PER_TASK Number of Objects Per Task INT4 10    
418 W_PARA_TASK_LIMITATION Task Size Limit INT4 10    
419 W_PARA_TEXT60 Text, 60 Characters CHAR 60    
420 W_PARA_VARIANT Parallel processing variant CHAR   
421 W_PARKZ Gross/net price CHAR   
422 W_PAYDIR Direction of payment type (outbound/inbound) CHAR   
423 W_PC_ATBNR Material order number CHAR 18    
424 W_PC_CCODE Catalog code CHAR   
425 W_PC_CCREP Reaction if catalog code is repeated CHAR   
426 W_PC_LCOPY Copy long text CHAR   
427 W_PC_ONFMT Order number format CHAR   
428 W_PC_OPTION Option analogous to ranges table CHAR   
429 W_PC_PCTYP Product Catalog Type CHAR   
430 W_PC_SIGN Sign analogous to ranges table CHAR   
431 W_PERKZ Period Indicator for Retail CHAR   
432 W_PFLKN Assortment management requirement (no usage) CHAR   
433 W_REAS_WO Material replenishable via: external vendor/DC/store CHAR   
434 W_RPC_NO_CONDITIONS Indicator: No Conditions in Sales Price Calculation CHAR   
435 W_RP_RRM_OUTBOUND_FILTER RRM Interface: Filter Value for Business Add-In RRM_OUTBOUND CHAR 20    
436 W_RP_RRM_PPD_TYPE RRM Profile: Type of Purchasing Price Determination CHAR   
437 W_RP_RRM_SALESDATA_SOURCE Source for Sales History in RRM Interface CHAR   
438 W_RP_RRM_SDATA_VAL_INDICATOR RRM Interface: Selection Indicator for Sales History Validty CHAR   
439 W_RUECKNV Return Agreement CHAR   
440 W_SAKNR G/L account number CHAR 10    
441 W_SELBOX_KEY Store workbench: key in selection boxes CHAR   
442 W_SERVGRD Service level IS-R CHAR   
443 W_SERVV Service agreement in retail CHAR   
444 W_SONUT Category of assortment user CHAR   
445 W_SORTSTAT Assortment status CHAR   
446 W_SOTYP Assortment category CHAR   
447 W_SPC_SUPPL_COND_ORIGIN SP Calculation: Origin of Supplement Condition for Basic PP CHAR   
448 W_SSTAT Status (new / saved / active / inactive) CHAR   
449 W_STRULI List as component or individually CHAR   
450 W_SZUOB Assortment object CHAR 10    
451 W_S_RANGF Ranking for assortment assignment CHAR   
452 W_S_STATUS Status of assortment CHAR   
453 W_TABIX Pointer to the contents of an internal table INT4 10    
454 W_TYPE_CSTOBJ Store workbench: Customizing object category CHAR   
455 W_UNGUL Code for invalid SAP Retail listing conditions INT1   
456 W_URSAC_LI Listing source CHAR   
457 W_VKPVOR Procedure in calculating/determining sales prices CHAR   
458 W_VKSTD Hour of sale NUMC   
459 W_VKUNB Reval. at retail for negative stocks and material groups CHAR   
460 W_VORG Transaction for SAP Store GR CHAR   
461 W_WAUFR Allocation rule for market-basket price calculation CHAR   
462 W_WCODE_IA Transfer Code: Listing <-> Integrated Material Maintenance CHAR   
463 W_WISO_ACTIVITY SAP Retail Store: Sales Order: Activity for Document Dialog CHAR   
464 W_WISO_CHAR01 SAP Retail Store Sales Order: 1-Figure Character CHAR   
465 W_WISO_CHAR02 SAP Retail Store Sales Order: 2-Figure Character CHAR   
466 W_WISO_CHAR256 SAP Retail Store Sales Order: 256 Characters CHAR 256    
467 W_WISO_CHAR80 SAP Retail Store Sales Order: CHAR 80 CHAR 80    
468 W_WISO_HANDLE SAP Retail Store Sales Order: Handle for an Object CHAR 10    
469 W_WISO_MAT_IDENTIFIER SAP Retail Store: Sales Order: Material Identification Cat. CHAR   
470 W_WISO_MAT_ID_INPUT SAP Retail Store: Sales Order: Identification of Material CHAR 40    
471 W_WKART Market-basket pricing type CHAR   
472 W_ZEIT Goods issue - time TIMS   
473 W_ZUORDTYP Assignment cat.: plant or plant group CHAR