SAP ABAP Domain - Index W, page 2
Domain - W
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 WCF_TC_ROLE_ENABLED Business Role enabled values CHAR   
2 WCF_TC_ROLE_ENABLED_DESC Description CHAR 100    
3 WCF_TC_STATUS Tag status CHAR   
4 WCF_TC_SUGGESTED_SEARCH_SCOPE Domain for the scope of the suggested tags search CHAR 10    
5 WCF_TC_TAG_VALUE Tag value CHAR 255    
6 WCF_UST_CATEGORY Item category (New, Sent, Received, Draft) CHAR   
7 WCF_UST_ITEM_TYPE Sharing item type CHAR   
8 WCF_UST_RECIPIENT_TYPE Share target type CHAR   
11 WCF_UST_USER User name CHAR 12    
12 WCHAR20 Char 20 Lower-Case CHAR 20    
13 WCHECK Warranty check result NUMC   
14 WCHECK_I Warranty check result CHAR   
15 WCMODACCNT WC: Experience Mod/Account Number Indicator CHAR   
16 WCM_ACTIVE Credit Management Check Active CHAR   
17 WCOLLECTION Document Summarization CHAR   
18 WCOL_BASIS Price Change Basis CHAR   
19 WCOL_KIND Type of Sales Price Change CHAR   
20 WCOL_POINT_PRICE Price Point Group Determination CHAR   
21 WCOMMODITY Commodity CHAR 16    
22 WCONSELECTVAR Selection Variable for Contract Determination CHAR   
23 WCONTRACT Referencing Contract Number CHAR 10    
24 WCONTRACT_TYPE Contract Type for Contract Number CHAR   
25 WCSOCODE Standard Occupational Code CHAR 10    
26 WCTITLEWY WC Title Code for Wyoming CHAR   
27 WCTXT_AUDIENCE_KEY Key of Working Context Audience CHAR 40    
28 WCTXT_AUDIENCE_TYPE Audience Type of Working Context CHAR 10    
29 WCTXT_CONTROL_LEVEL Working Context Control Level CHAR   
30 WCTXT_HIDE Working Context Hide Flag CHAR   
31 WCTXT_PROVIDER_CLASS Name of Working Context Provider Class CHAR 30    
32 WDART Service type CHAR   
33 WDBOOK_CATEG Category for Books and CDs CHAR   
34 WDCHAR32K Text with 32 Characters and Lowercase CHAR 32    
35 WDDAT Reference date for vendor confirmation monitoring period CHAR   
36 WDDEMOFLSTAT Status of Flight Connection NUMC   
37 WDDEMOFLSTOP Reason for Stopover INT1   
38 WDFR_ABGART WDFR issue type CHAR   
39 WDFR_BBTYP Document category store order CHAR   
40 WDFR_BEAART WDFR Processing method CHAR   
41 WDFR_DISART WDFR planning type CHAR   
42 WDFR_EINTKZ Store order indicator CHAR   
43 WDFR_FBELN Perishables Planning Number CHAR 10    
44 WDFR_FEINT Delivery Phase Counter NUMC   
45 WDFR_FPOSN Item in Perishables Planning Document NUMC   
46 WDGRD Military rank CHAR   
47 WDG_UR_GEN_MODE UR Generation Mode CHAR 10    
48 WDG_UR_WEB_ICON_ALIAS Cross-Application Icon Alias CHAR 64    
50 WDHC_APPL_TYPE Application Type CHAR   
51 WDHC_AREA Notes, FAQs, Worth Knowing, Learning Content NUMC   
52 WDHC_BOOLEAN Replacement for Boolean Data Type CHAR   
53 WDHC_CATEGORY Help Center: Category CHAR   
54 WDHC_CONTROL_NAME Name of a Property CHAR 32    
55 WDHC_CONTROL_VALUE Value of a Property CHAR 64    
57 WDHC_EXT_CONTENT_LIMIT Maximum Number of Entries for Areas with External Content INT4 10    
58 WDHC_KW_PATH File Share Application Help CHAR 128    
59 WDHC_KW_TYPE Help Center: Installed Help Type NUMC   
60 WDHC_LOG_KW_PATH Logical Path for KW Search CHAR 60    
61 WDHC_LOG_PATH Logical Path for Search CHAR 60    
62 WDHC_LOG_PATH_ECM Logical Path CHAR 60    
63 WDHC_MAX_RESULTS Maximum Number of Search Results INT4 10    
64 WDHC_PATH File Share Customer Documents CHAR 128    
65 WDHC_SOLMAN_DOCUTYPE_DESCR Help Center for ABAP Web Dynpro: SolMan Docu Type Desc. CHAR 40    
66 WDHC_SOLMAN_DOCUTYPE_ID Help Center for ABAP Web Dynpro: SolMan Docu Type ID CHAR   
67 WDHC_SOLMAN_KEYWORD_DESCR Help Center for ABAP Web Dynpro: SolMan Keyword Description CHAR 40    
68 WDHC_SOLMAN_KEYWORD_ID Help Center for ABAP Web Dynpro: Solution Manager Keyword ID CHAR 12    
69 WDHC_SOLMAN_LM_DESCRIPTION Help Center for ABAP Web Dynpro: Title for Learning Map CHAR 70    
70 WDHC_SOLMAN_MESSSERVER Help Center for ABAP Web Dynpro: Message Server in SolMan CHAR 255    
71 WDHC_SOLMAN_PROJECT_CLASS Help Center for ABAP Web Dynpro: SolMan Project Class CHAR   
72 WDHC_SOLMAN_PROJECT_DESCR Help Center for ABAP Web Dynpro: SolMan Project Description CHAR 60    
73 WDHC_SOLMAN_PROJECT_ID Help Center for ABAP Web Dynpro: Solution Manager Project ID CHAR 10    
74 WDHC_SOLMAN_SID Help Center for ABAP Web Dynpro: SID in Solution Manager CHAR   
75 WDHC_SOLMAN_SOLUTION_DESCR Help Center for ABAP Web Dynpro: SolMan Solution Description CHAR 128    
76 WDHC_SOLMAN_SOLUTION_ID Help Center for ABAP Web Dynpro: SolMan Solution ID NUMC 15    
77 WDK_ACTION Action on UI state CHAR   
78 WDK_ACTIONCATEGORY Category of an action (Script, Changelog) CHAR   
79 WDK_ACTIONGROUP Actiongroup CHAR   
80 WDK_ACTIVE Activation status for action on UI state CHAR   
81 WDK_APPLICATION Application CHAR 30    
82 WDK_CALLMODE Mode for Backend Call CHAR   
83 WDK_CONTEXT_OBJECT_NAME Name of a Web Dynpro Metadata Object (Upper Case) CHAR 30    
84 WDK_CONTEXT_VERSION Version of WDK context structure CHAR   
85 WDK_CUSTMODE Mode for Customizing keys CHAR   
86 WDK_DATE_CONSTANTS Date Constants CHAR   
87 WDK_ENQ_COLLISION_TYPE Web Dynpro: enque collision type CHAR   
88 WDK_FORMAT_TYPE Formating type CHAR   
89 WDK_FPCOMP Floorplan component CHAR   
90 WDK_FPTSTATE Floorplan state CHAR   
91 WDK_FPTYP Floorplan type (UI classification) CHAR   
92 WDK_ISQ_DEVOBJ InfoSet Query POWL Type: related development object types CHAR   
93 WDK_ISQ_UIELEM InfoSet Query UI Element type CHAR   
94 WDK_LAYOUT_OBJECT Layout object for dynamic adjustments CHAR   
95 WDK_MSGMAPALLDYNP Indicator for all message mapping depending on # dynp's CHAR   
96 WDK_MSGTY_REPL Message Type CHAR   
97 WDK_NAVLAYOUT_DESCR Navigation layout description CHAR 120    
98 WDK_NAVLAYOUT_GRPTY Navigation layout group type CHAR   
99 WDK_NAVLAYOUT_TITLE Navigation layout title CHAR 50    
100 WDK_NAVTARGET_TEXT Navigation target text CHAR 40    
101 WDK_NAVTARGET_TOOLT Navigation target tooltip CHAR 120    
102 WDK_NAVTYPE Navigation Type CHAR   
103 WDK_OBN_OBJ OBN Object CHAR 32    
104 WDK_OBN_OP OBN Operation CHAR 32    
105 WDK_OBN_SYS OBN System CHAR 120    
106 WDK_OSR_APP_TYPE WDK OSR: Applciation type of OSR transaction CHAR   
107 WDK_OSR_F4_MODE Input Help Mode NUMC   
108 WDK_POWL_ACTION_TXT Action Text CHAR 40    
109 WDK_POWL_CARDINALITY Cardinality for Selection in POWL CHAR   
110 WDK_QACTION_TYPE InfoSet Query POWL action types CHAR   
111 WDK_QACTPAR_TYPE InfoSet Query POWL specific action parameter type CHAR   
112 WDK_SCRIPT Action Script for BDC Sequence CHAR 20    
113 WDK_SNAPSHOT_SAVE Download Options CHAR   
114 WDK_STEPTYPE Typ des Schritts CHAR   
115 WDK_TCSELECTION Kind of table selection CHAR   
116 WDK_TECH_FIELD Web Dynpro: technical field CHAR   
117 WDK_UI_ELEMENT_NAME WDK: Name of a UI Element CHAR 60    
118 WDK_UI_LAYOUT_NAME Web Dynpro UI Layout CHAR   
119 WDK_WF_BOXTYPE Type of Workflow CHAR   
120 WDP_FIELD_KIND Web Dynpro Generic Field Type CHAR   
121 WDRD_CHKBX Checkbox CHAR   
122 WDRD_CHK_EORD Delivery Relationship: Source List Check CHAR   
123 WDRD_CHK_VLFKZ Delivery Relationship: Plant Category Check CHAR   
124 WDRD_CHK_WRF3 Delivery Relationship: Supplying Plant Check CHAR   
125 WDRD_DELETE_CONTROL Determination of Combinations to be Deleted for DRD CHAR   
126 WDRD_DOCTP Document Categories for Delivery Relationship Determination CHAR   
127 WDRD_DRDPRF Profile for Determining Delivery Relationship CHAR   
128 WDRD_LEVEL Levels for Delivery Relationship Determaination NUMC   
129 WDRD_METHD Methods for Delivery Relationship Determination CHAR   
130 WDRD_RTYPE Delivery Relationship: Type of Goods Recipient CHAR   
131 WDRD_STATUS Recipient Status CHAR   
132 WDR_ACCP Posting period YYYYMM ACCP   
133 WDR_ACF_WL_FILELOC_TYPE Whitelist: File Location Type CHAR   
134 WDR_ACF_WL_PARTYPE Whitelist Parameter of the Application Parameter CHAR 10    
135 WDR_ACF_WL_PERMISSION_TYPE Whitelist: Type for Parameter Restrictions CHAR   
136 WDR_ACF_WL_POSITION Whitelist Position of Application Parameter NUMC   
137 WDR_ADAPTER_AGGR_CARDINALITY Web Dynpro Runtime: Cardinality of Aggr. of Adapters NUMC   
138 WDR_ADAPTER_AGGR_GENERATION Web Dynpro Runtime: Generation Degree of Aggregations NUMC   
139 WDR_ADAPTER_AGGR_TYPE Web Dynpro Runtime: Type of Adapter Aggregations NUMC   
140 WDR_ADAPTER_CUSTOM_METHOD Web Dynpro: Special Method (Incl. Interface) CHAR 62    
141 WDR_ADAPTER_EVENT_PARAM_POS Web Dynpro: Number of Event Parameter NUMC   
142 WDR_ADAPTER_NAME Web Dynpro Runtime: Adapter Name CHAR 23    
143 WDR_ADAPTER_PROP_BIDIRECT_MODE Settings for Bi-Directional Attributes CHAR   
144 WDR_ADAPTER_PROP_EVENT_COND Web Dynpro: Execution Condition for Event Adapter NUMC   
145 WDR_ADAPTER_PROP_MAPPING_RULE Web Dynpro Runtime: Mapping Rule for Adapter Attribute NUMC   
146 WDR_ADAPTER_TYPE Web Dynpro Runtime: Type of UIEL Adapter NUMC   
147 WDR_ADP_CLIENT_EVENT_HANDLING Adapter: Event Processing in Client NUMC   
149 WDR_ADP_PROPERTY_DECL Web Dynpro ABAP - Adapter Declaration Type INT1   
151 WDR_ALPHA ALPHA Conversion CHAR 10    
152 WDR_APP_PROP_ALLOW_USER_AGENTS Allow User Agents CHAR 10    
153 WDR_APP_PROP_COLUMN_ACTION_UI WD Application Parameter: UI for Table Column Operations CHAR 10    
154 WDR_APP_PROP_DELTA_RENDERING Delta Rendering CHAR 10    
155 WDR_APP_PROP_DISP_LOADINGPAGE Display Loading Animation of Application CHAR   
156 WDR_APP_PROP_EXT_STYLE_SHEET Use of External Style Sheets CHAR 10    
157 WDR_APP_PROP_FULL_HEIGHT Height of the Application INT1   
158 WDR_APP_PROP_HELP_CENTER_DISP WD Application Parameter for Displaying the Help Center CHAR 10    
159 WDR_APP_PROP_LABEL_ALIGNMENT Application Parameter Enum for Label Alignment CHAR 10    
160 WDR_APP_PROP_REFFIELDBEHAVIOUR WDA: Behavior When Reference Fields Are Changed INT4 10    
161 WDR_APP_PROP_SEL_COLUMN_DESIGN WD Application Parameter for Table Selection Column Design CHAR 10    
162 WDR_APP_PROP_SEL_FOLLOWS_FOCUS WD Application Parameter: Table Selection Using the Focus CHAR 10    
163 WDR_APP_PROP_TABLE_NAV Navigation in a Web Dynpro Table CHAR 10    
164 WDR_APP_PROP_TOOLBAR_DESIGN Application Parameter Enum for Standard Toolbar Design CHAR 12    
165 WDR_APP_PROP_UIGUIDELINE WD Application Parameter: UI Guideline CHAR 10    
166 WDR_APP_PROP_USESIGNEDAPPLETS Use (Un)Signed Version of Applets for Network/Gantt CHAR 10    
167 WDR_APP_PROP_VALUE_SUGGEST WD Application Parameter for Value Suggest Feature CHAR 10    
168 WDR_BROWSERNAME Web Dynpro ABAP: Browser Name STRG   
169 WDR_CFG_CHANGED Mode for Elements Added to Configuration Context CHAR   
170 WDR_CFG_READ_SCENARIO Read Scenario for Configurations CHAR   
171 WDR_CHANGE_KIND Web Dynpro: Type of Context Node Change CHAR   
172 WDR_CHAR Character String CHAR 10    
173 WDR_CLIENT_INFO_DEVICE_TYPE Web Dynpro: Device Type STRG   
174 WDR_CLIENT_INFO_HASH Web Dynpro ABAP: Client Inspector Hash Key CHAR 40    
175 WDR_CLIENT_INFO_ORIENTATION Web Dynpro ABAP: Screen Orientation STRG   
176 WDR_CLIENT_INFO_PROPTERTY Web Dynpro ABAP: Parameters to Check CHAR   
177 WDR_CLNT Client CLNT   
178 WDR_CTX_ELEMENT_INDEX Index of Context Element INT4 10    
179 WDR_CTX_ELEMENT_NAME Label of Context Element STRG   
180 WDR_CTX_NODE_2D_KEY Key Component INT4 10    
181 WDR_CUKY Currency Key CUKY   
182 WDR_CURR Currency Field CURR 31  14 
183 WDR_DATS Date Field (YYYYMMDD) DATS   
184 WDR_DEC Decimal Number DEC 31  14 
186 WDR_DEMO_PICTO Pictogram CHAR   
187 WDR_D_APPL_EXIT_REASON Web Dynpro: Reason for Terminating Application CHAR   
188 WDR_ECATT_MODE Web Dynpro eCATT Mode CHAR   
189 WDR_FLTP Floating point number, accurate to 8 bytes FLTP 16  16 
190 WDR_INT1 1-Byte Integer <= 255 INT1   
191 WDR_INT2 2-Byte Integer INT2   
192 WDR_INT4 4-Byte Integer INT4 10    
193 WDR_LANG Language Key LANG   
194 WDR_LCHR Long Character String LCHR 256    
195 WDR_LRAW Long Byte String LRAW 256    
196 WDR_MESSAGE_DISPLAY_MODE Web Dynpro: Display Messages in Popup INT4 10    
197 WDR_MESSAGE_SCOPE Web Dynpro: Lifetime of Message INT4 10    
198 WDR_NUMC Character String Consisting of Numbers NUMC 10    
199 WDR_P13N_CUST_EXT_MODE Availability of Customer Enhancement Field INT1   
201 WDR_PERS_SCOPE Web Dynpro: Personalization Range INT1   
202 WDR_PERS_SCOPE_ADMIN Web Dynpro: Personalization Scope INT1   
203 WDR_POPUP_BUTTON Web Dynpro: Pushbuttons on Internal Window INT4 10    
204 WDR_POPUP_BUTTON_KIND Web Dynpro: Possilbe Button Combination on Popup INT4 10    
205 WDR_POPUP_MSG_TYPE Web Dynpro: Message Type of Popup INT4 10    
206 WDR_PREC Precision of a QUAN field PREC   
207 WDR_QUAN Quantity Field QUAN 31  14 
208 WDR_RAW Byte Sequence RAW 10    
209 WDR_RAWSTRING Byte Sequence of Variable Length RSTR 256    
210 WDR_RG_UI_PROPERTY_KIND Interpretation of UI Element Value INT1   
211 WDR_RR_CMP_USAGE_TYPE Web Dynpro: Type for Component Usages NUMC   
212 WDR_SO_ATTR_TYPE SelectOptions: Attribute Type(Const IF_WD_SELECT_OPTIONS_20) CHAR   
213 WDR_SO_LOCATION Select Options20: Location of Saved Searches CHAR   
214 WDR_SO_OPERATOR SelectOptions: Operator (Const. in IF_WD_SELECT_OPTIONS_20) CHAR   
215 WDR_SO_SMPL_CONV Simple Conversion Test CHAR 10    
216 WDR_SSTRING Short Character String of Variable Length SSTR 10    
217 WDR_STRING Character String of Variable Length STRG 256    
218 WDR_TEST Web Dynpro: Test Field for F4 Help NUMC   
219 WDR_TEST_APC_APPLICATION_ID ABAP Push Channel Application ID CHAR 30    
221 WDR_TEST_CHAR10 WDR: Test CHAR 10    
222 WDR_TEST_CHAR10_LOW WDR: Test Character (Including Lowercase) CHAR 10    
224 WDR_TEST_DEC WD: Decimal Numbers Test DEC 20 
225 WDR_TEST_DECFLOAT1 Decfloat Formatierung einfach D16R 16    
226 WDR_TEST_DECFLOAT2 Decfloat Formatierung wissenschaftlich D16R 16    
227 WDR_TEST_DECFLOAT3 Decfloat Formatierung wissenschaftlich mit führender Null D16R 16    
228 WDR_TEST_DECFLOAT_FV Decfloat mit Festwerten D16D 14    
229 WDR_TEST_DEC_FV Dezimal 5.2 mit Festwerten DEC
230 WDR_TEST_ENUM_INTERVALS Test Enums mit Intervallen CHAR   
231 WDR_TEST_FIELD Web Dynpro CHAR 50    
232 WDR_TEST_FLOAT Floating Points Test FLTP 16  16 
234 WDR_TEST_NUMC_CONV Test Numerischer Typ mit Konvertierungsexit NUMC   
235 WDR_TEST_NUMC_FV Numerisch mit Festwerten NUMC   
236 WDR_TEST_ONLY_INTERVALS NUMC nur mit Intervallen NUMC   
237 WDR_TEST_PACKAGE_DESCR Description of Package for WD ABAP Test Cases CHAR 80    
238 WDR_TEST_PACKAGE_NAME Name of Package for WD ABAP Test Cases CHAR 30    
239 WDR_TEST_PACKAGE_NVP_HASH Name/Value Pair Hash for Package with WD ABAP Test Cases CHAR 40    
240 WDR_TEST_POPUP_CANCEL_MODE möglicher Modus des Cancel-Buttons CHAR   
241 WDR_TEST_RECORDING_DESCR Description of WD ABAP Test Cases CHAR 80    
242 WDR_TEST_RECORDING_NAME Name of WD ABAP Test Cases CHAR 30    
245 WDR_TEST_RESULT_LINK WD ABAP Test Case Results Link STRG   
246 WDR_TEST_SELOPT_DROPDOWN WD: Test for Dropdowns in the SelectOptions CHAR   
247 WDR_TEST_SELOPT_DROPDOWN2 WD: Test for Dropdowns in the SelectOptions CHAR   
248 WDR_TEST_SELOPT_DROPDOWN3 WD: Test der Dropdowns in den SelectOptions CHAR   
249 WDR_TEXT_KEY Web Dynpro: Text Key CHAR   
250 WDR_TIMS Time TIMS   
251 WDR_TYPE Web Dynpro CHAR   
252 WDR_UI_ATTR_DDIC_BINDING_KIND Type of Value Definition of UI Attributes NUMC   
253 WDR_UI_ATTR_VALUE_KIND Type of DDIC Binding Definition NUMC   
254 WDR_UNIT Unit Key for QUAN Fields UNIT   
255 WDR_WINDOW_DOCKING_POSITION Web Dynpro: Docking Position of Popup INT4 10    
256 WDR_WINDOW_POSITION Web Dynpro: Window Position NUMC   
257 WDR_WIZARD_STEP_KIND Step Type in a Wizard INT1   
258 WDSTATUS_ITAGCY Status of Withdrawal CHAR   
259 WDUI_ACCESSIBILITY_MODE Accessibility Mode CHAR 10    
260 WDUI_ARIA_LANDMARK Web Dynpro: Aria Landmark NUMC   
261 WDUI_BAR_CODE_READER_TYPE Web Dynpro: Bar Code Reader Type NUMC   
262 WDUI_BAR_COLOR Web Dynpro: BarColor NUMC   
263 WDUI_BGDIMENSION Web Dynpro: BusinessGraphicsDimension NUMC   
264 WDUI_BGTYPE Web Dynpro: BusinessGraphicsType NUMC   
265 WDUI_BI_AXIS Web Dynpro: Axis NUMC   
266 WDUI_BI_CMDS Web Dynpro: BI_Commands NUMC   
267 WDUI_BI_COMMAND_VALUE_OPTION Web Dynpro: BI_CommandValueOption NUMC   
268 WDUI_BI_DATA_MODE Web Dynpro: Data Mode NUMC   
269 WDUI_BI_FILTER_SIGN Web Dynpro: BI_FilterSign NUMC   
270 WDUI_BI_FILTER_VAR_SIGN Web Dynpro: BI_FilterVarSign NUMC   
271 WDUI_BI_HELPSRV Web Dynpro: BI_HelpServices NUMC   
272 WDUI_BI_HELP_SRV Web Dynpro: BI_HelpServices NUMC   
273 WDUI_BI_OPERATOR Web Dynpro: Operator NUMC   
274 WDUI_BI_RESULTPOS Web Dynpro: BI_ResultPosition NUMC   
275 WDUI_BI_RESULT_POS Web Dynpro: BI_ResultPosition NUMC   
276 WDUI_BI_RESULT_SUPPRESSION Web Dynpro: BI_ResultSuppression NUMC   
277 WDUI_BI_SERVER_TYPE Web Dynpro: Server Type NUMC   
278 WDUI_BI_SIGNPRES Web Dynpro: BI_SignPresentation NUMC   
279 WDUI_BI_SIGN_PRES Web Dynpro: BI_SignPresentation NUMC   
280 WDUI_BI_SORT_DIRECTION Web Dynpro: BI_SortDirection NUMC   
281 WDUI_BI_SORT_TYPE Web Dynpro: BI_SortType NUMC   
282 WDUI_BI_STATE_TYPE Web Dynpro: Data Provider State Type NUMC   
283 WDUI_BI_ZERO_PRESENTATION Web Dynpro: BI_ZeroPresentation NUMC   
284 WDUI_BREAD_CRUMB_BEHAVIOR Web Dynpro: BreadCrumbBehavior NUMC   
285 WDUI_BREAD_CRUMB_SIZE Web Dynpro: BreadCrumbSize NUMC   
286 WDUI_BUTTON_DESIGN Web Dynpro: Button Design NUMC   
287 WDUI_BUTTON_SIZE WebDynpro:ButtonSize NUMC   
288 WDUI_CELL_BG_DESIGN Web Dynpro: CellBackgroundDesign NUMC   
289 WDUI_CELL_DECORATOR_POSITION Web Dynpro: CellDecoratorPosition NUMC   
290 WDUI_CELL_HALIGN Web Dynpro: CellHAlign NUMC   
291 WDUI_CELL_VALIGN Web Dynpro: CellVAlign NUMC   
292 WDUI_CELL_VISIBILITY Web Dynpro: Cell Visibility NUMC   
293 WDUI_CHART_TYPE Web Dynpro: Chart Type NUMC   
294 WDUI_CHECKBOX_TEXT_DESIGN Web Dynpro: CheckBoxTextDesign NUMC   
295 WDUI_CONTENT_PADDING Web Dynpro: ContentPadding NUMC   
296 WDUI_CONTEXT_MENU_BEHAVIOUR Web Dynpro: ContextMenuBehaviour NUMC   
297 WDUI_CSS_UNIT Web Dynpro: CSS Unit NUMC   
298 WDUI_C_TABLE_CELL_MERGING Web Dynpro: Cell Merging NUMC   
299 WDUI_C_TABLE_CELL_SYMBOL Web Dynpro: Cell Symbol NUMC   
300 WDUI_C_TABLE_COLUMN_REORDER Web Dynpro: C Table Column Reorder NUMC   
301 WDUI_C_TABLE_COLUMN_RESIZABLE Web Dynpro: Column Resizable NUMC   
302 WDUI_C_TABLE_HEADER_WRAPPING Web Dynpro: Header Wrapping NUMC   
303 WDUI_C_TABLE_HEIGHT_MODE Web Dynpro: CTableHeightMode NUMC   
304 WDUI_C_TABLE_HIERACHICAL_STATE Web Dynpro: Hierarchical State NUMC   
305 WDUI_C_TABLE_NAVIGATION_MODE Web Dynpro: C Table Navigation Mode NUMC   
306 WDUI_C_TABLE_PERS_MODE Web Dynpro: Personalization Mode NUMC   
307 WDUI_C_TABLE_SEL_COL_DESIGN Web Dynpro: TableSelectionColumnDesign NUMC   
308 WDUI_C_TABLE_SYMBOL_DESIGN Web Dynpro: Symbol Design NUMC   
309 WDUI_C_TABLE_TRANSPARENCY_MODE Web Dynpro: Transparency Mode NUMC   
310 WDUI_C_TBL_CELL_BORDEROMITTING Web Dynpro: Border Omitting NUMC   
311 WDUI_C_TSMODE Web Dynpro: ClientTableSelectionMode NUMC   
312 WDUI_DATA_FORM_MODE Web Dynpro: Data Form Mode NUMC   
313 WDUI_DATA_GRID_COLUMN_TYPE Web Dynpro: Data Grid Column Type NUMC   
314 WDUI_DATA_GRID_ROW_TYPE Web Dynpro: Data Grid Row Type NUMC   
315 WDUI_DATA_TRANSMIT_MODE Web Dynpro: Data Transmit Mode NUMC   
316 WDUI_DATE_MARKING_CATEGORY Web Dynpro: DateMarkingCategory NUMC   
317 WDUI_DATE_SELECTION_MODE Web Dynpro: DateSelectionMode NUMC   
318 WDUI_DAY_OF_WEEK Web Dynpro: DayOfWeek NUMC   
319 WDUI_DG_SEGMENT_SIZE_MODE Web Dynpro: Segment Size Mode NUMC   
320 WDUI_DRAG_DROP_MODE Web Dynpro: Drag and Drop Mode NUMC   
321 WDUI_DRAG_DROP_SCOPE Web Dynpro: DragDropScope NUMC   
322 WDUI_DRAG_GHOST_TYPE Web Dynpro: Drag Ghost Type NUMC   
323 WDUI_DROPDOWN_LIST_BOX_SIZE WebDynpro:DropDownListBoxSize NUMC   
324 WDUI_DROP_DOWN_DESIGN Web Dynpro: DropDownListBoxDesign NUMC   
325 WDUI_DROP_POSITION Web Dynpro: Drop Position NUMC   
326 WDUI_DROP_TRGT_CELL_SIZING Web Dynpro: Drop Target Cell Sizing NUMC   
327 WDUI_DTEDESIGN Web Dynpro: DesignTimeElementDesign NUMC   
328 WDUI_DTEOUTLINE Web Dynpro: Design Time Element Outline NUMC   
329 WDUI_DTE_TOOLBAR_BUTTON_TYPE Web Dynpro: DTEToolbarButtonType NUMC   
330 WDUI_EXPANSION_DIRECTION Web Dynpro: ExpansionDirection NUMC   
331 WDUI_EXPANSION_STATE WebDynpro:ExpansionState NUMC   
332 WDUI_EXPLANATION_DESIGN Web Dynpro: Explanation Design NUMC   
333 WDUI_FILE_DOWNLOAD_BEHAVIOUR WebDynpro:FileDownloadBehaviour NUMC   
334 WDUI_FILE_DOWNLOAD_BHVR Web Dynpro: FileDownloadBehaviour NUMC   
335 WDUI_FILTERSTATE Web Dynpro: Filter State NUMC   
336 WDUI_FORM_DSGN_SELECTION_ACTN Web Dynpro: FormDesignSelectionAction NUMC   
337 WDUI_FORM_DSGN_SELECTION_STATE Web Dynpro: FormDesignSelectionState NUMC   
338 WDUI_FREE_CTX_AREA_DESIGN Web Dynpro: FreeContextualAreaDesign NUMC   
340 WDUI_GAC_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE Web Dynpro: GAC Attribute Type NUMC   
341 WDUI_GAC_DATA_TYPE Web Dynpro: GACDataType NUMC   
342 WDUI_GEO_MAP_ZOOM Web Dynpro: ZoomType NUMC   
343 WDUI_GEO_POINT_STYLE Web Dynpro: GeoPointStyle NUMC   
344 WDUI_GRID_TAB_ORDER Web Dynpro: Grid Tab Order NUMC   
345 WDUI_GROUP_DESIGN Web Dynpro: GroupDesign NUMC   
346 WDUI_HORIZONTALSIZING Web Dynpro: Horizontal Sizing NUMC   
347 WDUI_HOR_CTX_PANEL_DESIGN Web Dynpro: HorizontalContextualPanelDesign NUMC   
348 WDUI_HOR_DIV_RULE_HEIGHT Web Dynpro: HorizontalDividerRuleHeight NUMC   
349 WDUI_HOR_GUTTER_RULE_TYPE Web Dynpro: HorizontalGutterRuleType NUMC   
350 WDUI_HOTKEY Web Dynpro: Hotkey NUMC   
351 WDUI_HOVER_VISUALIZATION Web Dynpro: Hover_Visualization NUMC   
353 WDUI_HTML_RENDER_MODE HTML Render Mode (experimental) CHAR 10    
354 WDUI_ICON_BTN_FUNC_STATUS Web Dynpro: IconButtonFunctionStatus NUMC   
355 WDUI_ICON_BUTTON_TYPE Web Dynpro: IconButtonType NUMC   
356 WDUI_IMEMODE Web Dynpro: IMEMode NUMC   
357 WDUI_INPUTHELP Web Dynpro: Input Help NUMC   
358 WDUI_INPUT_FIELD_ALIGNMENT Web Dynpro: InputFieldAlignment NUMC   
359 WDUI_INPUT_FIELD_SIZE WebDynpro:InputFieldSize NUMC   
360 WDUI_INTERACT_FORM_DISP_TYPE Web Dynpro: InteractiveFormDisplayType NUMC   
361 WDUI_INTERACT_FORM_MODE Web Dynpro: Interactive Form Mode NUMC   
362 WDUI_INVALID_TEXT_HANDLING Web Dynpro: FormattedTextViewInvalidTextHandling NUMC   
363 WDUI_ITEM_OVERFLOW Web Dynpro: Item Overflow NUMC   
364 WDUI_LABEL_DESIGN Web Dynpro: LabelDesign NUMC   
365 WDUI_LAYOUT_CELL_DESIGN Web Dynpro: LayoutCellDesign NUMC   
366 WDUI_LAYOUT_CELL_SEP Web Dynpro: LayoutCellSeparator NUMC   
367 WDUI_LEAD_SEL_CHNG_BEHVR Web Dynpro: LeadSelectionChangeBehaviour NUMC   
368 WDUI_LEGEND_ITEM_SEMANTIC Web Dynpro: LegendItemSemantic NUMC   
369 WDUI_LIFE_TIME Web Dynpro: Lifetime NUMC   
370 WDUI_LINK_DESIGN Web Dynpro: LinkDesign NUMC   
371 WDUI_LINK_SIZE WebDynpro:LinkSize NUMC   
372 WDUI_LINK_TYPE Web Dynpro: LinkType NUMC   
373 WDUI_LOOK_AND_FEEL Web Dynpro: LookAndFeel NUMC   
374 WDUI_MARKER_TYPE Web Dynpro: MarkerType NUMC   
375 WDUI_MENU_BAR_DESIGN Web Dynpro: MenuBarDesign NUMC   
376 WDUI_MESSAGE_AREA_DESIGN Web Dynpro: MessageAreaDesign NUMC   
377 WDUI_MOVE_TYPE Web Dynpro: MoveType NUMC   
378 WDUI_NETWORK_LAYOUT Web Dynpro: NetworkLayout NUMC   
379 WDUI_NEW_ROW Web Dynpro: New Row NUMC   
380 WDUI_OFFICE_DOC_TYPE Web Dynpro: OfficeDocumentType NUMC   
381 WDUI_ON_ENTER_BEHAVIOR Web Dynpro: OnEnterBehavior NUMC   
382 WDUI_PAGE_HDR_AREA_DESIGN Web Dynpro: PageHeaderAreaDesign NUMC   
383 WDUI_PAGE_HEADER_DESIGN Web Dynpro: PageHeaderDesign NUMC   
384 WDUI_PAGE_HEADER_WARNING Web Dynpro: Page Header Warning NUMC   
385 WDUI_PAGE_LAYOUT_BACKGROUND Web Dynpro: 'PageLayoutBackground' NUMC   
386 WDUI_PAGE_LAYOUT_BORDER Web Dynpro: 'PageLayoutBorder' NUMC   
387 WDUI_PANEL_CONTENT_DESIGN Web Dynpro: PanelContentDesign NUMC   
388 WDUI_PANEL_DESIGN Web Dynpro: PanelDesign NUMC   
389 WDUI_PANEL_HEADER_DESIGN Web Dynpro: PanelHeaderDesign NUMC   
390 WDUI_PANEL_STACK_COLLAPSE_MODE Web Dynpro: PanelStackCollapseMode NUMC   
391 WDUI_PANEL_STACK_DESIGN Web Dynpro: PanelStackDesign NUMC   
392 WDUI_PAT_DESIGN Web Dynpro: PatternContainerDesign NUMC   
393 WDUI_PAT_SEQ_ITEM_DESIGN Web Dynpro: PatternContainerSequenceItemDesign NUMC   
394 WDUI_PAT_SEQ_STATUS Web Dynpro: PatternContainerSequenceStatus NUMC   
395 WDUI_PHASE_IND_BGD_DESIGN Web Dynpro: PhaseIndicatorBackgroundDesign NUMC   
396 WDUI_PHASE_STATUS Web Dynpro: PhaseStatus NUMC   
397 WDUI_POPIN_DESIGN Web Dynpro: PopinDesign NUMC   
398 WDUI_PROG_IND_BAR_COL Web Dynpro: ProgressIndicatorBarColor NUMC   
399 WDUI_RADIOBUTTON_TEXT_DESIGN Web Dynpro: RadioButtonTextDesign NUMC   
400 WDUI_RATING_IND_DISPLAY_MODE Web Dynpro: displayMode NUMC   
401 WDUI_ROAD_MAP_EDGE_DESIGN Web Dynpro: RoadMapEdgeDesign NUMC   
402 WDUI_ROAD_MAP_STEP_DESIGN Web Dynpro: RoadMapStepDesign NUMC   
403 WDUI_ROAD_MAP_STEP_TYPE Web Dynpro: RoadMapStepType NUMC   
404 WDUI_ROW_REPEATER_DESIGN Web Dynpro: RowRepeaterDesign NUMC   
405 WDUI_SASH_DESIGN Web Dynpro: Sash Design NUMC   
406 WDUI_SASH_ORIENTATION Web Dynpro: Sash Orientation NUMC   
407 WDUI_SASH_POSITION_MODE Web Dynpro: Sash Position Mode NUMC   
408 WDUI_SASH_TYPE Web Dynpro: Sash Type NUMC   
409 WDUI_SCROLLBAR_VISIBILITY Web Dynpro: Scrollbar Visibility NUMC   
410 WDUI_SCROLLING_MODE Web Dynpro: ScrollingMode NUMC   
411 WDUI_SECTION_HEADER_DESIGN Web Dynpro: SectionHeaderDesign NUMC   
412 WDUI_SECTION_HEADER_LEVEL Web Dynpro: SectionHeaderLevel NUMC   
413 WDUI_SEL_LINK_BAR_DESIGN WebDynpro:SelectableLinkBarDesign NUMC   
414 WDUI_SEMANTIC_COLOR Web Dynpro: SemanticColor NUMC   
415 WDUI_SHUTTLE_BEHAVIOR Web Dynpro: ShuttleBehavior NUMC   
416 WDUI_SIGN Web Dynpro: Sign NUMC   
417 WDUI_SPLITTER_BORDER Web Dynpro: Splitter Border NUMC   
418 WDUI_SPLITTER_COLLAPSE_DIR Web Dynpro: Splitter Layout Collapse Direction NUMC   
419 WDUI_SPLITTER_COLLAPSE_DIRECT Web Dynpro: SplitterCollapseDirection NUMC   
420 WDUI_SPLITTER_SIZE_UNIT Web Dynpro: Splitter Size Unit NUMC   
421 WDUI_STATE Web Dynpro: State NUMC   
422 WDUI_SUBMIT_METHOD_TYPE Web Dynpro: Submit Method Type NUMC   
423 WDUI_SUGGEST_FILTER_COLUMN Web Dynpro: Suggest Filter Column NUMC   
424 WDUI_SUGGEST_FILTER_METHOD Web Dynpro: Suggest Filter Method NUMC   
425 WDUI_TABLE_CELL_DESIGN Web Dynpro: TableCellDesign NUMC   
426 WDUI_TABLE_COLUMN_FIXED_POS Web Dynpro: TableColumnFixedPosition NUMC   
427 WDUI_TABLE_COLUMN_HALIGN Web Dynpro: TableColumnHAlign NUMC   
428 WDUI_TABLE_COLUMN_RESIZE_MODE Web Dynpro: TableColumnResizeMode NUMC   
429 WDUI_TABLE_COL_SCROLL_DIR WebDynpro:TableColumnSortDirection NUMC   
430 WDUI_TABLE_COL_SCROLL_MODE Web Dynpro: TableColScrollMode NUMC   
431 WDUI_TABLE_COL_SEL_STATE Web Dynpro: TableColumnSelectionState NUMC   
432 WDUI_TABLE_COL_SORT_DIR Web Dynpro: TableColumnSortDirection NUMC   
433 WDUI_TABLE_DESIGN Web Dynpro: TableDesign NUMC   
434 WDUI_TABLE_GRID_MODE Web Dynpro: TableGridMode NUMC   
435 WDUI_TABLE_HIER_SYMBOL_DESIGN Web Dynpro: TableHierarchySymbolDesign NUMC   
436 WDUI_TABLE_POPIN_TITLE_DESIGN Web Dynpro: TablePopinTitleDesign NUMC   
437 WDUI_TABLE_SCROLL_DIR WebDynpro:TableScrollDirection NUMC   
438 WDUI_TABLE_SEL_CHNG_BEHVR Web Dynpro: TableSelectionChangeBehaviour NUMC   
439 WDUI_TABLE_SEL_COL_DESIGN Web Dynpro: TableSelectionColumnDesign NUMC   
440 WDUI_TABLE_SUM_CELL_DESIGN Web Dynpro: Table Summary Cell Design NUMC   
441 WDUI_TABSTRIP_SEL_CHNG_BEHVR Web Dynpro: TabStripSelectionChangeBehaviour NUMC   
442 WDUI_TAB_ALIGNMENT Web Dynpro: TabAlignment NUMC   
443 WDUI_TAB_CONTENT_DESIGN Web Dynpro: Tab Content Design NUMC   
444 WDUI_TEXTVIEW_SEM_COL Web Dynpro: TextViewSemanticColor NUMC   
445 WDUI_TEXT_DIRECTION Web Dynpro: TextDirection NUMC   
446 WDUI_TEXT_EDIT_DESIGN Web Dynpro: TextEditDesign NUMC   
447 WDUI_TEXT_VIEW_DESIGN Web Dynpro: TextViewDesign NUMC   
448 WDUI_TEXT_VIEW_LAYOUT Web Dynpro: TextViewLayout NUMC   
449 WDUI_TEXT_VIEW_MENU_INDICATOR Web Dynpro: Text View Menu Indicator NUMC   
450 WDUI_TEXT_WRAPPING Web Dynpro: TextWrapping NUMC   
451 WDUI_TILE_LAYOUT_CELL_PADDING Web Dynpro: Tile Layout Cell Padding NUMC   
452 WDUI_TOGGLE_BUTTON_DESIGN Web Dynpro: ToggleButtonDesign NUMC   
453 WDUI_TOGGLE_LINK_DESIGN Web Dynpro: ToggleLinkDesign NUMC   
454 WDUI_TOOLBAR_BUTTON_DESIGN Web Dynpro: ToolBarButtonDesign NUMC   
455 WDUI_TOOLBAR_DESIGN Web Dynpro: ToolBarDesign NUMC   
456 WDUI_TOOLBAR_SEPARATOR_DESIGN Web Dynpro: ToolBar Separator Design NUMC   
457 WDUI_TRAY_DESIGN Web Dynpro: TrayDesign NUMC   
458 WDUI_TRAY_HEIGHT_IMPACT Web Dynpro: Tray Height Impact NUMC   
459 WDUI_TREE_NODE_DESIGN Web Dynpro: TreeNodeDesign NUMC   
460 WDUI_TRI_STATE Web Dynpro: TriState NUMC   
461 WDUI_TSMODE Web Dynpro: TableSelectionMode NUMC   
462 WDUI_UNIDIR_SCROLLING_MODE Web Dynpro: UnidirectionalScrollingMode NUMC   
463 WDUI_USER_INTERACTION Web Dynpro: UserInteraction NUMC   
464 WDUI_VALIGN Web Dynpro: vAlign NUMC   
465 WDUI_VALUE_TYPE_ENUMERATION Web Dynpro: ValueTypeEnumeration NUMC   
466 WDUI_VERTICALSIZING Web Dynpro: Vertical Sizing NUMC   
467 WDUI_VIEW_SWITCH_ICON Web Dynpro: ViewSwitchIcon NUMC   
468 WDUI_VISIBILITY Web Dynpro: Visibility NUMC   
469 WDUI_VISIBLE Visibility of a Web Dynpro UI element CHAR   
470 WDUI_WEB_PARAM_REPRESENTATION Web Dynpro: Web Parameter Representation NUMC   
471 WDUI_WINDOW_TYPE Web Dynpro: Window Type NUMC   
472 WDYEDKIND Web Dynpro Editor CHAR   
473 WDYERROR Web Dynpro Help Links: Error Text CHAR 128    
474 WDYGENTYPE Web Dynpro Generator Generation Type INT4 10    
475 WDY_ADAPT_TYPE Type of Adaptation CHAR   
476 WDY_APPLICATION_TYPE Web Dynpro: Application Type NUMC   
477 WDY_APPL_ATTR_DEFAULT_VALUE Web Dynpro: Attribute Value CHAR 255    
478 WDY_APPL_PROPERTY_GROUP_NAME Group for Application Parameters STRG   
479 WDY_APPL_PROPERTY_KIND Property of a Web Dynpro Application NUMC   
480 WDY_APPL_PROPERTY_SCOPE Scope of a Web Dynpro Application Property NUMC   
481 WDY_ATTRFORM_CONDENSE WD: Attribute Formatting: Compress Entry CHAR   
482 WDY_ATTRFORM_NULL WD: Attribute Formatting: Zeros as Blanks CHAR   
483 WDY_ATTRFORM_SIGN WD: Attribute Formatting: +/- Sign Right / Left CHAR   
484 WDY_ATTRFORM_TIME WD: Attribute Formatting: Long/Short Time Display CHAR   
485 WDY_BOOLEAN Replacement for Boolean Data Type CHAR   
486 WDY_CFG_CHANGE_KIND WD ABAP: Configuration: Type of Change CHAR   
488 WDY_CFG_DIALOG_MODE Dialog Mode for Web Dynpro Configuration API CHAR   
489 WDY_CFG_FLAVOR_NAME Personas Flavor Name CHAR 255    
490 WDY_CHIP_DESCRIPTION Short Description of Object CHAR 120    
491 WDY_CHIP_DISPLAY_NAME Display Name of CHIP Object CHAR 60    
492 WDY_CHIP_ICON Icon of CHIP in Page Builder CHAR 255    
493 WDY_CHIP_SUBMITTED Entry from Database CHAR   
494 WDY_COMP_QUANT OPM PP: WebDynpro Comparison Quantities NUMC   
495 WDY_CONFIG_CONTENT Web Dynpro: Content of Configuration STRG   
496 WDY_CONFIG_ENUM Web Dynpro Configuration Options NUMC   
497 WDY_CONFIG_FINAL_INFORMATION Finality Information of a Configuration Attribute CHAR   
498 WDY_CONFIG_ID Configuration Identification CHAR 32    
499 WDY_CONFIG_STATE Configuration State CHAR   
500 WDY_CONFIG_TEXTID Web Dynpro: Configuration: Text Identification CHAR