SAP ABAP Domain - Index W, page 3
Domain - W
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 WDY_CONFIG_TRTEXT WD ABAP: Configuration: Translatable Text in DB CHAR 255    
2 WDY_CONFIG_TYPE Type of Web Dynpro Configuration NUMC   
3 WDY_CONFIG_USER Web Dynpro: Configuration: User Name or Role Name CHAR 12    
4 WDY_CONFIG_VAR Web Dynpro Configuration: Addtional Variant Specification CHAR   
5 WDY_CONFIG_VERSNO Version number for version management NUMC   
6 WDY_CONFIG_VIEW Web Dynpro: Configuration: View CHAR 32    
7 WDY_CONF_ACTION Action of Configuration Editor CHAR 10    
8 WDY_CONF_COMP_TYPE Web Dynpro: Configuration: Component Type CHAR   
9 WDY_CONF_CONT_TYPE Web Dynpro: Configuration: Content Type CHAR   
10 WDY_CONF_GEN_PRIMARY WDA Configuration: Domains for Generic Primary Attribute STRG   
11 WDY_CONF_INDEX WDA Configuration: Index Entry INT4 10    
12 WDY_CONF_SHORTSTRING Web Dynpro: Short String SSTR 255    
13 WDY_CONF_SWITCHPOS WD Configuration: Switch Setting CHAR   
14 WDY_CONF_TRANSL_TEXT Web Dynpro: Configuration: Translatable Text STRG   
15 WDY_CONF_USER_TYPE Type of User (Role, iView, Generic, User) CHAR   
17 WDY_CONTEXT_BOOL Web Dynpro: Context Editor Check Box CHAR   
18 WDY_CONTEXT_ELEMENT_TYPE Web Dynpro: Context Element Type NUMC   
19 WDY_CONTEXT_MAPPING_COMMAND WD Tabular Context Editor: Mapping User Command CHAR 10    
20 WDY_CONTEXT_NODE_TYPE Web Dynpro: Context Node Type NUMC   
21 WDY_CONTEXT_VALUE_HELP_MODE Web Dynpro Context: Input Help Mode (External View) NUMC   
22 WDY_CONTROLLER_TYPE Web Dynpro : Controller Type NUMC   
23 WDY_DDIC_TEXTS Dictionary reference CHAR   
24 WDY_DECIMAL Decimal Type of Web Dynpro Metadata DEC 31  14 
25 WDY_DIST_MODE_TYPE OPM PP: WebDynpro Distribution Mode Type NUMC   
26 WDY_EDITMODE Processing Type CHAR   
27 WDY_ENH_CTLR_COMPO_TYPE Web Dynpro: Extensibility Type of a Controller Component NUMC   
28 WDY_ENH_STATE Web Dynpro: Extensibility State NUMC   
29 WDY_FEATURE_TYPE Web Dynpro: Method/Event NUMC   
30 WDY_IDE_CLASSNAME Name of an IDE Adapter Class CHAR 30    
33 WDY_MATERIAL_TYPE OPM PP: WebDynpro Material Node Type NUMC   
34 WDY_MD_ABAP_TYPE_FEATURE_ENUM Web Dynpro : Property of ABAP DDIC Type NUMC   
36 WDY_MD_ABAP_TYPING_ENUM Web Dynpro: Type of Type Assignment for a Parameter NUMC   
37 WDY_MD_ACTION_TYPE Web Dynpro: Action Type NUMC   
39 WDY_MD_APPL_AUTH_CHECK Authorization Check for Application NUMC   
40 WDY_MD_APPL_SESSION Session State (Stateful, Stateless) NUMC   
41 WDY_MD_BINDABLE Web Dynpro: Bindability of UI Element (UI) NUMC   
42 WDY_MD_BINDING_TYPE_ENUM Web Dynpro: Binding Type NUMC   
43 WDY_MD_BUSINESS_GFX_DIMENSION Web Dynpro: Business Graphics Dimension NUMC   
44 WDY_MD_BUSINESS_GRAPHICS_TYPE Web Dynpro: Business Graphics Type NUMC   
45 WDY_MD_BUTTON_DESIGN WebDynpro:ButtonDesign NUMC   
46 WDY_MD_BUTTON_SIZE WebDynpro:ButtonSize NUMC   
47 WDY_MD_CARDINALITY Web Dynpro: Cardinality NUMC   
48 WDY_MD_CELL_BACKGROUND_DESIGN WebDynpro:CellBackgroundDesign NUMC   
49 WDY_MD_CELL_HALIGN WebDynpro:CellHAlign NUMC   
50 WDY_MD_CELL_VALIGN WebDynpro:CellVAlign NUMC   
51 WDY_MD_COLLECTION_TYPE Web Dynpro: Collection Type of a Context Node NUMC   
53 WDY_MD_COMPONENT_TYPE Web Dynpro : Component Type NUMC   
54 WDY_MD_COMP_LIFECYCLE_ENUM Web Dynpro: Enumeration Type for Component Life Cycle NUMC   
55 WDY_MD_CONTEXT_PROPERTY_ENUM UI Context Binding, Context Properties CHAR   
56 WDY_MD_CONTROLLER_TYPE Web Dynpro : Controller Type NUMC   
57 WDY_MD_CO_CARDINALITY Web Dynpro: Context Cardinality NUMC   
58 WDY_MD_CTX_ATTR_MAPPING_TYPE Enumeration: Mapping for Attributes NUMC   
60 WDY_MD_CTX_NODE_MAPPING_TYPE Enumeration: Mapping Type for Nodes NUMC   
62 WDY_MD_DATE_MARKING_CATEGORY WebDynpro:DateMarkingCategory NUMC   
63 WDY_MD_DATE_SELECTION_MODE WebDynpro:DateSelectionMode NUMC   
64 WDY_MD_DDIC_BINDABLE_ENUM Web Dynpro : Bindbarkeit UI-Element (UI) NUMC   
66 WDY_MD_DECLARATION_TYPE_ENUM Web Dynpro : Declaration Type of a Parameter NUMC   
67 WDY_MD_DEPRECATED_OBJ_CATEGORY Web Dynpro: deprecated object category NUMC   
68 WDY_MD_DESCRIPTION Web Dynpro: Short Description of an Object CHAR 60    
69 WDY_MD_DISPLAY_NAME Display Name of Metadata Object in Web Dynpro CHAR 128    
70 WDY_MD_DROP_DOWN_LIST_BOX_SIZE WebDynpro:DropDownListBoxSize NUMC   
71 WDY_MD_ENUMERATION_KEY Key für die Enumeration NUMC   
72 WDY_MD_ENUMERATION_NAME Name einer Enumeration CHAR 30    
73 WDY_MD_ENUMERATION_VALUE Wert der Enumeration CHAR 30    
74 WDY_MD_ERROR_STATE Web Dynpro: Error State NUMC   
76 WDY_MD_EXPL_TYPE_FEATURE_ENUM Web Dynpro : Property of ABAP DDIC Type NUMC   
77 WDY_MD_GEO_OBJECT Web Dynpro : Geo Object NUMC   
78 WDY_MD_GROUP_DESIGN WebDynpro:GroupDesign NUMC   
79 WDY_MD_HOR_DIV_RULE_HEIGHT WebDynpro:HorizontalDividerRuleHeight NUMC   
80 WDY_MD_ICON_BTN_FUNC_STATUS WebDynpro:IconButtonFunctionStatus NUMC   
82 WDY_MD_INBOUND_PLUG_TYPE Web Dynpro: Type of an Inbound Plug NUMC   
83 WDY_MD_INPUT_FIELD_SIZE WebDynpro:InputFieldSize NUMC   
84 WDY_MD_INTERACTIVE_FORM_MODE Web Dynpro: Interactive Form Mode NUMC   
85 WDY_MD_LABEL_DESIGN WebDynpro:LabelDesign NUMC   
86 WDY_MD_LABEL_SIZE Web Dynpro: Label Size (UI) NUMC   
87 WDY_MD_LABEL_SUPPORT_ENUM Web Dynpro: Eigenschaft von UI-Element Definition NUMC   
88 WDY_MD_LAYOUT_CELL_DESIGN WebDynpro:LayoutCellDesign NUMC   
89 WDY_MD_LAYOUT_CELL_SEPARATOR WebDynpro:LayoutCellSeparator NUMC   
90 WDY_MD_LINK_SIZE WebDynpro:LinkSize NUMC   
91 WDY_MD_LINK_TYPE WebDynpro:LinkType NUMC   
92 WDY_MD_MESSAGE_DISP_MODE_ENUM Web Dynpro: Enumeration Type for Message Component NUMC   
94 WDY_MD_MOVE_TYPE Web Dynpro: Move Type NUMC   
95 WDY_MD_OBJECT_NAME Web Dynpro: Name of a Web Dynpro Metadata Object CHAR 30    
96 WDY_MD_OBJECT_NAME_CAPITAL Web Dynpro: Name of a Metadata Object (Upper Case) CHAR 30    
97 WDY_MD_OBJECT_STATE Object State of a Web Dynpro Metadata Object CHAR   
98 WDY_MD_OFFICE_DOCUMENT_TYPE WebDynpro:OfficeDocumentType NUMC   
99 WDY_MD_OUTBOUND_PLUG_TYPE Web Dynpro: Type of an Outbound Plug NUMC   
100 WDY_MD_P13N_MODE Personalization Mode NUMC   
101 WDY_MD_P6S_PROPERTY_NAME Name of Property in P6S CHAR 100    
103 WDY_MD_PAT_DESIGN WebDynpro:PatternContainerDesign NUMC   
104 WDY_MD_PAT_SEQ_ITEM_DESIGN WebDynpro:PatternContainerSequenceItemDesign NUMC   
105 WDY_MD_PAT_SEQ_STATUS WebDynpro:PatternContainerSequenceStatus NUMC   
106 WDY_MD_PC_TITLE_DESIGN Web Dynpro: PatternContainerTitle Design NUMC   
107 WDY_MD_PROG_IND_BAR_COL WebDynpro:ProgressIndicatorBarColor NUMC   
108 WDY_MD_PUBLIC_PRIVATE Web Dynpro: Window Visibility NUMC   
109 WDY_MD_REPRESENTATION_ENUM Mögliche Repräsentationen von Attributen NUMC   
110 WDY_MD_ROAD_MAP_EDGE_DESIGN WebDynpro:RoadMapEdgeDesign NUMC   
111 WDY_MD_ROAD_MAP_STEP_DESIGN WebDynpro:RoadMapStepDesign NUMC   
112 WDY_MD_SCROLLING_MODE WebDynpro:ScrollingMode NUMC   
113 WDY_MD_SELECTION Web Dynpro : Context Selection Cardinality NUMC   
114 WDY_MD_STATE WebDynpro:State NUMC   
115 WDY_MD_TABLE_COLUMN_HALIGN WebDynpro:TableColumnHAlign NUMC   
116 WDY_MD_TABLE_DESIGN WebDynpro:TableDesign NUMC   
117 WDY_MD_TABLE_SELECTION_MODE WebDynpro:TableSelectionMode NUMC   
119 WDY_MD_TEXT_REPOSITORY_TEXT Web Dynpro: Text in Text Repository CHAR 255    
120 WDY_MD_TEXT_TYPE_ENUM Web Dynpro: Text Type NUMC   
121 WDY_MD_TEXT_VIEW_DESIGN WebDynpro:TextViewDesign NUMC   
122 WDY_MD_TEXT_VIEW_LAYOUT WebDynpro:TextViewLayout NUMC   
123 WDY_MD_TEXT_WRAPPING WebDynpro:TextWrapping NUMC   
124 WDY_MD_TOOL_BAR_BUTTON_DESIGN WebDynpro:ToolBarButtonDesign NUMC   
125 WDY_MD_TOOL_BAR_DESIGN WebDynpro:ToolBarDesign NUMC   
127 WDY_MD_TRANS_TEXT_TYPE_ENUM Typ eines Attributs mit der Eigenschaft TranslatableText NUMC   
128 WDY_MD_TRAY_DESIGN WebDynpro:TrayDesign NUMC   
129 WDY_MD_TREE_NODE_DESIGN WebDynpro:TreeNodeDesign NUMC   
130 WDY_MD_UI_ELEMENT_CATEGORY Web Dynpro: UI Element Kategorie NUMC   
131 WDY_MD_UI_ELEMENT_DEF_NAME Web Dynpro: Web Dynpro UI Element Definition CHAR 60    
132 WDY_MD_UI_ELEMENT_LIBRARY Web-Dynpro : Name einer UI-Element-Library CHAR 30    
133 WDY_MD_UI_ELEMENT_PROP_NAME Web Dynpro: Name of a Web Dynpro Metadata Object CHAR 60    
134 WDY_MD_UI_ELEMENT_REFERENCE WD: Reference to UI Element STRG   
135 WDY_MD_UI_VISIBILITY Web Dynpro: Visibility NUMC   
136 WDY_MD_UNIDIR_SCROLLING_MODE WebDynpro:UnidirectionalScrollingMode NUMC   
137 WDY_MD_VALUE_TYPE_ENUMERATION Web Dynpro: Value Type Enumeration NUMC   
138 WDY_MD_VIEW_LIFESPAN Web Dynpro: Lifespan of a View NUMC   
140 WDY_MD_VISIBILITY Web Dynpro: Visibility of a Procedure NUMC   
141 WDY_MD_ZOOM_TYPE Web Dynpro: Zoom Type NUMC   
142 WDY_MIME_PATH Web Dynpro: Pfad zu eimer Mime-Resource STRG   
143 WDY_MODEL_CARDINALITY Web Dynpro: Attribute of Model Relation Role NUMC   
144 WDY_NETWORK_TYPE OPM PP: WebDynpro Network Type NUMC   
145 WDY_OK_CODE_UI_LIB Web Dynpro: OK Codes for Display of Hidden UI Libraries NUMC   
146 WDY_P6S_FRAMEWORK Personas : Framework (UI Type) NUMC   
147 WDY_P6S_IMPORT_RULE Import Rules CHAR 20    
148 WDY_PARAMETER_TYPE Web Dynpro: Parameter Type NUMC   
149 WDY_PARAM_OPTIONAL Optional parameter CHAR   
150 WDY_PERS_APPL_SCOPE WD Customizing NUMC   
151 WDY_PERS_ENUM Web Dynpro Personalization Type NUMC   
152 WDY_PLUG_TYPE Web Dynpro: Plug Type NUMC   
153 WDY_PORT_KIND Type of Port (In/Out) CHAR   
154 WDY_PORT_NAME Port Name of CHIP CHAR 30    
155 WDY_PRGN_SCREEN_NAME Screen Attribute: Name CHAR 132    
156 WDY_PROCEDURE_TYPE Web Dynpro: Procedure Type NUMC   
157 WDY_PROPERTY_DEF_TYPE Web Dynpro : Property Definition Type NUMC   
158 WDY_RG_ABAP_PARAM_KIND Interface Type of Parameter CHAR   
159 WDY_RG_CONTEXT_ITEM_KIND Reference Type of Context Path CHAR   
160 WDY_RG_META_KIND Type of Meta Object (See Also Type Pool wdyrt) INT1   
161 WDY_RG_VISIBILITY Visibility INT1   
162 WDY_TAGGING_SCOPE Origin of Tag NUMC   
163 WDY_TAG_DESCRIPTION_LONG Detail Description of a Tag STRG   
164 WDY_TAG_DESCRIPTION_SHORT Short Description of a Tag CHAR 60    
165 WDY_TAG_NAME Tag Name CHAR 255    
166 WDY_TAG_PROVIDER_DISPLAY_NAME Name of Tag Provider CHAR 128    
167 WDY_TAG_PROVIDER_NAMESPACE Namespace of Tag Provider CHAR 40    
168 WDY_TEST_CFG_SCOPE Adaptation Scope CHAR   
169 WDY_TRACE_ACF_CLIENTTRACE Web Dynpro: ACF Client Trace Level CHAR   
170 WDY_TRACE_TOOL_MEMBER_PREFIX Prefix for the Trace Tool Participant CHAR   
171 WDY_TRACE_TRACING_LEVEL Web Dynpro: Tracing Level INT1   
172 WDY_UI_ELEMENT_BUTTON_DESIGN Web Dynpro: UI Button Design NUMC   
173 WDY_UI_ELEMENT_BUTTON_SIZE Web Dynpro: Size of a UI Button NUMC   
174 WDY_UI_ELEMENT_LINK_SIZE Web Dynpro: Size of a UI Link NUMC   
175 WDY_UI_ELEMENT_NAME Web Dynpro: Name of a UI Element CHAR 132    
176 WDY_UI_ELEMENT_TYPE Web Dynpro: UI Element Type NUMC   
177 WDY_UI_RAL_MODE Web Dynpro: Read Access Log Mode NUMC   
178 WDY_URL_PROPERTY_URL_PARAM Web Dynpro: URL Parameter SSTR 50    
179 WDY_URL_PROPERTY_VAL_METHOD Web Dynpro: Method to Validate a URL Parameter CHAR 30    
180 WDY_USAGE_TYPE Type of usage CHAR   
181 WDY_USER_KIND Art (Rolle, Benutzer,...) für Personalisierung NUMC   
182 WDY_VALUE_HELP_AVAILABLE Web Dynpro: Availability of Input Help CHAR   
183 WDY_VALUE_HELP_TYPE Web Dynpro: Type of Input Help CHAR 10    
184 WDY_VIEWSET_DEFINITION_NAME Web Dynpro: Name of a View Set Definition CHAR 30    
185 WDY_VIEW_TYPE Web Dynpro: View Type NUMC   
186 WDY_VSET_PROP_DEFINITION_NAME Web Dynpro : Viewset Property Definition CHAR 30    
187 WDY_VSH_NODE_TYPE Web Dynpro: Node Type of View Set Hierarchy NUMC   
188 WDY_VSH_PLACEHOLDER_TYPE Web Dynpro: Placeholder Type of View Set Hierarchy NUMC   
189 WDY_WB_COMPONENT Web Dynpro: Component Name CHAR 30    
190 WDY_WB_CTX_EDITOR_SORT Web Dynpro: Tabular Context Editor, Sort Criteria NUMC   
191 WDY_WB_TREE_NODE_KEY NUMC of Length 12 NUMC 12    
192 WDY_WB_VC_ACTION Web Dynpro: Action Name CHAR 20    
193 WDY_WB_VC_ACTION_TYPE Web Dynpro: Action Type NUMC   
194 WDY_WB_VC_APPLICATION Web Dynpro: Name of Application CHAR 30    
195 WDY_WB_VC_ATTR Web Dynpro: Attribute Name CHAR 30    
196 WDY_WB_VC_COMPONENT Web Dynpro: Component Name CHAR 25    
197 WDY_WB_VC_CONTROLLER Web Dynpro: View Name/Controller Name CHAR 20    
198 WDY_WB_VC_DESCRIPT Short Description CHAR 60    
199 WDY_WB_VC_EVENT Web Dynpro: Event Name CHAR 20    
200 WDY_WB_VC_METHNAME Web Dynpro: Method CHAR 30    
201 WDY_WB_VC_METHTYPE Web Dynpro: Method Type NUMC   
202 WDY_WB_VC_PARAVAL Dafault Value for a Parameter CHAR 255    
203 WDY_WB_VC_PLUG Web Dynpro: Name of Inbound/Outbound Plug CHAR 20    
204 WDY_WB_VC_TYPING Web Dynpro : Type Specification of Parameter CHAR   
205 WDY_WB_VIEW_POSITION Web Dynpro: Embedding Position of View in Window STRG   
206 WDY_WB_WINDOW Web Dynpro: Window Name CHAR 20    
207 WDY_WB_WIZARD_PKIND Representation of Parameter in Web Dynpro Controller CHAR   
208 WD_CONSTANT_DATA_TYPES Webdynpro:Const Data Types CHAR   
209 WEART Bill of exchange type CHAR   
210 WEBFI_ACCOUNT Account CHAR 10    
211 WEBRL Internet release CHAR   
212 WEBVENDOR Information About Software Vendor CHAR 30    
213 WEB_COOKIE Cookie Value CHAR 60    
214 WEB_COOKIE_ALL Complete Cookie Value CHAR 132    
215 WEB_OPSYST Operating System CHAR 60    
216 WEB_URL Uniform Resource Locator CHAR 255    
217 WEB_URL_ALIAS Web URL Alias CHAR 32    
218 WEB_USERAG User Agent CHAR 60    
219 WEB_USERAG_TXT User Agent - Full Text Length CHAR 120    
220 WEC_CATALOG_ID ERP Catalog ID INT4 10    
221 WEC_DATE_TYPE Timeline Date CHAR   
222 WEC_DOCUMENT_TYPE Document type CHAR   
223 WEC_INSTORE_PICKUP Indicator for Instore Pickup on Article Level CHAR   
224 WEC_MAIL_SCENARIO Mail Scenario CHAR 20    
225 WEC_MAIL_TYPE Mail Type CHAR 20    
226 WEC_OBJECT_TYPE Objects for auth objects CHAR 15    
227 WEC_PERS_GUID Personalization Guid CHAR 32    
228 WEC_PERS_MOD_ID ERP Web Channel Module ID CHAR 255    
229 WEC_PERS_NAME Personalization Name CHAR 255    
230 WEC_PERS_PREF_KEY Personalization Preference Key STRG   
231 WEC_PERS_PREF_PART ERP Personalization Part CHAR 255    
232 WEC_PERS_SEQ_NO Personalization Sequence Number INT2   
233 WEC_PERS_TYPE ERP Personalization Type CHAR 10    
234 WEC_REVIEW_SHORT_COMMENT Review Comments of 40 character length CHAR 40    
235 WEC_TEXT Timeline text CHAR 30000    
236 WEDXFITY File type CHAR   
237 WEEK Week NUMC   
238 WEEKDAY Weekday CHAR 15    
239 WEEKDAY_NR IS-PAM: Number of weekdays (Mo =1,...SU = 7) NUMC   
240 WEEKNR Day of the month (first,..,last Monday,..,Sunday) CHAR 10    
241 WEEKS Weeks DEC
242 WEEKSTRING Week string in the form 'xxxxxxxx' x = 0/1 CHAR   
243 WEFBG Results of alloc tbl GR / follow-on document generation CHAR   
244 WEF_NODEDESC Node Description CHAR 40    
245 WEGEL_LS IS-H: indicator whether service is passed on to subsystem(s) CHAR   
246 WEGID Evaluation Path CHAR   
247 WEGLANGKAT IS-PSD: Path length category for deliverer settlement CHAR   
248 WEGST Cession Status CHAR   
250 WELFARE Welfare number CHAR   
251 WEMPF Goods recipient CHAR 12    
252 WENDM Indicator for end of working time CHAR   
253 WEPRI_045G X - Charge is relevant for printing bills of exchange CHAR   
254 WERBEAKT IS-M/SD: Sales promotion CHAR   
255 WERBEART Sales Source CHAR   
256 WERBEKKNZ IS-M/AM: Combination Sale Indicator NUMC   
257 WERBTRAEG Advertising medium CHAR 10    
258 WERC1 One character value field CHAR   
259 WERC2 Two character value field CHAR   
260 WEREC Foreign Trade: Declarations: Selection Logic Control CHAR   
261 WERFD Plant determination for handling units CHAR   
262 WERKS Plant CHAR   
263 WERKSTATT Date of workshop inspection DATS   
264 WERKS_EXT External Plant CHAR   
265 WERKS_MASK Plant (masked entry possible) CHAR   
266 WERKS_W Plant CHAR   
267 WERT Value CURR 13 
268 WERT05 Value field PL5 without sign CURR
269 WERT11 Value field length 11 CURR 11 
270 WERT11V 11-digit value that can also be negative CURR 11 
271 WERT11V_BBP 11-digit value that can also be negative CURR 11 
272 WERT12 Value field PL12 without +/- sign CURR 23 
273 WERT13 13-character value CURR 13 
274 WERT13N 13 character value, that can also be negative CURR 13 
275 WERT15 Value length 15 CURR 15 
276 WERT2 Amount field PL2 DEC   
277 WERT3 Value field PL3 CURR
278 WERT4 Amount field PL4 CURR
279 WERT4N2PAISY PAISY: Amount Field (4,2) with Plus/Minus Sign CURR
280 WERT5 Value field PL5 CURR
281 WERT5N2PAISY PAISY: Amount Field (5,2) with Plus/Minus Sign CURR
282 WERT6 6-character value field without sign CURR 11 
283 WERT6N2PAISY PAISY: Amount Field (6,2) with Plus/Minus Sign CURR
284 WERT7 Amount field PL7 CURR 13 
285 WERT7N2PAISY PAISY: Amount Field (7,2) with Plus/Minus Sign CURR
286 WERT7V Signed value field PL7 CURR 13 
287 WERT8 Amount field PL8 CURR 15 
288 WERT9 Amount field PL9 CURR 17 
289 WERTA Cumulated value for events CHAR 22    
290 WERTE_VK Input values for account CHAR 20    
291 WERTE_VK_LC Input Values for Account CHAR 20    
292 WERTGS Total value CURR 14 
293 WERTKRIT Criterion value in ABC analysis FLTP 16  16 
294 WERTN_AD Acct determination: Acct determination key value CHAR 10    
295 WERTP62 PAISY: Value Field with Length 8 (6,2) CURR
296 WERTR Percentage value 4 places before, 2 places after the comma DEC
297 WERTV10 Value field PL10 with +/- sign CURR 19 
298 WERTV12 Value field PL12 with +/- sign CURR 23 
299 WERTV13 Value field PL13 with +/- sign CURR 25 
300 WERTV15_3 Value field with sign: 15 characters, 3 decimal places CURR 15 
301 WERTV3 Signed value field PL3 CURR
302 WERTV4 Value field PL4 with sign CURR
303 WERTV5 Value field PL5 with sign CURR
304 WERTV6 Value field PL6 with sign CURR 11 
305 WERTV7 Signed value field PL7 CURR 13 
306 WERTV8 Value field PL8 with +/- sign CURR 15 
307 WERTV8_TR Value Field PL8 with +/- Sign CURR 15 
308 WERTV9 Value field PL9 with +/- sign CURR 17 
309 WERTV9D5 Value field PL9 with sign with 5 decimal places DEC 17 
310 WERTV9_LIST Currency for List Output CURR 24 
311 WERTVX Value field PL8 with +/- sign CURR 15 
312 WERT_BE Amount CURR 15 
313 WER_ASSIGNMENT_STATUS Assignment status (full, partial, not or incomplete) INT1   
314 WER_ATTRIBUTE_STATUS Status of an attribute INT1   
315 WER_BOOLEAN_OPERATOR Boolean Operator Domain CHAR   
316 WER_CONF_ANSWER User Confirmation answer CHAR   
317 WER_CONTEXT_OBJECT_TYPE Context object type CHAR   
318 WER_DBE_CATEGORY [ DEPRECATED] Database enrichment field category CHAR   
319 WER_DBE_TYPE Database enrichment field type (Clause or Selection) CHAR   
320 WER_DB_ENRICHMENT_FIELD_TYPE Database enrichment where clause field type CHAR   
321 WER_DB_ENRICHMENT_OPTION Database enrichment option INT1   
322 WER_DB_ENRICHMENT_RESULT_TYPE [OBSOLETE] Database enrichment result field type CHAR   
323 WER_DB_ENRICHMENT_TARGET_TYPE Database enrichment target type CHAR   
324 WER_ELEMENTARY_TYPE Elementary Data Types CHAR   
325 WER_ELEMENT_STATUS Status of an element: new, deleted, modified, active NUMC   
326 WER_FUNCTION_STATUS Status of a function INT1   
327 WER_MODE Display, edit and execution modes INT4 10    
328 WER_MSG_TYPE Message type CHAR   
329 WER_MSG_VARIABLE [OBSOLETE] Message log variable code CHAR   
330 WER_NAME User readable unique identifier CHAR 30    
331 WER_OPERATION Operation: Execute, Display or Edit NUMC   
333 WER_PARAM_KIND Parameter Type (importing, exporting, changing, returning) CHAR   
334 WER_PARAM_MODE Method call parameter type CHAR   
335 WER_PROCESS_STATUS Status of a process: correct, item error, general error CHAR   
336 WER_RULE_COMPONENT_TYPE Component type of a rule: condition & true or false action CHAR   
337 WER_STRING String domain STRG   
338 WER_TYPE Element type CHAR 32    
339 WER_USAGE_DEPTH_LEVEL Usage depth level INT1   
340 WEVER Version for printout of GR/GI slip CHAR   
341 WEVWV Planned usage of the bill of exchange CHAR   
342 WEXTYP Trading Contract: Expenses Type CHAR   
343 WE_ENGAGEMENT_TYPE Work Engagement type CHAR   
344 WE_STAFF_STAT Domain for Engagement Object Staffing Status CHAR   
345 WFART Vendor billing document type CHAR   
346 WFBSK Status for transfer to accounting CHAR   
347 WFCID Factory calendar ID CHAR   
348 WFCS_BOOLEAN Domain for boolean variable CHAR   
349 WFCS_PRMOD Forecast model CHAR   
350 WFCS_RUNTIME_PROFILE Detail level for runtime profile CHAR   
351 WFDEFROLE WF object FMRE: Switch for choice of role definition CHAR   
352 WFD_ACTION Action for HCM - WFD interface CHAR   
353 WFD_COUNTER Field counter HCM - WFD interface NUMC   
354 WFD_STATUS Status for HCM - WFD interface CHAR   
355 WFD_TRANSFERRED Transfer indicator HCM - WFD interface CHAR   
356 WFE_ANNOT_LABEL_LD Web Request: Language-Specific Indicator CHAR   
357 WFE_ANSWER_ID Web Financials Forms: Answer ID CHAR 30    
358 WFE_ANSWER_STYLE Web Financials Forms: Answer Style CHAR   
359 WFE_ANSWER_TYPE Web Financials Forms: Answer Type CHAR   
360 WFE_DECIMALS Web Request: Number of Decimal Places NUMC   
361 WFE_EDITOR_MODE Editor Call Mode CHAR 10    
362 WFE_FIELD_TYPE Web Request: Field Type CHAR   
363 WFE_QUESTION_ID Web Financials Forms: Question ID CHAR 30    
364 WFE_SECTION_PATTERN Web Financials Forms: Section Pattern CHAR   
365 WFE_SURVEY_ID Web Financials Forms: Survey ID CHAR 30    
366 WFE_TEXT_POSITION Web Financials Forms: Text Position CHAR   
367 WFF_APPLICATION Web Financials Forms: Application CHAR 30    
368 WFF_APPLICATION_GRP Web Financials Forms: Application Group CHAR 30    
369 WFF_BINDING_CLASS Web Financials Forms: Binding Class CHAR   
370 WFF_ENQUEUE_STATE Web Financials Forms: Lock Status (same as SCOPE) CHAR   
371 WFF_FLAG Web Financials Forms: Flag CHAR   
372 WFF_FORM_MODE Web Financials Forms: Call Mode CHAR 10    
373 WFF_FORM_PAGE_NO Web Financials Forms: Page Number NUMC   
374 WFF_GENERATION_TYPE Web Financials Forms: Type of Form Generation CHAR   
375 WFF_META_FORM_DATA_TYPE Web Financials Forms: Type of Data Definition CHAR 10    
376 WFF_OBJECT_TYPE Web Financials Forms: Type of Form Server Object CHAR   
377 WFF_PLATFORM Web Financials Forms: Platform CHAR 10    
378 WFF_RELATION_TYPE Web Financials Forms: Type of Relation CHAR   
379 WFF_SAP_OBJECT Web Financials Forms: SAP Object or Customer Object NUMC   
380 WFF_SERVICE Web Financials Forms: Form Service CHAR 32    
381 WFF_TEMPLATE_TYPE Web Financials Forms: Type of Form Template CHAR   
382 WFF_TEST_MODE Web Financials Forms: Test Mode CHAR   
383 WFF_TYPE_CURR0 Web Financials Forms: "CURR" Type, 0 Decimal Places QUAN 31    
384 WFF_TYPE_CURR1 Web Financials Forms: CURR Type, 1 Decimal Place CURR 31 
385 WFF_TYPE_CURR2 Web Financials Forms: CURR Type, 2 Decimal Places CURR 31 
386 WFF_TYPE_CURR3 Web Financials Forms: CURR Type, 3 Decimal Places CURR 31 
387 WFF_TYPE_CURR4 Web Financials Forms: CURR Type, 4 Decimal Places CURR 31 
388 WFF_TYPE_CURR5 Web Financials Forms: CURR Type, 5 Decimal Places CURR 31 
389 WFF_TYPE_QUAN0 Web Financials Forms: QUAN Type, 0 Decimal Places QUAN 31    
390 WFF_TYPE_QUAN1 Web Financials Forms: Type QUAN, 1 Decimal Place QUAN 31 
391 WFF_TYPE_QUAN2 Web Financials Forms: QUAN Type, 2 Decimal Places QUAN 31 
392 WFF_TYPE_QUAN3 Web Financials Forms: CURR Type, 3 Decimal Places QUAN 31 
393 WFF_TYPE_QUAN4 Web Financials Forms: QUAN Type, 4 Decimal Places QUAN 31 
394 WFF_TYPE_QUAN5 Web Financials Forms: QUAN Type, 5 Decimal Places QUAN 31 
395 WFF_UPDATE_FLAG Web Financials Forms: Update Flag CHAR   
396 WFGRU Vendor billing document: billing reason (reason for trans.) CHAR   
397 WFILTER Agency Business Filter Types CHAR   
398 WFIL_MAINTENANCE_GROUP domain for maintenance group customizing NUMC   
399 WFIL_ORGPRICES Original Price CHAR   
400 WFIL_PROF RMA Profile CHAR   
401 WFIL_TABNA_WRKC Tables Customizing Plant CHAR 10    
402 WFKUR Agency Business: Determining Price Determination Exch. Rate CHAR   
403 WFKUR_COPY Price Exchange Rate Determination Type During Copying CHAR   
404 WFLEVEL Level in workflow INT4 10    
405 WFLEV_KK Dual Control: Current Level NUMC   
406 WFMC_YESNO WFMC: Domains for multiple results parameters CHAR   
408 WFMEM_KONFE Religion CHAR   
409 WFMEM_MILSA Military status CHAR   
410 WFMEM_PCA_RECTY City, census metropolitan area CHAR   
411 WFMEM_PCA_SURPA Survey Participation Flag CHAR   
412 WFMEM_RACKY Ethnic origin CHAR   
414 WFM_DO_ORGUNIT WFM Organisational Unit CHAR   
416 WFOPR Update operation CHAR   
417 WFPROC_KK Workflow - Process CHAR   
418 WFREDO_NRDAYS number of days NUMC   
419 WFREDO_NR_OF_DAYS number of days NUMC   
420 WFSTAT_KK Workflow Status CHAR   
421 WFTRIGGER Final decision indicator CHAR   
422 WFTYP Vendor billing document category CHAR   
423 WFTYPN Agency business: Document types of follow-on document CHAR   
424 WFTYPV Vendor billing document category of preceding document CHAR   
425 WFTYPV_APPEND Other References     
426 WFTYPV_APPEND_5 Fixed Values for Reference Documents     
427 WFTYP_V Agency Business: Type of Triggering Document CHAR   
428 WFTYP_VON Doc. category of preceding document to vendor billing doc. CHAR   
429 WFTYP_V_APPEND_5 Fixed Values for Reference Documents     
430 WFTYP_V_APPEND_6 Zusatzfelder EHP6     
431 WFTYP_V_APPEND_7 Additional Reference Objects     
432 WFVAR Workflow variant CHAR   
433 WF_ACTION Workflow: Action indicator (analogous to change doc. mngmt) CHAR   
434 WF_APPLIC Workflow: Application code CHAR   
435 WF_ASGROLE Workflow: Link role CHAR   
436 WF_CHANGER Workflow: Function name or process type+rule number CHAR 30    
437 WF_DESCRIP Workflow: Description text for a workflow element CHAR 40    
438 WF_DISPNUM Workflow: Sequential number of the display NUMC   
439 WF_INT4 Workflow interfaces: Counter INT4 10    
440 WF_INWORK Workflow: Process - processing flag CHAR   
441 WF_LOGTXT Workflow: Short text for log book CHAR 50    
442 WF_MANDT Workflow: Client -including ext. systems, therefore w/o T000 NUMC   
443 WF_MSGMETH Workflow: Method for processing a message CHAR 10    
444 WF_MSGTYPE Workflow: Message type CHAR   
445 WF_NSNUM Workflow: Transition rule: seq. no. of subseq. status/agent NUMC   
446 WF_PARAM Workflow: Control parameter for process function module CHAR 79    
447 WF_PARTYPE Workflow: Parameter type NUMC   
448 WF_PRCCLAS Workflow: Process type category CHAR   
449 WF_PRCNR Workflow: Process number (part of process ID) NUMC 16    
450 WF_PRC_TP Workflow: Process type CHAR 10    
451 WF_PRIOR Workflow: Priority (1 - high; 9 - low) NUMC   
452 WF_RCODE Workflow: Return code of a process function module NUMC   
453 WF_REORTIM Workflow: No. of days until reorganization NUMC   
454 WF_RESTART Workflow-relevant change CHAR   
455 WF_RULENUM Workflow: Seq. number of transition rule for process type NUMC   
456 WF_RUNMODE Workflow: Processing mode CHAR   
457 WF_SCENARIO Application Scenario in which the Workflow is Involved CHAR   
458 WF_SMRULES Reference to specific rules on role definition CHAR   
459 WF_STARTDATE_ACTIVE Flag: Deadline monitoring active (requested start) CHAR   
460 WF_STATE Workflow: Process state CHAR 14    
461 WF_STRTMOD Workflow: Start mode CHAR   
462 WF_SYSTEM Workflow: System ID (for cross-system processes) CHAR 10    
463 WF_TRCODE Return code release CHAR   
464 WF_TRULE Workflow: Transition rule - state template CHAR 14    
465 WF_USER_ROLE Role of the User in the Application Scenario CHAR   
466 WF_WITEM Transfer of a Workflow ID CHAR 12    
467 WGBKZ Indicator for bill of exchange protest charges (Spain) CHAR   
468 WGHST MG hierarchy level for value-based inventory management CHAR   
469 WGRC_BATCH_CONTROL What happens in batch mode? CHAR   
470 WGRC_CAPA_UNITS Capacity Units INT4 10    
471 WGRC_DOUBLE Double Assignment of Vendors in Planning CHAR   
472 WGRC_LEVEL Door or Staging Area CHAR   
473 WGRC_LOCATION Door or Staging Area CHAR   
474 WGRC_LOCATION_NAME Name of Door / Staging Area CHAR 10    
475 WGRC_POSTATUS Status of Purchasing Document NUMC   
476 WGRC_RASTER Pointer for Relevant Entry in Grid Table RAW 16    
477 WGRC_ROUNDING Rounding in Minutes NUMC   
478 WGRC_SELECTION_RES Time Criteria for Resource Selection CHAR   
479 WGRC_SORT_REWORK Sort Sequence NUMC   
480 WGRC_TIME Time Buckets Profile in Format HH:MM-HH:MM CHAR 13    
481 WGRC_TIME_HHMM Time in Format HHMM CHAR   
482 WGRC_UPD Changes to Capacity Data: Change Type CHAR   
483 WGRC_VALUE Value Parameters DEC
484 WGRC_WEEKDAY Weekday NUMC   
485 WGTFAC weight factor domain DEC 16 
486 WHANZ_KK Number of items for the repetition group NUMC   
487 WHCLDOM Domain for where clause CHAR 30    
488 WHFELD Record Type Field for EDT of Securities Class Data CHAR   
489 WHGRP_KK Repetition group NUMC   
490 WHRBTRG Amount in a currency CURR 10 
491 WHRV5 Currency with 5 places after the decimal point CURR 13 
492 WIDNO_LF Vendor billing document: Payment reference FI documents CHAR   
493 WIMNG Active ingredient (100% quantity) QUAN 13 
494 WINDOW_SYS Windows system ID CHAR   
495 WIND_FLD Field Name from the Assigned Table CHAR 30    
496 WIND_STA Processing indicator CHAR   
497 WIND_TAB Condition Tables Permitted for Document Index CHAR 30    
498 WIND_VAI Content of VAR Field CHAR 30    
499 WIND_VAR VAR Fields Permitted for Document Index NUMC   
500 WINFK Window function CHAR