SAP ABAP Domain - Index W, page 6
Domain - W
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 WRF_PRC_EM_SET_MIN_STATUS Set Minimum Status if Number Reached; Reminder Missing CHAR   
2 WRF_PRDCLF Goods Schedule Line CHAR   
3 WRF_PREPAY_HEADER_CHANGEABLE Prepayment Attribute of Header Fields, Log. Invoice Verific. CHAR   
4 WRF_PREPAY_PARKED Parking Status of Invoice as of Which Prepayment Takes Place CHAR   
5 WRF_PREPAY_RELEVANT Prepayment Relevance (Vendor Master) CHAR   
6 WRF_PREPAY_STATUS Prepayment Status CHAR   
8 WRF_PRICAT_CHAR1_FLAG General flag CHAR   
9 WRF_PRICAT_DIFFERENCE_GET Price Catalog: Comparison of Work Item with Reference Item CHAR   
10 WRF_PRICAT_SCREEN_LAYOUT Price Catalog: Screen Layout (Controls) CHAR   
11 WRF_PRICAT_VARIANT_SAVE Price Catalog: Save Display Variants CHAR   
12 WRF_PRICE_ORIGIN Origin of Original Price CHAR   
13 WRF_PRICE_TYPE PRICAT: Price Category Sales Price (S), Purch. Price (P) CHAR   
15 WRF_PRIKEY4 Price Catalog Inbound: Key Field 4 CHAR 35    
16 WRF_PRIKEY5 Price Catalog Inbound: Key Field 5 CHAR 30    
17 WRF_PRIKEY6 Price Catalog Inbound: Key Field 6 CHAR   
18 WRF_PRI_TABLENAME Price Catalog Inbound: Table Names CHAR 30    
19 WRF_PRI_VALUE Default Value CHAR 50    
20 WRF_PROCSTATUS Price Catalog Inbound: Processing Status CHAR   
21 WRF_PRODHST Product Hierarchy Structure CHAR 14    
23 WRF_PROMREB_TEXT Description of Promotion Discount at Article Hierarchy Lvl CHAR 100    
24 WRF_PSCD_ACT_STATUS Status: Active/Inactive CHAR   
25 WRF_PSCD_CALC_DATE_DIRECTION Direction of Date Calculation CHAR   
26 WRF_PSCD_CALL_FROM Caller of Date Calculation CHAR   
28 WRF_PSCD_DATE_NAME Date Name CHAR 30    
29 WRF_PSCD_DIRECTION Control Date Shift CHAR   
30 WRF_PSCD_DL_ID Date Line ID CHAR 18    
31 WRF_PSCD_DTYPE Date Category CHAR   
32 WRF_PSCD_MODE Call Mode CHAR   
33 WRF_PSCD_MONITOR_DATE Deadline Monitoring CHAR   
34 WRF_PSCD_MST Staging Time in Days DEC   
35 WRF_PSCD_PARAMETER_ID Interval Code from Master Data CHAR 12    
36 WRF_PSCD_POSS_HANDOVER_DATE Possible Transfer Date CHAR   
37 WRF_PSCD_PROC_MODE Processing Type CHAR   
38 WRF_PSCD_SCHED_TYPE Scheduling Procedure CHAR   
39 WRF_PSCD_STATUS Status of Date NUMC   
40 WRF_PSCD_TCMODE Dispatch Method for Transportation Chain CHAR   
41 WRF_PSCD_TCMODE_INT Internal Mode of Transport for Transportation Chain CHAR   
42 WRF_PSCD_TCTYPE Type of Transportation Chain CHAR   
43 WRF_PSCD_TC_ID Transportation Chain CHAR 10    
45 WRF_PSCD_UTC_TMSTMP UTC Time Stamp DEC 15    
46 WRF_QTY Quantity QUAN 10    
47 WRF_QTY_ACTUAL Actual Quantity (Purchase Order) QUAN 13 
48 WRF_READ_TYPE Method of Reading Data CHAR   
49 WRF_REC_MTRX_ART_DES Default Headers for Material Recipient Matrix CHAR   
50 WRF_REC_MTRX_REC_DES Default Headers for Recipients, Recipient Matrix CHAR   
51 WRF_REF_BIF_FUNCTION_CODE Function code for interface processing CHAR   
52 WRF_REF_BOOLEAN Boolean Value CHAR   
53 WRF_REF_CHECK_RELEVANCE Check Relevance of references for F&R CHAR   
54 WRF_REF_DESC_MOD Indicator: Description of module modified CHAR   
55 WRF_REF_DONT_USE_VLGFI Indicator: do not use reference plant for stores CHAR   
56 WRF_REF_DONT_USE_VLGVZ Indicator: do not use reference plant for distr. centers CHAR   
58 WRF_REF_FACTOR Level Shift Factor DEC
59 WRF_REF_FIND_TYPE Reference Determination Type CHAR   
60 WRF_REF_FIND_TYPE_UI Append for Reference Determination Type     
61 WRF_REF_FIRST_TRANSFER Flag: new module (will be transfered for the first time) CHAR   
62 WRF_REF_FLAG_NOT_OWN Do Not Assign Material/Plant from Header Record as Own Ref. CHAR   
63 WRF_REF_GROUP Material Grouping of the Reference Module CHAR 20    
64 WRF_REF_GROUPING_ID Identifier for Material Grouping in the reference module CHAR   
65 WRF_REF_HEAD_MANUAL Maintained Manually Indicator CHAR   
66 WRF_REF_HEAD_SENT Module Assignment Sent Indicator CHAR   
67 WRF_REF_HIST_BASE_FILTER Filtering of Historical Basis CHAR   
68 WRF_REF_ITEM_NUMBER Item Number of the Reference in the Reference Module NUMC   
69 WRF_REF_LEVEL_PA Level of detail for a information message CHAR   
70 WRF_REF_MODULE_DELETED Reference Module Deleted Indicator CHAR   
71 WRF_REF_MODULE_DESC Description of the Reference Module CHAR 40    
72 WRF_REF_MODULE_MANUAL Maintained Manually Indicator CHAR   
73 WRF_REF_MODULE_NUMBER Number of the Reference Module CHAR 18    
74 WRF_REF_MODULE_NUMBER_LONG Number of the Reference Module CHAR 40    
75 WRF_REF_MODULE_REUSABLE Indicator: Module Can Be Assigned Automatically CHAR   
76 WRF_REF_MODULE_SENT Reference Module Sent Indicator CHAR   
77 WRF_REF_NEWTS Flag: new construction of history necessary because of chang CHAR   
78 WRF_REF_OVERWRITE Overwrite Control if Reference Assignment Already Exists CHAR   
79 WRF_REF_SCHEMA Reference Determination Schema CHAR   
80 WRF_REF_SCHEMA_TEXT Description of the Reference Determination Schema CHAR 40    
81 WRF_REF_UTC_TIMESTAMP UTC-Timestamp short form DEC 15    
82 WRF_REF_UTC_TIMESTAMP_LONG UTC time stamp in long form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss,mmmuuun) DEC 21 
83 WRF_REF_WEIGHTING_FACTOR Weighting Factor of the Reference DEC
84 WRF_RPC_RKTYP Price Point Groups: Ranking Type CHAR   
85 WRF_RPR_3DIGITNO 3-Character Number INT1   
86 WRF_RPR_STATE_ADMIN State Administration CHAR   
87 WRF_RPR_TEXT40 Text Field 40 Characters CHAR 40    
88 WRF_RSN_NO_MIGR Reason Why Store Was Not Migrated to Shop INT1   
90 WRF_SALESPRICE_FLAG Flag Whether It Relates to Recomm. Sales Price for Display CHAR   
91 WRF_SAVE_MODE Communication Mode (Synchr./Asynchr.) CHAR   
92 WRF_SAVE_OPTION Price Catalog CHAR   
93 WRF_SCRLEVEL Indicates the Line Type of the ALV Grid CHAR   
94 WRF_SORTPOS Sort Position NUMC   
95 WRF_SORT_ATINN Flag for Sorting Characteristic Values CHAR   
96 WRF_SORT_FLAG Sort Criterion Tree Display (Article Hierarchy) NUMC   
97 WRF_SOURCE_TYP Data Source CHAR   
98 WRF_SSMPROF Markdown Profile (Slow Seller Management) CHAR 10    
99 WRF_SSMRPER Relative Periods CHAR   
100 WRF_SSMRTM Runtime of Markdown Profile NUMC   
101 WRF_SSMSLPT Sales Pattern CHAR 10    
102 WRF_SSMTGT Target Sales Ratio DEC
103 WRF_SSMTTIM Tolerance Time (BW Customizing Slowseller Managment) INT1   
104 WRF_STATUS Status CHAR 15    
105 WRF_STORETYPE Store Category to Differentiate Store, Dep. Store, Shop CHAR   
106 WRF_STPLGR Detailed Status of Plant Groups CHAR   
107 WRF_STRING Price Catalog: Store Generic Fields (Without Key) STRG 889    
108 WRF_STRUCTNAME Structure Name CHAR 30    
109 WRF_STRUCTURETYPE Number of PRICAT Table (03 - 09) for Generic Data CHAR   
110 WRF_STRUCTYP Price Catalog Inbound: Domains CHAR   
111 WRF_SUBITEM Purchasing List Subitem NUMC   
112 WRF_TABKEY Concatenated Key Fields for Dynamic Attributes CHAR 40    
113 WRF_TERMG_REACT Flag Control Scheduling CHAR   
114 WRF_TEXTILE_COMPONENT_CODE Textile Component Code CHAR   
115 WRF_TEXTILE_COMPONENT_DESCR Textile Component Description CHAR 70    
116 WRF_TEXTILE_COMPONENT_NAME Textile Component Name CHAR 20    
117 WRF_TEXTILE_POSITION Position Counter NUMC   
118 WRF_TEXTILE_SEQUENCE Sequence number NUMC   
119 WRF_TEXTL_COMP_IND Indicator: New Textile Component Functionality CHAR   
121 WRF_TIMESTMP Time Stamp CHAR 12    
122 WRF_TITLE0 Data Type for Auxiliary Field "Title Line" CHAR 20    
123 WRF_TOLERANCE Operational APC: Tolerance Planned - Actual DEC
124 WRF_UPLOAD_MODE Upload Mode CHAR   
125 WRF_VALUE Value CHAR 30    
126 WRF_VENDOR_SATNR Price Catalog Vendor Generic Material Number CHAR 20    
127 WRF_WASHCODE Washing Code CHAR   
129 WRF_WVKP_RKTYP2 Price Point Groups: Ranking Type CHAR   
130 WRITE_QUAL Foo INT4 10    
131 WRKAR Work Tax Area CHAR   
132 WRKMOD ATP: Work Mode for APO CHAR   
133 WRKRG Copy rules, Customizing plant CHAR   
134 WRKST Basic material CHAR 48    
135 WRKST_OLD Basic material (obsolete) CHAR 14    
136 WRK_RELTYPE relation types for semantic relations CHAR 20    
137 WRLPAR Vendor billing document: invoice list recipient CHAR   
138 WRLST Value scale CHAR 10    
139 WRMA_AUTYPE Indicator 'above line' or 'under line' CHAR   
140 WRMA_BESTATUS Status of Data Transfer to BW CHAR   
141 WRMA_BE_STATUS Status of Transfer to the Engine CHAR   
142 WRMA_BI_LOG BI Application Log CHAR 10    
143 WRMA_BUPFL Posting Periods Flag CHAR   
144 WRMA_BWART Movement Type CHAR   
145 WRMA_BWTRAN_TYP Transfer Type Engine - BW CHAR   
146 WRMA_BW_STATUS Status of Transfer to the BW CHAR   
147 WRMA_CALCTYPE Calculation Type in List Output CHAR   
148 WRMA_CHECKRUN Check run CHAR   
149 WRMA_COLNR Value Column NUMC   
150 WRMA_COLOUR Color Display CHAR   
151 WRMA_COMPARISON Relational Operator CHAR   
152 WRMA_COST Cost Calculation CHAR   
153 WRMA_COSTAPPLY Indicates if COST% is used for current value CHAR   
154 WRMA_CUBETYP InfoCube Type for Updating CHAR   
155 WRMA_DATSELTYP Data Selection Category CHAR   
156 WRMA_DE_KSCHL_ACC_CATEG Access Condition Type Category CHAR   
157 WRMA_DE_RMA_APPL RMA Application CHAR   
158 WRMA_DO_ALLOC RMA Targets for Cost Distribution CHAR   
159 WRMA_DO_DAYOFFSET Number of Days After End of Recasting Period INT1   
160 WRMA_DO_HIERID Hierarchy ID CHAR   
161 WRMA_DO_INDOCSTAT Status of RMA Accounting Document (Inbound Processing) CHAR   
162 WRMA_DO_LIST List elements CHAR 20    
163 WRMA_DO_MADO_SOURCE Source of Markdown/Markup NUMC   
164 WRMA_DO_MATERIAL Material domain CHAR 18    
165 WRMA_DO_MATL_CAT Materical category domain CHAR   
166 WRMA_DO_MATL_GROUP Material Group CHAR 18    
167 WRMA_DO_OBJECT Object Level CHAR 32    
168 WRMA_DO_PERCLRCLH Message Category for Hierarchy Changes in Closing Period CHAR   
169 WRMA_DO_PEROFFSET Number of Periods Before Current Period CHAR   
170 WRMA_DO_RCLASV RMA Recasting Version CHAR   
171 WRMA_DO_RMA_CNDTYP RMA Condition Type CHAR   
172 WRMA_DO_RMA_KALSMA RMA Calculation Schema CHAR   
173 WRMA_DO_RMA_OBJ RMA Object CHAR 18    
174 WRMA_DO_RMA_PROF RMA Customzing Profile CHAR   
175 WRMA_DO_RMA_RELVNCE Relevancy for RMA CHAR   
176 WRMA_DO_RPA_WGH Material Cat Hierarchy nodes CHAR 18    
177 WRMA_DO_SOUCE_OF_DATA RMA: Source of Data CHAR   
178 WRMA_DO_TCTTIMSTMP Time Stamp NUMC 14    
179 WRMA_DO_VERSTYPE RMA Recasting Version Type CHAR   
180 WRMA_DO_WGH1 Merchandise Groups: Hierarchy Level 1 CHAR 18    
181 WRMA_DO_WGH2 Merchandise Groups: Hierarchy Level 1 CHAR 18    
182 WRMA_DO_WGH3 Merchandise Groups: Hierarchy Level 3 CHAR 18    
183 WRMA_DO_WGH4 Merchandise Groups: Hierarchy Level 3 CHAR 18    
184 WRMA_EDI_ALOG Application log CHAR 20    
185 WRMA_EDI_BUPER Period in the form YYYYMM NUMC   
186 WRMA_EDI_COUNT Number of the IDOC sent INT2   
189 WRMA_EDI_ICOUNT Total number of IDOCs sent INT2   
190 WRMA_EDI_KSCHL Condition key CHAR   
191 WRMA_EDI_KSCHL_L Condition key CHAR   
192 WRMA_EDI_KWERT Amount field PL7 CURR 13 
193 WRMA_EDI_LAST Last IDOC (all data processed) CHAR   
194 WRMA_EDI_OBJECT Material class CHAR   
195 WRMA_EDI_OBJECT_L RMA Object CHAR 32    
196 WRMA_EDI_PERIV Period version CHAR   
197 WRMA_EDI_REV_NR Revaluation run number CHAR 12    
198 WRMA_EDI_RMARUN RMA run number NUMC 10    
199 WRMA_EDI_VALUE Amount field PL7 CURR 13 
200 WRMA_EDI_WAERS Currency key CUKY   
201 WRMA_EKBETR RMA Purchase Amount for Revaluation CURR 11 
202 WRMA_ELEVEL RMA Valuation Level CHAR   
203 WRMA_ELEVELNAME Name of RMA Valuation Level CHAR 40    
205 WRMA_EVALSTAT Status of Evaluation for a Reference Currency CHAR   
206 WRMA_FISCPER Posting Period NUMC   
207 WRMA_F_BWART Transaction Type Category CHAR   
208 WRMA_F_OBJECTL Value Definition Level for Condition CHAR   
209 WRMA_HIER_LEVEL Hierarchy Level CHAR 40    
210 WRMA_IDOC_COUNT Number of the IDOC sent INT2   
211 WRMA_INSTAT Status of RMA Period Close Run: Inbound Processing CHAR   
212 WRMA_INVDATE Date of last physical inventry DATS   
213 WRMA_INVDATEL Date of Second Last Physical Inventory DATS   
214 WRMA_INVDAYPERC RMA Physical Inventory Percentage on Physical Inventory Day DEC
215 WRMA_INVFLAG Physical Inventory Indicator for RMA Run CHAR   
216 WRMA_KALSM RMA Calculation Schema CHAR   
217 WRMA_KAPPL Application CHAR   
218 WRMA_KOLNR Sequence Number of Access in Access Sequence NUMC   
219 WRMA_KOLNR_SHRINK RMA: Access Sequence Number (Shrinkage) NUMC   
220 WRMA_KONDTYPE Condition Type and Calculation Rule CHAR   
221 WRMA_KOZGF RMA Access Sequence CHAR   
222 WRMA_KOZGF_SHRINK RMA: Access Sequence (Shrinkage) CHAR   
223 WRMA_KSCHL Condition key CHAR   
224 WRMA_KSCHL_ACC Access Condition Type CHAR   
225 WRMA_KSCHL_ACC_NVH Handling of Negative Values for Access Condition Types CHAR   
226 WRMA_LISTH Header for List Output CHAR 132    
227 WRMA_LISTV RMA List Variant CHAR   
228 WRMA_LISTVFORMAT Output Format CHAR   
229 WRMA_LISTVLINE Line or Column Print Format CHAR   
230 WRMA_LIVNR Number of Realignment Run for Last Physical Inventory Date CHAR   
231 WRMA_LVNULLFLAG Empty Lines Excluded in Output CHAR   
232 WRMA_MAINVORG Main Transaction Key Indicator CHAR   
233 WRMA_MATKL_RMA_FLAG RMA Indicator on Material Group Level CHAR   
234 WRMA_OBJECT RMA Object CHAR 32    
235 WRMA_OBJECTL Object Level NUMC   
238 WRMA_OBJECTMODEL2 Object Model CHAR   
239 WRMA_OBJECTNAME RMA Object Name CHAR 60    
240 WRMA_OBJECT_TYPE_RFC Type of RMA Valuation Object for Communication with ERP CHAR   
241 WRMA_OBJREL Object Relevancy CHAR   
242 WRMA_OPERATOR Operator for Calculations in RMA Calculation Schema CHAR   
243 WRMA_OPERATOR_SCALC Operator for Calculations in RMA Calculation Schema CHAR   
244 WRMA_OUTSTAT Status of RMA Period Closing Run: Outbound Processing CHAR   
245 WRMA_OUT_NR Number of RMA Period Close Run NUMC 10    
246 WRMA_OUT_WMODE Period Close Processing Mode CHAR   
247 WRMA_PERCENT RMA: Percentage DEC
248 WRMA_PERIOD_FOR_SNAPSHOT Period for Reading the Object Hierarchy Snapshot CHAR   
250 WRMA_PE_STATUS RMA Run Status for Individual Periods CHAR   
251 WRMA_PLANT Plant CHAR   
252 WRMA_PRINTFLAG Output Indicator for Individual Lines CHAR   
253 WRMA_R3UPDATE Method for Updating Data in R/3 CHAR   
254 WRMA_R3VALUE Indicator for R/3 Valuation CHAR   
255 WRMA_RECASTFLAG Recasting Indicator CHAR   
256 WRMA_RESTATUS Status of Data Transfer to R/3 CHAR   
257 WRMA_REV_NR Revaluation run number CHAR 12    
258 WRMA_REV_NR2 Number of Revaluation Run CHAR 12    
259 WRMA_RUN_NR RMA Run Number NUMC 10    
260 WRMA_RUN_NR2 Last Run Number for a Period in the RMA Engine NUMC 10    
261 WRMA_SHKZG Debit/Credit Indicator CHAR   
262 WRMA_SHRINK_MODE RMA: Shrinkage Processing Mode CHAR   
263 WRMA_SHRINK_TAB RMA: Shrinkage Percentage Table CHAR 30    
264 WRMA_STRUC Table Name CHAR 30    
265 WRMA_STUNR Level Number in RMA Calculation Schema NUMC   
266 WRMA_TAB RMA Table CHAR 30    
267 WRMA_TABLECATG Condition Table Type CHAR   
269 WRMA_TABTYP RMA Table Type CHAR   
270 WRMA_TEXT60 Name CHAR 60    
271 WRMA_UNIQUE Unique Indicator CHAR   
272 WRMA_UPD_KSCHL Update Condition Type CHAR   
273 WRMA_VORG BW Process CHAR   
274 WRMA_ZWIST Results Field in RMA Calculation Schema CHAR   
275 WRPLST Replenishment: status CHAR   
277 WRREQGRP Replenishment: requirement group CHAR   
278 WRSKZ Sales pricing: currency proposal for conditions CHAR   
279 WRTFLD Value field I.D code CHAR   
280 WRTLC Processing of Letters of Credit: Value Field With +/- Sign CURR 26 
281 WRTL_CHECKBOX Activation / Deactivation Indicator CHAR   
282 WRTTP Value type NUMC   
283 WRTTP_CAT Value Type Categories NUMC   
284 WRTV2 2 character value field with +/- sign DEC   
285 WRTV3 3 character value field with +/- sign DEC   
286 WRTV6 6 character value field with +/- sign CURR 11 
287 WRTV7 7-character value field (+/-) CURR 13 
288 WRTV7_9 7 character value field with +/- sign and 9 decimal places CURR 13 
289 WRTV8 8 character value field with +/- sign CURR 15 
290 WRTV8_CA 8 character value field with +/- sign CURR 15 
291 WRTXX Output in multi-function column CHAR   
292 WRTYP Entry category: payment CHAR   
293 WSAF_CALEVENT Identification Number of the Calendar Event NUMC   
294 WSAF_CHAR0047 Character Length 47 CHAR 47    
295 WSAF_CHAR007 Character Length 7 CHAR   
296 WSAF_CLASSMEAN Classification Characteristic of the Inventory Turnover CHAR   
297 WSAF_CLASSMETHNEW Default Value 1 2 3 4 DEC
298 WSAF_CLASSMETHSTD Domane for Determining the Classification Average INT2   
299 WSAF_DEC1_3 1 Digit to the Left of and 3 Digits After the Decimal Point DEC
300 WSAF_DEC1_3_INT Value Set 0<= x <= 1 DEC
301 WSAF_DEC2_0 2 Digits to the Left of and 0 Digits After the Decimal Point DEC   
302 WSAF_DEC2_2 2 Digits to the Left of and 2 Digits After the Decimal Point DEC
303 WSAF_DEC2_3 2 Digits to the Left of and 3 Digits After the Decimal Point DEC
304 WSAF_DISPOTYPE Planning Type SAF CHAR   
305 WSAF_DYNESTIMNEW Dyn. Forecast for Fast Selling Merch. with few Observations INT2   
306 WSAF_ESTIMMETHNEW Default Values 1 2 INT2   
307 WSAF_ESTIMMETHSLOWDYN Int1 With Default Values 1 2 3 4 INT2   
308 WSAF_ESTIMQNFS Input Equation CHAR 100    
309 WSAF_EVENTNO Number of the Calendar Event NUMC   
310 WSAF_EXCEPTLEV Indicates Whether Exceptions Have Occurred INT1   
311 WSAF_FCSTPERIOD Future Forecast Periods NUMC   
312 WSAF_INT2_1_TO_5 INT2 Value Set 1 to 5 INT2   
313 WSAF_INT2_1_TO_6 INT2 Value Set 1 to 6 INT2   
314 WSAF_I_DIM Domain for Field DIM in Table WSAF_FIX_FIELDS CHAR   
315 WSAF_I_EVENTID Identification Number of the Calendar Event NUMC   
316 WSAF_I_FILE SAF File Names CHAR 40    
317 WSAF_I_FILESTATUS Indicator: DSX File Created CHAR   
318 WSAF_I_FULLDELTA Indicates Complete or Delta Download CHAR   
319 WSAF_I_PREDID Identification Number of the Predictor NUMC   
320 WSAF_I_PRIO Priority of the SAF Exception NUMC   
321 WSAF_I_SIZEPACKAGE Size of Tables for Saving To/From SAF INT4 10    
322 WSAF_I_STATUS Status in Terms of SAF Communication NUMC   
323 WSAF_I_TIMESTAMP Time Stamp Consisting of Date and Time CHAR 14    
324 WSAF_KZ_VOLL_DELTA Indicates Complete or Delta Download CHAR   
325 WSAF_NUMZERO Number of Periods with Zero Sales INT4 10    
326 WSAF_PARAMGROUP Parameter Group CHAR   
327 WSAF_PREDICTOR Identification Number of the Predictor NUMC   
328 WSAF_SALESPERIOD Sales Period in the format: YYYYWW NUMC   
329 WSAF_STOCK Quantity Without Using QUAN DEC 13 
330 WSAM_ADD_EAN_ALLOWED SAP Retail Store AM: Adding an EAN Is Allowed CHAR   
334 WSAO_BEAT Purchase Order Time Cycle TIMS   
335 WSAO_CUST_ALLOW_PROPOSALS_LOAD Allow Loading of Requirements CHAR   
336 WSAO_CUST_ASYNC_POST Synchronous/Asynchronous Posting Control CHAR   
337 WSAO_CUST_ATP ATP Inquiry Control CHAR   
338 WSAO_CUST_EAN_UNIT Control of Display of EAN CHAR   
339 WSAO_CUST_EXP_NAV Display Control for Navigation Tree CHAR   
340 WSAO_CUST_LIFNR Control Vendor Number Display CHAR   
341 WSAO_CUST_MAX_VENDORS_DDB Maximum Number of Vendors in Dropdown Box NUMC   
342 WSAO_CUST_NOBUFFER Buffering of Material Requirements Planning Data On/Off CHAR   
343 WSAO_CUST_PDC PDC Connection Control CHAR   
344 WSAO_CUST_POPUP Controls Warning Display CHAR   
345 WSAO_CUST_PROPOSALS Use of Default Quantities CHAR   
346 WSAO_CUST_PROPOSALS_FROM_WRPX Control for Quantity Proposals in SRS STO CHAR   
347 WSAO_CUST_RETURN Control of Return Value Display CHAR   
348 WSAO_CUST_RMAT_ENABLE Control Single Material Requirements Planning CHAR   
349 WSAO_CUST_ROUND_QUANTITIES Rounding of Input Quantities CHAR   
350 WSAO_CUST_SHOW_NON_ODRBL Material Display Control CHAR   
351 WSAO_CUST_STOCKS_IN_BASE_UOM Variable Display for Stock Unit of Measure CHAR   
352 WSAO_CUST_TABSTRIPS Controls the Use of Tabstrips CHAR   
353 WSAO_DISP_DISPO_KEY Planning key (SAP Retail Store Store Order) CHAR   
354 WSAO_DYNP_DIALOG_MODUS Dialog mode SAP Store store order CHAR   
355 WSAO_DYNP_NAV_CODE Navigation code (SAP Retail Store store order) CHAR   
356 WSAO_DYNP_ORDER_STATE Entry status (SAP Retail Store store order) CHAR   
357 WSAO_FLAG Indicator: SAP Retail Store Store Order CHAR   
358 WSAO_NAV_KEY Navigation Key CHAR 10    
359 WSAO_NAV_LEVEL Level in Navigation Tree CHAR   
360 WSAO_NAV_TEXT Text of a Navigation Object CHAR 20    
361 WSAO_OFFLINE_CALL Indicator: shows where the application was called from CHAR   
362 WSAO_ORDER_TIME Purchase Order Time in Planning Calendar TIMS   
363 WSAO_ORDR_ITEM_STATUS Status of an item in the planning list (SAP Retail Store) CHAR   
364 WSAUTHTYP Authentication CHAR   
365 WSCONTAINTYP Type of Container in Worklist: Indep. or Object-Dependent CHAR   
366 WSCREATEVERSION Creation Version of a Web Service Configuration NUMC   
367 WSC_IFRNAM Web Service Name CHAR 120    
368 WSC_NSPCE Web Service URL/Namespace CHAR 255    
369 WSC_PROXY_NAME Proxy Name CHAR 30    
370 WSD_APPEND_ENH_SCRN_NBR Additional Fixed Values for Screen Numbers     
371 WSD_APPEND_PLANTS_DISPLAY Additional Fixed Values for domain for Related Plants     
372 WSD_APPEND_SEARCH_ENGINE Additional field for Search Engine     
373 WSD_APPEND_STD_SCRN_NBR Additional Values for Screen Numbers     
374 WSD_APPLICATION Application domain CHAR   
375 WSD_ATP_DETAIL_DISP ATP display configuration CHAR   
376 WSD_BUTN_DESC Button Text CHAR 30    
377 WSD_BUTN_NAME Button Name CHAR   
378 WSD_BUTN_TEXT Flexible Button Text CHAR 30    
379 WSD_CHANGE_MATERIAL Change Method For Retail Materials CHAR   
380 WSD_CONFIG_TYPE Configuration type CHAR   
381 WSD_CREATE_FROM_CATALOG Creation Method based on Catalog CHAR   
382 WSD_CREATE_FROM_MATERIAL Creation Method based on Material CHAR   
383 WSD_CREATION_METHOD_RETAIL_MAT Change Method based on Retail Material CHAR   
384 WSD_CS_CUR_MAT_DOM Domain for the Dataelement wsd_cs_mv_cur_mat CHAR 10    
385 WSD_CUSTOMIZING_TYPE Type of customizing for Counter Sales CHAR   
386 WSD_DEC4_2_NEG Decimal no., 4 whole number and 2 decimal places DEC
387 WSD_DISPLAY_OPTION Classification of Search Parameter CHAR   
388 WSD_DISPLAY_OPTION_NO_DETAIL Display option domain without detailed entry CHAR   
389 WSD_ENH_SCRN_NBR Enhanced search screen number CHAR   
390 WSD_EXT_CATALOG_ACCESS Access to external catalog CHAR   
391 WSD_FIELDTYPE The category of a field used in lean material creation CHAR 10    
392 WSD_FIELD_SEGMENT The category of a field used in lean material creation CHAR 10    
393 WSD_FILTER_DISP_RETAIL_MAT Filter Display for Retail Materials CHAR   
394 WSD_GROUPNAME Group name CHAR 20    
395 WSD_INDICATOR Indicates whether the value is Yes/No or blank CHAR   
396 WSD_INFOREC_LEVEL Inforecord level CHAR   
397 WSD_ITEM_SEL_CRITERIA Search Result Selection Method CHAR   
398 WSD_KW Keyword CHAR 40    
399 WSD_KWD_SYNC_FLAG Flag to Mark a Kyword being Synchronized CHAR   
400 WSD_MANDATORY Yes/no indicator CHAR   
401 WSD_MATERIAL_SOURCE Possible sources for material to be created CHAR   
402 WSD_MAT_CREATE Type of Materials that are created CHAR   
403 WSD_MGROUP_TEXT Text of Maintenance Group field CHAR 30    
404 WSD_MS_AVAILABILITY Availability Display Options CHAR   
405 WSD_MS_CONFIG_TYPE Configuration type CHAR   
406 WSD_MS_DATA_ELEMENT Data element (semantic domain) CHAR 30    
407 WSD_MS_OWN_PLANT_AVAILABILITY Own Plant Availability Options CHAR   
408 WSD_MS_RELATED_PLANTS Related plants to own one CHAR   
409 WSD_MS_SEARCH_ENGINE Search Engine to be used by Enhanced Material Search CHAR   
410 WSD_MS_SEARCH_TYPE Search type CHAR   
411 WSD_OBJID Object ID NUMC   
412 WSD_PLANTS_DISPLAY WSD displaying plants CHAR   
413 WSD_PLANT_DATA Creation of plant data CHAR   
414 WSD_PP_SUBTOTAL Subtotal of Pricing Procedure for Sales Documents CHAR   
415 WSD_PRICING_ELEMENT Predefined Price Element CHAR   
416 WSD_PRICING_ELEMENT_ALT_CONFIG Price Element with Alternative Configuration Options CHAR   
417 WSD_PRIC_ELEMENT_CONFIG_OPTION Configuration Options for Special Price Elements CHAR   
418 WSD_PRINBR PRICAT: Sequential catalog number copy CHAR 10    
419 WSD_RELATED_PLANTS_DISP WSD displaying related plants drop down CHAR   
420 WSD_RETAIL_ARTICLE_DISP_MODE Filter Display for Generic Materials CHAR   
421 WSD_SCRN_NBR Screen number for dynamic entry screen in Material Creation CHAR   
422 WSD_SEARCH_ENGINE Search Engine CHAR   
423 WSD_SEARCH_ROW_TYPE Search request row type domain CHAR   
424 WSD_SORT_RESULTS_BY Sort Search Results by CHAR   
425 WSD_SP_LEVEL Sales price calculation level CHAR   
426 WSD_SRCH_RESULT_SELECT_METHOD Selection method for CHAR   
427 WSD_STD_SCRN_NBR Standard search screen number CHAR   
428 WSD_VENDOR_SATNR Price Catalog Vendor Generic Material Number CHAR 20    
429 WSETTLE_CATEGORY Settlement Classification CHAR   
430 WSHKZG Agency Business: Item Category CHAR   
431 WSII_HOLD_ACTION SAP Retail Store II: Action to Hold an Invoice CHAR   
432 WSII_LOCAL_VENDORS_CRIT SAP Retail Store: Local Vendors CHAR   
433 WSII_REF_OBJ_TYPE SAP Retail Store II: Category of Reference Document CHAR 30    
434 WSII_REVERSED SAP Retail Store II: No / Only Reversal Documents Indicator CHAR   
435 WSII_TOL_HOLD_ACTION SAP Retail Store II: Action to Hold an Invoice CHAR   
436 WSINT_VERSION Internal Version of a Service CHAR   
437 WSI_CODEPAGE Codepage CHAR 72    
438 WSI_OCI_CURRENCY Currency of shopping basket item CUKY   
439 WSKNOTTY Node type CHAR   
440 WSKZ Indicates wine or spirits handling CHAR   
441 WSLOGIND Login Procedure CHAR   
442 WSLPNAME Name of Logical Port CHAR 100    
443 WSL_ERR_VAL Assortment list: Error status value NUMC   
444 WSMESSTYPE Message Type of Web Service Error CHAR   
445 WSNAMEEXT External Name of a Web Service (Upper or Lower Case) CHAR 30    
446 WSNAVIGATIONKEY Web Service Check Navigation Key CHAR 10    
447 WSOJTYPE Type of Job Processing CHAR   
448 WSORT Range module, SAP Retail CHAR 18    
449 WSORTK Header Element, Ranges CHAR 18    
450 WSO_JOBNAME Name of Job for Asynchronous Posting in Listing CHAR 32    
451 WSO_JOBSTATUS Status of a job CHAR   
452 WSO_SITE_DISPLAY Display Plants Within the Assortment Tool CHAR   
453 WSO_SITE_GROUPING Grouping of Plants Within the Assortment Tool CHAR   
454 WSPANNP Primary transformer voltage DEC   
455 WSPOT_ART IS-M/AM: Commercial form CHAR   
456 WSPOT_BLK IS-M/AM: Commercial: Block within a time slice CHAR   
457 WSPOT_ZSCH IS-M/AM: Commercial time slice CHAR   
458 WSPO_ORDER_REASON_USAGE SAP Retail Store PO: Use of Reason for Ordering CHAR   
459 WSPT_DOC_CATG Document Category CHAR   
460 WSPT_DOC_CD Flag for Document changed/deleted CHAR   
461 WSPT_DOC_LEVEL Document Level(for IS-OIL) CHAR   
462 WSPT_DOC_LOCK RFC sent Lock for Delivery Document CHAR   
463 WSPT_DOC_SR Document Serial NUMC   
464 WSPT_DOC_STATUS Document Status for PT Websevice XML Delivery CHAR   
465 WSPT_DOC_TYPE Document Type CHAR   
466 WSPT_GLDV_TYPE Global Delivery Type CHAR   
467 WSPT_REJ_CODE Rejection Code for Delivery CHAR   
468 WSRMB_INTERACTION_PATTERN WSRM interaction pattern CHAR   
469 WSRMB_LOCATION WSRM location (consumer / provider ) CHAR   
470 WSRMB_ROLE WSRM role, for response sequences unequal to the location CHAR   
471 WSRMB_SECURITY_MECHANISM WSRM security mechanism CHAR   
472 WSRMB_SEQ_ID_FLAVOUR WSRM: flavour of sequence ID CHAR   
473 WSRMB_SEQ_STATE WSRMB sequence state CHAR   
475 WSRM_INT4 Number INT4 10    
476 WSRP_CONKZ Control Indicator for Determining Requirement Calc. Data CHAR   
477 WSRP_INEXBUYER Replenishment for Internal and/or External Recipients CHAR   
478 WSRP_JOBTYPE Store Replenishment: Report Category for Store Replenishment CHAR   
479 WSRP_UPDATE Update indicator CHAR   
480 WSRS_ACTIVITY SAP Retail Store: Work Session of a Program CHAR   
481 WSRS_APPL SAP Retail Store: Application CHAR 10    
482 WSRS_DESCR_40 SAP Retail Store: Description 40 Characters CHAR 40    
483 WSRS_DESCR_80 SAP Retail Store: Description 80 Characters CHAR 80    
484 WSRS_MATID_2 SAP Retail Store: Material Identifier MATNR or EAN CHAR   
485 WSRS_MAT_KEY Long material number for SAP Retail Store CHAR 40    
486 WSRS_SC_FIELD_INPUT SAP Retail Store: Ready-for-Input Status of a Field CHAR   
487 WSRS_SC_FIELD_INPUT_2 SAP Retail Store : Field Status CHAR   
488 WSRS_SD_DOC_CAT SAP Retail Store GM: SRS SD Document Category CHAR   
489 WSRS_TYPE SAP Retail Store: Message Type CHAR   
490 WSRS_VENDOR_SITE_TYPE SAP Retail Store PO: Vendor or Plant Indicator CHAR   
491 WSS_ALGORITHM_SUITE Algorithm Suite CHAR 255    
492 WSS_PROFILE_DATA Web Services Security Profile Data STRG   
493 WSS_PROFILE_DESC Description of the Web Services Security Profile CHAR 60    
494 WSS_PROFILE_NAME Name of the Web Services Security Profile CHAR 30    
495 WSS_PROFILE_STAT Status of the Web Services Security Profile CHAR   
496 WSS_PROFILE_TYPE Web Services Security Profile Type CHAR   
497 WSS_PROFILE_VERS Version of the Web Services Security Profile INT4 10    
498 WSS_SP_INCLUDE Security Policy 5.1.1 Token Inclusion Values CHAR 80