SAP ABAP Domain - Index E, page 9
Domain - E
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 E_BELART Document type CHAR   
2 E_BELNR Document no. CHAR 12    
3 E_BETRAG2 Currency-dependent amount with 7 decimal places CURR 17 
4 E_BFA_PROCESSING Type of processing for payment plan balance-forward amount CHAR   
5 E_BILLING_PERIOD Billing Period (for example, January 2002) CHAR 10    
6 E_BREAK Description of breakpoint in billing program CHAR 20    
7 E_BTREG Rules for the amount limit check CHAR   
8 E_BULKREFNO Data Exchange Group Reference Number NUMC 14    
9 E_BWREL BW-Relevant Operand CHAR   
10 E_CALCNR Calculation run number NUMC 12    
11 E_CALCNR_OUTPUT Calculation Run Number for Message Output CHAR 12    
12 E_CALCULATED Calculation basis for usage factor CHAR   
13 E_CHGSTATUS Change Status of Payment Scheme CHAR   
14 E_CHKEY Key for the charge percentage rate CHAR   
15 E_CHPRZ Percentage rate DEC
16 E_CHSTAT Status of charge for installment plan item CHAR   
17 E_CIVIL Marital status CHAR 30    
18 E_CLERK_ID Business partner-specific criteria for agent determination CHAR   
19 E_COLLBILLREV1_M Reversal Options for Ind. Bill Doc in Coll. Bill (Individ.) CHAR   
20 E_COLLBILLREV1_S Reversal options for collective bill document (individual) CHAR   
21 E_COLLBILLREV2_M Reversal Options for Collective Bill Document (Mass) CHAR   
22 E_COLLBILLREV2_S Reversal Options for Collective Bill Document (Indiviual) CHAR   
23 E_COLLBILL_ADJUST Collective Single Document Reversal Only Using Adj. Reversal CHAR   
24 E_COMPFLG Compression flag CHAR   
25 E_CONCHECK EDM consistency check CHAR 10    
26 E_CONCHECKGRP Consistency check group CHAR 10    
27 E_CONCHECKPRIO Priority of Consistency Checks During Profile Import NUMC   
28 E_CONCHECKTEXT Description for consistency check CHAR 40    
29 E_CONSTYPE Consumption Type CHAR   
30 E_CONSUMPTION Quantity consumed DEC 31  14 
31 E_CONS_BILL_PER Include Billing Key Date CHAR   
32 E_CONTEXTCATEGORY Context Category for Profile Allocation Role NUMC   
33 E_DAYTYPE Day type CHAR 10    
34 E_DAYTYPEBLOCK Day group CHAR 10    
35 E_DEACTIVSTAT Reason for Deactivating Sample Line CHAR   
36 E_DEC10 Decimal field with length 10 DEC 10    
37 E_DEREGANAFUNC Analysis Function for Deregulation NUMC   
38 E_DEREGANAFUNCCAT Type of Analysis Function NUMC   
39 E_DEREGANAFUNCTXT Text for Analysis Function CHAR 60    
40 E_DEREGEXTPODGRPID External Point of Delivery Group ID CHAR 40    
41 E_DEREGPARCARD Cardinality of Parameter NUMC   
42 E_DEREGPARNO Parameter Number in Deregulation Process NUMC   
43 E_DEREGPARPOS Pararmeter Item for Display NUMC   
44 E_DEREGPODGROUP Point of Delivery Group ID NUMC   
45 E_DEREGPROC Deregulation Process CHAR 10    
46 E_DEREGSCENARIO Supply Scenario NUMC   
47 E_DEREGSCENARIOSERVICENO Consecutive Number of Service for Supply Scenario NUMC   
48 E_DEREGSCENARIOTYPE Supply Scenario Category NUMC   
49 E_DEREGSCENSERVSTAT Status of Service for Supply Scenario NUMC   
50 E_DEREGSCENSERVTEXT Text for Service of Supply Scenario CHAR 60    
51 E_DEREGSERVPROVMETHD Determination Method for Service Provider NUMC   
52 E_DEREGSERVPROVMETHDTXT Description for Determination Method CHAR 60    
53 E_DEREGSPAGREETYPE Service Provider Agreement Type CHAR 10    
54 E_DEREGVALNO Parameter Value Number NUMC   
55 E_DEXADDNO Number for Delaying Due Dates INT4 10    
56 E_DEXBASICPROC Basic Process for Data Exchange CHAR 10    
57 E_DEXCOMMCONTTYPE E-mail Content Type CHAR 30    
58 E_DEXCOMMEMAIL E-Mail Address CHAR 132    
59 E_DEXCOMMFILEPATH Path for FTP Communication CHAR 132    
60 E_DEXCOMMFORM Communication Format CHAR   
61 E_DEXCOMMFORMTEXT Description for Communication Type CHAR 60    
62 E_DEXCOMMFORMTYPE Type of Communication CHAR   
63 E_DEXCOMMFORMVERS Communication Format Version CHAR 20    
65 E_DEXCOMMPASSWORD Password for Data Exchange CHAR 30    
68 E_DEXCOMMSUBJECT Subject of E-Mail CHAR 40    
71 E_DEXCYCLETYPE Type of Cyclical Due Date NUMC   
72 E_DEXDIRECTION Direction of Data Exchange NUMC   
73 E_DEXDUECNTRTEXT Description of Due Date Control CHAR 60    
74 E_DEXDUETYPE Type of Due Date NUMC   
75 E_DEXIDOCSEND IDoc Sending Type for Data Exchange Process CHAR 10    
76 E_DEXIDOCSENDCAT IDoc Sending Category for Data Exchange Process NUMC   
77 E_DEXIDOCSENT Send-Status of IDoc CHAR   
78 E_DEXIDOCSTAT IDoc Status for a Data Exchange Task CHAR   
79 E_DEXPROC Data Exchange Process CHAR 10    
80 E_DEXPROCEXEC Direct Execution of Data Exchange Process NUMC   
81 E_DEXPROCPARVAL Parameter Value for Data Exchange Process CHAR 60    
82 E_DEXPROCTYPE Type of Data Exchange Process NUMC   
83 E_DEXREFERENCEID Reference in Data Exchange Process NUMC   
84 E_DEXREFPERTYPE Type of Reference Period NUMC   
85 E_DEXSCHEDTYPE Schedule Process NUMC   
86 E_DEXSCHEDULCAT Category for Scheduling Processes NUMC   
87 E_DEXSIMSTATUS Status of Execution Simulation in Data Exchange Process CHAR 10    
88 E_DEXSIMSTATUSTEXT Status of Execution Simulation in Data Exchange Process CHAR 20    
89 E_DEXSTATUS Data Exchange Process Status CHAR 10    
90 E_DEXSTATUSMON Grouping of Data Exchange Process NUMC   
91 E_DEXTASKACTION Data Exchange Task Actions NUMC   
92 E_DEXTASKREASON Reason for Data Exchange Task CHAR   
93 E_DEXTASKREF Reference for Data Exchange Task CHAR 30    
94 E_DOCFLG Indicator: Number of documents NUMC   
95 E_DOCID Type of contract accounting document in invoicing CHAR   
96 E_EDIS EDIS code (energy data identification system) CHAR 15    
97 E_EDMCONSUMPTION Quantity consumed DEC 31 
98 E_EDMIDEEXTNUM Second External Number CHAR 20    
99 E_EDMIDEEXTNUMTYP Category of External Number NUMC   
101 E_EDMIDEINVCAT Bill Category of a General Ledger Account/Contract Account CHAR   
102 E_EDMIDETABNUM Number of Tab Page NUMC   
103 E_EDMPROFACTION_ID Action on Profile NUMC   
104 E_EDMSELTYPE Selection Category for Settlement CHAR   
105 E_EDMSELTYPETXT Selection Category Description CHAR 60    
106 E_EDMSETTCONT10 Context for Settlement Log CHAR 10    
107 E_EDMSETTCONT20 Context for Settlement Log CHAR 20    
108 E_EDMSETTLACTION Actions for Settlement Document NUMC   
109 E_EDMSETTLALERTSTATUS Status of Entry in Settlement Alert Log NUMC   
110 E_EDMSETTLDOC Settlement Document (Number) NUMC 12    
111 E_EDMSETTLDOCLINE Number of Line for Settlement Document NUMC   
112 E_EDMSETTLDOCMODE Settlement Run Mode NUMC   
113 E_EDMSETTLDOCRUN Run Number for Settlement NUMC   
114 E_EDMSETTLERRSTATUS Status of Entry in Settlement Error Log NUMC   
115 E_EDMSETTLLOGEXTNUMBER Level to Which External Number is Generated NUMC   
116 E_EDMSETTLMODE Settlement Mode NUMC   
117 E_EDMSETTLPARCATEGORY Settlement Parameter Category NUMC   
118 E_EDMSETTLPARKIND Parameter Type for Method Call NUMC   
119 E_EDMSETTLPARTYPE Parameter Type in Settlement Procedure NUMC   
120 E_EDMSETTLPARUSAGE Usage Type of Settlement Parameter CHAR   
121 E_EDMSETTLPROCESS Settlement Procedure CHAR 10    
122 E_EDMSETTLRUNSTAT Status of Settlement Run NUMC   
123 E_EDMSETTLRUNTYPE Type of Settlement Run NUMC   
124 E_EDMSETTLSENDSTATUS Profile Send Status NUMC   
125 E_EDMSETTLSTEP Settlement Step CHAR 10    
126 E_EDMSETTLSTEPSTATUS Status of the Settlement Step NUMC   
127 E_EDMSETTLUNIT Settlement Unit CHAR 10    
128 E_EDMSETTLUNITEXT External Description of Settlement Unit CHAR 40    
129 E_EDMSETTLUNITGEN Status of Generation for Settlement Unit NUMC   
130 E_EDMSETTLUNITGENTYPE Generation Type of Settlement Unit NUMC   
131 E_EDMSETTLUNITTXT Text for Settlement Unit CHAR 60    
132 E_EDMSETTLVERSION Settlement Version Number NUMC   
133 E_EDMSETTLVIEW Settlement View NUMC   
134 E_EDMSETTLVIEWTXT Settlement View (Text) CHAR 60    
135 E_EDMSUNITCAT Settlement Unit Category NUMC   
136 E_EDMSUNITCATTXT Settlement Unit Category (Text) CHAR 60    
137 E_EDMSUNITUSECONTR Usage of Service Categories for Definition of Settlemnt Unit NUMC   
138 E_EDMSUUSECTR_COOR Usage of Service Categories for Definition of Settlemnt Unit NUMC   
139 E_EDMSUUSECTR_SUPP Usage of Service Categories for Definition of Settlemnt Unit NUMC   
140 E_EDMSUUSECTR_TRANSCO Usage of Service Categories for Definition of Settlemnt Unit NUMC   
141 E_EPLOT_VAR Payment on Account Processing Variant CHAR   
142 E_ERRORCODE Error code of consistency check NUMC   
143 E_ERRORCSNO Consecutive error message number in consistency log NUMC   
144 E_ERROR_TYPE Error Type for Calculation of Formula Allocation CHAR   
145 E_EVFLG Evaluation Indicator CHAR   
146 E_EVGRPT Evaluation group description CHAR 30    
147 E_EXPIRY_OFFSET Offset for Expiration Date of Log NUMC   
148 E_EXTSYNPROFID External Synthetic Profile ID CHAR   
149 E_EXTSYNPROFIDTXT External Synthetic Profile Description (Text) CHAR 80    
150 E_EXT_ID External Number CHAR 22    
151 E_FAKTOR Factor INT4 10    
152 E_FICACRTREASON Reason for Creation of FICA Document from FICAOPBEL CHAR   
153 E_FL_ACCTION Indicator: follow-up action for error in consistency log CHAR   
154 E_FL_MAINTAINED Indicator: Processed CHAR   
155 E_FL_NOCALC Indicator: Do Not Calculate Formula Allocation CHAR   
156 E_FL_QUITTIERT Indicator: Confirmed CHAR   
157 E_FL_SYNCHRON Indicator: synchronous formula instance calculation CHAR   
158 E_FORECAST_TYPE Type of Extrapolation CHAR   
159 E_FORMULAINSTANCE Formula instance NUMC 18    
160 E_FORMULAMOD Calculation mode for value in formulas CHAR   
161 E_FORMULASTATUSGROUP Status group of formula instance CHAR 10    
162 E_FORMULATYPE Formula category CHAR   
163 E_FREQUENZ Service Interval CHAR   
164 E_FREQZUS Addition for Determining Service Interval CHAR   
165 E_FSTAT IS-U Device Checker: Possible Statuses of an Error NUMC   
166 E_FUNCNAME Function module name CHAR 30    
167 E_FUNCTYPE Type of Function to be Executed CHAR   
168 E_GDPDU_ACTIVE Only Relevant for German CHAR   
169 E_GEMFAKT Invoice contracts together CHAR   
170 E_GEWSCHL Weighting key CHAR   
171 E_GREG Grouping of characteristic values CHAR   
172 E_GRIDRATEDET Rate Determination Key for Grid (GUID) CHAR 22    
173 E_GRPIND Graph indicator CHAR   
174 E_GUARANTOR_CONTRACT Guarantor Contract CHAR 18    
175 E_HIERARCHY_LEVEL Hierarchy level NUMC   
176 E_HISTOBJECTEUFASS Key of Inducing Object CHAR 20    
177 E_HISTORICPERIOD Unit for Historical Profile Values CHAR   
178 E_HISTORICPERIODLENGTH Unit for Historical Profile Values CHAR   
179 E_IDESWTTIMETYPE Period Type in Change of Supplier Process CHAR 12    
180 E_IMP_DATE Date of import DATS   
181 E_IMP_TIME Time of import TIMS   
182 E_INHALT Heating installation contents in liters CHAR   
183 E_INSTANCE_NUMBER_OUTPUT Number of Formula Allocation CHAR 18    
184 E_INTERN Call meter reading order creation CHAR   
185 E_INTRT Interest rate for loan DEC
186 E_JAHR Calendar year NUMC   
187 E_KKANUM8 8-Digit Number NUMC   
188 E_KOFIZ Additional specification for account determination CHAR   
189 E_KOFIZ_SD Additional specification for account determination CHAR   
190 E_KSTATUS Status for automatic monitoring of meter reading order CHAR   
191 E_LC4096 Character field, length 4096 LCHR 4096    
192 E_LFDNR Consecutive number NUMC   
193 E_LFDNR2 Consecutive number NUMC   
194 E_LINEDESCRIPTION Fixed values for line category CHAR   
195 E_LINENR Line number in loop screen CHAR   
196 E_LINESTATUS Status: Request Infolines of Payment Scheme CHAR   
197 E_LINETYPE Purpose CHAR   
198 E_LNTYP Loan category CHAR   
199 E_LOGBELNR Import document number CHAR 12    
200 E_MASS_CHANGE_FUNCTION Action To Be Carried Out on the Values CHAR   
201 E_MASS_CHANGE_VALUE Mass Change Value DEC 10 
202 E_MICHG Posting of move-in charges NUMC   
203 E_MODE Processing mode CHAR   
204 E_MONAT Calendar month NUMC   
205 E_MRU_ANZTERM Number of meter reading dates per year NUMC   
206 E_MTHFLG Number of months NUMC   
207 E_NO_CONTR Number of control parameters CHAR   
208 E_NUMBER Number of Structure Displayed INT1   
209 E_NVGRP IS-U Navigator: Field Group CHAR   
210 E_OPCODE Operation code: register role in register relationship NUMC   
211 E_OPERAND Operand CHAR 10    
212 E_OPTYP Operand category CHAR   
213 E_ORIGFUNC Origin of Function Module CHAR 10    
214 E_ORIG_INV_UNIT Restore Original Invoicing Unit CHAR   
215 E_OR_I_OR CHAR   
216 E_OR_I_O_3 E=Exp or I=Imp or T=Tab CHAR   
217 E_OSB_POSTING_LOOK Posting Block for On-Site Billing CHAR   
218 E_OWNERSHIP Type of owner allocation NUMC   
219 E_PARATYPE Parameter Category CHAR   
220 E_PARUNIQUE Parameter Must Be Unique CHAR   
221 E_PAYFREQ Payment Frequency of Payment Scheme CHAR   
222 E_PERBILLREC Distribute Periodic Bill CHAR   
223 E_POD_TAB Point of Delivery Tab CHAR 16    
224 E_PPMST Status of Item with Reference to Prepayment Meter (UK Only) CHAR   
225 E_PPM_CRIME_REASON_NO Police Log Number CHAR 30    
226 E_PP_ALGO_CODE Algorithm Code CHAR   
227 E_PP_AREA_ID Area ID CHAR   
228 E_PP_BILL_CYCLE Billing Period Cycle NUMC   
229 E_PP_BISS_AMOUNT Budget Increment Step Size CURR
230 E_PP_BUDGET_AMOUNT Weekly Payment CURR
231 E_PP_BUDGET_STEP Budget Increment Step Size NUMC   
232 E_PP_CARD_ISSUE Meter Dump Type CHAR   
233 E_PP_CARD_ISSUE_R Adjustment Reason CHAR   
234 E_PP_CARD_REASON Reason for New Card CHAR   
235 E_PP_CHARGEABLE Charging Status CHAR   
236 E_PP_DEBIT_CREDIT Debit / Credit Indicator CHAR   
237 E_PP_ECT Emergency Credit Threshold DEC
238 E_PP_EM_INDICATOR Priority level CHAR   
239 E_PP_GAS_RATE Gas Allocation Rate NUMC   
240 E_PP_GAS_TRANS Gas Transporter CHAR 30    
241 E_PP_INDICATOR +/- Sign CHAR   
242 E_PP_ISSUE_TYPE Error type CHAR   
243 E_PP_JOB_NR Log File Number CHAR   
244 E_PP_JOB_TYP Log Category CHAR   
245 E_PP_MESSAGE_NR Number of messages NUMC   
246 E_PP_PPM_CONTRACT Identifies Contract as Prepayment Meter Contract CHAR   
247 E_PP_PRIORITY Log Send Priority CHAR   
248 E_PP_REASON Reason for Creating Data on a PPM CHAR   
249 E_PP_REASON_CODE Reason for Creating Data on a PPM CHAR   
250 E_PP_RECORD_TYPE Identifies the Log Category CHAR   
251 E_PP_RESPONSE Response Time for Log CHAR   
252 E_PP_SCREFNR Supplier Customer Number CHAR 20    
253 E_PP_SPEC_VALUE Indicator: Send Instructions to Customer CHAR   
254 E_PP_STATUS Log Status CHAR   
255 E_PP_SUPPLIER_ID Supplier Customer Number CHAR   
257 E_PP_WD_REASON Reason for Meter Removal CHAR   
258 E_PP_WEEKLY_MIN_MAX Minimum and Maximum Weekly Repayment Amount CURR
259 E_PREIS Price key CHAR 10    
260 E_PREISART Price category (blocked, scaled, normal price) CHAR   
261 E_PREV_CALCULATED Calculation Reason for Consumption Factor (Old) CHAR   
262 E_PRINTDOC Number of print document CHAR 12    
263 E_PRINTLOCK Type of Print Block CHAR   
264 E_PRIOR Priority of variant creation CHAR   
265 E_PRIORI Priority of MR reasons for interval validation NUMC   
266 E_PROCESS Indicator for Calling Process/Program CHAR   
267 E_PROCESSID Change Process CHAR   
268 E_PROFILE Profile NUMC 18    
269 E_PROFROLEPRIO Priority of Role for Settlement Unit NUMC   
270 E_PROFVALCAT Profile value category NUMC   
271 E_PROGRAMM Variant program CHAR   
272 E_PROPERTY Owner allocation CHAR 10    
273 E_PROZENT999 Percent (0-999) NUMC   
274 E_PSLSTATUS Status of Payment Scheme CHAR   
275 E_PSPOTYP Item Category in Payment Scheme CHAR   
276 E_PSSTATUS Status of Payment Scheme CHAR   
277 E_PSTYPE Payment Scheme Category CHAR   
278 E_PS_TYPE Payment Scheme Category CHAR   
279 E_PUBHOLIDAY Indicator: Public holiday CHAR   
280 E_PYPLC Payment plan class CHAR   
281 E_PYPLT Payment plan category CHAR   
282 E_RADIO Radio button (IS-U) CHAR   
283 E_RADIO_PWB Domain for radio button CHAR   
284 E_RB_GROUP1 Values for Radio Group 1 CHAR   
285 E_RB_GROUP2 Values for Radio Group 2 CHAR   
286 E_RECOVRATE Recovery Rate for Payment Schemes During Interim Billing CHAR   
287 E_RECPTYPE Category for alternate payee (USA, Lend-A-Hand) CHAR   
288 E_RELATIVELOSS Percentage loss DEC
289 E_REPLACE EDM Replacement Value Procedure CHAR 10    
290 E_REPLACEERRORACTION Action After Error in Replacement Value Procedure NUMC   
291 E_REPLACEGRP Replacement Value Procedure Group CHAR 10    
292 E_REPLACEPRIORITY Priority of Replacement Value Procedure in RVP Group NUMC   
293 E_REPLACEPROCESS Replacement Value Process CHAR   
294 E_REPLACETEXT Description for Replacement Value Procedure CHAR 50    
295 E_REPLACEZONE Zone Limit for Missing EDM Profile Values NUMC   
296 E_REPLACE_ERRORCODE Error Code for Replacement Value Procedure CHAR   
297 E_RESET_MASS Reverse clearing check in mass run CHAR   
298 E_RESET_POSTING Post Clearing Amount CHAR   
299 E_RESET_SINGLE Reverse clearing check in single run CHAR   
300 E_RESULT Result function for profile CHAR 10    
301 E_REVLOCK Reversal Lock Indicator for Print Documents CHAR   
302 E_ROLENO Consecutive number of profile allocation per role NUMC   
303 E_ROLETYPE Role allocation category NUMC   
304 E_RREG Ranking rule for sorting characteristic values CHAR   
305 E_RR_WEEK Domains for RR Weeks NUMC   
306 E_RTPCOMP RTP interface component CHAR 10    
307 E_RTPCOMPIND Determine whether component can be used individually NUMC   
308 E_RTPCOMPRIO Priority of RTP component NUMC   
309 E_RTPINFO Information Text CHAR 80    
310 E_RTPINFOTYPE Information Type for RTP Interface CHAR 10    
311 E_RTPINFOTYPETXT Text for Information Type for RTP Interface CHAR 60    
312 E_RTPINTERFACE RTP interface CHAR 10    
313 E_RTPINTERFACETEXT RTP interface description CHAR 60    
314 E_RTP_BLOCKCAT Block Category for Component Definition CHAR   
315 E_RTP_DAYFROM Day From NUMC   
316 E_RTP_DAYTO Day To NUMC   
317 E_RTP_DAYTYPEXID Daytype Exception Code CHAR   
318 E_RTP_MONTHFROM Month from NUMC   
319 E_RTP_MONTHTO Month to NUMC   
320 E_RTP_NODECAT Node Category for Component Defintion CHAR   
321 E_RTP_YEARFROM Year From NUMC   
322 E_RTP_YEARTO Year To NUMC   
323 E_RUECKKZ Indicator, with which resetting is controlled CHAR   
324 E_RUND Rounding Category is Stored CHAR   
325 E_RUNDUNG Number of places to be rounded to CHAR   
326 E_SEASON Season CHAR 10    
327 E_SEASONBLOCK Season group CHAR 10    
328 E_SEL_VAR To be deleted CHAR   
329 E_SEQUNR Consecutive number of formula instances per hierarchy level NUMC 18    
330 E_SERVICEPRIO Priority of Service Type for Settlement Selection NUMC   
331 E_SETTLDOCSELECT Variants for Selection of Settlement Units CHAR 14    
332 E_SETTLDOCSTATUS Status of Settlement Run NUMC   
333 E_SETTLDOCSTATUS_SEL Status of Settlement Run for Archiving Selection NUMC   
334 E_SETTLPROCESSINT Interval in Which Settlement is Possible NUMC   
335 E_SETTLSTEPLEVEL Level of the Settlement Step NUMC   
336 E_SH_KZ Mixed Occurance of Debit and Credit CHAR   
337 E_SIM_VERSION Version of the simulation run NUMC   
338 E_SOC_SECU Social Insurance Number CHAR 12    
339 E_SOLUTIONS Solution Paths CHAR 10    
340 E_SOURCE Source of object NUMC 18    
341 E_SOURCETYPE Source of Installation Structure Data NUMC   
342 E_SOURCE_SYS Source system of imported data CHAR   
343 E_SRCSYSTEM Source System CHAR 15    
344 E_SRCSYSTYPE Type of source system NUMC   
345 E_SREG Sort CHAR   
346 E_STATUSPRIORITY Status priority NUMC   
347 E_STAT_INST Status of Calculation of Formula Allocation CHAR   
348 E_STAT_INST_DISP Status of Calculation of Formula Allocation CHAR   
349 E_STDT Date type for tax determination CHAR   
350 E_STDTF Date type for tax determination in invoicing CHAR   
351 E_STDTFTR Date Type for Tax Determination in Invoicing for Part.Bills CHAR   
352 E_STGRUT Statistics group: rate category CHAR   
353 E_STGRUV Statistics group: contract CHAR   
354 E_STICHTAG Key date in billing on a monthly basis NUMC   
355 E_STSAM Determine Tax Determination Date from Higher-Level Document CHAR   
356 E_STZP Time of tax determination CHAR   
357 E_SYNPROFPERIODE Norming of Profile Values CHAR   
358 E_TEMPB Measured gas temperature DEC
359 E_TERMREASON Deactivation Reason for Payment Scheme CHAR   
360 E_TIMESLOTNR Cons. number of time slices in hierarchy level determination NUMC   
361 E_TOUBLOCK Day group CHAR 10    
362 E_TOUPERIOD TOU period CHAR 10    
363 E_TRIGHERKUNFT Origin of Calculation Trigger CHAR   
364 E_TRIGHERKUNFTT Origin of Calculation Trigger CHAR 16    
365 E_TYPE Document Category CHAR   
366 E_UPDTYP Type of Database Changes CHAR   
367 E_VERART Clearing Type CHAR   
368 E_VERBR Consumption in screen format CHAR 36    
369 E_VERBR0 Consumption without place after decimal point DEC 17    
370 E_VERSREASON Reason for creating profile version CHAR 10    
371 E_VERTYP Clearing Category CHAR   
372 E_VERWEN Use Of Clearing Type CHAR   
373 E_VLEVEL Open Item Selection CHAR   
374 E_VREG Clearing Rule For Amount Limit Checks CHAR   
375 E_VSTOP Indicator: Do not perform further clearing steps CHAR   
376 E_WAKLASS Employee classification CHAR   
377 E_WORKCALCNTR Due Date Control for Factory Calender NUMC   
378 E_WORKDAY Indicator: workday CHAR   
379 E_WREG Value Assignment CHAR   
380 E_XCOPAUPD Indicator: Segment level characteristics in CO-PA CHAR   
381 E_XPRNT Item Will Be Printed on the Bill CHAR   
382 E_XTOTAL_AMNT Item Will Be Included in the Final Bill Amount CHAR   
383 E_XZALG Indicator: allocation via general settlement variants CHAR   
384 E_XZIND Indicator: allocation via individual settlement variants CHAR   
385 E_ZAHLART Payment method CHAR   
386 E_ZEILNR Line number NUMC   
387 E_ZEITANT Time portion, billing period in days or months DEC
388 E_ZEITANT_L Time portion, billing period in days or months DEC 31  14 
389 E_ZEITBAS Time basis (period length in number of days of months) NUMC   
390 E_ZEITRAUM Period, over which a PROFEST value is valid CHAR   
391 E_ZLEISTE Allowable combinations of contract class/sector category CHAR 40    
392 E_ZONE Block limit for blocked or scaled prices NUMC 10    
393 E_ZONENNR Number of price block or price scale NUMC   
394 E_ZREG Allocation rule for settlement CHAR   
395 E_ZSPALTE Column in random number table NUMC   
396 E_ZSTROMP Primary transformer current DEC
397 E_ZSTROMS Secondary transformer current DEC
398 E_ZUART Type of device allocation NUMC   
399 E_ZUFZAHL Line in random number table NUMC   
400 E_ZUKERF Indicator with which date limitation is entered CHAR   
401 E_ZULTERM Permissible Budget Billing Date CHAR 40    
402 E_ZUSTZFIX Fixed volume correction factor CHAR   
403 E_ZUSTZZW Fixed volume correction factor from register CHAR   
404 E_ZUSZAHL Volume correction factor DEC
405 E_ZUZAHL Random number in random number table NUMC   
406 E_ZUZVER Volume correction factor procedure CHAR   
407 E_ZWART Register type CHAR   
408 E_ZWBEZTYP Register relationship category in billing line items CHAR   
409 E_ZWDIFF4 Register reading, 4-character difference DEC   
410 E_ZWFAKT Register factor DEC 12 
411 E_ZWKENN Register identification CHAR   
412 E_ZWSTAND Meter reading in screen format CHAR 36    
413 E_ZWSTAND_DISP Meter reading to be billed DEC 17 
414 E_ZWTYP Register category NUMC   
415 E_ZWZUART Type of register allocation NUMC   
416 E_ZZAHLADM Calculation of volume correction factor CHAR 24