SAP ABAP Domain - Index E, page 8
Domain - E
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 EUI_RESTIC ABAP/4 Repository Info System: ID for post selection CHAR   
2 EUI_ROOMNUMBER Number of Apartment, Room ... CHAR 10    
3 EUI_SERVICE1 Service Type 1 CHAR   
4 EUI_SERVICE2 Service Type 2 CHAR   
5 EUI_SERVICE3 Service Type 3 CHAR   
6 EUI_SERVICETEXT1 Text for Service Type 1 CHAR 25    
7 EUI_SERVICETEXT2 Text for Service Type 2 CHAR 25    
8 EUI_SERVICETEXT3 Text for Service Type 3 CHAR 25    
9 EUI_SHTXT Description CHAR 40    
10 EUI_SLOCK Lock entry for transactions - info system CHAR   
11 EUI_SPARTE Division CHAR   
12 EUI_STATUS Status CHAR   
13 EUI_STEPL ABAP/4 Repository Information System: Step loop ID CHAR   
14 EUI_STRANS Transaction type CHAR   
15 EUI_STR_ERG2 Addition to Street 1 CHAR 40    
16 EUI_STR_ERG4 Addition to Street 2 CHAR 40    
17 EUI_SUBS ABAP/4 Repository Information System: Subscreens CHAR   
18 EUI_TABC ABAP/4 Repository Information System: Table control CHAR   
19 EUI_TABLA ABAP/4 Repository Information System: No. tab. control lines INT4 10    
20 EUI_TEXT ABAP/4 Repository Information System: Object ID CHAR 80    
21 EUI_TRANSP Table selection - info system CHAR   
22 EUI_UICATEGORY Point of Delivery Category NUMC   
23 EUI_UITYPE Point of Delivery Type CHAR   
24 EUI_UI_LAND International Country ID for Point of Delivery ID CHAR   
25 EUI_UI_LFDN Sequence Number of Point of Delivery CHAR 20    
26 EUI_UI_NETZ Point of Delivery ID for Distributor CHAR   
27 EUI_UI_PLZ Postal Code for Point of Delivery ID CHAR   
28 EUI_VBSART Premise Type CHAR   
29 EUI_VBSARTTEXT Text for Premise Type CHAR 40    
30 EUI_VSTELLE Premise CHAR 10    
31 EUI_VSTGUID Premise GUID CHAR 22    
32 EUI_VSTGUID_UI Premise GUID CHAR 22    
33 EUKEYWHIGH Flag for emphasizing keywords CHAR   
34 EUKEYWLOW Highlight data fields CHAR   
35 EUMSEINFL IS-M: Sales Influence CHAR   
36 EUROU_KK Status of euro conversion CHAR   
37 EUUMT Conversion category for EURO CHAR   
38 EU_CRO_OBJ Object name (search term) for cross-reference CHAR 93    
39 EU_KEYWORD Reuse Library: Keyword CHAR 30    
40 EU_LNAME ABAP/4 Development Workbench: LIMU name CHAR 120    
41 EU_LRAW EU cluster field 3500 for INDX-like tables LRAW 3500    
42 EU_PARA_VL Parameter contents CHAR 50    
43 EU_SEARCH TSTC search string CHAR 35    
44 EU_TEXT Short texts in the ABAP/4 Development Workbench CHAR 60    
45 EU_T_NAME Name of a tree object CHAR 45    
46 EVALBWA_KK Field Evaluation Type CHAR   
47 EVALBW_KK Field Evaluation Type CHAR   
48 EVALU Display evaluation period in sequencing CHAR 12    
49 EVATY Appraisal Type NUMC   
50 EVBAS Earned value basis CHAR   
51 EVBFO Benefits to employees while they were employed CHAR   
52 EVBWKEY IS-M/AM: Variable Valuation Key for Revenue Distribution CHAR 20    
53 EVBWTYP IS-M/AM: Valuation Category in Revenue Distribution CHAR   
54 EVENTAGGREGATION_FIS Aggregation of Log Entries CHAR   
55 EVENTMEN_1 Name of the event menu CHAR   
56 EVENTREFERENCE_FIS External Transaction Number as Bracket for Events CHAR 24    
57 EVENT_001A Text element (for targeted access to addresses) CHAR   
58 EVENT_001D Event (for the targeted access to standard texts) CHAR   
59 EVENT_001E Text element (for targeted access to addresses) CHAR   
60 EVENT_001F Text element (for targeted access to forms) CHAR   
61 EVENT_021R Text element (for selection fields for layouts) CHAR   
62 EVENT_066R Event (for selection fields for layouts) CHAR   
63 EVENT_180P Event (for selection fields for layouts) CHAR   
64 EVENT_CUST_FPM Payment medium: Customer events NUMC   
65 EVENT_FPM Events during creation of payment medium NUMC   
66 EVENT_KK Account balance: Function for field selection CHAR   
67 EVENT_KORR Text element for correspondence types identification CHAR   
68 EVENT_NAME Event Histograms, Event name CHAR 64    
69 EVENT_OFI Open FI: Event time CHAR   
70 EVENT_PAY Time of payment medium creation NUMC   
71 EVENT_SET_STATUS Point in Time to Set Status "Task in Process" CHAR   
72 EVENT_VI Events from nformation Container CHAR   
73 EVENT____1 Current event (debugging display) CHAR 20    
74 EVERE Compliance with shipping instructions CHAR   
75 EVERS Shipping instructions CHAR   
76 EVERYDAY_LOW_PRICE Everyday-Low-Price CURR 12 
77 EVERYDAY_LOW_PRICE_UI Everyday-Low-Price DEC 12 
78 EVE_APPLICATION Evaluation Engine: Application CHAR 16    
79 EVE_ATTRIBUTE Evaluation Engine: Attribute/Characteristic CHAR 16    
80 EVE_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE Evaluation Engine: Attribute Type/Characteristic CHAR   
81 EVE_BOOLE Boolean: True/False; Yes/No CHAR   
82 EVE_DESCRIPTION Text (40 Characters) CHAR 40    
83 EVE_EXTRACT Evaluation Engine: Extract CHAR 16    
84 EVE_HIERARCHY_ID Hierarchy Element Number NUMC   
85 EVE_INCLUDE_INITIAL_VALUES Processing Initial Values in Summarization CHAR   
86 EVE_ITERATOR Evaluation Engine: Iterator CHAR 16    
87 EVE_OBJECT_ID Evaluation Engine: Object ID (External Display) STRG   
88 EVE_OBJECT_TYPE Evaluation Engine: (Primary) Object Type CHAR 16    
89 EVE_ROLL_UP_RESOLVE Evaluation Engine: Rules for Resolution of Summ. Conflicts CHAR   
90 EVE_ROLL_UP_RULE Evaluation Engine: Rules for Summarization CHAR 16    
91 EVE_SECONDARY_OBJECT_TYPE Evaluation Engine: Secondary Object Type CHAR 16    
92 EVE_SEVERITY_TYPE Severity Type CHAR   
93 EVE_SUB_ATTRIBUTE Evaluation Engine: Lower-Level Attribute/Characteristic CHAR 16    
94 EVE_SUB_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE Evaluation Engine: Type of Lower-Level Attribute/Charact. CHAR   
95 EVE_THRESHOLD Evaluation Engine: Threshold Value CHAR 16    
96 EVE_THRESHOLD_GUID GUID of Exception for Threshold Value RAW 16    
97 EVE_THRESHOLD_RESULT Evaluation Engine: Result of Threshold Value Check CHAR   
98 EVE_THRESHOLD_SEVERITY Evaluation Engine: Severity of Errors of Threshold Value NUMC   
99 EVE_URL URL for EVE Customizing CHAR 255    
100 EVE_VIEW Evaluation Engine: View CHAR 16    
101 EVE_VIEW_FIELD_TYPE Type of View Field CHAR   
102 EVE_VIOLATION_TYPE Type of Threshold Value Violation CHAR   
103 EVFL_OPRHK Origin of an operand in progress analysis CHAR   
105 EVKSTART IS-M: Point of Sale Type CHAR   
106 EVKSTBEZ IS-M: Type of Point of Sale CHAR   
107 EVMETYP IS-M/AM: Quantity Type for Revenue Distribution CHAR   
108 EVOBJ IS-M/AM: Revenue distribution object CHAR 10    
109 EVOPA Default Values (Purchasing Management) CHAR   
110 EVPAI Plan/actual indicator NUMC   
111 EVSKU EV: Usage of Statistical Key Figures CHAR   
112 EVTYP Usage of the MPS evaluation CHAR   
113 EVU Number of external utility company CHAR   
114 EVWGT Earned Value Weighting CHAR   
115 EV_FELD Field names for progress analysis values (PS) CHAR 10    
116 EV_FELDTYP Field type PS progress analysis NUMC   
117 EV_FLLIST Flag for EV report CHAR   
118 EV_METHOD Measurement method in PS progress analysis CHAR 10    
119 EV_MGFELD Quantity field for quantity proportional - PS progress anlys NUMC   
120 EV_OBTYP Object type in PS earned value analysis CHAR   
121 EV_PROFILE Profile for progress analysis - PS CHAR   
122 EV_PROGRES Percentage of completion (project progress in %) DEC
123 EV_SUMFLG Total indicator for percentage of completion NUMC   
124 EV_TECHN Measurement Technique for PS Progress Analysis CHAR   
125 EV_TRMLAGE Earliest/Latest planned dates CHAR   
126 EV_TYPE Date Type CHAR 12    
127 EV_TYPE_APPL Application: Date Type CHAR   
128 EWAEL_BOOKDATE Posting Date DATS   
129 EWAEL_CUSTOMTEXT Description CHAR 254    
130 EWAEL_DELIVERYBANNR Number of Delivery Lock CHAR 20    
131 EWAEL_EHSWAD_APCAT Waste Approval Type CHAR   
132 EWAEL_EHSWAD_APPNO Authority-Assigned Number for Waste Approval CHAR 20    
133 EWAEL_EHSWAD_APPNOINT Internal number for waste approval CHAR 10    
134 EWAEL_EHSWAD_APWOS Waste approval processing status CHAR   
135 EWAEL_EHSWAD_MNINO Document number for disposal document CHAR 15    
136 EWAEL_LOAD_TIME_BEGIN Loading Time From TIMS   
137 EWAEL_LOAD_TIME_END Loading Time To TIMS   
138 EWAEL_MENSURATIONMODENR Measurement Procedure Number CHAR 20    
139 EWAEL_PLANTDRYENTRTYPE Entry Category in Operations Log CHAR   
140 EWAEL_POSNR Item Number of General Cargo Entry NUMC 10    
141 EWAEL_PROCESSTYPE Transaction Type CHAR   
142 EWAEL_QUANTITY Quantity QUAN 15 
143 EWAEL_QUANTITYUNIT Unit of Measure UNIT   
145 EWAEL_SAMPLENR Sample Number CHAR 20    
146 EWAEL_SAMPLEPARAMETERNR Number of Sample Parameter CHAR 20    
147 EWAEL_SHORTCUSTOMTEXT Description (short) CHAR 50    
148 EWAEL_TREATMENT Type of Waste Treatment CHAR   
149 EWAEL_UNLOAD_TIME_BEGIN Unloading Time From TIMS   
150 EWAEL_UNLOAD_TIME_END Unloading Time To TIMS   
151 EWAEL_UUID_32 EHS: GUID - 32 spaces CHAR 32    
153 EWAEL_VOUCHERNR Document Number for General Cargo Entry CHAR 20    
154 EWAEL_WDPLANTKIND Type of Waste Disposal Facility (Dump, Sorting, Composting) CHAR   
155 EWAEL_WDPLANTNR Waste Disposal Facility CHAR 20    
156 EWAEL_WDPLANTORDERTYPE SD Order Type for Waste Disposal Installation Entrance/Exit CHAR 20    
157 EWAEL_WDPLANTTYPE Type of Waste Disposal Facility CHAR 20    
158 EWAEL_WDPPROCDATE Procedure Date DATS   
159 EWAEL_WDPPROCNR Procedure Within Facility CHAR 20    
160 EWAEL_WDPPROGRNR Key for Transaction Group CHAR 20    
161 EWAEL_WDPPROTYNR Key for Transaction Category CHAR 20    
162 EWAEL_WDPPROTYPOSNR Key for Transaction Category (Items) CHAR 20    
164 EWAORDER_RELEVANT Control Field for Waste Disposal Order Creation CHAR   
165 EWASELOBJ Object for Data Selection CHAR   
166 EWASTEREL Fixed Values for Selecting Operand with Special Value Supply CHAR   
167 EWATIME Period Indicator: "From" CHAR   
168 EWATIMEX Period Indicator: "From" CHAR   
169 EWAWA_BUCHDATUM Posting Date DATS   
170 EWAWA_DEVICEGROUPNR Device Group Number CHAR 20    
171 EWAWA_DEVICENR Profile Control Number CHAR 20    
172 EWAWA_DEVICETYPE Profile Control Category CHAR 20    
174 EWAWA_HWPROFILENR Key Hardware Profiles CHAR 20    
175 EWAWA_HWPROFILETYPE Hardware Profile Category CHAR   
176 EWAWA_HWPROFILE_BAUDRATE Baud Rate (Serial Interface) CHAR   
177 EWAWA_HWPROFILE_BITCOUNT Number of Data Bits (Serial Interface) NUMC   
178 EWAWA_HWPROFILE_FLOWCONTROL Flow Control (Serial Interface) CHAR   
179 EWAWA_HWPROFILE_PARITY Parity (Serial Interface) CHAR 10    
180 EWAWA_HWPROFILE_STOPBITS Number of Stop Bits (Serial Interface) CHAR   
181 EWAWA_RLTYP Partner Types in Waste Disposal CHAR 10    
182 EWAWA_WEIGHINGNR Weighing Record Number CHAR 20    
183 EWAWA_WEIGHINGOFFBOOKFLAG Posting Indicator for Offline Weighing CHAR   
184 EWAWA_WEIGHINGOFFEXTNR External Number for Offline Weighing CHAR 20    
185 EWAWA_WEIGHINGOFFLNR Offline Weighing Procedure Number CHAR 20    
186 EWA_ACTGRP Action group of action manager CHAR   
187 EWA_ACTTYP Action manager: type of activity CHAR   
188 EWA_AUTO_FLAG Automation Indicator CHAR   
189 EWA_BILLING_PROCESS Billing-Relevant Process for Waste Disposal Industry CHAR   
190 EWA_BP_FELDNAME ISU Objects Allocated to an EHS Object CHAR 20    
191 EWA_CALMOD Action manager: call type in selection CHAR   
192 EWA_CAPACITYKIND Capacity Category CHAR 20    
193 EWA_EHS_APPNO EHS-Integration: Authority-Assigned Number for Waste App. CHAR 20    
194 EWA_EHS_APPNOINT EHS Integration: Internal Number of Waste Approval CHAR 10    
195 EWA_EWAID ID for action manager CHAR 10    
196 EWA_IB_INSTANCE IB: Component / Instance (COPY) NUMC 18    
197 EWA_SF_OBJ Service Frequency Object CHAR   
198 EWBSTEPIDX Index in a step table INT2   
199 EWB_ACTNAM Activity category for front office steps CHAR 43    
200 EWB_BUSPRO Business process CHAR   
201 EWB_CCPRID Generic process ID (WF, FO Process) for CCPROC.Create CHAR 30    
202 EWB_COMND Business process: command for flow control CHAR 10    
203 EWB_ELEMTP_ICON Icon for element category CHAR   
204 EWB_HIERLEVEL Process hierarchy level INT2   
205 EWB_IVAL Integer value for customer care process objects INT4 10    
206 EWB_LABEL Marker for a front office process CHAR 10    
207 EWB_PROCLT Process class category CHAR   
208 EWB_PROCLX Generic process class ID CHAR 70    
209 EWB_PROCTY Front office process category NUMC   
210 EWB_STEPNR Business process step NUMC   
211 EWCM_X Domain for space/X flag CHAR   
212 EWCUSTENV_COLWI Column Width NUMC   
213 EWCUSTENV_ID Customer Information Cluster Builder CHAR 10    
214 EWCUSTENV_LINENUM Sequential number of entry NUMC   
215 EWCUSTENV_PROFILE Profile of Customer Information Cluster Builder CHAR 10    
216 EWCUSTENV_STRUC Structure Selection CHAR   
217 EWCUSTENV_TYPE Customer Overview Profile Category CHAR   
218 EWCUST_CONTR_OBJACT Selection Session for Utility Contracts CHAR   
219 EWCUST_MAXDAYS Maximum Age in Days of Object for Display (0 = All) NUMC   
220 EWCUST_MAXNUM Maximum Number of Objects for Display (0 = All) NUMC   
221 EWCUST_OBJOPT Display Option for Cluster Builder Object Level CHAR   
222 EWC_ELEM Element CHAR 32    
223 EWC_OTYPE Object type CHAR   
224 EWEFATABRW Number of rows of a table or index NUMC 16    
225 EWEFATABSZ Size of an object NUMC 16    
226 EWEFATABTP Type of Object CHAR   
227 EWEIGHCNT Consecutive number for weighing data record NUMC   
228 EWEIGHID Weighing number CHAR 20    
229 EWF_CALLGR Front office call group CHAR   
230 EWF_CALLID Front office call ID code CHAR   
231 EWF_CONFIG Front office workbench configuration CHAR   
232 EWF_PARAM Parameter for front office call CHAR 32    
233 EWF_POSGR Position group for front office call group NUMC   
234 EWF_TRATYP Use of data flow definition CHAR   
235 EWF_USCTFO User context for front office configuration determination CHAR   
236 EWJBSCD_DY EarlyWatch Job Scheduling: Day NUMC   
237 EWJBSCD_PT EarlyWatch Job Scheduling: Program type CHAR   
238 EWJBSCD_ST EarlyWatch Job Scheduling: State of a job CHAR   
239 EWJBSCD_WK EarlyWatch Job-Scheduling: Time in weeks NUMC   
240 EWLNR EDI: Goods/service number (first 30 places) CHAR 30    
241 EWM_MENGE Stock Quantities from EWM QUAN 31  14 
242 EWM_MU_SCENARIO_MYMAU MAM for Utilities Scenario CHAR 10    
243 EWO_SCRVAR Subscreen variant of xtainer display subscreen CHAR   
244 EWP_TASKID Task number for agent determination (type and number) CHAR 10    
245 EWUCURTP Currency type CHAR   
246 EWUDIF Adjustment category for account determination CHAR   
247 EWUERLKZ Completed indicator CHAR   
248 EWUERR_NR EMU conversion error numbers NUMC   
249 EWUFIAA_FR Currency relationships betw FI-AA and G/L accts CHAR   
250 EWUFRNAME EMU conversion: Name of a form routine CHAR 30    
251 EWUFUNC EMU conversion: Function control CHAR   
252 EWUINT Integer value < 2 ** 31 (2 billion) INT4 10    
253 EWULFDNR Sequence number for EMU conversion INT1   
254 EWULFDNR3 Three-digit sequence number NUMC   
255 EWUOA EMU: Object type CHAR   
256 EWUOS EMU: Variable Object Key CHAR 50    
257 EWUPAKTYP EMU conversion: Package type CHAR   
258 EWUPRAEF Two-character alphanumeric domain CHAR   
259 EWUSUBZNR EMU conversion: Number of the activity per point in time NUMC   
260 EWUSVRWGHT Five-digit genuine decimal fraction NUMC   
261 EWUTIMESTP Changeover date CHAR   
262 EWUTXT_NR Two-digit character number NUMC   
263 EWUUMSACT EMU conversion: Package active? (A) CHAR   
264 EWUUMSFERT EMU conversion: Conversion program completed ID CHAR   
265 EWUUMSFLAG Flags for EMU conversion CHAR   
266 EWUUMSGTYP EMU conversion: Generation type CHAR   
267 EWUUMSINCR EMU conversion: Flag for incremental conversion CHAR   
268 EWUUMSOBJ EMU conversion: Conversion object CHAR 10    
269 EWUUMSOTYP EMU conversion: Type of object needed for conversion CHAR   
270 EWUUMSPAK EMU conversion: EMU conversion package ID NUMC   
271 EWUUMSPATP EMU conversion: Parameter type CHAR   
272 EWUUMSPHAS Changeover phases CHAR 10    
273 EWUUMSPROD Changeover/runtime CHAR   
274 EWUUMSPROG Program is needed in the runtime forecast CHAR   
275 EWUUMSPTYP EMU conversion: Package type CHAR   
276 EWUUMSREPF Repeat indicator CHAR   
277 EWUUMSREST Restart flag CHAR   
278 EWUUMSSTAT Status of the program CHAR   
279 EWUUMSSTMO Program mode (selection / update) CHAR   
280 EWUUMSSTTE Technical status of program CHAR   
281 EWUUR Flag for table fields relevant to conversion for customers CHAR   
282 EWUVW EMU: Object use CHAR   
283 EWUWTYP EMU: Currency keys used CHAR   
284 EWUX Domain for space/X flag CHAR   
285 EWU_CHTYPE Origin of the change in the trans.figures fr.EMU conversion CHAR   
286 EWU_KRIT Flag: ANLN1 critical for euro conversion (FI-AA) CHAR   
287 EWU_KZ_IE Indicator: Including/excluding a company code CHAR   
288 EWV_OBJREFTYPE CIC View: Type of Reference to a View-Object CHAR   
289 EWWU_KEY Internal key for Monetary Union name CHAR   
290 EWW_CALLBACK_PROF Configuration of CIC callback via workflow start CHAR 20    
291 EWW_REASON_CODE Reason for Callback CHAR 20    
292 EWW_RECEIVER Recipient Configuration CHAR 20    
293 EWX_GENER Generic container element CHAR 255    
294 EWX_PRCTYP Front office process type CHAR   
295 EW_CL Characters CHAR   
297 EW_OPSVALUEEXPR OPS: Value Expression CHAR 100    
298 EW_SLOT Slot NUMC   
299 EXART Business transaction type CHAR   
300 EXBEL_KK Official document number CHAR 16    
301 EXBILLDOCNO External document number CHAR 20    
302 EXBNR External material staging number for material ident. ? CHAR 20    
303 EXBXX Indicator to indicate existence of subordinate RV segments CHAR   
304 EXCEPHIE Displaying exceptions in hierarchy graphic CHAR   
305 EXCEPTCODE_BRO Exception Reason for Items not Selected in Broker Report NUMC   
306 EXCEPTION Exceptions for Workflow: IDOC - inbound CHAR   
307 EXCEPTIO_5 Error exit CHAR 30    
308 EXCEPTIO_6 Short text for exception CHAR 48    
309 EXCESS_COST Flag indicating how Excess is treated in PSC calculation CHAR   
310 EXCESS_COST_FLG Flag indicating how Excess is treated in PSC calculation CHAR   
311 EXCHANGE_RATE Exchange Rate DEC
312 EXCHTYP Category of one-way, restricted interchangeabilities CHAR   
313 EXCH_BUSINESS_REL Entitlement for Deposit Refund CHAR   
314 EXCH_BUSINESS_REL_UI Entitlement for Deposit Refund CHAR   
315 EXCLD Key for function codes to be deactivated dynamically CHAR   
316 EXCLG Legal Control: Indicator for Saving the Log CHAR   
317 EXCOK Legal Control: Activate per Sales Document Type CHAR   
318 EXCOP Legal Control: Execution for Item Category CHAR   
319 EXCREVACC_ITAGCY Agency Collections: Exception Reasons Reversal Acct Maint. CHAR   
320 EXDACOST Statistical code NUMC   
321 EXDOK Financial Document Processing: Export / Import Document CHAR   
322 EXDTF External date format CHAR   
323 EXECBASE Correction Data Basis CHAR   
324 EXECEXIT Run user exit CHAR   
325 EXECFORM Type of Correction CHAR   
326 EXECMODE Conversion status, background or inactive CHAR   
327 EXECPLACE Specifies where outsorting takes place (billing/invoicing) CHAR   
328 EXECTIME Duration of Function TIMS   
329 EXECUTION_FACTOR Execution Factor DEC
330 EXECUTION_TIME Execution Time NUMC   
332 EXEMP Tax exemption indicator CHAR   
333 EXEMPLART IS-M/SD: Copy type CHAR   
334 EXEMPTREASON Tax Exemption Reason CHAR 60    
335 EXFNR Foreign Trade: Decl. to Authorities: EXTRASTAT - Company No. CHAR   
336 EXGAR External warranty number CHAR 20    
337 EXGEN Legal Control: External License Number CHAR 20    
338 EXIDA Type of external handling unit identification number CHAR   
339 EXIDV External handling unit identification CHAR 20    
340 EXINDIBI Include Single Billing Documents in Backlog CHAR   
341 EXIST CROSS reference function element: incl. non-existant FM CHAR   
342 EXISTENCE Existence of an object CHAR   
343 EXISTS Flag for existence of tables and data CHAR   
346 EXIT1ABGR Customer Enhancement 1 for Results Analysis CHAR   
347 EXITBUFF Buffer to be passed to user exit CHAR 32    
348 EXITDEF Exit names CHAR 20    
349 EXITIMP Implementation names CHAR 20    
350 EXITKEY Exit key CHAR 30    
351 EXITNAME Name of user exit CHAR 40    
352 EXITNR Number of the FIELD_EXIT_<DE>_... CHAR   
353 EXITPARAM Parameter description of a validation exit CHAR   
354 EXIT_NR Exit number CHAR   
355 EXIT_NR_G Long exit no. 1-character type flag (S/U) + 4-character no. CHAR   
356 EXIT_WORKFLOW Complete Workflow CHAR   
357 EXKID_KK Key Identification CHAR   
358 EXLGA External wage type CHAR   
359 EXLIN External Long Item Number CHAR 40    
360 EXMAI Mail string CHAR 254    
361 EXMNR Foreign Trade: Decl. to Authorities: EXTRASTAT - Matl No. CHAR   
362 EXMOD Legal Control: Check Arrangements Regarding Time CHAR   
363 EXMTH PHF exemption calculation method CHAR   
364 EXNUM Export data number CHAR 10    
365 EXOBJECT Exchange object marking CHAR   
366 EXP10 base 10 exponent, 2 digits with sign INT2   
367 EXPANDER_DOM Exapnder Domain CHAR   
368 EXPD_PROGRAMM Program Name CHAR 40    
369 EXPENSE_TYPE_PS Expense Type CHAR   
370 EXPGRP Administrator group CHAR   
371 EXPIM Determination of export data in billing document CHAR   
372 EXPIND Indicator Expense or not CHAR   
373 EXPKZ Export indicator CHAR   
374 EXPKZ_VF Export ID in billing CHAR   
375 EXPLOSION_MODE Explosion Mode CHAR   
376 EXPLSTAT Document simulation status CHAR 15    
377 EXPORTIN_3 Name of EXPORTING parameter CHAR 30    
378 EXPORTLI_3 Name of reference field for export parameter CHAR 26    
379 EXPORTVA_3 Contents of export parameter CHAR 40    
380 EXPOS Internal item number for export data NUMC   
383 EXPPG Preference indicator CHAR   
384 EXPRF Export/import procedure CHAR   
385 EXPROFILE External Procurement Profile CHAR   
386 EXPTY Type of Expatriate CHAR   
387 EXPTYP_KK Type of Export CHAR   
388 EXPT_TYPE Translation exception type CHAR   
389 EXPVZ Mode of transport (when goods cross border) CHAR   
390 EXP_BLRSN Expediting Blocking Reason CHAR   
391 EXP_COLOR Color of a deviation NUMC   
392 EXP_COMPL Completion indicator CHAR   
393 EXP_EVENT Event CHAR   
394 EXP_EVENT_TYPE Type of Event CHAR   
395 EXP_MATKL Field for Material Group - Also Generic CHAR   
396 EXP_NMRID Unique Number for a Sub-Item CHAR 10    
397 EXP_OBJECT Expediting Object Indicator CHAR   
398 EXP_PRIO Priority NUMC   
399 EXP_PROFILE Expediting Profile CHAR   
400 EXP_SCHDSC Event Scenario CHAR   
401 EXP_STATUS Condition of exception CHAR   
402 EXP_STTYP Status Information Type CHAR   
403 EXP_TYPE Export type (UPGR, INST) CHAR   
404 EXRAT Exchange rate reference for tax transfer CHAR   
405 EXREPLCNTL Replcntl CHAR   
406 EXSGD Do not explode bulk material items CHAR   
407 EXSNR External Sort Number NUMC   
408 EXSTA_KK Official document number status CHAR   
409 EXSTL BOM Group CHAR 18    
410 EXSTR_SI_FLAG Flag for Selection of Extract Structure Line Items CHAR   
411 EXSTR_TT_FLAG Flag for Selection Extract Structre Totals Rcrds CHAR   
414 EXTAUFGA IS-H: EA Externe Auftraggeberart CHAR   
415 EXTAUFNR IS-H: EA Nummer des Externen Auftrags CHAR 10    
416 EXTBEWART External flow type in the interest certificate CHAR   
417 EXTDREPORT Reporting: Extended program name CHAR 48    
418 EXTEB External level of financial assets management NUMC   
419 EXTENDED_OL Enhanced Object List Integration Indicator CHAR   
420 EXTENSION Copy values in navigation CHAR   
421 EXTENTSNR ORACLE: maximum number of extents NUMC   
422 EXTERNAL_ID_SOCM External ID CHAR 86    
423 EXTERN_CALC2 Extern Calc.: Enable / Disable CHAR   
424 EXTEXDIS_CA FI-CA: Extension of Existing Disputes Allowed CHAR   
425 EXTGRUNO External group number for tax amounts CHAR 10    
426 EXTID External ID (plain text or hash value) CHAR 112    
427 EXTID_DATA External ID data LRAW 4096    
428 EXTID_FNAME Field Name for a Part of the External ID of a User CHAR 30    
429 EXTID_HASH Hash value for external ID CHAR 32    
430 EXTID_KK Event in which a function module is called CHAR   
431 EXTID_OP Operation for an ID CHAR   
432 EXTID_TYPE External ID type CHAR   
433 EXTIMREF Comparison Value for Run Time CHAR   
434 EXTINTKZ Type of number assignment in IS-U CHAR   
435 EXTME Performance time of action TIMS   
436 EXTN Telephone Extension Number NUMC   
437 EXTNR External Number of a Base Planning Object (Unit Costing) CHAR 18    
438 EXTOBJ_KK Short Extract: Object Key CHAR 10    
439 EXTPARTNR External Business Partner Number CHAR 15    
440 EXTPRICE External price CHAR   
441 EXTPY_KK Category of External Payment Collector CHAR   
442 EXTRAPOLWASTE Type of Budget Billing Extrapolation CHAR   
443 EXTRA_CAPITAL Additional stock capital DEC 15 
444 EXTRID_KK Extract Identification CHAR 20    
445 EXTR_KK Extract Type CHAR   
446 EXTVB External sales and distribution document number CHAR 10    
447 EXTWG External material group CHAR 18    
448 EXTYPE Extr. Type CHAR   
449 EXT_BU_ID_CATEGORY BP-Identification type - external indicator CHAR   
450 EXT_DOC_TYPE_KK FI-CA External Document Type CHAR   
451 EXT_FIELD External Field CHAR 30    
452 EXT_FREIGHT_ORDER External Freight Order ID CHAR 20    
453 EXT_LEVEL External Level in External Batch Where-Used List NUMC   
454 EXT_MODE Number of external session CHAR   
455 EXT_PARTNER_PFT Partner function type - external indicator CHAR   
456 EXT_PATNR IS-H: External patient identification CHAR 20    
457 EXT_RATE_ID External key for service provider rate CHAR 32    
458 EXT_SEARCH Extended selection for serial number CHAR   
459 EXT_SERVICE Service Type CHAR 16    
460 EXT_SRCH Extended source determination CHAR   
461 EXT_SRC_MAINT External Source maintenance flag CHAR   
462 EXT_TAX_ID_ICA External Tax Indicator CHAR 12    
463 EXT_TAX_ID_KK External Tax Code CHAR 12    
464 EXT_UI External Point of Delivery Key CHAR 50    
465 EXT_UI_BW Point of Delivery ID BW CHAR 50    
466 EXT_VERS Version Number for External Batch Usages NUMC   
467 EXT_ZAE External meter ID CHAR 10    
468 EXUBCODE User password CHAR   
469 EXVER Export procedure indicator CHAR   
470 EX_ARBGB FI-SL: Application area for user exit control CHAR   
471 EX_ARBGBI FI-SL: Application area for user exit control CHAR   
472 EX_CODE_ITAGCY Exception Reasons in Agency Collections CHAR   
473 EX_EVENTS Exceptional Events Domain - Italy NUMC   
474 EX_FLAG Exclusion Flag CHAR   
475 EX_WAKEY External Waste Code CHAR 10    
476 EZALQ SPF: Factor Non-Recurring Payment (Procedure ID) CHAR   
477 EZWARTINTERNAL IDE: internal register type CHAR   
478 EZ_ABRMENGE Billing quantity FLTP 16  16 
479 EZ_ZWSTAND Meter reading FLTP 16  16 
480 EZ_ZWSTDIFF Meter reading FLTP 16  16 
481 EZ_ZWSTNDAB Billed meter reading FLTP 16  16 
482 EZ_ZWSTVOR Previous meter reading FLTP 16  16 
483 E_ABRMENGE Billing quantity in screen format CHAR 36    
484 E_ABRTYP Billing Transaction for Amount Limits Payment Scheme CHAR   
485 E_ABSOLUTELOSS Absolute loss DEC 16  10 
486 E_ACB_ACTION Additional activity in automatic owner move-in CHAR   
487 E_ACTCAT Activity CHAR   
488 E_ACTIVITY Activity concerning authorization in IS-U CHAR   
489 E_AGGR_SEL ETHI: Aggregation Selection CHAR   
490 E_AGGR_VAR ETHIM: Aggregation Variant CHAR   
491 E_AGG_VAR IS-U Deregulation: Execution Variant for ETHIM_TAX CHAR   
492 E_AKTIV Meter reading: EABL active CHAR   
493 E_ALLOCCATEGORY Profile Allocation Category CHAR   
494 E_ANZAHL IS-U Device Checker: Number of Errors Found Per Error Class INT4 10    
495 E_ANZSERVICE Number of Waste Disposal Services in a Period NUMC   
496 E_AREG Clearing rule CHAR   
497 E_ASTATUS Status of meter reading order CHAR   
498 E_AUTH_CALCULATE_STATE Authorization for formula instance calc. and status change CHAR   
499 E_BBPMOD Create budget billing plan CHAR   
500 E_BC_STATUS Document Status in Bill Correction CHAR