SAP ABAP Domain - Index E, page 5
Domain - E
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 EMPTYLINES No. of blank lines INT1   
2 EMPTYP RI: Category of person receiving service CHAR   
3 EMP_SECTOR Industry Key CHAR   
4 EMSGCOUNT Number of messages saved NUMC   
5 EMSGCOUNT2 Consecutive number TEMSG2 NUMC   
6 EMSG_KZ_X Indicator field for space and X CHAR   
7 EMSG_TYP Message category of IS-U message object CHAR   
8 EMSG_USAGE_FLAG Use EMSG (Indicator) CHAR   
9 EM_EINTRAG Entry numbered CHAR   
10 ENABLECOCL Release of Usage of Complex Data Structure CHAR   
11 ENARN Individual Statement Types CHAR 18    
12 ENART HR SI: Individual Statement Type CHAR   
13 ENBTR HR SI: Individual SI Remuneration Statement DEC 11 
14 ENCJ Commitment Year NUMC   
15 ENCP Commitment Period NUMC   
16 ENDABG Business volume comparison and agreement f. final settlement CHAR   
17 ENDABGR Final Results Analysis CHAR   
18 ENDAT_012C Rule for setting the val. date for weekends and public hols CHAR   
19 ENDAT_FPK Origin of billing plan end date CHAR   
20 ENDDBARG Argument string for generic enqueue. RAW 120    
21 ENDEPACT DD: Activation mode for dependent lock objects INT2   
22 ENDEZT End Time TIMS   
23 ENDEZUL License expiration date DATS   
24 ENDTYPE_SC Payment Plans: End Type for a Payment Plan Item CHAR   
25 ENGINE_TYPE Engine type CHAR 10    
29 ENHBADIMULTIPLICITY BAdI: Can be implemented once / several times CHAR   
30 ENHBADI_IMPLEMENTATION_LAYER Layer of a BAdI Implementation (Industry, Partner...) INT1   
32 ENHBOOLEAN Enhancement Boolean CHAR   
33 ENHCHARBADIFILTER Filter Value CHAR 255    
34 ENHCM_KK Customer Enhancement Supported CHAR   
35 ENHCOMPCHILDTYPE Enhancement Composite Type of a Child CHAR   
36 ENHCOMPOSITENAME Name of an Enhancement Composite CHAR 30    
38 ENHCTYPSTYP_DO Enhancement Subtypes Description CHAR   
39 ENHDATAVERS Enhancement Data Version NUMC   
40 ENHDOCUOBJECT Abstraction for Possible Doc. Objects CHAR 40    
41 ENHEDITSTATC Static or Dynamic CHAR   
42 ENHELEMSTATE Status of an Enhancement Element (Object or Tab.) CHAR   
43 ENHELEMTYPE Enhancement Element Type CHAR   
44 ENHELEMUSAGE Enhancement Element Use CHAR   
45 ENHEXTNAME External Enhancement Name CHAR 40    
46 ENHFCODEDEFAULT Default Indicator of an FCode Enhancement CHAR   
47 ENHFUGRPARTYPE_DO Parameter Type for Function Modules CHAR   
48 ENHFUGRTYPEKIND_DO Parameter Type of a Function Module CHAR   
49 ENHHOOKTYPE Type of a Hook CHAR   
50 ENHICON Enhancement Compare Icon CHAR   
51 ENHLOC ID for the Enhancement Position in a Program CHAR   
52 ENHLOGACTION Enhancement Log Action CHAR 10    
53 ENHLOGDATATYPE Type of XSTRING Data Buffer in Enhancement Log Entry CHAR   
54 ENHLOGID ID of Enhancement Log Entry for Each Enhancement NUMC 10    
55 ENHMETHTYPE Method Type CHAR   
56 ENHMODE Mode of a Program Enhancement CHAR   
57 ENHMODTYPE_DO Modularization unit in which enhancement is made CHAR   
58 ENHMULTINCMODE Is include a multiple-use include? CHAR   
59 ENHNAME Enhancement Name/ID CHAR 30    
60 ENHOBJTYPE Object Type of Enhancement CHAR   
61 ENHREPAIRMODE Enhancement Repair Mode CHAR   
63 ENHSHORTTEXT Short Text CHAR 255    
64 ENHSHORTTEXT40 Short Text 255 with Output Length 40 CHAR 255    
65 ENHSHORTTEXT60 Short Text 255 with Output Length 60 CHAR 255    
66 ENHSPOTCOMPOSITENAME Enhancement Spot Composite Name CHAR 30    
67 ENHSPOTMODE Mode of a Program Enhancement CHAR   
68 ENHSPOTNAME Name of an Enhancement Point CHAR 30    
69 ENHSPOTTOOLTYPE Enhancement Spot Tool Type CHAR 10    
70 ENHSTATE Status of Compare CHAR   
72 ENHTEXT255_DO Short Text Uppercase/Lowercase CHAR 255    
73 ENHTEXT60_DO Enhancement View of BAdI Text of Length 60 CHAR 60    
74 ENHTEXT80_DO Domain for 80-Character Text Field with Uppercase/Lowercase CHAR 80    
75 ENHTEXTID Text ID CHAR 20    
77 ENHTEXTTYP Enhancement Text Repository CHAR 10    
78 ENHTOOLCTXMENUTEXT Text for Context Menu CHAR 20    
79 ENHTOOLSHORTEXT Short Text Tool CHAR 255    
80 ENHTOOLTYPE Enhancement Tool Type CHAR 10    
81 ENHTYPE Enhancement Type CHAR   
82 ENHTYPE_CLASS_DO Enhancement Type for Class Enhancements CHAR   
83 ENHUPGRADE Enhancement Upgrade Indicator CHAR   
84 ENH_BADI_FILTER_CMP_TYPE Enhancement BAdI Comparison Type CHAR   
85 ENH_BADI_FILTER_TYPE Enhancement BAdI Filter Type CHAR   
87 ENH_CHGD_INDICATOR_DO Enh. Upgrade Change Indicator CHAR   
88 ENH_CHG_OBJTYPE_DO Changed Object Type During Enh. Upgrade CHAR   
90 ENH_COUNTER Link to Version Management: Mapping RAWSTRING in CHAR INT4 10    
91 ENH_DO_CONTAUX Contract Content Help Flag CHAR   
93 ENH_PACKAGE Enhancement Package CHAR 30    
94 ENH_RAWSTR_DO ENH Raw String Element RSTR   
95 ENH_TEXT_20 Text Length 20, Uppercase/Lowercase Letters CHAR 20    
96 ENH_TEXT_ID_DO Text ID CHAR 10    
97 ENH_VERSION_MANAGEMENT Conversions for Switch Framework CHAR 255    
98 ENH_VERSION_MANAGEMENT_HEX Conversions for Switch Framework RAW 255    
99 ENKRTPL Number range object for functional location (AO and GPL) CHAR 20    
100 ENQKEY Enqueue key CHAR 58    
101 ENQMODE Lock mode CHAR   
102 ENQOBJECT Name of lock object CHAR   
103 ENQUEUE_GRP Block master contr. until all lower level contracts updated CHAR   
104 ENROLL_TYPE Enrollment Type CHAR   
105 ENSTU Career Classification PSG CHAR   
107 ENTCN_KK Data Counter NUMC   
108 ENTFAELLT Reason for omitting R/2 variant CHAR   
109 ENTFE Distance travelled QUAN   
110 ENTFERNKAT IS-M/SD: Distance category CHAR   
111 ENTGART IS-H: Remuneration type CHAR   
112 ENTGART2 IS-H: Charge Type §301 Nursing Charges CHAR   
113 ENTGP Remuneration Points for Pension Insurance D DEC
114 ENTGP6 6-Digit Remuneration Points - No Longer Used DEC
115 ENTID_KK Correspondence data CHAR   
116 ENTID_VI Information Data CHAR   
117 ENTITYID_ITAGCY Identification of Entities in Agency Collections CHAR 30    
118 ENTITYTYPE_DESCR_ITAGCY Description of an Entity Category in Agency Collections CHAR 30    
119 ENTITYTYPE_ITAGCY Entity Category in Agency Collections CHAR   
120 ENTITY_VALUE_20 Numeric field (length 20) NUMC 20    
121 ENTKEY IS-H: Charge Key for Paragraph 301 / DALE-UV CHAR   
122 ENTLEIHTYP IS-H: Borrower category CHAR   
123 ENTLG Schedule line type CHAR   
124 ENTLNR IS-H: Borrower of documents CHAR 10    
125 ENTL_OBJ1 Object 1 for borrowing CHAR 10    
126 ENTMR Include Day of Birth in Calculation of Period(Infotype 0080) CHAR   
127 ENTRAKT Entry current INT1   
128 ENTRGES Entry: Total number of pages INT1   
129 ENTRIES Entries in a table INT4 10    
130 ENTRY Number of the table entry in internal table NUMC   
131 ENTRY_LEVEL Entry Level CHAR   
132 ENTRY_NR_COV_PS Business Partner Overview: Current Number of Entry NUMC   
133 ENTRY_OPERATION Operation Using Table Entries CHAR   
134 ENTTCN_KK Table Record Counter NUMC   
135 ENTTP_KK Correspondence data type CHAR   
136 ENTYP_021F Fast entry: Entry type for control CHAR   
137 ENTYP_KK Fast entry: Entry type for control CHAR   
138 ENTZU RI: Discharge status of a patient CHAR   
139 ENVART Type of number assignment CHAR   
140 ENVIRONMENT Environment CHAR 15    
141 EOASL Ind. result-oriented order BOM CHAR   
142 EOBELTYP IS-M: Document Category for which Revenue Performed CHAR   
143 EOBID IS-M/AM: Revenue object document ID CHAR 16    
144 EOBJNR IS-U waste management: Object number of service frequency CHAR 10    
145 EOBPO IS-M/AM: Revenue Object Document Item NUMC   
146 EORDERNR Internal number for identifying a waste disposal order CHAR 20    
147 EORDER_STATUS Status of the waste disposal order CHAR   
148 EORDER_TYPE Order Type CHAR   
149 EOREF_BELID IS-M/AM: Doc.Number of Rev.Distributed Document Object CHAR 10    
150 EOREF_POSID IS-M: Item Number of Revenue Distributed Document Object NUMC   
151 EORTP Category of source list record CHAR   
152 EPADSCR Short description for a print action record CHAR 30    
153 EPARNUMBER No. of parameters NUMC   
154 EPARTYPE Type of formula parameter NUMC   
155 EPAST Reaction to entry in payroll past CHAR   
156 EPA_MARKETING_CAMPAIGN_EXTERN Project item number (external) CHAR 24    
157 EPA_STATUS Status of Print Action Record CHAR   
158 EPCHEX EPC (Hexadecimal format) RAW 24    
159 EPCTEXT EPC (Text Format) CHAR 50    
160 EPD_ACTIVE Activation Status CHAR   
161 EPD_ALIASNAME Alias CHAR 20    
162 EPD_CARDINALITY IS-U Master Data Generator: Cardinality of Subcategory CHAR   
163 EPD_CONTXTID IS-U business context ID CHAR   
164 EPD_ECRM_ISU_CALC_PR_TYPE Local: Price Cat.for Condition Type of Calculation Variant 1 CHAR   
165 EPD_ECRM_ISU_MDG_PARAMTYP Local Copy of IS-U Price Type from CRM Sales Area CHAR   
166 EPD_EVALTYPE Evaluation Category of Attribute CHAR   
167 EPD_FKEY_TYPEID Master Data Template Category of External Key Attribute CHAR 20    
168 EPD_INT_POD Point of Delivery (UUID in Compressed Form) CHAR 22    
169 EPD_MEDIA_ACTIVE Activation Status CHAR   
170 EPD_NAME Field Label of a Master Data Template Description Object CHAR 20    
171 EPD_NODE IS-U Master Data Template (GUID) CHAR 22    
172 EPD_NODETYPE Category for MDG description node NUMC   
173 EPD_PARAMNAME Parameter Name for Master Data Templates CHAR 30    
174 EPD_PRODID Master data template CHAR 20    
175 EPD_SALES_PRODUCT Utility product CHAR 18    
176 EPD_STATE Master Data Template Nodes/Attribute Status NUMC   
177 EPD_STATE_ICON Status of Master Data Template Node CHAR 132    
178 EPD_TYPEID Master data template CHAR 20    
179 EPD_UTILITY Value Range for Industry Components CHAR   
180 EPD_VALID Boolean Variable CHAR   
181 EPIC_APPR_STEP_ITEM_STATUS Approval Step Item Status CHAR   
182 EPIC_BACOM_DESCR Bank Communication Description CHAR 80    
183 EPIC_BACOM_EXIT_CODE Bank Communication Implementation Exit Code CHAR   
184 EPIC_BACOM_STATUS Bank Communication Status CHAR   
186 EPIC_BACO_REQUEST_DESCR Bank Communication Request Description CHAR 80    
187 EPIC_BACO_STATUS Bank Communication Status CHAR   
188 EPIC_BACO_TIMESTAMP UTC_Timestamp DEC 15    
189 EPIC_BANK_COMM_DIRECTION Direction of Bank Communication (Message) NUMC   
190 EPIC_BANK_COMM_STEP *** OBSOLETE *** Bank Communication Step NUMC   
191 EPIC_BANK_COMM_TYPE Bank Communication Type CHAR   
192 EPIC_BANK_COMM_TYPE_TEXT Bank Communication Type Text CHAR 40    
194 EPIC_BPSOT Bank Payment Service Operation Type CHAR   
195 EPIC_BPSOT_TEXT Text for Bank Payment Service Operation Type CHAR 40    
196 EPIC_BRS_BOOLEAN EPIC: Bank Reconcilation Statement Boolean CHAR   
197 EPIC_BRS_CATEGORY Bank Reconciliation Statement Category CHAR   
198 EPIC_BRS_DM_SHOW_OR_HIDE Show or hide cleared items NUMC   
199 EPIC_BRS_PRINT_CURR EPIC: Bank Reconcilation Statement Print Currency DEC 30 
200 EPIC_BRS_REMARK EPIC: Bank Reconcilation Statement Remark CHAR 255    
201 EPIC_BRS_SOURCE EPIC: Bank Reconciliation Data Source CHAR   
203 EPIC_CB_ACTIVITY_AUTH Activity which is subject to the authorization check CHAR   
204 EPIC_CB_AMNT EPIC: Cash budgeting amount CURR 17 
205 EPIC_CB_AMNT_MINUS EPIC: Cash budget amount with minus CURR 17 
206 EPIC_CB_CYCLE_ID EPIC: Cash budgeting cycle id CHAR 10    
207 EPIC_CB_CYCLE_TYPE EPIC: Cash budgeting cycle type CHAR   
208 EPIC_CB_DESCRIPTION EPIC: Cash buget field description CHAR 60    
209 EPIC_CB_DIRECTION EPIC: Cash budget direction CHAR   
210 EPIC_CB_DIRECTION_DESCR EPIC: Cash budget direction description CHAR   
211 EPIC_CB_LQITEM_ID EPIC: Cash budgeting liquidity item ID CHAR 16    
212 EPIC_EBR_ACTIV_AUTH Activity which is subject to the authorization check CHAR   
213 EPIC_EBR_DIFF_POST_TYPE Difference Posting Type CHAR   
214 EPIC_EBR_DIRECTION Payment Direction of Electronic Bank Receipt CHAR   
215 EPIC_EBR_DIRECTION_OPTN Payment Direction Option CHAR   
216 EPIC_EBR_INDICATOR EPIC ebr indicator CHAR   
217 EPIC_EBR_PROG_NAME Program Name for Bank Receipt Print Form Configuration CHAR 40    
218 EPIC_EBR_PROG_NAME_6 Enhancement: Program Name of Bank Receipt Print Form     
219 EPIC_EBR_SEG_STATUS Status of Electronic Bank Receipt Segment CHAR   
220 EPIC_EBR_SOURCE Source of Electronic Bank Receipt CHAR   
221 EPIC_EBR_STATUS Status of Electronic Bank Receipt CHAR   
223 EPIC_ITEM_FIELD Payment Information Field to Be Changed CHAR   
224 EPIC_ITEM_SOURCE Source of Item to Be Paid CHAR   
225 EPIC_ITEM_STATUS Item Status CHAR   
226 EPIC_ITEM_STATUS_EHP7 Enhancement: Item Status Code for EPIC     
228 EPIC_ITEM_STATUS_IED Item Status For Which Editing Is Allowed CHAR   
229 EPIC_PASSWORD Security Token Password CHAR 50    
230 EPIC_PROG_NAME Epic: Program Name for PDF Printing Form Configuration CHAR 40    
231 EPIC_REGUT_STATUS Payment File Status CHAR   
232 EPIC_REGUT_STATUS_EHP7 Enhancement: File Status Code for EPIC     
233 EPIC_SECURITY_TOKEN_PIN Security Token PIN CHAR 16    
234 EPIC_SERIES_NUM Security Token Series Number CHAR 50    
235 EPIC_USAGE Usage Category Code CHAR   
236 EPIC_USAGE_CATEGORY Usage Category Code CHAR   
237 EPIC_USAGE_CATEGORY_EHP6 Enhancement: Usage Category Code for Bank Account Statement     
238 EPIC_USAGE_CATEGORY_EHP7 Enhancement: Usage Category Code for Bank Receipt     
239 EPIGR Epigraphs NUMC   
240 EPLMI Plus or minus CHAR   
241 EPM_ACTIVE Value Range for Contract Template CHAR   
242 EPM_CAT_ID Technical Name for KPI Category CHAR 30    
243 EPM_KPI_ID Technical Name of KPI CHAR 30    
245 EPM_PERIOD Period Unit CHAR   
246 EPM_SOURCE_TYPE Type of Source System for KPI CHAR   
247 EPM_VALUE Value of Key Figure DEC 15 
248 EPOTY Line item type CHAR   
249 EPOWER_FACT Power Factor for Billing Japan DEC   
250 EPP_ACTION Action in Extended Passport (EPP) CHAR 40    
251 EPP_ACTION_TYPE Action Type in Extended Passport (EPP) INT2   
252 EPP_AREA_TYPE Areas in Extended Passport (System/Application) CHAR   
253 EPP_COMPONENT_ID Component ID in Extended Passport (EPP) CHAR 32    
254 EPP_COMPONENT_NAME Component Name in Extended Passport (EPP) CHAR 32    
255 EPP_COMPONENT_TYPE Component Type in Extended Passport (EPP) INT2   
256 EPP_CONNECTION_ID Connection ID of Extended Passport (EPP) CHAR 32    
257 EPP_DESCRIPTION Description of Areas and Sections in Extended Passport CHAR 40    
258 EPP_ROOT_CONTEXT_ID Root Context ID of Extended Passport (EPP) CHAR 32    
259 EPP_SECTION_ID Section ID in Extended Passport (System/Application) INT2   
260 EPP_SERVICE Service in Extended Passport (EPP) INT2   
261 EPP_TRANSACTION_ID Transaction ID in Extended Passport (EPP) CHAR 32    
262 EPP_USER_ID User Name in Extended Passport (EPP) CHAR 32    
263 EPP_VAR_PART_ID Areas in Extended Passport (System/Application) INT2   
264 EPREFDOC External procurement reference document CHAR 10    
265 EPREFITM External procurement reference item NUMC   
266 EPRGR Price point group CHAR   
267 EPRIO Withdrawal sequence group CHAR   
268 EPROCGP_KK Lock Process for Business Partner CHAR   
269 EPROFILE External procurement profile CHAR   
270 EPROFSTATINTF Profile value status in interface CHAR   
271 EPSADDRESS EPS address CHAR 13    
272 EPSOVRWRI Overwrite mode CHAR   
273 EPSPCLEXT Parcel extension CHAR   
274 EPSPCLNUM EPS parcel number CHAR   
275 EPSRC Return code NUMC   
276 EPSRELFLG Release flag CHAR   
277 EPSSDOCS EPSS Documents CHAR 10    
278 EPSSTATUS Parcel status CHAR   
279 EPSTATU Status of purchasing document item CHAR   
280 EPSTA_EB Statement status CHAR   
281 EPSTP Item category in purchasing document (external display) CHAR   
282 EPSTRACE EPS trace level CHAR   
283 EPTYP Sales Pricing: Price point group category CHAR   
284 EP_PERIOD BBP Extrapolation: Type of Period Determination CHAR   
285 EQART Type of Technical Object CHAR 10    
286 EQDARG Domains for enqueue argument CHAR 150    
287 EQDUSR Owner of lock entry CHAR 58    
288 EQI_ABCKZ ABC Indicator CHAR   
289 EQI_ABCKZ_UI ABC Indicator CHAR   
290 EQI_ANSDT Acquisition Date DATS   
291 EQI_ANSDT_UI Acquisition Date DATS   
292 EQI_AULDT First Delivery Date DATS   
293 EQI_AULDT_UI First Delivery Date DATS   
294 EQI_BAUJJ Construction Year CHAR   
295 EQI_BAUJJ_UI Construction Year CHAR   
296 EQI_EQART Object Type CHAR 10    
297 EQI_EQART_UI Object Type CHAR 10    
298 EQI_EQTYP Equipment Category CHAR   
299 EQI_EQTYP_UI Equipment Category CHAR   
300 EQI_EQUNR Equipment Number CHAR 18    
301 EQI_EQUNR_UI Equipment Number CHAR 18    
302 EQI_GROES Size/Dimensions CHAR 18    
303 EQI_GROES_UI Size/Dimensions CHAR 18    
304 EQI_HERST Manufacturer CHAR 30    
305 EQI_HERST_UI Manufacturer CHAR 30    
306 EQI_INBDT In Operation From DATS   
307 EQI_INBDT_UI In Operation From DATS   
308 EQI_MATNR Material Number CHAR 40    
309 EQI_MATNR_UI Material Number CHAR 40    
310 EQI_SERNR Serial Number CHAR 18    
311 EQI_SERNR_UI Serial Number CHAR 18    
312 EQI_SUBMT Construction Type CHAR 40    
313 EQI_SUBMT_UI Construction Type CHAR 40    
314 EQKLS Equipment class CHAR   
315 EQSNR Number for the serialized part of the equipment CHAR 18    
316 EQTIMEINT Indicator: Equal Intervals CHAR   
317 EQTYP Equipment Category CHAR   
318 EQUIPFL Serial number with/without equipment requirement CHAR   
319 EQUI_COUNT Number of pieces of equipment installed at a FunctLocation INT4 10    
320 EQUNR Equipment Number CHAR 18    
321 EQUOT_RA Quotient Reactive to Active Energy or Demand DEC
322 EQVATTXC Identification of Equalization VAT Tax Code CHAR   
323 ERA Local date: Local era CHAR   
324 ERACCGRADE Revenue recognition: Accounting grade CHAR   
325 ERART Entry type CHAR   
326 ERBART IS-H: Performance type of a service (internal / external) CHAR   
327 EREC_ISR_TYPE Type of Requisition Form (ISR) CHAR   
328 EREC_MGR_GROUPING Manager grouping for E-Recruiting CHAR   
329 EREC_RECRUITER Type of Recruiter Logic for Requisition Form (ISR) Field NUMC   
330 EREC_START_METHOD Type of start method for creating a requisition NUMC   
331 ERENR Event Number CHAR   
332 EREPLACTIVITY Acitity Error Handling CRM/IS-U Replication CHAR   
333 EREPL_DELAY_USE IS-U Error Monitor: Automatic Restart NUMC   
334 EREPL_DLAY_FREQ IS-U Error Monitor: Number of Restarts INT1   
335 EREPL_DLAY_REASON Define Restriction for Automatic Restart NUMC   
336 EREPL_DLAY_TIME Define Time Delay NUMC   
337 EREST Event status CHAR   
338 ERESULT_ID Confirmation category ID CHAR   
339 ERES_TABLE Confirmation table CHAR   
340 ERETX Description of event CHAR 40    
341 ERFPR Entry profile: Logistics Invoice Verification CHAR 12    
342 ERGADRCHCK Result of address change check run for orders CHAR   
343 ERGGRP Results group (summarization of transaction records) CHAR   
344 ERGRD Reason for creating print document CHAR   
345 ERGRU Reimbursement group for meals/accomm. - enterprise-specific CHAR   
346 ERGSL Financial statement key CHAR 10    
347 ERGTYP Results type, type of transaction record summarizations CHAR   
348 ERG_RESERV Method for Results Reserve CHAR   
349 ERHKZL Line indicator for data entry forms CHAR   
350 ERHOE Increase run schedule quantity CHAR   
351 ERHOR Opening period NUMC   
352 ERH_DETAIL Level of detail for data entry forms NUMC   
353 ERH_INGR Output Group CHAR   
354 ERH_LTYPE List type for data entry forms NUMC   
355 ERKLA Reimbursement group for meals/accommodations: Statutory CHAR   
356 ERKRS Operating concern CHAR   
357 ERKXX Event factor: forecast DEC
358 ERLDRERZ Allowed publications CHAR   
359 ERLIS Error category when checking against listing rules CHAR   
360 ERLKZ Completed Indicator for Open Items CHAR   
361 ERLOESE Identifier "Revenue posting allowed" CHAR   
362 ERLRE Completion rule CHAR   
363 ERMAB_VK Determination type for sender CHAR   
364 ERMAT Entry field for material number, material order number ... CHAR   
365 ERMEM_VK Determination type for recipient CHAR   
366 ERMWSKZ Tax Determination Indicator CHAR   
367 ERNDM Indicator: Off-site work (yes/no) CHAR   
368 ERNLO Employee income limit NUMC   
369 ERNMR Event Number CHAR 18    
370 EROUN Routine number, buyer's negotiation sheet NUMC   
371 EROUTE IS-U waste: Route number CHAR 10    
372 ERPOS Event item NUMC   
373 ERPTMS_DO_03 Transportation Domain CHAR 3 CHAR   
374 ERPTMS_DO_07 Transportation Domain CHAR 7 CHAR   
375 ERPTMS_DO_10 Transportation Domain CHAR 10 CHAR 10    
376 ERPTMS_DO_20 Transportation Domain CHAR 20 CHAR 20    
377 ERPTMS_DO_35 Transportation Domain CHAR 35 CHAR 35    
378 ERPTMS_DO_40 Transportation Domain CHAR 40 CHAR 40    
379 ERPTMS_TM_ITEM_LIST_VERSION Display variant for transportation management invocing CHAR 30    
380 ERPTMS_TM_REFERENCETYPE Reference Document Category CHAR   
381 ERP_EHP_SWF_YES_NO Yes or No CHAR   
383 ERP_SLS_COUNTER_DOM Counter for Portal Overview NUMC 10    
384 ERP_SLS_EPCM_MODE_DOM Portal Navigation Mode NUMC   
385 ERP_SLS_JSTAT_LEVEL Sales and Distribution Document: Status Level CHAR   
386 ERP_SLS_JSTAT_TYPE Sales and Distribution Document: Category of Individ. Status CHAR   
387 ERP_SLS_LOC_DOM Portal Target Description CHAR 35    
388 ERP_SLS_LONG_DESC_DOM Text Length 40 CHAR 40    
389 ERP_SLS_ROLE_DOM Portal Role CHAR   
390 ERP_SLS_URN_DOM Portal Role Location CHAR 255    
391 ERP_SLS_WORKSET_LAYOUT_DOM Workset Layout for Link Grouping NUMC   
392 ERP_WEC_ADDRESS_FORMAT Web Channel: Address Format NUMC   
393 ERP_WEC_ADDRESS_LAYOUT Web Channel Address Layout NUMC   
394 ERP_WEC_APPLICATION_ID Web Channel Application ID CHAR 40    
395 ERP_WEC_APPLICATION_URL Web Channel Application URL CHAR 241    
396 ERP_WEC_APP_ID Web Channel Application ID CHAR 40    
397 ERP_WEC_ATTR_NAME Attribute name CHAR 50    
398 ERP_WEC_ATTR_VALUE Attribute Value CHAR 50    
400 ERP_WEC_CURR_DESCR Description CHAR 40    
401 ERP_WEC_CUSTPRF_CONTEXT Web Channel Customer Profile Context Field CHAR   
402 ERP_WEC_EMAIL_TEMPLATE Web Channel Email template CHAR 20    
403 ERP_WEC_LOGINTYPE Logon Procedure CHAR   
404 ERP_WEC_LOGON_SCENARIO Logon scenario CHAR 20    
405 ERP_WEC_PAYMENT_METHOD_TYPE Type of Payment Method CHAR   
406 ERP_WEC_REL_CONTAINER_TYPE Container of User Creation BAdI Containing the Data CHAR   
407 ERP_WEC_SEL_OPTION Options for Selection Conditions CHAR   
408 ERP_WEC_SHOP_ID Web Channel Shop ID CHAR 40    
409 ERP_WEC_SIGN Inclusive, Exclusive CHAR   
411 ERP_WEC_UA_ADMIN_TYPE Internet Sales: User Administration - Administrator Typ CHAR   
412 ERP_WEC_UNIT Quantity Unit UNIT   
413 ERP_WEC_UNIT_DESCR Description CHAR 40    
414 ERP_WEC_USR_STATUS User Search Parameter for status CHAR   
415 ERRCNT Number of errors NUMC   
416 ERRCODE_BRO Broker Report Error Code Analysis NUMC   
417 ERRCODE_ITAGCY Error Analysis Container NUMC   
418 ERRCOUNT Error counter NUMC   
419 ERRDS Error class description CHAR 60    
420 ERRGR Error class description CHAR   
421 ERRKZ IS-M: Error indicator for purchase conditions determination CHAR   
422 ERRLIST AS400-DDIC: Input list of self-recovering errors RAW   
423 ERRNO Failure cause number CHAR   
424 ERRNUM Output: Error number NUMC   
425 ERROR Error number CHAR   
426 ERRORFLAG Indicator "Error in confirmation" CHAR   
427 ERRORLEVEL_KK Level on which an error occurred in payment run CHAR   
428 ERRORS Number of faulty TRs INT4 10    
429 ERRORTYP Error Severity CHAR   
430 ERRORTYPE Error type (database access) NUMC   
431 ERROR_ART Note explaining why equipment cannot be dismantled CHAR   
432 ERROR_CODE Generic CDE Error Code CHAR   
433 ERROR_KEY IS-M/AM: Error key for PUs that are not found CHAR   
434 ERROR_WRF_FOLUP_TYP_A Required Field Check: Follow_up Relationships CHAR   
435 ERRSEVRTY Error severity due to insufficient user permissions CHAR   
436 ERRSTRARC_KK Document Archiving Device - Document Structure Identificatn CHAR   
437 ERRTEXT Line in DD log CHAR 160    
438 ERRTY Error type CHAR   
439 ERRTYPEBS_KK Acct statement transfer: Error data record type CHAR   
440 ERRTYP_SBMS Error Types: Processing Step for Self-Billing Procedure CHAR   
441 ERRTYP_SBPS Error Types: Verification Step for Self-Billing Procedure CHAR   
442 ERR_BR Error Reason Indicator CHAR   
443 ERR_IT_FSCD Tax Reporting Error FS-CD (Claring Premium/Taxes) CHAR   
444 ERR_MASK Error mask CHAR   
445 ERR_ONL ALE CCMS: Do not display final statuses CHAR   
446 ERSATZNR Surrogate key for number assignment (external/internal) CHAR 10    
447 ERSATZWERT Replacement value for operands CHAR   
448 ERSBA ERS procedure: document selection CHAR   
449 ERSCH PA transfer structure CHAR   
450 ERSCHWWO Indicator for publication frequency relative to week CHAR   
451 ERSDCDS ERS Procedure: Document Selection/Planned Delivery Costs CHAR   
452 ERSGR Information regarding release creation CHAR   
453 ERSKZ Spare part indicators CHAR   
454 ERSSL Spare part selection CHAR   
455 ERSTA Event status CHAR   
456 ERSTADR IS-M: Address Variant CHAR   
457 ERSTAT Status of an error CHAR   
458 ERSTRHY Generation frequency NUMC   
459 ERSTZUL Date of initial license of installer DATS   
460 ERTYP Event type CHAR   
461 ERVAL Value of an event item FLTP 16  16 
462 ERVAR_KK Entry variant for document entry CHAR 10    
463 ERVON Application creating allocation table CHAR   
464 ERV_JAB_NME ERV JAB Financial Statement item name CHAR 50    
465 ERW_PLZ Domain for ERWPLZ CHAR   
466 ERZEUG_ART Creation type of a picking wave CHAR   
467 ERZUO Value field assignments CHAR   
468 ER_CLASS_VALUE Classification Value for UDDI (case sensitive) STRG   
469 ER_CLASS_VALUE_DESCRIPTION Classification Value Description for UDDI (case sensitive) STRG   
470 ESALES_APPLICATION_ALV_TYPE ALV Type for IS-U Sales Transaction CHAR   
472 ESALES_POS_PRICE_FIELD Field Containing The Price To Be Shown For Each Item CHAR 30    
473 ESALES_PROCESS_MODE Processing Mode: Sales Document CHAR 10    
474 ESALES_PRODCONFIG_SLOT Slot on Screen of Product Configuration CHAR   
475 ESALES_PRODUCT Utility Product CHAR 18    
476 ESALES_PRODUCT_DESCR Description of Product CHAR 40    
477 ESALES_PROFILE Profile for Utilities Sales Transaction CHAR   
479 ESALES_SETTYPEID_DESCR Description of Set Type CHAR 30    
480 ESALES_VBTYP Sales Document Types in Utilities Sales CHAR   
481 ESATZ Foreign Trade: CAP: Restitution Rate CURR 15 
482 ESB_NAME String for Names in ESB STRG   
483 ESCHDY_KK Days for Assignment NUMC   
484 ESDACTN EHS: Change State Number NUMC 20    
485 ESDACTVT_STAT EHS: Activity status for an inheritance relationship CHAR   
486 ESDADDID EHS: Identifier for an ADD entry CHAR 20    
487 ESDADRNR EHS: Address key CHAR 10    
488 ESDAKTION Reaction to processing of a characteristic in EHS name range CHAR   
489 ESDAPPL EHS: Application area CHAR   
490 ESDAPPRV_STAT EHS: Status of an inheritance relationship NUMC   
491 ESDASSIGN EHS: Flag that controls autoassignment of a WWI destination CHAR   
492 ESDAUTHGRP EHS: Specification Authorization Object CHAR 10    
493 ESDBOOLE EHS: Truth Value CHAR   
494 ESDCALLID EHS: External call point CHAR 20    
495 ESDCATPIN EHS: Phrase Library CHAR   
496 ESDCHARNORM Character standard CHAR 14    
497 ESDCOMPCAT EHS: Component category CHAR 10    
498 ESDCOMPEXCVAL EHS: Exception value of a component CHAR   
499 ESDCOMPEXP EHS: Exponent for component (%, ppm, ppb,...) CHAR 10    
500 ESDCOMPREL EHS: Reference point for the exponents of a component CHAR 10