SAP ABAP Domain - Index E, page 4
Domain - E
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 EHAU_REGIOGROUP Regional Structure Grouping CHAR   
2 EHAU_REGPOLIT Political Regional Structure Element CHAR   
3 EHAU_SHTXT Description CHAR 40    
5 EHAU_STREET1 Street 1 CHAR 60    
6 EHAU_STREET2 Street 2 CHAR 60    
7 EHAU_STREET3 Street 3 CHAR 60    
8 EHAU_STREET4 Street 4 CHAR 60    
9 EHAU_SWERK Maintenance Plant CHAR   
10 EHAU_TAXJURCODE Tax Jurisdiction Code CHAR 15    
11 EHAU_TIME_ZONE Address Time Zone CHAR   
12 EHAU_TPLNR Connection Object CHAR 30    
13 EHCSMD_CCK_TECH_PARAM_ID Technical Parameter ID CHAR 30    
15 EHCSM_SPC_CLEANUP_REASON Reason for Cleanup NUMC   
16 EHCSM_SPC_NAME Name CHAR 60    
17 EHCSM_SPC_REL_STAT_ACTION_CODE Actions Based on Specification Relationship Status INT1   
18 EHCSM_SPC_REPORT_CREATE_MODE WWI report creation mode CHAR   
19 EHCSM_SPC_SAVE_MODE Specification Save Mode CHAR   
22 EHFND_CI_CLUSTD_D Clustd LRAW 256    
23 EHFND_CI_EVAL_TYPE_D Evaluation Category CHAR 10    
24 EHFR Time unit - Material/production go-ahead CHAR   
25 EHNRF House Number Sequence CHAR   
26 EHNSEQ Restriction to Odd and/or Even House Numbers CHAR   
27 EHP3_RU_DT_DYNNR Weitere Subscreens für Einbilderfassung zu EhP3     
28 EHP4_DE_STATUS_FM_BUDGET_PD EHP4: Budget Period Enhancements     
29 EHP4_ISPS_BP_OBJTYPE_FIXEDVAL Budget Period Fixed value append     
30 EHP4_ISPS_BUDPER_FMREAS_TYPE Dummy append     
31 EHP4_RMAN_PRSP_ROLEID_01 Role ID     
32 EHP4_WIPB_RU_DT_DYNNR Subscreens for WIP Batch     
33 EHP4_YEC_POSTINGS Year-End Closing Posting     
34 EHP5_WIPB_CO_WIPBTYPE EHP5: Batch Type "Transfer Batch"     
35 EHP603_VMD_TABNAME_01 Additional Tables to be Supported     
36 EHP604_BH_BICSS Selection Screen for Batch History     
37 EHP604_BH_BIC_FUNC Batch History: Standard detail function batch cockpit     
38 EHQMD_ALLVACL EH&S-QM: Group All Ratings CHAR   
39 EHQMD_COMP EH&S-QM: Composition CHAR   
40 EHQMD_CTYPE EH&S-QM: Type of Characteristic CHAR   
41 EHS00D_AGE EHS: Age NUMC   
42 EHS00D_BRANDNAME Brand Name CHAR 50    
43 EHS00D_BRCO_CAT Categorization of Brief Consultations CHAR 10    
44 EHS00D_DMS_OBJECT EHS: DMS Object in Occupational Health CHAR   
45 EHS00D_EXAM_IMP_SEPARATOR Separator for Import of Medical Data (Examination Results) CHAR   
46 EHS00D_INEXFLAG_APP_PHYS Flag for internal person/external partner CHAR   
47 EHS00_14RAT Rating: 1 - n CHAR   
48 EHS00_AERAT Rating: A - E CHAR   
49 EHS00_AGEID Agent key CHAR 12    
50 EHS00_AGENA Agent name CHAR 50    
51 EHS00_ALWCH Check assignment of protocol manually CHAR   
52 EHS00_BERTYP Consultation Category CHAR 10    
53 EHS00_COMPCODE Company Code CHAR   
54 EHS00_CURR Cost Field CURR 15 
55 EHS00_DIAGN_CODE EHS: Diagnosis Code CHAR   
56 EHS00_D_FELD1 Domain for field 1 CHAR 24    
57 EHS00_D_FELD2 Domain for field 2 CHAR 12    
58 EHS00_D_FELD3 Domain for field 3 CHAR 35    
59 EHS00_D_FELD4 Domain for field 4 CHAR 26    
60 EHS00_EGROUPSP Examination Category for Tests NUMC   
61 EHS00_FRTYP Frequency type CHAR   
62 EHS00_GROUP EHS: Employee or Applicant Group CHAR   
63 EHS00_HEALTHCENTRE Medical facility CHAR 10    
64 EHS00_IDTEXT Text for ID for importing medical data CHAR 30    
65 EHS00_INACTIVE Flag for 'INACTIVE' status CHAR   
66 EHS00_INEXFLAG Flag for internal person/external partner CHAR   
67 EHS00_LTBAS Measurement basis CHAR   
68 EHS00_MANDA Mandatory examination? CHAR   
69 EHS00_MANFLG Flag: assign health surveillance protocol manually CHAR   
70 EHS00_MEMO75 Notes field CHAR 75    
71 EHS00_NRTTR Nonroutine task? (Nonroutine trigger?) CHAR   
72 EHS00_OBJECT EHS: Domain for Occupational Health Objects CHAR   
73 EHS00_OPNR Operation number CHAR   
74 EHS00_OWNER Person responsible CHAR 20    
75 EHS00_PARNR Partners CHAR 10    
76 EHS00_PERNR Personnel number NUMC   
77 EHS00_PERSFLAG Person indicator: Employee / Applicant / External person CHAR   
78 EHS00_PGFLG Rating of health surveillance protocol CHAR   
79 EHS00_PGROUP Protocol type CHAR   
80 EHS00_POWNER Protocol owner CHAR 20    
81 EHS00_PROT_CHARACTER Characteristic of the Protocol Category CHAR   
82 EHS00_QSCANF File format for scanner file CHAR   
83 EHS00_REGUL Regulatory examination? CHAR   
84 EHS00_RESULTNORMHIGH Expected result if applicable CHAR 20    
85 EHS00_RESULTNORMLOW Expected result if applicable CHAR 20    
86 EHS00_RESULTUOM Unit of measurement for result, if applicable CHAR   
87 EHS00_RPRAT Repeat period NUMC   
88 EHS00_RV Statutory reference value DEC 10 
89 EHS00_RVTYPE Reference value category NUMC   
90 EHS00_SCHED Protocol assignment: Dependent on task, agents, age? CHAR   
91 EHS00_SLONR SD document number CHAR 10    
92 EHS00_SOURCE Reference value source CHAR 20    
93 EHS00_SPDT Material number CHAR 18    
94 EHS00_SUBGROUP EHS: Employee Subgroup or Applicant Range CHAR   
95 EHS00_SUM Domains for cumulating various answer fields INT4 10    
96 EHS00_SVONR Order number CHAR 12    
97 EHS00_TGROUP EHS: Domain for Test Type CHAR   
98 EHS00_TITLE Name of law CHAR 30    
99 EHS00_TMFRM Time frame NUMC   
100 EHS00_TXKEY Short text key CHAR   
101 EHS00_VACCID EHS: Unique ID for a Vaccination CHAR 20    
102 EHS00_VACCSTATUS EHS: Vaccination Status CHAR   
103 EHS00_WKC Work center CHAR   
104 EHSBD_CHAR0021 EHS-BAS: Character string of length 60 CHAR 21    
105 EHSBD_CHAR0060 EHS-BAS: Character string of length 60 CHAR 60    
106 EHSBD_FLAG RMS-FRM: Checkbox CHAR   
107 EHSBD_PP_LOWHIGH EHS-BAS: Lower or Upper Interval Limit CHAR   
108 EHSBD_QUAN6_6 EHS-BAS: QUAN Field with 6 Predecimal and 6 Decimal Places QUAN 12 
109 EHSBD_RC_ALOG_ID_NO EHS: Number As Part of Application Log ID NUMC 12    
110 EHSBD_RC_BADI_FLT_ADPARA EHS: Additional Parameters (Domain with Value Check) CHAR 30    
111 EHSBD_RC_BADI_FLT_COMP_EXPL EHS: Component Type (Domain with Value Check) CHAR   
112 EHSBD_RC_CHAR132 EHS: 132-Character Field CHAR 132    
113 EHSBD_RC_CHAR22L EHS: 22-Character Field in Lowercase CHAR 22    
114 EHSBD_RC_CHAR_10 EHS: 10-Character Field CHAR 10    
115 EHSBD_RC_CHAR_30 EHS: 30-Character Field CHAR 30    
116 EHSBD_RC_CHAR_4 EHS: 4-Character Field CHAR   
117 EHSBD_RC_CHAR_40 EHS: 40-Character Field CHAR 40    
118 EHSBD_RC_CONST_TYPE EHS: Constraint Type CHAR   
119 EHSBD_RC_DATA_PROV EHS: Data Provider CHAR 10    
120 EHSBD_RC_FLTP EHS: Floating Point Number FLTP 16  16 
121 EHSBD_RC_NUMC_12 EHS: 12-Digit, Nummerical Field: Object Number NUMC 12    
122 EHSBD_RC_NUMC_6 EHS: 6-Digit, Nummerical Field: Item Number NUMC   
123 EHSBD_RC_NUMC_7 EHS: 7-Digit, Nummerical Field: Retention Period NUMC   
124 EHSBD_RC_PARAM_ID EHS: Parameter CHAR 30    
125 EHSBD_RC_PRECISION_LOW EHS: Accuracy Specification Lower Limit CHAR   
126 EHSBD_RC_PRECISION_UPP EHS: Accuracy Specification Upper Limit CHAR   
127 EHSBD_RC_PROCESS_MODE EHS: Process Mode CHAR 10    
128 EHSBD_RC_TEXT_128 EHS: 128-Character Text Field: Description CHAR 128    
129 EHSBD_RC_TEXT_30 EHS: 30-Character Text Field: Parameter Values CHAR 30    
130 EHSBD_RC_TEXT_32 EHS: 32-Character Text Field: Parameter Values CHAR 32    
131 EHSBD_RC_TEXT_50 EHS: 50-Character Text Field: Parameter Values CHAR 50    
132 EHSBD_RC_TEXT_90 EHS: 90-Character Text Field: Parameter Values CHAR 90    
133 EHSBD_SCPSTAT_ON_SCREEN EHS: Status on a Screen CHAR   
134 EHSBD_SRC_OBJ_TYPE EHS-BAS: Source object types CHAR   
135 EHSBD_STAT_OBJ_TYPE EHS-BAS: Categories of status authorization objects CHAR   
136 EHSBD_TEXT120 EHS-BAS: Text description 120 characters CHAR 120    
137 EHSBD_UOMFM Unit of Measurement Format CHAR   
138 EHSBD_UUID_22 EHS: GUID - 22 spaces CHAR 22    
139 EHSBD_UUID_32 EHS: GUID - 32 spaces CHAR 32    
140 EHSBD_VAI_APPL_CONTEXT EHS-BAS: Application Area CHAR 10    
141 EHSBD_VAI_INIT_MODE EHS-BAS: Initialization Mode CHAR   
142 EHSKD_CHAR132_CASESENSITIVE CHAR 132 - Upper and Lower Case CHAR 70    
143 EHSKD_POSITIVE_INT Positive Integers INT4 10    
144 EHSWAD_AKTYP Activity Type CHAR   
145 EHSWAD_ALV_OUTPUT_MODE Domain for ALV Output Mode CHAR   
146 EHSWAD_APCAT Waste approval type CHAR   
147 EHSWAD_APCPERIODREAC Period-Based Quantity Check and System Response NUMC   
148 EHSWAD_APPNO Authority-Assigned Number for Waste Approval CHAR 20    
149 EHSWAD_APPNOINT Internal number for waste approval CHAR 10    
150 EHSWAD_APPQTYREVISEMODE Update Mode for Update-Relevant Waste Code NUMC   
151 EHSWAD_APWOS Waste approval processing status CHAR   
152 EHSWAD_AUTH Authorizations in Waste Management disposal processing CHAR   
153 EHSWAD_BCAT Operation CHAR   
154 EHSWAD_BPWANO Char 10 CHAR 10    
155 EHSWAD_BSTYP Permissible category of purchase document CHAR   
156 EHSWAD_DATE_CAT Meaning of Date Entered NUMC   
157 EHSWAD_DISCHNO Internal number of the disposal channel CHAR 10    
158 EHSWAD_DUTCAT Condition Type CHAR   
159 EHSWAD_EAFODCAT Follow-on doc cat. CHAR   
160 EHSWAD_EANOCAT Entry document category CHAR   
161 EHSWAD_ENTAMNO Unique ID for a waste management entry document CHAR 10    
162 EHSWAD_FFUNCTION Subsequent functions CHAR   
163 EHSWAD_FUNCTION Function or Operation Type for Disposal Processing CHAR   
164 EHSWAD_INSMK Stock Type in Inventory Management CHAR   
165 EHSWAD_LIZCAT License Type CHAR   
166 EHSWAD_MENG3 Quantity field, length 3 QUAN
167 EHSWAD_MNAUTH Authorizations in Waste Management disposal processing CHAR   
168 EHSWAD_MNCAT Waste Manifest Type CHAR   
169 EHSWAD_MNINO Document number for disposal document CHAR 15    
170 EHSWAD_MNNOCTRY Transregional number for disposal document CHAR 15    
171 EHSWAD_MNNOST Regional number for disposal document CHAR 15    
172 EHSWAD_MNSTATUS Status of disposal documents CHAR   
173 EHSWAD_MODE_GETBUFENTRIES Mode for Supplying Buffer Entries NUMC   
174 EHSWAD_OBJART Waste management object categories CHAR   
175 EHSWAD_OBJNUM Object number CHAR 100    
176 EHSWAD_OPTYPE Operation type CHAR   
177 EHSWAD_PARTNER Internal nuumber (ID) of waste management business partner CHAR 10    
178 EHSWAD_PARTNERSEL Selection: authority-assigned or internal number for partner CHAR 15    
179 EHSWAD_Q82 Transport temperature QUAN
180 EHSWAD_SDMMDOCCAT Document Category CHAR   
181 EHSWAD_SHKZG Debit/credit indicator (EH&S) CHAR   
182 EHSWAD_SYCHAR70 Pushbuttons for operation types CHAR 70    
183 EHSWAD_URL URL CHAR 4096    
184 EHSWAD_WABPCAT Partner type CHAR   
185 EHS_ADGD_BASE_MOT EHS: Base Mode-of-Transport Category NUMC   
186 EHS_ADGD_CKMCAT_FIXVAL_03 Fixed Value Append: Inspection Method Type EhP3     
187 EHS_ADGD_CODE Flag with Options X=Yes, -=No, R=Restricted CHAR   
188 EHS_ADGD_PACKAGE_CAT Category of Package CHAR 15    
189 EHS_ADGD_Q93 DG: Value for Quantity 9.3 QUAN
190 EHS_APCAT Waste Approval Type CHAR   
191 EHS_APWOS Waste Approval Processing Status CHAR   
192 EHS_INFTYCHAR4 View of occupational health objects CHAR   
193 EHS_MNCAT Type of Disposal Document CHAR   
194 EHS_PARTNER Internal Number (ID) of Waste Management Business Partner CHAR 10    
195 EHS_TXT075 Text length: 75 characters CHAR 75    
196 EHTYP External Hierarchy Category CHAR   
197 EHTYP_T Name of a Hierarchy Category CHAR 40    
198 EHUMR Conversion factor CHAR 10    
199 EHWNR_ANLA Tax number of the notice of assessment CHAR 16    
200 EH_CHAR20000 Detailed text CHAR 20000    
201 EIAC_BROWSER Indicator: Start Browser CHAR   
202 EIAC_CONTROL IAC services control CHAR   
203 EIANZ Number of periods NUMC   
204 EICST EIC status CHAR   
205 EIDCA Employer identification number Cananda CHAR 20    
206 EIDEBSTAT Business status of IDE transaction / process CHAR   
207 EIDEIDOCFUNC IDoc Function CHAR   
208 EIDEMSGCREATETYPE Message Creation NUMC   
209 EIDEPROCN Number of IDE process CHAR 20    
210 EIDESWTACT Activity for Change of Service CHAR   
211 EIDESWTAUTHCHECK Authorizations Check CHAR   
212 EIDESWTAUTHORITY Authorizations Storage CHAR   
215 EIDESWTDOCSOURCE Source of Switch Document CHAR   
216 EIDESWTEXC_HANDLE Exception Handling for Change of Supplier NUMC   
218 EIDESWTMDCAT Message Category CHAR   
219 EIDESWTMDMETMETHOD Metering Procedure CHAR   
220 EIDESWTMDPROCSTATUS Processing Status of Message CHAR   
221 EIDESWTMDSTATUS Message Status CHAR   
222 EIDESWTMDTRAN Transaction Reason of Message CHAR   
223 EIDESWTNUM Switch Document No. CHAR 20    
224 EIDESWTSTAT Status of Change of Service CHAR   
225 EIDESWTTIMECAT Category of Period Type NUMC   
226 EIDESWTTYPE Switch Type NUMC   
227 EIDESWTVIEW Switch View NUMC   
228 EIDETIMECOUNT Number Based on the Period Type Unit INT4 10    
230 EIDETRANN Number of IDE transaction CHAR 20    
231 EIDETSTAT Technical status of IDE transaction CHAR   
232 EIDE_PODCHECK_TCM_RESULT IDE: Result of Test on Dual Contract Model CHAR   
233 EIDE_POD_UPD Indicator: DB Operation for Point of Delivery Tables CHAR   
234 EIDNO Employer ID number CHAR 20    
235 EIF_SETTLEMENT_NR IS-M: Number of Ext. Settlemt Record for Home Del. Settlemt CHAR 10    
236 EIGBV_KK Own bank details CHAR 25    
237 EIGEN Collection of properties CHAR   
238 EIGENBLND Federal State of Tax Office CHAR   
239 EIGENTUM IS-U Waste Mgmt: Indicator - Internal or External Owner CHAR   
240 EIGENVERBR Indicator: plant consumption CHAR   
241 EIGKZ Property indicator CHAR   
242 EIGRN_EBF Acct determination: key number -- bank statement fixed value CHAR   
243 EIGXX Layout for CO-PA characteristic field CHAR 18    
244 EILGR Foreign Trade: Country group for import processing CHAR 10    
245 EINB_STAUS IS-W: Container Delivery Status CHAR   
246 EINFO Error information NUMC   
247 EINHEIT Quantity or time unit UNIT   
248 EINLART IS-M/SD: Indicator for goods arrival CHAR   
249 EINLKNG IS-M/SD: Goods arrival ind.( regulations) CHAR   
250 EINRI IS-H: Institution CHAR   
251 EINRIF IS-H: institution (specially required for billing VBRK) CHAR   
252 EINSCHUB Insert for VL35/ALV CHAR   
253 EINSTAT Indicator for individual statistics CHAR   
254 EINTEXT Text for a table entry CHAR 40    
255 EINTX Text for time/measurement units CHAR   
256 EINWI IS-H: Einweisende Instanz CHAR   
257 EINZBELEG Move-in document number CHAR 12    
258 EINZELPER Individual period NUMC   
259 EINZGEBIET IS-H: Geographical area CHAR   
260 EINZL_KK Indicator: Write single record (sales/purchase tax reptg) CHAR   
261 EINZSTAT Status of move-in processing CHAR   
262 EIOKA Foreign trade: Export/Import data complete CHAR   
263 EIOKW Foreign trade: Export/Import data complete CHAR   
264 EISUM Control balance formation CHAR   
265 EIS_COMM_OBJ Object type for comments (report, characteristic...) RFC CHAR   
266 EIS_CTYP RFC: Type of condition CHAR   
267 EIS_EXCEP RFC: Status of an exception (traffic light func.) CHAR   
268 EIS_HID Hierarchy indicator (HCLASS + HIENM) CHAR 34    
269 EIS_SRTF RFC: Specification of the sort field CHAR   
271 EIS_XY RFC: Bookmark for X- or Y- coordinates CHAR   
272 EITXT Unit text CHAR   
273 EITYP LIS: internal use of event CHAR   
274 EI_BOOLEAN boolan value CHAR   
275 EI_VERSION version NUMC   
276 EK08R_RC Return code NUMC   
277 EKASORT Sort sequence for external account statement NUMC   
278 EKERA Net/net purchase price determination type CHAR   
279 EKERV Net/net purchase price determination procedure CHAR   
280 EKGEN Buyer approval following change in requisition item CHAR   
281 EKGRP Purchasing Group CHAR   
282 EKIND____1 Event type CHAR 12    
283 EKKPS Purchase price activation status CHAR   
284 EKNTY Condition category for index in purchasing CHAR   
285 EKORG Purchasing organization CHAR   
286 EKORGABW Indicates different pur. org. CHAR   
287 EKPI_EXCLMSG Indicator: Extract Messages for Clarification DataSources CHAR   
288 EKSGB Purchasing area CHAR   
289 EKSTX Description purchasing area CHAR 20    
290 EKVBR Indicator: Consumption posting (Purchasing) CHAR   
291 EKWSL Purchasing value key CHAR   
292 EK_KALNR Cost estimate number (only temporary) for number allocation NUMC 12    
293 EL01CUSTOM001 Customizing: Settings for MR order creation/entry CHAR 10    
294 ELDAT Goods Receipt End Date DATS   
295 ELECD Insurance coverage amount CHAR   
296 ELEMDIRFLG Indicator: interface elements saved in ELEMDIR CHAR   
297 ELEMENTTYPE Structure Type CHAR   
298 ELEMENTTYPE_CEP Element type for field selection CHAR   
299 ELEMGENKEY Generic key for development elements CHAR 116    
300 ELEMPAKREL Relationship between Package Interface Element and Package CHAR 10    
301 ELFDKEY Consecutive number NUMC   
302 ELIST Scope-of-list parameters for buyer's negotiation sheet CHAR 10    
303 ELM_BOOLEAN Ext. List Management - True = X, False = SPACE CHAR   
304 ELM_CHECK_STATUS Ext. List Management - Status of Checks CHAR   
305 ELM_DATE_TO Ext. List Management: Validity Date for BP List DATS   
306 ELM_DELETED Ext. List Mangement: Business Partner List - Deleted - Flag CHAR   
307 ELM_DESCRIPTION Ext. List Management: Business Partner List - Description CHAR 60    
308 ELM_EMAIL Ext. List Management: E-Mail - Address CHAR 60    
309 ELM_ERROR_TYPE Ext. List Management: Error Type CHAR   
310 ELM_GUID Ext. List Management: GUID RAW 16    
311 ELM_GUID_32 Ext. List Management: Guid CHAR 32    
312 ELM_IPAK_LONG Ext. List Management: Long Description Info Package CHAR 92    
313 ELM_ITEM_FLAG Ext. List Management: Item Flag CHAR   
314 ELM_JOB_START_TYPE Ext. List Management: Job - Start Type CHAR   
315 ELM_LIST_ID Ext. List Management: ID for BP List CHAR 28    
316 ELM_LIST_STATUS Ext. List Management: DropDownBox List Status CHAR   
317 ELM_MAX_USAGE Ext. List Management: Max. No. of Times BP List Used NUMC   
318 ELM_MODE Ext. List Management - Editing Mode CHAR   
319 ELM_NO_GROSS Ext. List Management: Business Partner List - Gross Number NUMC   
320 ELM_ORIGIN Ext. List Management: Business Partner List - Origin CHAR   
321 ELM_ORIGIN_DESCR Ext. List Management: BP List - Description of Origin CHAR 40    
322 ELM_OVERVIEW_MODE Ext.List Management: Modus for SubScreen Overview CHAR   
323 ELM_SEARCH Ext. List Management: DropDownBox Search CHAR   
324 ELM_SELECT_TYPE Ext.List Management: Selection in Grid CHAR   
325 ELM_SHOW Ext. List Management: DropDownBox Show CHAR   
326 ELM_STEP Ext. List Management - Steps CHAR   
327 ELM_STEP_STATUS Ext. List Management: Status of Process Step CHAR   
328 ELM_TYPE Ext. List Management: Business Partner List - Category CHAR   
329 ELM_TYPE_DESCR Ext. List Management: BP List - Description of Category CHAR 40    
330 ELM_URI Ext. List Management: URI Organization CHAR 60    
331 ELM_USAGE_DATE Ext. List Management: Max. Usage Date for BP List DATS   
332 ELOCID ID for Allocating Waste Disp.Object or Premise to Cont.Loc. CHAR   
333 ELOEK Deletion indicator, purchasing structures CHAR   
334 ELUHR Goods Receipt End Time TIMS   
335 ELUPD Change Indicator CHAR   
336 EL_TYPE Property Bag: Type of the Screen Element CHAR 40    
337 EMAIL E-mail address CHAR 132    
338 EMAIL_CONFIRM IS-M: Process for Determining BP's Valid E-Mail Address CHAR   
339 EMAIL_CONTENT email content RSTR   
340 EMANSEL Ind: manual contract and installation selection (EC60) CHAR   
341 EMARK Final Grade CHAR   
343 EMBGR Legal Control: Embargo group CHAR 14    
344 EMCHECK_MODE EM: running mode CHAR   
345 EMCPT Legal control: Procedure for UN embargo check CHAR   
346 EMC_MESSAGE_JP Status message for Japan EMC CHAR 50    
347 EMC_NUMBER_JP Electronic Monetary Claim number provided by EMC Org CHAR 20    
349 EMDDAT Date field DATS   
350 EMDGEN_INDUSTRY Industry Sector (MDG) CHAR   
351 EMDTIM Time field TIMS   
352 EMESSAGECAT Message Category (1=Error, 2=Warning, 3=Info, 4=Success) CHAR   
353 EMFSL Payee key for transfers CHAR   
354 EMFSL_521B Payee key for bank transfers CHAR   
355 EMG_ACTGRPBEZ Name of activity group CHAR 60    
356 EMG_ACTION IS-U migration: function code CHAR   
357 EMG_ACTIVITY_GROUP IS-U migration: Activity group in question catalog NUMC 10    
358 EMG_ACTNUM IS-U migration: Activity number NUMC   
359 EMG_ANSWER IS-U migration: Answers in question catalog CHAR   
360 EMG_ANZAHL IS-U migration: number of displayed data records INT4 10    
361 EMG_ART IS-U migration: table/report name for check CHAR 30    
362 EMG_ATTRIBUT General field attribute CHAR 12    
363 EMG_AUTOPT Name of automation data substructure CHAR 30    
364 EMG_CATEGOR IS-U migration: generation event category CHAR   
365 EMG_CATEGORY IS-U migration: Category in question category CHAR 10    
366 EMG_CATEGORYTXT Category name CHAR 60    
367 EMG_CHAR30 IS-U migration: 30 characters large/small CHAR 30    
368 EMG_CHAR50 Character string length 50 (large/small) CHAR 50    
369 EMG_CHAR60 IS-U migration: CHAR 60 large/small CHAR 60    
370 EMG_CHAR70 IS-U migration: CHAR 70 large/small CHAR 70    
371 EMG_CHECK Check field CHAR   
372 EMG_CHECKBOX IS-U mig.: Definition of use as checkbox CHAR   
373 EMG_CLASS IS-U migration: migration class CHAR 10    
374 EMG_CODE IS-U migration: coding for report generation CHAR 15    
375 EMG_CONVOBJECT IS-U Mig: Conversion object CHAR 15    
376 EMG_CONVVALUE IS-U Mig: Value during conversion CHAR 30    
377 EMG_CURR IS-U mig.: currency amount CURR 13 
378 EMG_DISTRIBUTIONTXT Name for Job Distribution CHAR 60    
379 EMG_DTTYP Data type CHAR   
380 EMG_FILE IS-U migration: name of migration file CHAR 14    
381 EMG_FILENAME File name including directory CHAR 200    
382 EMG_FIRMA IS-U migration: company (client) CHAR   
383 EMG_GENART IS-U migration: distinguishing coding for generation CHAR 10    
384 EMG_GPOINT IS-U migration: generation point CHAR   
385 EMG_GROUP Groupping of authorizations in IS-U migration CHAR   
386 EMG_IDTYPE IS-U migration: Application range for highest assigned no. CHAR   
387 EMG_IMPMODE Mode for data import CHAR   
388 EMG_IMP_STATUS IS-U migration: Status of import CHAR   
389 EMG_JOBGROUP Job group CHAR 12    
390 EMG_JOBSTATUS Job status CHAR   
391 EMG_JOBTYPE Job category CHAR   
392 EMG_JOB_APPL Application for job scheduler CHAR   
393 EMG_JOB_ID Job scheduler: timepoint CHAR   
394 EMG_KATALOG Migration: Question Catalog CHAR 10    
395 EMG_KATALOGBEZ Catalog name CHAR 60    
396 EMG_KATALOG_LEVEL IS-U migration: Index in question catalog CHAR 12    
397 EMG_KENNZX Indicator CHAR   
398 EMG_KEY Key field CHAR 30    
399 EMG_LANG Programming language CHAR   
400 EMG_LASTID IS-U migration: Highest assigned number CHAR 10    
401 EMG_LEGACYFLD Field name in legacy system CHAR 20    
402 EMG_LENG Field length NUMC   
403 EMG_LEN_FILE_SUFFIX Length of Generic File Name Extension NUMC   
404 EMG_LEVEL Numbering of structure level NUMC   
405 EMG_LFDNR4 4-digit Consecutive Number NUMC   
406 EMG_LOCK_STATUS Display settings of lock status CHAR   
407 EMG_MASSRUNGROUP Grouping of Mass Imports CHAR 10    
408 EMG_MASSRUNID IS Migration: ID Distributor Import CHAR 15    
409 EMG_MASSRUN_IMPORT Flag for distributed import run CHAR   
410 EMG_MASSRUN_INIT_TIME Number of Seconds for Initialization Run NUMC   
411 EMG_MODE Processing mode CHAR   
412 EMG_MSGVAR Message variable CHAR   
413 EMG_NEWKEY IS-U migration: object key in IS-U CHAR 30    
414 EMG_NODE Node numbering within structure level NUMC   
415 EMG_NUMC3 Number with three places NUMC   
416 EMG_OBJBEZ Object description CHAR 60    
417 EMG_OBJECT Migration Object CHAR 10    
418 EMG_PAR IS-U migration: control parameter CHAR 20    
419 EMG_PARA_ART IS-U migration: type of form parameter CHAR   
420 EMG_PARA_CON IS-U migration: parameter value in report geneeration CHAR   
421 EMG_PARTYP IS-U migration: type of control parameter CHAR   
422 EMG_PFAD IS-U migration path CHAR 52    
423 EMG_PFAD_NAME IS-U migration: path specification CHAR 60    
424 EMG_PLUS_MINUS IS-U migration: indicator +/- CHAR   
425 EMG_PRTYPE Processing type CHAR   
426 EMG_QUESTION IS-U Migration: Question Number CHAR 10    
427 EMG_QUESTIONID IS-U Migration: Question Number CHAR 10    
428 EMG_RAW_DATA IS-U Migration Byte Stream RSTR   
429 EMG_RECOGRU IS-U Migration Reconciliation Group CHAR 10    
430 EMG_RIVAFLD IS-U Mig: RIVA field name CHAR 20    
431 EMG_ROWS IS-U: Numc 8-digit NUMC   
432 EMG_RUNGROUP Grouping Mass Import CHAR 20    
433 EMG_RUNGROUPTXT Mass Import Group Name CHAR 60    
434 EMG_RUNKEY Migration run CHAR 32    
435 EMG_SEQ_NUMBER Mass Import - Item Number for Sequence NUMC   
436 EMG_SPERRSTATUS IS-U: blocking status of migration object CHAR   
437 EMG_SPERRTEXT IS-U migration: blocking text CHAR 60    
438 EMG_STRTYP IS-U mig.: structure category CHAR 30    
439 EMG_STRUCT Structure name CHAR 10    
440 EMG_SUFFIX IS-U migration file suffix CHAR   
441 EMG_TEXT20 IS-U text with 20 characters, capital/small CHAR 20    
442 EMG_TR_SPEC_TYPE Type transport object CHAR   
443 EMG_TYPE ABAP type of a field CHAR   
444 EMG_VARI IS-U migration: Parameter variants for report generation CHAR 15    
445 EMG_VNAME IS-U migration: variable names CHAR 12    
446 EMG_WMODE IS-U migration: processing type CHAR   
447 EMIODATEOFF SM order for final/move-in meter reading: date offset NUMC   
448 EMIOITEMSTRANS Transfer post open items in move-in/out CHAR   
449 EMIREVBBPDELETE Delete budget billing plans when move-in is reversed CHAR   
450 EMISECAUT Automatically create security deposits in move-in CHAR   
451 EMK_CHSELTYPE Type of evaluation for consumption history (marketing) CHAR   
452 EMLANGU Language of System Messages To Be Displayed LANG   
453 EMMA_AKTYP Mass Activity Type CHAR   
454 EMMA_ALV_ID Key for Displayed ALV List NUMC   
455 EMMA_BASCM Use of Case Management (Records Management) CHAR   
456 EMMA_BASIC_KEY Technical Key CHAR   
457 EMMA_BND_TYPE Data Flow Type CHAR   
458 EMMA_BPAREA Business Process Area CHAR   
459 EMMA_BPA_ACTIVE Activate Business Process Area Logging NUMC   
460 EMMA_BPCODE Business Process Code CHAR   
461 EMMA_BPC_ACTIVE Activate Logging of Business Process Code NUMC   
462 EMMA_CANCODE Reversal Reason CHAR   
463 EMMA_CCAT Case Category CHAR   
464 EMMA_CCCDTYPE Case Creation CHAR   
465 EMMA_CCCDTYPE_A Type of Clarification Case Creation CHAR   
466 EMMA_CCDDCAL Base for Time Calculation CHAR   
467 EMMA_CCMSG Sequential Number of Message in Message Pool NUMC   
468 EMMA_CCTTYP Time Type CHAR   
469 EMMA_CGENS Clarification Case Generation Status CHAR   
470 EMMA_CNR Case Number CHAR 10    
471 EMMA_CPORIG Origin of Priority CHAR   
472 EMMA_CPRIO Clarification Case Priority CHAR   
473 EMMA_CREACODE Reason for Forwarding CHAR   
474 EMMA_CSTATUS Clarification Case Status NUMC   
475 EMMA_CTXN_WMODE Work Mode for Case Transaction CHAR   
476 EMMA_CTYPE Case Type CHAR   
477 EMMA_CWL_LAY Layout of Case Processing List CHAR   
478 EMMA_EXTRUNID External Identification of Job CHAR 50    
479 EMMA_FLAG EMMA Indicator CHAR   
480 EMMA_FWM Method for Forwarding Cases CHAR   
481 EMMA_JOBNO Job Number INT2   
483 EMMA_LAUFI Identification for Background Programs CHAR   
484 EMMA_LPREP Preparation Status of Job CHAR   
485 EMMA_MAIN_OBJECT_ID Clarification Case Main Object ID CHAR 10    
486 EMMA_MARUNID Run ID for Mass Activity: AKTYP+LAUFD+LAUFI CHAR 20    
487 EMMA_MSGOPER Operand for Creating Message Combinations CHAR   
488 EMMA_MSGSUP Indicator for Message Handling NUMC   
489 EMMA_MSGTYP Message Category of Message Object CHAR   
490 EMMA_MSGVARNO Message Variable CHAR   
491 EMMA_PROC_LOGOP Log Operation NUMC   
492 EMMA_RUNEXTID External Job ID, Unique for Mass Activity Job NUMC 20    
493 EMMA_RUNID Internal Job Number NUMC 10    
494 EMMA_VARNO Variable of Parameter for Message CHAR 10    
495 EMMA_XPRUN Execution Mode CHAR   
496 EMOUK Employed outside UK for 30 days or more in a row CHAR   
497 EMPFG Coding for payee CHAR 16    
498 EMPF_TYP Ship-to Party Type IDoc Management CHAR   
499 EMPGP Employee Group for override CHAR 11    
500 EMPID RI: Person receiving service ID CHAR