SAP ABAP Function Module - Index RFC, page 8
Function Module - RFC
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 /MRSS/CAPACITY_POT_RFC_TRIGGER R Trigger of Capacity Pots in own RFC session 
2 /MRSS/CAPACITY_RESERVE_DELETE R Delete Capacity Reserve 
3 /MRSS/CAPACITY_RESERVE_READ R Read Capacity Reserve 
4 /MRSS/CAPACITY_RESERVE_WRITE R Write/Update Capacity Reserve Data 
5 /MRSS/CAPACITY_RES_READ_WOP R Read Capacity Reserve without Priority 
6 /MRSS/CAP_POT_SAVE R Capacity POT Save 
7 /MRSS/CLEAR_SIMULATED_DATA R Clearing Simulated data 
8 /MRSS/COLLISION_UPDATE_QRFC R Update & Save Collisions 
9 /MRSS/CSG_GET_UNIT_FOR_SLOTS R Fetch Unit of Measurement for Slots 
10 /MRSS/DPR_API_MRS_DEMAND_CRE R API for creating MRS demands for Cproj indents 
11 /MRSS/DPR_APPL_MNT_LOAD_MRS R Refresh Interface 
12 /MRSS/DPR_CPRO_PUSH_TO_CPRO_2 R RFC: Back-integration of cPro data to cPro 
13 /MRSS/DPR_DEMANDS_GET R DPR: Details for Projects and Roles 
14 /MRSS/DPR_EMPLOYEE_DET_GET R DRP: Retrieve Project details of an employee 
16 /MRSS/DPR_STAT_REP_MAIL R Mail verschicken 
17 /MRSS/GET_BP_NAME_ROLE R Get the Business Partner Name and Role Type 
18 /MRSS/GET_NEXT_DELIVERY R Get the next delivery of spare parts and earliest appointment 
19 /MRSS/GET_NXT_DELIVERY R Get the next delivery of spare parts and earliest appointment 
20 /MRSS/GET_RESOURCE_AVAIL_MULTI R Get availability and break details of resource 
21 /MRSS/GET_RES_DETAILS_MULTI R Get details of resource 
22 /MRSS/GET_RES_FRZN_PERD_MULTI R Get frozen period details of resource 
23 /MRSS/GET_RES_SP_DELV_MULTI R Get spare parts delivery details of resource 
24 /MRSS/MOB_API_ASSIGNMENT_GET R API to read assignments 
25 /MRSS/MOB_API_ASSIGNMENT_UPD R API to update assignments 
26 /MRSS/MOB_API_ROLLBACK R Function for Commiting API Changes 
27 /MRSS/MOB_API_SAVE R Function for Saving (and optionally committing) API Changes 
28 /MRSS/NW_API_ABS_PARTNER_MAP R Map abstract partner to concrete partner 
29 /MRSS/NW_API_ABS_STATUS_MAP R Map Abstract status to concrete status 
30 /MRSS/NW_API_AIG_GET R Get Date Interval Group 
31 /MRSS/NW_API_AIG_INTERVAL_GET R Get the Date Interval Group and the Interval Type 
32 /MRSS/NW_API_APPT_DISP_MSG R Display messages on appointment booking screen 
33 /MRSS/NW_API_APPT_PROC_CUST R Customizing - General Settings for Appointment Booking 
34 /MRSS/NW_API_APP_AUTO_ASG_RES R Get Auto. Ass. Setting based on Resource Type for Appointments 
35 /MRSS/NW_API_APP_AUTO_ASG_STAT R Get Auto. Ass. Setting based on status for Appointments 
36 /MRSS/NW_API_ASGN_AUTO_CREATE R Automatic Assignment Creation 
37 /MRSS/NW_API_ASG_TYPES_GET R Get assignment types for a demand 
38 /MRSS/NW_API_CHECK_INB_QUEUE R Check Inbound Queue Status 
39 /MRSS/NW_API_CHECK_MRS_LOCK R Check the lock status in MRS 
40 /MRSS/NW_API_CHECK_QUEUE_STAT R Check Queue Status 
41 /MRSS/NW_API_CUSTOMIZING_READ R Read the customizing from R3 
42 /MRSS/NW_API_DELETE_OPERATION R Deletion of operations on MRS side from all relevent tables 
43 /MRSS/NW_API_DEMAND_DEQUEUE R Dequeue a demand in NW 
44 /MRSS/NW_API_DEMAND_ENQUEUE R Enqueue a NW demand 
45 /MRSS/NW_API_DEMAND_LOCK_READ R Read the lock attributes 
47 /MRSS/NW_API_ENG_REFRESH_REQ R Check whether the Engine refresh is required 
48 /MRSS/NW_API_GET_APPOINTMENTS R Get date proposals based on requirements etc 
49 /MRSS/NW_API_GET_APP_CANC_STAT R Get the statuses for cancelling the appointment 
50 /MRSS/NW_API_GET_APT_BKNG_CUST R Read All Appointment Booking Related Cusotmizing 
51 /MRSS/NW_API_GET_ASSIGNMENTS R Get a list of assignments 
52 /MRSS/NW_API_GET_BADI_TZONE R Get the BAdI time zone 
53 /MRSS/NW_API_GET_COMG_FROM_MRS R Get the flag whether the order is coming from MRS 
56 /MRSS/NW_API_GET_PREF_TEC_PFCT R Get Preferred Technician Partner Function 
57 /MRSS/NW_API_GET_REL_STATUSES R Get relevant statuses based on a selection criteria 
58 /MRSS/NW_API_GET_SERVICE_AREA R Get the Service Area from the Order 
60 /MRSS/NW_API_IS_RES_FULLY_BOOK R Check whether the Resource is Fully Booked 
61 /MRSS/NW_API_MAINTAIN_MRS R Integrate data into SAP Multiresource Scheduling 
62 /MRSS/NW_API_MAP_DEMAND_KEYS R Map the demand keys to guids 
63 /MRSS/NW_API_MRS_CUST_READ R Read MRS customizing and return 
64 /MRSS/NW_API_ORDER_NOTES_GET R To read the notes of the order 
66 /MRSS/NW_API_ORD_NOTE_LANG_GET R Read note type languages 
67 /MRSS/NW_API_ORD_NOTE_TYPE_GET R Get the Note types for an order 
68 /MRSS/NW_API_ORD_REAS_DESC_GET R Read reason description 
69 /MRSS/NW_API_PING R Performs a "ping" type request to the NW component 
70 /MRSS/NW_API_PN_BRK_TIMING_GET R Get the break timing for a Org unit/Work centre 
71 /MRSS/NW_API_PROFILE_DATA_GET R Get Profile data from MRS 
72 /MRSS/NW_API_PROFILE_DEQUEUE R Dequeue a Profile 
73 /MRSS/NW_API_PROFILE_ENQUEUE R Enqueue a Profile in MRS 
74 /MRSS/NW_API_PROFILE_USED_GET R Where used list of profiles 
75 /MRSS/NW_API_PUSH_BACK R Push back the R3 Data 
76 /MRSS/NW_API_PUSH_FORWARD R Integrate data into MRS : Internal use only 
78 /MRSS/NW_API_RESET R Refresh 
79 /MRSS/NW_API_RESOURCE_READ R Read the resource data from NW 
80 /MRSS/NW_API_RES_BY_ZIPODE R Select resources by Zip Code 
81 /MRSS/NW_API_RES_DETAILS_GET R Get MRS Resource Details 
82 /MRSS/NW_API_RES_DET_GET_OBJID R NW API to read Resource details for an Org Unit 
83 /MRSS/NW_API_SET_COMG_FROM_MRS R Set the flag Coming from MRS 
84 /MRSS/NW_API_USE_INBOUND_QUEUE R Gets whether inbound queues are to be used in MRS 
85 /MRSS/NW_R3_CON_TOOL_MAP_DU R Save EQUNR to GUID Mapping Data 
86 /MRSS/NW_R3_GET_TOOL_MAP_GUID R Get the guid for the mapped tool from MRS DB 
87 /MRSS/NW_SGE_REFRESH_BUFFERS R Test for clearing instance 
90 /MRSS/OPT_VSR_GET_DATA R Kommunikation mit VSR - Lese Ergebnis vom Optimierer 
91 /MRSS/OPT_VSR_SEND_DATA R Kommunikation mit VSR - Übergebe Daten an den Optimierer 
93 /MRSS/POT_API_CREATE_MASS R MRS Capacity Pot - Appointment Booking 
94 /MRSS/POT_API_DELETE_POT R Delete Capacity Pot if Allowed 
95 /MRSS/POT_API_DELETE_POT_MULTI R Deletion of pots for multiple dates 
96 /MRSS/POT_API_READ_FREE_POTS R Retrieve All Capacity Pots 
97 /MRSS/POT_API_READ_POTS R Retrieve Capacity Pot 
98 /MRSS/POT_API_RETRIEVE_INDAY R In-Day: Get all Capacity Pots for current day depending on current time 
99 /MRSS/POT_API_UPDATE R Update Capacity Pot 
100 /MRSS/POT_API_UPDATE_AVAIL R Update Potential Availability by MRS 
101 /MRSS/POT_QRFC_UPD_ALL R Queued RFC: Update All Pots of the Same Master Data 
102 /MRSS/PPM_MON_RUNTIME_SAVE R MRS secure runtime measurement 
103 /MRSS/PROVIDE_UTIL_DATA R Call Get Data Retrieval to get raw data 
104 /MRSS/RCCFF_COMM_MESSAGE R RFC-Meldungsbaustein für externe Engines 
105 /MRSS/RCCFF_COMM_PARAM_GET R RFC-Parameterbaustein für externe Engines 
106 /MRSS/RCCFF_COMM_PARAM_SET R RFC-Parameterbaustein für externe Engines 
107 /MRSS/RCCFF_COMM_PERFINFO R RFC-Performanceinformationsbaustein für externe Engines 
108 /MRSS/RCCFF_COMM_PROGRESS R RFC-Statusbaustein für externe Engines 
109 /MRSS/RCCFF_COMM_RESULT R RFC-Ergebnisbaustein für externe Engines 
110 /MRSS/RCCFF_COMM_SYSINFO R RFC-Systeminformationsbaustein für externe Engines 
111 /MRSS/RCCF_ENGINE_START R Startup für externe Engines im RCCF 
112 /MRSS/READ_CAP_RES_THRESHOLD R Read Capacity Reserve with Threshold ID 
113 /MRSS/READ_MESSAGE_TEXT_RFC R Read Message Text using the RFC calls 
114 /MRSS/REQUEST_DATA_GET R Get the Request Data (Demands, Resources) 
115 /MRSS/REQUEST_DATA_MAINTAIN R Maintain the Request Data (Demands, Resources) 
116 /MRSS/REQUEST_DEM_FROM_MRS_DEM R Get the Portal Demands from MRS Demands 
118 /MRSS/RES_CAP_INFO_DELETE R Delete Resource Capacity Info 
119 /MRSS/RES_CAP_INFO_MAINTAIN R Maintain Cap Info for External Resources 
120 /MRSS/RMI_NW_CLOSE_REASON R Function to read closed reason 
121 /MRSS/RMI_NW_DELETE_ARCH_DATA R RM:Delete Archived data 
122 /MRSS/RMI_NW_READ_ARCH_DATA R RM: Read archive data 
124 /MRSS/RMI_NW_REQUEST_MAINT R RFC : To Create/Update Request/Roles (TOM - RM@FS interface) 
125 /MRSS/RMI_NW_SRV_GET_STATID_RO R Get Status Id from Abstract Status - Role 
126 /MRSS/RMI_NW_SRV_GET_STATID_RQ R Get Status Id from Abstract Status - Request 
127 /MRSS/RMI_NW_STAFFED_DAYS R Calculate staffed hours daily/weekly/monthly 
128 /MRSS/RMI_NW_UPD_ASGN_INFO R Update Additional RM Specific Assignent data 
129 /MRSS/RMOR_ADD_MONTHS_TO_DATE R add months to date 
130 /MRSS/RMOR_READ_REQ_INFO R Fetch request header details 
131 /MRSS/RMOR_REPRT_GET_OBJNR R FM to get objnr req, role 
132 /MRSS/RMOR_REP_REQSTS_BY_SP R Get Requests by RM Group 
133 /MRSS/RMOR_REQSTS_BY_RMGROUP R Get Requests by RM Group 
134 /MRSS/RMOR_REQSTS_BY_ROWNER R Get Requests by RM Group 
135 /MRSS/RMS_JOBTEXT_GET_RFC R RFC-enabled extractor for job texts 
136 /MRSS/RMS_RMFS_XI_TRIGGER R Send data to XI 
137 /MRSS/RMU_OFFLINE_CREATE R Create object 
138 /MRSS/RM_NW_DEM_INT_KEYS R Get the demand Internal keys 
140 /MRSS/SERVICE_POT_RETRIEVE R Retrieve Capacity Pot 
141 /MRSS/SGA_ALERTS_CREATE R Erzeugung eines Alerts 
142 /MRSS/SGD_DEMANDS_MAINTAIN R Pflege der generischen Bedarfe 
143 /MRSS/SGE_API_ASSIGNMENT_CRE R API to create assignments 
144 /MRSS/SGE_API_ASSIGNMENT_DEL R API to delete assignments 
145 /MRSS/SGE_API_ASSIGNMENT_GET R API to read assignments 
146 /MRSS/SGE_API_ASSIGNMENT_UPD R API to update assignments 
147 /MRSS/SGE_API_ASSMT_MOB_ST_ADD R Set Assignment Status from Mobile Device 
148 /MRSS/SGE_API_COMMIT R Function for Commiting API Changes 
149 /MRSS/SGE_API_DEMANDS_GET R API to get the demand details 
150 /MRSS/SGE_API_GUID_PERNR R Conversion of Personnel number from/to GUID 
151 /MRSS/SGE_API_ROLLBACK R Function for Commiting API Changes 
152 /MRSS/SGE_API_SUBS_CRE R API for creation of irregular work time 
153 /MRSS/SGE_API_SUBS_DEL R API for deletion of irregular work time 
154 /MRSS/SGE_API_SUBS_GET R API to get irregular work times for resources 
155 /MRSS/SGE_API_TIMESPEC_CRE R API to create time allocations 
156 /MRSS/SGE_API_TIMESPEC_DEL R API to delete the time allocations 
157 /MRSS/SGE_API_TIMESPEC_GET R API to get the time allocations for the resource 
158 /MRSS/SGE_API_TIMESPEC_UPD R API to update tIme allocations 
159 /MRSS/SGE_API_TOOL_LINKS_CRE R API to create tool links 
160 /MRSS/SGE_API_TOOL_LINKS_DEL R API to delete the tool links 
161 /MRSS/SGE_API_TOOL_LINKS_GET R API to read tool links 
162 /MRSS/SGE_CH_DOCS_DU R Update Baustein zum Speichern von Änderungsbelegen 
163 /MRSS/SGE_CH_DOCS_DU_NEW_TASK R Verbuchung von Änderungsbelegen in separatem Modus 
164 /MRSS/SGE_CLOCK_MAINTAIN R Pflege der Zeiterfassungsinformationen 
165 /MRSS/SGE_CURRENT_TREE_POP R Hole aktuellen Baum vom Stack 
166 /MRSS/SGE_CURRENT_TREE_PUSH R Speichere aktuellen Baum auf dem Stack 
167 /MRSS/SGE_FA_TYPE_STRUC_HELP R Struktursuche über Anwendungskomponenten 
168 /MRSS/SGE_GET_MRSS_BASIS_INFO R Time Alloc.-Handling: /MRSS/BASIS aktiv? 
169 /MRSS/SGE_HCM_INT_COMMIT R Statusverwaltung / Alerts Überltg. : commit 
170 /MRSS/SGE_HCM_INT_END R Update Statusinformation: Transfer finished 
171 /MRSS/SGE_HCM_INT_ROLLBACK R Statusverwaltung / Alerts Überltg. : rollback 
172 /MRSS/SGE_HCM_INT_START R Update Statusinformation: Transfer started 
173 /MRSS/SGE_HCM_INT_STATUS_READ R Lesen des Übertragungsstatus 
174 /MRSS/SGE_HCM_WORKTIME_TRANS R Überleitung: HCM - Arbeitszeiten pers. Ressource 
175 /MRSS/SGE_INQUEUE_MONITOR R Inbound queue monitor 
176 /MRSS/SGE_INQUEUE_POST_PROCESS R Post processing after queue is successfully executed 
177 /MRSS/SGE_MAINTAIN_READ_LOG R Read log COMMIT - Update Module 
178 /MRSS/SGE_PARA_GET_OBJID R INTERN: Setzen der Hilfeparameter für F4 auf OBJID 
179 /MRSS/SGE_PARA_SET_OBJID R INTERN: Setzen der Hilfeparameter für F4 auf OBJID 
180 /MRSS/SGE_PN_MAINTAIN R Maintain Planning nodes 
181 /MRSS/SGE_PROCESS_ERROR_QUEUE R Process the error queues 
182 /MRSS/SGE_PROCES_ERROR_INQUEUE R Process the error queues 
183 /MRSS/SGE_QUEUE_MONITOR R Queue Monitor 
184 /MRSS/SGE_QUEUE_POST_PROCESS R Post processing after queue is successfully executed 
185 /MRSS/SGE_RESOURCE_STATUS_SET R Access to the Scheduling Engine 
186 /MRSS/SGE_RES_GRANULARITY_GET R Get the time granularity for resources 
187 /MRSS/SGE_RFC_FIELD_VALUE_REQ R INTERN: RFC-Brücke für Suchhilfeobjekte 
188 /MRSS/SGE_SAVE R Speichern der Scheduling Engine 
189 /MRSS/SGE_TASKS_WITHOUT_FA_IDX R Index: Aufgaben ohne Funktionsbereich 
190 /MRSS/SGE_TASK_AGENTS_SHOW R Zeige Bearbeiter einer Aufgabe (ggf. beschränkt auf gegebene Tabelle) 
191 /MRSS/SGE_TASK_CUSTOMIZE R Liste von Aufgaben, die gecustomized werden 
193 /MRSS/SGE_TOOL_ASSIGNMENT_CHNG R Änderung eines Werkzeug-Einsatzes 
194 /MRSS/SGE_TOOL_ASSIGNMENT_CREA R Legt Einsatz an (auch Ressource und Bedarf) 
195 /MRSS/SGE_TRIGGER_ALERT_IR R Alerts bei der HR Überleitung 
196 /MRSS/SGE_TYPE_STRUC_INDEX R Index: Objekte ohne Verknüpfung zu gegebenem Weg 
197 /MRSS/SGE_UPDATE_RES_ADDRESS R Update the address information of the resource 
198 /MRSS/SGE_WFM_CALL_BACK R Call Back Baustein vom WFM ins CRM 
199 /MRSS/SGE_WFM_RES_INFO_MNT R WFM: Resource information maintain 
200 /MRSS/SGE_WF_COLOR R Intern: Bestimme die Farbe abhängig von Objekttyp und Verknüpfung 
201 /MRSS/SGR_INITIALIZE R Intialize the Business Layer 
202 /MRSS/SGR_SET_ORG_UNITS R Set the Organization Units 
203 /MRSS/SGU_CALL_SEARCH R Call search 
204 /MRSS/SGU_CALL_SRV R Call PLBOORGSRV transaction 
205 /MRSS/SGU_PERS_ASSGN R Call to Personnel Assignments screen 
206 /MRSS/SGU_STATUS_GROUP_GET R MRS: Determine Status Group (and Layer) for Order-Operation 
207 /MRSS/SGU_UI_DISPLAY_NOTIF R Display a Service Order in separate Task 
208 /MRSS/SGU_UI_DISPLAY_NOTIF_EXT R Anzeige des Auftrags 
209 /MRSS/SGU_UI_DISPLAY_ORDER R Display a Service Order in separate Task 
210 /MRSS/SGU_UI_DISPLAY_ORDER_EXT R Anzeige des Auftrags 
211 /MRSS/SGU_UI_DISP_NOTIF_TRANS R Transaction to display Notification 
212 /MRSS/SGU_UI_SEND_MAIL R Versende Nachricht 
213 /MRSS/SNO_PUSH_NOTIF_TO_MRS R Push the notification into MRS using the demand structures provided 
214 /MRSS/SQE_EMP_PROFILE_CALL R Aufruf eines Mitarbeiterprofils 
215 /MRSS/SQM_API_CAT_CHANGE R Qualifikationskatalog ändern 
216 /MRSS/SQM_API_CAT_CREATE R Qualifikationskatalog anlegen 
217 /MRSS/SQM_API_CAT_DELETE R Qualifikationskatalog löschen 
218 /MRSS/SQM_API_CAT_GET R Qualifikationskatalog lesen 
219 /MRSS/SQM_API_MAT_CHANGE R Qualifikationsmatrix ändern 
220 /MRSS/SQM_API_MAT_CREATE R Qualifikationsmatrix anlegen 
221 /MRSS/SQM_API_MAT_DELETE R Qualifikationsmatrix löschen 
222 /MRSS/SQM_API_MAT_GET R Qualifikationsmatrix lesen 
223 /MRSS/SQP_APP_PROFS_TO_APPROVE R Gives the list of profiles to be approved. 
224 /MRSS/SQP_CALL_PROFILE_UI R Call the profile UI (fom other MRS services) 
225 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_ACTION_PERFORM R Set the status of the profile based on the action 
226 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_GET_ATTCH_CONT R Get attachment content for web display 
227 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_INIT_DATA_GET R Fetches initial data for employee profiles 
228 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_MATRIX_GET_LIST R Get the Qualification Matrix List 
229 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_MAT_GET_DETAIL R Gets current details of a matrix. 
230 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_MAT_GET_F4 R Gets the filtered list of matrices based on f4 selection 
231 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_PROF_COPY_REQPRO R Copy Req Profile Str. Qualf to Emp. Profile 
232 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_PROF_DEL R Deletes the employee profile 
233 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_PROF_DEL_ATTACH R Delete Attachment 
234 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_PROF_GET_APPLTD R Gets applicable till date for qualifications 
235 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_PROF_GET_ATTACH R Get Attachment list for a given profile 
236 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_PROF_GET_DELTA R Get Delta changes of Employee Profile 
237 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_PROF_GET_DETAIL R Get details of the employee profile 
238 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_PROF_GET_HISTORY R Get History details of Employee Profile 
239 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_PROF_PUT_ATTACH R Upload attachment for a given profile 
240 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_PROF_RESET R Resets the profile to the last active state 
241 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_PROF_UNSTR_TXT R Get long text of Unstructured Qualifications 
242 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_PROF_UPDATE R Saves the profile data 
243 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_PROF_UPD_ATTACH R Get Attachment list for a given profile 
244 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_QUAL_GET_LIST R Get the List of Qualifications Catalog Position 
245 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_SAVE_UNSTR_TEXT R Saves the unstructured long text. 
246 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_SORT_STR_QUAL R Get History details of Employee Profile 
247 /MRSS/SQP_EMP_STATUS_GET_ALL R Get the list of all the status for the employee profile 
248 /MRSS/SQP_GENERATE_GUID R Generates a guid 
249 /MRSS/SQP_GET_LANG_LIST R gets the list of languages supported by sap 
250 /MRSS/SQP_GET_PRINT_DATA R gets the list of languages supported by sap 
251 /MRSS/SQP_GET_QUAL_TEXTS R Fetches text descriptions for qualifications 
252 /MRSS/SQP_GET_UNST_TYPES R Gets the types of unstructured qualifications 
253 /MRSS/SQP_PROFILE_LOCK R Lock the Profile 
254 /MRSS/SQP_PROFILE_UNLOCK R Lock the Profile 
255 /MRSS/SQP_REQ_PROF_GET_F4 R Gets the filtered list of req. prof. based on f4 selection 
256 /MRSS/TREX_INDEX_CREATE R MRS/TREX: Erzeugen eines neuen TREX-Index 
257 /MRSS/TREX_INDEX_DELETE R MRS/TREX: Deletion of existing TREX Index 
258 /MRSS/TREX_PROFILE_INDEXING R MRS/TREX: Indexierung von Profilen 
260 /NFM/EUSH_TORDERPOS R Euro-Umsetzung der Tabelle /NFM/TORDERPOS 
261 /OSP/AUDIT_USER_ADD R Add user to the audit trace 
262 /OSP/BKT_CREATE R Create a Book keeping entry 
263 /OSP/BKT_DELETE R Invalidate the Book keeping entry 
264 /OSP/BKT_GET R Get the Book keeping entries corresponding to SAP ID 
265 /OSP/BKT_GET_DETAILS R get sapid and all details 
266 /OSP/BKT_GET_FROM_VARSET R Get SAP ID from the Book keeping tables 
267 /OSP/BKT_REPINFO_RETRIEVE R Retreive Report info from Book keeping tables 
268 /OSP/BKT_REPINFO_SAVE R Save the Report personalization data 
269 /OSP/BKT_REPJOBINFO_RETRIEVE R Retrieve Report & Job information based on Object ID 
270 /OSP/BKT_SAPID_GET R Get SAP ID from the Book keeping tables 
271 /OSP/BKT_UPDATE R Update an existing Book Keeping entry 
272 /OSP/BWREP_CHECK_F4_HELP R RFC to return BW report parameters that have F4 Help values 
273 /OSP/BWREP_GET_F4_HELP R RFC to get F4 Help values for BW report variables 
274 /OSP/BWREP_GET_SETTING_DETAILS R OSP: Get Variables and their Values, Output format of a BW report setting 
275 /OSP/BWREP_UPD_SETT_VARIVALUES R Update a setting with new variable values 
276 /OSP/BWRP_COMP_SETT_VARVALUES R Compare setting variable values with other set of variable values 
277 /OSP/BWRP_CONVT_VARI_STR2STRCT R Parse BW variable string and convert it to a structure form 
278 /OSP/BW_F4_GET_VALUE R RFC to get F4 values for the BW report Variables 
279 /OSP/BW_GET_DATACHANGE_EVENTS R FM to get timepoints 
280 /OSP/BW_GET_TIMEPOINTS R FM to get timepoints 
281 /OSP/BW_REPORT_CREATE_SETTING R Create a BW report setting with the Variable values passed as input param. 
282 /OSP/BW_REPORT_EXECUTE R Execute a BW report immediately for Run now, triggered and chart reports 
283 /OSP/BW_REPORT_EXECUTE_SETTING R Executing a BW setting ( called asynchronously ) 
284 /OSP/BW_REPORT_GET_DETAILS R Check for existence of a BW Report 
285 /OSP/BW_REPORT_GET_LIST R List of all BW reports available in a system 
286 /OSP/BW_REPORT_GET_VARIABLES R Get the variables metadata of BW report 
287 /OSP/BW_REPORT_GET_VAR_DETAILS R Get details of variables metadata of BW report. 
288 /OSP/BW_REPORT_SCHEDULE R Schedule a BW report(setting) for later execution 
289 /OSP/BW_REPORT_UNSCHEDULE R Unschedule a setting (Delete all jobs scheduled for a setting) 
290 /OSP/BW_REPORT_UPDATE_SETTING R Modify the report setting with new Variable values and schedule informatio 
291 /OSP/BW_WORKBOOK_WRITE R Stores personalized workbook per personalized OSP template 
292 /OSP/CJS_ADD_OBJECTS R CJS: Add Objects 
293 /OSP/CJS_ADD_OBJECTS_WITH_KEY R CJS: Add Objects With Key 
294 /OSP/CJS_ARCHIVE_GROUP R CJS: Archive Group 
295 /OSP/CJS_CREATE_CLIENT_OBJ R Create client object for business object 
296 /OSP/CJS_CREATE_ID_WITH_SYSID R Create ID with system name 
297 /OSP/CJS_DELETE_GROUP R CJS: Delete Group 
298 /OSP/CJS_DELETE_GROUP_KEY R CJS: Delete Key Group 
299 /OSP/CJS_DELETE_OBJECTS R CJS: Delete Objects 
300 /OSP/CJS_DELETE_OBJECTS_KEY R CJS: Delete Objects From Key Group 
301 /OSP/CJS_GET_BUSINESS_OBJECTS R CJS: Get Business Objects for User 
302 /OSP/CJS_GET_CLIENT_DATA_CRI R Get Client Objects By Criteria 
303 /OSP/CJS_GET_CLIENT_OBJECTS R CJS: Get Client Objects 
304 /OSP/CJS_GET_CLIENT_OBJ_CRI R Get Client Objects By Criteria 
305 /OSP/CJS_GET_GROUP R CJS: Get Group 
306 /OSP/CJS_GET_GROUP_BY_KEY R CJS: Get Group By Key 
307 /OSP/CJS_GET_ID_WITHOUT_SYSID R Get ID witout system name 
308 /OSP/CJS_GET_ID_WITH_SYSID R Get ID with system name 
309 /OSP/CJS_GET_JR_CLNT_DATA_CRI R Get Journaling Client Objects By Criteria 
310 /OSP/CJS_RETRIEVE_JOURNAL R Stores an entry in the journal 
311 /OSP/CJS_STORE_JOURNAL R Stores an entry in the journal 
312 /OSP/CJS_UKMS_SAVE R CJS: Save UKMS Objects 
313 /OSP/CORRELATION_CANCEL R FM to cancel an existing correlation record 
314 /OSP/CORRELATION_GET R FM to retreive existing correlation records 
315 /OSP/CORRELATION_SAPEXT_CREATE R FM to create a SAP-EXT correlation 
316 /OSP/CORRELATION_SAPSAP_CREATE R FM to create a SAP-SAP correlation 
317 /OSP/CORRELATION_UPDATE R FM to update an existing correlation record 
318 /OSP/CREATE_CHKSUM_BKT R FM to create a new MD5 BKT entry 
319 /OSP/CREATE_SQ_BKT R RFC to create a BKT entry for the Local SAP Query BKT 
320 /OSP/CREATE_UPDATE_VARIANT R Create/Update a report variant 
321 /OSP/DCCT_LIGHTWEIGHT R Data Consistency Check Tool - Lightweight RFC 
322 /OSP/DELETE_CHKSUM_SAPID R FM to delete(mark for deletion) MD5 BKT 
323 /OSP/ERP_CHECK_F4_HELP R RFC to return ERP report parameters that have F4 Help values 
324 /OSP/ERP_F4_GET_VALUE R F4 Values for ERP report parameters 
325 /OSP/ERP_GET_SYS_TIMEPOINTS R RFC to read the ERP system Timepoints 
326 /OSP/F4_HELP R Returns search help for all parameters/select-options of a report 
327 /OSP/FETCH_PRODUCT_NAME R To fetch the product name 
328 /OSP/GENERATE_REPORT_DOC R Report Long Text Information 
329 /OSP/GET_ADMIN_SET_MAX_SIZE R Read admin set max size for reports 
330 /OSP/GET_BW_RELEASE R get release of Bw component 
331 /OSP/GET_CHKSUM_BKT R FM to get MD5 BKT details for a given User ID 
332 /OSP/GET_CLASS_NAMES R Get all the classes names inheriting from /OSP/CL_CONTEXT_VAR 
333 /OSP/GET_DECIMAL_NOTATION R Get user's decimal notation 
334 /OSP/GET_GUID R RFC to generate GUIID 
335 /OSP/GET_PRODUCT_INFO R To get the product information 
336 /OSP/GET_R3_ROLES R RFC to get R3(PFCG) roles for a given SAP User 
337 /OSP/GET_RM_INFO R Get Role Management Info 
338 /OSP/GET_SCHEDULE_DATES R Get Job schedule (date, time, periodicity etc) from the schedule options 
339 /OSP/GET_SETTING_VALUE R RFC to get the setting values and text from global definitions 
340 /OSP/GET_SQ_REPORT_DETAILS R RFC to get the SAP Query report Details 
341 /OSP/GET_TIMEZONE R Wrapper RFC for Timezone Determine 
342 /OSP/INSERT_VALUES_CTXT R Insert values into backened table 
343 /OSP/MD5_BKT_MIGRATE R MIgrate entries from BKT to CJS 
344 /OSP/MDR_ADMIN_SETTING R FM to read admin configuration settings 
345 /OSP/PRGN_GET_ALL_AGRS R Get all roles 
346 /OSP/RAUI_CATALOG_READ R Fetch Reports Catalog 
347 /OSP/RAUI_CHR_RP_READ R Fetch Chart Reports 
348 /OSP/RAUI_CTG_RP_TMP_READ R Fetch Catalog Report Template Details 
349 /OSP/RAUI_REL_RP_READ R Fetch Related Reports 
350 /OSP/RAUI_REP_DOC_SHOW_EDIT R Show/Edit Report Documentation 
351 /OSP/RAUI_RP_OWN_READ R Fetch Report Owner Email ID 
352 /OSP/RAUI_SCEN_REL_RP_READ R Fetch Mendocino applications' related reports 
353 /OSP/RAUI_SCEN_RP_READ R Fetch Mendocino applications' mapped reports 
354 /OSP/RAUI_TIMEPOINTS_READ R Fetch Timepoints for configured RFC Dest. 
355 /OSP/RAUI_TRG_REL_RP_READ R Fetch Triggered Report's Related Reports 
356 /OSP/RAUI_TRG_RP_MIN_DETAILS R Fetch the Minimal details of the triggered report 
357 /OSP/RAUI_TRG_RP_OWN_READ R Fetch Triggered Report Owner Email ID 
358 /OSP/RAUI_TRG_RP_PAR_READ R Fetch Triggered Report Parameterization 
359 /OSP/RAUI_TRG_RP_READ R Fetch Triggered Reports 
360 /OSP/RAUI_VERSION_ID R RFC To pass the Version Id 
361 /OSP/READ_APPL_LOG_HOME_PAGE R Read Application Log messages for Folder Homepage 
362 /OSP/READ_JAVA_VERSION R Read application specific java version from Appl. Behaviour tables 
363 /OSP/READ_PRODUCT_INFO R Read the product information 
364 /OSP/READ_REP_APPL_LOG R Read Report Application Log 
365 /OSP/REMA_REP_DEL_PERS R Deleting the user specific information 
366 /OSP/REMA_REP_GET_PERS R RFC to get the data from the personalisation store 
367 /OSP/REMA_REP_SET_PERS R RFC to set the data in personalisation Store 
368 /OSP/REPORT_GET_ALV_VARIANT R Fetch ALV Variants of a report 
369 /OSP/REPORT_GET_DETAILS R Function module to retrieve the short text of a report 
370 /OSP/REPORT_GET_PARAM_DETAILS R Get details of a selection screen parameters of a report 
371 /OSP/REPORT_GET_TEXTID_BY_DEST R Get All Text IDs From The specified RFC Destination 
372 /OSP/REPORT_GET_TEXTS_BY_LANGU R Get texts by language 
373 /OSP/REPORT_GET_VARIANT_DETAIL R Get details of a report variant 
374 /OSP/REPORT_SCHEDULE R RFC to schedule a report 
375 /OSP/REPORT_TRIG_CHART_EXECUTE R Execute triggered & chart report 
376 /OSP/REPORT_UNSCHEDULE R Delete a scheduled report 
377 /OSP/REPORT_VAR_UPD_JOB_RESCHD R Function module to update a variant and reschedule the job 
378 /OSP/REP_BKT_MIGRATE R Reporting BKT entries migrated to CJS 
379 /OSP/REP_CALL_BADI_POST_PROC R Call post-processing method of Reporting BADI 
380 /OSP/REP_CALL_BADI_PRE_PROC R Call pre-processing method of Reporting BADI 
381 /OSP/RJA R Report and Job Analysis 
382 /OSP/RJA_GET_REPORTS R Get Scheduled Reports 
383 /OSP/RJA_GET_REPORT_BY_JOB R Get Report by Job Name 
384 /OSP/RJA_GET_REPORT_CATALOG R Get Report Catalog 
386 /OSP/RJA_GET_TEMPLATE_USERS R Get Users who receive a Report based on a specific Template 
387 /OSP/RJA_GET_TIMEPOINTS R Get all Timepoints 
388 /OSP/RJA_GET_TIMEPOINT_REPORTS R Get Reports subscribed to Timepoint 
389 /OSP/RJA_GET_UNASSOCIATED_JOBS R Get unassociated Jobs 
390 /OSP/RJA_I_GET_JOBS R Internal: Gets all jobs 
391 /OSP/RJA_I_GET_REPORT_DETAILS R Internal: Get Report Details 
392 /OSP/RJA_I_GET_TIMEPOINT_RPTS R Internal: Get local Reports for Timepoint 
393 /OSP/SYSTEM_TIMEZONE R System timezone 
394 /OSP/TIMEZONE_DETERMINE R Determine date and time in different timezones 
395 /OSP/TIMEZONE_RULE R Timezone rule 
396 /OSP/UNDELETE_CHKSUM_SAPID R FM to undelete a report catalog MD5 entry 
397 /OSP/UPDATE_ALL_RFC R On save push max size to all RFC destination 
398 /OSP/UPDATE_CHKSUM_BKT R FM to update MD5 BKT data 
400 /PLMB/SPI_RFC_COMMIT_WORK R Initiate 'COMMIT WORK' in back-end system 
401 /PLMB/SPI_RFC_CONNECTOR R Application data connector 
402 /PLMB/SPI_RFC_ROLLBACK_WORK R Initiate 'ROLLBACK WORK' in back-end system 
403 /PLMB/SPI_SHLP_F4IF_DATASELECT R Fetch the F4 values (don't use without permission) 
404 /PLMB/SPI_SHLP_F4IF_PRESEL1 R Example for a search help exit 
405 /PLMB/SPI_SHLP_FILTER_SEAHELP R Used to display only valid TREX based search helps 
406 /POSDW/BAPI_POSTR_CREATE R PIPE: BAPI for Creating Several POS Transactions 
407 /POSDW/CC_SUBSYSTEM_RESPONSE R Confirmation of Credit Card Settlement 
408 /POSDW/CONFIRM_AGGR_PACKS_ARFC R Verarbeitungspaket bestätigen 
409 /POSDW/CONFIRM_AGGR_PACKS_RFC R Verarbeitungspaket bestätigen 
410 /POSDW/CREATE_TRANSACTIONS R Create Transaction (RFC Variant) 
411 /POSDW/CREATE_TRANSACTIONS_EXT R Transaktionen anlegen (RFC-Variante) 
412 /POSDW/LPA_INIT_PTN_PARALLEL R LPA : Implementing Parallelization for Patterns with Status INIT 
414 /POSDW/OUTPUT_INV R PIPE Outbound for Sub-Daily Inventory 
415 /POSDW/PROCESS_AGGR_STORE_RFC R Aggregate pro Filiale verarbeiten 
416 /POSDW/PROCESS_STORE_RFC R Process Tasks for a Store, RFC Version 
417 /POSDW/PROCESS_TASKS_RFC R Transaktionen verarbeiten 
418 /POSDW/PROCESS_TIBQ_STORE_RFC R TIBQ-Einträge für eine Filiale verarbeiten 
419 /POSDW/SALES_QUERY_RFC R RFC-Baustein für Aufruf der Query 
420 /RPM/ACL_DISPLAY R Display Authorizations 
421 /RPM/ACL_MODIFY R Modify Authorizations 
422 /RPM/API_UI_GET_URL_FOR_DOC R URL zu Dokument bzw. Version 
423 /RPM/ASSIGNMENT_MODIFY R API to maintain relationships between objects 
424 /RPM/AUTHORIZATION_PRE_CHECK R Perform authorization pre-check. 
425 /RPM/BUCKET_DISPLAY R Portfolio bucket display attributes 
426 /RPM/BUCKET_GETLIST R Portfolio bucket list data attributes 
427 /RPM/BUCKET_ITEMS_VERS_CREATE R Create version for all items under a bucket (via report as background job) 
428 /RPM/BUCKET_MODIFY R Portfolio bucket modify attributes 
429 /RPM/CAP_CATEGORY_B_GETLIST R Demand planning for bucket categories list 
430 /RPM/CAP_CATEGORY_B_MODIFY R Modify Financial Groups 
431 /RPM/CAP_CATEGORY_GETLIST R Get a list of demand planning categories 
432 /RPM/CAP_CATEGORY_GET_CHART R Get a List of Financial Planning Categories 
433 /RPM/CAP_CATEGORY_MODIFY R Modify Financial Categories 
434 /RPM/CAP_CAT_AMOUNT_GET_TOTAL R Get a List of Financial Groups 
435 /RPM/CAP_GET_TRANSFER_MAP R Get attributes for user to fill in mapping entries 
436 /RPM/CAP_GROUPS_B_GETLIST R Demand planning for bucket category groups list 
437 /RPM/CAP_GROUPS_GETLIST R Get a list of demand planning groups for the object context 
438 /RPM/CAP_GROUP_B_GETLIST R Get a List of Capacity Planning Groups 
439 /RPM/CAP_GROUP_B_MODIFY R Modify Financial Groups 
440 /RPM/CAP_GROUP_GETLIST R Get a List of Capacity Planning Groups 
441 /RPM/CAP_GROUP_GET_CHART R Financial Group Get Chart 
442 /RPM/CAP_GROUP_MODIFY R Modify Capacity Demand Planning Groups 
443 /RPM/CAP_GRP_AMOUNT_GET_TOTAL R Get a List of Financial Groups 
444 /RPM/CAP_PERIODS_ADD R Modify Financial Groups 
445 /RPM/CAP_PLAN_EXCEL_DOWNLOAD R Transfer Cap Plng Data from xRPM to MS Excel 
446 /RPM/CAP_PLAN_EXCEL_UPLOAD R Transfer Capacity Planning Data from MS Excel to xRPM 
447 /RPM/CAP_TRANSFER_TO_ROLE R Transfer Strategic demand to cprojects role 
448 /RPM/COLLECTION_DISPLAY R Display Collection Attributes 
449 /RPM/COLLECTION_GETLIST R Get List of Collections. 
450 /RPM/COLLECTION_MODIFY R Collection Modify 
451 /RPM/COMMENTS_DISPLAY R Display Object Comments. 
452 /RPM/COMMENTS_MODIFY R Modify Object Comments. 
453 /RPM/COMMENT_GETLIST R Get List of Comments. 
454 /RPM/CONTEXT_GETLIST R Get the list of child objects for the specific parent context. 
455 /RPM/CONVERT_PERIOD_ID_TO_DESC R Function to convert Fin/Cap Planning Period Id to its description. 
456 /RPM/CPRO_TEMPLATE_GETLIST R Get cProject Templates mapped to Item Type 
457 /RPM/CP_DOWNLOAD R cProjects Download 
458 /RPM/CP_UPLOAD R cProjects Upload 
459 /RPM/CREATE_CP_VERSION R Create cProject Version for the item version 
460 /RPM/CREATE_OBJ_LINK R ------------------------ OBSELETE --------------------------------- 
461 /RPM/DECISION_POINT_DISPLAY R Display Decision Point 
462 /RPM/DECISION_POINT_GETLIST R Decision Point Get List 
463 /RPM/DECISION_POINT_MODIFY R xRPM 4.0 Decision Point API Modify 
464 /RPM/DELETE_LOG R Delete log from database 
465 /RPM/DISPLAY_ORG_UNIT R To display the organization unit 
466 /RPM/FAVORITE_DISPLAY R Display the details of a Favourite 
467 /RPM/FAVORITE_GETLIST R Retrieves the list of Favorites 
468 /RPM/FAVORITE_ITEMS_DISPLAY R Reterives the list of Favorite items 
469 /RPM/FAVORITE_ITEMS_MODIFY R Modifies the list of Favorite items of a Favourite 
470 /RPM/FAVORITE_MODIFY R Modifies a Favourite 
471 /RPM/FICO_INT_PLANNING R Update FIDATA and trigger item planning 
472 /RPM/FINALIZE_BUCKET R Finalize a transaction on bucket objects 
473 /RPM/FINALIZE_CLASS_PLAN_DATA R Rollup planning data to class hier after class Modification 
474 /RPM/FINALIZE_COLLECTION R Finalize a transaction on collection objects 
475 /RPM/FINALIZE_DECISION_POINT R Finalize a transaction on decision objects 
476 /RPM/FINALIZE_INITIATIVE R Finalize a transaction on item objects 
477 /RPM/FINALIZE_ITEM R Finalize a transaction on item objects 
478 /RPM/FINALIZE_PORTFOLIO R Finalize a transaction on portfolio objects 
479 /RPM/FINALIZE_REVIEW R Finalize a transaction on review objects 
480 /RPM/FIN_CAP_PLAN_DISTRIBUTE R Perform calculations for Financial/Capacity Planning Advanced Distribution 
481 /RPM/FIN_CATEGORY_B_GETLIST R Demand planning for bucket categories list 
482 /RPM/FIN_CATEGORY_B_MODIFY R Modify Financial Groups 
483 /RPM/FIN_CATEGORY_GETLIST R Get a List of Financial Planning Categories 
484 /RPM/FIN_CATEGORY_GET_CHART R Get a List of Financial Planning Categories 
485 /RPM/FIN_CATEGORY_MODIFY R Modify Financial Planning Categories 
486 /RPM/FIN_GROUP_B_GETLIST R Get a List of Financial Planning Groups 
487 /RPM/FIN_GROUP_B_MODIFY R Modify Financial Groups 
488 /RPM/FIN_GROUP_COPY R Modify Financial Planning Groups 
489 /RPM/FIN_GROUP_GETLIST R Get a List of Financial Planning Groups 
490 /RPM/FIN_GROUP_GET_CHART R Financial Group Get Chart 
491 /RPM/FIN_GROUP_GET_TOTAL R Get a List of Financial Groups 
492 /RPM/FIN_GROUP_MODIFY R Modify Financial Planning Groups 
493 /RPM/FIN_PERIODS_ADD R Modify Financial Groups 
494 /RPM/FIN_PLAN_EXCEL_DOWNLOAD R Transfer Fin. Plng Data from xRPM to MS Excel 
495 /RPM/FIN_PLAN_EXCEL_UPLOAD R Transfer Financial Planning Data from MS Excel to xRPM 
496 /RPM/FI_CAT_AMOUNT_GET_TOTAL R Get a List of Financial Groups 
497 /RPM/FI_GRP_AMOUNT_GET_TOTAL R Get a List of Financial Groups 
498 /RPM/GET_ACTIVITY_DESCRIPTION R Get the activity description and texts 
499 /RPM/GET_ALL_CUSTOM_FIELDS R Get all custom fields 
500 /RPM/GET_ALL_OBJ_LINKS R --------------------------------- OBSELETE ------------------------------