Function Group - C
# Function Group Package Software Component Short Description
1 CTS_ORLA_ON_DEMAND SCTS_CUS SAP_BASIS  Dynamic Assignment of Original Language  
2 CTS_USER_CUSTOMIZING SCTS_REQ    User-Specific Settings in CTS  
3 CTS_WBO_API SCTS_API SAP_BASIS  Remote API of Workbench Organizer  
5 CTS_WBO_DIS SCTS_API SAP_BASIS  Development Infrastructure Service  
8 CTTB CT    RM: Table Operations  
9 CTTO CT    Characteristics -Tools-  
10 CTTX CT    Read Long Texts for Characteristics  
11 CTUT CT    Characteristic Maintenance Utilities  
12 CTUT1 CTEX    Characteristic Maintenance Utilities  
13 CTUV CLVL    Characteristics in Variable Lists  
14 CTVB CT    Characteristics Update  
15 CTVV CLVL    Update Characteristics for Var. Lists  
16 CTWUL CT SAP_ABA  Where-Used List for Char. / Char. Value  
17 CTW_FM STMA_WF    Folder Manager  
18 CTW_FS STMA_WF    Folder Services  
19 CTW_UI STMA_WF    Workflow User Interface  
20 CTW_WM STMA_WF    Workflow Manager  
21 CTW_WS STMA_WF    Workflow Services  
22 CTXT CATS    Texts for CATS  
23 CT_TREX CTEX SAP_APPL  Characteristic: Functions for TREX  
24 CU01 CU    Configuration Result as List  
25 CU0C CU0C    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
26 CUAB CU    Change Documents, Variant Configuration  
27 CUAL VSCE    SCE knowledge base - ALE  
28 CUAS CU SAP_APPL  Read Confign Data from IBase Archive  
29 CUAT CU    Archiving for Variant Configuration  
30 CUBF CU    BOM Buffer Including Filters  
31 CUBM CU    BOM Buffer  
32 CUBOM CU    BOM Data for External Configuration  
33 CUBX CU    Low-level configuration for BOM  
34 CUCB CUIB_CORE    CBase  
35 CUCD CU    ===> Object SCE_RTKB , generated by  
36 CUCK_TOOL_DB CUCK SAP_APPL  CBase View/Check Database Accesses  
38 CUCL CU    Class: Object Dependencies  
39 CUCO CU    Configuration Profile Maintenance  
40 CUCP CU    Configuration Overview  
41 CUCPOBOM CUOBOM    Copy Values Assigned in Order BOM  
42 CUCQ CU    Configuration Profile IO Applications  
43 CUCR CU    Read KRIF  
44 CUD0 CU    Functions for KBAU Processing  
45 CUD1 CU    Display Dependency  
46 CUD2 CUMT    Table Maintenance  
47 CUD3 CUMT    Runtime objects for variant tables  
48 CUD4 CUMT    Read Content of Variant Table  
49 CUD6 CUMT    Check Class Environment for Constraints  
50 CUD7 CUMT    Maintain dependency statement template  
51 CUD8 CUMT    Table transfers  
52 CUD9 CU    Configuration import interfaces  
53 CUDB CU    Dynamic Configurator Data (DDB) 3.0  
54 CUDBE CUD SAP_APPL  BTE for Object Dependencies  
55 CUDD CUMT    Process variant table using DB table  
56 CUDFBE CUDF SAP_APPL  BTE for Variant Function  
58 CUDUI CUD SAP_APPL  ALE - Distribution of Interface Design  
59 CUDUIUPS CLD1MUPS EA-APPL  Conf.Profile Interface Distribution Unit  
60 CUEN CU    Lock Management for Order BOMs  
61 CUEV CUIB_GEN    Runtime Env. ERP Configurator: Events  
62 CUFA CUMT    Variant functions - master data APIs  
63 CUFC CURT    Function Call for Variants  
64 CUFD CUDF    Variant function distribution  
65 CUFDUPS CUFDUPS PI  Variant Functions: ALE Distribution Unit  
66 CUFE CUFE    Fuzzy Logic: Engine  
67 CUFS CUMT    Read variant function  
68 CUFU CUMT    Variant functions - user interface  
69 CUFX CUDF    Variant Functions - External APIs  
70 CUG_IT FBZ SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
71 CUI1 CU    Integration 1  
72 CUIN CURT SAP_APPL  Runtime Env. ERP Configurator: Events  
73 CUINIT CU SAP_APPL  Configuration Initialization  
75 CUINST_SAVE CUOBOM SAP_APPL  Eobom: Save Instantiation  
76 CUK1 CUMT    Dependency Network Maintenance  
77 CUK2 CUD    ALE dependency net  
78 CUK2UPS CUK2UPS PI  Dependency Net: ALE Distribution Unit  
79 CUKB VSCE    Knowledge-Base Object (SCE)  
80 CUKD CUMT    Dependency Maintenance  
82 CUKL CU    Objects for a Dependency  
83 CUKNA CU    Configuration Knowledge Access  
84 CUKO CU    Configuration Process  
85 CUKR CULL_GEN    Runtime Master Data Access Relationships  
86 CULI CUMT    Object Dependencies Function Library  
87 CULL CULL    Low-Level Configuration  
88 CULR CULL    API for Procedures in Low-Level Config.  
89 CUMCOBOM CUOBOM SAP_APPL  Manual Changes in the eo ASL  
90 CUMD CU    Display material variants  
91 CUMS CU    Material variants type matching  
92 CUOB CL    Internal Object Number Management  
93 CUOD CU    Variant configuration order overview  
94 CUOV CU    Selection Conditions and Actions  
95 CUOWN CUIB_CORE    Cross-Reference to Owner/Observer  
96 CUP1 CUMT    Parser Functions  
97 CUPA CUMT    Parser for Object Dependencies  
98 CUPB CUMT    Variant 2 of Object Dependency Parser  
99 CUPC CUMT    Composition of PMS Segments (3.1)  
100 CUPD CU    Task List Results in Configuration  
101 CUPL CU    Task List Configuration  
102 CUPM CU    Pattern Matching System (PMS) vs 3.1  
103 CUPP CUMT    Pretty Print for Object Dependencies  
104 CUPR CU    API for Procedures in Configurator  
105 CUPS CUMT    Parsers with SCE capability  
106 CUPT CU    Select Item Category in Dialog Mode  
107 CUP_UI AI_CUP ST  Services for Customer Software Usage CUP  
108 CURA CU    Buffer for confign master/transac. data  
110 CURI VSCE    Single Access for SCE KB (XML)  
111 CURP CU    Varants Configuration Profile  
112 CURR FBAS    Translation Routine (e.g. for Currency)  
113 CURR_CONVERSIONS FCUR SAP_APPL  Special Currency Translation Modules  
114 CURT VSCE    Generate Knowledge Base (SCE)  
115 CURTOFOCUSCH CURTO PI  Master Data Changes for Focus PDS  
116 CURTOMDCH CURTO SAP_APPL  Generation of PDS after Mstr Data Change  
118 CURX VSCE    Read Access to SCE Knowledge Bases  
119 CUSC CU    Display variant configuration  
120 CUSE CU    Selection of Material Variants  
121 CUSL CU     
122 CUSLNTRTO CURTO PI  Generates PDS for APO  
123 CUST CU    Settings in configurator / profile  
124 CUST_AESSERVICES SZGEOCODING SAP_BASIS  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
125 CUST_ASSIGN_MM ME0C SAP_APPL  Customizing Function Group For MM  
126 CUST_ASSIGN_SD VS0C SAP_APPL  Customizing SD Assignment (Generated)  
127 CUST_ASSIGN_SD_SHLP VS0C SAP_APPL  Customizing SD Assignment - Search Helps  
128 CUST_CHM1V_EXT AI_SOLAR_CHM_BADI_40_32 ST-SUP  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
129 CUST_GENERATED AI_SOLAR_SDK_BASE ST  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
130 CUST_GEOCD2CLS SZGEOCODING SAP_BASIS  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
131 CUST_GEOCDRLFLD SZGEOCODING SAP_BASIS  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
132 CUST_GEOCODERS SZGEOCODING SAP_BASIS  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
133 CUST_GEOOBJ2CLS SZGL SAP_BASIS  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
134 CUST_PARM EE04    System Parameters: Partner - SD Customer  
135 CUST_SOCM AI_SOLAR_CHM_BADI ST-SUP  Customizing Objects (SAP Change Manager)  
136 CUST_SOCMV AI_SOLAR_IMG_DE ST-SUP  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
137 CUST_VIEW_CRTYPE AI_SOLAR_CHM_BADI_40_32 ST  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
138 CUST_V_GEOCUST SZGEOCODING SAP_BASIS  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
139 CUST_V_GEOT005 SZGEOCODING SAP_BASIS  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
140 CUST_V_GEOT005S SZGEOCODING SAP_BASIS  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
141 CUST_WIZ2_PPF SPPF_CUST SAP_BASIS  PPF: Wizard for Creating and Scheduling  
143 CUS_TRIL_1 FTR_INCOME_LEDGER BANK/CFM  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
144 CUT3 CUMT    Variant 3 of Justification Management  
145 CUTA CUMT    Variant tables - master data APIs  
146 CUTC CURT    Trace Module of Configurator  
147 CUTM CU    Truth maintenance system (TMS) 3.0  
148 CUTQ CUMT    Read variant table - structure  
149 CUTR CU    CU: Core Change Trigger Dependencies  
150 CUTRC CURT SAP_AP  Message Handling Variant Configuration  
151 CUTS CURT    Access to Variant Tables  
152 CUTU CUMT    Maintain variant table structure  
153 CUTX CUDT    Variant Tables - External APIs  
154 CUUI CUMT    SAP Editor User Interface  
155 CUUT CU    General Configuration Functions  
156 CUVB CUMT    Dependency Maintenance Update Program  
157 CUVF CUMT    Save variant functions  
158 CUVI CL    Object Allocation Update Program  
159 CUVK VSCE    Save Knowledge Base Object  
160 CUVO CU    Configurable Objects Update Program  
161 CUVR CU    Update Table KRIF  
162 CUVT CUMT    Update Variant Tables  
163 CUVTBTE CUDT SAP_APPL  Connection of Variant Tables to BTE  
164 CUVTCONVERSION CUDT SAP_APPL  Conversions of Variant Tables  
165 CUVTOPFI CUMT SAP_APPL  Open FI Activities / Variant Tables  
166 CUW1 CUW    BAPI Configuration  
167 CUWW CU    Change Plant  
168 CUX1 CU    External APIs for Configurator Engine  
169 CUXA VSCE SAP_APPL  KB Analyzer  
170 CUXC CU    Configurations EDI/IDOC/External  
171 CUXGLOBAL CUX SAP_APPL  CUX: Interface to Global Switches  
172 CUXI CUIB_CORE    CU: Ext. Configuration Interface - IBase  
173 CUXM CUXM SAP_APPL  External Configuration Material Variant  
174 CUXP CU    Explanation Facility for Configuration  
175 CUXW CUW    Configurator BAPI  
176 CU_API AI_CUP ST  Application Programming Interfaces  
177 CU_AUTOUPDATE AI_CUP ST  Auto Update Functions  
178 CU_AU_MAINT_GEN AI_CUP ST  Use for AUTOUPDATE Table Maintenance  
179 CU_EXTRACTOR AI_CUP ST  Local extractor for CUP (Customer Usage)  
180 CU_F4IF_SHLP_EXITS AI_CUP ST  Function Group for search help exits  
181 CU_HIER_SERVICES AI_CUP ST  Service Functions Hierarchy  
182 CU_MISC_SERVICES AI_CUP ST  Miscellaneous Services  
183 CU_RULE_SERVICES AI_CUP ST  Service Functions Rules  
184 CU_SINGLE CU SAP_APPL  Single-Level Configuration  
185 CU_SNIPPET_SERVICES AI_CUP ST  Service Functions Code Snippets  
186 CU_TABLE_MAINT AI_CUP ST  CUP Repository: Table Maintenance  
187 CV00 CV    DMS Transactions  
188 CV01 KSV    Create IDoc Cost Centers  
189 CV100 CV    Document Search  
190 CV110 CV    DMS: Transactions  
191 CV111 CV    DMS: Data buffer  
192 CV115 CV    DMS: Service/Help functions  
193 CV116 CV    DMS: Word processing  
194 CV117 CV    DMS: Dialog boxes and so on  
195 CV118 CV    DMS: Status handling  
196 CV119 CV    DMS: Profiles, Settings, and so on  
197 CV120 CV    DMS: Handle originals  
198 CV121 CV    DMS: Redlining  
199 CV122 CV    DMS: Internal APIs  
200 CV130 CV    Object Link Document -> Object  
201 CV140 CV    Object Links to DMS  
202 CV141 CV    LINKS TREE  
203 CV145 CV SAP_APPL  Interface to Knowledge Warehouse  
204 CV150 CV    DMS: Office integration (new)  
205 CV160UPS CV160UPS PI  ALE Distribution (Add-On) Documents  
206 CV161M CV161M SAP_APPL  ALE Distrib. (Add-on) Doc. Links Mat.  
207 CV161MUPS CV161MUPS PI  ALE Distrib. (Add-on) Doc. Links Mat.  
208 CV170 CV SAP_APPL  Thumbnail View  
209 CV171 CV SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
210 CV200 CV    Database access for DMS  
211 CV210 CV    DMS: General  
212 CV211 CV SAP_APPL  Conversion Exits  
213 CV212 CV SAP_APPL  Conncetion to DocuFinder  
214 CV220 CV    DMS: Document search using IMS  
215 CV221 CV    DMS: Internet transactions  
216 CV222 CV    DMS: Internet: Download/Upload  
217 CV225 CV SAP_APPL  DMS: Internet - Favorites management  
218 CVAD CV    Arch Class Object Links  
219 CVAE CV    CHDO DOKUMENT => Gen. by RSSCD000  
220 CVALE CV    DDS: ALE document distribution  
221 CVAPI01 CV    DMS: APIs  
222 CVAR CUW    Function pool for constraints  
223 CVAU CV    ===> Object DOK_AUDIT , generated by  
224 CVAW100_WEB_SEARCH CVAW EA-APPL  Function Modules for Document Search  
225 CVAW_CUST CVAW EA-APPL  Web Customizing  
226 CVBAPI CV    BAPIs for document info records  
227 CVBE CV SAP_APPL  BTE for Documents  
228 CVBI CV    Batch Input Functions for Documents  
229 CVCH CV    Object_check_draw  
230 CVCI CVCI    R/3 Inbound - Vendor Master  
231 CVCO CVCI    R/3 Outbound - Vendor Master  
232 CVCU CEV    Determ. of GUI status in CAPP task lists  
233 CVD0 CVDD    DDS: DDO  
234 CVD1 CVDD    EHS: API - Report Shipping Orders  
235 CVD2 CVDD    DDS: DDOC  
236 CVD4 CVDD    DDS: DDOC Log  
237 CVD5 CVDD    DDS: DDOC Action Log  
238 CVD6 CVDD    DDS: DDP  
239 CVDA CVDD    EH&S: Report Shipping - Initial Screen  
240 CVDB CVDD    EHS: Report Shipping - Hit List  
241 CVDC CVDD    EHS: Report Shipping - Order Header  
242 CVDD CVDD    EH&S: Report Shipping - Parameter Values  
243 CVDF CVDD    EH&S: Report Shipping - Activity Log  
244 CVDG CVDD    EHS: Report Shipping - CUA Menu  
245 CVDH CVDD    EHS: Manual Shipping - Entry Screen  
246 CVDZ CVDD    EHS: IOTABs - Report Shipping  
247 CVE1 CVDD    DDS: User Exit Management  
248 CVE2 CVDD    DDS: Business Process  
249 CVE3 CVDD    EHS: Standard Error Handling  
250 CVE4 CVDD    DDS: DDOC - Cover Sheet  
251 CVE6 CVDD    EHS: Address Management  
252 CVE7 CVDD    EHS: Status Management  
253 CVE8 CVDD    EHS: Subsequent Shipping  
254 CVE9 CVDD    EHS: Export  
255 CVEA CVDD    EHS: Report Shipping - EHS Interface  
256 CVEB CVDD    EHS: Report Shipping - Main Functions  
257 CVEC CVDD    EHS: Report Shipping - Man. Functions  
258 CVEM CVDD    EHS: User Exits - Check  
259 CVEN CVDD    EHS: User Exits - Bundle  
260 CVEO CVDD    EHS: User Exits - Expand  
261 CVEP CVDD    EHS: User Exits - Pack  
262 CVEQ CVDD    EHS: User Exits - Shipping  
263 CVER CVDD    EHS: User Exits - Save  
264 CVES CVDD    EHS: User Exits - Cover Sheet Selection  
265 CVET CVDD    EHS: User Exits - AcknowRec - Selection  
266 CVEU CVDD    EHS: Search Module for Report Shipping  
267 CVF1 CVDD    EHS: Buffer - Table CVDDH  
268 CVF2 CVDD    EHS: Buffer - Table CVDDP  
269 CVF2_CS CVDD EA-APPL  EHS: Buffer - Table CVDDCS  
270 CVF2_CSP CVDD EA-APPL  EHS: Buffer - Table CVDDCSP  
271 CVF5 CVDD    EHS: Include - Report Shipping (General)  
272 CVFA CVDD    DDS: Library - Number Ranges  
273 CVFB CVDD    DDS: Library - Checks  
274 CVFC CVDD    DDS: Library - Messages  
275 CVFD CVDD    DDS: Library - Calculations/Translate  
276 CVFE CVDD    EHS: Library - Read Customizing  
277 CVFF CVDD    EHS: Library - Event Handler  
278 CVFU CVDD    EHS: Library - Miscellaneous  
279 CVFV CVDD    Customizing - BP,CO,ER,RP,SH  
280 CVFW CVDD    Customizing - HD,HP,HS,HU  
281 CVFX CVDD    Customizing - RC, RH  
282 CVGL CV    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
283 CVIN CV    General DMS Functions  
284 CVIT CV    Internet scenarios (DMS)  
285 CVI_BP_TO_CUST_CC_CHECK CVI_SYNCH_CONTROL    CVI:Credit Card Check, Business Partner  
287 CVI_CRM_INTEGRATION CCCD SAP_APPL  Func. Grp for Integrating CRM in CVI  
288 CVI_CUSTOMER_ARCH CVI_SYNCH_CONTROL SAP_APPL  Customer: Archiving and Deletion  
292 CVI_EOP CVI_FS_APPLICATION_LOGIC SAP_APPL  Data Privacy End-of-Purpose Checks  
293 CVI_FS_UI_CUSTOMER CVI_FS_UI_CUSTOMER SAP_APPL  General Dialog for Customer  
294 CVI_FS_UI_CUSTOMER_CC CVI_FS_UI_CUSTOMER SAP_APPL  Dialog for Customer Company Code  
295 CVI_FS_UI_CUSTOMER_SALES CVI_FS_UI_CUSTOMER SAP_APPL  Dialog for Customer in Sales Area  
297 CVI_FS_UI_VENDOR CVI_FS_UI_VENDOR SAP_APPL  General Dialog for Vendor  
298 CVI_FS_UI_VENDOR_CC CVI_FS_UI_VENDOR SAP_APPL  Dialog for Vendor Company Code  
299 CVI_FS_UI_VENDOR_PORG CVI_FS_UI_VENDOR SAP_APPL  Dialog for Vendor Purchasing Org.  
302 CVI_LINK_TABLE_READ CVI_MAPPING SAP_APPL  Read Vendor - Business Partner Link Tab  
303 CVI_SYNC_TAX_NUMBERS CVI_MAPPING SAP_APPL  Synchronization of Tax Numbers  
304 CVI_VENDOR_ARCH CVI_SYNCH_CONTROL SAP_APPL  Customer: Archiving and Deletion  
305 CVI_VIEW_MAINT CVI_MAPPING SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
306 CVMA CVCD    R/3 Vendor - CRM BP Mapping  
307 CVOB CV    Object Link Functions  
308 CVORIGINALS CV    Handle originals  
309 CVPI CVPI    DMS: PlugIn Extractors for CRM  
310 CVPI2 CVPI    DMS: PlugIn for CRM Release-Dependent  
311 CVRI CVCD    R/3 Inbound - Vendor Master - Rel.-Dep.  
312 CVRO CVCD SAP_APPL  R/3 Outbound - Vendor Master - Rel.Dep  
313 CVSA CVDD     
314 CVSE_CUSTOMIZING CVSE SAP_APPL  Customizing for document search  
315 CVSE_CUST_INT CVSE SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
316 CVSE_PROTTABLE CVSE SAP_APPL  Log table handling  
317 CVSE_SEARCH CVSE SAP_APPL  Search on search engine  
318 CVSL CV    Document Management Selects  
319 CVST CV    DMS Status Management  
320 CVTM CVCD PI  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
321 CVV1 CVDI    DDS: Recipient Lists and Distribution  
322 CVV2 CVDI    DDS: DDO  
323 CVV3 CVDI    DDS: DDOC (distribution order)  
324 CVV4 CVDI    DDS: DDP  
325 CVV5 CVDI    DDS: distribution due to event  
326 CVV6 CVDI    DDS: action log  
327 CVV7 CVDI    DDS: DDOC log  
328 CVV8 CVDI    DDS: number ranges  
329 CVV9 CVDI    DDS: send modules  
330 CVVA CVDI    DDS: context  
331 CVVC CVDI    DDS: Classification  
332 CVVCM CVDI_CM SAP_APPL  CM Folder: Enhanced Doc Distribution  
333 CVVSTART CVDI_CM SAP_APPL  FM for Joint Use of Browser/Batch  
334 CVVW CVDI    DDS: WEB access to original files  
335 CVWEB CV SAP_APPL  DMS - Web Interface  
336 CVWG CV SAP_APPL  Test for Up-/Download ActiveX  
337 CV_ADD_ON WLIF SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
338 CV_AUTH01 CV SAP_APPL  Authorization check with ACLs  
339 CV_AUTH02 CV SAP_APPL  Reading and setting the authorization  
340 CV_AUTH_RFC CV SAP_APPL  RFC Modules for authorization test  
341 CV_AUTH_UI CV SAP_APPL  User Interface for Authorization Check  
342 CV_AUTH_USERGROUP CV SAP_APPL  Function Modules for Usergroups  
343 CV_EXT_EDMS_BROWSER CVEXT EA-APPL  Display of EDMS Folder Structure  
345 CWB_DATA KKCA SAP_APPL  Testdatenverwaltung  
346 CWB_PROCESS KKCA SAP_APPL  FBs für die Prozeßpflege  
347 CWB_TOOLS KKCA SAP_APPL  Werkzeuge für CATT  
348 CWD_COMPONENTS CWD EA-APPL  Campaing Weighing Components  
349 CWEB DCAT    Function Group CATT/WEB  
350 CWQPROC_CUST R3_SCM_MD    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
351 CWQTOLGR_CUST R3_SCM_MD    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
352 CWTY20 ISAUTO_WTY_MWTY DIMP  Customizing Warranty Check  
353 CWTY21 ISAUTO_WTY_ALV DIMP  Control Table Maintenance  
354 CWTYSC00 WTYSC ECC-DIMP  Customizing table functions  
355 CWTYSC01 WTYSC ECC-DIMP  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
356 CWTYSC02 WTYSC ECC-DIMP  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
357 CWTYSC04 WTYSC ECC-DIMP  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
358 CWTYSC06 WTYSC ECC-DIMP  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
359 CWTYSC07 WTYSC ECC-DIMP  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
360 CWTYSC08 WTYSC ECC-DIMP  Function code mapping to function module  
361 CWTYSC_WWB00 WTYSC_WWB ECC-DIMP  Customizing Functions  
362 CWTYSC_WWB01 WTYSC_WWB ECC-DIMP  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
363 CWTYSC_WWB02 WTYSC_WWB ECC-DIMP  Warranty Workbench: Profile Maintenance  
364 CWTYSC_WWB03 WTYSC_WWB ECC-DIMP  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
365 CWTYSC_WWB04 WTYSC_WWB ECC-DIMP  Create User settings  
366 CXDI CX    Scheduling routing  
367 CXFAT CXF_IMPLEMENTATION SAP_B2B  XML Attribute Management  
369 CXFE CX    Collect messages for log  
370 CXFM0 CXF_IMPLEMENTATION SAP_B2B  PLM XML Framework - Base Model  
371 CXFM1 CXF_IMPLEMENTATION CFOLDERS  PLM XML Framework - Generic Association  
372 CXFT0 CXF_IMPLEMENTATION SAP_B2B  PLM XML Framework - Runtime Environment  
373 CXFUD CXF_IMPLEMENTATION SAP_B2B  Debugging User Interface  
374 CXGR CX    Graphic display for scheduling  
375 CXMCS CXM_EASYSPEC SAP_B2B  EasySPEC Database Class System  
377 CXML CRMB    XML CRM Tools  
379 CXMO CX SAP_APPL  scheduling monitor  
380 CXMP CRMB    XML Parser  
382 CXMS CRMB    XML = 'S' (not really XML)  
383 CXMS_UC CRM_ADAPTER PI_BASIS  XML = 'S' for Unicode (not really XML)  
384 CXOR CX    Schedule order/task list/(std)network  
385 CXOT CX    Scheduling using operating time  
386 CXPA CX    Scheduling for planned order  
387 CXPD EXPD SAP_APPL  Customizing Expediting  
388 CXPS CX SAP_APPL  PS: Additional Scheduling Calculation  
389 CXTA CX    Read table entries  
390 CXTK CX    Operation scheduling, capacities  
391 CXTM CX    Scheduling  
392 CXTP CX    Conversion deadline <--> time  
393 CY01 CY01    Central data maintenance "Dispatching"  
394 CY02 CY01    Resource planning interface functions  
395 CY03 CY01    Flow control  
396 CY04 CY01    Function pool for resource planning  
397 CY05 CY01     
398 CY06 CY01    Function dispatcher  
399 CY07 CY01    Maintenance of modified objects  
400 CY08 CY01    Resource planning profile functions  
401 CY09 CY01    Interface tables - maintenance  
402 CY11 CY01    Set management  
403 CY12 CY01    Schedule planned orders/run schedules  
404 CY13 CY01    Manage object "material"  
405 CY14 CY01    Administration of load distribution keys  
406 CY16 CY01    Administration of capacity commitments  
407 CY17 CY01    Internal path for data maintenance  
408 CY18 CY01    Individual capacities and splits  
409 CY19 CY01    Various central functions  
410 CY20 CY01    List evaluations (resource planning)  
411 CY21 CY01    Administration of modified orders  
412 CY23 CY01    Capacity availability check  
413 CY24 CY01    Object "Messages"  
414 CY26 CY01    Dispatch/reschedule with prod. version  
415 CY27 CY01    Temporary saving using POI interface  
416 CY28 CY01    Lists in leveling  
417 CY29 CY01    Detail list in leveling  
418 CYBT CX    Capacity requirements: document tables  
419 CYCH CY    Checks on screens  
420 CYCP CY    Capacity planning - general functions  
421 CYFI CY    Cap.planning/filtering and data maint.  
422 CYIB CY    Actual requirements  
423 CYLI CY    List creation capacity planning  
424 CYNV CX    Number assignment capacity requirements  
425 CYPP ICRP SAP_APPL  To be deleted  
426 CYPP01 ICRP    Sorting  
427 CYPP02 ICRP    Refurbishment (CYPP02_FILL_TABLE_LINES*  
428 CYPP03 ICRP    Periodic Planning Board  
429 CYPP05 ICRP    Customizing CY38 / CY39  
430 CYPP06 ICRP    Strategy Sorting  
431 CYPP07 ICRP    Common Functions Supporting CYPP*  
432 CYPP08 ICRP    CYPP DDIC Functions  
433 CYTA CY    Access to ATAB table (capacity planning)  
434 CYTM CY01    Transition matrix  
435 CZ01 CP    Task list object assignments: general  
436 CZBM CP SAP_APPL  Task list/object: document table methods  
437 CZBT CP    Task list/object: document tables  
438 CZCL CP    Class: materila-routing assignment  
439 CZDB CP    Task lists: object assgnmts DB accesses  
440 CZDI CP    Object assignment: dialog  
441 CZDU CP    Execution unit: DB layer  
442 CZMF CP    Object assignments: field modification  
443 CZOV CP    Overview: Material - routing assignment  
444 CZVB CP    Update MAPL records  
445 CZZZ CBUI    ===> Object ESTPH_OBCT, generated by  
446 C_ALE_FUNCTIONS FSBP_BAPI BANK-ALYZE  ALE Interfaces for SAP Business Partner  
447 C_F4 CR    Special possible entries for CIM  
448 C_TBUPA_BIP BUPA_BIP BBPCRM  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
449 C_TREX CBUI EA-APPL  Search Help for TREX