SAP ABAP Software Component ECC-DIMP (DIMP)
Basic Data
Software Component ECC-DIMP   
Short Description DIMP   
Component type I   Industry Solution - Layer 1
Contained Application Component
Application Component Application Component ID Short Description
IS-MP-NF KA50002471 Non-Ferrous Metal enhancements 
IS-EC-BOS KA50000051 Customer Bill of Services 
IS-EC-CEM KA50000043 Construction Equipment Management 
IS-EC KA50000016 Industry Solution Engineering & Construction 
IS-HT /SAPHT/EGG1000001 Industry Solution High Tech 
IS-AD KAD0000001 Aerospace & Defence Industry Solution 
IS-HT-DRM /SAPHT/EGG1000003 Distributor-Reseller-Management 
IS-HT-DRM-IS /SAPHT/EGG1000016 Information System 
IS-HT-MES /SAPHT/EGG1000004 Manufacturing Execution System 
IS-HT-RN /SAPHT/KA51000001 RosettaNet 
IS-HT-SW-CM /SAPHT/EGG1000007 Contract Management 
IS-HT-SW /SAPHT/EGG1000002 Software Management 
IS-HT-SW-IB /SAPHT/EGG1000006 Installed Base Management 
IS-HT-SW-LIC /SAPHT/EGG1000005 Software License Management 
IS-HT-SW-SMP /SAPHT/EGG1000009 Software Maintenance Processing 
IS-MP-PP KM50000004 Production Planning and Control (PP) enhancements 
IS-MP KM50000001 Mill Products Industry Solution 
IS-MP-LE KA50002461 Logistics Execution (LE) Enhancements 
IS-MP-MM KM50000003 Materials Management (MM) enhancements 
IS-MP-CA KA50002462 Cross-Application Component (CA) Enhancements 
IS-MP-SD KM50000002 Sales and Distribution (SD) enhancements 
IS-MP-LO KA50002501 Logistics - General (LO) Enhancements 
IS-AD-ALC KAD0000002 Add-ons for Actual Costs / Time Recording 
IS-AD-EV KAD0000006 Add-Ons for Progress Analysis 
IS-AD-BI KAD0000003 Add-Ons for Billing 
MM-IM-ST HLA0006048 Stock Transfer/Transfer Posting 
IS-AD-MPN KAD0000008 Manufacturer Part Number 
PS-IS-REP-ACC HLA0006691 Accounting 
IS-AD-SPC-PR KAD0000015 Provisioning 
IS-AD-SPC KAD0000014 Specification 2000 
IS-AD-SSP KA50002421 Spare Part Sharing and Stock Providede by Customer 
IS-AD-IW KA50002361 Inspection Workbench and Master Parts List 
PS-COS-PLN-CAL HLA0001565 Costing 
IS-AD-MPD ALI0000001 Maintenance Program Definition 
IS-AD-MPN-MD KAD0000009 Master Data 
IS-AD-MPN-MRP KAD0000010 Material Requirements Planning 
PM HLA0009530 Plant Maintenance 
IS-AD-MPN-SLS KAD0000012 Sales 
MM-IM HLA0009516 Inventory Management 
PS-ST-OPR HLA0009555 Operative Structures 
IS-AD-ROT KA50002391 Rotables Management 
IS-AD-SPC-OA KAD0000017 Order Administration 
CA-EDI HLB0006024 IDoc Interfaces for EDI 
IS-AD-SPC-IN KAD0000018 Invoicing 
IS-AD-SUC KA50000054 Subcontracting 
IS-AD-GPD KAD0000007 Pegging, Grouping, and Distribution 
IS-A KA50000001 Industry Solution Automotive 
LO-CM ALR0008404 Configuration management 
LO-MD-PPE AL00000024 Integrated Product and Process Engineering 
IS-AD-LBK KA50002490 R/3 Log Book 
IS-AD-MEB KA50002491 Line Maintenance Planning (MEB Enhancements) 
IS-AD-CC KA50002452 Configuration Control 
CO-PC-PCP HLA0009420 Product Cost Planning 
CO-PC-OBJ HLA0009423 Cost Object Controlling 
IS-A-ESD ALI0000003 Enhancements SD 
IS-A-MON ALI0000004 Monitors for Automotive 
SD-SLS-OA-SCH HLA0001827 Customer Scheduling Agreement 
LO HLA0006433 Logistics - General 
IS-A-JIT KA50000002 Just-In-Time Processing 
CO-OM HLA0009408 Overhead Cost Controlling 
CO-PC-ACT HLA0009422 Actual Costing/Material Ledger 
IS-A-S2L KA50002371 Production Supply 
MM-PUR HLA0009512 Purchasing 
CA HLB0009110 Cross-Application Components 
CO HLA0009400 Controlling 
IS-A-ESP KA50002411 External Service Agent 
CA-EUR-CNV HLB0100273 Local Currency Changeover 
PS-MAT HLA0006684 Material 
IS-A-GR KA50000006 Goods Receipt Process 
IS-A-JIT-DLC KA50000061 Delivery Confirmation 
PP-REM HLA0006240 Repetitive Manufacturing 
IS-A-EMM KA50000003 Enhancements to scheduling agreements MM (Outbound) 
IS-A-SUS KA50000024 Supersession Chains 
IS-A-SWP KA50000007 Supplier Workplace 
IS-A-HUM KAM0000001 Handling Unit Management 
IS-A-RL KAM0000006 Returnable Packaging Logistics 
IS-A-VMS KA50000029 Vehicle Management System 
IS-A-XLO ALI0000005 Extended Logistics 
PM-EQM HLA0009531 Technical Objects 
LO-MD-MM HLA0006031 Material Master 
IS-AD-PRM KA50002401 Preventive Maintenance 
IS-A-PPC KA50000071 Production Backflush 
LE-TRA HLA0006575 Transportation 
IS-AD-WTY ALI0000002 Service Process Warranty 
IS-A-WTY KA50002351 Warranty Processing 
MM-IM-GI HLA0006047 Goods Issue and Return Delivery 
PP-BD-BOM HLA0006403 Bills of Material (See LO-MD-BOM)