SAP ABAP Application Component MM-PUR (Purchasing)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0009512  
Application Component ID MM-PUR  
Short Description   Purchasing  
First Release Date 19950221 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
MM-PUR-ADB Adobe Document Services in Purchasing  AC00000046 
MM-PUR-ADB-PRN Document Output with Adobe Document Services  AC00000047 
MM-PUR-EM Empties Management (When Extension EA-CP Is Active)  AEN0000071 
MM-PUR-EM-DIC Item Calculator  AEN0000072 
MM-PUR-EM-PO Empties Management in Purchase Orders  AEN0000073 
MM-PUR-FIP Perishables Procurement  E4A0000032 
MM-PUR-GF Basic Functions  HLA0006037 
MM-PUR-GF-CE Customer Enhancements  PL00000012 
MM-PUR-GF-CON Confirmation Control/Shipping Notification  HLA0001526 
MM-PUR-GF-CPE CPE in MM  PR00000061 
MM-PUR-GF-EDI Electronic Data Interchange  PL00000013 
MM-PUR-GF-EIE Intra-European Import and Export  HLA0001524 
MM-PUR-GF-ES Enterprise Services in Purchasing  E380000051 
MM-PUR-GF-OC Message Determination  P450002031 
MM-PUR-GF-REL Release (Approval)  HLA0001527 
MM-PUR-GF-REL-OAG Release of Outline Agreements  HLA0001530 
MM-PUR-GF-REL-POR Release of Purchase Orders  HLA0001531 
MM-PUR-GF-REL-REQ Release of Requisitions  HLA0001529 
MM-PUR-GF-REL-RFQ Release of RFQ/Quotation  HLA0001528 
MM-PUR-GF-SN Serial Numbers in Purchasing  E4A0000041 
MM-PUR-GF-TAX Taxes  HLA0001525 
MM-PUR-OA Vendor Outline Agreements  HLA0006035 
MM-PUR-OA-CON Contract  HLA0001537 
MM-PUR-OA-SCH Scheduling Agreement  HLA0001538 
MM-PUR-OPT Optimization in Purchasing  E4A0000001 
MM-PUR-OPT-GRC Goods Receipt Capacity Check  E4A0000005 
MM-PUR-OPT-IB Investment Buy  E4A0000002 
MM-PUR-OPT-LB Load Building  E4A0000003 
MM-PUR-OPT-PLW Planning Workbench  E4A0000004 
MM-PUR-PO Purchase Orders  HLA0006041 
MM-PUR-REQ Purchase Requisitions  HLA0006039 
MM-PUR-RFQ RFQ/Quotation  HLA0006040 
MM-PUR-SQ Sources of Supply  HLA0006036 
MM-PUR-SQ-QTA Quota Arrangement  HLA0001535 
MM-PUR-SQ-SLI Source List  HLA0001536 
MM-PUR-SSP Self-Service Procurement  /SRMERP/EBS0000022 
MM-PUR-VM Vendor-Material Relationships and Conditions  HLA0006038 
MM-PUR-VM-CON Conditions  HLA0001534 
MM-PUR-VM-REC Info Record  HLA0001532 
MM-PUR-VM-SET Subsequent Settlement  HLA0001533 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/SAPQUERY/ME Development Class SAPQUERY ME Global Area 
AD_UPOS Sub-Items in Purchasing (MPN) 
AM1P Process Model Objects and ASAP MM-PUR (Purchasing) 
ASAPTERM_MM_PUR Terminology and Glossary: Translation in MM-PUR 
CRM_LEASING_PI Leasing: PlugIn Enhancement in Sales for CRM 
CRM_MKTPL_PURCHASE_INTEGRATION Purchase process integration for marketing objects 
DI_VVA_MEEE Separation of Purchasing and FI 
ESH_MM_PUR_HANA_CONTENT HANA search development package for MM Purchasing 
FIP_STRUCTURE Fresh Item Procurement 
IS_AUTO_IDT Inbound Delivery Tracking 
LOG_MM_FI_DPC MM Enhancements for Down-Payment Chain 
LOG_MM_P2PSE_1_TEST_CASES External Test Cases SE Procure-to-Pay/Service Procurement 
ME01_SFWS_SC Application Dev. R3 Purchasing, Goods Receipt Capa Check SC 
ME01_SFWS_UI Application Dev. R3 Purchasing, Goods Receipt Capa Check UI 
MEALE ALE Objects: MM-PUR Purchasing 
MEAO Purchasing - APO: Quantity Optimization 
MECCP Cross-Company-Code Procurement 
MECORE Basis Component: Purchasing 
MECR Plug-In Enhancements in Purchasing for CRM 
MEDCM Purchasing: Change Management 
MEREQ Purchasing: Purchase Requisition 
MEVE Purchasing/BW: Vendor Evaluation 
ME_CAT_INT_SFWS_SC Catalog Integration into Purchasing Documents (6.05) 
ME_CI_3_SFWS_SC Enhancements in Procurement (6.05) 
ME_CI_SFWS_SC Continuous Improvement - Purchasing (6.04) 
ME_MAA_SFWS_SC Multiple Account Assignment - Purchasing (6.04) 
ME_P2PSE_2_SFWS_SC ERP-SRM Integration Part 2 (6.05) 
ME_P2PSE_SFWS_SC Suite Excellence Procure-to-Pay/Service Procurement (6.04) 
ME_P2PSE_SFWS_UI Suite Excellence Procure-to-Pay/Service Procurement (6.04) 
ME_PH_SFWS_SC Park&Hold-functionality - Purchasing (6.04) 
ME_PROC_INT_SFWS_SC Enhancements in Procurement Integration (6.06) 
ME_PROC_REN_SFWS_SC Enhancements in Procurement (6.06) 
ME_PROC_SUST_SFWS_SC Enhancements in Procurement Sustainability (6.06) 
ME_RETDP_SFWS_SC Retention & Down Payment - Purchasing (6.04) 
ME_REV_SFWS_SC Revaluation Commitment - Purchasing (6.04) 
ME_SERNO_SFWS_SC Serial Number - Purchasing (6.04) 
ME_SFWS_PH_CORE Switch Package: Enable Park & Hold for Purchasing Documents 
ME_SFWS_SC Purchasing SFWS Coding 
ME_SFWS_SC_WMD Purchasing: SFWS Coding Switched 
ME_SP_SR_SFWS_SC Enhancements in Procurement (6.05) 
ME_SSTN Purchasing Sustainability 
MMPUR_BASE Purchasing: Basis Components 
MMPUR_HDB_SFWS_OPT_POH Switched Package for Purchase Order History Optimization 
MMPUR_OUTSOURCED_MANUF Outsourced Manufacturing in Procurement 
MMPUR_PORTAL Linkage of Portal to Purchasing 
MMPUR_SERVICES Purchasing Functionalities as Services 
MMPUR_UI Package for Web Dynpro Applications Purchasing 
MMPUR_UI_MODEL Model Components for Web Dynpro Applications, Purchasing 
MMPUR_UI_VIEW View for Web Dynpro Applications, Purchasing 
MMPUR_UNIT_TEST Objects Unit Tests in Purchasing 
MM_BUYER_SFWS_SC2 Coding Switch Package - Materials Management Buyer Role 
MM_MAT_SEARCH_SFWS_SC Material Search Enhancements Procurement EhP 5 
MM_PUR_ESO Package for Enterprise Search Connection in MM-PUR 
MM_PUR_SFWS_EHP4 MM development for EhP4 - Purchasing 
MM_PUR_SFWS_EHP5 MM Developments for EhP 5 - Purchasing 
MM_PUR_SFWS_EHP6 MM Developments for EhP 6 - Purchasing 
MM_STOCK_TRANSFER Customizing Activities for Stock Transfer Betw. Storage Locs 
U403 Purchasing 
WCE2 IS-R: Customizing purchasing 
WGRC Goods Receipt Capacity Check in Purchasing 
WO+G Retail Development for Perishables 
WORG IS-R: Organizational units 
WPOB IS-R: Closing Purchase Orders 
WPOC IS-R: Changing Purchase Orders 
WRB Retail Buying 
WRBA Business Package Retail Buying: Additional Functions 
WRF_BUDGET Framework: Budget Processes 
WRF_PRC_BASIC_APPL Seasonal Procurement: Basis Area 
WRF_PRC_BASIC_DDIC Seasonal Procurement: DDIC Objects in Basis Area 
WRF_PRC_CON_APPL Seasonal Procurement: Contracts Area 
WRF_PRC_CON_DDIC Seasonal Procurement: DDIC Objects Contract 
WRF_PRC_CTR_APPL Seasonal Procurement: Procurement Controlling Area 
WRF_PRC_CTR_DDIC Seasonal Procurement: DDIC Objects Procurement Controlling 
WRF_PRC_MAIN Seasonal Procurement: Main Package 
WRF_PRC_OTB_APPL Seasonal Procurement: Open-To-Buy Area 
WRF_PRC_OTB_DDIC Seasonal Procurement: DDIC Objects in Open-To-Buy Area 
WRF_PRC_POHF_APPL Seasonal Procurement: Purchase Order Handling Area 
WRF_PRC_POHF_APPL2 Fashion Procurement: Subject Area Ordering Part 2 
WRF_PRC_POHF_DDIC Seasonal Procurement: DDIC Objects PO Processing 
WRF_PRC_SCD_APPL Seasonal Procurement: Scheduling Area 
WRF_PRC_SCD_APPL2 Seasonal Procurement: Subject Area Scheduling (Part 2) 
WRF_PRC_SCD_DDIC Seasonal Procurement: DDIC Objects Area of Scheduling 
WWP_SFWS_UI1 Planning Workbench SFWS UI1 
Software Component SAP_APPL  Logistics and Accounting 
SAP Release Created in