SAP ABAP Application Component MM-IM (Inventory Management)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0009516  
Application Component ID MM-IM  
Short Description   Inventory Management  
First Release Date 19950221 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
MM-IM-ED Excise Duty  ALN0000437 
MM-IM-GF Basic Functions  HLA0006049 
MM-IM-GF-DTF Data Transfer  HLA0001539 
MM-IM-GF-DTF-RES Data Transfer: Reservations  HLA0001541 
MM-IM-GF-DTF-STK Data Transfer: Stocks  HLA0001540 
MM-IM-GF-ES Enterprise Services in Inventory Management  E380000043 
MM-IM-GF-PHI Data Transfer: Physical Inventory  HLA0001542 
MM-IM-GI Goods Issue and Return Delivery  HLA0006047 
MM-IM-GR Goods Receipt  HLA0006045 
MM-IM-ML Material Ledger  HLA0006070 
MM-IM-PI Physical Inventory  HLA0006050 
MM-IM-RS Reservations  HLA0006046 
MM-IM-ST Stock Transfer/Transfer Posting  HLA0006048 
MM-IM-VP Balance Sheet Valuation Procedures  HLA0009514 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/SAPQUERY/MB Development Class for Inv. Management Queries 
AD_MPN_WA Developments in the Goods Issue Area for the A&D 3.0 Project 
AM2P Process Model Objects and ASAP MMIM (Inventory Management) 
ASAPTERM_MM_IM Terminology and Glossary: Translation in MM-IM 
BF_LOG_MM_SIT_ETCT External Test Case Templates for Business Function LOG_MM_ 
ECMM Electronic commerce applications 
ESH_MM_IM_HANA_CONTENT HANA search development Package for MM Inventory Management 
MBCORE Application development R/3 inventory management 
MBND Generation of Manual Reservations from APO 
MB_ARCH_SFWS_EHP5 Application Development Inventory Management-Standardization 
MB_CFA_SFWS_SC Control Follow-On Activity - Inventory Management (6.04) 
MB_INCONS Analysis and Correction Reports for Inventory Management 
MB_INV_LOOKUP Stock Search 
MB_MAA_SFWS_SC Multiple Account Assignment - Inventory Management (6.04) 
MB_OMA_SFWS_SC Coding Switch Package - MM-IM Outsourced Manufacturing 
MB_OPT Additional application development R/3 inventory management 
MB_SFWS_SC Coding Switch Package 1 - Materials Management 
MB_SFWS_SC_SHLF Code Enhancements for Pkg. MB Minimum Remaining Shelf Life 
MB_SFWS_SC_SUBCO Coding Switch Package - LE Outsourced Manufacturing 
MB_SFWS_UI_PI1 UI Switch Package - Materials Management 
MB_SUPPL Ergänzungen zu Paket MB Bestandsführung 
MMIM_PDF Application development R/3 inventory management 
MMIM_UI Package for Web Dynpro Applications for Inventory Management 
MMIM_UI_MODEL Model Components for Web Dynpro Appls for Inventory Mgmt 
MMIM_UI_VIEW View for Web Dynpro Applications for Inventory Management 
MM_IM_ESO Package for Enterprise Search Connection in MM-IM 
MM_IM_SFWS_EHP4 MM development for EhP4 - Inventory Management 
U402 Inventory Management 
WAO_46C_GOODSMOVEMENT MiniApp: Goods Movements, Part 46C 
WAO_46C_PHYSICAL_INVENTORY MiniApp: Inventory WAO, 46C Part 
WAO_GOODSMOVEMENT Mini app: Goods movements, release non-dependent part 
WAO_PHYSICAL_INVENTORY MiniApp: Physical Inventory WAO, Release-Independent Part 
WBEF_HYBRID IS-R: Inventory Management (Hybrid Method) 
WBEF_SFWS_SC Revaluation at Retail with Switch 
WCB3 IS-R: Inventory Management (Customizing) 
WRF_CONSIGNMENT Retail Fashion: Consignment Processing 
WRF_INVENTORY_MANAGEMENT Retail Fashion: Inventory Management 
WRMA_ALE Enhancements for Data Derivation for RMA Engine (Retail) 
WRMA_PI Enhancements for Data Derivation for RMA Engine (Retail) 
Software Component SAP_APPL  Logistics and Accounting 
SAP Release Created in