SAP ABAP Application Component IS-EC (Industry Solution Engineering & Construction)
Basic Data
Application Component KA50000016  
Application Component ID IS-EC  
Short Description   Industry Solution Engineering & Construction  
First Release Date 19991019 
First Release   46A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
IS-EC-BI Add-Ons for Billing  KA50000052 
IS-EC-BOS Customer Bill of Services  KA50000051 
IS-EC-BOS-PLN Planning Process  KA50002481 
IS-EC-BOS-SES Service Entry Sheet, Down Payment Process and Invoice  KA50002483 
IS-EC-BOS-SRV Service Package  KA50002482 
IS-EC-BOS-SUB Subcontracting Process  KA50002484 
IS-EC-CEM Construction Equipment Management  KA50000043 
IS-EC-CLM Claims Management  KA50000041 
IS-EC-EV Add-Ons for Progress Analysis  KA50000053 
IS-EC-GPD Pegging, Grouping, and Distribution  KA50000055 
IS-EC-HBS Homebuilding  KA50000042 
IS-EC-IBC Index-based Planning  KA50000056 
IS-EC-PRC Project Controlling + Risk Management f. Mech. Engineering  KA50002485 
IS-EC-PRC-CPV Progress Report and Valuation  KA50002488 
IS-EC-PRC-DPC Down Payment Chains  KA50002487 
IS-EC-PRC-JVA Project Balance Sheet  KA50002489 
IS-EC-PRC-ORG Flexible Organization Structure  KA50002486 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/SAPCEM/DDIC_NO_SWITCH Package without a switch for append structures 
IS_E&C_AHK Development Class for Component E&C 
J3GD_APP_NO_SWITCH Package without a switch for append structures 
MEC_GENERAL General package for the ME&C Business Function Sets 
MEC_GENERAL_SE Gen. package for the ME&C Bus. Function Sets; ESA Fast Track 
MEC_VA MEC: Application development R/3 Sales 
MEC_VF MEC: Application development R/3 invoice 
MEC_VKON MEC: Application development R/3 conditions 
Software Component ECC-DIMP  DIMP 
SAP Release Created in