SAP ABAP Application Component IS-AD (Aerospace & Defence Industry Solution)
Basic Data
Application Component KAD0000001  
Application Component ID IS-AD  
Short Description   Aerospace & Defence Industry Solution  
First Release Date 19980828 
First Release   40B 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
IS-AD-ALC Add-ons for Actual Costs / Time Recording  KAD0000002 
IS-AD-BI Add-Ons for Billing  KAD0000003 
IS-AD-BOS Customer Bill of Services  KAD0000004 
IS-AD-CC Configuration Control  KA50002452 
IS-AD-CCA Add-Ons for Cost Collector and Cost Allocation  KAD0000005 
IS-AD-EV Add-Ons for Progress Analysis  KAD0000006 
IS-AD-GPD Pegging, Grouping, and Distribution  KAD0000007 
IS-AD-IW Inspection Workbench and Master Parts List  KA50002361 
IS-AD-LBK R/3 Log Book  KA50002490 
IS-AD-MEB Line Maintenance Planning (MEB Enhancements)  KA50002491 
IS-AD-MPD Maintenance Program Definition  ALI0000001 
IS-AD-MPN Manufacturer Part Number  KAD0000008 
IS-AD-MPN-MD Master Data  KAD0000009 
IS-AD-MPN-MRP Material Requirements Planning  KAD0000010 
IS-AD-MPN-PUR Purchasing  KAD0000011 
IS-AD-MPN-SLS Sales  KAD0000012 
IS-AD-PRM Preventive Maintenance  KA50002401 
IS-AD-PRM-MEB Maintenance Event Builder  KA50002404 
IS-AD-PRM-MP Maintenance Planning  KA50002403 
IS-AD-PRM-TL Maintenance Task Lists  KA50002402 
IS-AD-RB BOM Comparison  KAD0000013 
IS-AD-ROT Rotables Management  KA50002391 
IS-AD-SPC Specification 2000  KAD0000014 
IS-AD-SPC-IN Invoicing  KAD0000018 
IS-AD-SPC-OA Order Administration  KAD0000017 
IS-AD-SPC-PP Procurement Planning  KAD0000016 
IS-AD-SPC-PR Provisioning  KAD0000015 
IS-AD-SPSC Stock Calculation for Spare Parts  KA50002492 
IS-AD-SSP Spare Part Sharing and Stock Providede by Customer  KA50002421 
IS-AD-SUC Subcontracting  KA50000054 
IS-AD-WTY Service Process Warranty  ALI0000002 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/SAPHT/DOCU High Tech Documentation 
AD00 IS A&D: General Tools 
AD03_APP IS A&D: Earned Value Management - Append Structures 
AD04_APP A&D:US govt contractor specific functions-Append Structures 
AD_FSH Flight Scheduling 
AD_GENERAL General package for the Business Function Set A&D 
AD_GENERAL_SE Gen. package for the Bus. Function Set A&D; ESA Fast Track 
AD_KPI Indicators for the Aircraft Industry 
AD_LEADING_ZEROS Leading Zeros in Serial Numbers 
AD_MCH A&D Mass Changes 
AD_ROT_CALC Stock Calculation: Rotables & Expendables 
AD_ROT_KPI Development class for the MTBE Extractor 
AD_ROT_PRIO A&D : Rotable Control ( CMC ) 
AD_S2K_SUB Common Objects for SPEC2000 and Subcontracting 
AD_SM CO Add Ons for Service Orders 
AD_SN_STO BW Retrofit Serialnumber Stock Transfer Order 
AD_TCF A&D: Tree Control Framework 
AD_VA AD: Application development R/3 Sales 
AD_VKON AD: Application development R/3 conditions 
DIMP_SFWS_COMBI_SAPLMEGUI Conflict resolution for Enh. Spot ES_SAPLMEGUI 
DIPCS1 Stock Determination for PM/CS Orders 
DIWP1 DI-ADEC: Work Packaging and Sequencing 
DIWPS_TL_AD WPS (Hierarchical Task Lists) 
DIWPS_TL_AD_APP WPS (Arbeitsplanhierarchie) - Append Structures 
DI_FDR Flight Data Entry 
DI_MOVEMENT_TYPES Enhanced Customizing for Movement Types 
DI_MSP Maintenance and Service Planning' 
DI_MSP_CIF Maintenance and Service Planning CIF 
DI_ROT DI Rotable Management & Planning 46C2 (A&D) 
DI_WPS9 Reallocation of PM/CS orders 
FLGTSCHD Flight Scheduling 
HTAD A&D/E&C Hypertext test structures and manual test cases 
Software Component ECC-DIMP  DIMP 
SAP Release Created in