SAP ABAP Software Component ST (SAP Solution Manager Tool)
Basic Data
Software Component ST   
Short Description SAP Solution Manager Tool   
Component type G   Industry Solution - Layer 3
Contained Application Component
Application Component Application Component ID Short Description
SV-SMG B200001518 Solution Manager 
SV-SMG-INS B200001689 Solution Manager Installation, Configuration and Upgrade 
SV-SMG-CM B200001899 Change Request Management 
SV-SMG-IMP B200001309 Solution Manager Implementation 
SV-SMG-ASU B200003468 Application-Specific Upgrade 
SV-SMG-TWB-BCA B200004349 Business Process Change Analyzer 
SV-SMG-MON-BPM B200004479 Business Process Monitoring 
SV-SMG-CCM-CDM B200004228 Custom Development Management Cockpit 
SV-SMG-OP B200001298 Solution Directory 
SV-SMG-SER B200001308 SAP Support Services 
SV-SMG-DVM BYI3000001 Data Volume Management 
SV-SMG-DIA B200003189 Solution Manager Diagnostics 
SV-SMG-PSM B200003939 Process Scheduling Management 
SV-SMG-SUP B200001621 Service Desk/Incident Managment 
SV-SMG-MAI B200003389 Maintenance Optimizer 
SV-SMG-SDA B200004230 Solution Documentation Assistant 
SV-SMG-SVD B200004233 Service Delivery (and Planning) 
SV-SMG-TWB B200004348 Test Management 
SV-SMG-DIA-SRV-LSC B200004376 Landscape registration 
SV-SMG-SVD-SWB B200000244 Service Session Workbench 
SV-SMG-LV BYI3000038 Landscape Verification for Solution Manager 
SV-SMG-LDB BYI3000037 Landscape Management 
SV-SMG-SVC B200003238 Solution Manager Service Connection Management 
SV-SMG-BPR B200001521 Business Process Repository 
SV-SMG-AUT BYI3000042 SAP Solution Manager Authorization 
BC-CUS-TOL-PAD B200000046 Customizing Project Management (IMG) 
SV-SMG-MON-ALR-CNS B200004240 Alert Inbox/Processor 
SV-SMG-MON-ALR-CLC B200004239 Alert Calculation Engine 
SV-SMG-MON-ALR-CFG B200004241 Alert/Metric Configuration 
SV-SMG-MON-ALR-DIR B200004499 Alert/Metric Directory 
SV-SMG-MON-IPO-PI B200004502 PI Monitoring 
SV-SMG-MON-ALR B200004128 Monitoring/Alerting/Reporting Infrastructure 
SV-SMG-MON-SFM BYI3000041 Self-Monitoring for Monitoring and Alerting 
SV-SMG-MON-JBI-BI BYI3000141 BI (Techn.) Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager 
SV-SMG-MON-IPO-CON B200004500 Connection Monitoring 
SV-SMG-DIA-APP-OSD B200004370 OS & DB Analysis 
SV-SMG-ADM-MDM B200004258 MDM System Administration 
SV-SMG-MON B200001858 Monitoring & Alerting 
SV-SMG-MON-SYS B200004481 System Monitoring 
SV-SMG-SYS B200001731 Solution Manager System Landscape 
SV-SMG-IMP-DIS B200001730 Customizing Distribution 
SV-ASA-QAD HLB0006327 Question & Answer Database 
SV-SMG-ADM-DTM B200004359 Downtime/Work Mode Management 
SV-SMG-ADM B200004129 System Administration and Planning 
SV-SMG-SDG B200004231 SAP Solution Manager Self-Diagnosis 
SV-SMG-ISM B200004234 Issue Management 
SV-SMG-SER-ESR B200004570 Enterprise Support Report