Function Group - 3
# Function Group Package Software Component Short Description
1 3006 FBS    Business Objekt General Ledger Account  
2 3006_HRO FBSCORE    Business object G/L account  
3 3007 FBD    Customer account business object  
4 3008 FBK    Vendor account business object  
5 3027 MDPB    Business Object Planned Ind. Requirement  
6 3032 WBBC    Assortment list: BAPIs  
7 3033 VSKM    Definition/Implementation BO BUS3033  
8 3101 PC01    Output Module for Germany  
9 3107 PC07 SAP_HR  Output module for Canada  
10 3110 PC10 SAP_HR  Output module for USA  
11 3137 PC37 SAP_HR  Output modules for Brazil  
12 3198 PLOG    Output Module, International  
13 3199 PLOG    Output Module, International  
14 3199_1 PLOG SAP_HR  Output Model for Other Countries  
15 319L P99L SAP_HR  Output module for 9L: Latinamerica  
16 31AR PC29    Function modules for log output  
17 31AT PC03    Output Module for Austria  
18 31AU PC13    Australia  
19 31AU_PS_1 P13P1 SAP_HR  Output module for Australia IBU PS  
20 31AU_PS_1F PLOG     
21 31BE PC12     
22 31BP PBEN_BPS SAP_HRX  Output module for BP  
23 31BR PC37    Payroll log  
24 31CA PC07    Canada  
25 31CH PC02    Output module for Switzerland  
26 31CH_PS_1 P02P1    Output Module for IBU PS Switzerland  
27 31CN PC28 SAP_HR  Output module for China  
28 31DE PC01    Output Module for Germany  
29 31DE_PS_1 P01PBSVAVG_BL SAP_HR  Output Modules for Germany IBU PS  
30 31DK PC09    Output Modules for Denmark  
31 31ES PC04    Output modules for Spain  
32 31FI PC44 SAP_HR  HCM FI: Output functions for payroll log  
33 31FR PC06    Output Module for France  
34 31FR_PS_1 P06P1    Output modules for France IBU PS  
35 31GB PC08    Output Module for Great Britain  
36 31HK PC27    Output module for Hong Kong  
37 31ID PC34    Indonesia  
38 31IE PC11    Ireland  
39 31IN PC40    Output module for India  
40 31IT PC15    Display cluster tables IT  
41 31IT_PS_1 PC15    Output module per Italia IBU PS  
42 31IT_PS_1F PC15 SAP_HR   
43 31JP PC22    Japan  
44 31KR PC41    Output module for South Korea  
45 31MX PC32    tmp copy of 31MX  
46 31MX_PS_1 P32P1 SAP_HR  Output module for Mexico IBU PS  
47 31MY PC14    Malaysia  
48 31NL PC05    Output Module for the Netherlands  
49 31NO PC20    Output module for Norway  
50 31NZ PC43     
51 31PH PC48 SAP_HR  Output module for Philippines  
52 31PT PC19    Output module for Portugal  
53 31RU PC33 SAP_HR  Output module for Russia  
54 31SE PC23    Sweden  
55 31SG PC25    Singapore  
56 31SG_PS_1 P25P1 SAP_HR  Output module for Singapore IBU PS  
57 31SG_PS_1F PLOG     
58 31TH PC26    Output module for Thailand  
59 31TW PC42    Taiwan  
60 31UN PCUN PYNPO  Payroll log for NPO  
61 31US PC10    Payroll log for US  
62 31US_PS_1 P10P1 SAP_HR  Output module for USA IBU PS  
63 31VE PC17    Log  
64 31ZA PC16    South Africa  
65 3200 PCMP    PCMP: Euro  
66 3201 PCMP    Table Maintenance: Job Pricing  
67 3202 PCMP    Table Maintenance: Comp. Components  
68 3203 PCMP    Table Maintenance: Eligibility  
69 3204 PCMP    Table Maintenance: Guidelines  
70 3205 PCMP    Table Maintenance: Comp. Adjustments  
71 3206 PCMP    Table Maintenance: Adjustment Reasons  
72 3207 PCMP    Table Maintenance: Eligibility Rules  
73 3208 PCMP    Table Maintenance: Old Matrix Maint.  
74 3209 PCMP    Table Maintenance: Basic Settings  
75 3210 PCMP    Table Maintenance: Award  
76 3211 PCMP    Table Maintenance: Budgeting  
77 3212 PCMP    Table Maintenance: Total Comp. Statement  
78 3213 PCMP    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
79 3301 PBEN    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
80 3302 PBEN    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
81 3303 PBEN    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
82 3304 PBEN    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
83 3305 PBEN    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
84 3306 PBEN    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
85 3307 PBEN    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
86 3308 PBEN    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
87 3309 PBEN    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
88 3310 PBEN    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
89 3311 PBEN    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
90 3312 PBEN    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
91 3313 PBEN    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
92 3314 PBEN    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
93 3315 PBEN    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
94 3316 PBEN SAP_HR  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
95 33A1 PBEN    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
96 34CA PC04    PY-ES: Seniority  
97 34CB PC04 SAP_HR  Get print coordinates from SapScript  
98 34CD PC04 SAP_HR  Employment regulation  
99 34CE PC04    Payroll evaluations  
100 34CF PC04    Contracts  
101 34CL PC04 SAP_HR  Data protection legislation  
102 34CP PC04    Protocols  
103 34CQ PC04    Reading of INEM contract data  
104 34CR PC04    PY-ES: Reading of Spanish DB tables  
105 34CS PC04    PY-ES: Social Insurance  
106 34CT PC04    PY-ES: Taxes  
107 34CU PC04    General payroll utilities  
108 34CV PC04    PY-ES: Social Insurance (evaluations)  
109 34CW PC04    Internal Revenue Service evaluations  
110 34CX PC04 SAP_HR   
111 34W1 PC04 SAP_HR  HRMS-ES: Funcional group for Web Add-On  
112 36CD PC06 SAP_HR  Forms interface  
113 36CE PC06 SAP_HR  Function for payroll form  
114 36CF PC06 SAP_HR  Forms  
115 36CP PC06 SAP_HR  Logs  
116 36CR PC06 SAP_HR  Payroll  
117 36CS PC06 SAP_HR  HR-FR: Social Insurance  
118 36CU PC06    Utilities  
119 36HL PB06    F4 Help Functions for HR France  
120 36_UI_HL PAOC_PAD_UI_FR FACE  Research support for France (UI)  
121 38OS PB08    HR-GB: Offshore (IoM, JY, GY) functions  
122 38TS PC08    HR-GB: TemSe handling functions  
123 3AR1 PB29    Extended table maintenance (generated)  
124 3AR2 PB29    Extended table maintenance (generated)  
125 3HK0 PB27    Extended T7HK0* Maintenance (Generated)  
126 3HK1 PB27    Extended T7HK1* Maintenance (Generated)  
127 3HK2 PB27    Extended T7HK2* Maintenance (Generated)  
128 3HK3 PB27    Extended T7HK3* Maintenance (Generated)  
129 3HK4 PB27    Extended T7HK4* Maintenance (Generated)  
130 3HK5 PB27    Extended T7HK5* Maintenance (Generated)  
131 3HKA PB27    Hong Kong general function group  
132 3HKB PC27    HR-HK: Tax function group  
133 3HKC P99E    HR-HK: Time Calculation Functions  
134 3HKD PC27    HR-HK: MPF/ORSO Entitlement  
135 3HKE PC27    Termination Payments for Hongkong  
136 3HKF PC27    Print functions for HHKCLSTR Hongkong  
137 3ID0 PB34    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
138 3ID1 PB34    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
139 3ID2 PB34    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
140 3ID3 PB34    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
141 3IDA PC34    Absence Evaluation Indonesia  
142 3IDB PC34    Calculation of Insurance Contributions  
143 3IDC PC34    Tax Calculations  
144 3IDD PC34    Print functions for HIDCLSTR Indonesia  
145 3IE1 PB11    Function group for Irish Payroll  
146 3KR0 PB41    Table Maint. Bus. Place / Section Code  
147 3KR1 PB41    Table Maint. Pers.Area / Subarea  
148 3KR2 PB41    Extended Table Maintenance  
149 3KR3 PB41    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
150 3KR4 PC41    Table maint. tax in payroll  
151 3KR5 PC41    Table maint. SI in payroll  
152 3KR7 PC41    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
153 3KR8 PC41    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
154 3KR9 PC41    Table maint. SI in payroll 2  
155 3KRA PB41    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
156 3MX0 PC32     
157 3MX1 PC32     
158 3MX2 PC32     
159 3MX3 PC32    Enhanced Table Maintenance (Generated)  
160 3MX4 PC32    Maintain expanded tables (generated)  
161 3MX5 PC32 SAP_HR  Maintain expanded tables (generated)  
162 3MX6 PC32 SAP_HR  Table update for severance payment  
163 3NZ0 PB43    New Zealand HR/PA Function Modules  
164 3NZ1 PB43    HR-NZ: General Function Modules  
165 3NZ2 PB43    Payroll/Off-cycle functions NZ  
166 3NZD PB43    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
167 3NZE PB43    Table Maintenance  
168 3NZG PB43    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
169 3NZI PB43    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
170 3NZL PB43    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
171 3NZP PB43    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
172 3NZR PB43    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
173 3NZS PB43    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
174 3NZT PB43    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
175 3NZX PB43    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
176 3P01 PC19    HR-PT: Social Security functions  
177 3P02 PC19    HR-PT: Tax functions  
178 3P03 PC19 SAP_HR  HR-PT: Functions for cluster access  
179 3P04 PC19    HR-PT: Processing of allowances  
180 3P05 PC19    HR-PT: Social Insurance functions  
181 3QP0 P13P1    Industry within a Country  
182 3QP1 P13P1    HDA & Superannuation  
183 3QP10 P13P1    Table views for Equity and Diversity  
184 3QP2 P13P1    Time related function modules  
185 3QP2A P13P6 SAP_HR  Prior Service  
186 3QP3 P13P1    Increment Progression  
187 3QP3A P13P1    Function Modules  
188 3QP4 P13P1    Term. & Redundancies, Payroll  
189 3QP5 P13P6    Extended View for T559L  
190 3QP6 P13P6    Tables view for leave management  
191 3QP6A P13P6 HR-PS  Tables for Leave Calculations  
192 3QP7 P13P7    Function module for leave calc.  
193 3QP7A P13P7 HR-PS  LWOP/UNAL Handling -Common Function  
194 3QP8 P13P1    Time related calculation function mod.  
195 3QP9 P13P7    Function module for update  
196 3QP9A P13P5 HR-PS  Update on wait commit work  
197 3QPA P13P1    HR AU PS:Leave loading  
198 3QPB P13P1    HR AU PS:LSL part time avg calculation  
199 3QPF P13P1    Leave provision  
200 3QPG P13P1 HR-PS  Authorization for Higher duty allowance.  
201 3QPH P13P8 SAP_HR  Termination workbench modules  
202 3RP1 P25P1    Function Group For Master Data  
203 3RP10 P25P1 SAP_HRCSG  Table view for the CPF Scheme types  
204 3RP11 P25P1 SAP_HRCSG  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
205 3RP11A P25P2 SAP_HR  HR-PS-SG Declarations  
206 3RP2 P25P1    Function group for PS payroll objects  
207 3RP3 P25P1    Table view for leave scheme  
208 3RP3A P25P1    Leave schem proration modules  
209 3RP4 P25P1    Table view for letter of appointment  
210 3RP5 P25P1    Table view for Miminum salaray  
211 3RP6 P25P1    Table view for salary efficiency bar  
212 3RP6A P25P1    Function modules for efficiency bar  
213 3RP7 P25P1    Table view for scheme code and sal.struc  
214 3RP7A P25P1    Function Modules  
215 3RP8 P25P4    HR-PS-SG: Pensions Scheme  
216 3RP8A P25P4 SAP_HR  HR-PS-SG: Pensions  
217 3RP9A P25P2 SAP_HR  HR-PS-SG HDB Concession  
218 3RP9B P25P2 SAP_HR  Views for Discipline  
219 3RPA P25P1    Function group for HR-PS-SG  
220 3RPE P25P2 SAP_HR  HR-PS-SG: Extension of Retirement Age  
221 3RPG P25P2 SAP_HR  Function group for GNP  
222 3TH0 PB26    Fucntion Group for SS and PF Thailand  
223 3THA PC26    Thailand Cluster Print Routines  
224 3THP PB26    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
225 3THS PB26    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
226 3THT PC26    Taxation Thailand  
227 3TW0 PB42    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
228 3TW1 PB42     
229 3TW2 PB42    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
230 3TW3 PB42    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
231 3TW4 PB42    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
232 3TW8 PB42    overview screen for view maitenance  
233 3TW9 PB42    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)