SAP ABAP Package PC07 (HR accounting: Canada)
Basic Data
Package PC07   
Short Description   HR accounting: Canada    
Super package HRCCA   HR Structure Package for Canada (SAP_HRCCA) 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
PCERE Activities per Payroll Result  TRANSP   A  
PCERH History of Payroll Posting Runs  TRANSP   A  
PCERT Payroll Posting Runs  TRANSP   A  
PCERV Attributes for Posting Runs  TRANSP   A  
T5K0C Absence Breakdown  TRANSP   C  
T5K0S Sickness grouping for absence types  TRANSP   C  
T5K6I Year-end amendment wage-type selection  TRANSP   E  
T5K8C Transfer ext. payroll results into Canadian specific tables  TRANSP   C  
T5K8D Tax key data for transfer of old payroll results  TRANSP   C  
T5K8E HR-CA: Transfer additional external payroll results  TRANSP   C  
T5KB0 Definition of Registration Number, Canada  TRANSP   C  
T5KB1 Definition of Business Number, Canada  TRANSP   C  
T5KB2 Canadian tax reporting units  TRANSP   C  
T5KB3 Registration Number Organizational assignment, Canada  TRANSP   C  
T5KB4 Account Number Organizational assignment, Canada  TRANSP   C  
T5KB5 Definition of Registration/Account Grouping, Canada  TRANSP   C  
T5KB6 Registration/Account Grouping texts, Canada  TRANSP   C  
T5KBN Business mapping for CPP & EI computation  TRANSP   C  
T5KLUP Fields for tax information on magnetic media  TRANSP   E  
T5KQT Tax claim codes QC - texts  TRANSP   E  
T5KR0 Record of Employment (ROE) History  TRANSP   A  
T5KR1 ROE serial number reference table  TRANSP   A  
T5KR2 ROE other money codes  TRANSP   E  
T5KR3 ROE other money texts  TRANSP   E  
T5KRC Link HR tax payees to wage types via tax attributes  TRANSP   C  
T5KSP Short/long term disability plan  TRANSP   C  
T5KT3 Fields of a tax form  TRANSP   E  
T5KTC Wage Type Tax Classifications (Canada)  TRANSP   S  
T5KTE Tax types for employee  TRANSP   E  
T5KTR Tax types Employer  TRANSP   E  
T5KTS Tax types description  TRANSP   S  
T5KTT Tax types Canada  TRANSP   S  
T5KV1 Vacation pay: Accrual and Payout  TRANSP   C  
T5KV2 Vacation pay: Wage Types for Special Events  TRANSP   C  
T5KV3 Vacation pay: Accrual Years  TRANSP   C  
T5KV4 Vacation pay: Absence types without corresp. entitlements  TRANSP   C  
T5KV5 Vacation pay: Automatic Payouts  TRANSP   C  
T5KVE Include/exclude indicator for wage type processing  TRANSP   C  
T5KWA Workers' Compensation accounts table  TRANSP   C  
T5KWB Classification groups assignment for WCB  TRANSP   C  
T5KWC Classification groups for WCB  TRANSP   C  
T5KWR Employee Grouping for workers compensation  TRANSP   C  
T5KWT Classification groups for WCB - Text table  TRANSP   C  
T5KYA Year end reporting history table  TRANSP   A  
T5KYH Year end reporting History table  TRANSP   A  
T5KYS No longer used  TRANSP   C  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
HRPAYCA_ROEWB Record of Employment (ROE) Workbench  RPCROEK0_RUN_VIEWER  
OO_CA_TAX_SPL HR: Set up Canada Tax Split  RHCUST01  
P000_M07_C224 Infotype 0224 Conversion Workbench  SAPMP000_M07_C224  
P000_M07_C224_BNCK Business Number Conversion Check  RPC224K1  
P000_M07_C224_CONV Infotype 0224 Conversion  RPC224K0  
P000_M07_C224_ITCK Tax Framework Consistency Check  RPUICKK0  
P000_M07_GHIS Garnishment history (Canada)  RPCGR1K0  
P000_M07_GSTA Garnishment statistics (Canada)  RPCPL3K0  
P000_M07_PARP Payroll audit/reconciliation report  RPCAUDK0  
P000_M07_PIER Pensionable and insurable earnings  RPMENUSTART00  
P000_M07_ROE Record of Employment (Canada)  RPCROEK0  
P000_M07_ROH Report on hirings  RPMENUSTART00  
PA07_RP_CBSID Maintain Number Range: RP_CBSID     
PAKG Adjustments workbench  SAPMPAKY  
PAKY Adjustments Workbench (excl. adjust)  SAPMPAKY  
PAUX Adjustment Workbench  SAPMPAKY  
PAUY Adjustment Workbench (retro proc.)  SAPMPAKY  
PC00_M07_CALC Payroll Driver Canada  RPMENUSTART00  
PC00_M07_CALC_SIMU Payroll driver simulation (Canada)  RPMENUSTART00  
PC00_M07_CBS Canada savings bonds  RPMENUSTART00  
PC00_M07_CCYR Processing Year-end Reporting 07  RPMENUSTART00  
PC00_M07_CDTA Payroll Transfer Pre-Program DTA-07  RPMENUSTART00  
PC00_M07_CDTB Pre.Program Advance Payment  RPCDTBK0  
PC00_M07_CDTC Advance Payment  RPMENUSTART00  
PC00_M07_CEDT Payroll Remuneration Statement - 07  RPMENUSTART00  
PC00_M07_CKSB Canada Savings Bonds  RPMENUSTART00  
PC00_M07_CKTO Payroll Account  RPCKTOK0  
PC00_M07_CLJN Payroll Account 07  RPCLJNK0  
PC00_M07_CLSTR Tools - Payroll Results - 07  RPMENUSTART00  
PC00_M07_CPIE Reconciliation - P.I.E.R. Report 07  RPMENUSTART00  
PC00_M07_CROE Record of Employment (ROE) 07  RPCROEK0  
PC00_M07_CROH Report on Hirings 07  RPMENUSTART00  
PC00_M07_CWCA0 W.C.B. Reporting 07  RPMENUSTART00  
PC00_M07_DPR Display payroll results  RPMENUSTART00  
PC00_M07_FFOC Payroll Transfer - Check Printing 07  RPU_M07_FFOC  
PC00_M07_FFOT Create Payroll Transfer DTA 07  RPU_M07_FFOT  
PC00_M07_JAHRLICHE Bereichsmenü-Folgeaktivitäten - Jäh  MENUPC00_M07_JAHRLICHE  
PC00_M07_PAP Bereichsmenü-Folgeaktivitäten - Pro  MENUPC00_M07_PAP  
PC00_M07_PCALC Payroll driver (Canada)  RPMENUSTART00  
PC00_M07_PDME Pre-program DME: advance payments  RPMENUSTART00  
PC00_M07_PDUNABHAGIG Bereichsmenü-Folgeaktivitäten - Peri  MENUPC00_M07_PDUNABHAGIG  
PC00_M07_PRA Payroll account  RPCKTOK0  
PC00_M07_PRJ Payroll journal  RPCLJNK0  
PC00_M07_RCON Audit report  RPMENUSTART00  
PC00_M07_REMU Remuneration statements  RPMENUSTART00  
PC00_M07_RFFOAVIS Print zero net advices  RPU_M07_AVIS  
PC00_M07_RROE Record of Employment (ROE)  RPCROEK0  
PC00_M07_S Garnishment statistics (Canada)  RPCPL3K0  
PC00_M07_SCAN0 Business payroll survey report  RPMENUSTART00  
PC00_M07_SONSPERIOD Bereichsmenü-Folgeaktivitäten - Sons  MENUPC00_M07_SONSPERIOD  
PC00_M07_UKRM Transfer to Third Gen. Form PD7A 07  RPMENUSTART00  
PC00_M07_XPM Export/transf. to process model  RPUOCB00  
PC00_M07_YEAM YE Amendment Reason report, Canada  RPCYERK7  
PC00_M07_YETM TemSe administration  RPCYERK6  
PC00_M07_YEVW Run viewer  RPMENUSTART00  
PC07 Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Kanada  MENUPC07  
PCKC Consistency Check Constants  RPUPCKK0  
PCKY Consistency Check Year-End  RPUPCKK0  
PRKE Evaluation Program  SAPMPRKE  
PTKC_ANU_PAY_FED Federal Tax Calculator: Annual  SAPMPTKC  
PTKC_ANU_PAY_QC Quebec Tax Calculator: Annual  SAPMPTKC  
PTKC_CAR Car Taxable Benefit Calculator  SAPMPTKC  
PTKC_NONREG_PAY_FED Fed. Tax Calculator: Regular/Bonus  SAPMPTKC  
PTKC_NONREG_PAY_QC QC Tax Calculator: Regular/Bonus  SAPMPTKC  
PTKC_REG_PAY_FED Federal Tax Calculator: Pay period  SAPMPTKC  
PTKC_REG_PAY_QC Quebec Tax Calculator: Pay period  SAPMPTKC  
PYK0 History of year end reporting runs  SAPMPYK0  
PYKT Configuration Copier  SAPMPYKT  
S_AHR_61018760 EEA temse file handling.     
S_AHR_61018783 Canada Equal-Employement Act report     
S_AHR_61018786 Payroll Driver (Canada)     
S_AHR_61018788 Display Cluster RK (Payroll Results     
S_AHR_61018789 Preliminary Program - Data Medium Ex     
S_AHR_61018790 Canada bond savings     
S_AHR_61018792 Garnishment Statistics (Canada)     
S_AHR_61018793 Canadian garnishment: History     
S_AHR_61018873 Business Survey - Canada     
S_L6B_69000632 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L9C_94000177 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L9C_94000178 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L9C_94000179 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L9C_94000281 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PH0_48000556 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PH0_48000557 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PH0_48000558 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PH9_46000813 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PH9_46000814 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PH9_46000815 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PH9_46000816 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PH9_46000817 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PH9_46000818 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PH9_46000853 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PH9_46000854 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
Software Component SAP_HRCCA  Sub component SAP_HRCCA of SAP_HR 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component PY-CA (HLA0003902) Canada 
Package PC07  HR accounting: Canada