SAP ABAP Program SAPMESSREP (ESS Report Container)
SAP_HRGXX (Software Component) Sub component SAP_HRGXX of SAP_HR
   CA-ESS (Application Component) Employee Self-Service
     PWWW (Package) HR: Internet Services and BAPIs
Basic Data
Program SAPMESSREP ESS Report Container  
Program Type 1 Executable program  
Status P SAP Standard Production Program  
Application P Human resources  
Authorization Group  
Logical database  
Selection screen  
Editor lock Fixed point arithmetic  
Unicode checks active Start using variant  
Transaction Code
Transactions reference to this program
# Transaction Code Short Description
1 HRESSCA_TFR Tax Form Reprint 
2 HRESSDE_ATZ ESS: Semiretirement Simulation 
3 HRESSDE_AVST CPS: Status of Future Pension Rights 
4 HRESSDE_CNET HR-ESS-DE: Monthly Net Income 
5 HRESSHK_IR56B End of Tax Year Form 
6 HRESSHK_IR56F Ceased to be Employed Form 
7 HRESSHK_IR56G Employee Departing Hong Kong Form 
8 HRESSIN_F16 Display Form 16 
11 HRESSPT_IID Individual income declaration 
12 HRESSSG_IR21 Tax form IR21 
13 HRESSSG_IR8A Tax form IR8A 
14 HRESSSG_IR8E Tax form 8E 
15 HRESSSG_IR8S Tax form IR8S 
16 HRESS_PAYSIMU HR-ESS: Payroll Simulation (Demo) 
17 PACG HR-CH-PF ESS-Online Simulation 
18 PFDESS_02PKB1 ESS Insurance Statement 
19 PFDESS_02PKB4 ESS Simulated Leaving 
20 PFDESS_02PKB8 ESS Advance 
21 PFDESS_02PKM1 ESS Insurance Statement 
22 PFDESS_02PKM4 ESS Simulated Leaving 
23 PFDESS_02PKM8 ESS Advance 
24 PFDESS_12PKB1 HR-PF-BE: ESS Pension Certificate 
25 PFDESS_12PKB3 HR-PF-BE: ESS Retirement Statement 
26 PZ04 Time statement 
27 PZ11 Remuneration Statement 
28 PZ11_PDF Remuneration Statement 
29 PZ17 Work Schedule 
30 PZ61 Benefit request query report 
31 PZSU53 ESS Display Authorization Errors 
Last changed by/on SAP  19991209 
SAP Release Created in 46B