SAP ABAP Package PB29 (HR Master Data: Argentina)
Basic Data
Package PB29   
Short Description   HR Master Data: Argentina    
Super package HRCAR   HR Structure Package for Argentina (SAP_HRCAR) 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
PA0389 Income Tax: General indicators  TRANSP   A  
PA0390 Income Tax: Deductions  TRANSP   A  
PA0391 Income Tax: Information on other employers  TRANSP   A  
PA0392 Social Security: General data  TRANSP   A  
PA0393 Family data: Calendar year schooling assistance  TRANSP   A  
PA0394 Family data: Additional information  TRANSP   A  
PA0551 Termination of contract: General data  TRANSP   A  
PA0875 Family links  TRANSP   A  
PA3229 Personnel master record for infotype 3229  TRANSP   A  
T7AR01 Activity code (CIIU)  TRANSP   C  
T7AR02 Additional data by Company  TRANSP   C  
T7AR02B Bank description for Social insurance payments  TRANSP   C  
T7AR02D Historical Additional data by company  TRANSP   A  
T7AR03 Activity code (CIIU): T7AR01 Texts  TRANSP   C  
T7AR04 Workplace Health Insurers (ART) code  TRANSP   C  
T7AR05 Additional information by Company  TRANSP   C  
T7AR06 Ministry of Labor activity code  TRANSP   C  
T7AR07 Ministry of Labor activity code: T7AR06 texts  TRANSP   C  
T7AR08 Code of position held for MySimplification  TRANSP   C  
T7AR09 Code of position held: T7AR08 texts  TRANSP   C  
T7AR0P Personnel area/subarea additional information  TRANSP   C  
T7AR10 Allocation special schooling assistance by establishmnt type  TRANSP   C  
T7AR11 Additional information by subtype  TRANSP   C  
T7AR1P Contribution reduction area  TRANSP   S  
T7AR20 Date for final settlement of income for financial year  TRANSP   C  
T7AR21 Contract category code for SIJP  TRANSP   S  
T7AR22 Contract category code for SIJP: Texts T7AR21  TRANSP   S  
T7AR23 Assignment of contract category to contract type AR  TRANSP   S  
T7AR24 Locality code for SIJP  TRANSP   S  
T7AR25 Locality code for SIJP: T7AR24 texts  TRANSP   S  
T7AR26 Employee grouping for Social Insurance contributions  TRANSP   C  
T7AR27 Employee groupings for SI contributions: Texts T7AR26  TRANSP   C  
T7AR28 Assignment of SIJP periods to settled payrolls  TRANSP   A  
T7AR2P Percentage of contribution reduction to Internal Rev. (DGI)  TRANSP   S  
T7AR30 Types of work contract in Argentina  TRANSP   C  
T7AR31 Social Insurance employee subgroups: Allocations  TRANSP   C  
T7AR32 Percentage of contribution reduction by contract type  TRANSP   S  
T7AR33 Contribution reduction percentage by employee subgroups  TRANSP   S  
T7AR34 Welfare Fund code  TRANSP   C  
T7AR35 Social Project code: T7AR34 texts  TRANSP   C  
T7AR36 Private Pension Fund Companies (AFJP) code  TRANSP   C  
T7AR37 Private Pension Fund Companies (AFJP) code: T7AR36 texts  TRANSP   C  
T7AR38 Employee activity code  TRANSP   C  
T7AR39 Employee activity code: T7AR38 texts  TRANSP   C  
T7AR3P Contribution reduction zone: T7AR1P texts  TRANSP   S  
T7AR40 Contract types in Argentina  TRANSP   S  
T7AR41 Contract types in Argentina: T7AR40 texts  TRANSP   S  
T7AR42 Social Insurance employee subgroup grouping  TRANSP   S  
T7AR43 Social Insurance employee subgroup grouping: T7AR42 texts  TRANSP   S  
T7AR44 Scale for Welfare Fund distribution percentages  TRANSP   S  
T7AR45 Additional information for absences  TRANSP   C  
T7AR46 Welfare Fund plans  TRANSP   C  
T7AR47 Assign pay scale (II) to collective agreement class  TRANSP   C  
T7AR48 Grouping for pay scale processing  TRANSP   C  
T7AR49 Text of grouping for pay scale processing  TRANSP   C  
T7AR4P Personnel area/subarea: Social Ins. and family allow. data  TRANSP   C  
T7AR50 Income tax categories  TRANSP   S  
T7AR51 Income tax categories: T7AR50 texts  TRANSP   S  
T7AR52 Wage type allocation to income tax category  TRANSP   E  
T7AR53 Limits and values by income tax category  TRANSP   S  
T7AR54 Income scale for income tax calculation  TRANSP   S  
T7AR55 Income tax deduction destination entities  TRANSP   C  
T7AR56 Income Tax - Deductions reduction  TRANSP   S  
T7AR59 Assign pay scale (II) to collective agreement class  TRANSP   C  
T7AR5P Family allowance areas: Codes  TRANSP   S  
T7AR60 Relationship between fam. mem type and family allowance type  TRANSP   S  
T7AR61 Rules for generating family allowance wage types  TRANSP   S  
T7AR61C Rules for generating family allowance wage types  TRANSP   C  
T7AR62 Grouping for Social Insurance contribution factoring  TRANSP   S  
T7AR63 Text for grouping of Social Insurance contribution factoring  TRANSP   S  
T7AR64 Conversion of currency values  TRANSP   S  
T7AR65 Pay scale agreement category identification  TRANSP   C  
T7AR66 Internal Revenue Service (DGI) agency code  TRANSP   C  
T7AR67 Internal Revenue Service (DGI) agency code: T7AR66 texts  TRANSP   C  
T7AR68 Guaranteed net amounts - Groups of deduction rules  TRANSP   S  
T7AR69 Vacation provision: Calculation wage types  TRANSP   C  
T7AR6P Family allowance areas: Codes and texts  TRANSP   S  
T7AR70 Social Insurance contribution percentages  TRANSP   S  
T7AR71 Internal Revenue (DGI) area category for contributn reductns  TRANSP   S  
T7AR72 Internal Revenue (DGI) Area Category - Texts  TRANSP   S  
T7AR73 Assignment of Contribution reduction area to category  TRANSP   S  
T7AR74 Contribution percentage by Category and Soc. Ins. Type  TRANSP   S  
T7AR75 Annual Extra Payment (SAC): Off-cycle payroll run data  TRANSP   C  
T7AR76 Guaranteed net amounts - Wage types transfer of differences  TRANSP   C  
T7AR80 Employer data according to ANSeS Census Report  TRANSP   A  
T7AR81 Named person/family member data accord. to ANSeS Census rep.  TRANSP   A  
T7AR82 Assignment of ANSeS document type  TRANSP   E  
T7AR83 Assignment of ANSeS province code  TRANSP   C  
T7AR84 Assignment of ANSeS nationality code  TRANSP   C  
T7AR85 Assignment of ANSeS marital status code  TRANSP   C  
T7AR86 Number of employees and Company accord. ANSeS Census selectn  TRANSP   A  
T7AR87 Reasons for action additional information  TRANSP   C  
T7AR88 Service character  TRANSP   S  
T7AR89 Service character: T7AR88 texts  TRANSP   S  
T7AR90 Rules for calculating compensation  TRANSP   C  
T7AR91 Assign collective agreement to pay scale type  TRANSP   C  
T7AR92 Collective agreement  TRANSP   C  
T7AR93 Collective agreement: T7AR92 text  TRANSP   C  
T7AR94 Basic wage limit agreement for seniority compensation  TRANSP   C  
T7AR95 Severance pay code  TRANSP   E  
T7AR96 Severance pay code: Texts T7AR95  TRANSP   E  
T7AR97 Assign. sev. pay code to grouping of sev. pay legal norms  TRANSP   E  
T7AR98 Employee grouping for Severance pay calculation  TRANSP   C  
T7AR99 Employee grouping for Severance pay calculation: Text  TRANSP   C  
T7ARM1 My Simplification: Work relationships  TRANSP   A  
T7ARM10 MS: Courts - Secretariat  TRANSP   C  
T7ARM11 MS: Courts  TRANSP   C  
T7ARM2 (Dependents) additional data  TRANSP   A  
T7ARM3 My simplification: CBU  TRANSP   A  
T7ARM4 My Simplification: Family links  TRANSP   A  
T7ARM5 My Simplification: Business activity addresses/addresses  TRANSP   A  
T7ARM6 My Simplification: Nationality-country code relationship  TRANSP   C  
T7ARM7 MS: Level of training - school type relationship  TRANSP   C  
T7ARM8 MS: Postal Code - Town  TRANSP   C  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
S_PH9_13000019 Execution of off-cycle payroll run     
Software Component SAP_HRCAR  Sub component SAP_HRCAR of SAP_HR 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component PA-PA-AR (AHR0000172) Argentina 
Package PB29  HR Master Data: Argentina