SAP ABAP Package SCTS_REQ (CTS: Request Editing)
Basic Data
Package SCTS_REQ   
Short Description   CTS: Request Editing    
Super package BASIS   BASIS Structure Package 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
CTSUSRCUST User-Specific Setting in CTS  TRANSP   L  
E070 Change & Transport System: Header of Requests/Tasks  TRANSP   W  
E070A Change & Transport System: Attributes of a Request  TRANSP   W  
E070C CTS: Source/Target Client of Requests/Tasks  TRANSP   W  
E070CREATE Change & Transport System: Creation Date of Request  TRANSP   L  
E070DEP Change & Transport System: Dependencies of Requests  TRANSP   W  
E070L CTS: Index for Assigning Numbers to Requests/Tasks  TRANSP   W  
E070M CTS: Target Package/Layer for Requests  TRANSP   W  
E070TC Help Table for E070 for Client-Specific Imports  TRANSP   W  
E070TS Additional Table for E070 for Exports  TRANSP   W  
E070USE Use of Current Requests by Users  TRANSP   L  
E071 Change & Transport System: Object Entries of Requests/Tasks  TRANSP   W  
E071C Change & Transport System: Client-Specific Lock Flag  TRANSP   W  
E071K Change & Transport System: Key Entries of Requests/Tasks  TRANSP   W  
E071KF Change & Transport System: Nametab Info. on (CHAR)Key Fields  TRANSP   W  
E071KFINI Change & Transport System: Nametab Info. on (CHAR)Key Fields  TRANSP   W  
E071K_STR Key Entries with String Fields of Requests/Tasks  TRANSP   W  
E071K_STR_SHADOW Copy of E071K_STR_SHADOW, String Replaced By Long Char  TRANSP   W  
E07T Change & Transport System: Short Texts for Requests/Tasks  TRANSP   W  
HOTEXCMODE Mode for Exception Checks (HOTPACKEXC)  TRANSP   W  
HOTPACKEXC Exception List for Support Package Creation  TRANSP   W  
HOTPACKRUL Modifiability Rules for Support Packages  TRANSP   W  
METHODTR STATUS: Method Execution  TRANSP   C  
TE07F Releasable Correction Transports with Special Functions  TRANSP   W  
TLOCK Change and Transport System: Lock Table  TRANSP   W  
TRFUNCSEL Multiple Selection of Request Types  TRANSP   S  
TRFUNCSELT Multiple Selection of Request Types  TRANSP   S  
TSYS1 Directory of Repository Objects  TRANSP   W  
TSYS2 Directory of Repository Objects  TRANSP   W  
USER_COMP Current Component of User  TRANSP   W  
USER_KOMP Current Component of User  TRANSP   W  
WBOATTR CTS: Request Attributes  TRANSP   E  
WBOATTRC CTS: Client-Specific Settings for Attributes  TRANSP   L  
WBOATTRT CTS: Attribute Texts  TRANSP   E  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
SE01 Transport Organizer (Extended)  RDDM0001  
SE09 Transport Organizer  RDDM0001  
SE10 Transport Organizer  RDDM0001  
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component BC-CTS-ORG (HLB0009076) Transport Organizer 
Package SCTS_REQ  CTS: Request Editing