SAP ABAP Data Element - Index G
Data Element - G
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 GAART Warranty type GAART CHAR 
2 GABGA Total quantity of future goods issues MENGV15 QUAN 
3 GABJA Valid-from year GJAHR NUMC 
4 GABLV Business process GABLV CHAR 
5 GABLW Business process, distribution profile, plant GABLV CHAR 
6 GABPE Valid-from period POPER NUMC 
7 GABRJ Balance to year GJAHR NUMC 
8 GABRP Balance to period PABRP NUMC 
9 GABZG Total Deductions (Unauthorized + Authorized) WRTV8 CURR 
10 GACCOUNTFR G/L account (lower limit) SAKNR CHAR 
11 GACCOUNTTO G/L account (upper limit) SAKNR CHAR 
12 GACTIVE1 Activation of other currencies XFELD CHAR 
13 GACTIV_CO All actual activities from controlling XFELD CHAR 
14 GACTIV_COP All plan activities from controlling XFELD CHAR 
15 GACTIV_COS Statistical key figures from CO (actual) XFELD CHAR 
16 GACTIV_CPS Statistical bases from CO (plan) XFELD CHAR 
17 GACTIV_FI All activities from FI XFELD CHAR 
18 GACTIV_GLX All actual activities from Special Purpose Ledger XFELD CHAR 
19 GACTIV_GXP All plan activities from Special Purpose Ledger XFELD CHAR 
20 GACTIV_HR All activities from the HR area XFELD CHAR 
21 GACTIV_MM All activities from materials management XFELD CHAR 
22 GACTIV_SD All activities from sales/distribution XFELD CHAR 
23 GADE2 Additional address information TEXT30 CHAR 
24 GAERB Indicator: Pass on Warranty GAERB CHAR 
25 GAGRP Warranty group GAGRP CHAR 
26 GAKT_POS Current item in an internal table on the screen NUMC3 NUMC 
27 GAMMA Seasonal index smoothing using gamma factor GLATT DEC 
28 GAMMA_BI Gamma factor (BTCI) CHAR04 CHAR 
29 GAMMX Seasonal index smoothing GLATT DEC 
30 GAMNG Total order quantity MENG13 QUAN 
31 GANAM IS-H: Last name and first name of authorizing physician TEXT40 CHAR 
32 GANDA Validity start date DATUM DATS 
33 GANSHKZ Default posting indicator for offsetting posting SHKZV CHAR 
34 GANZZ Indicator: Currency Conversion after Multiplication XFELD CHAR 
35 GANZZAHL LIFO valuation: pool splitting only for whole quantities XFELD CHAR 
36 GAP Find next free number from start of sequnece X CHAR 
37 GAPMAXERR Maximum number of errors in gap analysis INT4 INT4 
38 GAPPTYPE Type of graphics program, which sends the event CHAR8 CHAR 
39 GAPSOK_KK Gaps Allowed in Print Creation XFELD CHAR 
40 GARID Seq. no. of garnishment GARID CHAR 
41 GARNR IS-H: Personnel Number of Physician Approving Absence RI_KUNNR CHAR 
42 GARTX Explanation of garnishment TEXT55 CHAR 
43 GARTXL Master Warranty Description TXT40 CHAR 
44 GARTY Garnishment type for Danish payroll GARTY CHAR 
45 GARVZ Freight code set GARVZ CHAR 
46 GASABART Type of gas billing GASABART CHAR 
47 GASABARTBEZ Description of gas billing type TEXT30 CHAR 
48 GASFACTOR Conversion factor for gas GASFACTOR DEC 
49 GASMG Total scrap quantity in the order MENG13 QUAN 
50 GASOR Warranty sort field GASOR CHAR 
52 GASTEXT Type of gas billing GASABART CHAR 
53 GAS_PRS_AR Gas Pressure Area GAS_PRS_AR CHAR 
54 GAS_PRS_KZ Gas pressure determination via gas pressure area GAS_PRS_KZ CHAR 
55 GATT_FD Gattung Fonds BAV   CHAR 
56 GATYP Warranty category GATYP CHAR 
57 GAUFA Current number of orders DEC4 DEC 
58 GAUFBILA Allocation for Balance Sheet XFELD CHAR 
59 GAUFBJAH Reporting Year GJAHR NUMC 
60 GAUFBPER Reporting Period MONAT NUMC 
61 GAUFGUVA Allocation for P+L Accounts XFELD CHAR 
62 GAUFKOKO Allocation for Customer/Vendor Open Items XFELD CHAR 
63 GAUFQ Updated order quantity MENG13 QUAN 
64 GAUFW Value consumed by orders WERTV8 CURR 
65 GAUFZPRO Log Requested at Line Item Level XFELD CHAR 
66 GAUZT Planned downtime in hours FLTP FLTP 
67 GAWRD Gross Amount in Words CHAR255 CHAR 
68 GAZAL Internal Number of Warranty Counter GAZAL NUMC 
69 GAZBZ Warranty counter description TEXT30 CHAR 
70 GAZNA Warranty counter GAZNA CHAR 
71 GAZPS Warranty counter item number GAZPS NUMC 
72 GAZTO No. of warranty counters GAZTO NUMC 
73 GAZWE Warranty counter in/out FLTP_INOUT CHAR 
74 GAZWT Warranty counter value IMRC_FLTPS FLTP 
75 GB111 Supplementary Pension Assessment Threshold WERTV5 CURR 
76 GB112 Supp. Pension Assessment Threshold in Payment Month WERTV5 CURR 
77 GBABP Basis for BB, ABP, VUT, BPF DEC6_2 DEC 
79 GBANPFAK General amount adjustment factor GBANPFAK DEC 
80 GBANZ Number of reservation records (reserved resources) DEC5 DEC 
81 GBARD Form of Address: Reserved Resource CHAR79 CHAR 
82 GBARD_T Form of address: reserved resource (Tab) CHAR79 CHAR 
83 GBART Type of birth GBART CHAR 
84 GBAT1 Limit for Additional Contributions for Compulsory Insurance WERTV5 CURR 
85 GBAT2 Limit for Additional Contribution in Contribution Month WERTV5 CURR 
86 GBAT3 BAT I Threshold for Voluntary Insurance WERTV5 CURR 
87 GBAT4 BAT I Threshold for Voluntary Insurance in Contrib. Month WERTV5 CURR 
88 GBATCH Trading Contract: Automatic Generation of Batches FLAG CHAR 
89 GBAUD_EB Audit print identifier CHAR7 CHAR 
90 GBAUTHOR Author responsible for a valdtn/substn application area AS4USER CHAR 
91 GBBANDNR Band-Nr. Grundbuchbezirk GBBANDNR CHAR 
92 GBBDY Weekday: Start of Reservation Period CHAR10 CHAR 
93 GBBDY_T Weekday: start of reservation period (Tab) CHAR10 CHAR 
94 GBBEG Date: Start of Reservation Period DATUM DATS 
95 GBBEG_T Date: start of reservation period (tab) DATUM DATS 
96 GBBLART_KK Document type for installment plan charges BLART_KK CHAR 
97 GBBLATTNR Blatt-Nr. Grundbuchbezirk GBBLATTNR CHAR 
98 GBBRU Basis for Special Payments [BB] Gross DEC6_2 DEC 
99 GBBUZ Time: Start of Reservation Period TIMES TIMS 
100 GBBUZ_T Time: start of reservation period (tab) TIMES TIMS 
101 GBCCD_EB Currency code NUMC02 NUMC 
102 GBCRC_EB Number of credit items NUM7 NUMC 
103 GBCRT_EB Total of Credit Items NUM13 NUMC 
104 GBCUS GB: Number of Customers on Current Page (1 to 15) NUMC02 NUMC 
105 GBDAT Date of Birth GBDAT DATS 
106 GBDAT_ABA Date of Birth of the person subject to withholding tax DATUM DATS 
107 GBDAT_AN Start of effective period DATUM DATS 
108 GBDAT_FEHL IS-H: Indicator for Missing Date of Birth XFELD CHAR 
109 GBDAT_Q Date of birth of the person subject to withholding tax DATUM DATS 
111 GBDRC_EB No. of debit items NUM7 NUMC 
112 GBDRT_EB Total of debit items NUM13 NUMC 
113 GBDTCHANGE Last changed on SYDATS DATS 
115 GBEDY Weekday: Reservation End Date CHAR10 CHAR 
116 GBEDY_T Weekday: end of reservation period (tab) CHAR10 CHAR 
117 GBEGIN Start of Validity Period GBEGIN CHAR 
118 GBEGINTX Short descriptive text:Valid period start date DDTEXT CHAR 
119 GBEND Day Date: End of Reservation Period DATUM DATS 
120 GBEND_T Date: end of reservation period (tab) DATUM DATS 
121 GBETH_KK Total amount in local currency WRTV7 CURR 
122 GBETR Hedged Amount in Foreign Currency WERT7 CURR 
123 GBETRAG IS-M: Total Amount for Complaint/Return WERTV8 CURR 
124 GBETR_BI Rate-Hedged Amount in Foreign Currency (Batch Input Field) CHAR16 CHAR 
125 GBETR_VK Total Amount WRTV7 CURR 
126 GBETR_VKC Total Amount in CHAR Format CHAR27 CHAR 
127 GBETW_KK Total amount in transaction currency WRTV7 CURR 
128 GBEUZ Time: Reservation End Time TIMES TIMS 
129 GBEUZ_T Time: end of reservation period (tab) TIMES TIMS 
130 GBEWERT Split material valuation not active CHAR1 CHAR 
131 GBEWERTA Split material valuation active CHAR1 CHAR 
134 GBFIL_EB File Number NUMC03 NUMC 
135 GBFNTABGET Function module that fetches a structure in a Boolean class FUNCNAME CHAR 
136 GBFOR_EB Bank data format for Great Britain FORMGB_EB CHAR 
140 GBIND GB: Indicator in the EC Sales List CHAR1 CHAR 
141 GBINH Basis for Special Payments [BB] SI Deduction [VB] Indicator DEC6_2 DEC 
142 GBINT1 1 byte integer (signed) INT1 INT1 
143 GBISBEEND Valid to Date After Closed Delivery Via. Sets are Released DATUM DATS 
144 GBISD_KK Validity Date of Payment Agreement DATUM DATS 
145 GBISD_VK Valid-to Date DATUM DATS 
146 GBISJ Valid-to year GJAHR NUMC 
147 GBISP Valid to POPER NUMC 
148 GBIWDELTA DataSource Supports Delta Update BOOLE CHAR 
149 GBIWPIDELTA Delta Process Supported for DataSource BOOLE CHAR 
150 GBIWPIDELTA_VIA_ADD Determination of Delta Using ADD Process BOOLE CHAR 
151 GBIWPIDELTA_VIA_ADDD Determination of Delta Using ADDD Process BOOLE CHAR 
152 GBIWPIDELTA_VIA_AIED Determination of Delta Using AIED Process BOOLE CHAR 
153 GBIWPIDELTA_VIA_QUEUE DataSource Supports Delta Update via Delta Queue BOOLE CHAR 
154 GBIWPIDELTA_VIA_TIMESTAMP DataSource Supports Delta Update Using Time Stamp BOOLE CHAR 
155 GBJHR Year of Birth GJAHR NUMC 
156 GBKEY Court/Authority Key ANSSL CHAR 
157 GBLHF Basis for Special Payments [BB] Tax DEC6_2 DEC 
158 GBLND Country of Birth LAND1 CHAR 
159 GBLND_EB Country key CHAR6 CHAR 
160 GBLOCK Combination not allowed XFELD CHAR 
161 GBMON Month of Birth NUM2 NUMC 
162 GBNAM IS-H: Birthname TEXT30 CHAR 
163 GBNAMS_PAT IS-H: Standardized Birthname CHAR30 CHAR 
164 GBNULL Number of times that total stock was zero ANZAHL DEC 
165 GBNUM GB: Consecutive Number per Page (1 to 15) NUMC05 NUMC 
166 GBOBJ Object ID: Reserved Resource CHAR45 CHAR 
167 GBOBJ_T Object ID: reserved resources (Tab.) CHAR45 CHAR 
168 GBOPCHANGE Last changed by AS4USER CHAR 
169 GBOPCREATE User who created Boolean object AS4USER CHAR 
170 GBOR0 Place of birth CHAR35 CHAR 
171 GBORT Birthplace TEXT25 CHAR 
172 GBORT_Q Place of birth of the person subject to withholding tax TEXT25 CHAR 
173 GBOTP Object Type: Reserved Resource OTYPE CHAR 
174 GBOTP_T Object type: reserved resources (Tab.) OTYPE CHAR 
175 GBOVH Basis for OT DEC6_2 DEC 
176 GBPAG GB: Number of Pages NUMC10 NUMC 
177 GBPAS Date of Birth According to Passport DATUM DATS 
178 GBPLAHOR IS-H: Blocked Beds in Planning Horizon BETTANZ NUMC 
179 GBPOOLEXT Suffix for generated Boolean form pools NUM2 NUMC 
180 GBPRO_Q Native Region of the Party Subject to Withholding Tax TEXT3 CHAR 
181 GBRAB_KK Amount Posted for Reset of Value Adjustment Due to Write-Off WRTV7 CURR 
182 GBRAZ Display validity XFELD CHAR 
183 GBRIGHT Processing a FI-SL function in foreground XFELD CHAR 
184 GBRZB_KK Amount Posted for Reset of Value Adjustment Due to Payment WRTV7 CURR 
185 GBSHB GB: Loc.Curr.Amt (Rounded Up/Down, Neg.Amts in Parentheses) CHAR21 CHAR 
186 GBSHT Object Abbreviation: Reserved Resource TEXT12 CHAR 
187 GBSHT_T Object abbreviation: reserved resources (Tab) TEXT12 CHAR 
188 GBSNO Activate: online zero balnce for business areas X CHAR 
189 GBSTA Overall Processing Status of the SD Document Item STATV CHAR 
190 GBSTA_BEZ Description of overall processing status TEXT20 CHAR 
191 GBSTIZEIPU IS-H: Blocked Beds at Key Date/Time BETTANZ NUMC 
192 GBSTK Overall processing status of document STATV CHAR 
193 GBSTX Object Name: Reserved Resource TEXT40 CHAR 
194 GBSTX_T Object Name: Reserved Resources (Tab) TEXT40 CHAR 
195 GBST_CHKAP Check: incorrectly allocated accounts (bal.sht act und.A/L) FLAG CHAR 
196 GBST_CHKFB Check: unassigned functional areas FLAG CHAR 
197 GBST_CHKKT Check: non-assigned accounts from a chart of accounts FLAG CHAR 
198 GBST_CHKSD Check: accounts with one-sided assignment FLAG CHAR 
199 GBST_FLGA Indicator: Display account and function area texts? FLAG CHAR 
200 GBST_FLGC Indicator: Reassign dependent or non-dependent FLAG CHAR 
201 GBST_FLGK Indicator: display item keys FLAG CHAR 
202 GBST_FLGX Indicator: automatic / manual key assignment FLAG CHAR 
203 GBST_KEY Key for a financial statement item CHAR10 CHAR 
204 GBST_MODE1 Program mode for RFGSBSTR ( structure, planning ) CHAR1 CHAR 
205 GBST_MODE2 Program mode for RFGSBSTR (display or change) CHAR1 CHAR 
206 GBST_TEXT Short text for a financial statement item TEXT45 CHAR 
207 GBSUBSTUSE Callup point is used for substitutions XFLAG CHAR 
208 GBSV1 Basis for SP [BB] SI, Compulsory HI Act [ZFW] DEC6_2 DEC 
209 GBTAG Birth Date (to Month/Year) NUM2 NUMC 
210 GBTMCHANGE Time of last change SYTIME TIMS 
211 GBTMCREATE Time when the Boolean object was created SYTIME TIMS 
212 GBTRG Accrued credit WERT05 CURR 
213 GBTXT Text for birth type TEXT25 CHAR 
215 GBUFPREADS Physical reads CHAR20 CHAR 
216 GBUFPWRITE Physical writes CHAR20 CHAR 
217 GBUFREADS Database buffer reads CHAR20 CHAR 
218 GBUFSIZE Data base buffer pool size CHAR20 CHAR 
219 GBUFWAITS Buffer busy waits CHAR20 CHAR 
220 GBUFWTIME Buffer busy wait time CHAR20 CHAR 
221 GBUKR Offsetting company code BUKRS CHAR 
222 GBUTX_EB User text field CHAR26 CHAR 
223 GBVALUSE Callup point is used for validations XFLAG CHAR 
224 GBVBLART_KK Document Type for Temporary Installment Plan Charges BLART_KK CHAR 
225 GBWCD_EB Work code CHAR9 CHAR 
226 GB_ABTNR R3A-BB: Department CHAR4 CHAR 
227 GB_ACC_APP_EXP R3A BP: Flag: Customer Confirms Delivery   CHAR 
228 GB_ACC_GRP R3A-BP: R/3 Account Group CHAR4 CHAR 
229 GB_ACGRPBP R3A-BP: Business Partner Account Group CHAR2 CHAR 
230 GB_ADEXT R3A-BP: Address Number in External System CHAR20 CHAR 
231 GB_ADRKIND R3A-BP: Address Type CHAR10 CHAR 
232 GB_ATTR01 R3A-BP: Attribute 1 CHAR2 CHAR 
233 GB_ATTR02 R3A-BP: Attribute 2 CHAR2 CHAR 
234 GB_ATTR03 R3A-BP: Attribute 3 CHAR2 CHAR 
235 GB_ATTR04 R3A-BP: Attribute 4 CHAR2 CHAR 
236 GB_ATTR05 R3A-BP: Attribute 5 CHAR2 CHAR 
237 GB_ATTR06 R3A-BP: Attribute 6 CHAR3 CHAR 
238 GB_ATTR07 R3A-BP: Attribute 7 CHAR3 CHAR 
239 GB_ATTR08 R3A-BP: Attribute 8 CHAR3 CHAR 
240 GB_ATTR09 R3A-BP: Attribute 9 CHAR3 CHAR 
241 GB_ATTR10 R3A-BP: Attribute 10 CHAR3 CHAR 
242 GB_AUGRP R3A BP: Authorization Group CHAR4 CHAR 
243 GB_BANKACC Name of Bank Account CHARACT_40 CHAR 
244 GB_BANKK R3A BP: Bank Key CHAR15 CHAR 
245 GB_BANKN R3A BP: Bank Account Number CHAR18 CHAR 
246 GB_BANKS R3A BP: Country Key of Bank CHAR3 CHAR 
247 GB_BAPIUPD R3A BP: Change Information for Relevant User Data Field CHAR1 CHAR 
248 GB_BBBNR R3A BP: International Location Number (Part 1) NUM07 NUMC 
249 GB_BBSNR R3A BP: International Location Number (Part 2) NUMC NUMC 
250 GB_BILLPLA R3A BP: Billing Plan Schema CHAR4 CHAR 
251 GB_BIL_B_R R3A BP: Business Partner (CRM): Billing Blocking Reason CHAR2 CHAR 
252 GB_BIRTHDT R3A BP: Date of Birth of Business Partner DATS DATS 
253 GB_BIRTHNM R3A BP: Name at Birth of Business Partner CHAR40 CHAR 
254 GB_BIRTHPL R3A BP: Place of Birth of Business Partner CHAR40 CHAR 
255 GB_BKEXT R3A BP: Bank Details ID in External System CHAR20 CHAR 
256 GB_BKONT R3A BP: Bank Control Key CHAR2 CHAR 
257 GB_BKREF R3A BP: Reference Information for Bank Details CHAR20 CHAR 
258 GB_BLDNG R3A BP: Building (Number or ID) CHAR20 CHAR 
259 GB_BLDNG_P R3A BP: Building (Number or ID) CHAR10 CHAR 
260 GB_BPEXT R3A BP: Business Partner Number in External System CHAR20 CHAR 
261 GB_BPKIND R3A BP: Business Partner Type CHAR4 CHAR 
262 GB_BUBKZ R3A BP: Check Digit of International Location Number NUM01 NUMC 
263 GB_CARRIER_NOTE R3A BP: Flag: Information for Logistics Service Provider   CHAR 
264 GB_CCLOCK R3A BP: Payment card blocking reason CHAR2 CHAR 
265 GB_CCNAME R3A BP: Payment Cards: Name of Cardholder CHAR40 CHAR 
266 GB_CERR_GR R3A-BA: Incompleteness Group: Business Partner CHAR4 CHAR 
267 GB_CHAR1 R3A BP: One-Character Identifier CHAR1 CHAR 
268 GB_CHAR2 R3A-BP: Component of Version Number CHAR2 CHAR 
269 GB_CHAR20 R3A-BP: Char 20 CHAR20 CHAR 
270 GB_CIS_RTN_PSWRD Password for the Return filing CHAR25 CHAR 
271 GB_CIS_SC_FSNM Subcontractor's First Name CHAR64 CHAR 
272 GB_CIS_SC_INTL Subcontractor's Last Name CHAR64 CHAR 
273 GB_CIS_SC_SCNM Subcontractor's Second Name CHAR64 CHAR 
274 GB_CIS_SC_TRDNM Subcontractor's Trading Name CHAR64 CHAR 
275 GB_CIS_SC_UTR Subcontractor's Unique Tax Reference (UTR) CHAR20 CHAR 
276 GB_CIS_SC_VFNNUM Verification Number CHAR20 CHAR 
277 GB_CIS_SC_VFNSTS Sub contractor verification status CHAR1 CHAR 
278 GB_CITY1 R3A BP: City CHAR40 CHAR 
279 GB_CITY2 R3A BP: District CHAR40 CHAR 
280 GB_CITY3 R3A BP: Place of Residence (Different to Postal City) CHAR40 CHAR 
281 GB_CLASSIF Classification of BP for Mapping at Upload GB_CLASSIF CHAR 
282 GB_COMCTRY R3A BP: Country for Telephone and Fax Number CHAR3 CHAR 
283 GB_COMM R3A BP: Communication Method (Key) (Business Addr. Services) CHAR3 CHAR 
284 GB_COMPAMO R3A BP: Amount of Capital Investment GB_WERTV7 CURR 
285 GB_COMPCON R3A BP: Indicator: Shareholder Controls Firm/Company CHAR1 CHAR 
286 GB_COMPPER R3A BP: Percentage of Capital Investment DEC3_7 DEC 
287 GB_CONFLIC R3A-BP: Exception Rule for Days Off Work CHAR1 CHAR 
288 GB_CONF_RULE R3A-GP: Bestätigungsregel CHAR1 CHAR 
289 GB_CONSNUM R3A BP: Sequence Number NUMC3 NUMC 
290 GB_CONTACT R3A GP: Business Partner: Contact Authorization CHAR1 CHAR 
292 GB_CURRISO R3A BP: ISO Code Currency CHAR3 CHAR 
293 GB_CUSTGR1 R3A BP: Customer Group 1 CHAR3 CHAR 
294 GB_CUSTGR2 R3A BP: Customer Group 2 CHAR3 CHAR 
295 GB_CUSTGR3 R3A BP: Customer Group 3 CHAR3 CHAR 
296 GB_CUSTGR4 R3A BP: Customer Group 4 CHAR3 CHAR 
297 GB_CUSTGR5 R3A BP: Customer Group 5 CHAR3 CHAR 
298 GB_CUSTGRO R3A BP: Customer Group CHAR2 CHAR 
299 GB_CUSTPGP R3A BP: Customer Payment Guarantee Procedure CHAR4 CHAR 
300 GB_CUSTPRI R3A BP: Customer Pricing Procedure CHAR1 CHAR 
301 GB_CUST_CL R3A-BP: Customer Classification CHAR2 CHAR 
302 GB_CUST_SI R3A BP: Customer-Side Date DATS DATS 
303 GB_DATABST R3A BP: Payment Cards: Valid From CHAR10 CHAR 
304 GB_DATBIST R3A BP: Payment Cards: Valid To CHAR10 CHAR 
305 GB_DAY R3A-BP: Day in Month CHAR2 CHAR 
306 GB_DEATHDT R3A BP: Date of Death of Business Partner DATS DATS 
307 GB_DEBIT_CREDIT R3A-GP: Kennzeichen: Rechnungsstellung für Pfand CHAR1 CHAR 
308 GB_DEL_B_R R3A BP: Business Partner (CRM): Reason for Delivery Block CHAR2 CHAR 
309 GB_DFTRCNR R3A BP: Indic.: Recipient is Standard Recipient for this No. CHAR1 CHAR 
310 GB_DIRECT_INV R3A-GP: Direkte Rechnungsstellung CHAR1 CHAR 
311 GB_DIRECT_INVOICE Indicator: Direct Billing CHAR1 CHAR 
313 GB_DLVPRIO R3A BP: Delivery Priority NUMC2 NUMC 
314 GB_DLV_ITM R3A-BP: Delivery Control (Item) CHAR1 CHAR 
315 GB_DPRTMNT R3A BP: Department at Business Partner CHAR40 CHAR 
316 GB_EMPLO Employer of Business Partner CHAR35 CHAR 
317 GB_EMPSTAT_VFD_DCLRTN Employment Status Declaration XFELD CHAR 
318 GB_ENCODE R3A BP: Required Coding of Data (SMTP) CHAR1 CHAR 
319 GB_ENDDATE R3A-BP: End Date for Rule Period PI_DATUM DATS 
320 GB_ERRBAPI R3A BP: Indicator: Record not Processed CHAR1 CHAR 
321 GB_EXCHTYP R3A BP: Exchange Rate Type CHAR4 CHAR 
322 GB_EXEMPT_FRM R3A BP: Tax Group Exempted From CHAR08 CHAR 
323 GB_EXEMPT_NO R3A BP: Exemption Number CHAR15 CHAR 
324 GB_EXEMPT_RATE R3A BP: Exemption Rate PRZ32 DEC 
325 GB_EXEMPT_TIL R3A BP: Tax Group Exempted Till CHAR08 CHAR 
326 GB_EXPANDED R3A-GP: Erweiterte Suche (NWDS) CHAR1 CHAR 
327 GB_EXTERNAL_REMAN R3A BP:External Remanufacturing   CHAR 
328 GB_FACID R3A BP: Factory Calendar CHAR2 CHAR 
329 GB_FAXNRCL R3A BP: Fax Number for Finding Sender CHAR30 CHAR 
330 GB_FLGDFNR R3A BP: Standard Sender Address in This Method of Communic. CHAR1 CHAR 
331 GB_FLGHOME R3A BP:Recipient Addr. in This Meth. of Comm (Mail Syst Grp) CHAR1 CHAR 
332 GB_FLNOUSE R3A BP: Indicator: Do Not Use this Communication Number CHAR1 CHAR 
333 GB_FLOOR R3A BP: Floor in Building CHAR10 CHAR 
334 GB_FNCTN R3A BP: Partner Function Description CHAR40 CHAR 
335 GB_FORMAT R3A BP: Name Format CHAR2 CHAR 
336 GB_FOUND_D R3A BP: Foundation Date of Organization DATS DATS 
337 GB_FXGRP R3A BP: Fax Group (G3, G4, ...) CHAR1 CHAR 
338 GB_FXNMBR R3A BP: Fax Number: Dialling Code+Number CHAR30 CHAR 
339 GB_FXNMBR1 R3A BP: First Fax No.:Dialling Code + Number CHAR30 CHAR 
340 GB_FXNRLNG R3A BP: Complete Number:Dialling Code+Number+Extension CHAR30 CHAR 
341 GB_FXXTNS R3A BP: Fax Number: Extension CHAR10 CHAR 
342 GB_FXXTNS1 R3A BP: First Fax No.: Extension CHAR10 CHAR 
343 GB_GESTYPK R3A-BP: Transaction Type (Korea) CHAR30 CHAR 
344 GB_GFF_RCVR_ID GB CIS GFF Transmission Receiver Id CHAR35 CHAR 
345 GB_GFF_SNDR_ID Sender Id for GFF EDI Transmission CHAR35 CHAR 
346 GB_GROUP Business Partner Grouping GB_GROUP CHAR 
347 GB_GRPTYP R3A BP: Group Type CHAR4 CHAR 
348 GB_HIDENT R3A-BP: Calendar of Public Holidays CHAR2 CHAR 
349 GB_HSNM1 R3A BP: House Number CHAR10 CHAR 
350 GB_HSNM2 R3A BP: House Number Supplement CHAR10 CHAR 
351 GB_HSNM3 R3A BP: House Number Range CHAR10 CHAR 
352 GB_IBAN IBAN (International Bank Account Number) GB_IBAN CHAR 
353 GB_IBAN_FR Validity Start of IBAN DATUM DATS 
354 GB_IDENTDA R3A BP: Date of Entry for Identification Number DATS DATS 
355 GB_ID_CAT R3A BP: BP Identification Category CHAR6 CHAR 
356 GB_ID_CODE R3A BP: Short Description for Correspondence CHAR10 CHAR 
357 GB_ID_NUM R3A BP: Identification Number CHAR60 CHAR 
358 GB_IH_MAIL R3A BP: Internal Mail Postal Code CHAR10 CHAR 
360 GB_INCOT1 R3A BP: Incoterms Part 1 CHAR3 CHAR 
361 GB_INCOT2 R3A BP: Incoterms Part 2 CHAR28 CHAR 
362 GB_INDSECT R3A BP: Industry CHAR10 CHAR 
363 GB_INDTYPK R3A-BP: Industry Type (Korea) CHAR30 CHAR 
365 GB_INFO_CRCT_DCLRTN Information Correct Declaration XFELD CHAR 
366 GB_INITS R3A BP: "Middle Initial" or Initials of Person CHAR10 CHAR 
367 GB_INSTIT R3A BP: Payment Card Type CHAR4 CHAR 
368 GB_INSTITU R3A BP: Responsible Institution for Identification Number CHAR40 CHAR 
369 GB_INT2 R3A-BP: 2 Byte Integer (Signed) INT2 INT2 
370 GB_INTCA R3A BP: ISO Code of Country CHAR2 CHAR 
371 GB_INV_BEFORE_GI R3A-GP: Rechnungsstellung vor Warenausgang CHAR1 CHAR 
372 GB_ISCODCU R3A BP: Indicator: Business Partner is Cash on Deliv. Payer CHAR1 CHAR 
373 GB_ISDEF R3A BP: Industry is Standard for BP in Industry Key System CHAR1 CHAR 
374 GB_ISSBANK R3A BP: Payment Cards: Issuing Bank CHAR40 CHAR 
375 GB_ISSDATE R3A BP: Payment Cards: Date of Issue CHAR10 CHAR 
376 GB_ISTYPE R3A BP: Industry Key System CHAR4 CHAR 
377 GB_IS_COMP R3A BP: Indicator: Business Partner is Competitor CHAR1 CHAR 
378 GB_IS_CONS R3A BP: Indicator: Business Partner is Consumer CHAR1 CHAR 
379 GB_IS_CUST R3A BP: Indicator: Business Partner is Customer CHAR1 CHAR 
380 GB_IS_PROS R3A BP: Indicator: Business Partner is Prospective Customer CHAR1 CHAR 
381 GB_JOBGR Business Partner Profession CHAR4 CHAR 
382 GB_KOINH R3A BP: Name of Accountholder CHAR60 CHAR 
383 GB_LAISO R3A BP: Language per ISO 639 CHAR2 CHAR 
384 GB_LAND1 R3A BP: Country Key CHAR3 CHAR 
385 GB_LANGU R3A BP: Business Partner: Language LANG LANG 
386 GB_LANGU_C R3A BP: Business Partner: Correspondence Language LANG LANG 
387 GB_LCTN R3A BP: Street 5 CHAR40 CHAR 
388 GB_LEGAL_O R3A BP: Legal Entity of Organization CHAR2 CHAR 
389 GB_LEGENTY R3A BP: Legal Form of Organization CHAR2 CHAR 
390 GB_LIQUID R3A BP: Liquidation Date of Organization DATS DATS 
392 GB_LOGDEST R3A BP: RFC Logical Destination CHAR32 CHAR 
393 GB_LZONE R3A BP:Transportation Zone to/from Which Goods are Delivered CHAR10 CHAR 
394 GB_MAINTID R3A-BP: Maintenance Indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
395 GB_MANUAL_INVEST R3A BP: Manual Investigation of Returns CHAR1 CHAR 
396 GB_MARST R3A BP: Marital Status of Business Partner CHAR1 CHAR 
397 GB_MAXNO_DLV Maximum Number of Partial Deliveries Allowed per Item DEC1 DEC 
398 GB_MONTH R3A-BP: Month in Year CHAR2 CHAR 
399 GB_MOVEDAT Validity Date (Valid from) DATUM DATS 
400 GB_MOVE_ADDR Number of Move Target Address for Address Moves AD_ADDRNUM CHAR 
401 GB_MOVE_BKVID Target Bank Details ID for Change of Bank Details (BP) CHAR4 CHAR 
402 GB_MSK_NUM R3A BP: Masked Card Number CHAR25 CHAR 
404 GB_NAMCTRY R3A BP: Country for Name Format Rule CHAR3 CHAR 
405 GB_NAME1TX R3A-BP: Complete Name CHAR80 CHAR 
406 GB_NAMEGR1 R3A BP: Name 1 (Group) CHAR40 CHAR 
407 GB_NAMEGR2 R3A BP: Name 2 (Group) CHAR40 CHAR 
408 GB_NAMEMID R3A BP: Middle Name or Second Forename of a Business Partner CHAR40 CHAR 
409 GB_NAMEOR1 R3A GP: Name 1 of the Organization CHAR40 CHAR 
410 GB_NAMEOR2 R3A GP: Name 2 of the Organization CHAR40 CHAR 
411 GB_NAMEOR3 R3A GP: Name 3 of the Organization CHAR40 CHAR 
412 GB_NAMEOR4 R3A GP: Name 4 of the Organization CHAR40 CHAR 
413 GB_NAMEPL2 R3A GP: Other Last Name of Person CHAR40 CHAR 
414 GB_NAMEP_F R3A GP: Forename of Business Partner (Person) CHAR40 CHAR 
415 GB_NAMEP_L R3A GP: Last Name of Business Partner (Person) CHAR40 CHAR 
416 GB_NAMETXT R3A BP: Converted Name Field (with Form of Address) CHAR50 CHAR 
417 GB_NAME_CO R3A BP: c/o Name CHAR40 CHAR 
418 GB_NATION R3A GP: Version Indicator for International Address CHAR1 CHAR 
419 GB_NICKNAM R3A GP: Business Partner Known As (Person) CHAR40 CHAR 
420 GB_NIELS R3A-BP: Nielsen District CHAR2 CHAR 
421 GB_NIL_RETURN_INDICATOR Specifies if the current return is a Nil Return or n XFELD CHAR 
422 GB_NOT_REL R3A-BP: Central Indicator Not Released CHAR1 CHAR 
423 GB_NO_USEP R3A GP: Indicator for Undeliverability of P.O. Box Address CHAR4 CHAR 
424 GB_NO_USES R3A GP: Indicator for Undeliverability of Street Address CHAR4 CHAR 
425 GB_NR Foreign Trade:Customs declaration list no. for Foreign Trade CHAR20 CHAR 
426 GB_ORDCOMB R3A GP: Indicator: Order Combination CHAR1 CHAR 
427 GB_ORD_B_R R3A GP: Business Partner (CRM): Order Block Reason CHAR2 CHAR 
428 GB_OVERDEL R3A GP: Overdelivery Tolerance Limit DEC2_1 DEC 
429 GB_PAAUTH R3A GP: Partner's Power of Attorney CHAR1 CHAR 
430 GB_PAFKT R3A GP: Partner's Function CHAR4 CHAR 
431 GB_PAGNMBR R3A GP: Pager Number CHAR30 CHAR 
432 GB_PAGNRCL R3A GP: Pager Number for Finding Sender CHAR30 CHAR 
433 GB_PAGSERV R3A GP: Subtype for Pager Service CHAR4 CHAR 
434 GB_PAREM R3A GP: Comments on a Partner CHAR40 CHAR 
435 GB_PARTDEL R3A GP: Partial-Delivery Control CHAR1 CHAR 
436 GB_PAR_ATP R3A-GP: Parameterabhängiger ATP-Sicherheitsbestand CHAR1 CHAR 
438 GB_PAYTERM R3A GP: Terms of Payment CHAR4 CHAR 
439 GB_PERIOD_END_DATE New CIS Return - End date for a return Period DATS DATS 
440 GB_PFUNCT R3A GP: Partner Function CHAR8 CHAR 
441 GB_PGNRLNG R3A GP: Normalized Search Field for Pager CHAR30 CHAR 
443 GB_POBXCTY R3A GP: P.O. Box Country CHAR3 CHAR 
445 GB_POBXNUM R3A GP: Indicator: P.O. Box Without Number CHAR1 CHAR 
446 GB_POBXREG R3A GP: P.O. Box Region (State, County, Province) CHAR3 CHAR 
448 GB_PREFIX R3A GP: Name Prefix (Key) CHAR4 CHAR 
449 GB_PREFIX2 R3A BP: Second Name Prefix (Key) CHAR4 CHAR 
450 GB_PRICEGR R3A BP: Customer Price Group CHAR2 CHAR 
451 GB_PRICELI R3A BP: Type of Price List CHAR2 CHAR 
452 GB_PRN_MOD R3A BP: Print format CHAR1 CHAR 
453 GB_PROFESS R3A BP: Occupation or Official Title of Person CHAR40 CHAR 
454 GB_PST1XT R3A BP: Extended Postal Code for City CHAR10 CHAR 
455 GB_PST2XT R3A BP: Extended Postal Code for P.O. Box CHAR10 CHAR 
456 GB_PST3XT R3A BP: Extended Major Customer Postal Code CHAR10 CHAR 
457 GB_PSTCD1 R3A BP: Postal Code of City CHAR10 CHAR 
458 GB_PSTCD2 R3A BP: Postal Code of P.O. Box CHAR10 CHAR 
459 GB_PSTCD3 R3A BP: Postal Code of Company (for Major Customers) CHAR10 CHAR 
460 GB_PSTLAR R3A BP: Postal Delivery District CHAR15 CHAR 
461 GB_R3_USER R3A BP: Indicator: Connected to R/3 CHAR1 CHAR 
462 GB_RCVRTYP R3A BP: Recipient Type (Field not Used at Present) CHAR1 CHAR 
463 GB_REBATE Indicator: Business Partner Is Relevant for Bonus in TPM CHAR1 CHAR 
464 GB_REFCNT R3A-BP: Reference Counter INT4 INT4 
465 GB_REGIO R3A BP: Region (State, County, Province, etc.) CHAR3 CHAR 
466 GB_REG_GRP R3A BP: Regional Structure Grouping CHAR8 CHAR 
467 GB_REMARK1 R3A BP: Remarks on Address CHAR50 CHAR 
468 GB_REMARK2 R3A BP: Remarks on Communication Connection CHAR50 CHAR 
469 GB_RENTED R3A-BP: Indicator: Rented Address CHAR1 CHAR 
470 GB_REPRESK R3A-BA: Name of Representative (Korea) CHAR10 CHAR 
471 GB_REQ_RULE R3A-GP: Bedarfsregel CHAR1 CHAR 
472 GB_RFCDEST R3A BP: Logical Destination (Stated at Function Call) CHAR32 CHAR 
474 GB_ROOMNUM R3A BP: Room or Apartment Number CHAR10 CHAR 
475 GB_ROUNDING R3A-GP: Bedarfsmenge runden CHAR1 CHAR 
476 GB_RSPOPNA R3A BP: Spool: Output Device CHAR4 CHAR 
477 GB_RULEID R3A-BP: Internal Identific.of Rule for Periodic Scheduling CHAR25 CHAR 
478 GB_RULEWD R3A-BP: This weekday active? CHAR1 CHAR 
479 GB_RULEWFR R3A-BP: Start Time on This Weekday PI_TIME TIMS 
480 GB_RULEWNO R3A-BP: Number of Weeks in Week Rule CHAR2 CHAR 
481 GB_RULEWOV R3A-BP: Number of Days Skipped for This Weekday INT1 INT1 
482 GB_RULEWTO R3A-BP: End Time for This Weekday PI_TIME TIMS 
483 GB_RULEWTZ R3A-BP: Time Zone for This Weekday CHAR6 CHAR 
484 GB_SAL_GRP R3A-BA: Sales Group CHAR14 CHAR 
485 GB_SAL_OFF R3A-BA: Sales Office CHAR14 CHAR 
486 GB_SCDAYS R3A-BP: Number of Days Between Dates CHAR3 CHAR 
487 GB_SCHTYPE R3A-BP: Time Category CHAR1 CHAR 
488 GB_SCRAP_CUKY R3A BP: Currency Key for Reuse Value Limit   CUKY 
489 GB_SCRAP_INSTR_HIGH R3A BP: Scrapping Instructions   CHAR 
490 GB_SCRAP_INSTR_LOW R3A BP: Scrapping Instructions   CHAR 
491 GB_SCRAP_VALUE R3A BP: Limit Value for Reuse   CURR 
492 GB_SC_VFD_DCLRTN Subcontractor Verification Declaration XFELD CHAR 
493 GB_SEARCH Regelkriterium 2 CHAR10 CHAR 
494 GB_SEXID R3A BP: Gender of Business Partner (Person) CHAR1 CHAR 
495 GB_SHIPP_C R3A BP: Shipping Condition CHAR2 CHAR 
496 GB_SMTPAD2 R3A BP: Search Field for Internet Mail (SMTP) Address CHAR20 CHAR 
497 GB_SMTPADR R3A BP: Internet Mail (STMP) Address CHAR0241 CHAR 
498 GB_SORT1 R3A: Search Term 1 for Business Partner CHAR20 CHAR 
499 GB_SORT2 R3A BP: Search Term 2 for Business Partner CHAR20 CHAR 
500 GB_SOURCE R3A BP: Data Origin Types CHAR4 CHAR