SAP ABAP Domain - Index K
Domain - K
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 K20D_STEXT Screen text CHAR 60    
2 KAAUS Capacity load FLTP 16  16 
3 KABGR_SCHL Results Analysis Keys for Credit/Debit Results Analysis CHAR   
4 KABIS_VK Account statement: Last date when statements were created DATS   
5 KABLSORT Change document sort sequence CHAR   
6 KABSLBETR Budget billing amount for dynamic determination of BB cycle CURR 12 
7 KABSSCH_CM Customer guarantee procedure CHAR   
8 KABSTD Calendar: Distance from Easter DEC   
9 KAEND Set this indicator if the statistics type may be changed CHAR   
10 KAEP_GROUP Field Group CHAR   
11 KAEP_ITEM Key for Line Item Report Type CHAR   
12 KAEP_OBJ Key for Line Item Report Object CHAR   
13 KAEP_OBJTX Object Text for Line Item Report CHAR 60    
14 KALAW CO-PA: Costing key CHAR   
15 KALC_DB_SELECT Selection Criteria for Allocation Database NUMC   
16 KALC_DEP_GROUP Allocations: Dependency groups of objects CHAR   
17 KALC_DEP_HIER Allocations: Dependency hierarchy of objects NUMC   
18 KALC_EXTRPOS Allocations: Sequential number for extract data NUMC   
19 KALC_EXTR_DATA Allocations: Generation of an extract CHAR 250    
20 KALC_EXTR_DATA2 Allocations: Tables and structures for extracts LCHR 2000    
21 KALC_FGBEZ Allocations: Field Group Description for Tracing Factors CHAR   
22 KALC_HDFLD Field is on the Execute Allocations: Initial Screen CHAR   
23 KALC_ID_EXTR Allocations: Length of extract ID CHAR 15    
24 KALC_MFLAG Allocations: Stop master data validation for field NUMC   
25 KALC_NAME_EXTR Allocations: Extract name CHAR 28    
26 KALC_PROCG Cycle Run Group CHAR   
27 KALC_REVERSE Allocations: Cycle is Reversed CHAR   
28 KALC_SEND_BASE Sender Tracing Factor CHAR 30    
29 KALC_STKND Type of set CHAR   
30 KALC_WEIGHT Weighting Factor for Allocations DEC 15    
31 KALC_WEIGHT2 Weighting Factor for Allocations DEC 16 
32 KALC_WEIGHT5 Weighting Factor for Allocations DEC 16 
33 KALC_WEIGHT_FACTOR Allocations: Factor for Weighting Factors NUMC   
34 KALE Maintain appointments in calendar CHAR   
35 KALEB Sales Pricing: Pricing levels CHAR   
36 KALENDERWOCHEN Calendar Week 52 INT1   
37 KALGR Pricing group CHAR   
38 KALKA EC-PCA: Costing Key CHAR   
39 KALKE Activation type for sales prices CHAR   
40 KALKS Calculating and printing the pricing procedure CHAR   
41 KALKSK IS-PAM: Agent determination procedure CHAR   
42 KALKU Control of Costing CHAR   
43 KALNR Cost estimate number (unit costing) CHAR   
44 KALNR_VK Account statement: Sequential number INT4 10    
45 KALPK Period flag for reading material cost estimate CHAR   
46 KALSC Overhead key CHAR   
47 KALSE Group for calculation schema (purchasing organization) CHAR   
48 KALSK Group for calculation schema (vendor) CHAR   
49 KALSM Pricing Procedure CHAR   
50 KALSN Calendar Selection for Order NUMC   
51 KALSNTX For Data element of Short Description of "Cal. Selection" CHAR 40    
52 KALVG Pricing procedure transaction CHAR   
53 KALWO Calendar week, external display (e.g. WW.YYYY) CHAR   
54 KAMPAGNE IS-M/AM: Campaign CHAR   
55 KANAL Communication Channel CHAR   
56 KANTE Branch - link between two nodes CHAR 18    
57 KANTYP Link category/branch category CHAR   
58 KAPANZAHL Number of individual capacities INT2   
59 KAPANZAHL_NUMC Number of individual capacities NUMC   
60 KAPART Capacity category CHAR   
61 KAPART_TYP Type of Capacity Category CHAR   
62 KAPAZ10 Capacity DEC 10 
63 KAPAZIT_E9 Capacity in the given unit of measure QUAN
64 KAPAZIT_EH Capacity in the given unit of measure QUAN
65 KAPAZIT_EM Capacity with volume or quantity unit QUAN 13 
66 KAPAZIT_H Capacity in hours with 2 decimal places DEC
67 KAPAZ_EH10 Capacity in the given unit of measure QUAN 10 
68 KAPBED Capacity requirements value FLTP 16  16 
69 KAPEINZT_H Operating time capacity in hours DEC
70 KAPFABTAG Workday CHAR   
71 KAPID Capacity ID NUMC   
72 KAPNAME Capacity name CHAR   
73 KAPPL Condition application CHAR   
74 KAPPLANER Capacity planner group CHAR   
75 KAPPLKE Allowed condition classes for CO-PA CHAR   
76 KAPPL_CD Condition application CHAR   
77 KAPPL_FG Condition application CHAR   
78 KAPP_001 Demo Kapp Schleif works number CHAR 25    
79 KAPP_E_NR Demo KAPP single record slice number CHAR 25    
80 KAPSTATU Status of the capacity CHAR 10    
81 KAPTPROG Shift definition CHAR   
82 KAPVARIA Shift definition variant CHAR   
83 KAPVERSION Available capacity version NUMC   
84 KAP_BELEG Document detail - consolidation of investments NUMC   
85 KAP_BLGPRO Level of detail for document (consolidation of investments) CHAR   
86 KAP_LTYPE List type for consolidation of investments NUMC   
87 KAP_PSR_0PROJECT Project (Copy for InfoObject 0PROJECT) CHAR 24    
88 KAP_PSR_0PROJECT_EX Project (Copy for InfoObject 0PROJECT_EX) CHAR 24    
89 KAP_PSR_0WBS_ELEMT WBS Element (Copy for InfoObject 0WBS_ELEMT) CHAR 24    
90 KAP_PSR_0WBS_ELM_EX WBS Element (Copy for InfoObject 0WBS_ELM_EX) CHAR 24    
91 KAP_PSR_OBJTYPE Object type for project status report CHAR   
92 KAP_SUPPLY Available capacity category CHAR   
93 KAREL Relevancy to Costing CHAR   
94 KARENZKZ Control indicator for the meter reading interval NUMC   
95 KARTNR IS-H Product number (according to catalog) CHAR 10    
96 KASNR POS number NUMC 10    
97 KASSA Cash payment indicator CHAR   
98 KATALOGID Catalog ID CHAR 20    
99 KATEGORIE Category CHAR   
100 KATFEIER IS-M/SD: Public holiday bonus category CHAR   
101 KATID IS-H: Catalog identification CHAR   
102 KATNACHT IS-M/SD: Night bonus category CHAR   
103 KATSONN IS-M/SD: Sunday bonus category CHAR   
104 KATTX RI: Catalog description CHAR 40    
105 KATTYP IS-H: Service Catalog Category CHAR   
106 KATYP Cost element category CHAR   
107 KAUFS Order type block indicator (for example, only cash sales) CHAR   
108 KAUFT Absolute condition is to be split up CHAR   
109 KAUGR Condition exclusion group CHAR   
110 KAUVF Condition exclusion procedure CHAR   
111 KAVERF Type of franchise tax procedure CHAR   
112 KAZ_VZKWT IS-M: Leading sign for condition value in posting extract CHAR   
113 KA_SHORTTEXT Shorttext CHAR 40    
114 KBAPCURR Currency Amounts on KBAP Interfaces DEC 23 
115 KBAP_MSG Message text CHAR 220    
116 KBART Pricing document type CHAR   
117 KBCHAR20 SDB: Text with 20 Characters CHAR 20    
118 KBELN Number of pricing document CHAR 10    
119 KBELP Item in pricing document NUMC   
120 KBETR_FLG Min/max indicator CHAR   
121 KBFLAG Area for flags in bit form RAW   
122 KBLART Doc.type: Manual document entry CHAR   
123 KBLBL Indicates how kanbans are labelled in the board CHAR   
124 KBLKBLTYP Document type: manual commitment NUMC   
125 KBLKUSERCL Document class for table KBLK_USER CHAR   
126 KBLKUSERDO Document number for KBLK_USER CHAR 10    
127 KBLNR Document Number: Manual Document Entry CHAR 10    
128 KBLPOS Document Item: Manual Document Entry NUMC   
129 KBLTYP Earmarked funds document category NUMC   
130 KBNAME Name of knowledge base object (task, event, and so on) CHAR 30    
131 KBNK1 Kanban indicator CHAR   
132 KBNKZ Supply-to-Production Indicator CHAR   
133 KBNUM Info set member CHAR   
134 KBOBJNAME Name of knowledge base (SCE) CHAR 30    
135 KBRART Fuel type indicator NUMC   
136 KBSTAT Processing status for conditions CHAR   
137 KBTCH Set this indicator to update the info structures (V1/V2) CHAR   
138 KBTYPE Type of knowledge base object CHAR   
139 KBVAB IS-H: Classification billing type according to KBV NUMC   
140 KBWOM_FKBER Functional Area CHAR 16    
141 KBWOM_GRANT Grant: Funds & Function CHAR 20    
142 KBWOM_PGRANT Partner Grant: Funds & Function CHAR 20    
143 KBXXN_ACTION Possible actions CHAR   
144 KBXXN_LISTS Lists in manual actual postings in CO CHAR   
145 KB_VIEW View of the kanban board CHAR   
146 KCALLMODE Environment from which SD_COND_ACCESS is called up CHAR   
147 KCART Ind.: Whether and how a kanban control cycle is calculated CHAR   
148 KCASPET CO-BPC aspect (application area) NUMC   
149 KCATYPE Aspect type CHAR   
150 KCBIERH Batch input error handling CHAR   
151 KCCOMASP Comment tables NUMC   
152 KCDD_DATS DATE (8-digit) '#' Allowed as Initialized Value DATS   
153 KCDD_PERIO Fiscal Year/Period, Format YYYYPPP CHAR   
154 KCDMKKEN External data transfer: mandatory/optional flag CHAR   
155 KCD_ANWDG Use of EIS data transfer CHAR   
156 KCD_BNDLE Data transfer: Sender structure package CHAR   
157 KCD_CHAR04_ALPHA character 04 with alpha conversion CHAR   
158 KCD_CRITERIA External data transfer: Sort criteria CHAR   
159 KCD_E_APPL Use of flexible Excel upload CHAR   
160 KCD_GOPER Total operation CHAR   
161 KCD_GRPID Transfer parameters CHAR   
162 KCD_GRULE Data transfer: general rule CHAR 40    
163 KCD_KENNZ1 Ratio 1 CURR
164 KCD_KEY_HEAD Flexible Excel upload: header - key indicator? CHAR   
165 KCD_PARAM External data transfer: Names of general parameters CHAR 150    
166 KCD_PTYPE Log type CHAR   
167 KCD_REPID Sender structure CHAR 40    
168 KCD_REPLA Data transfer: replacement type CHAR   
169 KCD_RSTRUCTE Receiver structure of external type (user view) CHAR 30    
170 KCD_RSTRUCTI Receiver structure of internal type (technical view) CHAR 30    
171 KCD_RULID Transfer rules CHAR 10    
172 KCD_SBLSIZ External data transfer: Block size NUMC   
173 KCD_SRECMODE External data transfer: record mode CHAR   
174 KCD_SREFPROG External data transfer: template program CHAR 40    
175 KCD_SSIGN External data transfer: signs: +, - and * CHAR   
176 KCD_STYPUBA External data transfer: application that uses the transfer CHAR 10    
177 KCD_SUETYP External data transfer: transfer type NUMC   
178 KCD_TEST_RUN Test or update run CHAR   
179 KCD_VALID Data transfer: Validation CHAR   
180 KCD_VALUE External data transfer: Values of parameters or variables CHAR 150    
181 KCD_VALUE2 EDT: Values of Parameters or Variables LOWERCASE CHAR 30    
182 KCD_VARTYP Type of variable CHAR   
183 KCD_VNAME Data transfer: variables CHAR 10    
184 KCGLA Smoothing type for dependent reqmts for kanban calculation CHAR   
185 KCHA15 Character field length 15 with small letters CHAR 15    
186 KCKEYRA Key figure CHAR 10    
187 KCMP_FTYPE Personalization Storage: Field Type CHAR   
188 KCOMP Indicator: summarize characteristics CHAR   
189 KCONS_CHAR Consent Data: Update Flag CHAR   
190 KCONS_COMMCHNL Consent Data: Communication channel CHAR   
191 KCONS_COMMDATA Consent Data: Communication data CHAR 255    
192 KCONS_CONSDATE Consent Data: Consent Date DATS   
193 KCONS_CREATEDATE Consent Data: Consent Creation date DATS   
194 KCONS_CUSTOM_ID Consent Data: ID for customer defined legal entity CHAR 10    
195 KCONS_STRCOMMDATA Consent Data: String for Communication data STRG 2048    
196 KCONS_UPDFLG Consent Data: Update flag for KCONS table control CHAR   
197 KCPRF Kanban calculation profile CHAR   
198 KCRIT Criterion NUMC   
199 KCRNUMB External Data Transfer: Record Number INT2   
200 KCR_D_APPL_TYPE Identifier for Application Type CHAR   
201 KCR_D_DATA_TYPE Identifier for Data Type CHAR   
202 KCR_D_RESTYPE Cost Resource: Type CHAR   
203 KCSLICE SAP-EIS: Data slice CHAR   
204 KCSLSTATE SAP-EIS: Status data slices CHAR   
205 KCSTRU External data transfer: structure identification CHAR   
206 KCVARIA SAP-EIS: Data slice variable CHAR 10    
207 KDANR Sales order number CHAR   
208 KDART_VX Customer type CHAR   
209 KDELE Control indicator for physically deleting DB CHAR   
210 KDFEL_VK Customer data field CHAR 20    
211 KDFSL Account determination key for exchange rate differences CHAR   
212 KDGFR Notice Period CHAR   
213 KDGRP Customer Group CHAR   
214 KDKGR Customer Condition Group CHAR   
215 KDP Conditions download profile CHAR   
216 KDREF Customer Reference Number CHAR 20    
217 KDSV1 Social Insurance Indicator CHAR   
218 KDUPL Structure condition CHAR   
219 KDZEH Time unit for contracts CHAR   
220 KE1_WU_APPL PCA Where-Used List: Application Key CHAR   
222 KE1_WU_ID PCA Where-Used List: Run NUMC   
223 KE1_WU_KOSTL_RULE Name Structure for Cost Center CHAR 10    
224 KE1_WU_PRZNR_RULE Name Structure for Business Process CHAR 12    
225 KEABCNUM 5-digit number for program name NUMC   
226 KEAKIPV CO-PA Account assignment - Entry aids: Numbers NUMC   
227 KEART Type of Cost Component Split CHAR   
228 KEDRENV Characteristic Derivation: Strategy Environment CHAR   
229 KEDRFIELDCLASS Characteristic derivation: field class CHAR   
230 KEDRFLAG Characteristic derivation: flag CHAR   
231 KEDRID Characteristic derivation: ID CHAR   
232 KEDRIDENT Characteristic derivation: identifier CHAR 32    
233 KEDRINTID Internal ID derivation steps NUMC   
234 KEDRMETHOD Characteristic Derivation: Type of Derivation Step CHAR   
235 KEDRNUM Characteristic derivation: numbers for table names NUMC   
236 KEDROPERATOR Characteristic derivation: operator CHAR   
237 KEDROVERWRITE Characteristic Derivation: Overwrite Target Field CHAR   
238 KEDRPARAM Characteristic derivation: parameters CHAR 32    
239 KEDRSEQNO Characteristic derivation: sequential number NUMC   
240 KEDRSTEPID Characteristic derivation: user-defined step ID CHAR   
241 KEDRSTRATID Characteristic derivation: strategy ID CHAR   
242 KEDRTEXT Characteristic derivation: text CHAR 60    
243 KEDRVALUE Characteristic derivation: value CHAR 32    
244 KEDR_CHAR_10 Field name CHAR 10    
245 KEEPALIVETIMEOUT Keep-Alive Timeout INT4 10    
246 KEEPALIVEVAL Keep-Alive Timeout Value CHAR   
247 KEEP_ALIVE Keep-Alive Options CHAR   
248 KEEP_TIMEOUT_VAL Keep-Alive Value CHAR   
249 KEFV_ADDON_TYPE Distribution keys: type of add-ons CHAR   
250 KEMAKZ Seal category (sample lot B/NL) CHAR   
251 KENN IS-H: ID of the service data structure CHAR   
252 KENN20 Data mining key figures CHAR 20    
253 KENNG____1 View ID CHAR   
254 KENNI Key figure identification CHAR   
255 KENNP CAPP processing indicator CHAR   
256 KENNR Contract ID number CHAR 13    
257 KENNUNG IS-M/SD: Indicator for postal packing level CHAR   
258 KENNZ Key figure in the Logistics Information Library (LIL) CHAR   
259 KENNZ1 Indicator (1 character without fixed values) CHAR   
260 KENNZ4 Indicator (4 characters without fixed values) CHAR   
261 KENNZAHL Number of key figure screen in drill-down reporting CHAR   
262 KENNZBG Indicator: certification CHAR   
263 KENNZEI_KK FPN1: Indicator for the interval CHAR   
264 KENNZIFFER Apportionment Number DEC
265 KENNZPR Indicator: inspection data CHAR   
266 KENNZRKE Number of key figure screen (CO-PA) CHAR   
267 KENNZRKK Number of key figure screen (CO-PC) CHAR   
268 KENNZRKP Number of key figure screen (PM) CHAR   
269 KENNZX Indicator CHAR   
270 KENNZX_BPCT Indicators CHAR   
271 KENNZX_KK Indicator CHAR   
272 KENNZ_KK Indicator (manual/automatic) CHAR   
273 KENNZ_LR IS-U Waste Disposal: Indicator for container service device CHAR   
274 KENNZ_SEL IS-H: unique indicator for CASE selection pat. accounting CHAR 12    
275 KENNZ_TYP IS-U Waste Management: Indicator for vehicle category CHAR   
276 KENZG Global indicator CHAR   
277 KENZP Indicator for plus or minus CHAR   
278 KENZX Indicator for X or blank CHAR   
279 KENZ_OP Operators for key figure CHAR   
280 KEORD Type of grouping characteristic CHAR   
281 KEO_ALTN_PRCTR Enterprise Org.: Search tool altern. prof. center structure CHAR   
282 KEO_APPLICATION Enterprise organization: Applications CHAR   
283 KEO_CORR_FY Number of fiscal years CHAR   
284 KEO_DISJUNCT Overlapping organizational units CHAR   
285 KEO_GENTYPE Enterprise organization: Generation types CHAR   
286 KEO_OBART Generic master record: Object types CHAR   
287 KEPOPCD KEPlicator: Operation CHAR   
288 KETST ABAP/4 validation: Domain with conversion KETST CHAR   
289 KETYP Key figures cat. (for IS-R Allocation/RIS) CHAR   
290 KEVLGLIEF Controls proposal/copying of material master data fr. vendor CHAR   
291 KEYBZ Description of the transaction CHAR 40    
292 KEYDA Key date DATS   
293 KEYDEST Key for Customizing RFC Connection CHAR   
294 KEYFD IS-U Device Checker: Key Fields for Error Tables CHAR 60    
295 KEYFDCNT DD: Number of key fields of a table type NUMC   
296 KEYFDNAME DD: Key field for table types CHAR 132    
297 KEYFELD Key Flag (X or Blank) CHAR   
298 KEYFLAG KeyFlag ( X or blank) CHAR   
299 KEYID Maximum characteristic length CHAR 50    
300 KEYID_LOW Characteristic value: Capitalization CHAR 50    
301 KEYKIND DD: Key category for table types CHAR   
302 KEYKO Account assignment allocation CHAR   
303 KEYMAX Maximum length of identifying key NUMC   
304 KEYMB Unique key (name) used to store the content. CHAR 50    
305 KEYN1_KK NOC Returns Lot: Lot Number CHAR 12    
306 KEYN2_KK NOC Returns Lot: Search Term CHAR 40    
307 KEYPOS Position of the index column within the indexes (1,2..) NUMC   
308 KEYR1_KK Payment lot key CHAR 12    
309 KEYR2_KK Search term for returns lot CHAR 40    
310 KEYRA Key figure name CHAR 30    
311 KEYS1_KK Key for Manually Issued Checks Lot CHAR 12    
312 KEYS2_KK Search Term for Manually Issued Checks Lot CHAR 40    
313 KEYTR Transaction key NUMC   
314 KEYTYPE Key field type CHAR   
315 KEYWORD Keyword for partner description CHAR 20    
316 KEYZ1_CA Payment Lot Key CHAR 12    
317 KEYZ1_KK Payment lot key CHAR 12    
318 KEYZ2_KK Search term for payment lot CHAR 40    
319 KEYZI Destination assignment CHAR   
320 KEYZU Key for key figure assignment CHAR 10    
321 KEY_DATE Commissions: Key Date DATS   
322 KEY_FORKEY List of copied fields CHAR 16    
323 KEY_ID Line type ID CHAR   
324 KEY_MASK Bit string for controlling summarization for RTM INT1   
325 KEY_TYPE Ownership of fields CHAR   
326 KEY_X Reduced key field for INDX table CHAR   
327 KEY_ZONADJ Selection: same price key CHAR   
328 KE_HDB_LOAD_INITIAL HDB: Force an Initial Transfer CHAR   
329 KFMOD_EB Account modification CHAR 10    
330 KFM_CMP_OPERATION Calculation for Key Figure Comparison CHAR   
331 KFM_GRP_OPERATION Aggregation Rule for Key Figure Group CHAR   
332 KFM_KF_ALERT Alert Setting of a Key Figure CHAR   
333 KFM_KF_COMMENT_SETTING Settings for Comments CHAR   
334 KFM_KF_DECIMALS Number of Decimal Places for Key Figure Display CHAR   
335 KFM_KF_DIRECTION Key Figure Direction CHAR   
336 KFM_KF_PERS_TYPE Personalization Type of Key Figure CHAR   
337 KFM_KF_SOURCE_TYPE Source of Key Figure CHAR   
338 KFM_KF_TYPE Key Figure Type CHAR   
339 KFM_NUM_PERIODS Number of Periods (Validity of Key Figures) NUMC   
340 KFM_PERIOD Period Type for Key Figure CHAR   
341 KFM_STATUS_INDEX Index for Key Figure Status CHAR   
342 KFM_VALUE Value of Key Figure DEC 20 
343 KFPBLA Document type: transfer prices CHAR   
344 KFPBLT Document category: transfer prices for tasks NUMC   
345 KFPBNR Document number of a fixed price agreement/allocation CHAR 10    
346 KFPBPE Document item processing NUMC   
347 KFPBPOS Document item: fixed price agreement/allocation NUMC   
348 KFPLAN Create billing plan at header level CHAR   
349 KFPVTEXT Allocation text CHAR 50    
350 KFRST Release block for agreements/conditions CHAR   
351 KFZAWGRUND IS-M/SD: Reason for different vehicle CHAR   
352 KFZMA Vehicle Make (Model) CHAR 17    
353 KGALRFC_APPL All possible applications for allocations CHAR   
354 KGAL_SEARCH_TYPE Allocation: Selection of Search Behavior CHAR   
355 KGBSL Child Allowance Entitlement Key CHAR   
356 KGDNR Family Fund Number (D) NUMC   
357 KGEMP Issue of Certificate for Church Tax Area Payee CHAR   
358 KGGEP Weight of baggage DEC   
359 KGGNV Reason for Issuing CHAR   
360 KGKNR Child Allowance Number (D) NUMC   
361 KGLFD Sequence number NUMC   
362 KGRPE Condition is a group/duplicated/header condition CHAR   
363 KGSSELFELD IS-M/SD: CM key for select options (8-digit/without alpha.) CHAR   
364 KG_SATZART Record type for county municipality key CHAR   
365 KHAR79 Temp. replacement for CHAR79 (without lower-case flag) CHAR 79    
366 KHERK Origin of condition CHAR   
367 KH_KOSTRF IS-H: Insurance provider CHAR 10    
368 KID Domain for IC keys INT4 10    
369 KID1 I1 CHAR 10    
370 KINAK Condition inactive CHAR   
371 KIND_OF Kind of search CHAR   
372 KIND_OF_WORK Type of processing CHAR   
373 KIPRS Pricing type for automatic document changes CHAR   
374 KISTA Church tax key CHAR   
375 KISTG Church tax area (D) CHAR   
376 KITXT Abbreviation for religious denomination CHAR   
377 KJAHR Calendar year NUMC   
378 KJAHR_KK Calendar year NUMC   
379 KJCCSJ3 Test Namespace KJCCSJ3 ( -> Not Protected 12.11.2003 ) CHAR   
380 KJ_OBJNR Object number CHAR 22    
381 KKABZEXSHOW Name CHAR 34    
382 KKACHR1 Character 1 Field CHAR   
383 KKACHR12 12-Character Field CHAR 12    
384 KKACHR16 16-Character Field CHAR 16    
385 KKACHR2 2-Character Field CHAR   
386 KKACHR20 20-Character Field CHAR 20    
387 KKACHR25 25-Character Field CHAR 25    
388 KKACHR3 3-Character Field CHAR   
389 KKACHR30 Character 30 Field CHAR 30    
390 KKACHR4 4-Character Field CHAR   
391 KKACHR40 40-Character Field CHAR 40    
392 KKACHR6 6-Character Field CHAR   
393 KKACHR60 60-Character Field CHAR 60    
394 KKACHR7 7-Character Field CHAR   
395 KKACHR75 Character 75 Field CHAR 75    
396 KKACHR79 79-Character Field CHAR 79    
397 KKACHR8 8-Character Field CHAR   
398 KKAKTIO Action of the communication channel CHAR   
399 KKALSK IS-M/SD: Group for vendor pricing procedure CHAR   
400 KKANAL Name of the directory for a communication channal CHAR 10    
401 KKANUM3 3-Digit Number NUMC   
402 KKANUM4 4-Digit Number NUMC   
403 KKANUM7 7-Digit Number NUMC   
404 KKANUM8 8-Digit Number NUMC   
405 KKAPER_INV Inversely Saved Field for Period/Fiscal Year NUMC   
406 KKART Costing type (unit costing) CHAR   
407 KKASFKT Special Functions for Results Analysis CHAR   
408 KKATEXT Character Field for Text Table CHAR 40    
409 KKA_ABGR_TYP Results Analysis Form for Interface Read Module CHAR   
410 KKA_BEW_ALL_GB Cross-Business-Area Valuation? CHAR   
411 KKA_DATES_PERIOD_METHOD_CODE Number of Days per Period Determination Code CHAR   
412 KKA_EXITABGR Customer Enhancements in Results Analysis CHAR   
413 KKA_MENGEN Input and Output Quantities in Results Analysis CHAR   
414 KKA_MODUS_BWS_BER_PRUEFUNG Check Mode of Change Authorization of Valuation Views CHAR   
415 KKA_OBJEKTWAEHRUNG Object Currency in Results Analysis CHAR   
416 KKA_OBJEKT_TYP Object Type CHAR   
417 KKA_PROZ Percentage Without +/- Sign DEC
418 KKA_REF_PERIOD Period Reference CHAR   
419 KKA_TAX_CALC Additional Tax Calculation CHAR   
420 KKA_VERARBEITUNG Processing Control CHAR   
421 KKA_V_PROZ Percentage with +/- Sign DEC
422 KKA_WAEHRS_BEZ Currency Short Name CHAR   
423 KKA_WAERS_ANZAHL Strategy: Currency Translation Down Payments Received CHAR   
424 KKA_WAERS_PLAN_ERL Currency Translation Planned Revenue Strategy CHAR   
425 KKA_YES_NO Checkbox CHAR   
427 KKA_ZEITFIBU Time Period CHAR   
428 KKA_ZEITRAUM Time Frame CHAR   
429 KKA_ZID Cost Element Group for WIP Calculation and Results Analysis CHAR   
430 KKBER Credit control area CHAR   
431 KKB_ANW Application CHAR   
432 KKB_ANWSI Application for Selection Screens CHAR   
433 KKB_APPL Application CHAR   
434 KKB_AUFL Explode Group Yes/No CHAR   
435 KKB_AUFLO Explosion Level of Costed Multilevel BOM INT1   
436 KKB_AUFNR2 Comparison Order CHAR 12    
437 KKB_BASE Value basis for costs and quantities CHAR   
438 KKB_BELAR Debit/credit indicator CHAR   
439 KKB_BEWEG Business Transaction on Manufacturing Orders CHAR   
440 KKB_CATEG Category CHAR   
441 KKB_CATEG_TEXT Category: Designation CHAR 30    
442 KKB_CURRENCY_TYPE Currency type CHAR   
443 KKB_DEFA Default Value Color (ALV) CHAR   
444 KKB_DFORM Layout Format of Reports CHAR   
445 KKB_ERZ Indicator for product costing CHAR   
446 KKB_FEH KKB: error indicator CHAR   
447 KKB_FEH_STA_TEXT Text on Error Status CHAR 40    
448 KKB_GLWERT Value of Globals CHAR   
449 KKB_GSIGN Character for links CHAR   
450 KKB_HERKZ Origin Indicator CHAR   
451 KKB_HIEID Hierarchy ID CHAR   
452 KKB_HIER Hierarchy mode on/off CHAR   
453 KKB_HPROGR Identification for Object of Product Group Hierarchy CHAR 23    
454 KKB_MATNR Material number CHAR 18    
455 KKB_MORE Indicator for More Than One Object CHAR   
456 KKB_OBJ Analysis object CHAR   
457 KKB_OPTION Option for Select Options CHAR   
458 KKB_PERBL Period NUMC   
459 KKB_PERIO Period NUMC   
460 KKB_PERIO1 From Period NUMC   
461 KKB_PERIO2 To Period NUMC   
462 KKB_PGART Product Group Type CHAR   
463 KKB_PKSLA Cost center/activity type CHAR 17    
464 KKB_PMAWR Plant/material CHAR 23    
465 KKB_PROGR KKB: Product Group Number CHAR   
466 KKB_PROZABW Percentage Variance DEC 15 
467 KKB_REP Report Group CHAR   
468 KKB_REPORTYPE Report Types for Report Trees CHAR   
469 KKB_RPPAR Reporting Parameters CHAR   
470 KKB_RTYPE Report Type CHAR   
471 KKB_SAPPL Subapplication CHAR   
472 KKB_SICHT Selection Screens NUMC   
473 KKB_SIGN Sign for Select Options CHAR   
474 KKB_SUBPR Subparameter CHAR   
475 KKB_TYP Report Type CHAR   
476 KKB_VARHI Variable Hierarchy Code (Short Form) CHAR 20    
477 KKEK_DEC3 3-figure decimal field DEC   
478 KKEK_HERK2 Origin for determining the costing item CHAR 18    
479 KKGCHR1 Character 1 Field CHAR   
480 KKGCHR10 10-Character Field CHAR 10    
481 KKGCHR3 3-Character Field CHAR   
482 KKGCHR6 6-Character Field CHAR   
483 KKGNUM1 1-Digit Number NUMC   
484 KKGNUM2 2-Digit Number NUMC   
485 KKGNUM4 4-Digit Number NUMC   
486 KKGNUM7 7-Digit Number NUMC   
487 KKGPROZENT Percentage DEC
488 KKG_KSTAR Cost Element Number Without Check Table CHAR 10    
489 KKLASS Public holiday class CHAR   
490 KKMOD Module pool for condition accesses CHAR   
491 KKOART Account type in the accumulated balance audit trail CHAR   
492 KKOMP Base condition components NUMC   
493 KKOST Assign Repayment Balance CHAR   
494 KKOWK Indicator: Conditions at plant level CHAR   
495 KKREF Account Category Reference CHAR   
496 KKRKH Sickness indicator (Austria) CHAR   
497 KKR_FLAG X Flag for General Use CHAR   
498 KKR_HFLDKZ Hierarchy Field Indicator (Costing) CHAR   
499 KKR_HIEART Hierarchy Type/Costing CHAR   
500 KKR_HIERID Hierarchy ID/Costing CHAR