SAP ABAP Domain - Index K, page 2
Domain - K
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 KKR_HIESTU Hierarchy Level Number (Costing) NUMC   
2 KKR_IDXTYP Index type for summarization selection CHAR   
3 KKR_ROBART Summarization Object Type / CO Summarization CHAR   
4 KKR_ROBARTTXT Description of Summarization Object Type / CO Summarization CHAR 40    
5 KKSNUMMER IS-H: Health insurance number CHAR 12    
6 KKURS Condition rate for conversion into local currency DEC
7 KKVZ_CPDKO One-time vendors CHAR   
8 KKVZ_KSORT Account sorting of vendor accounts CHAR   
9 KK_EE_METH CO-PC: Results Analysis Method CHAR   
10 KK_KOAKNZ Usage indicator for cost elements in unit costing CHAR   
11 KK_KSTAT Cost Object Status NUMC   
12 KK_KTRART Cost object category CHAR   
13 KK_KTRFT Indicator Processing Production Type in Cost Object Control. CHAR   
14 KK_KTRKA Compatibility Flag Price Difference Settlement COC Hierarchy CHAR   
15 KK_KTRPROF Cost Object Profile CHAR   
16 KK_KTRTYP Cost Object Type NUMC   
17 KK_KTRZB Indicator for Time Base of Cost Object CHAR   
18 KK_STATART Type of Status of Valuation Method CHAR   
19 KK_STATCNT Number CHAR   
20 KK_TYPE Consolidation of investments method CHAR   
21 KK_VAKTR Person Responsible for Cost Object CHAR 20    
22 KK_VARI Consolidation of investments variant CHAR   
23 KK_WAEKNZ Usage indicator for currencies NUMC   
24 KLABC Customer classification (ABC analysis) CHAR   
25 KLAMMER Type of compound characteristic CHAR   
26 KLART_VZ Calendar type CHAR   
27 KLASB Classifying byte RAW   
28 KLASM Classification Criterion CHAR   
29 KLASSE Class number CHAR 18    
30 KLASSENART Class type CHAR   
31 KLASSENGR Class group CHAR 10    
32 KLBEW Absence valuation rule NUMC   
33 KLCHAR5 Five Characters, Upper and Lower Case CHAR   
34 KLFART IS-H: Classification type CHAR   
35 KLFART_INT IS-H: IS-H-internal classification type for case classif. CHAR   
36 KLFNR Sequential line/column scale number NUMC   
37 KLFNR_FG Sequential line/column scale number NUMC   
38 KLFRAG Credit Limit: Free/Against Indicator CHAR   
39 KLFTYP IS-H: Classification category CHAR   
40 KLFTYP_INT IS-H: IS-H-internal classification category for case class. CHAR   
41 KLGND Reason for pairing payment advices in cash mgt and forecast CHAR   
42 KLIMP Carry out credit limit check CHAR   
43 KLKSL Selection of BOM items relevant to costing CHAR   
44 KLLANDRISK CL: Relevant country for country risk (not used) CHAR   
45 KLMAF Record type CHAR   
46 KLMODUS Credit Limit: Domains for Mode for External Transactions CHAR   
47 KLMODUSSI Data Element for Collateral Mode (Items) CHAR   
48 KLMODUSSI_K Data Element for Collateral Mode (Header) CHAR   
49 KLPKW Veh.class CHAR   
50 KLSTATUS Class status CHAR   
51 KLVAR Costing Variant CHAR   
52 KLZBI Time constraint class NUMC   
53 KL_ADDONFA Percentage between 0 and 100 in Limit DEC
54 KL_ADDONFA_POS_CHAR Add-On Factor and Default Prob. (Percent Between 0 and 100) CHAR   
55 KL_AMOUNT Currency amount CURR 17 
56 KL_AMOUNT_POS Currency amount CURR 17 
57 KL_AMOUNT_POS_CHAR Positive Character - Currency Amount CHAR 22    
58 KL_ARTYP Category of Default Risk Item NUMC   
59 KL_AUSPRMR Determination key for MVCP and RCP NUMC   
60 KL_AUSPRMRT Value texts for MVCP and RCP NUMC   
61 KL_AUSPRMW Determination Key for Market Value Change Period NUMC   
62 KL_BBAS Calculation base NUMC   
63 KL_BESITYP Collateral Category NUMC   
64 KL_BEWFAKKENNZ Indicator: Counterparty/issuer risk or country risk NUMC   
65 KL_BKNZTYP Category of Basic Key Figure NUMC   
66 KL_BONIRISKTYP Default Risk Category NUMC   
68 KL_CALLIDX Logging of Single Transaction Check NUMC 10    
70 KL_CHAR30 30-character field length with upper/lower case CHAR 30    
71 KL_CHAR60 60-character field length with upper/lower case CHAR 60    
72 KL_COMPERD Risk Commitment Period and Market Value Change Period NUMC   
73 KL_CRATING Indicator: Country rating CHAR   
74 KL_DAYS Number of days by which the evaluation date was shifted DEC   
75 KL_DEC7_DECIM6 CL: DEC 7 digits 6 decimal places without plus/minus sign DEC
76 KL_DEFRIRE Default Risk Rule CHAR 10    
77 KL_DETPROC Number for Determination Procedure NUMC   
78 KL_ER Issuer Risk NUMC   
79 KL_EVFIL Selection Filter for End-of-Day Processing CHAR 20    
80 KL_EXTADM External Administration Number CHAR 40    
81 KL_EXTTYP External Category CHAR   
82 KL_FACID Identifier of Factor Assignment CHAR   
83 KL_FAZFLD Edit screen for facilities CHAR 24    
84 KL_FAZID Identifier for Facilities (External) CHAR 40    
85 KL_FAZNR Identifier for facilities (internal counter as DB key) CHAR 20    
86 KL_FEDIT ID for edit screen CHAR   
87 KL_FLAG Calculation Base for NPV/Nominal Amount Determination NUMC   
88 KL_FORM_ID Number for Formula Identification NUMC   
89 KL_FRAGDOM Credit Limit: Domains for Free/Against Indicator CHAR   
90 KL_FZSTRUCK Length of facility structure NUMC   
91 KL_IDENTIFY Identifier for Logging CHAR   
92 KL_INTORG Internal Organizational Unit (Branch where Postings Made) CHAR 10    
93 KL_INTORGBEZ Description of internal organizational unit CHAR 50    
94 KL_KEAUSWEIS Display of Counterparty - Issuer CHAR   
95 KL_KNZFRAG Indicator for Free and Against Transactions NUMC   
96 KL_KNZRRF Indicator for recovery rate determination NUMC   
97 KL_KON_EMI Counterparty - issuer risk NUMC   
98 KL_KR Counterparty Risk NUMC   
99 KL_LEQCLASS CL: Loss equivalent class CHAR   
100 KL_LPG Limit product group CHAR   
101 KL_LRB Country Risk Area NUMC   
102 KL_LRBLAND Ratio of country risk country / country of int. org. unit NUMC   
103 KL_LRBWAE CRA Currency (Ratio of Transaction Crcy./Country Risk Cntry) NUMC   
104 KL_LRL CL: Relevant country for country risk CHAR   
105 KL_NID Indentifier for Netting Groups CHAR 10    
106 KL_NR Reference number (unit no.) CHAR 10    
107 KL_PM Primary risk NUMC   
108 KL_POSIDX Single Transaction Check Log Generation: Item Index NUMC   
109 KL_PRIMRISK Risk display NUMC   
110 KL_PRIM_SEK Primary Risk / Secondary Risk NUMC   
111 KL_PROTLOC Credit Limit: Location of Log Generation NUMC   
112 KL_PSAUSWEIS Display of Primary - Secondary Risk CHAR   
113 KL_RECOVRATEORIGIN Recovery Rate Origin NUMC   
114 KL_REGID Key for derivation of variable assignment rules NUMC   
115 KL_RISIKOTYP Risk category NUMC   
116 KL_RISKBEGIN Start Date of Risk CHAR   
117 KL_RISKSEN Control of Risk Sensitivity NUMC   
118 KL_RISK_EFFECT Default risk effect of a transaction CHAR   
119 KL_SAKTIV Active status of a reference NUMC   
120 KL_SANLF Product Category for Credit Limit NUMC   
121 KL_SBV Collateral valuation procedure CHAR   
122 KL_SBV_TYP Category of collateral valuation procedure NUMC   
123 KL_SDCBKNZMODE Treatment of base key figures in single transaction check NUMC   
124 KL_SDCDEALSTAT Sought Status of an External Transaction CHAR   
125 KL_SDCPROD STC Product CHAR 10    
126 KL_SECACC_CAT Securities Account Category CHAR   
127 KL_SEKRISK Selection of secondary risk NUMC   
128 KL_SELFIL End-of-Day-Processing Selection Filter CHAR   
129 KL_SELLM Selection filter from limit type CHAR   
130 KL_SELPARAM End-of-Day-Processing Selection Filter CHAR   
131 KL_SETTLEMENTRISK Settlement Risk CHAR   
132 KL_SETTYP Record Category for Data Transfer of Collateral Provisions CHAR   
133 KL_SIART_TYP Collateral Category (Tangible/Personal) NUMC   
134 KL_SIBESART Collateral Valuation Rule CHAR   
135 KL_SIBESARTBEZ Name of Collateral Valuation Rule CHAR 50    
136 KL_SISHOWCALC Attribute collateral or display collateral in a message CHAR   
137 KL_SITYP Collateral Category NUMC   
138 KL_SK Secondary risk NUMC   
139 KL_SKE Selection of Counterparty - Issuer Risk CHAR   
140 KL_SLDFIL Display filter CHAR 20    
141 KL_SLF Selection Filter for Sequential Numbers NUMC   
142 KL_SM Selection Feature CHAR 40    
143 KL_SPBEZ Name of Selection Parameters for End-of-Day Processing CHAR 50    
144 KL_SPS Primary - secondary risk CHAR   
145 KL_STATUS Status of Basic Key Figure (Only Change after ST Check) NUMC   
146 KL_STATUS3 Separate Processing during End-of-Day Processing CHAR   
147 KL_TAG_SF Selection Filter for End-of-Day Processing CHAR   
148 KL_TERMINF Key for derivation of date determination rule NUMC   
149 KL_TEV_STATUS ISB-RA-KL: Update Utilizations in EOD Proc. or Postprocess. CHAR   
150 KL_TXTMWAERBD Values for MVCP and RCP CHAR 30    
151 KL_TYP Referencing category (unit category) CHAR   
152 KL_USEDAMO Indicator for commitment/utilization NUMC   
154 KL_VAR_1 Variable for Calculation of Base Key Figures NUMC   
155 KL_VAR_3 Variable for Calculation of Base Key Figures NUMC   
156 KL_VERF_TYP Determination of valuation factors NUMC   
157 KL_ZPVGERB Time of advance payment/return payment (integer) DEC   
158 KMANU Dealing with manual conditions CHAR   
159 KMANZ Number of miles/kms DEC   
160 KMASS Mass indicator CHAR   
161 KMBET Travel costs amount CURR
162 KMEHR "More lines" indicator CHAR 22    
163 KMETH Cons. method CHAR   
164 KMGRE Limit for miles/kilometer accumulation NUMC   
165 KMIT Notification Abbreviations CHAR   
166 KMKEY Miles/Kilometers Distribution CHAR   
167 KMKUM Accumulated miles/kms DEC   
168 KMMET Scaling method for miles/kms flat rates CHAR   
169 KMNAM FI account assignment model CHAR 10    
170 KMOJA Month (period) YYYYMM in capacity planning ACCP   
171 KMONAT Month NUMC   
172 KMPER Period indicator for miles/kms accumulation CHAR   
173 KMS_ACTIVE Key object activation status CHAR   
174 KMS_DESCR Key object description CHAR 60    
175 KMS_FLAG Flag CHAR   
176 KMS_GUID16 16 byte GUID RAW 16    
178 KMS_KEYOBJ Key object identifier CHAR 10    
179 KMS_LOCKEY Local key CHAR 100    
180 KMS_MAXLEN Maximum Key length NUMC   
181 KMUEB Number of nights/percentage share DEC   
182 KMWST Condition VAT indicator CHAR   
183 KMXWR Maximum Value/Base Flag CHAR   
184 KMZIF FI: Account assignment model equivalence number INT2   
186 KNART Dependency type CHAR   
187 KNART2 Dependency type supplement CHAR   
188 KNBDR Indicator: print kanban CHAR   
189 KNBEO Authorization to maintain dependencies CHAR   
190 KND_EXST System action if customer already exists for partner CHAR   
191 KND_MISS System action if customer missing but required CHAR   
192 KNEGA Control ID for sign CHAR   
193 KNFAK Customer factory calendar CHAR   
194 KNGRP Dependency group CHAR 10    
195 KNNAM Name of dependency CHAR 30    
196 KNNAM_CL Name of dependency CHAR 30    
197 KNNUM Internal number of knowledge element NUMC 10    
198 KNOBJ Object-to-dependency assignment number NUMC 18    
199 KNOJT Object ID for dependency maintenance CHAR 10    
200 KNOTN Points CHAR 10    
201 KNPRS Pricing type CHAR   
202 KNRDD Free goods category CHAR   
203 KNRDD_FG Free goods: On-top or inclusive bonus quantity CHAR   
204 KNREF Customer-specific description of partner (plant, warehouse) CHAR 30    
205 KNSTA Knowledge status CHAR   
206 KNTAB Table ID for object CHAR 10    
207 KNTDY Indicator: Account assignment screen CHAR   
208 KNTNR Node Number NUMC   
209 KNTNR_CL Node Number NUMC   
210 KNTTP Account assignment category CHAR   
211 KNTTYP Account category CHAR   
212 KNTYP Condition type: Freight, tax, cost,,...... CHAR   
213 KNUMA Group of Agreements CHAR 10    
214 KNUMA_FG Agreement CHAR 10    
215 KNUMB Sequential number CHAR 10    
216 KNUMB_CL Serial number CHAR 10    
217 KNUMH Number of the condition record CHAR 10    
218 KNUMH_CD Sequential number CHAR 10    
219 KNUMH_FG Sequential number CHAR 10    
220 KNUMH_PD Sequence Number CHAR 10    
221 KNUMV No.of condition in the document CHAR 10    
222 KNUSE Use of employee category NUMC   
223 KNVD_ANZAL Decimal field (3-char): ADIC<>DB DEC   
224 KNVTP CAPP rule indicator CHAR   
225 KNZAU Indicator for incapacity to work DEC   
226 KNZN2 Two-character numeric indicator NUMC   
227 KNZVV Version category, assortment list CHAR   
228 KOAER Pricing: Type of condition type determination CHAR   
229 KOAID Condition ID CHAR   
230 KOAID_GSVERF Conditions ID in self-billing procedure CHAR   
231 KOANT Indicator for cost portion CHAR   
232 KOART Acct type CHAR   
233 KOART_055G Object Type CHAR   
234 KOART_1 Account type CHAR   
235 KOART_AV Payment advice account type CHAR   
236 KOART_F130 Account type CHAR   
237 KOART_MASK Account type (including masked) CHAR   
238 KOART_MWSKZ Permitted account types for tax code proposal CHAR   
239 KOART_PN Account type for prenotification CHAR   
240 KOART_T028R Repetative payment advice account type CHAR   
241 KOART_Z Account type of the customer/vendor CHAR   
242 KOAUF Share of costs for entire trip DEC
243 KOBER Picking area CHAR   
244 KOBES Cost item CHAR   
245 KOBID CO object ID CHAR 10    
246 KOBOG Condition type/table group for agreements CHAR   
247 KOCOPYNR Sequence Number of Copying Routine NUMC   
248 KOEIN Rate unit of the condition CUKY   
249 KOFAK Product allocation: Usage factor DEC 10 
250 KOFEL KOMP structure field CHAR   
251 KOFIZ_CA Additional Specification for Account Determination CHAR   
252 KOFIZ_KK Additional specification for account determination CHAR   
253 KOFIZ_PS Additional specification for Account Determination CHAR   
254 KOFRM Condition formula NUMC   
255 KOFRM_FG Condition formula NUMC   
256 KOGRUTY Category of the condition type group CHAR   
257 KOHER Condition origin for document index update CHAR   
258 KOIDX Index number for internal tables INT4 10    
259 KOINH Account Holder Name CHAR 60    
260 KOKFI Allocation Indicator CHAR   
261 KOLIU Scope of list: Conditions (Purchasing) CHAR   
262 KOLNR Sequential number of condition access for group key NUMC   
263 KOLNR3 Sequence Number of Condition Access NUMC   
264 KOMAS Product allocation: Masking ID for remaining allocations CHAR   
265 KOMBINAT Combination of a device category CHAR   
266 KOMKD Municipality key NUMC   
267 KOMKZ Indicator for picking control CHAR   
268 KOMMART IS-H: Communication type (tel., in writing) CHAR   
269 KOMMAST Places after decimal point output in ABC analysis CHAR   
270 KOMMASTEL1 One place after decimal point NUMC   
271 KOMMENT Do zum Kommentartext in tvemt für Tabelle tvem1, MC-Veri CHAR 50    
272 KOMOK Account grouping code CHAR   
273 KOMPF Scaling factor INT4 10    
274 KOMPP Create Deivery Group and Correlate BOM Components CHAR   
275 KOMPRL Release of a Component CHAR   
276 KOMPRMODE Mode with/without compression in the Editor CHAR   
277 KOMWEL_V Temporary number of picking wave NUMC   
278 KONART Condition type CHAR   
279 KONBE Scale basis (unit of measure) CHAR   
280 KONBTR Franchise amount/rate DEC 16 
281 KONDA Condition group CHAR   
282 KONDBEZTYP IS-PAM: Reference category CHAR   
283 KONDIGR Rate fact group CHAR 10    
284 KONDM Material pricing group CHAR   
285 KONDZAHL Payment terms CHAR   
286 KONDZAHL_SC Terms of Payment CHAR   
287 KOND_ZAEHL IS-M/SD: Condition counter for condition printing NUMC   
288 KONFE Religious denomination key CHAR   
289 KONFI Configuration allowed or is possible CHAR   
290 KONFV Consumption of configuration: charact. planning techniques CHAR   
291 KONKAUS IS-PAM: Competitor exclusion CHAR   
292 KONKZ Account assignment allowed CHAR   
293 KONLI Suffix of the pricing report CHAR   
294 KONOB Product allocation: Product allocation object CHAR 18    
295 KONSLSTART List type NUMC   
296 KONSREPORT Program name CHAR   
297 KONTB Account assignment type CHAR   
298 KONTF_VK Account management CHAR   
299 KONTGRP IS-M/AM: Sales activity group CHAR   
300 KONTO Account number CHAR 10    
301 KONTOBEZ Account number description CHAR 50    
302 KONTONR Account number as per chart of accounts CHAR   
303 KONTO_FI FI Acct No. CHAR 10    
304 KONTT_FI Account assignment category for industry solution CHAR   
305 KONTT_KK Account assignment category CHAR   
306 KONTX Corporation name CHAR   
307 KONTXT Context /text CHAR 10    
308 KONTXTA Context /text > Display fields for portfolio list CHAR 10    
309 KONTXTB Context /text > Display fields for portfolio lists CHAR 10    
310 KONUM Condition numerator NUMC   
311 KONZA Product allocation: Product allocation step NUMC   
312 KONZBEFR Indicator: exempt from franchise tax CHAR   
313 KONZIGR Franchise fee group CHAR 10    
314 KONZS Group keys CHAR 10    
315 KONZVER Franchise contract number CHAR 10    
316 KONZ_SGRP Konzernhierarchie Gruppierungsschlüssel CHAR   
317 KOOR3 IS-H: Coordinate (three digits) NUMC   
318 KOPAG ID for pricing reports : Page/header/item CHAR   
319 KOPGR Group ID doc. header CHAR   
320 KOPIERVAR IS-M/AM: Copying variant CHAR   
321 KOPIM Foreign trade: Copy import data during goods receipt CHAR   
322 KOPRF Control indicator for pick check in shipment CHAR   
323 KOPV_COPY_MODE Mode for copying project/order plan versions CHAR   
324 KOPV_SCENARIO Scenario for copying plan versions CHAR   
325 KOQUI_TVST Picking confirmation CHAR   
326 KORD00SZ Payment notice sorting CHAR   
327 KORD10DV Standard key date for calculation of days in arrears CHAR   
328 KORD10PS Line item sorting CHAR   
329 KORD20SK Bill of exchange charges statement sorting CHAR   
330 KORD30SK Sorting of output CHAR   
331 KORDEKEP Line items CHAR   
332 KORNR Correction of miscellaneous provisions CHAR   
333 KORRBER Correspondence area NUMC   
334 KORRGRD Correction Reason CHAR   
335 KORRKLASSE Correspondence class CHAR   
336 KORRKZAHL Correction of gas law deviation factor CHAR   
337 KORRMESSD Air pressure correction CHAR   
338 KORRVORF Correspondence activity NUMC   
339 KORTE Indicator for correction date of the billing plan CHAR   
340 KORWR Corrected value FLTP 16  16 
341 KOSAR Indicator for cost center type CHAR   
342 KOSCH Product allocation: Product allocation procedure CHAR 18    
343 KOSCH_GRP Allocation: Product Allocation Procedure Group CHAR 18    
344 KOSEL ID for the selection screen of the pricing report CHAR   
345 KOSER Pricing: Condition record determination type CHAR   
346 KOSL1 Group Key CHAR   
347 KOSOR Sort type for conditions CHAR   
348 KOSTL Cost center CHAR 10    
349 KOSTL_R2 Cost center in R/2 CHAR   
350 KOSTR_ART IS-H: Type of insurance provider CHAR   
351 KOSTR_ARTF IS-H: Type of insurance provider CHAR   
352 KOSTR_STAMM_AUFTL Percentage Breakdown DEC
353 KOSTY Cost type (shipment cost item) CHAR   
354 KOTAB Condition table CHAR 10    
355 KOTABNR Condition Table Number CHAR   
356 KOTABNR_CD Number of the condition table NUMC   
357 KOTABNR_FG Number of the condition table NUMC   
358 KOTEX ID for text output for pricing reports CHAR   
359 KOTYP Cost accounting type CHAR   
360 KOULP Overlapping check for groups of conditions CHAR   
361 KOVAR Output variants for pricing reports CHAR   
362 KOVER Account number/contract number CHAR 13    
363 KOVOR Event in condition processing CHAR   
364 KOWRR Statistical values CHAR   
365 KOZEI Account Assignment Line CHAR 21    
366 KOZGF Access sequence for condition type CHAR   
367 KOZGV Usage of the access sequence CHAR   
368 KO_ANZ Number of days/weeks/years DEC 10 
369 KPC_OBJECT_TYPE Object Type of a project object CHAR   
370 KPEIN Condition pricing unit DEC   
371 KPEP_WL_CATEGORY Type of Worklist CHAR 20    
372 KPEP_WL_NUMBERRANGEID Identifier of an SCMA Worklist NUMC 11    
373 KPEP_WL_OBART General Object Type SCMA CHAR   
374 KPEP_WL_OBJATTRIB Attributes of an Object in the Worklist CHAR 60    
375 KPEP_WL_OBJCAT Object Type in the Worklist of the Schedule Manager CHAR 10    
376 KPEP_WL_OBJCOUNT Number of Objects in the Schedule Manager Worklist NUMC   
377 KPEP_WL_OBJECTID Object Identifier in the SCMA Worklist CHAR 24    
378 KPEP_WL_OBJSTATUS Processing Status of Object in Worklist NUMC   
379 KPEP_WL_OBJSTATUS_ICON Processing Status of Object in Worklist - Icon CHAR   
380 KPEP_WL_OBJSTAT_GROUP Object Status Group in Worklist NUMC   
381 KPEP_WL_USAGE Usage of Role CHAR   
382 KPEP_WL_WORKLISTID Identifier of an SCMA Worklist CHAR 12    
383 KPEXI Foreign Trade: Header Data / Item Data Level CHAR   
384 KPI_CHART_TYP_DOM KPI Chart Type Domain (for visualization) CHAR   
385 KPI_DATA_CHAR_NAME KPI Characteristic Name CHAR 40    
386 KPI_DATA_KEY_FIG_NAME KPI Key Figure Name CHAR 40    
387 KPI_DATA_PROV_NAME KPI Data Provider Name CHAR 40    
388 KPI_DATA_PROV_TYPE KPI Data Provider Type CHAR   
389 KPI_DESC KPI Description CHAR 40    
390 KPI_FIELD_UI_BE_DOM Backend or Frontend Parameter CHAR   
391 KPI_ID KPI ID for the KPI's for an Object CHAR   
392 KPI_OBJ_DESC KPI Description CHAR 40    
393 KPI_OBJ_TYPE Object Type in KPI CHAR 10    
394 KPI_SELKIND_DOM Kind of Selection Criteria: Paramter or Select Option CHAR   
395 KPI_VR_COLOR_DOM KPI Range Color Domain CHAR 20    
396 KPOS_TXTYP Text type for financial statement items CHAR   
397 KPP_BILDTY CO Planning: Screen Type CHAR   
398 KPP_CALCD Factual Aggregation Behavior of Characteristic Value CHAR   
399 KPP_CALCM Time-Based Aggregation Behavior of Characteristic Value CHAR   
400 KPP_CONT Field Contents of Cell in Logical Screen CHAR   
401 KPP_DCLASS Class of affected data field (char., data 1, 2, 3) CHAR   
402 KPP_DSHOW Ind.: planning dimension for display active? CHAR   
403 KPP_DTYPE CO planning processor: type of planning dimension CHAR   
404 KPP_D_LEV Number of Stars Displayed in Hierarchy Levels INT1   
405 KPP_EXCEL CO Planning: Planning with Microsoft Excel as Front End CHAR   
406 KPP_FCLASS CO Planning: Class of User Function CHAR   
407 KPP_FTYPE Field type of field (field itself or attribute of field) CHAR   
408 KPP_INOUT CO planning: indicator for formula input/output CHAR   
409 KPP_MOMENT Time of validation CHAR   
410 KPP_PLPROF CO planner profile CHAR   
411 KPP_RATIO Screen area within row/column structure CHAR   
412 KPP_SFELD Field for Display of Hierarchy Level CHAR   
413 KPP_SUBCLASS CO Planning Processor: Connected Components CHAR   
414 KPP_S_TYPE Key Column Presentation Type CHAR   
415 KPP_UATTR User Attribute (Internal Number) CHAR   
416 KPP_ZSTABN Table Name Row/Column Structures CHAR 30    
417 KPRDT Condition pricing date CHAR   
418 KPROF Costing profile CHAR   
420 KQSUCITY City CHAR 20    
421 KQSUDTLX List output and degree of detail CHAR   
422 KQSUNAME Name CHAR 40    
423 KQSUSTAT State CHAR   
424 KQSUTRCC Transmitter control code TCC CHAR   
425 KQSUTTIN Tax number NUMC   
426 KQSUTZIP Postal code CHAR 10    
427 KRB_KEYTAB_ADD_MODE Kerberos Keytab Insert Mode INT1   
428 KRB_KEYTAB_ALGORITHM Kerberos Encryption Algorithm INT2   
429 KRECH Calculation type for condition CHAR   
430 KRECH_VF Calculation type for condition CHAR   
431 KREDE_0007 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 18    
432 KREDE_0009 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 20    
433 KREDI_0006 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 20    
434 KREDI_0007 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 20    
435 KREDI_0008 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 25    
436 KREDI_0009 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 25    
437 KREDK_0006 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 18    
438 KREDK_0007 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 18    
439 KREDK_0008 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 20    
440 KREDK_0009 Domain generated for matchcode field CHAR 20    
441 KREISG_SCH IS-M/SD: District municipality key CHAR 15    
442 KRELI Condition for invoice list CHAR   
443 KREUZ Selection field CHAR   
444 KRIT1 Planning criterion CHAR 20    
445 KRIT4 Characteristic CHAR 26    
446 KRIT_OS Graphics display type CHAR   
447 KRPRZ Points score for vendor evaluation NUMC   
448 KRTYP Type of automatic calculation CHAR   
449 KRUEK Condition is relevant for accruals (e.g. freight) CHAR   
450 KR_QSREC Vendor recipient type CHAR   
451 KSCHA Condition type for pricing elements CHAR   
452 KSCHL Condition key CHAR   
453 KSCHL_CD Condition key CHAR   
454 KSCHL_EXT_KK Key for External Taxes CHAR   
455 KSCHL_FG Condition key CHAR   
456 KSLIS Type of BV recompilation (suppl. update, recompilation) CHAR   
457 KSPI_NABST Ind. for unreconciled activity in activity price computation CHAR   
458 KSPP_DELEV Detail Step for Output List in SOP/LTP - CCA Integration NUMC   
459 KSRBO CO-CCA radio button, values: 'X' and ' ' CHAR   
460 KSREMIND IS-M/SD: Customer procedure for monitoring CHAR   
461 KSTAR Cost element CHAR 10    
462 KSTAR_MKZ Source Cost Elements Indicator CHAR   
463 KSTAU Cost distribution CO CHAR   
464 KSTAZ Indicator for statistical line items CHAR   
465 KSTBMT Amount field PL8 with three decimal places CURR 15 
466 KSTEU Condition control CHAR   
467 KSTGRP Settlement company cost group CHAR   
468 KSTPR Checking rule for scales CHAR   
469 KSTRG Cost object: Hierarchy node for process costing CHAR 12    
470 KSTTY Cost center types CHAR   
471 KS_ABGDT IS-H: Date on which the IV/certificate was completed DATS   
472 KS_ANTEI IS-H: Percentage of the IV/certificate item DEC
473 KS_ART IS-H: Type of insurance verification/certificate CHAR   
474 KS_BELNR IS-H: Document number CHAR 10    
475 KS_BSTAT IS-H: Editing status of insurance verification/certificate CHAR   
476 KS_EBARB IS-H: Editor at the receiver CHAR 35    
477 KS_EBZEI IS-H: Reference at the receiver CHAR 20    
478 KS_EMTYP IS-H: Receiver Category CHAR   
479 KS_MAANZ IS-H: Number of reminders NUMC   
480 KS_POSNR IS-H: Item per Insurance Verification/Certificate NUMC   
481 KS_PSTAT IS-H: processing status of the item CHAR   
482 KS_STATUS IS-H: Processing status insurance verification/certificate CHAR 14    
483 KS_TYP IS-H: Internal category of insurance verific./certificate CHAR   
484 KS_TYPEX IS-H: External category of insurance verific./certificate CHAR   
485 KS_TYPINT IS-H: Internal category of insurance verific./certificate CHAR   
486 KS_VERKZ IS-H: Sending indicator of IV/certificate CHAR   
487 KS_VERWEND IS-H: Internal Usage ID insur. verification/certificate cat. CHAR   
488 KTA01 Sales Activity Description 01 CHAR   
489 KTA02 Sales Activity Description 02 CHAR   
490 KTA03 Sales Activity Description 03 CHAR   
491 KTA04 Sales Activity Description 04 CHAR   
492 KTA05 Sales Activity Description 05 CHAR   
493 KTA06 Sales Activity Description 06 CHAR   
494 KTA07 Sales Activity Description 07 CHAR   
495 KTA08 Sales Activity Description 08 CHAR   
496 KTA09 Sales Activity Description 09 CHAR   
497 KTA10 Sales Activity Description 10 CHAR   
498 KTAAK Functions of a sales activity for authorization check CHAR   
499 KTAAR Sales Activity Type for Sales Support CHAR   
500 KTAAR_CLASS CAS: Classify sales activity types CHAR