SAP ABAP Search Help - Index H, page 7
Search Help - H
# Search Help Name Short Description Package
1 H_T606B Help View Generated for Check Table T606B VEI 
2 H_T606E Help View Generated for Check Table T606E-Legal Reg./CtryGrp VEI 
3 H_T606G Help View Generated for Check Table T606G-Legal Regulations VEI 
4 H_T606H Help View Generated for Check Table T606H VEI 
5 H_T607G Financial Document Processing: Help View T607G-Change Reason VEI 
6 H_T607I Financial Document Processing: T607I Help VEI 
7 H_T615 Generated help view for check table T615 VL0C 
8 H_T616 Helpview Generated for Check Table T616 VL 
9 H_T618 Help View Generated for Check Table T618 VEI 
10 H_T646A Generated Help View for Check-Table T646A LVS 
11 H_T646G Generated Help View for Check-Table T646G LVS 
12 H_T646L Generated Help View for Check-Table T646L LVS 
13 H_T646R Generated Help View for Check-Table T646R LVS 
14 H_T646V Generated Help View for Check-Table T646U LVS 
15 H_T681 Helpview Generated for Check Table T681 VKON 
16 H_T681A Helpview Generated for Check Table T681A VKON 
17 H_T681S Helpview Generated for Check Table T681S VKON 
18 H_T681V Helpview Generated for Check Table T681V VKON 
19 H_T681Z Helpview T681Z VZ 
20 H_T682 Helpview Generated for Check Table T682 VIEW 
21 H_T685 Helpview Generated for Check Table T685 VIEW 
22 H_T685B Helpview T685B VZ 
23 H_T686A Helpview Generated for Check Table T686A VKON 
24 H_T686C Helpview generated for check table T686C VS0C 
25 H_T687 "Help View Generated For Check Table T687" FBD 
26 H_T691A "Help View For Credit Management Risk Category" FBD 
27 H_T691B Help view for credit management groups FBD 
28 H_T702C Name for Employee Grouping for Travel Expense Type PTRA 
29 H_T702E Vehicle type PTRA 
30 H_T702G Statutory trip types PTRA 
31 H_T702O Trip country/Trip region/Trip country group PTRA 
32 H_T702Q Name: for travel costs/add.flat rate types PTRA 
33 H_T702R Trip Activity Types PTRA 
34 H_T702W Vehicle Classes PTRA 
35 H_T702X Enterprise-specific trip type PTRA 
36 H_T703L Help View for Time Ticket Types PTIM 
37 H_T703S Help View for Premium Formulas PTIM 
38 H_T703W Help View for Parameters and Result Types PTIM 
39 H_T703Z Help View for Allowed Parameters and Result Types PTIM 
40 H_T704E Helpview for Entity Table PCAL 
41 H_T705D View for Function Code Texts PTIM 
42 H_T706B Travel Expense Types PTRA 
43 H_T706C Names for Travel Expense Types PTRA 
44 H_T706E Names for vehicle types PTRA 
45 H_T706FORM_CLM Search help columns in form block PTRA 
46 H_T706FORM_CLMBL Search help blocks with suppressible columns PTRA 
47 H_T706FORM_COLDEP Search help color display PTRA 
48 H_T706FORM_VAR Search help for form variants PTRA 
49 H_T706FORM_VAR2 Search help for form variants PTRA 
50 H_T706G Names for statutory trip types PTRA 
51 H_T706I Name for statutory reimbursement group for meals/accomm. PTRA 
52 H_T706J Name for enterprise-specific for meals/acc. PTRA 
53 H_T706O Name for trip country, trip country group, trip region PTRA 
54 H_T706Q Names for period indicator for miles/kms accumulation PTRA 
55 H_T706R Names for trip activity types PTRA 
56 H_T706S Trip Schema PTRA 
57 H_T706T Names for trip schema PTRA 
58 H_T706W Names for vehicle classes PTRA 
59 H_T706X Names for enterprise-specific trip types PTRA 
60 H_T706Y Names for employee groupings for Travel Management PTRA 
61 H_T706_CITY_CODE_GET_CITY Search Help for Location from Table T706_CITY_CODE PTRAPS 
62 H_T706_CITY_CODE_GET_DISTRICT Search Help for City District from Table T706_CITY_CD_D PTRAPS 
63 H_T706_CITY_CODE_GET_POST_CODE Search Help for Postal Code (Table T706_CITY_CODE) PTRAPS 
64 H_T710_8 Search help pay scale group/level for IT0008 PBAS 
65 H_T750B Helpview for Table T750B PAPL 
66 H_T750C Helpview for T750C PAPL 
67 H_T750D Generated helpview for check table T750D PAPL 
68 H_T750F Helpview for Table T750F PAPL 
69 H_T750K Helpview for T750K PAPL 
70 H_T751C Helpview for Table T751C PAPL 
71 H_T76MGE_ADM International HR Administrator PAOC_PAD_MGE 
72 H_T76MGE_ASI Assignment types PAOC_PAD_MGE 
74 H_T76MGE_CPI_A Only Allowance CPIs PAOC_PAD_MGE 
76 H_T76MGE_DOC Search help for documents PAOC_PAD_MGE 
77 H_T76MGE_SCL_A Only Symbolic Classes for Allowance CPIs PAOC_PAD_MGE 
78 H_T76MGE_SCL_B Only Symbolic Classes for base CPIs PAOC_PAD_MGE 
80 H_T770A Helpview for Table 770A PP09 
81 H_T770B Helpview for Table T770B PP09 
82 H_T777A Helpview for Table T777A SP00 
83 H_T777M Helpview for Table T777M SP00 
84 H_T778A Helpview for Table T778A SP00 
85 H_T778C Generated Helpview for Check Table T778C PP01 
86 H_T778G Generated Helpview for Check Table T778G PP01 
87 H_T778M Helpview for Actions SP00 
88 H_T778O Generated Helpview for Check Table T778O SP00 
89 H_T778P Generated Helpview for Check Table T778P SP00 
90 H_T778Q Generated help view for check table T778Q PPPE 
91 H_T778S Generated Helpview for Check Table T778S SP00 
92 H_T778T Generated Helpview for Check Table T778T SP00 
93 H_T778U Generated Helpview for Check Table T778U SP00 
94 H_T778V Generated Helpview for Check Table T778V SP00 
95 H_T778W Generated Helpview for Check Table T778W PP01 
96 H_T778X Generated Helpview for Check Table T778X PP01 
97 H_T77ALE_FILTER1 Filter 1 for HR Master Data Distribution SP01 
98 H_T77ALE_FILTER2 Filter 2 for HR Master Data Distribution SP01 
99 H_T77AP Generated Helpview for Check Table T77AP SP00 
100 H_T77ED Check Table View for Shifts and Descriptions PP08 
101 H_T77FC Helpview for Table 77FC SP00 
102 H_T77IV Helpview for Table T77IV SP00 
103 H_T77KD Scenario Groups in Personnel Cost Planning PP07 
104 H_T77KL Generated Helpview for Wage Elements (Table T77KL) PP07 
105 H_T77KT Plan Scenario Texts PP07 
106 H_T77MB Helpview for Table T77MB SP00 
107 H_T77OC Possible Entries For Catalogs SP00 
108 H_T77PR Helpview for Table T77PR PP00 
109 H_T77PRNL_ICP Particularization of Income Period PB05 
110 H_T77PRNL_ICR Type of Income Relationship PB05 
111 H_T77PRNL_OCC Code Occupation PB05 
112 H_T77R1 Helpview for Table T77R1: Reservation Type PP05 
113 H_T77R2 Help view for table T77R2: Lunch times PP05 
114 H_T77R3 Help view for table T77R3: Allowed Companies/Moderators PP05 
115 H_T77S0DEFTF F4-Help View for Default Delivery Method LSO_TM_ND 
116 H_T77S4 Helpview for Table T77S4 SP00 
117 H_T7AR80 Search help of master CUIL/CUIT PC29 
119 H_T7FI1P Provide help for Tax Reference Number from T7FI1P PC44 
120 H_T7HK3K PB27 
121 H_T7ID2L Search help for T7ID2L PB34 
122 H_T7INCA Car and Conveyance PB40 
123 H_T7INF1 trust PAOC_PAD_UI_IN 
124 H_T7KR23_GVCOD Search help for gvcod PB41 
125 H_T7KRSI_SIANM Search help for medical insurance association name PB41 
126 H_T7MX24 IMSS Employer Record Help view PB32 
127 H_T7MX63 Municipality help view PB32 
128 H_T7MXPBS11 ISSSTE: clinic code, name and address P32P1 
129 H_T7MXPBS31T Payment center description P32P1 
130 H_T7PBSWB1D Search help for Process Scenario P00PSWB 
131 H_T7PBSWB2C Search help for T7PBSWB2C - PWE status P00PSWB 
132 H_T7PBSWB2D Search help for T7PBSWB2D P00PSWB 
133 H_T7PHTC Help View generated for Table T7PHTC PB48 
134 H_T7US_FMLA_REASON Search Help for FMLA Reasons PT_FMLA 
135 H_T7US_FMLA_RULE Search Help for FMLA Rules PT_FMLA 
136 H_T7US_FMLA_WRKWK Search Help for Rule for Determining Week Converter PT_FMLA 
137 H_T7VES2 Value range for code and description of occupational cat. PB17 
138 H_T800 Reports GRWT 
139 H_T801H Parallel reports GRWT 
140 H_T801K Libraries GRWT 
141 H_T802G Generated help view for check table T802G GBSE 
142 H_T803A Generated help view for check table T803A GRWT 
143 H_T803J Jobs GRWT 
144 H_T804A Report Writer Tables GRWT 
145 H_T804B Data Field Definitions GRWT 
146 H_T804F Data set entries GRWT 
147 H_T807H Help View for the Rollup Display (new) GBRU 
148 H_T820 Help View for Planning Parameters GPLN 
149 H_T821S Generated Help View for Check Table T821S GPLN 
150 H_T821S_COPA Distribution Keys Search Help with CO-PA Restrictions KE 
151 H_T822 Generated Help View for Check Table T822 GPLN 
152 H_T850A Help View for sort criteria FKUC 
153 H_T852 Subgroup FKUC 
154 H_T852N Consolidation frequencies FKUC 
155 H_T852P Consolidation frequency FKUC 
156 H_T854 Financial statement item table FKUC 
157 H_T855 Reasons for inclusion/exemption FKUC 
158 H_T856 Transaction Types FKUC 
159 H_T856X Transaction type groups FKUC 
160 H_T857D Data entry form groups FKUC 
161 H_T857N Validation groups FKUC 
162 H_T857S Column layout of data entry forms FKUC 
163 H_T857X Line layout of data entry forms FKUC 
164 H_T858 Help View for versions FKUC 
165 H_T859 Help View for data entry forms FKUC 
166 H_T862K Standard reports: Headings FKUC 
167 H_T862Q Standard reports: Column layout FKUC 
168 H_T862X Standard reports: Line layout FKUC 
169 H_T863 Standard reports FKUC 
170 H_T863C Report groups FKUC 
171 H_T863W Valuations FKUC 
172 H_T869 Consolidation of investments methods FKUC 
173 H_T876 Document types FKUC 
174 H_T876B Document types FKUC 
175 H_T877K Consolidation activity groups FKUC 
176 H_T880 Help View for displaying company FKUC 
177 H_T881 Help View for the Ledger Display GBAS 
178 H_T881_FLEX Help View for the Ledger Display: Flexible General Ledger GLT0 
179 H_T881_FREE Help View for the Ledger Display GBAS 
180 H_T881_TAB Search Help Ledger with Totals Record Table FMMD 
181 H_T883S Help view for displaying the user tables GBAS 
182 H_T884 Currency translation methods FKUC 
183 H_T888 Help view for field grouping code GBAS 
184 H_T889 Help View for Check Table T889 GBAS 
185 H_T894 Help View for Versions GBAS 
186 H_T8G031 Business process variant GLT0 
187 H_T8G031_01 Business Process Variant FAGL_ONLINE_SPLIT_EHP3 
188 H_T8G29 Allowed item categories GLT0 
189 H_T8J2A Net Profit Interest Groups GJVA 
190 H_T8J3A Non-Operated Billing Form GJVA 
191 H_T8J4A GJVA 
192 H_T8J6A Help View for Table T8J6A GJVC 
193 H_T8J6C Help View for Table T8J6C GJVC 
194 H_T8J7D GJVA 
195 H_T8J7E GJVA 
196 H_T8J7F GJVA 
197 H_T8J8B GJVA 
198 H_T8J8E GJVA 
199 H_T8J8G GJVA 
200 H_T8J9F JOA Class GJVA 
201 H_T8JA Help View for T8JA GJVC 
202 H_T8JC GJVA 
203 H_T8JE Help View for Table T8JE GJVC 
204 H_T8JF Help View for Table T8JF GJVC 
205 H_T8JJ Help View for Table T8JJ (no internal recovery indicators) GJVC 
206 H_T8JM Funding Groups GJVA 
207 H_T8JO GJV2 
208 H_T8JPA GJV2 
209 H_T8JQ Help View GJVA 
210 H_T8JT Venture Class GJVA 
211 H_T8JU GJVB 
212 H_T8JV Help View for Table T8JV GJVC 
213 H_T8JX Search Help for Condition Key GJVC 
214 H_T8JY Billing Format Master GJVA 
215 H_T8PL01 Search help for summary table GLPL 
216 H_TABW All Asset Transaction Types AB 
217 H_TABWG Generated Help View for Check Table TABWG AA 
218 H_TABWP Help view for history sheet versions in FI-AA reporting AC 
219 H_TABWQ Help View for History Sheet Groups AC 
220 H_TABW_AB01L All Asset Transaction Types AB 
221 H_TABW_ABG Retirement transaction types AA 
222 H_TABW_ALL All Asset Transaction Types AA_BAS_CUS 
223 H_TABW_FM Transaction Types for Payment Requests AB 
224 H_TACT Generated help view for check table TACT SUSR 
225 H_TAMLAY0_GL_MASTER Layouts in G/L account master records FBSC 
226 H_TAPPL Help view for application classes SDIC 
227 H_TB001 Help View for Tabelle TB0001 (Groupings) S_BUPA_GENERAL 
228 H_TB003 Help View for Table TB003 (BP Roles) S_BUPA_GENERAL 
229 H_TB003A Help View for Table TB003A (BP Role Categories) S_BUPA_GENERAL 
230 H_TB003E Help View for Table TB003E (BP Role Excl. Group -> BP-Roles) S_BUPA_GENERAL 
231 H_TB003F Help View f.Table TB003F(BP Role Excl.Grp->Permitted Transns S_BUPA_GENERAL 
232 H_TB003G Help View for Table TB003G (BP Role Groupings) BUPA 
233 H_TB003J Help View for Table TB003J (BP Role Grouping Categories) BUPA 
234 H_TB003_TXT Help View for Table TB003 (BP Roles), Description S_BUPA_GENERAL 
235 H_TB005 Data Origin S_BUPA_GENERAL 
236 H_TB019 Help View for Table TB019 (BP Legal Forms) S_BUPA_GENERAL 
237 H_TB023 Help View for Table TB023 (BP Industries) S_BUPA_GENERAL 
238 H_TB025 Help View for Table TB025 (BP Group Types) S_BUPA_GENERAL 
239 H_TB038A FSBP: Selection of Industries in Standard Industry System FS_BP_AL_EMPLOYMENT 
240 H_TB109 Help View for Table TB109 (SAP BP Application Transactions) BUPA 
241 H_TBCA Bar chart: Chart Types SGRC 
242 H_TBCC Bar Chart: Colors SGRC 
243 H_TBCF Bar chart: Form types SGRC 
244 H_TBCG Bar Chart: Graphic Profiles SGRC 
245 H_TBCL Bar Chart: Graphic Element Types SGRC 
246 H_TBCO Bar Chart: Option Profiles SGRC 
247 H_TBIER Search for Job IDs BMV 
248 H_TBMOT Accounting Indicator Search Help ICSV 
249 H_TBRC Industry Sector Code Texts VS 
250 H_TBSL Help_View for TBSL FBAS 
251 H_TBZ1E Help View for Table TBZ1E (BDT Application Transactions) BUPA 
252 H_TC04 Help View: Application-spec. Criteria for Alt. Determination CS 
253 H_TC20 Help View for Standard Value Parameters CR 
254 H_TC21 Help View for Standard Value Key CR 
255 H_TC23 Help View for Task List Usage CR 
256 H_TC24 Help View for Person Responsible for Work Center" CR 
257 H_TC25 Help View for Scheduling Formulas CR 
258 H_TC26 Help View for Capacity Category CR 
259 H_TC27 "Capacity Planner" CR 
260 H_TC28 Help View for Location Group CR 
261 H_TC29 Distribution key CY 
262 H_TC29S "Distribution Strategies" CY 
263 H_TC29V "Distribution Functions" CY 
264 H_TC30 Work center category CR 
265 H_TC30A Work Center Categories Valid for an Application CR 
266 H_TC31 "Performance Efficiency Rate Key" CR 
267 H_TC50 Help View: TC50 COCB 
268 H_TC50C Help View TC50C: Message Charact. Assignment to Messages COCB 
269 H_TC50D Help View of TC50D: "Assigmt.of Message Messages" COCB 
270 H_TC50E Help View of TC50E: "Assigmt. of Mess. Charact. to Messages" COCB 
271 H_TC51 Help View of Table TC51: "Message Destinations" COCB 
272 H_TC52 Help View: TC52 COCB 
273 H_TC55 Help View: "Destination-specific Target Fields" COCB 
274 H_TC57 Help View: Table TC57 COCB 
275 H_TCA01 Help View for TCA01: "Task List Types" CP 
276 H_TCA07 Help View: "Sequence Categories" CP 
277 H_TCA09 Aid for entering task list uses CP 
278 H_TCA11 Help View for TCA11:"Object Selection for Overview Versions" CP 
279 H_TCA14 Help View for TCA14: "Overview Versions" CP 
280 H_TCA18 Help View for TCA18: "Objects in Overview Versions" CP 
281 H_TCA20 Help View for TCA20:"Grouping Categories for Obj. Overviews" CP 
282 H_TCA22 Help View for TCA22: "Layout of Lines in Overview Versions" CP 
283 H_TCA41 Help View: "Profiles" CP 
284 H_TCA43 Help view: Routing selection (product costing) CKJ1 
285 H_TCA50 Help View for TCA50 CP 
286 H_TCA52 Help View for TCA52 CP 
287 H_TCA54 Help View: "Reference Dates" CP 
288 H_TCA60 Sequence Keys for Input Facility and Verification CP 
289 H_TCA62 Help View: "Screen Sequence" CP 
290 H_TCAPI Status for CAPP Elements CEV 
291 H_TCARA Rounding Category (CAPP-based Calculation of Std Values) CEV 
292 H_TCATS CATS: Help View for Variants CATS 
293 H_TCBRGROUP Customer Branding Groups SCBR 
294 H_TCEH Characteristic Origins for Formulas and Methods CEV 
295 H_TCERS Key for Rounding and Additional Values CEV 
296 H_TCF02 Production resources/tools category CF 
297 H_TCF04 Help view: "Status of the PRT Master" CF 
298 H_TCF10 Help View: "PRT Control Key" CF 
299 H_TCF12 Help View: "Check Table TCF12" CF 
300 H_TCG11 EHS: Value Assignment Types CBEHS 
301 H_TCG46 EHS: Source CBUI 
302 H_TCG61 EHS: Phrase Library CBEHS_PHR 
303 H_TCG65 EHS: Phrase languages CBUI 
304 H_TCG93 Search Countries for Regulation CBDG 
305 H_TCHW1 Help-view for table TCHW1 VBWS 
306 H_TCHW1_DIM Choose Units of Measure According to the Selection VBWS 
307 H_TCHW1_MEINH Search Help for the Proportion/Product Unit in Table TCHW1 VBWS 
308 H_TCHW1_NODIM Choose Units of Measure W/o Dimension VBWS 
309 H_TCJ04 Help View of People Responsible for Project CN_PSP_OPR 
310 H_TCJ05 "View of Project Applicants" CN_PSP_OPR 
311 H_TCLA Help View on Class Types CL 
312 H_TCLG Class group CL 
313 H_TCLT Classifiable Object Files CL 
314 H_TCLU Class Status CL 
315 H_TCLX Class Texts: Blocks CL 
316 H_TCMF6 Error Management Applications CKJ5 
317 H_TCMFA Help view for user-defined message types (product costing) CKJ5 
318 H_TCMG Help View for Characteristic Group CT 
319 H_TCMS Help View for Characteristic Status CT 
320 H_TCN03 "View for TCN03: PS Text Types" CN_NET_OPR 
321 H_TCNB Project Information System: Graphic Options CNIS 
322 H_TCNC Network/Hierarchy Graphics: Frame Types SGRC 
323 H_TCND PS Info System: Individual Oerview CNIS 
324 H_TCNF Project Information System: Displayed Fields CNIS 
325 H_TCNG Network/Hierarchy Graphics: Graphics Profiles SGRC 
326 H_TCNL Network/Hierarchy Graphics: Link Types SGRC 
327 H_TCNMF Requirement ind. for material flow in the network CN_NET_OPR 
328 H_TCNN Network/Hierarchy Graphics: Node Types SGRC 
329 H_TCNO Network/Hierarchy Graphics: Options Profile SGRC 
330 H_TCNP Project Information System: Grouping Criteria CNIS 
331 H_TCNS Project Information System: Sort Criteria CNIS 
332 H_TCNT Project Information System: Object Overview CNIS 
333 H_TCNVA Variable overviews: Applications CNVL 
334 H_TCNVD Variable overviews: Data fields CNVL 
335 H_TCNVF Variable overviews: Displayed fields CNVL 
336 H_TCNVL Variable Overviews: List Variants CNVL 
337 H_TCNVO Variable overviews: Objects CNVL 
338 H_TCNVS Variable overviews: Sub-applications CNVL 
339 H_TCNVZ Variable overviews: Displayed objects (lines) CNVL 
340 H_TCOA Order Info System: Overall Profile for the Object Overview COIS 
341 H_TCOAD Order Information System: Individual Overviews COIS 
342 H_TCOF Missing Parts Info System: Profile Overview CO 
343 H_TCOFF Missing Parts Info System: Fields Displayed CO 
344 H_TCOFG Missing Parts Info System: Grouping Criteria CO 
345 H_TCOFS Missing Parts Info System: Sort Criteria CO 
346 H_TCP00 Display character set with its long text SCP 
347 H_TCP05 Display character set manufacturer ID with long text SCP 
348 H_TCPCHARSET Display Character Set with Long Text SCP 
349 H_TCPFILEREA Function Modules for Importing Mapping Sets SCP 
350 H_TCPSCHEMA Display Encoding Schema with Long Text SCP 
351 H_TCPSEG Display Character Set with Long Text SCP 
352 H_TCS41 Help View: Automatic Alternate BOM Selection MD03 
353 H_TCURC Help View For Currency SFIB 
354 H_TCURV Help View Generated for Check Table TCURV FBAS 
355 H_TCY06 Overall profile CY 
356 H_TDAPPLBUDAT Search Help for Default Posting Date FVVD 
357 H_TDBL Help View for Form Categories FTLC 
358 H_TDG103 Search for Transport Indicators CBDG 
359 H_TDG103_MASS Search for Indicators for Transport - Mass Creation CBDG 
360 H_TDG153 EHS-DG: Search Help for Collective Mode-of-Transport Cat. CBEHS_DGP 
361 H_TDG67 DG: SH for tables TDG67/TDG68 with display deletion ind. CBDG 
362 H_TDG69 Search for fields in the dangerous goods master CBDG 
363 H_TDG71 Search for fields in the dangerous goods packaging requiremt CBDG 
364 H_TDGD9 Search for fields in the dangerous goods master CBDG 
365 H_TDG_ADDINF_PROFILE Search Help for Additional Information for Danger Label CBDG 
366 H_TDG_DANGER_LABEL Search Help for Danger Label CBDG 
367 H_TDG_EXCEPT Search Help for Exceptions to Dangerous Goods Regulations CBDG 
368 H_TDG_PACKCODE Search Help for Packaging Codes CBEHS 
369 H_TDLOANFUNC Determine Flow Types Based on TDLOANFUNC FVVD_DISB 
370 H_TDNAME Creates List of All Available SO10 TEXT HR_G Notifications PAOC_PAD_UI_INFTY_0128_XX 
371 H_TDO2 Helpview for Part of Building Name FTLC 
372 H_TDO3 Helpview for property supported FTLC 
373 H_TDSUSPREASON Help View: Reason for Suspense Posting FVVD_PAYMENT_US 
374 H_TDWA Document Types Help View CV 
375 H_TDWD TDWD Help View CV 
376 H_TDWP Help View for Table TDWP CV0C 
377 H_TDWST Status Abbreviations Help View CV 
378 H_TE221 Selection View for Operands EE20 
379 H_TE241 Franchise tax group EE20 
380 H_TE835 Use of line item type EE20 
381 H_TE835_2 Use of line item type EE20 
382 H_TEDST Help View For Partner Types SED 
383 H_TEDWL Help view: logical destination BALI 
384 H_TERKR Generated Helpview for Check Table TERKR KE 
385 H_TESPT Allocation: Division -> Division Category EE00 
386 H_TEXTTYPE EHS: Collective Search Help for User-Def. Text Type (TCG41) CBEHS_BAS 
387 H_TEXTTYPE_A EHS: Append Search Help for User-Defined Text Type (TCG41) CBUI 
388 H_TEXTTYPE_BASE EHS: Elementary Search Help for User-Def. Text Type (TCG41) CBEHS_BAS 
389 H_TF100 Helpview Items FC01_UC 
390 H_TF103 Helpview Breakdown Categories FC01_UC 
391 H_TF105 Item Categories Help View FC01_UC 
392 H_TF110 Helpview Subitem Categories FC01_UC 
393 H_TF115 Helpview Subitems FC01_UC 
394 H_TF120 Helpview: Consolidation Charts of Accounts FC01_UC 
395 H_TF130 Helpview Item Hierarchy FC01_UC 
396 H_TF150 Help view FC01_UC 
397 H_TF160 Helpview consolidation units FC01_UC 
398 H_TF173 Reasons for inclusion in consolidation FC01_UC 
399 H_TF180 Consolidation groups FC01_UC 
400 H_TF190 Help view FC01_UC 
401 H_TF195 Helpview Hierarchy Levels FC01_UC 
402 H_TF240 Helpview Cons. Frequencies FC02_UC 
403 H_TF320 Help View: Financial Data Types FC03_UC 
404 H_TF500 Document types FC05_UC 
405 H_TF530 Task groups FC05_UC 
406 H_TF540 Helpview: Consolidation Tasks FC05_UC 
407 H_TF550 Helpview: Consolidation Methods FC05_UC 
408 H_TFACD Factory calendar ID SZC 
409 H_TFACD_EXT Factory Calendar ID SZC 
410 H_TFAT VarChart Graphics: Fields SGRC 
411 H_TFKB Functional Areas KBAS 
412 H_TFKB_TREX_ADV Advanced Search for Functional Area FMMD 
413 H_TFKB_TREX_QUICK Quick Search for Functional Area FMMD 
414 H_TFKY3 Display issuer via modified help view program FTVV 
415 H_TFKY4 Display depository bank FTVV 
416 H_TFKZGR Help View for Ind. Value Adjustments/Doubtful Entry Reasons FKKB 
418 H_TFKZRGR Help View for Ind. Value Adjustments/Doubtful Entry Reasons FKKB 
419 H_TFMT VarChart Graphics: Forms SGRC 
420 H_TFO01 Help view for SAPscript font families in table TFO01 STXD 
421 H_TFO05 Help view for SAPscript bar code check table TFO05 STXD 
422 H_TFRSP VarChart Graphics: Frame shape SGRC 
423 H_TFTBY VarChart Graphics: Font style SGRC 
424 H_TFW_BUPA_TP Help View for Table TFW_TP for Object BUPA BUPA_TFW 
425 H_TFW_BUPA_TPTYPE Help View for Table TFW_TPTYPE for Object BUPA BUPA_TFW 
426 H_TGMF VarChart Graphics: GMF Files for Including Logos SGRC 
427 H_TGSB Help View for Business Areas FBASCORE 
428 H_THLT VarChart Graphics: Colors SGRC 
429 H_THM011 EHS-DG: Search Help for Classification Code CBDI 
430 H_THM039 DG-Mat: Search processing status CBEHS_DGP 
431 H_THM039_ EHS-DGM: Search Help for Processing Status CBDI 
432 H_THM071 EHS-DGM: Search Help for Risk Potential CBDI 
433 H_THOCI Public holiday calendar SZC 
434 H_THOCI_EXT Public Holiday Calendar SZC 
435 H_THOL Help View for Public Holidays PTIM 
436 H_TINC Helpview Generated for Check Table TINC VIEW 
437 H_TINC_LOC Search help for incoterms 1 with location_obligatory field ERP_WEC_LO_API 
438 H_TITL2_UI_NL Help View for Titles/Name Affixes/Name Prefixes PAOC_PAD_UI_INFTY_0002_NL 
439 H_TIV07 Help-view for apportionment units FVVI 
440 H_TIV08 Help-view area type VVSRG_CORE 
441 H_TIV10 Help view for location information FVVI 
442 H_TIV15 Help view for regional management FVVI 
443 H_TIV16 Help view for maintenance districts FVVI 
444 H_TIV17 Display of TIV17 storey table FVVI 
445 H_TIV20 Help view TIV20 FVVI 
446 H_TIV22 Help view for table TIV22 FVVI 
447 H_TIV28 Display of texts for corporate group ID type (Table TIV28) FVVI 
448 H_TIV30 Display texts for group to which company belongs FVVI 
449 H_TIV35 Help view for regional locations FVVI 
450 H_TIV39 Help view for reason for notice FVVI 
451 H_TIV50 Help view for texts (F4) settlement companies FVVI 
452 H_TIV60 Help view TIV60 Real Estate tax indicator FVVI 
453 H_TIVSKZ2UE Search Help for Statistical Key Figures FVVI 
454 H_TJ01 Help View: Status Management Transactions BSV 
455 H_TJ01_FM Help View: Status Management Transactions FMFS_CORE 
456 H_TJ02 Help View: System Status BSV 
457 H_TJ03 Help view 'Object types' BSV 
458 H_TJ05 Object Type Activities BSV 
459 H_TJ20 Help view: Status Profiles BSV 
460 H_TJ21_BUS Help View for Status Profile for Object Cat. "Bus. Partner" BUPA 
461 H_TJ30 Help view: User Statuses BSV 
462 H_TJ30_RCP Help View: User Statuses RMSRCPCST 
463 H_TJ30_TXT04 Help view: User Statuses ERP_SALES_O2C_MAIN 
464 H_TJ48_WD Help View 'Selection Profiles' RPLM_QIMT_BE 
465 H_TJGM1 IS-M: Search help for address formatting for print preview JSD 
466 H_TJGM3 IS-M: Search help for address formatting for inkjet type JSD 
467 H_TJGM5 IS-M: Search help for formatting type of field JSD 
468 H_TJGM9 IS-M: Search help for address formatting for FI customer JSD 
469 H_TJGMB IS-M: Search help for address formatting for RF customer JSD 
470 H_TJR41 IS-M: Search help for reason for different vehicle JSD 
471 H_TJV05 IS-M: Search help for package types JSD 
472 H_TKA01 Controlling Areas KBAS 
473 H_TKA01_CORE Controlling Areas KBASCORE 
474 H_TKA02 Assign Company Code to Controlling Area KE1CCORE 
475 H_TKA03 Help View for Statistical Key Figures KBAS 
476 H_TKA03_2 Search Help for Type 2 Statistical Key Figures (Totals Rec.) KIMB 
477 H_TKA05 Help View for Cost Center Types KBAS 
478 H_TKA09 Help View for Versions in Cost Accounting KBAS 
479 H_TKA09_RE Help View for Versions in RE Reporting RECO 
480 H_TKA10 Generated Help View for TKA10 Check Table KBAS 
481 H_TKA50 Planner Profile Helpview for 1 Char. for 'SUBCLASS' Field KPP 
482 H_TKEB Helpview for Maintenance of Op.Concern KE 
483 H_TKEB1 View for the Report Library KC 
484 H_TKEBB Display Operating Concerns KE 
485 H_TKEDP View: Tables Allowed as Entry Aids for Defining Charact. KE 
486 H_TKEP7 Characteristic Group for Profitability Segment KE 
487 H_TKEPA Revaluation KE 
488 H_TKEPLEXIT Search help for customer exit in CO-PA planning KE 
489 H_TKEPLEXIT_TP Search Help for Customer Exit in CO-PA Planning KE 
490 H_TKEPPLMEPAH Parameter settings KE 
491 H_TKEPPLMETHH Search Help for Planning Method KE 
492 H_TKEPS Auxiliary View: Plan Structures KE0C 
493 H_TKEPSZK CO-PA: Access for flexible planning aids KE 
494 H_TKEPTRK CO-PA: Event KE 
495 H_TKEQUS1 Ratio scheme KE 
496 H_TKEQUS1_1 Ratio scheme KE 
497 H_TKES1 Row/Column Structure KE 
498 H_TKKAA Help View for Results Analysis Keys KKAG 
499 H_TKKAP Help View: Results Analysis Versions/Name KKS 
500 H_TKKEA Help view for costing types KKEK