SAP ABAP Package EE20 (IS-U: Billing)
Basic Data
Package EE20   
Short Description   IS-U: Billing    
Super package IS-U/CCS   Structure Package IS-U/CCS 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
BASDYPERASS Basic categories of dynamic period control  TRANSP   E  
DBERCHR Discnt for Bill.Line Item  TRANSP   A  
DBERCHT Texts for billing documents  TRANSP   A  
DBERCHU Conversion Steps per Billing Line Item  TRANSP   A  
DBERCHV Consumption History  TRANSP   A  
DBERCHZ Individual Line Items  TRANSP   A  
DBERCHZ1 Individual line items  TRANSP   A  
DBERCHZ2 Individual line items (device data)  TRANSP   A  
DBERCHZ3 Individual line items (amount and price data)  TRANSP   A  
DBERCHZ4 Individual line items (rarely used fields)  TRANSP   A  
DBERCHZ5 Individual line items (unimportant rows)  TRANSP   A  
DBERCHZ6 Document line items (device data, unimportant rows)  TRANSP   A  
DBERCHZ7 Document line items (amount/price data, unimportant rows)  TRANSP   A  
DBERCHZ8 Document line items (rarely used fields, unimportant)  TRANSP   A  
EAPPOBJ Application Objects  TRANSP   C  
EAPPOBJT Text: Application Objects  TRANSP   C  
EAPPOBJTHIS Application Objects  TRANSP   C  
EASIMASSRCAT Associated Rate Categories  TRANSP   C  
EASIMASSRTYPE Associated Rate Types  TRANSP   C  
EASIMLINEGROUP Group of Simulation Lines  TRANSP   C  
EASIMLINEGROUPT Group of Simulation Lines  TRANSP   C  
EASIMLINEGRPTYPE Document Line Items for Simulation Group  TRANSP   C  
EASIMRATECAT Alternative Rate Categories for Simulation  TRANSP   C  
EASIMRCATRTYPE Consumption Transfer for Alternative Rate Categories in Sim.  TRANSP   C  
EASIMSCEN Simulation Scenarios  TRANSP   C  
EASIMSCENASSSERV Associated Service Types  TRANSP   C  
EASIMSCENCAT Category of Simulation Scenarios  TRANSP   E  
EASIMSCENCATT Simulation Scenarios (Text)  TRANSP   E  
EASIMSCENGROUP Simulation Groups for Simulation Scenario  TRANSP   C  
EASIMSCENT Simulation Scenarios (Text)  TRANSP   C  
EBASL Operation Type for Lighting Unit  TRANSP   A  
EBISIM Temporary selection data for billing mass simulation  TRANSP   A  
EBURNH Burning Hour Calendar for Lighting Unit  TRANSP   C  
EBURNHMT Type of Burning Hour Maintenance  TRANSP   C  
ECHCTRL Consumption History Control Table  TRANSP   C  
ECHDISP Consumption History Display Format  TRANSP   C  
ECHDISPT Consumption History Display Format Text  TRANSP   C  
ECHEVG Consumption History Evaluation Group  TRANSP   C  
ECHEVG_BPSEG Evaluation group: usage history for GP segmentation  TRANSP   C  
ECHEVG_BPSEGT Evaluation group: Usage history for GP segmentation (text)  TRANSP   C  
EDLTYP Line Item Types Used in a Variant  TRANSP   E  
EDSC Disc.Header Data  TRANSP   C  
EDSCH Discount Historical Data  TRANSP   C  
EDSCHINDEXA Discount: Historical Data - Index A for F4 Help  TRANSP   C  
EDSCT Disct Header Data (Txts)  TRANSP   C  
EITRELEASE Trigger table for release of outsorted billing documents  TRANSP   L  
EKDI Rate Facts  TRANSP   C  
EOPGROUP Operand Groups  TRANSP   C  
EOPGROUPT Operand Group (Text)  TRANSP   C  
EPERDET Periods to set up from DYPERCON and PBASCAT  TRANSP   C  
EPPMDEBT Table for Debts Adjustment Using Prepayment Meter  TRANSP   A  
EPPMDEBTOPBELNR Documents Transferred to PPM  TRANSP   A  
EPPMHEADER Header Table for Prepayment Meter  TRANSP   A  
EPPMINDEX Index Table for Prepayment Meter Entries  TRANSP   A  
EPPMRR Repayment Amounts Saved in Meter  TRANSP   A  
EPPM_QS03 Request for Automated Meter Reading  TRANSP   A  
EPPM_QS06 Request for quotation  TRANSP   A  
EPPM_QS07 Supplier Complaint  TRANSP   A  
EPPM_QS08 Changes to Meter Rate Data  TRANSP   A  
EPPM_QS09 Reason for Meter Removal  TRANSP   A  
EPREI Mstr Pricing Table for All Prices  TRANSP   C  
EPREIH History Table for All Prices  TRANSP   C  
EPREII History Table for All Index Prices  TRANSP   C  
EPREIT Mstr Pricing Table for All Prices (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
EPRESCL Price Adjustment Clause for All Price Categories  TRANSP   C  
EPRESCLH History of Price Adjustment Clause  TRANSP   C  
EPRESCLT Description of Price Adjustment Clause  TRANSP   C  
ERCH Billing Doc. Data  TRANSP   A  
ERCHC Invoicing/Reversal History: ERCH  TRANSP   A  
ERCHC_SHORT Invoicing / Reversal History ERCH - Extract Data -  TRANSP   A  
ERCHO Outsorting Table for Billing  TRANSP   A  
ERCHP Analysis periods for dynamic period control  TRANSP   A  
ERCHV_GEN_PROT Structure Log of Consumption History  TRANSP   A  
ERCHZ_RIVA Billing Document Individual Line Item Extract (RIVA)  TRANSP   A  
ERCHZ_SHORT Billing Document Individual Lines Extract  TRANSP   A  
ERCH_DOC_EXTR Billing Document Extract -Selection Requirements -  TRANSP   A  
ERCH_RIVA Header Data for Billing Document Extract (RIVA)  TRANSP   A  
ERCH_SHORT Header Data for Billing Document - Extract  TRANSP   A  
ERDO Outsorting Table for Invoicing  TRANSP   A  
ERTFND Rate Determination  TRANSP   C  
ERTRANS_E01 ISU: For Customer-Spec. Tables to Be Transported  TRANSP   C  
ERTRANS_EX01 ISU: For Customer-Spec. Tables to Be Transported  TRANSP   C  
ESCH Billing Schema (Header Data)  TRANSP   C  
ESCHS Billing Schema Steps  TRANSP   C  
ESCHST Schema Step Notes  TRANSP   C  
ESCHT Billing Schema (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
ESOHZG Special Agreemts for Heating Installtn  TRANSP   A  
ETAXERCH Index Table for Tax Storage/Billing Documents  TRANSP   A  
ETAXERCHKO Extract Table for Tax Storage/Billing Documents  TRANSP   A  
ETFND Rate Determ.  TRANSP   C  
ETRANSCONF ISU: Configuration for Selective Rate Transport  TRANSP   S  
ETRANST Table List for Rate Transport  TRANSP   A  
ETRF Rate (Head. Data)  TRANSP   C  
ETRFT Rate (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
ETRFV Rate Steps  TRANSP   C  
ETTA General Rate Cat.(Header Data)  TRANSP   C  
ETTAF Rate Cat.Facts  TRANSP   C  
ETTAT Rate Cat.(Texts)  TRANSP   C  
ETTA_DEMO_PERM Reference: Cust.-Defined Permissibility of Rate Categories  TRANSP   C  
ETTIF Instln Facts  TRANSP   A  
ETTIFB Installation Facts (Reference Values)  TRANSP   A  
ETTIFN Installation Facts (Normal)  TRANSP   A  
EUPDLOG ISU: Update Log for Upload from Selective Rate Transport  TRANSP   L  
EUPDLOGHD ISU: Header Data of Update Log for Rate Transport  TRANSP   L  
EVAR2N3 Changeover of Variants from R/2 to R/3  TRANSP   S  
EVIND Variant Indicators  TRANSP   E  
EVINDT Variant Indicator (Texts)  TRANSP   E  
ISU_ACTCAT Check table: activity  TRANSP   S  
ISU_BL_ACTCAT Check table: Backlog activity  TRANSP   S  
ISU_ERREXTR_BILL Description of all extracts of a set  TRANSP   C  
ISU_INSTA Extracted incorrect installations for backlog processing  TRANSP   A  
TE007 Check List for Billing  TRANSP   E  
TE007T Check List for Billing (Texts)  TRANSP   E  
TE008 Check List for Invoicing  TRANSP   E  
TE008T Check List for Invoicing (Texts)  TRANSP   E  
TE019 Usage Types  TRANSP   C  
TE021 Reas.for Blockg Billg  TRANSP   C  
TE021T Reas.for Blocking Billg (Txts)  TRANSP   C  
TE023 Rs.for Releas.  TRANSP   C  
TE023T Reas.for Releas.(Txts)  TRANSP   C  
TE067 Fact Groups  TRANSP   C  
TE067T Rate Fact Groups (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE069 Rate Types  TRANSP   C  
TE069T Rate Types (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE093 Document Types  TRANSP   C  
TE093T Doc.Type (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE116 Franchise Fee Procedure in Manual Billing  TRANSP   C  
TE125 Alloc. Data for Gas  TRANSP   C  
TE127 Manual Bill Outsorting for Billing  TRANSP   C  
TE127T Manual Bill Outsorting (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE128 Manual Bill Outsorting for Invoicing  TRANSP   C  
TE128T Manual Bill Outsorting (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE187 Utility Company  TRANSP   C  
TE187T Utility Company (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE191 Outsorting Check Groups for Billing  TRANSP   C  
TE191T Outsorting Check Groups for Billing (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE192 Outsorting Check Groups for Invoicing  TRANSP   C  
TE192T Outsorting Check Groups for Invoicing (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE221 Operands  TRANSP   C  
TE221T Operands (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE222 Consumption Types  TRANSP   C  
TE222T Consumption Type Texts  TRANSP   C  
TE224 Determination of Billing Lines for Consumpt. Hist. Structure  TRANSP   C  
TE228 Determination of Installation Facts  TRANSP   C  
TE247 Fixed Temp. Values  TRANSP   C  
TE272 Reasons for Reversal  TRANSP   C  
TE272T Reasons for Reversal (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE272_F4 Help Table for F4 Help for Reversal Reasons  TRANSP   A  
TE301 Backbilling Groups  TRANSP   C  
TE301T Backbilling Groups (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE303 Pressure-Temperature Ratio for Joule-Thomson Effect  TRANSP   C  
TE304 Key: Pressure-Temperature Ratio Joule-Thomson Effect  TRANSP   C  
TE304T Key: Pressure-Temperature Ratio Joule-Thomson Effect  TRANSP   C  
TE307 Temperature Areas  TRANSP   C  
TE307T Temperature Area (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE309 Air Press. Area  TRANSP   C  
TE309T Air Pressure Area (Txts)  TRANSP   C  
TE313 Variant Programs  TRANSP   E  
TE327 Validations per Outsorting Check Group for Billing  TRANSP   C  
TE328 Validations per Outsorting Check Group for Invoicing  TRANSP   C  
TE339 Monthly Measured Air Pressure  TRANSP   C  
TE340 Daily Air Pressure Values  TRANSP   C  
TE341 MsdPress.  TRANSP   C  
TE343 Gas Press. Areas  TRANSP   C  
TE343T Gas Pressure Areas (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE345 Gas Press. Per Gas Pr. Area  TRANSP   C  
TE347 Average Energy Feedings per Calorific Val. District Obsolete  TRANSP   C  
TE348 Average Energy Feedings per Calorific Value District  TRANSP   C  
TE369 Voltage Level  TRANSP   C  
TE369T Voltage Level (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE375 Operand Categories  TRANSP   S  
TE375T Operand Categories (Texts)  TRANSP   S  
TE431 Price Classes  TRANSP   C  
TE431T Price Classes (Txts)  TRANSP   C  
TE432 Table for Period Control  TRANSP   C  
TE432T Period Control (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE433 Enhancement of Intervals for Monthly Calc. of Time Portions  TRANSP   C  
TE434 Cat. of Enhanced Interval Procedure  TRANSP   C  
TE434T Category of Enhanced Interval Procedure (Text)  TRANSP   C  
TE435 Type of Enhanced Interval Procedure  TRANSP   C  
TE435T Text for Type of Enhanced Interval Procedure  TRANSP   C  
TE443 Control Bill Correction  TRANSP   C  
TE443_TEXT_H Texts for Bill Correction Texts  TRANSP   C  
TE443_TEXT_Z1 Text Lines for Bill Correction  TRANSP   C  
TE444 Control of Remote Bill Correction  TRANSP   C  
TE444TEST Control of Remote Bill Correction  TRANSP   C  
TE445 Gas Law Deviation Factor per Pressure and Temperature  TRANSP   C  
TE446 Daily Gas Law Deviation Factors per Calorfic Value District  TRANSP   C  
TE447 Measured Gas Temperature (Monthly Values)  TRANSP   C  
TE448 Daily Gas Temperatures  TRANSP   C  
TE449 Cal. Vals per Cal.Val. District (Monthly Values)  TRANSP   C  
TE450 Cal. Vals per Cal. Val. District (Daily Values)  TRANSP   C  
TE453 Calorific Value Districts  TRANSP   C  
TE453T Cal.Val.Districts (Txts)  TRANSP   C  
TE471 Rental Price Levels  TRANSP   C  
TE471T Rental Price Levels (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE473 Industry (Obsolete)  TRANSP   C  
TE473T Industry (Txts)  TRANSP   C  
TE480 IS-U Functionality  TRANSP   E  
TE480T Text Table for TE480  TRANSP   E  
TE481 Action in IS-U Functionality  TRANSP   E  
TE481T Text Table for TE481  TRANSP   E  
TE493 Cal. Val. Proced.  TRANSP   C  
TE493T Cal. Val. Method (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE497T Operation Type for Lighting Unit  TRANSP   C  
TE535 Type of mass simulation  TRANSP   C  
TE535T Type of mass simulation (texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE537 Mass simulation periods  TRANSP   A  
TE537T Mass simulation periods (texts)  TRANSP   A  
TE538 DataSources for Mass Simulation  TRANSP   C  
TE539 Information Structures of UIS for Mass Simulation  TRANSP   C  
TE540 Quantity Statistics Group  TRANSP   E  
TE540C Update Quantities to CO-PA  TRANSP   E  
TE540T Texts for Quantity-Based Statistics Group  TRANSP   E  
TE540U Update Quantities to the UIS Communication Structure  TRANSP   E  
TE541 Amount Statistics Group  TRANSP   E  
TE541C Update Amounts to CO-PA  TRANSP   E  
TE541T Texts for Amount-Based Statistics Group  TRANSP   E  
TE541U Update Amounts to the UIS Communication Structure  TRANSP   E  
TE543 Time slice generator  TRANSP   E  
TE543T Time slice generator  TRANSP   E  
TE551 Fixed Temp.  TRANSP   C  
TE551T Fixed Temp. (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE654 Dynamic period control  TRANSP   E  
TE654T Dynamic period control  TRANSP   E  
TE655 Category of the current billing period  TRANSP   E  
TE655T Category of the current billing period  TRANSP   E  
TE656 Period basic categories of the periods to set up  TRANSP   E  
TE656T Period basic categories of the periods to set up  TRANSP   E  
TE658 Periods to set up  TRANSP   C  
TE658T Periods to set up  TRANSP   C  
TE659 Dynamic backbilling groups  TRANSP   C  
TE659T Dynamic backbilling groups  TRANSP   C  
TE661 Reasons for proration  TRANSP   E  
TE661T Reasons for proration (texts)  TRANSP   E  
TE667 Doc.Type Cats  TRANSP   C  
TE667T Doc.Type Cat.  TRANSP   C  
TE669 Gas Proced.  TRANSP   C  
TE669T Gas Procedure (Txts)  TRANSP   C  
TE671 Cal. Val. to be Billed  TRANSP   C  
TE672 Grouping Types of Installation Groups  TRANSP   C  
TE672T Names of Grouping Types  TRANSP   C  
TE673 Installation Roles in an Installation Group  TRANSP   C  
TE673T Names of Installation Roles  TRANSP   C  
TE674 Installation Roles for Grouping Type  TRANSP   C  
TE675 Distribution Types for Installation Groups  TRANSP   C  
TE675T Distribution Types for Installation Groups  TRANSP   C  
TE676 Data Exchange: Secondary Installation to Primary Inst.  TRANSP   C  
TE677T Heating Inst. Descript. (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE678 Data Exchange from Primary Installation to Secondary Inst.  TRANSP   C  
TE679T Charging Ctrl for Heating Inst. (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE681T Process. Status of Spec. Agreement for Heating Inst. (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE685 Vol. Corr. Fac. Proc.  TRANSP   C  
TE685T Vol. Corr. Factor Proc.(Txts)  TRANSP   C  
TE695 Gas Press. Levs  TRANSP   C  
TE695T Gas Press. Levs (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE696 Gas Pressure Level at Installation Level (Grid)  TRANSP   C  
TE696T Gas Pressure Level at Installation Level (Grid) (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE697 Classification of Employees  TRANSP   C  
TE697T Classification of Employees (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE835 Line Item Type  TRANSP   E  
TE835T Line Item Type (Texts)  TRANSP   E  
TE907 Annual Air Pressure  TRANSP   C  
TE921 Energy Feeding Per Calorific Value District  TRANSP   C  
TE923I Input Operands  TRANSP   E  
TE923O Output Operands  TRANSP   E  
TE929 Fixed Vol.Correct. Factors  TRANSP   C  
TEOPERFIELD Allocation Operand for Billing-Relevant Field  TRANSP   C  
TEPREPAY Customizing Settings for Prepayment Meter  TRANSP   C  
TEPREPAY_NATURE Description of Complaint Reason  TRANSP   C  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
E309 Define Air Pressure Areas     
EA00 Test Billing of a Contract  SAPLEA02  
EA05 Display and Release Outsortings  REAEXCEP  
EA16 Create Manual Backbilling  SAPLEA16  
EA17 Change Manual Backbilling  SAPLEA16  
EA18 Display Manual Backbilling  SAPLEA16  
EA20 Reverse Billing Document  REACAN06  
EA21 Adjustment Reversal Billing Docs  REASPCAN  
EA22 Display Billing Document  SAPLEA23  
EA24 Delete Adj. Reversal frm Bill.Order  REASCBEL  
EA30 Create Rate  SAPLE20K  
EA31 Change Rate  SAPLE20K  
EA32 Display Rate  SAPLE20K  
EA35 Create Schema  SAPLE20L  
EA36 Change Schema  SAPLE20L  
EA37 Display Schema  SAPLE20L  
EA38 Mass Activity: Billing  SAPLFKKAKTIV2  
EA39 Mass Activity: Billing Simulation  SAPLFKKAKTIV2  
EA47 Crt. Discount/Surcharge  SAPLEA47  
EA48 Chg.Discount/Surcharge  SAPLEA47  
EA49 Displ.Discount/Surcharge  SAPLEA47  
EA50 Create Operand  SAPLE20F  
EA51 Change Operand  SAPLE20F  
EA52 Display Operand  SAPLE20F  
EA53 Create Rate Cat.  SAPLE20A  
EA54 Chg. Rate Cat.  SAPLE20A  
EA55 Display Rate Cat.  SAPLE20A  
EA56 Maint. Rate Type     
EA70 Create Billing Cal. Value  SAPLEA71B  
EA71 Change Billing Cal. Value  SAPLEA71B  
EA72 Display Billing Cal. Value  SAPLEA71B  
EA73 Create Gas Procedure  SAPLEE23  
EA74 Change Gas Proced.  SAPLEE23  
EA75 Display Gas Procedure  SAPLEE23  
EA76 Create Cal. Value Proced.  SAPLEA76  
EA77 Change Calorific Value Procedure  SAPLEA76  
EA78 Display Cal. Value Proced.  SAPLEA76  
EA79 Create Vol. Corr. Fact. Proc.  SAPLEA79  
EA80 Change Vol. Corr. Fact.Proc.  SAPLEA79  
EA81 Display Vol. Corr. Fact. Proc.  SAPLEA79  
EA85 Maintain Burning Hour Calendar     
EA86 Copy Burng Hr Calendar for One Year  REABURNH  
EA87 Rate Determination  SAPLERTFND_SERVICE  
EA88 Maintain Variant  SAPLEAV4  
EA89 Create Price  SAPLEA89C  
EA90 Change Price  SAPLEA89C  
EA91 Display Price  SAPLEA89C  
EA92 Maintain Price Adjustment Clause  SAPLEA90  
EA97 Evaluation 1: Variants R/2 <-> ERP  REAOEA20  
EA98 Evaluation 2: Variants R/2 <-> ERP  REAVAR23  
EA99 Eval. of Variants  REAVAR01  
EABI Billing/Invoicing log display  EMAP_LOGBI  
EADYN Define Dynamic Period Control  SAPMSVMA  
EAIN Billing/Invoicing log display  EMAP_LOGIN  
EALOGBI_1 Detail display: MiniApp EMAP_LOGBI  EMAP_LOGBI_1  
EALOGIN_1 Detail display MiniApp EMAP_LOGIN  EMAP_LOGIN_1  
EALZ Logical Register Numbers  REA_INST_BIVIEW  
EAMACB Consumption History from Inv. Line  SAPLFKKAKTIV2  
EAMACF Consumption History from Inst. Facts  SAPLFKKAKTIV2  
EAMACH Mass Overall Check  REAABR00MACH  
EAMASI Mass Billing Simulation  REAABR00MASI_INST  
EAMS00 Mass Billing of Simulation Indexes  REA_SIMINDICES_BILL  
EAMS01 Mass Act.: Billing of Sim. Indexes  SAPLFKKAKTIV2  
EAMS10 Create Simulation Indexes  REA_SIMINDICES_CREATE  
EAMS11 Monitoring of Mass Simulation  REA_SIMINDICES_MONITOR  
EAMS12 Statisics for Simulation Indices  REA_SIMINDICES_COUNT  
EAMS13 Delete Simulation Indexes  REA_SIMINDICES_DELETE  
EAMS20 Define Simulation Periods     
EAMS21 UIS Version: Create for Mass Simul.  REA_UIS_VERSION_FOR_MASS_SIM  
EAMS22 Statistics for Billing-Rel. Proc.  REA_MASS_SIM_EITR_COUNT  
EAOUT Display Outsourcing for Bill/Inv.  REAEXCEP  
EAOUT_1 Detail display MiniApp EMAP_OUTBIIN  EMAP_OUTBIIN_1  
EARELINVOICE Release Billing in Background  RERELEASEINVOICE  
EASIBI Create Individual Bill  REAABR00SIBI  
EASICH Individual Overall Check  REAABR00SICH  
EASIM01 Simulation f. Backbill. and PE Bill.  SAPLEA_SIMULATION_DIALOG  
EASISI Create Individ. Simulation  REAABR00SISI  
EASY Tool:Search For/Call-Up Transactions  REACALL  
EA_UPLOAD Upload Billing Master Data  REA_RTRANS_UPLOAD  
ECHE Assignment of Visible Components     
EEIS1 Output Unbilled Contracts  ISU_BBP_ACC_IS_TA  
EERCH_EXP Billing Document Extraction - Export  RERCH_DOC_EXTR_EXP  
EERCH_IMP Only relevant for Germany  RERCH_DOC_EXTR_IMP  
EN07 Number Range Maintenance: ISU_ETRF  SAPMSNUM  
EN22 No. Range Maint.: ISU_EDSC  SAPMSNUM  
EN23 Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EPREI  SAPMSNUM  
ENBI Number Range Maintenance: ISU_BIRUN  SAPMSNUM  
EPPM Number Range Maintenance: ISU_PREPAY  SAPMSNUM  
EPREPAY Amount Mgmt of Prepayment Meter  SAPLEPREPAY  
EPREPAYFREE Release locked PPM entries  SAPLEPREPAY  
ERCH_EXTR Extracts: Export Billing Docuemnts  RERCH_DOC_EXTR_EXTR  
ES30CONTAIN Tabstrip: Reference Values  RAVC0ALA  
ES30HEAT Tabstrip: Reference Values  RAVC0ALA  
ES30LIGHT Tabstrip: Reference Values  RAVC0ALA  
ES30REFVAL Tabstrip: Reference Values  RAVC0ALA  
ISU_PPM_JOB_NR Number Range Maintenance: PPM_JOB_NR  SAPMSNUM  
S_KK4_82000014 List of Operands     
S_KK4_82000015 List of Prices     
S_KK4_82000016 Print Schema Steps     
S_KK4_82000025 List of Billing Documents     
S_KK4_82000027 REAGASDATE Program     
S_KK4_82001257 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
Software Component IS-UT  SAP Utilities/Telecommunication 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component IS-U-BI (I110004839) Contract Billing 
Package EE20  IS-U: Billing