SAP ABAP Table TE375 (Operand Categories)
IS-UT (Software Component) SAP Utilities/Telecommunication
   IS-U-BI (Application Component) Contract Billing
     EE20 (Package) IS-U: Billing
Basic Data
Table Category TRANSP    Transparent table 
Transparent table TE375   Table Relationship Diagram
Short Description Operand Categories    
Delivery and Maintenance
Delivery Class S   System table, maint. only by SAP, change = modification 
Data Browser/Table View Maintenance X   Display/Maintenance Allowed 
Field Key Data Element Domain Data
Length Decimal
Short Description Check
1 OPTYP E_OPTYP E_OPTYP CHAR 8   0   Operand category  
2 HISTKZ HISTKZ KENNZX CHAR 1   0   Historical operand values are supported  
3 SAISOKZ SAISOKZ KENNZX CHAR 1   0   Season specification permitted for operand  
4 KONDIKZ KONDIKZ KENNZX CHAR 1   0   Operand can be specified in fact group  
5 TTALLGKZ TTALLGKZ KENNZX CHAR 1   0   Operand permitted in rate category  
6 TTINDIKZ TTINDIKZ KENNZX CHAR 1   0   Operand permitted in installation  
7 ERSATZWM ERSATZWM KENNZX CHAR 1   0   Required replacement value is permissible  
8 ERSATZWK ERSATZWK KENNZX CHAR 1   0   Optional replacement value is permissible  
9 ERSATZWL ERSATZWL KENNZX CHAR 1   0   Runtime replacement value is permissible  
10 DIMENSKZ DIMENSKZ KENNZX CHAR 1   0   Unit of Measure Required  
11 RUNDUNGKZ RUNDUNGKZ KENNZX CHAR 1   0   Rounding specification possible for operand maintenance  
12 OPLFDNRKZ OPLFDNRKZ KENNZX CHAR 1   0   Operand Can Be Created Several Times  
13 WEIGHTING_IND WEIGHTING_IND KENNZX CHAR 1   0   Permissible to specify weighting key  
14 FRANCHISE_IND FRANCHISE_IND KENNZX CHAR 1   0   Maintenance of franchise fee allocation is permitted  
15 ALLHISTORY_IND ALLHISTORY_IND KENNZX CHAR 1   0   Complete history is permitted for operand  
16 RTP_IND RTP_IND KENNZX CHAR 1   0   RTP usage is allowed  
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