SAP ABAP Package KBAS (Overhead Cost Controlling)
Basic Data
Package KBAS   
Short Description   Overhead Cost Controlling    
Super package CRM_APPLICATION   All CRM Components Without Special Structure Packages 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
A132 Price per Cost Center  TRANSP   A  
A136 Price per Controlling Area  TRANSP   A  
A137 Price per Country/Region  TRANSP   A  
CMDT Generic Master Record: General Header  TRANSP   A  
CMDT_ADR Generic Master Record: Address  TRANSP   A  
CMDT_CC Generic Master Data: Cost Center Enhancements  TRANSP   A  
CMDT_TEXT Generic Master Record: Texts  TRANSP   A  
COACT List of possible actions for authorizations  TRANSP   S  
COACTA Assignment of actions to authorization objects  TRANSP   S  
COACTT Text of Authorization Check Activities  TRANSP   S  
COACTV Assign transaction, activity to CO_ACTION  TRANSP   S  
COINCTRL CO Interface: Control Parameters  TRANSP   S  
COMEBR CO Interface: Control Puffer Refresh During Online Errors  TRANSP   S  
COSC CO Object: Assignment Original Costing Sheets  TRANSP   A  
CRVAR1 Variants for CO Resource Price Determination  TRANSP   C  
CRVAR1T Variants for CO Resource Price Determination: Texts  TRANSP   C  
CRVAR2 Variants for CO Resources: Assign Costing Sheets  TRANSP   C  
CSKR Resource master record  TRANSP   A  
CSKS Cost Center Master Data  TRANSP   A  
CSKV Resource texts  TRANSP   A  
CSSK Cost center /cost element  TRANSP   A  
CSSL Cost Center/Activity Type  TRANSP   A  
KAPS CO Period Locks  TRANSP   C  
KBEROBART Customizing Interval Entry for RESPAREA  TRANSP   C  
KBEROBJ Settings for authorization objects in Cost Center Accounting  TRANSP   S  
KONR Resource Prices: Help Table for Variable Fields  TRANSP   C  
KONR1 Resource Prices: Help Table for Variable Fields  TRANSP   C  
REPPAPPL Reporting CO-OM : Applications for use of user settings  TRANSP   E  
REPPARMS Reporting CO-OM : User settings  TRANSP   C  
REPPINDX CO-OM Reporting: Field Catalog for Screens for User Settings  TRANSP   E  
REPPSCRN CO-OM Reporting: Screens for User Settings Maintenance  TRANSP   E  
REPPTABS CO-OM Reporting: Tabs for Screens from REPPSCRN  TRANSP   E  
REPPTABST CO-OM Reporting: Tab Text for Screens from REPPSCRN  TRANSP   E  
SMCOOM Specific CO-OM Data in Monitor (See Schedman_specific_coom)  TRANSP   A  
T823C Revaluation groups  TRANSP   C  
T823D Revaluation document numbers  TRANSP   A  
T823K Revaluation key fields  TRANSP   A  
T823P Revaluation percentages (plan)  TRANSP   A  
T823T Revaluation-descriptions  TRANSP   A  
T823Z Revaluation percentages (plan)  TRANSP   A  
TFKB Functional areas  TRANSP   C  
TFKBT Name of the functional areas  TRANSP   C  
TK01H Time-based CO master data  TRANSP   G  
TKA01 Controlling Areas  TRANSP   C  
TKA07 Fiscal-Year Dependent Version Parameters  TRANSP   C  
TKA09 Basic Settings for Versions  TRANSP   C  
TKA09V Version Table: Separate Bus. Transactions for Delta Version  TRANSP   C  
TKA10 Master Data Table, Price Indicators  TRANSP   S  
TKA12 Switching Structure for Cost Component Splitting  TRANSP   C  
TKA12Z Switching Structure: Cost Component Iteration and Assignment  TRANSP   C  
TKA20 Sender/receivers for CO postings  POOL   C  
TKA4 Cost Element Characteristic Group  POOL   C  
TKA4E Cost Element Attribute  POOL   C  
TKALV Control Parameter for Line Item Report with AAA  TRANSP   E  
TKALV1 Additional AAA Field Catalog Information  TRANSP   E  
TKALV2 Additional AAA Field Catalog Information  TRANSP   E  
TKAR1 CO Resource Prices Valid for the Controlling Area  TRANSP   A  
TKAR2 CO Resource Prices Per Cost Center  TRANSP   A  
TKAVK Permitted Combinations of Transaction/Cost Element Category  TRANSP   S  
TKAZ CO-Validation/Substitution: callup points  POOL   S  
TKAZE Activation of callup points for CO validation/substitution  POOL   C  
TKAZT Text table for TKAZ:CO validation/substitution callup points  POOL   S  
TKSB0 Transaction control CO  POOL   L  
TKSBB Totals Versions  POOL   L  
TKSBC Short Description of Totals Variants  POOL   L  
TKSBL List Classes for Display Variants  POOL   L  
TKSBR Field Selection for Special Functions (List Display)  POOL   L  
TKSBS Fields for Line Structure  POOL   L  
TKSBT Display Variant Texts  POOL   L  
TKSBV Default Values for Layouts  POOL   L  
TKSBZ Line Structure Variants  POOL   L  
TKSF0 CUA control function modules  POOL   E  
TKSKA Account classification for account intervals  POOL   C  
TKSP1 CUA control CO-CCA master data  POOL   E  
TKT03 Stat. key figure texts  TRANSP   A  
TKT05 Cost center type texts  TRANSP   C  
TKT09 Texts for versions in master table  TRANSP   C  
TKT10 Master table texts for price indicators  TRANSP   S  
TKT12 Switching Structure for Cost Component Splitting  TRANSP   C  
TKVS CO Versions  TRANSP   C  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
0KM1 CO Variant Maintenance: Cost Centers  SAPMFKM0  
0KMV List Variants, CCA/ABC Master Data  RKLISVAR  
0KW3 CO Variant Maintenance: CO-OM-ABC  SAPMFKM0  
0KWD Delete Business Processes  RKSCUS06  
ANNETTE Check Archiving Documentation  ARCHDOKUTEST  
BD27 Send cost center activity prices  RBDSEACT  
BD28 Send obj/cost element control data  RBDSECOK  
CJ70 Maintain Project Settlement LIs  RKPEP012  
CJIG Display PS Cash Documents  RKAEP000  
COCUSDIS Display Customizing Settings  CO_CUS_DISPLAY  
GRE0 Report Writer: Extract Management  RGRGRIX4  
GRE1 Report Writer: Display Extracts  RGRGRIX4  
GRE5 Report Writer: Delete Extracts  RGRGRIX4  
GRE6 Report Writer: Print Extracts  RGRGRIX4  
GRE7 Report Writer: Validity of Extracts  RGRGRIX4  
GRE8 Extracts: User Settings  REPPXXX0  
GRE9 Extracts: User settings, coll.maint.  REPPXXXN  
KA01 Create Cost Element  SAPLKMA4  
KA02 Change Cost Element  SAPLKMA4  
KA03 Display Cost Element  SAPLKMA4  
KA04 Delete cost element  SAPLKMA4  
KA05 Cost element: display changes  SAPMKMAA  
KA06 Create Secondary Cost Element  SAPLKMA4  
KA23 Cost Elements: Master Data Report  SAPLKMA4  
KA24 Delete Cost Elements  SAPLKMA4  
KAB9 Planning Report: Orders  SAPMKB02  
KABL Order: Planning Overview  SAPMKB01  
KABP Controlling Documents: Plan  RKAEP000  
KAH1 Create Cost Element Group  SAPLKKHI  
KAH2 Change cost element group  SAPLKKHI  
KAH3 Display cost element group  SAPLKKHI  
KAID Delete ALE-COEP(L) Line Items  RKADELIT  
KAK2 Change statistical key figures     
KAK3 Display Statistical Key Figures     
KAVA Send Cost Center Totals Records  RBDSECOT  
KAVB Send Cost Center Group  RGSALECC  
KAVC Send Cost Element Group  RGSALECE  
KAVD Send Activity Type Group  RGSALEAT  
KB15 Enter Manual Allocations  SAPMK23B  
KB16 Display Manual Allocations  SAPMK23B  
KB17 Reverse Manual Allocations  SAPMK23B  
KBC0 Maintain list of screen variants  RKKBC000  
KBC1 Cost Transfer Layout Variants     
KBC2 Int. Cost Alloc. Screen Variants     
KBC3 Screen Variants: Stat. Key Figures     
KBC4 Transfer Revenue Screen Variants     
KBC5 Non-alloc. Activity Screen Variants     
KBH1 Create statistical key figure group  SAPLKKHI  
KBH2 Change statistical key figure group  SAPLKKHI  
KBH3 Display statistical key figure group  SAPLKKHI  
KJH3 Display WBS Element Groups  SAPLKKHI  
KK01 Create Statistical Figure  SAPL0KSK  
KK02 Change Statistical Figure  SAPL0KSK  
KK03 Display Statistical Key Figures  SAPL0KSK  
KK03DEL Delete Statistical Key Figures  SAPL0KSK  
KK04 Stat.Key Figures: Master Data Report  RKWBSK00  
KKAA Sales Document Line Items Res.Anal.  RKAEP000  
KKBH Planning report: Cost objects  SAPMKB02  
KKBU Cost Object: Planning Overview  SAPMKB01  
KKFB RS Header: Line Items Variance  RKAEP000  
KL01 Create Activity Type  SAPLKMA6  
KL02 Change Activity Type  SAPLKMA6  
KL03 Display Activity Type  SAPLKMA6  
KL04 Delete Activity Type  SAPLKMA6  
KL05 Activity type: Display changes  SAPMKMAA  
KL13 Activity Types: Master Data Report  SAPLKMA6  
KL14 Delete Activity Types  SAPLKMA6  
KLH1 Create Activity Type Group  SAPLKKHI  
KLH2 Change Activity Type Group  SAPLKKHI  
KLH3 Display Activity Type Group  SAPLKKHI  
KM1V Cost Center Selection Variants  RKKSTSEV  
KM5V Selection Variants: Cost Elements  RKKOASEV  
KM7V Activity Type Selection Variants  RKLSTSEV  
KOB1L Line Item Monitor Orders (Actual)  RKAEPACC  
KOB1N Orders: Actual Line Items New  RKAEP000  
KOB2N Orders: Commitment Line Items  RKAEP000  
KOB4 Orders: Budget Line Items  RKAEP000  
KOB8 Orders: WIP/Results Anal. Line Items  RKAEP000  
KOBPN Orders: Plan Line Items New  RKAEP000  
KP9S Revaluate CO Resource Prices  COKPR004  
KPR1 Callup View Maintenance With COArea  RCCAVIEW  
KPR2 Maintain Resources Master Record     
KPR3 Display Resource Master Record     
KPR6 Maintain CO Resource Prices     
KPR7 Maintain CO Resource Prices     
KPR8 CO Res.: Maintain Valuation Variants     
KPR9 CO Res.: Display Valuation Variants     
KPRA CO Resources: Maint. Price Strategy     
KPRB CO Resources: Display Price Strategy     
KPRN Copy Resource Planning  RKPLNR10  
KPRW Evaluate resources used  COKP0003  
KRMI Run Sched. Header: Line Items Actual  RKAEP000  
KS01 Create cost center  SAPLKMA1  
KS02 Change cost center  SAPLKMA1  
KS03 Display Cost Center  SAPLKMA1  
KS04 Delete cost center  SAPLKMA1  
KS05 Cost Center: Display Changes  SAPMKMAA  
KS07 Execute rough entry of cost center  SAPMKMA1  
KS08 Execute list editing of cost center  SAPLKMA1  
KS12 Change Cost Centers  SAPLKMA1  
KS13 Cost Centers: Master Data Report  SAPLKMA1  
KS14 Delete Cost Centers  SAPLKMA1  
KS30 Cost Centers: Change Management  SAPLKMA1  
KSB1 Cost Centers: Actual Line Items  RKAEP000  
KSB1L Line Item Monitor Cost Ctrs (Actual)  RKAEPACC  
KSB1N Cost Centers: Actual Line Items New  RKAEP000  
KSB5 Controlling Documents: Actual  RKAEP000  
KSB5N Controlling Documents: Actual  RKAEP000  
KSB9 Planning Report: Cost Centers  SAPMKB02  
KSBL Cost centers: Planning overview  SAPMKB01  
KSBP Cost Centers: Plan Line Items  RKAEP000  
KSBPN Cost Centers: Plan Line Items New  RKAEP000  
KSBT Cost centers: Activity prices  RKATARIF  
KSBX Cost Centers: Line Items (Actl/Plan)  RKAEP000  
KSH1 Create Cost Center Group  SAPLKKHI  
KSH2 Change Cost Center Group  SAPLKKHI  
KSH3 Display Cost Center Group  SAPLKKHI  
KSMN Actual Menu  MENUKSMN  
KVBO Sales Documents: Commit. Line Items  RKAEP000  
KXH1 Create Group (Hierarchical)  SAPLKKHI  
KXH2 Change Group (Hierarchical)  SAPLKKHI  
KXH3 Display Hierarchy (Hierarchical)  SAPLKKHI  
MSG_TEST Test Message  MSG_TEST  
OCMI Import models cost elements  RKMODIMP  
OK01 Controlling Area: Components/StKFs  SAPMSVMA  
OK15 Maintain authorization group version  RKSCUS09  
OKA1 Display Cost Center Types     
OKA2 Maintain Cost Center Categories     
OKA8 Change Primary Posting Price Var.     
OKA9 Display Primary Posting Price Var.     
OKB1 Transfer G/L Acct: Display Defaults  SAPMKC01  
OKB2 Transfer G/L Acct: Maintain Defaults     
OKB6 Generate Cost Center Acctg. Reports  RKKBBGEN  
OKB9 Change Automatic Account Assignment     
OKBA Transfer FI Documents to CO  RGUREC10  
OKBB Transfer MM Documents to CO  RGUREC30  
OKBC Transfer SD Documents to CO  RKEPCU40  
OKBF Import Planning Layouts  RKCOBTR7  
OKBG Post Down Payments  RKANBU02  
OKC1 Display CO Transactions     
OKC3 Delete transaction data  RKSCUS01  
OKC4 Delete Cost Centers  RKSCUS02  
OKC5 Delete cost elements  RKSCUS03  
OKC6 Delete Activity Types  RKSCUS04  
OKC7 Define Validation     
OKC8 Change Currency Translations     
OKC9 Define Substitution     
OKCX Change "All Currencies" Indicator  RKALLEWS  
OKD1 Export CO-CCA Reports  RKKBJBEX  
OKD3 Import CO-CCA Reports  RKKBJBIN  
OKD6 Import Individual Reports  RKKBJBIN  
OKE1 Display logical databank CRK  RKSARLDB  
OKE10 Transport Organization Customizing  SAPMKC02  
OKE2 Display logical databank CEK  RKSARLDB  
OKE3 Display logical databank CIK  RKSARLDB  
OKE4 Display logical databank CPK  RKSARLDB  
OKE5 Transport Organization Customizing  SAPMKC02  
OKE6 Transport Mater Data Settings  SAPMKC02  
OKE7 Transport Planning Settings  SAPMKC02  
OKE8 Transport Actual Posting Settings  SAPMKC02  
OKE9 Transport Tool Settings  SAPMKC02  
OKEA Maintain Cost Center Matchcode IDs  SAPMKC05  
OKEB Display Cost Center Matchcode IDs  SAPMKC05  
OKEC Maintain Cost Element Matchcode IDs  SAPMKC05  
OKED Display Cost Element Matchcode IDs  SAPMKC05  
OKEE Maintain Activity Type Matchcode IDs  SAPMKC05  
OKEF Display Activity Type Matchcode IDs  SAPMKC05  
OKEG Change Time-Based Fields/Cost Ctrs  RKSCUS05  
OKEH Display Time-Based Fields/Cost Ctrs  RKSCUS05  
OKEI Maintain Time-Based Fields/Act.Types  RKSCUS05  
OKEJ Display Time-Based Fields/Act.Types  RKSCUS05  
OKEK Maintain Time-Based Fields/CElems  RKSCUS05  
OKEL Display Time-Based Fields/CElems  RKSCUS05  
OKEM Display logical databank SAK  RKSARLDB  
OKEN Display Standard Hierarchy  RKSTDHIE  
OKENN Display Standard Hierarchy  KEO_START_NF_STDHIERARCHY  
OKEO Change Standard Hierarchy  RKSTDHIE  
OKEON Change Standard Hierarchy  KEO_START_NF_STDHIERARCHY  
OKEP Down Payment: Maintain Default CElem  SAPL0KO2  
OKEQ Maintain Versions (General)     
OKEQN General Version Maintenance     
OKER Define Component/Switching Structure     
OKEV Maintain Versions (CO Area)     
OKEV1 Change Valuation in Version 0     
OKEVN Version Maintenance in CO Area     
OKEX Transport Planning Layouts  RKCUTR01  
OKEY Display Time-Dependent Field/Process  RKSCUS05  
OKEZ Change Time-Dependent Field/Process  RKSCUS05  
OKKA Maintain Controlling Area  SAPMSVMA  
OKKP Maintain Controlling Area  SAPMSVMA  
OKKP1 Controlling Area: ALE Settings     
OKKP2 Controlling Area: ALE Settings     
OKKS Set Controlling Area  SAPLRKSR  
OKLB Maintain ABC Report Tree  SAPMKKB5  
OKLS Maintain CCA Report Tree  SAPMKKB5  
OKM0 Display IMG Structure  RKIMG001  
OKM1 IMG Controlling: General  RKIMG001  
OKM2 IMG Controlling: General  RKIMG001  
OKMI Import models Cost Center Accounting  RKMODIMP  
OKP1 Maintain Period Lock  SAPMKCSP  
OKP2 Display Period Lock  SAPMKCSP  
OPMI Import models activities  RKMODIMP  
ORK0 Configuration menu gen. controlling  MENUORK0  
ORMI Import models orders  RKMODIMP  
OX19 Controlling Area: Assgn. to CCode  SAPMSVMA  
REPP1 CO-OM-IS User Settings: Customizing  REPP_VC_1  
RPA0 Info.Sys. Rec.Ledger: Presettings  REPPXXX0  
RPA1 Info. Sys. Rec.Ldgr: Report Currency  REPPXXX0  
RPAM Info. Sys. Rec.Ldgr: Report Currency  REPPXXXN  
RPAN Info.Sys. Rec.Ledger: Presettings  REPPXXXN  
RPB0 Info.Sys. Proc.: Presettings  REPPXXX0  
RPBN Info.Sys. Proc.: Presettings  REPPXXXN  
RPC0 Info. System CCtrs: Presettings  REPPXXX0  
RPC1 Info. System CCtrs: Presettings  REPPXXX0  
RPC2 Info. System CCtrs: Presettings  REPPXXXN  
RPCN Info. System CCtrs: Presettings  REPPXXXN  
RPO0 Info. System Orders: Presettings  REPPXXX0  
RPON Info. System Orders: Presettings  REPPXXXN  
RPP0 Proj. Info System: Default Settings  REPPXXX0  
RPPN Proj. Info System: Default Settings  REPPXXXN  
RPX0 CO-OM Information System: Settings  REPPXXX0  
RPXN CO-OM Information System: Settings  REPPXXXN  
TRACE Program Trace  KOTR_TRACE  
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component CRM (AEC0000003) Customer Relationship Management 
Package KBAS  Overhead Cost Controlling