SAP ABAP Package GJVA (Joint venture accounting)
Basic Data
Package GJVA   
Short Description   Joint venture accounting    
Super package CRM_APPLICATION   All CRM Components Without Special Structure Packages 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
A441 CRP Pricing with COND CODE  TRANSP   A  
JVA_OPTIONS JVA processing options (company code level)  TRANSP   C  
JVKONV IS-Oil / Joint Venture / Data table for CRP pricing data  TRANSP   A  
RGJAFVC470 Control table for transfer JV data from AFVC to AFVU  TRANSP   S  
T8J0P JV billing programs  TRANSP   C  
T8J2D JV Carried Interest Group  TRANSP   A  
T8J2E JV Carried Interest Group Description  TRANSP   A  
T8J8A Drilling Cost Elements - Payroll Burden Clearing  TRANSP   C  
T8J8B Stepped Rate Overhead Rules (JVA)  TRANSP   C  
T8J8C Stepped Rate Thresholds  TRANSP   C  
T8J8D Project Level Stepped Rate Parameters  TRANSP   A  
T8J8E Drilling Statistical Ratios  TRANSP   C  
T8J8F Drilling Statistical Ratio Assignment  TRANSP   A  
T8J8G Producing Statistical Ratios  TRANSP   C  
T8J8H Producing Statistical Ratio Assignment  TRANSP   A  
T8J8I Assigned Producing Statistical Ratio Thresholds  TRANSP   A  
T8J8J Parent Company Overheads  TRANSP   A  
T8J8K Description Stepped Rate Overhead Rules (JVA)  TRANSP   C  
T8J9A Equity Group - JOA level  TRANSP   A  
T8J9B Equity Group Description - JOA level  TRANSP   A  
T8J9C Joint operating agreement partner shares  TRANSP   A  
T8J9F Joint operating agreement class  TRANSP   C  
T8J9G Joint operating agreement class text  TRANSP   C  
T8JC2 Funding Currency by Equity Group  TRANSP   A  
T8JCR JV CRP pricing schema determination  TRANSP   C  
T8JD Valuation type with JV-information  TRANSP   A  
T8JFRM Farm In/Out & Re-Determination (Farm) Main Table  TRANSP   C  
T8JFRMT Farm In/Out & Re-Determination (Farm) Main Text Table  TRANSP   C  
T8JFRM_ACCT JV Farm In/Out Intercompany adjustment accounts  TRANSP   C  
T8JFRM_D_STP Farm In/Out & Re-Determination (Farm) Main Table  TRANSP   E  
T8JFRM_D_STP_T Farm In/Out & Re-Determination (Farm) Main Table  TRANSP   E  
T8JFRM_EG Farm In/Out & Re-Determination (Farm) Main Table  TRANSP   C  
T8JFRM_STP Farm In/Out & Re-Determination (Farm) Main Table  TRANSP   C  
T8JK Accounts for posting exchange differences  TRANSP   C  
T8JLP Penalty Category Recovery Percentages  TRANSP   A  
T8JOG Partner Process Grouping  TRANSP   C  
T8JOT Text for Partner Process Groups  TRANSP   C  
T8JR List of jobs/reports in JV Reporting  TRANSP   E  
T8JRI JV Recovery indicator determination method  TRANSP   G  
T8JS Billing Structures  TRANSP   C  
T8JST JV Billing Structure Text  TRANSP   C  
T8JTPM Joint Venture Production Month Summary Data  TRANSP   A  
T8JU Joint Operating Agreement  TRANSP   A  
T8JUT Joint Operating Agreement Description  TRANSP   A  
T8JVA_PARAM Additional Parameters for JVA  TRANSP   C  
T8JVBCC_HB Housebank for cash call direct bill  TRANSP   C  
T8JZ JV Global Company Parameters  TRANSP   C  
T8JZ_EXT Additional Parameters for JVA company code dependent  TRANSP   C  
T8JZ_FAGL JV Global Company Parameters for NewGL splitting  TRANSP   C  
T8J_GJCB_REV Cutback reversal control table  TRANSP   A  
T8J_SUS_CC JV Cost Center in Suspense  TRANSP   A  
T8J_SUS_ORD JV Order in Suspense  TRANSP   A  
T8J_SUS_VENTURE Venture in Suspense  TRANSP   A  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
GJ09 Joint Venture detailed information  RGJJVD00  
GJ0A Non-Operated Billing by Operator V.2  SAPMGJB2  
GJ0B Non-Operated Billing by Venture V.2  SAPMGJB2  
GJ10 Yearly balance shifting  RGJVCF00  
GJ11 Joint Venture master data catalog  RGJINF00  
GJ21 Recovery indicator     
GJ22 Internal recovery indicator     
GJ23 Change JV partners     
GJ24 Venture classes     
GJ25 Cutback rules / accounts     
GJ26 Cutback rules / accounts     
GJ27 Cutback rules / cost centers     
GJ28 Cutback rules / cost centers     
GJ31 Cutback tables / orders     
GJ32 Cutback rules / orders     
GJ3R Reconsile Intercompany Mapping  RGJV_ICMAP_CHECK_ALL  
GJ4A_MCC Periodic updates for company code  RGJVGJ4A_MCC  
GJ51 Bank accounts for cash call print     
GJ52 Non-operated billing forms     
GJ53 Non-operated billing form lines     
GJ54 JOA detailed information  RGJOAD00  
GJ55 JV valuation area     
GJ56 Accounts for exchange differences     
GJ57 JIB/JIBE classes     
GJ58 JIB/JIBE subclasses     
GJ59 JV Conditional code     
GJ61 JV Clearing billing indicator     
GJ62 JV Bi.Meth./CompCd. assignment     
GJ66 JIB master data     
GJ67 JIB account mapping     
GJ68 JIB class/account mapping     
GJ69 JIB class/subclass/account mapping     
GJ70 JOA-maintenance     
GJ72 JOA classes     
GJ73 Special cost elements     
GJ75 JV stepped rate thresholds     
GJ76 Partner process groups     
GJ77 Drilling statistical ratios     
GJ78 Producing statistical ratios     
GJ81 JV Billing structure     
GJ83 JV Automatic posting  RGJVAP00  
GJ84 JVA NPI/CI Netting (without CI Grp)  SAPFGJCG  
GJ85 JV Automated Postings (Cost Calcs)  RGJVAPCC  
GJ87 Display summary ledger totals  RGJJVTO1  
GJ88 Display billing ledger totals  RGJJVTO2  
GJ89 Automatic Adjust of Overhead Rates  RGJESC00  
GJ94 International Cost Calculations  RGJPCO00  
GJ95 North American Overhead Calculations  RGJOVR00  
GJ96 Payroll Burden Clearing  RGJBUR00  
GJ97 Compare FI with JV document  RGJVUDOC  
GJ97N JV Document Comparison  RGJV_DOC_COMPARE  
GJ98 North America Overhead Detail Report  RGJOHD00  
GJ99 EDI mapping     
GJA1 Create joint operating agreement  SAPMGJVA  
GJA2 Change joint operating agreement  SAPMGJVA  
GJA3 Display joint operating agreement  SAPMGJVA  
GJA4 JOA master data catalog  RGJAIN00  
GJA5 Display changes for Joint Op. Agreem  RGJACD00  
GJAC Activate JVA in a Client  GJV2_ACT_IN_CLIENT  
GJBM GJ BAPI parameter mapping     
GJC1 Activate company in JV  RGJGLXC1  
GJC2 Deactivate company in JV  RGJGLXC2  
GJCA Housebank switching  RGJVHBCH  
GJCN Convenience netting  RGJVCNET  
GJCUST JV Customizing  RGJVIMG1  
GJEC Pre-Cutback Equity_Change Management  RGJVEC00  
GJF1 Create JV assessment cycle - actual  SAPMKAL1  
GJF2 Change JV assessment cycle - actual  SAPMKAL1  
GJF3 Display JV assessment cycle - actual  SAPMKAL1  
GJF4 Delete JV assessment cycle - actual  SAPMKAL1  
GJF5 Execute JV assessment - actual  SAPMKGA2  
GJF6 Overview JV assessment  SAPMKGA1  
GJF7 Create JV assessment cycle - plan  SAPMKAL1  
GJF8 Change JV assessment cycle - plan  SAPMKAL1  
GJF9 Display JV assessment cycle - plan  SAPMKAL1  
GJFARM_0 view maintenance FARM     
GJFARM_1 Farm in/out: JVTO1 and Cutback  RGJVFARM10  
GJFARM_2 Farm in/out: JVTO1 and Cutback  RGJVFARM20  
GJFARM_3 FarmIn/Out Cash Call redetermination  RGJVFARMCC  
GJFARM_4 FarmIn/Out Cash Call correction  RGJVFARMCC2  
GJFB Execute JV assessment - plan  SAPMKGA2  
GJG1 Create JV distribution cycle -actual  SAPMKAL1  
GJG2 Change JV distribution cycle -actual  SAPMKAL1  
GJG3 Display JV distribution cycle-actual  SAPMKAL1  
GJG4 Delete JV distribution cycle -actual  SAPMKAL1  
GJG5 Execute JV distribution - actual  SAPMKGA2  
GJG6 Overview distribution - actual  SAPMKGA1  
GJG7 Create JV distribution cycle -plan  SAPMKAL1  
GJG8 Change JV distribution cycle - plan  SAPMKAL1  
GJG9 Display JV distribution cycle-plan  SAPMKAL1  
GJGA Display JOA graphically  RGJGRA01  
GJGB Document Entry for Local Ledgers  SAPMGBUK  
GJGP Document Entry for Local Ledgers  SAPMGBUK  
GJL2 C JVA Change Ledger  SAPMGCU0  
GJL3 C JVA Display Ledger  SAPMGCU0  
GJM1 Mark Prepaid Inventory     
GJM2 Display Prepaid Inventory     
GJNO Non open item unreal. exchange diff.  RGJNOUXD  
GJNR JV Number range customizing  SAPMGJNR  
GJOI Open line items for cost objects  RGJ_CO_OBJ_OP  
GJP1 JVA NPI/CI Netting (with CI Grp)  SAPFGJCG  
GJPD Determine CRP pricing procedure     
GJPE Display Documents for re-posting     
GJPN Partner Netting  RGJVPNET  
GJQ0 CRP Customising Menu  MENUGJQ0  
GJQ1 Conditions: Procedure for A CR     
GJQ2 Condition Types: SD Pricing     
GJQ3 Maintain Access (Sales Price)     
GJQ4 V-T681F: Index Field Catalog     
GJQ5 Create Conditions (CRP)  SAPMV13A  
GJQ6 Change Conditions (CRP)  SAPMV13A  
GJQ7 Display Conditions (CRP)  SAPMV13A  
GJQ8 Create Conditions (Purchasing)  SAPMV13A  
GJQ9 Maintain Recover Ind determination     
GJQA Change Condition Table (CRP)  SAPMV12A  
GJQB Change Condition Table (CRP)  SAPMV12A  
GJR1 Summary Ledger Reporting  RGJVREP1  
GJR2 Billing Ledger Reporting  RGJVREP2  
GJRC Cash Call Reclass  RGJVCCRC  
GJRCN Cash Call Reclassification  RGJV_CC_RECLASS  
GJRD JV Recovery indicator determination     
GJT1 JV Transfer Asset to Asset  SAPMGJAM  
GJT1_OLD JV Transfer Asset to Project/Order  SAPMGJAM  
GJT2 JV Transfer Asset to Asset  SAPMGJAM  
GJT2_OLD JV Transfer Asset to Asset  SAPMGJAM  
GJT3 JV Transfer Asset to Asset  SAPMGJAM  
GJT3_OLD Retirement of Venture Owned Assets  SAPMGJAM  
GJT4 JV Transfer Asset to Asset  SAPMGJAM  
GJT4_OLD Sale of Venture owned assets  SAPMGJAM  
GJT5 JV Transfer Asset to Asset  SAPMGJAM  
GJT5_OLD Transfer Proj./Order to Proj./Order  SAPMGJAM  
GJT6 JV Transfer Asset to Asset  SAPMGJAM  
GJT6_OLD Transfer Project/Order to Asset  SAPMGJAM  
GJTE Equity change asset transact. types     
GJTG Maintain TransTypeGroup JV Prop.     
GJTX Maintain Field Transfers rules for     
GJV0 (empty)  MENUGJV0  
GJV1 Create Joint Venture Master  SAPMGJVD  
GJV2 Change Joint Venture Master  SAPMGJVD  
GJV3 Display Joint Venture Master  SAPMGJVD  
GJV4 Joint Venture Customizing Menu  MENUGJV4  
GJV5 Display Change Documents JV-Master  RGJMCD00  
GJV6 (empty)  MENUGJV6  
GJX1 Conditions: Procedure for A CR     
GJX2 Condition Types: SD Pricing     
GJX5 Maintenance text for table T8J156S     
GJX6 Maintenance text for table T8J156X     
GJXC JV cross company reconciliation     
GJY01 Create JV bank account archive     
GJY02 Delete archived JV bank account data     
GJY03 Reload JV bank account data     
GJY04 JV bank archive administration     
GJY11 Create JVA event     
GJY12 Delete archived JV event data     
GJY13 Reload archived JVA event data     
GJY14 JVA event archive administration     
GJY5 Reporting on JVA-Archives     
GJY6 RW/RP Reports for JVA-Archives     
GJZ5 Reporting on Billing-Archives     
GJZ6 RW/RP Reports for Billing-Archives     
GJ_SUS_CC JV cost centers in suspense     
GJ_SUS_CC_DISP Display JV cost centers in suspense     
GJ_SUS_ORD JV orders in suspense     
GJ_SUS_ORD_DISP Display JV orders in suspense     
GJ_SUS_VE Ventures in suspense     
GJ_SUS_VE_DISP Display Ventures in suspense     
JVTT Joint Venture Test Tool  SAPMSCAT  
KB27 IAA Enter Other Periods  SAPMK23B  
KB71 JV-Transfer Postings  SAPMK23B  
S_ALN_01001179 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_ALN_01002221 Check consistency of intercompany ma     
S_EE6_85000176 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PLN_06000051 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component CRM (AEC0000003) Customer Relationship Management 
Package GJVA  Joint venture accounting