SAP ABAP Package PP00 (Organization and planning (application))
Basic Data
Package PP00   
Short Description   Organization and planning (application)    
Super package HRRXX   HR Structure Package for Reuse Components (SAP_HRRXX) 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
HRP1003 Infotype 1003 DB Table  TRANSP   C  
HRP1007 Infotype 1007 DB Table  TRANSP   C  
HRP1011 Infotype 1011 DB Table  TRANSP   C  
HRP1013 Infotype 1013 DB Table  TRANSP   C  
HRP1014 Infotype 1014 DB Table  TRANSP   C  
HRP1018 DB Table for Infotype 1018 Cost Distribution  TRANSP   C  
HRPAD48 Additional Data PAD48  TRANSP   C  
HRT1018 Table Division Infotype 1018 Cost Distribution  TRANSP   C  
T777ACTION Activities for special personnel actions  TRANSP   S  
T777N Name Format  TRANSP   G  
T77I1 Views with Grouping  TRANSP   E  
T77I2 Areas Texts  TRANSP   E  
T77I3 Task Functions  TRANSP   E  
T77I4 Data Collection  TRANSP   E  
T77I5 Task Function Texts  TRANSP   E  
T77I6 Views  TRANSP   E  
T77I7 View Texts  TRANSP   E  
T77I8 Assignment of Users to User Groups  TRANSP   C  
T77I9 User Groups for HRIS  TRANSP   C  
T77IA Areas per View  TRANSP   E  
T77IB Areas  TRANSP   E  
T77IC Data Views with Grouping  TRANSP   E  
T77INT Flagged for Master Data Integration  TRANSP   C  
T77PC Structural Graphics: PD Object Data Control (old)  TRANSP   E  
T77PD SAP Structural Graphics: PD Profiles  TRANSP   E  
T77WS Person Group/Subgroup per Work Schedule Group  TRANSP   C  
T77WT Employee Group/Subgroup Assignment to Work Schedule Groups  TRANSP   C  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
EXEORGCHEARM Parameter transaction for TG01000008     
HRWF_SETVACANCY Maint. WF 01000040: Create Vacancy     
OO0C Context Maintenance     
OO0D Object Description Profile  RHDESC20  
OO0O Object Data Definition     
OO0R Relationship Data Definition     
OO0T Tool Definition     
OOAA Edit Recipient Groups     
OOAD Task Functions     
OOAZ Building Address     
OOBA Define Reservation Type     
OOBD Cancellations  RHCUST01  
OOBE Budgeting Parameters  RHCUST01  
OOBG Reasons     
OOBS Staffing Schedule  RHCUST01  
OOBU Business Events Bookings  RHCUST01  
OOBX Appraisal Type: Standard Input  RHCUST01  
OOC3 PD-TEM: Master Data Catalog     
OOCDIST Integration with Cost Distribution  RHCUST01  
OOCINH Inheritance of Contr. Area in Pos.  RHCUST01  
OOCO Integration HR Planning: Cost Acctng  RHCUST01  
OOCP Maintain Company     
OODA Online Process  RHCUST01  
OODB Data Collection     
OODIFMA Restrict to One FM Area  RHCUST01  
OODN Shift Planning: Dialog Box Cust.  RHCUST01  
OODQ Time Evaluation: External Access     
OODR Time Evaluation: Report Variant     
OODS Data Views     
OODY Shift Planning: Time Types/Balances  RHCUST01  
OOEF Firmly Book/Cancel  RHCUST01  
OOEG Create Business Event Group     
OOER Create External Instructor     
OOES Restrictions     
OOET Create Business Event Type     
OOEV Attendees: Booking Checks     
OOEW Booking Priorities  RHCUST01  
OOEX Print Shift Plan w/Microsoft Excel  RHCUST01  
OOFA Switch for Business Event Locations  RHCUST01  
OOFO Form Editing     
OOFT Customizing Quota Planning FTE  RHCUST01  
OOGP Work Schedule Group Assignment     
OOGV Health Examinations     
OOHP Set Up PD - PA Integration  RHINTE10  
OOHQ Integration: PLOG - PREL  RHINTE30  
OOIL Integration Cost Allocation  RHCUST01  
OOIO Initialization Object Type  RHCUST01  
OOIV Initial Business Event/Resource Type  RHCUST01  
OOKA Incompatible Attendances/Absences     
OOKB Cost/Price Determination     
OOKF Cost Center Determination  RHCUST01  
OOKO Resources and Authorities     
OOKR Fee Handling  RHCUST01  
OOKU Correspondence User Groups     
OOLC Create Business Event Location     
OOMD HR Search Function     
OOME Define Lunch Times     
OOML Room Administration Mail Connection  RHCUST01  
OOMW Display Sequential File for PD  RHMOVE40  
OONA Naming     
OONB Actions for Business Event Assessmnt     
OONS Name Tags     
OOOU Create Organizational Unit     
OOPB User groups     
OOPC Administration: Personnel No. Check  RHCUST01  
OOPD HR Master Data  RHCUST01  
OOPE Organizer Types  RHCUST01  
OOPH Set Up PA - PD Integration  RHINTE00  
OOPM HR Planning: Search Function  RHCUST01  
OOPP Consistency Check for Integration  RHINTE20  
OOPS HR Master Data Integration  RHCUST01  
OOPT Participate in Integration  RHCUST11  
OOPW Indiv. Attendee Check Path - Company     
OORA Create Room     
OORE Create Resource     
OORP Plan Version for Room Reservation  RHCUST01  
OORT Create Resource Type     
OORW Work Schedule: Rule Values  RHCUST01  
OOSK Cost Accounting Control  RHCUST01  
OOSO Create Organizational Unit     
OOSQ Create Requirements Profile     
OOSW Create Work Center     
OOT1 Shift Groups for Shift Planning     
OOT2 Requirement Types per WS/Shift Group     
OOT3 Requirements     
OOTA Attendee Type: Print Control     
OOTB Attendee/Organizer Types Allowed     
OOTG Areas     
OOTM Time Schedule     
OOTP Create Development Plan     
OOVACPTIME No.of Days to Bring Forward Vacns  RHCUST01  
OOVB Vacancy Editing  RHCUST01  
OOVC Formatting Text Variables     
OOVD Output Sequence of Text Elements     
OOVI Notification Abbr.: Assign Event     
OOVM User-Specific Output Control     
OOVO Prebooking Business Event Types  RHCUST01  
OOVS Create Notification Abbreviation     
OOVW Service for Lock  RHCUST01  
OOWB TEM-ESS : Standard values  RHCUST01  
OOZO Shift Planning: Simulate Attendences  RHCUST01  
OOZW Integration with Time Management  RHCUST01  
PP70 Organizational Management  MENUPP70  
PPI0 Transfer of Table Entries     
PPIS Human Resources Information System  RHGRIN21  
PPO1 Change Cost Center Assignment  SAPLRHSI  
PPO2 Display Cost Center Assignment  SAPLRHSI  
PPO5 Change attributes  SAPLRHSI  
PPO6 Display attributes  SAPLRHSI  
RE_RHINFAW0 Infotype Reporting  RHINFAW0  
RE_RHPNPSUB Start PA Reporting via PD  RHPNPSUB  
RE_RHREPL20 Replace User With Person  RHREPL20  
RE_RHVOPOS1 Obsolete positions  RHVOPOS1  
RE_RHXDESC0 Job Description  RHXDESC0  
RE_RHXDESC1 Position Description  RHXDESC1  
RE_RHXFILLPOS Time period of unoccupied positions  RHXFILLPOS  
RE_RHXIAW00 Work Centers with Restrictions  RHXIAW00  
RE_RHXIAW01 Single Work Centers with Restriction  RHXIAW01  
RE_RHXIAW02 Work Centers with Health Exams  RHXIAW02  
RE_RHXIAW03 Single Work Centers with Health Exam  RHXIAW03  
RE_RHXIAW04 Character of Tasks  RHXIAW04  
RE_RHXIAW05 Character of Individual Tasks  RHXIAW05  
RE_RHXSBES0 Staff assignments  RHXSBES0  
RE_RHXSTAB0 Staff Functions for Org. Units  RHXSTAB0  
RE_RHXSTAB1 Staff Functions for Positions  RHXSTAB1  
S_AHR_61016667 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_AHR_61018831 Obsolete positions     
S_AHR_61018869 Periods of unoccupied positions     
S_AL0_96000592 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PH0_48000109 User Master Data Reconciliation     
S_PH0_48000110 Regeneration INDX for Struct.Auth.     
S_PH0_48000111 Compare INDX and T77UU     
S_PH0_48000112 Check and Compare T77UU     
S_PH0_48000113 Installation Check     
S_PH0_48000114 Check Database Consistency     
S_PH0_48000115 Display/Settings Relationships with     
S_PH0_48000116 Consistency Check PD-Database Table     
S_PH0_48000117 Deleting Relatshps w/o existing Objs     
S_PH0_48000118 Disp./Reconstr. Missg Oper.Proc.Recs     
S_PH0_48000119 Display/Create Missing Inv.Relatshps     
S_PH0_48000120 Personnel Planning Database Stats.     
S_PH0_48000121 DB Statistics: No. Objects in PLOGI     
S_PH0_48000122 DB Statistics: Notes Usage     
S_PH0_48000123 DB Statistics: Usage of an Infotype     
S_PH0_48000124 DB Statistics:Usage of all Infotypes     
S_PH0_48000125 Transfer org. assignment (PA>PD)     
S_PH0_48000126 Prepare Integration (PD with PA)     
S_PH0_48000127 Org. Assgmt in Batch Input Session     
S_PH0_48000128 Consistence Ck for OM-PA Integration     
S_PH0_48000129 Transport of Pers. Planning Records     
S_PH0_48000130 Manual Transport Link     
S_PH0_48000131 Sequential PD Dataset     
S_PH0_48000132 Transporting Objects via Obj. Lock     
S_PH0_48000133 Further Transport of Planning Objs     
S_PH0_48000134 Replace Persons in PD Data Records     
S_PH0_48000135 Replace User in Holder Relationship     
S_PH0_48000136 Merge Infotype Records     
S_PH0_48000137 Display Personnel Planning Database     
S_PH0_48000138 Table Fields from Data Dictionary     
S_PH0_48000139 Display/Maintain PLOGI Object Index     
S_PH0_48000140 Data Records from Personnel Planning     
S_PH0_48000141 Delete Personnel Planning records     
S_PH0_48000142 Check Infotypes in T777D/T77ID     
S_PH0_48000143 Relate Objects     
S_PH0_48000144 Related or Unrelated Objects     
S_PH0_48000145 Create Multiple Object Copies     
S_PH0_48000146 Activate Non-Activated Task     
S_PH0_48000147 Program RHCTIMCO     
S_PH0_48000148 Object Description: Main Program     
S_PH0_48000149 RHDELIMOBS     
S_PH0_48000150 Status Overview per Object Type     
S_PH0_48000151 Maintain log     
S_PH0_48000226 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PH0_48000227 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PH0_48000465 InfoSet Query: Administration     
WF_NEW_MAN Customizing for WS01200136     
Software Component SAP_HRRXX  Sub component SAP_HRRXX of SAP_HR 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component PA-OS-ST (HLA0100344) Staffing 
Package PP00  Organization and planning (application)