SAP ABAP Package PTRA (Travel Expenses Application Dev. (R/3 Enterprise Core))
Basic Data
Package PTRA   
Short Description   Travel Expenses Application Dev. (R/3 Enterprise Core)    
Super package PTRAVEL   Main Package PTRAVEL (Travel Management) 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
PA0017 HR master record: Infotype 0017 (Travel Privileges)  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_ADMIN Travel Management: Administrative Data for Personnel Numbers  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_ARCHIVE Administrative Table for Archived Trip Data  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_ARCH_HEAD Prearchiving FI-TV: Entries from PTRV_HEAD (Temporary)  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_ARCH_PERIO Prearchiving FI-TV: Entries from PTRV_PERIO (Temporary)  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_BTRGSUM Table for Treatment of Accumulation of Amounts  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_CCC Error Receipts for Credit Card Clearing  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_COUNT Number of function calls in posting run management  TRANSP   S  
PTRV_DOC_HD Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Header of TRV int. document  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_DOC_IT Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Lines of TRV interm. document  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_DOC_MESS Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: CO Replacements of TRV Receipt  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_DOC_TAX Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Tax lines of TRV document  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_F_CLM Columns for Which Suppression in Form Block is Allowed  TRANSP   S  
PTRV_F_CLM_TXT Columns that may be suppressed in form block (sp)  TRANSP   S  
PTRV_F_COLDEP Display Forms for Texts  TRANSP   S  
PTRV_F_COLDEPS Display Formats for Texts (Language-Dependent)  TRANSP   S  
PTRV_F_FBLK Form Blocks of the Trip Costs Form  TRANSP   S  
PTRV_F_FBLK_TXT Form Blocks of the Trip Costs Form  TRANSP   S  
PTRV_F_SORTKEY Sort Key for Individual Receipt Block  TRANSP   S  
PTRV_F_SORTKEY_T Sort Key for Individual Receipt Block  TRANSP   S  
PTRV_HEAD General Trip Data  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_KMSUM Table for Use of Miles/Kms Accumulation  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_PERIO Period Data of a Trip  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_ROT_AWKEY Assignment of Trip Results to Posting Doc. Number and Line  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_SADD Trip Statistics - Add. Receipt Data  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_SBACKLOG Trip Statistics - Batch/Backlog Processing  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_SCOS Trip Statistics - Cost Assignment  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_SHDR Trip Statistics - Trip Amounts  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_SREC Trip Statistics - Receipts  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_T706Z_DNPR Field Control Screens  TRANSP   S  
PTRV_T706Z_DNPRT Field Control Screens  TRANSP   S  
PTRV_T706Z_FLDS Field Names for Field Control  TRANSP   S  
PTRV_TRIPCHN_46C Table of all Trip Destinations f. Processing Recurring Dest.  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_TRIP_DELETE Trips Deleted in SAP System for Offline Travel Manager  TRANSP   A  
PTRV_USERPREFS User Profiles in Travel Management  TRANSP   S  
PTRV_WAFGUID Logging for Synchronization GUID (DUPRECS)  TRANSP   A  
T702A Employee Grouping for Travel Expense Type  TRANSP   C  
T702B Credit Card Clearing Assignment Table  TRANSP   C  
T702C Name for Employee Grouping for Travel Expense Type  TRANSP   C  
T702E Vehicle Types  TRANSP   C  
T702G Statutory trip types  TRANSP   C  
T702H Caculation Guide Lines: Meals PD/Max.Amounts Scaled by Time  TRANSP   C  
T702I Statutory Reimbursement Groups for Meals/Accommodations  TRANSP   C  
T702J Enterprise-spec.Reimbursement Groups for Meals/Accomm.  TRANSP   C  
T702K Service provider  TRANSP   C  
T702L Name of Service Provider  TRANSP   C  
T702N Trip Provision Variants  TRANSP   C  
T702O Trip country/Trip region/Trip country group  TRANSP   C  
T702P Reimbursement Groups for Travel Costs/Add.Flat Rate Types  TRANSP   C  
T702Q Name: Reimburs.Group for Travel Costs/Add.Flat Rate Types  TRANSP   C  
T702R Trip Activity Types  TRANSP   C  
T702V Calc.Guide Lines for Scaling Meals PD/Max.Amounts by Hours  TRANSP   C  
T702W Vehicle Classes  TRANSP   C  
T702X Enterprise-specific Trip Types  TRANSP   C  
T702Y Employee Groupings for Travel Management  TRANSP   C  
T706A Trip Provision Deduction Amount/Percentage  TRANSP   C  
T706B Travel Expense Types  TRANSP   C  
T706B1 Travel Expense Types  TRANSP   C  
T706B2 Travel Expense Types: Default Value/Maximum Amounts  TRANSP   C  
T706B3 Travel Expense Type Grouping  TRANSP   C  
T706B4 Travel Expense Types: Assignment of Wage Types  TRANSP   C  
T706B5 Names for Travel Expense Types  TRANSP   C  
T706C Names for Travel Expense Types  TRANSP   C  
T706D Default Values for Dialog  TRANSP   C  
T706E Names for vehicle types  TRANSP   C  
T706ESS1 FI-TV: Customizing Table Intranet Scenario  TRANSP   C  
T706ESS2 Travel Expenses Customizing for ESS Scenario  TRANSP   C  
T706ESS3 Mapping table for docu in Excel sheet  TRANSP   E  
T706F Trip Provision: Flat Rates for Travel Costs  TRANSP   C  
T706F1 Cumulation Procedure Dependent on Vehicle Type/Class  TRANSP   C  
T706F2 Accumulation of Amounts Depending on Vehicle Type/Class  TRANSP   C  
T706FORM_BCKGRND Form background  TRANSP   C  
T706FORM_BLKATTR Form block attributes  TRANSP   C  
T706FORM_BLKHDLS Form block titles  TRANSP   C  
T706FORM_BLK_HDL Form block titles  TRANSP   C  
T706FORM_CLMATTR Suppressable columns per block  TRANSP   C  
T706FORM_FIXTXT Fixed texts  TRANSP   C  
T706FORM_FIXTXTS Fixed texts (language-dependent)  TRANSP   C  
T706FORM_FLDS Information in fixed positions  TRANSP   C  
T706FORM_VAR Form variant  TRANSP   C  
T706FORM_VARFLD Variable fields  TRANSP   S  
T706FORM_VARFLDS Variable fields (language-dependent)  TRANSP   S  
T706FORM_VAR_TXT Form variant (language-dependent)  TRANSP   C  
T706G Names for statutory trip types  TRANSP   C  
T706H Trip Provision:Per-diem/Maximum Amount for Meals by Time  TRANSP   C  
T706I Name for statutory reimbursement group for meals/accomm.  TRANSP   C  
T706J Name for enterprise-specific for meals/acc.  TRANSP   C  
T706K Initial Account Assignment for FI  TRANSP   C  
T706L Assignment of Trip Country - Country Group - Region  TRANSP   C  
T706M Input Tax for International Per Diems  TRANSP   C  
T706N Names for trip provision variants  TRANSP   C  
T706O Names for Trip Country/Trip Country Group/Trip Region  TRANSP   C  
T706P Date Interval for Miles/Kms Accumulation  TRANSP   C  
T706Q Names for period indicator for miles/kms accumulation  TRANSP   C  
T706R Names for trip activity types  TRANSP   C  
T706S Trip Schema  TRANSP   C  
T706T Names for trip schema  TRANSP   C  
T706U Trip Provision: Per Diem for Accommodations  TRANSP   C  
T706V Trip Provision: Meals Per-diem/Maximum Amount by Hours  TRANSP   C  
T706W Names for vehicle classes  TRANSP   C  
T706WWW HTML Links and File Paths  TRANSP   C  
T706WWW_TXT Text Table HTML Links and File Paths  TRANSP   C  
T706X Names for enterprise-specific trip types  TRANSP   C  
T706Y Names for Employee Groupings for Travel Management  TRANSP   C  
T706Z Single Field Control for Dialog  TRANSP   C  
T706Z1 Single Field Control for Dialog  TRANSP   C  
T706Z1_TXT Text table: Individual Field Control for Dialog  TRANSP   C  
T706_CCOMP Credit Card Companies  TRANSP   C  
T706_CCOMP_TXT Name of Credit Card Company  TRANSP   C  
T706_CITY_CD_46C Table for Specifying the City Code/Community Code Number  TRANSP   C  
T706_CITY_CD_D_2 Definition: City Codes / Community Code No, Date-Dependent  TRANSP   C  
T706_CONST PA parameters: Travel Management  TRANSP   C  
T706_CONSTTEXT Names of Accounting Constants for Travel Expenses  TRANSP   C  
T706_DEFAULTTEXT Names of Reference Texts for Entering Trips  TRANSP   C  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
S_AC0_52000840 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
Software Component SAP_HRGXX  Sub component SAP_HRGXX of SAP_HR 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component FI-TV-COS (HLA0006755) Travel Expenses 
Package PTRA  Travel Expenses Application Dev. (R/3 Enterprise Core)