SAP ABAP Package GRWT (Report Painter / Report Writer)
Basic Data
Package GRWT   
Short Description   Report Painter / Report Writer    
Super package APPL   Structure Package: Logistics/Accounting (copy from ERP) 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
GREP Report Writer: File of Stored Reports  TRANSP   A  
GREP_VARCHAR Report Writer: Varied extract characteristics  TRANSP   A  
GRIX Report Writer: Directory of Stored Data  TRANSP   A  
GRIX_AUT Report Writer: Values of Adjustment-Related Characteristics  TRANSP   A  
GRIX_SEL Report Writer: Selection parameters for stored data  TRANSP   A  
GRIX_SRCH Fields for finding Report Writer extracts  TRANSP   S  
GRIX_TXT Report Writer: Texts for stored data  TRANSP   A  
GRIX_VAR Report Writer: Variable for a report group version  TRANSP   A  
GRIX_VARP Variation parameters for extracts (Report Writer)  TRANSP   A  
GRRT Report Writer: Runtime information for generated programs  TRANSP   L  
GRW_DEL_OBJECTS Report Writer Deleted Objects  TRANSP   L  
GRW_HISTORY Report Writer Changes history  TRANSP   L  
T800 Report Writer: Reports  TRANSP   C  
T800T Report Writer: Texts for Reports  TRANSP   C  
T800V RW: Variables  POOL   S  
T800W RW: Texts for Parameter Contents  POOL   S  
T801A Report Writer: Exceptions in Row/Column Coordinates  POOL   C  
T801B Report Writer: Texts for Logical Rows  TRANSP   C  
T801C Report Writer: Parallel Report Windows  POOL   E  
T801D Report Writer: Row/Column Characteristics  TRANSP   C  
T801E Report Writer: Selection Sets  TRANSP   C  
T801F Report Writer: Rest Blocks (Rows, Columns)  TRANSP   C  
T801G Report Writer: Sections  TRANSP   C  
T801H Report Writer: Parallel Reports  TRANSP   E  
T801K Report Writer: Libraries  TRANSP   C  
T801L Report Writer: Library Fields  TRANSP   C  
T801M Report Writer: Rows/Columns  TRANSP   C  
T801N Report Writer: Library Texts  POOL   C  
T801P Report Writer: Key Figures for Libraries  POOL   C  
T801Q Report Writer: Key Figures for Libraries  TRANSP   C  
T801R Report Writer: Standard Layouts (Language-Dependent Part)  POOL   E  
T801S Report Writer: Cell Assignment  TRANSP   C  
T801T Report Writer: Texts for Parallel Reports  TRANSP   E  
T801U Report Writer: Standard Layouts (Language-Independent Part)  POOL   E  
T801V Report Writer: Standard Layout Texts  POOL   C  
T801W Report Writer: Standard Layout - Lang.-Dependent (new)  TRANSP   C  
T801X Report Writer: Standard Layout - Lang. Independent (new)  TRANSP   C  
T802A Report Writer: Definition of Receiver Reports  POOL   E  
T802B Report Writer: Receiver Report Control ( part 1 )  TRANSP   E  
T802C Report Writer: Receiver Report Control (part 2)  TRANSP   E  
T802D ABAP Receiver Programs for Report Writer  TRANSP   E  
T803A Report Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Header)  POOL   C  
T803B Report Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Descriptions)  POOL   C  
T803C Report Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Rows)  POOL   C  
T803D Report Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Row/Column Texts)  POOL   C  
T803E Report Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Columns)  POOL   C  
T803F Report Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Formulas)  TRANSP   C  
T803G Report Writer: Key Figure Blocks (Cells in Formulas)  TRANSP   C  
T803H Report Writer: Row Formulas  TRANSP   C  
T803I Report Writer: Row Formulas / Texts  POOL   C  
T803J Report Writer: Report Groups  TRANSP   C  
T803L Report Writer: Entries in Report Groups  TRANSP   C  
T803T Report Writer: Report Group Texts  TRANSP   C  
T803V Report Writer: Generated program versions  TRANSP   E  
T803VP Report Writer: Generated program versions  TRANSP   C  
T803VP_TRANS Report Writer: Generated Program Versions for Transport  TRANSP   C  
T803Z Obsolete: Report Usage  POOL   E  
T804A Report Writer: File Description  TRANSP   E  
T804B Report Writer: Key figures  TRANSP   E  
T804BT Report Writer: Texts for basic key figures  TRANSP   E  
T804C Report Writer: Special Fields  TRANSP   E  
T804D Report Writer: Texts of Data Field Descriptions  POOL   E  
T804E Report Writer: Summary of Tables  TRANSP   E  
T804F Report Writer: Key Figures  TRANSP   C  
T804G Report Writer: Texts for Key Figures  TRANSP   C  
T804H Report Writer: Database Fields for Exits  TRANSP   E  
T804I Report Writer: Supported Languages  TRANSP   C  
T804J Report Writer: Read module for table class S  TRANSP   S  
T804T Texts for reporting table  TRANSP   E  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
FGRP Report Painter  MENUFGRP  
FGRW Report Writer Menu  MENUFGRW  
GCRB Report Selection  SAPMKKB5  
GD00 Report Selection  RKKBRPTR  
GR11 Create Standard Layout  SAPLGRWF  
GR12 Change Standard Layout  SAPLGRWF  
GR13 Display Standard Layout  SAPLGRWF  
GR14 Delete Standard Layout  SAPLGRWF  
GR17 Export standard layouts  RGRSTE00  
GR18 Import standard layouts  RGRJTI00  
GR19 Copy standard layouts from client  RGRSTF00  
GR1L Directory: Standard Layout  RGRDCS10  
GR21 Create Library  SAPMGRWL  
GR22 Change Library  SAPMGRWL  
GR23 Display library  SAPMGRWL  
GR24 Delete library  SAPMGRWL  
GR27 Export libraries  RGRLTE00  
GR28 Import libraries  RGRJTI00  
GR29 Copy libraries from client  RGRLTF00  
GR2L Catalog: Libraries  RGRDCL10  
GR31 Create report  SAPMGRWD  
GR32 Change Report  SAPMGRWD  
GR33 Display report  SAPMGRWD  
GR34 Delete report  SAPMGRWD  
GR37 Export reports  RGRRTE00  
GR38 Import reports  RGRJTI00  
GR39 Copy reports from client  RGRRTF00  
GR3L Catalog: Reports  RGRDCR10  
GR51 Create report group  SAPMGRWJ  
GR52 Change Report Group  SAPMGRWJ  
GR53 Display report group  SAPMGRWJ  
GR54 Delete report group  SAPMGRWJ  
GR55 Execute Report Group  SAPMGRWJ  
GR57 Export report groups  RGRJTE00  
GR58 Import report groups  RGRJTI00  
GR59 Copy report groups from client  RGRJTF00  
GR5G Generate report groups  RGRJBG00  
GR5L Directory: Report groups  RGRDCJ10  
GRCT Report Writer: Control Tables     
GRLV List variants for line items     
GRP1 Report Writer: Display Extracts  RGRGRIX4  
GRP5 Report Writer: Delete Extracts  RGRGRIX4  
GRP6 Report Writer: Print Extracts  RGRGRIX4  
GRP7 Report Writer: Validity of Extracts  RGRGRIX4  
GRPE Editor callup for FI/CO program  RGRPEDIT  
GRR1 RW: Create Row/Column Structure  SAPMKES1  
GRR2 RW: Change formula  SAPMKES1  
GRR3 RW: Display formula  SAPMKES1  
GRR4 Create model  SAPMKES1  
GRR5 Change model  SAPMKES1  
GRR6 Display model  SAPMKES1  
GRR7 Export models  RGRMTE00  
GRR8 Import models  RGRMTI00  
GRR9 Copy models from client  RGRMTF00  
GRRT Report Painter: Translate reports  RKCTRTX1  
GS32 Create/Change Key Figures  SAPMGRWX  
GS33 Display Key Figures  SAPMGRWX  
SLIS FI-SL Spec.Purpose Ledg. Info.System  MENUSLIS  
Software Component SAP_FIN  SAP_FIN 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component FI-SL-IS (HLA0009743) Information System 
Package GRWT  Report Painter / Report Writer