SAP ABAP Search Help - Index O
Search Help - O
# Search Help Name Short Description Package
1 O2PAGEPAR_PARATYPE Page Parameter Types SO2_TOOL 
2 O2PAGEPAR_TYPTYPE Page Parameter Typing SO2_TOOL 
3 O2USERNAME Find User Name SO2_TOOL 
4 O2XSLTNAME Search Help for XSLT Program SXSLT_TOOL 
5 OA2_CLIENT_USER OAuth2 Client User SOAUTH2 
8 OAF_AGENT Agenten mit Beschreibung FS_OAF_CORE 
9 OAF_SCHED_VARIANT_TMPL Report Varianten Template für automatische Job Einplanung FS_OAF_CORE 
10 OBJE Search Object by Customer Number and Object Class FMFI 
11 OBJEA Search Object by Customer Number and Object Class FMFI 
12 OBJECTCLAS Search Help for Active Change Document Objects SZD 
13 OBJEKT_NUMMER Objektnummer in CATDO KKCA 
14 OBJH Search help for Object Type CLBW 
16 ODPG Matchcode Object for Old Program Name EE20 
17 ODPGA Matchcode ID for ODPG EE20 
19 ODQ_SUBSCRIBER_TYPE Subscription Type for Operational Delta Queue SODQS 
20 OFFIC_KK Branch Office FKKB 
22 OI0_CP_GRP_ID Search help for Group ID OI0_COMMON 
23 OI0_EVTYPE Search Help for Event Type OI0_COMMON 
24 OI0_RELTYPE Relevance Type OI0_IF 
25 OI0_WERKS Elementary search help for Plants OI0_COMMON 
26 OI0_WERKS_EKORG Plants by Purch. Org. OI0_COMMON 
27 OI0_WERKS_MARC Plants by Material OI0_COMMON 
28 OI0_WERKS_VKORG Plants by Sales Org. OI0_COMMON 
29 OIA5 Matchcode Sales quantity schedule documents OIA 
30 OIA5A QS sales doc. by material no., customer (exchange partner).. OIA 
31 OIA6 Matchcode Purchasing quantity schedule documents OIA 
32 OIA6A QS purch. doc. by material no., vendor (exchange partner).. OIA 
33 OIA8 Matchcodes for Logical Inventory Adjustment OIA 
34 OIA8I by material, exchange no., sub product OIA 
35 OIA8U by doc.type, exchange partner, mat.doc.year OIA 
36 OIAE Search Exchange agreements(SAP Std.=empty->Append in IS-Oil) OIA 
37 OIAEA by exch. partner OIA 
38 OIAEB by sales organiz. OIA 
39 OIAEC by purch. organiz. OIA 
40 OIAED by exch. type OIA 
41 OIAEE by exch. partner reference (+ status, date) OIA 
42 OIAMA Fees per vendor OIA 
43 OIAMB Fees per exchange agreement OIA 
44 OIAMC Fees per contract (outline agreement) OIA 
45 OIAMD Fees per external delivery note OIA 
46 OIAME Fees per bill of lading OIA 
47 OIAN Matchcodes for Netting Document OIA 
48 OIANA Netting documents by exchange partner OIA 
49 OIAS Matchcode for Exch. Statement Print Requests/Netting OIA 
50 OIASB Exg. stmnt. print request by user created OIA 
51 OIASC Exg. stmnt. print req no. by exchange partner OIA 
52 OIAT Matchcode for MB Netting documents OIA 
53 OIATA Netting doc. (ExgStmntPrnReq) by exchange partner OIA 
54 OIATB Netting doc. by user created OIA 
56 OIB_SILO_LGORT Silo Management Stor.Loc. OIB 
57 OICD Differential Reference Code OIC 
58 OICDA DRC by description OIC 
59 OICDB DRC by DRC country or DRC region OIC 
60 OICDC DRC by metropolitan indicator (MI) OIC 
61 OICDD DRC by wide-area pricing zone (WAP) OIC 
62 OICDE DRC by state license fee zone (SLF) OIC 
63 OICQ Differential Reference Code OIC 
64 OICQA DRC by description OIC 
65 OIFB Search Help for Location (SAP Standard) OILF 
66 OIFBC Business location address OIF 
67 OIFBD Business location name OIF 
68 OIFBK Business Location Class OIF 
69 OIFBL Business location ID OIF 
70 OIFBT Business location type OIF 
71 OIGC TD Transport Unit OIG 
72 OIGCA Transport Unit by attributes OIG 
73 OIGCB Transport Unit by shorttext OIG 
74 OIGCC Transport Unit by measures OIG 
75 OIGD TD driver number OIG 
76 OIGDA Driver Number OIG 
77 OIGF TD-Freight OIG 
78 OIGFA Selection of SC-Document Header OIG 
79 OIGFB SC-Document selection by SCD Item data OIG 
80 OIGM TD Vehicle meter Number OIG 
81 OIGMA Vehicle meter by number OIG 
82 OIGMB Selection for vehicle meter reading OIG 
83 OIGR TD Rack Meter matchcode OIG 
84 OIGRA Rack Meter by attributes OIG 
85 OIGRB Rack Meter by short text OIG 
86 OIGRC Selection for rack meter reading OIG 
87 OIGS TD Bulk shipment OIG 
88 OIGSA Bulk shipment by shipment number OIG 
89 OIGSU Shipment per user OIG 
90 OIGV TD Matchcode Vehicle Number OIG 
91 OIGVA Vehicle Number and Description OIG 
92 OIGVB Vehicle Type OIG 
93 OIGVC General Data OIG 
94 OIGVD Vehicle Weights OIG 
95 OIGVE Scheduling Selection (Planning Pt, Compatibility, Carri...) OIG 
96 OIHE External License Number OIH 
97 OIHE1 External license (TDP) OIH 
98 OIHED Vendor OIH 
99 OIHEF Excise Duty OIH 
100 OIHEG Tax Excemption OIH 
101 OIHEH Pre Paid / Duty-free OIH 
102 OIHEI Excise Duty Enhanced OIH 
103 OIHL Matchcode for Excise Licenses OIH 
104 OIHLD Vendor OIH 
105 OIHLF Excise Duty OIH 
106 OIHLG Tax Excemption OIH 
107 OIHLH Pre Paid / Duty-free OIH 
108 OIHLI Excise Duty Enhanced OIH 
109 OIHT 2 Step Transfer with Tracking Number OIH 
110 OIHTM Material -> Tracking Number OIH 
111 OIH_J1B_TCNUM Tax Calculation Numbers / Commands in Header OIH_CV_BR 
112 OIH_J1B_VTYP_SH Vendor type (w/o 'X'), based on domain value OIH_J1B_VTYP OIH_CV_BR 
113 OIIM Matchcode for General Meter OII 
114 OIIML General meter number OII 
115 OIIMS General meter serial number OII 
116 OIIMT General meter type OII 
117 OIJA TSW Transport system OIJ 
118 OIJAA Transport system by name OIJ 
119 OIJAB Transport system by shipping type OIJ 
120 OIJAC Transport system by plant OIJ 
121 OIJB TSW Location OIJ 
122 OIJBA Location by name OIJ 
123 OIJBB Location by type OIJ 
124 OIJBC Location by Connection Point OIJ 
125 OIJBER Berths at a location OIJ 
126 OIJBM Materials at TSW location OIJ 
127 OIJBT Search help for tanks at locations OIJ 
128 OIJBT_RD Search help for tanks at locations OIJ 
129 OIJC TSW Nomination OIJ 
130 OIJCA Nomination by transport system OIJ 
131 OIJCB Nomination by status OIJ 
132 OIJCC Nomination by ticket details OIJ 
133 OIJCC_NEW Nomination by ticket details OIJ 
134 OIJCD Nomination by item details OIJ 
135 OIJCOV TSW Search Safety stock coverage period profile OIJ 
136 OIJE TSW purchase order OIJ 
137 OIJEA TSW Search purchase order OIJ 
138 OIJEB TSW Search purchase contracts OIJ_EL 
139 OIJF TSW Sales order OIJ 
140 OIJFA TSW Search sales order OIJ 
141 OIJFB TSW Search sales return OIJ 
142 OIJFC TSW Search sales contracts OIJ_EL 
143 OIJFCPRF OIL TSW: Search for rack forecast profile OIJ 
144 OIJLOCID Planning and Real Locations OIJ 
145 OIJLOCID_R Real Locations OIJ 
146 OIJLOCMAT Materials for Location OIJ 
147 OIJPS Plant/St loc as partner at a given location OIJ 
148 OIJR TSW Partner Roles OIJ 
149 OIJRA TSW Search Location Partners for Customers OIJ 
150 OIJRB TSW Search Location Partners for Vendors OIJ 
151 OIJRC TSW Search Location Partners for Plants OIJ 
152 OIJRD TSW Search Location Partners for Plants and Storage Location OIJ 
153 OIJSCAL OIL-TSW: Search for safety stock calendar usage profile OIJ 
154 OIJSFTYP OIL-TSW:Search for Safety stock calculation type OIJ 
155 OIJT TSW Ticket OIJ 
156 OIJTA TSW Search Ticket by key OIJ 
157 OIJTB TSW Search Ticket by Nomination Details OIJ 
158 OIJTC TSW Search Ticket by Partners OIJ 
159 OIJTCAL OIL-TSW: Search for target stock calendar usage profile OIJ 
160 OIJTD TSW Search Ticket by Material Movement Details OIJ 
161 OIJTE TSW Search Ticket by Transport System Details OIJ 
162 OIJTF TSW Search Ticket by Ticket Status OIJ 
163 OIJTGTCOV TSW Search Target stock coverage period profile OIJ 
164 OIJTGTYP OIL-TSW:Search for Target stock calculation type OIJ 
165 OIJTSMAT Materials for Transportsystem OIJ 
166 OIJTSWMOT OIJ TSW : Helpview for Check Table OIJTSWMOT OIJ 
168 OIJUA UoM - Time OIJ 
169 OIJ_BATCH RM test Batch OIJ 
170 OIJ_BATCH_2 RM test Batch OIJ 
171 OIJ_CONPAT Location Partner Vendor or Customer OIJ 
172 OIJ_CONPAT_COLLECTIVE Location Partner Vendor or Customer OIJ 
173 OIJ_CONPAT_REC Location Partner Receiver OIJ 
174 OIJ_CONPAT_SD Location Partner Vendor or Customer from SD documents OIJ 
175 OIJ_CONPAT_SUP Location Partner Supplier OIJ 
176 OIJ_CP_BER_GRP_ID Search help for Group ID OIJ 
177 OIJ_CP_VEH_GRP_ID Search help for Group ID OIJ 
178 OIJ_DIMSEL_UOM Units of Measure OIJ 
179 OIJ_DOCNR Reference Document Search Help OIJ 
180 OIJ_DOCNR_B TSW Search Sales Quotation OIJ 
181 OIJ_DOCNR_G TSW Search sales contracts OIJ 
182 OIJ_DOCNR_K TSW Search purchase contracts OIJ 
183 OIJ_DOCNR_P TSW Search purchase order OIJ 
184 OIJ_DOCNR_Q TSW Requisitions OIJ 
185 OIJ_DOCNR_R TSW Search sales return OIJ 
186 OIJ_DOCNR_S TSW Search sales order OIJ 
187 OIJ_DOCNR_T TSW Search Stock Transport Orders OIJ 
188 OIJ_DOCNR_X TSW Reservations OIJ 
189 OIJ_EL_DEALGR OIL TSW: Deal group search help (trading system) OIJ_EL 
190 OIJ_EL_DEALTYPE OIL TSW: Deal type search help OIJ_EL 
192 OIJ_EL_TICKET_A Ticket by Nomination details OIJ 
193 OIJ_EL_TICKET_B by Partners OIJ 
194 OIJ_EL_TICKET_C by Material movement details OIJ 
195 OIJ_EL_TICKET_D by Transport system details OIJ 
196 OIJ_EL_TICKET_E by Ticket status OIJ 
197 OIJ_LEN_UOM Units of Measure OIJ 
198 OIJ_LOC all locations OIJ 
199 OIJ_LOCATION_METER Search help for meter assigned to a location OIJ 
200 OIJ_LOCID Search Location OIJ 
201 OIJ_LOCPT Location Partner Plant / Storage Location OIJ 
202 OIJ_LSYST loading system sh. for berth scheduling OIJ 
203 OIJ_MAT1 Search Material OIJ 
204 OIJ_MATERIAL TSW Material Search Help OIJ 
205 OIJ_METSEQNO show meters assigned to a material at a specific busn. loct. OIJ 
206 OIJ_MVSCEN TSW Search Movement Scenario OIJ 
207 OIJ_NOMTYP Nomination Type OIJ 
208 OIJ_PARTNER Partner Selection OIJ 
209 OIJ_PARTNER_RTYPE Partner by role OIJ 
210 OIJ_PARTNER_SHIPPER Shipper per Transportsystem OIJ 
211 OIJ_PARTNER_TSYST Partner by Transportsystem OIJ 
212 OIJ_PARTNR Location Partner OIJ 
213 OIJ_PROFILE Select 3WP Planning Profile OIJ 
214 OIJ_TANKLOC selects tanks at a business location OIJ 
215 OIJ_TSYST Transport System OIJ 
216 OIJ_UOM Units of Measure OIJ 
217 OIJ_VESSEL selects vehicles with type 'SHIP' from table OIGV OIJ 
218 OIJ_VKTRA Search help for the TSW - Mode of transport (VKTRA) OIJ 
219 OIKH TAS: Load history OIK 
220 OIKHA TAS: Load data history by load date OIK 
221 OIKHB TAS: LOAD data history by document OIK 
222 OIKL Load ID Selection OIK 
223 OIKLA Load ID by key ( Working repository ) OIK 
224 OIKLB Load ID by Controlfields ( Working repository ) OIK 
225 OIKLC Load ID by Controlfields ( Active repository ) OIK 
226 OIKLD Load ID by key ( Active repository ) OIK_I 
227 OIKLT Load IDs by sales documents OIK 
228 OIKR LID Master Data OIK 
229 OIKRB LID Selection by Key fields, description, author OIK 
230 OIKRC Select Load ID's from active Repos. by Act. Indicator OIK 
231 OIKU Units of Measurement OIK 
232 OIKUA UoM by Dimension ID OIK 
233 OIKUM UoM for masses OIK 
234 OIKUV UoM for volume OIK 
236 OIL_KRED Append search help for vendors/creditors (IS-Oil) OI0_COMMON 
237 OIL_MEKK Append search help for purchasing doc. (IS-Oil) OI0_COMMON 
238 OIL_OIAE IS-Oil search f. Exch.Agreement (SAP standard search) OIA 
239 OIL_OIFB Append search help for business location (IS-Oil) OI0_COMMON 
240 OIL_OIHL IS-Oil search f. TDP (SAP standard search) OIH 
241 OIL_VMVA Append search help for sales documents (IS-Oil) OI0_COMMON 
242 OIL_VMVL Append search help for delivery documents (IS-Oil) OI0_COMMON 
243 OIL_WERKS Append search help for plants (IS-Oil) OI0_COMMON 
244 OIR2 Search help for application log OIR 
245 OIRA_PRNDOC SSR Print Document Number OIR 
246 OIRA_PRNDOC_BILL SSR Print Document Number - Billing Doc Info OIR 
247 OIRA_PRNDOC_HEAD SSR Print Document Header OIR 
248 OIRBBC Business location cluster OIR_B 
249 OIRBBP Business location competitors OIR_B 
250 OIRB_T005 Help View for Countries OIR_B 
251 OIRCMDPGR_SH SSR Pricing - Material differences group reference material OIR_C 
252 OIRCSDPGR_SH SSR Pricing - S. type differences group reference S. type OIR_C 
254 OIRC_PBLNR_SOC_SH SSR Fuels - Storage objects of a location OIR_C 
255 OIRC_PRLOG_PRM_SH SSR Pricing - Price update log number OIR_C 
256 OIRE_CHUNR SSR PC reconciliation Help for upload number OIR_E 
257 OIRI_DESTFNAME test search help OIR_I 
258 OITX Brazil - Search Help for Oil Tax Code OIH_CV_BR 
259 OIUCM_BA_TYPE Search Help for BA Types OIU 
260 OIUCM_LV_JILS Search help for jils OIU_CM 
261 OIUREP_SH_ROY_AGY Search Help for State Reporting Agencies OIU_REP 
262 OIUREP_TEXT_ID Search Help to get the Text IDs created. OIU_REP 
264 OIUREP_WY_INJCODES Help for Injection Codes OIU 
265 OIUREP_WY_WLCLCD Search help for Well Class Codes OIU 
266 OIUX1_SH_TAX_AGY Search Help for State Reporting Agencies OIU_X1 
267 OIUX1_SH_TAX_RPT Search help for tax reports OIU_X1 
268 OIUX1_SH_VLTP_CD Search help for the X-ref between PRA & agency vol type OIU_X1 
269 OIUX3_RPT_ID Tax Reporting - Report Search Help (Based on Report Group) OIU_X3 
270 OIUX3_TX_COUNTY Tax Reporting - Texas County OIU_X3 
271 OIUX3_TX_EXEMPTION_TYPE Tax Reporting - Texas Exemption Type OIU_X3 
272 OIUX3_TX_LEASE Tax Reporting - Texas Lease OIU_X3 
273 OIUX3_TX_OVERRIDE_BA Tax Reporting - Texas Override BA OIU_X3 
274 OIU_ME_MERDG PRA Search help for measurement reading OIU 
275 OLR3_SHLP_SAP_OBJTYPES F4 Help for Standard SAP Object Types DPR_OBJECTLINK_R3 
277 OMARRAYTYPE HR-OM: Search Help for Column Groups SP0E 
278 OMCOLUMNS HR-OM: Search Help for Columns SP0E 
279 OO_ATTRIBUTE_F4 Search Help for Attributes of a Class SEOE 
280 OO_EVENT_F4 Search Help for Events of a Class SEOE 
281 OO_METHOD_F4 Search help for methods of a class SEOE 
282 OO_TYPE_F4 Search Help for Public Types of Class / Interface SEOE 
283 OPBUK Company Code Groups according to TFK001G FKKB 
284 OPBUK_BUKRS Company Codes of Company Code Group FKKB 
285 OPGROUP Search Help for Operand Groups EE20 
286 OPS_SE_CNTRPT Service Interface for Counterpart test OPS_SE_COMMON_FUNCTIONALITIES 
287 OPS_SE_TESTCASE Test Case for Counterpart Test of Service Interfaces OPS_SE_COMMON_FUNCTIONALITIES 
290 ORDB Process Orders COCR 
291 ORDBA Process Orders for Controlling Area COCR 
292 ORDBB Process Orders for Order Type COCR 
293 ORDBD Process Orders for MRP Controller COCR 
294 ORDBE Process Orders Using Info System COCR 
295 ORDBF Process Orders for Production Scheduler COCR 
296 ORDBI Process Orders Using Info System COCR 
297 ORDBM Process Orders for Material and Master Recipe COCR 
298 ORDBN Process Orders for Order Number COCR 
299 ORDBP Process Orders for Master Recipe COCR 
300 ORDBW Process Orders for Ingredient / Material Produced / Dates COCR 
302 ORDEA Search by controlling area / processing group KAUF 
303 ORDEB Search by controlling area / order type KAUF 
304 ORDEC Prod. Orders for Original Order (Trigger Point Function) CO 
305 ORDED Production Orders per MRP Scheduler CO 
306 ORDEE Production orders using the info system CO 
307 ORDEF Production Orders for Production Supervisor CO 
308 ORDEK Search using classification data KAUF 
309 ORDEL PM orders using order list IWO1 
310 ORDEQ Service orders using order list IEQM 
311 ORDER_REAL_ESTATE Orders for Real Estate Object FVVI 
312 ORDER_SES_ADVANCED Advanced Search for Orders KAUF 
313 ORDER_SES_QUICK Simple Search for Orders KAUF 
314 ORDER_T430 Control Key CO 
315 ORDES Process orders for original order (trigger point function) CO 
316 ORDET Process Orders for MRP Controller CO 
317 ORDEU Process Orders for Production Supervisor CO 
318 ORDE_REAL_ESTATE Orders for the Real Estate Object FVVI 
319 ORDE_WD Matchcode Object for Settlement Orders RPLM_MT_BE 
320 ORDH Matchcode object for historical PM orders IWO1 
321 ORDHA Orders for leading order IWO2 
322 ORDHL Orders using order list IWO2 
323 ORDN Matchcode - orders in collective order CO 
324 ORDNA Matchcode for leading order of collective order CO 
325 ORDP Matchcode object for PM orders IWO1 
326 ORDPA Orders using order type/controlling area IWO1 
327 ORDPE Orders for preventive maintenance plan IWO1 
328 ORDPF Orders for fixed asset IWO1 
329 ORDPG Orders for cost center IWO1 
330 ORDPH Orders for superior order IWO1 
331 ORDPK Service orders for the customer IWOC 
332 ORDPL PM orders using order list IWO1 
333 ORDPQ Service orders using order list IWO1 
334 ORDP_ES_ADVANCED Advanced Search for Service Orders using Search Engine IWOC 
335 ORDP_ES_ADVANCED_E Advanced Search for Service Orders using Search Engine IWOC 
336 ORDP_ES_SIMPLE Simple search for Service Orders using Search Engine IWOC 
337 ORDP_WD Matchcode Object for PM Orders RPLM_MT_BE 
338 ORDQ QM Order QA 
339 ORDQB Search order type/controlling area QA 
340 ORDQK Search order using classification QA 
341 OTHER_CTS_PROJECTS All CTS Projects from Other Clients/Systems SCTS_PRJ 
342 OUME Unit of Measure - Energy OIU 
343 OUMH Unit of Measure - Heating Value OIU 
344 OUML Unit of Measure - Length OIU 
345 OUMP Unit of Measure - Pressure OIU 
346 OUMT Unit of Measure - Temperature OIU 
347 OUMV Unit of Measure - Volume OIU 
348 OUMX Unit of Measure - Volume & Energy OIU 
349 OUPC Combined Product Code/Major Product Code OIU 
350 OUTL Collective Search Helps for Outline Agreements IWO1 
351 OUTLA Outline Agreements per Technical System IWO1 
352 OUTLB Outline Agreements per Requirements Number IWO1 
353 OUTLI Contracts for Services IWO1 
354 OUTLK Outline Agreements per Cost Center IWO1 
355 OUTLL Outline Agreements per Vendor IWO1 
356 OUTLM Outline Agreements by Material IWO1 
357 OUTLN Outline Agreements per Network IWO1 
358 OUTLP Outline Agreements per Project IWO1 
359 OUTLT Contracts per Agreement Date IWO1 
360 OUTLU Scheduling Agreements per Agreement Date IWO1 
361 OUTLV Purchasing Documents per Sales Document IWO1 
362 OUTLW Purchasing Documents per Supplying Plant IWO1 
363 OXT_BUSOBJ_SRCH Search Help for OXT Business Object OXT_ROOT 
366 OXT_DEVCLASS Package Search OXT_ROOT 
367 OXT_EXTTYP_SRCH Search Help for OXT Extension Type OXT_ROOT 
369 OXT_OBJECT_SRCH Search Help for OXT Objects OXT_ROOT