SAP ABAP Package FTVV (TR - Objects from FVV in both Loans/Securities areas)
Basic Data
Package FTVV   
Short Description   TR - Objects from FVV in both Loans/Securities areas    
Super package FS_TRLO   Cross-Objects TRM and Loans 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
FTVVT_KWG_MD Master Data for GBA-Relevant Business Partners  TRANSP   A  
TDXBL Documents not updated which are sent to the R/2 system  POOL   A  
TFKY3 Serves as check table (for issuer help-view structure)  POOL   S  
TFKY4 Serves as check table for depos. bank help-view structure  POOL   S  
TWL1 List sort sequence (Position/Trend/Revenue lists)  POOL   C  
TWL1T Texts for TWL1 (Sort sequence)  POOL   C  
TWL2 Sort sequence lists + control parameters  POOL   C  
TWL2S Special group key sort sequence  POOL   C  
TWL3 List Display Sequence (Position List)  POOL   C  
TWL3T Texts for TWL3 (Position list output sequence)  POOL   C  
TWL4 Output sequence lists + control parameters  POOL   C  
TWL5 Display sequence (check table)-previously only revenue list  POOL   C  
TWL5T Texts for TWL5 (Revenue list output sequence)  POOL   C  
TWL6 Display sequence (formerly only revenue list, now all)  POOL   C  
TWZ03 Result types text table, texts for summarization types  POOL   C  
TWZ10 Event groups (summarization of values (temporary))  POOL   C  
TZBK Financial Assets Management valuation areas  POOL   C  
TZCURC_EU EMU Basket Currencies  TRANSP   C  
TZDEA Trader register  TRANSP   C  
TZPLP Financial Assets Management Plausibility Checks  TRANSP   C  
TZRCL Treasury: Valuation Classes  POOL   C  
TZRPR Treasury: Valuation Principles  POOL   C  
TZRPT Valuation principle description  TRANSP   C  
TZRR0 Treasury: Valuation Areas  TRANSP   C  
TZRR1 Treasury: Valuation Areas at Company Code Level  POOL   C  
TZRR2 Treasury: Valuation Areas at Company Code/Product Type Level  TRANSP   C  
TZRRT Treasury: Name of Valuation Areas  POOL   C  
TZSBW Valuation methods  POOL   C  
TZST Reasons for reversal  POOL   C  
TZST1 Reasons for reversal (Text table)  POOL   C  
TZT01 Derivation rules for tax flows  POOL   C  
TZWR0 Valuation in cross-depot  TRANSP   A  
TZWR1 Valuation in sec.acct position  TRANSP   A  
VDCSPREAD Credit Spread per Loan  TRANSP   A  
VVWKN1 OBSOLETE - Fields as factors for secondary data  TRANSP   C  
VVWKN2 Allocation of values to value groups  TRANSP   C  
VVWKN6 Alloc. of to second.term via the invoice no.  TRANSP   C  
VVWKN7 - Secondary values alloc. (via the  TRANSP   C  
VVWL7 Context  TRANSP   C  
VVWL8 Output sequence  TRANSP   C  
VVZSFELD Internal transfer structure for VZSFELD  TRANSP   S  
VZDFELD Attributes for output fields  TRANSP   G  
VZDTXT Attributes for display fields: Country texts  TRANSP   G  
VZSFELD Sort field ID's: Version 2.0  TRANSP   G  
VZSTXT Sort field names: Texts  TRANSP   G  
VZWVA Check table for deadline monitoring  TRANSP   A  
VZZKOKO Table condition header  TRANSP   A  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
FNKWGFLAG Maintain GBA Reporting Indicator  RFVDKWGFLAG  
FNKWGRAT Maintain Debtor Ratings     
FNV_CSPRD Credit Spreads for Loan     
FZ5A AWV statement Z5 and Z5a page 1  RFVZ5AWV  
FZD4 VV Plausibility Checks  SAPLSVIM  
FZW9 Display monitoring table     
S_PLN_16000399 Sec. Info.: Display Sec. Acct Pos.     
Software Component EA-FINSERV  SAP Enterprise Extension Financial Services 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component FIN-FSCM-TRM (KFM0000001) Treasury and Risk Management 
Package FTVV  TR - Objects from FVV in both Loans/Securities areas