SAP ABAP Domain - Index U
Domain - U
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 UAART Business volume comparison and agreement type CHAR   
2 UAB_ACTION Status Relevant Action CHAR   
3 UAB_APPLICATION Application CHAR 30    
4 UAB_APPL_TYPE Application Type Costing CHAR   
5 UAB_BOOLEAN Indicator (X = True; Space = False) CHAR   
6 UAB_CALL_TIME Call Time for Formulas INT1   
7 UAB_CCST_REMOTE Remote Cost Component Split Type CHAR 10    
9 UAB_CHECK_RULES Exception Rule for Checks CHAR   
10 UAB_COLUMNNAME_ROLE Role that performs field in a column (CHA, ATR, KYF) CHAR   
11 UAB_COMMAND Command CHAR 10    
12 UAB_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION Description for Commands CHAR 40    
13 UAB_COMMAND_NAME Name of a Command CHAR 40    
14 UAB_COMMAND_NR Command Number NUMC 15    
15 UAB_COSTCOMP Cost Component Split Element NUMC   
16 UAB_COSTCOMPGROUP Cost Component Split Element Group CHAR   
17 UAB_COSTCOMSPLIT Cost Component Split CHAR   
18 UAB_CR_CRID Costing Run: Technical Name of Costing Run CHAR 12    
19 UAB_CR_FGRP Costing Run: Field Group for Context CHAR   
20 UAB_CURRENT_DID Current Dimension ID INT2   
21 UAB_DB_STATUS Database Status CHAR   
22 UAB_DESCRIPTION Description CHAR 80    
23 UAB_DIRECTION Costing Direction CHAR   
24 UAB_F4_RULES Exception Rule for F4 Help CHAR   
26 UAB_GROUP_DESC Description of a Function Group CHAR 50    
27 UAB_IMPORT_MODE Operation in XML Import CHAR   
28 UAB_INPUT Ready for Input Status of a Field CHAR   
29 UAB_INTERVAL Indicator 'Interval Limit' CHAR   
30 UAB_JOIN_TYPE Type of a Join CHAR   
31 UAB_METADATA_VERSION Metadata Version CHAR   
32 UAB_NUMBER_RANGE_OBJ_LENGTH Length of Number Range Object (Costing Solutions) NUMC 15    
33 UAB_OCCURENCE Frequency with which a function parameter can occur NUMC   
35 UAB_PARAMETER Parameter for Command CHAR 45    
36 UAB_PARAM_DECL 1e Exporting Type Parameter (from Definition View) NUMC   
37 UAB_PARAM_MAINT Editability of a Function Parameter NUMC   
38 UAB_PRIO_PRULE Price Selection CHAR   
39 UAB_PRIO_QRULE Select Manually Entered Quantity Structure CHAR   
40 UAB_PRIO_RULE Select Imported Quantity Structure CHAR   
41 UAB_SIDEBYSIDE_OPTION Side by side comparison option CHAR   
42 UAB_STEP_TYPE Costing Step Type CHAR   
44 UAB_UPDKZ Update Indicator CHAR   
45 UAB_UPLOAD_TYPE R/3 Upload Type NUMC   
46 UAB_UPL_ACTION Upload Action NUMC   
47 UAB_UPL_LEVEL Upload Level CHAR   
48 UAB_WF_TYPE Workflow Type Costing CHAR   
49 UAB_WORKSETID Identification Workset ID CHAR 10    
50 UAB_XMLCOMMAND Text with 254 Characters CHAR 254    
51 UACC_CHECK_REQUIRED Re-Check required? CHAR   
52 UACC_CLIENT_DEP Client dependency CHAR   
53 UACC_FREQUENCY Frequency of Checks CHAR   
54 UACC_LOGTIME Log Time CHAR 40    
55 UACC_RFCGEN Indicator: Generated RFC Destination CHAR   
56 UACC_RFCSTAT UACC RFC Destination maintenance status CHAR   
57 UACC_ROLE Role of recipient CHAR 30    
58 UACC_SCENARIO Scenario - PRE or POST upgrade CHAR   
59 UACC_SEVERITY Severity of checks CHAR   
60 UACC_STEP_GROUP Group of checks CHAR 30    
61 UACC_STEP_NAME Data domain for Step Name CHAR 50    
62 UACC_STEP_ORDER Defines order of execution of steps NUMC 10    
63 UACC_TEXT Free Text CHAR 255    
64 UACC_TYPE Type check- 'Mandatory' or 'Optional CHAR   
65 UACC_USE_CASE Use case of Check -- 'UPG', 'SPAM', 'ASU' etc.. CHAR 30    
66 UAC_ALIGNMENT Analytical Cost Management: Alignment INT1   
67 UAC_ATTRIBUTE Analytical Cost Management: Attribute CHAR 30    
68 UAC_CHAR_128 Analytical Cost Management: Text length 128 CHAR 128    
69 UAC_CLASS Analytical Cost Management: Control Type INT1   
70 UAC_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION Description for Commands CHAR 40    
71 UAC_COMMAND_NAME Name of a Command CHAR 40    
72 UAC_COMMAND_NR Command Number NUMC 15    
73 UAC_FLAG Analytical Cost Management: Indicator (0 = FALSE, 1 = TRUE) CHAR   
74 UAC_FONT_STYLE Analytical Cost Management: Font Style INT1   
75 UAC_ID Analytical Cost Management: ID for Control Elements CHAR 12    
76 UAC_ITEM_TYPE Analytical Cost Management: Control Element CHAR 10    
77 UAC_KEY_ID Analytical Cost Management: Key IDs INT1   
78 UAC_RELATIONSHIP Analytical Cost Management: Node Relationship in Tree INT1   
79 UAC_SORT_ORDER Analytical Cost Management: Sort Sequence INT1   
80 UAC_VIEW_TYPE Analytical Cost Management: Type of a View [Grid|Tree] CHAR   
81 UADRES Address CHAR 40    
82 UAD_METATYPE Metatype of a CS Structure CHAR   
83 UAINV_CST_ELEMENT Number of the cost component NUMC   
84 UAINV_EL_GRUP Cost Component Group CHAR   
85 UAINV_PERCENT Percent DEC 23 
86 UAINV_PRC_CNG_STAT Status of Price Change CHAR   
87 UAINV_REVAL_REASON Reason for Revaluation CHAR   
88 UAINV_REVAL_TR_CAT Revaluation Category CHAR   
90 UAINV_VALPROC Valuation Procedure CHAR   
91 UAI_DATA_DISPLAY Type of Displayed Data CHAR 20    
92 UAI_DATA_TYPE Type of Displayed Data CHAR   
93 UAI_DATA_TYPE_FOR_DISPLAY Type of Displayed Data CHAR   
94 UAI_FLAG Indicator CHAR   
95 UAI_PROGNAME Program Name (Abbreviated) CHAR 19    
96 UAKT Sales Price Revaluation with Promotion CHAR   
97 UAKTUSR Number of active users CHAR   
98 UAP_ACTIVITY Activity for Authorizations CHAR   
99 UAP_BOOLEAN Boolean CHAR   
100 UAP_FIELD_STATUS Field Selection Control: Field Status CHAR   
101 UAP_NODE_TYPE Node Type CHAR   
102 UAP_SEARCH_MODE Search Mode CHAR   
103 UAP_SOURCE_TYPE Type of Field Origin CHAR   
104 UAP_TREE_ORIENTATION Position of Tree INT4 10    
105 UASE16N_CD_VALUE Table Display: Data Part of Change Document LCHR 3000    
106 UASE16N_FCODE Table Display: Fcode CHAR 70    
107 UASE16N_FIELD Table Display: Field Name CHAR 30    
108 UASE16N_FNAM Name of function module CHAR 30    
109 UASE16N_OPTION Table Display: OPTION CHAR   
110 UASE16N_RF_POS Sequence of Environment Transactions INT4 10    
111 UASE16N_SIGN Table display: SIGN CHAR   
112 UASE16N_TAB Table Display: Table CHAR 30    
113 UASE16N_TXT40 Table display: Text CHAR 40    
114 UASE16N_VALUE Table display: Field value CHAR 132    
115 UASTA Status of the Business Volume Comparison and Agreement CHAR   
116 UATPL_RFC RFC Connection for Template Call CHAR 32    
117 UAUFG Area of responsibility CHAR   
118 UAUFLAGE Version of script NUMC   
119 UAUSLEIH Loan status of a book CHAR   
120 UAUTOR Author CHAR 20    
121 UAV_MAINT_CREATED_INFO Information on How the Price Originated (Copied, New, etc.) CHAR   
122 UAV_PRC_AUTHORITY_FILTER Filter Type for Authority Check CHAR 30    
123 UA_DIRECTION Direction of Import Agent CHAR   
124 UA_IPPE_OTYPE Object Type of iPPE CHAR   
125 UA_IPPE_OTYPE2 iPPE Object Category CHAR   
126 UA_IPPE_SELECTOR Selection iPPE Type 1/iPPE Type 2 CHAR   
127 UA_IPPE_TYPE Type in iPPE (Node, Variant, Alternative) CHAR   
128 UA_KADAT Costing Date From DATS   
129 UA_NEXT_VIEW Next View CHAR   
130 UA_OBJECTTYPEREMOTE Object Types in Remote System CHAR 15    
131 UA_RFCDEST_CL Logical RFC Destination in Uppercase Letters CHAR 32    
132 UA_STRUCNAMEREMOTE Structure in Remote System CHAR 30    
133 UA_TEMPLATE Template CHAR 10    
134 UA_UPLOAD_CHANNEL Upload Channel CHAR   
135 UA_VIEW_ELEMENT Description of a Group on the Screen CHAR 10    
136 UBB_READING_ERROR Reading Error NUMC   
137 UBC_DO_ACT Account Assignment Field (G/L Account, Project, ... ) CHAR 20    
138 UBC_DO_BELNR Document Number CHAR 10    
139 UBC_DO_BIL Biller CHAR 10    
140 UBC_DO_BISTATE Status: Batch Input Sessions CHAR   
141 UBC_DO_BITNAME Names for BI Structures CHAR 30    
142 UBC_DO_CEQUAN Quantity QUAN 13    
143 UBC_DO_CESTATE Status: Cost Event CHAR   
144 UBC_DO_CESTYPE Cost Event Sub Type CHAR   
145 UBC_DO_CETYPE Cost Event Type CHAR   
147 UBC_DO_CHAR4096 Character Length 4096 CHAR 4096    
148 UBC_DO_CNT Number of Account Assignment Field INT1   
149 UBC_DO_CSPTNAME Names of CSP Structures (Bills) CHAR 30    
150 UBC_DO_DES Description CHAR 40    
151 UBC_DO_NAME Name of a User CHAR 80    
152 UBC_DO_ORG Organizational Unit CHAR 10    
153 UBC_DO_PMT Terms of Payment CHAR 10    
154 UBC_DO_POSNR Item Number NUMC   
155 UBC_DO_RA Bill Type CHAR 10    
156 UBC_DO_REJ_REASON Reason for Rejection CHAR   
157 UBC_DO_RPA Bill Item Type CHAR 10    
158 UBC_DO_STATE Bill Status in Release Process CHAR   
159 UBC_DO_STCNT No. of Account Assignment Steps INT1   
160 UBC_DO_STRAT Strategy in WF (Processor Sequence) NUMC   
161 UBC_DO_WFDET Automatic Processor Determination INT1   
162 UBD_BD_TEXT Business Domain Lib: Business Domain Long Text CHAR 30    
163 UBD_BOOLEAN Boolean Variable: SPACE = False, 'X' = True CHAR   
164 UBD_CLASS_TEXT Business Domain Lib: Class Text CHAR 30    
165 UBD_DOMAIN Business Domain Lib: Business Domain CHAR 32    
166 UBD_EVALUATED BD Lib: Network Node Is Evaluated NUMC   
167 UBD_NODE_ID BD Lib: Node ID CHAR 10    
168 UBESKL Salary class CHAR   
169 UBEZEICH Branch library name CHAR 20    
170 UBIBLNR Library number NUMC   
171 UBINR Library number NUMC   
172 UBLNR Retail revaluation document number CHAR 10    
173 UBNAME User Names CHAR 12    
174 UBNUM Posting Change Number NUMC 10    
175 UBOOL Boolean Value CHAR   
176 UBSTA Status of retail revaluation document CHAR   
177 UBSTUF Salary class CHAR   
178 UBUCHNR Number of a book from the university library stock NUMC 10    
179 UBUCHTITEL Title CHAR 60    
180 UBUERO Room numbers CHAR   
181 UCAS_COUNTRY UCAS: Country/County Code NUMC   
182 UCAS_NEEDS UCAS Special needs CHAR   
183 UCCAPABLE Unicode-Compliance CHAR   
184 UCDISPL Unicode Print Mode CHAR   
185 UCES_CO_FILTER_NUM Domain for Data Element UCES_CO_FILTER_NUM INT1   
186 UCES_CO_HIST_TXT UCES: Texts for Consumption History CHAR 20    
187 UCES_CO_LIST_NUM Domain for Data Element UCES_CO_LIST_NUM INT1   
189 UCES_DAYS_PAST_MR Domain for Data Element UCES_DAYS_PAST_MR NUMC   
190 UCEXT External Original Batch Number CHAR 20    
191 UCHKZ Indicator: Material with Original Batches CHAR   
192 UCMPF Indicator: all components CHAR   
193 UCNV_____4 User conversion routine CHAR   
194 UCODE Sub-process code CHAR   
195 UCODU Sub-process code for user-defined functions CHAR   
196 UCONALIASACTIVITY Alias creation Activity CHAR   
197 UCONASSIGNMENT Assignment of Objects CHAR   
198 UCONAUTHTRC UCON: Authorization Default Value Object for ICF Trace CHAR 40    
200 UCONCATEGORIE UCON: category for customizing CHAR 30    
201 UCONCOMPRFLAG UCON: Flag for compression CHAR   
203 UCONERRORCODE UCON: Statuscode for Error page ( 401, 403. 500... ) CHAR   
204 UCONHTTPCODE UCON HTTP - Status Code for Redirect of Error Pages CHAR   
206 UCONHTTP_AFTERIMP_TOUCH To touch the RT-Tables and Caches for After-Import Requests CHAR   
207 UCONINSTNR Installation Number CHAR 10    
208 UCONISCALLABLE Is Service callable CHAR   
209 UCONLOGKEY UCON: logn Procedure CHAR 30    
210 UCONPARTNERINSTANCE Partner Instance CHAR 40    
211 UCONPATHSEGMENTKIND Kind of path segment CHAR   
212 UCONPROFID UCON Profile ID CHAR 30    
213 UCONREGENTRY registry entry types CHAR   
214 UCONRFCINITSETUP Status for Init Setup CHAR   
215 UCONRFCPHASE Phase of an RFC in CA fill process CHAR   
216 UCONRFCSCOPE Visibility of RFC Service CHAR   
217 UCONSCENARIO Unified Connectivity Default Scenario CHAR   
218 UCONSOBJENTITIES SOBJ Entities for Design Time of UCON CHAR   
219 UCONSPAURELEVAN RFC Function is SPAU Relevant CHAR   
220 UCONSTATE Unified Connectivity State CHAR   
222 UCONSYSLOG UCON: Redirect via Systemlogon CHAR   
223 UCONTEXTID Unified Connectivity Text ID CHAR 10    
225 UCON_ACCESSIBILITY UCON: Accessibility Flag CHAR   
226 UCON_AUTHENTICATE Logon Procedure CHAR   
227 UCON_AUTH_TYPE Unified Connectivity Object Type CHAR   
228 UCON_CHGDOC_ACTION List of Actions for Change Documents CHAR   
229 UCON_CRE_BY_API Created by API CHAR   
230 UCON_EXTERNAL_CONNECTOR External Connector, which calls into an ABAP system CHAR   
232 UCON_INCIDENT Kind of incident for UCON statistic CHAR   
234 UCON_IP_ADDR IP address or hostname CHAR 63    
235 UCON_MESSAGE_BASED_AUTH UCON: Message-Based Authentication CHAR   
236 UCON_MON_SCENARIO Unified Connectivity Scenario CHAR 10    
237 UCON_MON_TS_CHAR Unified Connectivity Monitoring Time Stamp CHAR 22    
238 UCON_NOHEREDITY ICF: Interrupt UCON Inheritance Logic CHAR   
239 UCON_PROTOCOL_NAME Name of protocol for Unified Connectivity CHAR 10    
240 UCON_PROVIDER_NAME UCON Provider Name CHAR 10    
241 UCON_READONLY UCON: Only Display of Service CHAR   
242 UCON_REAUTH_OFF ICF: Switch Off Reauthentication CHAR   
243 UCON_SAMLFLAG ICF: SAML Logon Procedure Flag CHAR   
244 UCON_SSL UCON: Protocl SSL CHAR   
245 UCON_STATE Unified Connectivity State CHAR   
246 UCON_SUBKEY_ACTION List of Actions for Change Documents CHAR 10    
247 UCON_SUBKEY_NAME Name of Change Document for Unified Connectivity CHAR 100    
248 UCON_SYSLOGIN UCON: Logon Procedure System Logon - Configuration CHAR   
249 UCON_WEBSERVICE UCON: Service is a Web service CHAR   
250 UCR_STREAM_KIND Reporting reads from logical/physical data stream CHAR   
251 UC_ACC Selection Condition CHAR 10    
252 UC_ACTIVITY SEM-BCS: Additional Financial Data - Activity CHAR   
253 UC_AGGRLEVEL Aggregation Level - Planning CHAR 30    
254 UC_ALC_DISTRKEY_TYPE Type of Distribution Key Data NUMC   
255 UC_ALC_TRIGGER_DATA Trigger Data: Periodic or Cumulative NUMC   
256 UC_ALC_TRIGGER_TYPE Type of Trigger Data NUMC   
257 UC_ALTYPE Type of Assets/Liabilities NUMC   
258 UC_APPL Name of Application CHAR   
259 UC_APPL_FIELDTYPE Type of Technical Field NUMC   
260 UC_AREA Consolidation Area CHAR   
261 UC_AREIND Appropriation of Retained Earnings CHAR   
262 UC_ASSDT do not use! (see note 849599) CHAR   
263 UC_ASSET_ACC_TYPE Asset Manager: Type of Asset - Target Object NUMC   
264 UC_ASSET_ACT_TYPE Asset Manager: Type of Asset - Transaction Type NUMC   
265 UC_ATTR_TYPE Attribute Type NUMC   
266 UC_AUTH_VALUE Char. Value in Authorization Objects R_UC_TASK, R_UC_PERIO CHAR 40    
267 UC_AUTOLINE Automatic Line Item NUMC   
268 UC_BALCHECK Balance Check of Line Items with Statistical Items NUMC   
269 UC_BCF_DESC BCF: Number of Records Carried Forward CHAR   
270 UC_BREAKDOWN Breakdown Type NUMC   
271 UC_BYEAR Starting Year of Amortization/Depreciation NUMC   
272 UC_CCYCLE Cycle CHAR   
273 UC_CHAR_ARTIFICIAL SEM-BCS: Artificial Characteristic CHAR   
274 UC_CHECK Result of Check NUMC   
275 UC_CHPBG Method Change at Beginning of Period CHAR   
276 UC_COIAC Activity for Consolidation of Investments CHAR   
277 UC_COIACTYPE Consolidation of Investments: Activity Type CHAR   
278 UC_COICUS Customizing: C/I Methods CHAR   
279 UC_COILV Calculation Base for Consolidation of Investments CHAR   
280 UC_COINRST C/I: Dummy Activity Number for Sorting the C/I List CHAR 10    
281 UC_COISEQNR Sequence Number - Goodwill NUMC 10    
282 UC_COISORT Status of Activity Sorting CHAR   
283 UC_COITP Accounting Technique for Consolidation of Investments CHAR   
284 UC_COMMENT Type of Comment CHAR   
285 UC_COMPONENT Method Component NUMC   
286 UC_COMPTYPE Type of Method Component NUMC   
287 UC_CTFLG Currency Translation NUMC   
288 UC_CTR_CTKEY C/T: Translation Key CHAR   
289 UC_CTR_CTPROC C/T: Translation Procedure CHAR   
290 UC_CTR_DIFFTYPE C/T: Type of Translation Difference CHAR   
291 UC_CTR_FUNCTION C/T: Single Function CHAR   
292 UC_CTR_TIME_INTVL_PTR C/T: Point in Time Within a Range NUMC   
293 UC_CTR_TIME_TRANS C/T: Translation Timeframe CHAR   
294 UC_CTR_TIME_XRATE C/T: Exchange Rate Period Used CHAR   
295 UC_CTR_XRPROC C/T: Procedure for Exchange Rate Determination CHAR   
296 UC_CTR_XRSOURCE C/T: Custom Data Source for Exchange Rates CHAR   
297 UC_CURRVAL Currency Value (19 digits, 2 decimal places) CURR 19 
298 UC_CURRVAL_NEW Currency Value (19 digits, 3 decimal places) CURR 19 
300 UC_DATABASIS Data Basis of Consolidation CHAR   
301 UC_DATASTREAM Data stream CHAR 10    
302 UC_DATASTREAMTYPE Type of Data Stream in a Data Basis CHAR   
303 UC_DATATXPROC Tasks: Data Collection Procedure CHAR   
304 UC_DATE Date DATS   
305 UC_DDYRS Number of Years NUMC   
306 UC_DEBREAKDOWN Breakdown CHAR   
307 UC_DECELLSTYLE SAP Cons: Cell Style CHAR   
308 UC_DEDECIMAL SAP Cons: Decimal Places CHAR   
309 UC_DEDESCRIPTION Description CHAR 60    
310 UC_DEDISPLAY_KEY Display Options: Key / Text CHAR   
311 UC_DEDISPLAY_SUM Data Entry: Display Total NUMC   
312 UC_DEFIELDNAME Characteristic CHAR 30    
313 UC_DEFLDATTR Attribute CHAR   
314 UC_DEFLDTYPE SAP Cons: Field Type CHAR   
315 UC_DEFODECTY Decimal Places for Formula Result NUMC   
316 UC_DEFORM SAP Cons.: Form CHAR   
317 UC_DEFORMSTATUS SAP Cons: Form Status Ind. for Data Processor CHAR   
318 UC_DEGRID Grid CHAR   
319 UC_DEHEADER Header CHAR   
320 UC_DEITERATED SAP Cons: Iteration CHAR   
321 UC_DEPMETH Depreciation/Amortization Method NUMC   
322 UC_DEPOSTTYPE SAP Cons: Input Type NUMC   
323 UC_DESCRDOC Name of Document Fields CHAR   
324 UC_DESELTYPE SAP Cons: Type of Selected Values CHAR   
325 UC_DESORT SAP Cons: Sort NUMC   
326 UC_DESTRATTR How the Structure Is Used CHAR   
327 UC_DESTRTYPE Structure Type CHAR   
328 UC_DESTRUCTURE SAP Cons: Structure CHAR   
329 UC_DESUMITERATED Sum and Iteration (Indicator) NUMC   
330 UC_DEUNIT Unit of Key Figure CHAR 10    
331 UC_DEVALUE Value in Output Cell CHAR 60    
332 UC_DEVALUETYPE Type of Value CHAR   
333 UC_DGWBG Start of Amortization of New Goodwill CHAR   
334 UC_DIDIVINCEL Direction Indicator for Elimination of Investment Income NUMC   
335 UC_DOCAUTO Automatic Line Item NUMC   
336 UC_DOCAUTOINV Automatic Document Inversion NUMC   
337 UC_DOCLN Number of Line Item NUMC   
338 UC_DOCNR Accounting Document Number CHAR 12    
339 UC_DOCREFRESH When Repeating Tasks that Post Automatically NUMC   
340 UC_DOCUSAGE Business Application CHAR   
341 UC_DOMGUID Domain for valid GUID-values CHAR 30    
342 UC_DOMGUID2 Domain for Valid GUID Values CHAR 30    
343 UC_DTAX Deferred Taxes CHAR   
344 UC_DTAXSOURCE Source of Deferred Taxes CHAR   
345 UC_DTEQI Scope of Reported Data - Equity Method CHAR   
346 UC_DTS_GENERATION_STATUS InfoProvider: Status After Generation NUMC   
347 UC_DTX_OVERVIEW_NODETYPE Node Type for Data Entry Overview Screen NUMC   
348 UC_EQIVAL Location of Values - Equity Method CHAR   
349 UC_EQUVAL Location of Equity Data CHAR   
350 UC_FIELDNAME Field name CHAR 30    
351 UC_FIELDTYPE Field Type: Characteristic or Key Figure CHAR   
352 UC_FIELD_SEMANTICS Semantics of a field CHAR   
353 UC_FILEFORMAT File Format CHAR   
354 UC_FILELINE File Record CHAR 2048    
355 UC_FILELOCATION File Storage Location CHAR   
356 UC_FILESERVER File Server NUMC   
357 UC_FLG General indicator, SAP Consolidation CHAR   
358 UC_FRAMETYPE Type of Component Frame NUMC   
359 UC_FSFREQUENCY Consolidation Frequency CHAR   
360 UC_GCINCCSTAU IPA: Incidental Acquisition Costs for Buyer in Group Crcy CURR 19 
361 UC_GCINCCSTRU IPA: Incidental Costs of Supplier, in Group Currency CURR 19 
362 UC_GWACCTYPE Goodwill Item for List CHAR   
363 UC_GWPROC Treatment of Goodwill CHAR   
364 UC_GWRED Goodwill in Divestitures and Transfers of Investments CHAR   
365 UC_HRREV Procedure for Eliminating Fair Value Adjustments CHAR   
366 UC_HRSHA Scope of Eliminating Fair Value Adjustments CHAR   
367 UC_INFOPROVTYPE Type of InfoProvider CHAR   
368 UC_INPUTDOC Input Options of Document Fields CHAR   
369 UC_INVAL Location of Inventory Data Values CHAR   
370 UC_INVVAL Location of Investment Values CHAR   
371 UC_IO_PROP I/O Property of a Field CHAR   
372 UC_IO_SUBCOMP Input/Output Attribute of a Subcomponent NUMC   
373 UC_IPAAC Activity: Elim. of Interunit P/L in Transferred Assets CHAR   
374 UC_IPADAU Valuation Allowances According to Method of Asset Bought CHAR   
375 UC_IPATTY Type of Asset Transfer CHAR   
376 UC_IPA_DA Depreciation Adjustment in Group Currency CURR 19 
377 UC_IPA_GCAP IPA: Original Book Value in Group Currency CURR 19 
378 UC_IPA_GCAP_ACQ IPA: Original Book Value of Acquired Asset in Group Currency CURR 19 
379 UC_IPA_GCAP_GRP IPA: Original Book Value in Group Crcy, Consolidated Value CURR 19 
380 UC_IPA_GCAP_LOC IPA: Original Book Value in Group Currency (Reported Value) CURR 19 
381 UC_IPA_GCAP_RET IPA: Original Book Value of Retired Asset in GC CURR 19 
382 UC_IPA_GCAV_DIFF IPA: Difference to Accum.Depreciation of Previous Asset, CV CURR 19 
383 UC_IPA_GCAV_GRP IPA: Accumulated Depreciation in GC, Consolidated Value CURR 19 
384 UC_IPA_GCAV_LOC IPA: Accumulated Depreciation in GC (Reported Value) CURR 19 
385 UC_IPA_GCCOGS IPA: Cost of Goods Manufactured, Group Currency CURR 19 
386 UC_IPA_GCDEPA IPA: Depreciation Adjustment in Group Currency CURR 19 
387 UC_IPA_GCDEPA_CUM IPA: Accumulated Depreciation Adjustment in Group Currency CURR 19 
388 UC_IPA_GCDE_GRP IPA: Extraordinary Depreciation in GC, Consolidated Value CURR 19 
389 UC_IPA_GCDE_LOC IPA: Extraordinary Depreciation in GC, Reported Value CURR 19 
390 UC_IPA_GCDN_GRP IPA: Ordinary Depreciation in GC, Consolidated Value CURR 19 
391 UC_IPA_GCDN_LOC IPA: Ordinary Depreciation in GC, Reported Value CURR 19 
392 UC_IPA_GCEN_RET IPA: Ending Book Value of Retired Asset in Group Currency CURR 19 
393 UC_IPA_GCIC_ACQ IPA: Incidental Acquisition Costs for Buyer in Group Crcy CURR 19 
394 UC_IPA_GCIC_RET IPA: Incidental Acquisition Costs of Seller, in Group Crcy CURR 19 
395 UC_IPA_GCIUP IPA: Interunit Profit or Loss in Group Currency CURR 19 
396 UC_IPA_GCVAL IPA: Amount in Group Currency CURR 19 
397 UC_IPA_GCWU_GRP IPA: Writeup in Group Currency, Consolidated Value CURR 19 
398 UC_IPA_GCWU_LOC IPA: Writeup in Group Currency, Reported Value CURR 19 
399 UC_IPA_GV IPA: Consolidated Value CURR 19 
400 UC_IPA_INCL_RFD IPA: Include Reported Data in the List CHAR   
401 UC_IPA_LV IPA: Reported Value CURR 19 
402 UC_IPA_TRTYPE IPA: Type of Asset Transfer CHAR   
403 UC_IPI_BV IPI: Book Value CURR 19 
404 UC_IPI_CS Distribution Costs CURR 19 
405 UC_IPI_GPC Group Cost of Goods Manufactured CURR 19 
406 UC_IPI_IAC Incidental Costs CURR 19 
407 UC_IPI_IP Interunit Profit/Loss CURR 19 
408 UC_IPI_IS Net Sales CURR 19 
409 UC_IPI_PD Difference of Interunit Profit/Loss to Prior Period CURR 19 
410 UC_IPI_PP Interunit Profit/Loss in Prior Period CURR 19 
411 UC_IPI_TD Currency Translation Differences CURR 19 
412 UC_IPI_VA IPI: Valuation Allowances Allowing Losses CURR 19 
413 UC_IPI_VANL IPI: Valuation Allowances Disallowing Losses CURR 19 
414 UC_ITGRP Breakdown Category CHAR   
415 UC_ITKEY Classification Key for Selected Items NUMC   
416 UC_ITTYPE Item Type NUMC   
417 UC_IUE_DIFFSTRAT_UNIT Difference Posting Strategy for Organizational Unit CHAR   
418 UC_IUE_ELIMINDX Assign Organizational Units to Selection (Two-sided Elim.) CHAR   
419 UC_IUE_ELIMINDX1 Assign Organizational Units to Selection (One-sided Elim.) CHAR   
420 UC_IUE_LIMITCHECK Details of Check for Limit Excess CHAR   
421 UC_IUE_METHTYPE Reconcil./Elimination: Method Category CHAR   
422 UC_IUE_PAIRINDX Index of Reporting Unit Within Pair Relationship CHAR   
423 UC_IUE_SETINDX Index of Selection that Contains Data Record CHAR   
424 UC_LAYOUT Layout of a Consolidation Method CHAR   
425 UC_LIST_GUI_TYPE GUI Type of List Function CHAR   
426 UC_LIST_LP List Number for List Processor NUMC   
427 UC_LOGDEF Audit Trail: Definition CHAR 10    
428 UC_LOG_CATALOG Audit Trail: Catalog Number RAW   
429 UC_LOG_DISPLAY Audit Trail: Display Technique NUMC   
430 UC_LOG_KIND Audit Trail: Category of Audit Trail NUMC   
431 UC_LOG_OBJNR Log: Object Number NUMC 10    
432 UC_LOG_SELECTION Selection: Default/Yes/No - Configurable Log CHAR   
433 UC_LOG_STYLE Audit Trail: Type of List NUMC   
434 UC_LOG_SUBLIST Audit Trail: Details List CHAR   
435 UC_LOG_TYPE Audit Trail Category NUMC   
436 UC_LP_AMOUNT List Processor: Key Figure Value CHAR 22    
437 UC_LP_CONVEXIT List Processor: Conversion Exit CHAR   
438 UC_LP_DATATYPE List Processor: Data Type in ABAP Dictionary CHAR   
439 UC_LP_DOMNAME List Processor: Name of Domain CHAR 30    
440 UC_LP_FCODE List Processor: Function Code CHAR   
441 UC_LP_FIELDNAME List Processor: Field Name CHAR 30    
442 UC_LP_FLG List Processor: General Indicator CHAR   
443 UC_LP_FORM List Processor: Form CHAR 30    
444 UC_LP_FUNCTION List Processor: Function Name CHAR 30    
445 UC_LP_HLEVEL List Processor: Number of Hierarchy Levels INT4 10    
446 UC_LP_HRYNAME List Processor: Hierarchy Name CHAR 30    
447 UC_LP_INDEX List Processor: Index INT2   
448 UC_LP_KGROUP List Processor: Group of Key Figures RAW   
449 UC_LP_LIST List Processor: List Number RAW   
450 UC_LP_LISTTYPE List Processor: List Type CHAR   
451 UC_LP_LLEVEL List Processor: Number of Drilldown Steps INT4 10    
452 UC_LP_LNNR List Processor: Row Number INT4 10    
453 UC_LP_LTXT List Processor: Long Text CHAR 60    
454 UC_LP_OUTPUTLEN List Processor: Output Length NUMC   
455 UC_LP_REFFIELD List Processor: Reference Field for Currency and Qty Fields CHAR 30    
456 UC_LP_REFSTRUCT List Processor: Ref.Structure for Currency/Quantity Fields CHAR 30    
457 UC_LP_REPTEXT List Processor: Heading CHAR 55    
458 UC_LP_ROLLNAME List Processor: Data Element (Semantic Domain) CHAR 30    
459 UC_LP_SCRTEXT_M List Processor: Field Label - Medium CHAR 20    
460 UC_LP_TABLE List Processor: Table Name CHAR 30    
461 UC_LP_TEXTLENGTH List Processor: Text Length INT1   
462 UC_LP_TEXT_HEAD List Processor: Text of Heading CHAR 80    
463 UC_LP_VALUE List Processor: Value of a Characteristic CHAR 45    
464 UC_LSTEP Layout step NUMC   
465 UC_LSTEP_TYPE Type of layout step NUMC   
466 UC_MAPOPERATOR Mapping Operator CHAR   
467 UC_MAPRULE Conversion Rule CHAR 10    
468 UC_MCB_KEYTYPE Type of Key Field in Minicube NUMC   
469 UC_MCB_KFIGTYPE Key Figure Type NUMC   
470 UC_MDOC_MODE Manual Journal Entry: Mode CHAR   
471 UC_METHOD Consolidation Method CHAR   
472 UC_METHTYPE Method Category NUMC   
473 UC_MLAYOUT Monitor Layout CHAR 10    
474 UC_MODELKEY Key field for model CHAR   
475 UC_MODOP Modification Operation CHAR   
476 UC_MON_FLD_USAGE Consolidation Monitor: Use of a Characteristic CHAR   
477 UC_MSTEP Method step NUMC   
478 UC_NGPROC Treatment of Negative Goodwill CHAR   
479 UC_OLDDOCFLG Existing Document Remains Valid CHAR   
480 UC_ORGCHANGE Organizational Change Number NUMC   
481 UC_PARAM Consolidation: General Setting NUMC   
482 UC_PCCTYPE Type of Consolidation Group Change NUMC   
483 UC_PCNT38 Percentage Rate Packed NNN.NNNNNNNN DEC 11 
484 UC_PERC38 Percentage Rate Packed NNN.NNNNNNNN DEC 11 
485 UC_PERC38S Percentage Rate Packed NNN.NNNNNNNN DEC 11 
486 UC_PERIOD Period NUMC   
487 UC_PERTYPE Period Category CHAR   
488 UC_PERTYPEGROUP Period Category Group CHAR   
489 UC_PLATFORM Platform of Consolidation NUMC   
490 UC_PLEVEL Posting Level CHAR   
491 UC_PLEVEL_INIT_PER Period Initialization Task: Posting Levels CHAR   
492 UC_PRGRP Product Group CHAR 18    
493 UC_PRZ38 Percentage Rate Packed NNN.NNNNNNNN DEC 11 
494 UC_PUACHK Check of Push-Down Goodwill CHAR   
495 UC_QUANT9 Quantity QUAN 17 
496 UC_QUANTITY Quantity (17 digits, 3 decimal places) QUAN 17 
497 UC_QUANTITY_MCUBE Quantity (17 digits, 2 decimal places) QUAN 17 
499 UC_RCL_CONDITION_TYPE Definition of Condition NUMC   
500 UC_RCL_MO Reclassification: Parent/Subsidiary Selection CHAR