SAP ABAP Domain - Index H, page 3
Domain - H
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 HRTMC_REASON_FOR_DELIMIT Rejection Reason CHAR 32    
2 HRTMC_RECP_GROUP Group of Recurring Periods CHAR 10    
3 HRTMC_RECP_PERIOD Recurring Period CHAR 10    
7 HRTMC_S_CONTEXT Context for Data Retrieval from Appraisal Processes CHAR 20    
8 HRTMC_S_CONTEXT_DESCRIPTION Description: Context for Data Retrieval CHAR 60    
9 HRTMC_TB_CONTEXT Context for Talent Group Customizing CHAR 10    
10 HRTMC_TDEPTH Technical depth of structure NUMC   
11 HRTMC_TG_LENGTH_MONTH Length of Talent Assignment in Months NUMC   
13 HRTM_JOBTEN Length of Position Assignment x NUMC   
14 HRTNMFR_C2483 2483 Cost category CHAR   
16 HRTNMFR_FORED TNM: form 2483 output type CHAR   
17 HRTNMFR_ROLE TNM: 2483, contact framework role CHAR 10    
18 HRTNMFR_TFCAT TNM: France, funding category 2483 CHAR   
20 HRTNMFR_TTYPE TNM/France: type of training CHAR   
21 HRTNMXX_C2483 Generic 2483 Cost Category CHAR   
22 HRTNM_ACCDT Acceptance Date DATS   
23 HRTNM_ACOCA Amount cost category CURR 15 
24 HRTNM_AMHTT Amount HTT by person CURR 15 
26 HRTNM_AMPTT Amount PTT by person CURR 15 
27 HRTNM_ATCAT Attendance Category CHAR   
28 HRTNM_ATTTY TNM: attendee type CHAR   
31 HRTNM_BISTA TNM: batch input status CHAR   
32 HRTNM_CAGRT Cost Category Group Type CHAR   
33 HRTNM_COTYP Cost type CHAR   
34 HRTNM_CTTYP Contrat Type CHAR   
35 HRTNM_DETYP TNM: deduction type NUMC   
36 HRTNM_DTYPE TNM: delta type NUMC   
37 HRTNM_EBOOK TNM: employee booked to a course CHAR   
38 HRTNM_ERATE Exchange Rate DEC
40 HRTNM_GENDER Gender information CHAR   
41 HRTNM_GESCH Gender information CHAR   
42 HRTNM_GESCH_TXT Gender information CHAR   
43 HRTNM_HISTO_SELTY Selection type for training history report CHAR   
44 HRTNM_HTTAM Amount HTT Decimal by person DEC 31  14 
45 HRTNM_INTRN Internal/External Training Event Indicator CHAR   
46 HRTNM_LAMNT Amount DEC 28 
47 HRTNM_MNGT_MODE TNM: management mode CHAR   
48 HRTNM_OBJCA Training Objective Category values CHAR   
49 HRTNM_PAHTT Percentage of PTT amount by person used for HTT DEC
51 HRTNM_PEVEN By Person & Event DEC 31  14 
52 HRTNM_PLCAT_TXT Plan category: label CHAR 100    
53 HRTNM_PTTAM Amount PTT by person DEC 31  14 
54 HRTNM_PUNIT By Person & Unit DEC 31  14 
55 HRTNM_PYTRA TNM: payroll transfer CHAR   
58 HRTNM_QUTYP TNM: quota type NUMC   
59 HRTNM_ROTYP TNM: root object type CHAR   
63 HRTNM_SNDES TNM: TP snapshot description CHAR 40    
64 HRTNM_TECVM Training Event Cost Valuation Method CHAR   
65 HRTNM_TEMTY TNM: temse file type description NUMC   
66 HRTNM_TETYP TNM: time element type NUMC   
67 HRTNM_TFCAT Training Fund Category CHAR   
68 HRTNM_TFCAT_TXT Training fund category label CHAR 100    
69 HRTNM_TLREF Training Legal Reference CHAR   
70 HRTNM_TLREF_TXT Training legal refrence label CHAR 100    
71 HRTNM_TNAST TNM: training need assignment status CHAR   
72 HRTNM_TNOWN TNM: training need owner CHAR 30    
73 HRTNM_TNSTA Training Needs Status Type CHAR   
74 HRTNM_TPCAT Plan category code CHAR   
75 HRTNM_TPCAT_TXT Plan category: label CHAR 100    
76 HRTNM_TRCAT Trainer category CHAR   
77 HRTNM_TROAT Trainer or attendee? CHAR   
78 HRTNM_TSCHT Training Time Recording Type CHAR   
79 HRTNM_TTYPE Training type code CHAR   
80 HRTNM_TTYPE_TXT Training Type Label CHAR 100    
81 HRTNM_TXT Training Needs Field text CHAR 100    
82 HRTOT Number of hours DEC
83 HRTRSPCORR HR Transport Link: Automatic Transport CHAR   
84 HRUNITXT Unit text CHAR   
85 HRVARDAT Data on text variables CHAR 132    
86 HRVTOPMD HR: Mode for Move-Up from Waiting List CHAR   
87 HRVUS_MENUTYPE HR: Type of Menu in Training and Event Management CHAR   
88 HRVUS_SORTP HR: Sort Criterion Business Event Attendees CHAR   
89 HRVUS_SORTV HR: Sort Criterion Business Event Group/Type CHAR   
90 HRV_CC_AUTH_STATUS Payment Cards: Authorization Status CHAR   
91 HRV_CC_NUMBER_CHECK Payment Cards: Credit Card Check (Number) CHAR   
92 HRV_EVENT Operation in billing and activity allocation CHAR   
93 HRV_PAY_STATUS Payment Status Billing CHAR   
94 HRV_STATUS Log status for last activity allocation and billing CHAR   
95 HRWAO_SQ_LTI_SHARES_GRANTED Number of Awards Granted DEC 15 
96 HRWB_MESSTYPE HR: Message type CHAR   
97 HRWB_PSMID Semantic abbreviation CHAR   
98 HRWB_RECORD_IND Custom data transfer record indicator CHAR   
99 HRWB_REQ_STATUS Requisition Status CHAR   
100 HRWB_TRANSACTION Transaction type CHAR   
101 HRWB_TRAN_STATUS Requisition Transaction Status CHAR   
102 HRWB_URL_REF HR: Reference value for corresponding url CHAR   
103 HRWGR Wage type group CHAR   
104 HRWPC_ALIGN Alignment of column values NUMC   
105 HRWPC_ARRAYTYP Domains for Column Structure Type CHAR 15    
106 HRWPC_AS_ATTENDANCE Attendance Status (Time-Related) CHAR   
107 HRWPC_AS_DAY Attendance Status (Daily) CHAR   
108 HRWPC_AS_MODE_OV Session for Consolidation of Attendance Status CHAR   
109 HRWPC_AS_PERIOD Attendance Status in a Period NUMC 31    
110 HRWPC_AS_TIME String Representation of Time CHAR   
111 HRWPC_CLASS Classification of a Cell CHAR   
112 HRWPC_COLHEADTYP Domain for Column Header Type CHAR 15    
113 HRWPC_D_EP_SALARY_BACKEND Back End for Payroll: CRT/IT CHAR   
114 HRWPC_D_LTI_SHARES Number of Awards DEC 10    
115 HRWPC_EVENT_LINK Column Contains 'Client-Side' Event Links CHAR   
116 HRWPC_NAVTYPE Navigation Type CHAR 10    
117 HRWPC_PAGE PCD Page CHAR 250    
118 HRWPC_PCD PCD Service CHAR 250    
119 HRWPC_PCR_PAY_REASON Reason for Special Payment (PCR) CHAR   
120 HRWPC_PCR_PCR_EEGRP Employee Grouping for PCR Scenarios CHAR   
121 HRWPC_PCR_PCR_TYPE PCR Scenario Type CHAR   
122 HRWPC_PCR_PCTYP Type of Personnel Administrator (PCR) CHAR   
123 HRWPC_RULETYPE Type of Selection Rule CHAR   
124 HRWPC_SORTBY Trip Approval: Sort Selection CHAR   
125 HRWPC_TARGET Target Name CHAR 50    
126 HRWPC_TA_DESIGN Manager´s Portal: Trip Approval Layout Design CHAR   
127 HRWPS_WINFEA String for Window Attributes CHAR 200    
128 HRWRKAR Tax area work center CHAR   
129 HRXSS_SER_APPLID Application ID of front-end implementation CHAR 30    
130 HRXSS_SER_HALIGN Horizontal alignment of cell content of front-end table CHAR   
131 HRXSS_STRING string STRG   
132 HR_ALEOX_INTEGR_TYPE Integration Switches CHAR 10    
133 HR_ALEOX_PROT_TYPE Type of log CHAR 10    
134 HR_ALEOX_QUALI Indicator for Qualifications to Persons CHAR   
135 HR_ALEOX_STATA Status indicator for actions CHAR   
136 HR_ARCHSUBTXT Archiving Subobject CHAR 25    
137 HR_ARCH_SUB Archiving Subobject CHAR 20    
138 HR_AWTYP Interface information: Object type for calling application CHAR   
139 HR_CB_NR Control Block Number CHAR   
140 HR_FIELD Field name for interface toolbox CHAR 30    
141 HR_FIELD_KIND Type of field (infotype, additional, text, ...) CHAR   
142 HR_LEAD_NR Three digit number header NUMC   
143 HR_OPERATOR Relationship operators CHAR   
144 HR_PERNR_COUNT Number of personnel numbers INT4 10    
145 HR_PFZUW Indicator: Force/Prevent SP Contribution Calculation (PSG) CHAR   
146 HR_PTYPE Posting type CHAR   
147 HR_REP_PRF Substitute Profile CHAR 12    
148 HR_SELKIND Selection type CHAR   
149 HR_SELTEXT Description of selection CHAR 40    
150 HR_SOBJID Object ID of standard object NUMC   
151 HR_STRUC_SEARCH Enhancements to the Structure Search CHAR   
152 HR_S_INFTY Infotype for standard object CHAR   
153 HR_S_RELAT Relationship between standard objects CHAR   
154 HR_S_SUBTY Subtypes for standard objects CHAR   
155 HR_TASK_CL Classification of tasks CHAR 12    
156 HR_URL Help Type URL (Table Division Infotype 1061) CHAR 100    
157 HR_VERSN Version number (plan scenario = plan version + version no.) CHAR   
158 HR_VNAME (Cost) scenario group - Subdivision of a plan scenario CHAR 12    
159 HR_VTASK Update type for Personnel Planning CHAR   
160 HR_WT_FREQ Basic working hours (hours per period) CHAR   
161 HR_XBLNR Reference Document Number CHAR 16    
162 HR_YES_NO Yes/No CHAR   
163 HR_ZUONR Assignment number CHAR 18    
164 HSCHP Type of origin used for the comparison value CHAR   
165 HSEQNUM_KK Sequence number of the creditworthiness history NUMC   
166 HSMD_BLOCKSIZE EHS: Packet Size for Hazardous Substance Master Filling NUMC   
167 HSMD_CHKMD Hazardous Substance Check Method Description CHAR 60    
168 HSMD_CHKSD Description of Hazardous Substance Check Schema CHAR 60    
169 HSMD_DSTTYPE Target Object CHAR   
170 HSMD_FLTDATE Filter for Search via Key Date or Validity Period INT1   
171 HSMD_FLTDELETE EHS: Filter to Delete Hazardous Substance Data INT1   
172 HSMD_LOGTIMELIVE EHS: Validity of Hazardous Substance Master Filling Log NUMC   
173 HSMD_NUMTYPE EHS: Numeric Value Type CHAR   
174 HSMD_NUMVAL EHS: Floating Point Field FLTP 16  16 
175 HSMD_OPLOW EHS: Accuracy specification lower limit CHAR   
176 HSMD_OPUPP EHS: Accuracy specification upper limit CHAR   
177 HSMD_REACT Response type CHAR   
178 HSMD_SCEN Access Scenario CHAR   
179 HSMD_SEGREGD Segregation Regulation Description CHAR 255    
180 HSMD_SRCTYPE Source Object CHAR   
181 HSMD_STOCAT EHS: Storage Hazard Type CHAR   
182 HSMD_STOCATNUM EHS: Storage Hazard Number NUMC   
183 HSMD_STOKEY EHS: Hazard Rating CHAR   
185 HSMD_VALTXT EHS: Text for Floating Point Field CHAR 30    
186 HSNPOS Item in superior serial number CHAR   
187 HSNUM Number for history CHAR   
188 HSN_IND House number ID (even/odd/all) NUMC   
189 HSN_SEC_NO No. of house number section NUMC   
190 HSPOS Item according to the Harmonized System CHAR   
191 HSTAT Status CHAR   
192 HSTUF_AM01 Application monitoring: Function hierarchy level CHAR   
193 HTCODE Transaction code for help system CHAR 20    
194 HTEXCMODE Mode for Granting Special Approvals (HOTPACKEXC) CHAR   
195 HTML4096 Container for HTML Tags CHAR 4096    
196 HTML_COLOR HTML Color Selection CHAR   
197 HTPGEO Geographical hierarchy type number CHAR   
198 HTTPACTION User Action for HTTP Communication CHAR 16    
199 HTTPADMSRVFLAG Administration Flag for ICf Services CHAR   
200 HTTPBODY HTTP content RSTR   
201 HTTPCHAR40 Character string of length 40 CHAR 40    
202 HTTPCODE ICF: HTTP Status Code for Redirecting Error Pages CHAR   
203 HTTPMETHOD Methods for HTTP Versions CHAR 32    
204 HTTPTIMEOUT Timeout of Answer Waiting Time CHAR   
205 HTTPURLPRF HTTP Framework (iHTTP) URL Prefix CHAR 128    
206 HTTPVALUE Authorization Value for HTTP Communication CHAR 40    
207 HTTPVERSION Version of HTTP Protocol CHAR 12    
209 HTTP_CONTENT_CHECK Switch for Binary Content Check CHAR   
210 HTTP_FIELD Authorization Categories for HTTP Communication CHAR 16    
211 HTTP_VALUE Authorization Value for HTTP Communication CHAR 40    
212 HTTP_WHITELIST_ENTRY_TYPE HTTP Framework - Filter Type for Valid URLs NUMC   
213 HTYPROUT Route hierarchy type CHAR   
214 HUCON Indicator, confirm HU CHAR   
215 HUDEASS Delete HU Assignment CHAR   
216 HUMSYS HU and IM stock in separate systems CHAR   
217 HUMZEILE_C ID for an HU Item Line CHAR 10    
218 HUM_AR_HUSTATUS HU archiving: HU status relevant for archiving CHAR   
219 HUM_AR_REASON Reason why handling units cannot be archived CHAR   
220 HUM_ITEM_TYPE Record type for indication of initial data transfer CHAR   
221 HUM_KZPGN_DOM Indicator: generate delivery items CHAR   
222 HUM_PAST Domains for packing-station type CHAR   
223 HUM_PROCESS_DOMA Current HU processing activity CHAR   
224 HUM_QUAN Value range for the copy quantity field for packing station CHAR   
225 HUPASS Assign HU CHAR   
226 HUPOS Indicator: Delivery item is a HU item CHAR   
227 HUWBEVENT Process that uniquely identifies an HU goods movement CHAR   
228 HUWBEVENT_VL Process that uniquely identifies an HU goods movement CHAR   
229 HU_DIRECTION Packing at HU storage locatn/unpacking from HU storage loc. CHAR   
230 HU_DISPLAY Default display for starting packing CHAR   
231 HU_LGORT Handling unit in an HU-managed storage location CHAR   
232 HU_OBJECT HU - object CHAR   
233 HU_OBJECT_HUM_APP Domain fixed value for HUM with stock transfer order     
234 HU_OBJECT_JITI_APP Domain Fixed Value for JIT Inbound (Auto)     
235 HU_OBJECT_JITO_APP Domain fixed value for JIT outboung (Auto)     
236 HU_POSTING_TYPE_DOM Posting type of material doc. with which the HU was posted CHAR   
237 HU_STATUS Description of the HU's movement status CHAR   
238 HU_STATUS_PROD Permitted movement status for HUs not posted to stock CHAR   
239 HU_ST_ACTIVITY_DOM Business transaction for handling units CHAR   
240 HU_ST_INIT_DOM Physical status of a handling unit when it is created CHAR   
241 HU_SYSSTATUS Handling unit's system status CHAR   
242 HVERS SAP-EIS: Hierarchy version NUMC   
243 HVORG_CA Main Transaction for FI-CA Document CHAR   
244 HVORG_KK Main transaction for FI-CA document CHAR   
245 HWAEN Number of the local currency NUMC   
246 HWKEY Hardware Key CHAR 11    
247 HWMET Determination method for other local currency amounts CHAR   
248 HWTYP Local currency type CHAR   
249 HWVENDOR Hardware Manufacturer CHAR 120    
250 HZBAUFRM Description of a heating installation CHAR   
251 HZEIN Manufacturer drawing number CHAR 30    
252 HZINS_EB Credit interest for electronic banking DEC
253 HZSTATUS Processing status of heating installation special agreement CHAR   
254 HZUOR Assignment to hierarchy NUMC   
255 H_DELIVERY_NWK Delivery Network Number CHAR   
256 H_DN_DES Delivery Network Name CHAR 25    
257 H_SUBDN_NO Sub Delivery Network Number CHAR