SAP ABAP Domain - Index H
Domain - H
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 HALFYEAR Half-year value with fixed values 1 and 2 NUMC   
2 HALTBKRASTER IS-M: Lifetime grid (subscription lifetime analysis) CHAR   
3 HANDELSPL Currency or securities market NUMC   
4 HANDOVER_DATE Handover Date at Handover Location DATS   
5 HANDOVER_LOC Location for a physical handover of goods CHAR 10    
6 HANDOVER_TIME Handover Time at Handover Location TIMS   
7 HAP_ACCESS_DEFAULT Default Column Access CHAR   
8 HAP_ACCESS_OTHER Column Access Authorizations for Others CHAR   
9 HAP_ACCESS_OWNER Column Access Authorizations for Owners CHAR   
11 HAP_ADD_DATA_ASSIGNMENT Additional Header Data Assignment CHAR   
12 HAP_ADD_ON_APPLICATION Add-On Application for Appraisal Systems CHAR   
13 HAP_AP_EXIT Appraisal Document Enhancement CHAR 30    
14 HAP_AP_STATUS Status of Appraisal Template NUMC   
15 HAP_AP_STATUS_SUB Appraisal Document (Sub-)Status CHAR   
16 HAP_ARCHIVED_PROCESS Processing of Archived Appraisal Documents CHAR   
17 HAP_ATTACHMENT_MODE Attachment(s) Mode CHAR   
19 HAP_BUTTON_AVAILABILITY Pushbutton Availability CHAR   
20 HAP_CATEGORY_ID Appraisal Category ID NUMC   
21 HAP_CATEGORY_ID_OVS Appraisal Category ID NUMC   
22 HAP_CAT_GROUP_ID Appraisal Category Group ID NUMC   
23 HAP_CELL_INPUT_NOTE Type of Input Option for Note CHAR   
24 HAP_CELL_INPUT_TYPE Type of Input Option for Appraisal Result CHAR   
27 HAP_COLUMN_AVAILABILITY Column Availability CHAR   
28 HAP_COLUMN_ID Appraisal Document Column ID CHAR   
29 HAP_COLUMN_OWNER Column Owner CHAR   
30 HAP_COPY_AND_PASTE Setting: Copy and Paste CHAR   
31 HAP_DB_ACTION Internal: DB Action CHAR   
32 HAP_DESCRIPTION_TYPE Description Type CHAR   
33 HAP_DISPLAY_UI User Interface Mode CHAR   
34 HAP_DOCUMENT_LEAVE Next Status of Appraisal Document CHAR   
35 HAP_DOC_ENQUEUE Type of Appraisal Enqueue CHAR   
36 HAP_DOC_MODE Appraisal Document: Output Mode CHAR   
37 HAP_DOC_WD_LAYOUT Document Layout in Web Dynpro CHAR   
38 HAP_ELEMENT_KIND Type of Appraisal Element CHAR   
39 HAP_ELEMENT_STATUS Status of Appraisal Element CHAR   
40 HAP_ENHANCEMENT_TYPE Extension type CHAR   
41 HAP_EXIT_AREA Enhancement Area for Appraisal Documents CHAR   
42 HAP_FILEFORMAT Transfer File Format (Upload/Download) CHAR 12    
43 HAP_FLT_VAL_ADMINISTRATOR BAdI Filter Value: Administrator CHAR 20    
44 HAP_FLT_VAL_ADMIN_FUNCTION BAdI Filter Value: Administrator CHAR 20    
45 HAP_FLT_VAL_CATEG_EXMPLE BAdI Filter Value: Create Category Using an Example CHAR 20    
46 HAP_FLT_VAL_DOC_PREPARE BAdI Filter Value: Prepare Appraisal Documents CHAR 20    
47 HAP_FLT_VAL_GET_LIST_FLT BAdI Filter Value: Filter for Get List CHAR 20    
48 HAP_FLT_VAL_REPORTING BAdI Filter Value: Reporting CHAR 20    
49 HAP_FLT_VAL_SELECTION BAdI Filter Value: Select Objects CHAR 20    
50 HAP_FLT_VAL_VA_EXAMPLE BAdI Filter Value: Create Template Using an Example CHAR 20    
51 HAP_FLT_VAL_VA_WIZARD BAdI Filter Value: Create Template Using Wizard CHAR 20    
52 HAP_FUNCTION_MODE Function Mode CHAR   
53 HAP_LAYOUT_TEXT Text Layout CHAR   
54 HAP_LAYOUT_VALUES Flag: Layout for Values CHAR   
55 HAP_NOTE_LINE_STATUS Status of Note Line CHAR   
56 HAP_NUMBERING_TYPE Type of Numbering CHAR   
58 HAP_ONLY_ONE_ALLOWED Appraisal Document Creation Check CHAR   
59 HAP_OUTPUT_MODE Output Mode CHAR   
60 HAP_OUTPUT_MODE_SEL Used for Display Settings CHAR   
61 HAP_PARTICIPANT_KEY Participant - Internal Key CHAR   
62 HAP_PART_APPRAISAL_STATUS Status of a Part Appraisal CHAR   
63 HAP_PA_REPLACE_AP Replace (Old) Appraisal System CHAR   
67 HAP_PROCESS_TYPE Domain for Process Type CHAR   
68 HAP_REPORTING_MODE Reporting Mode CHAR   
70 HAP_ROW_AVAILABILITY Element Availability CHAR   
71 HAP_ROW_AVAILABILITY_P4 Element Availability CHAR   
72 HAP_SEQUENCE Sequence NUMC   
74 HAP_TEMPLATE_MODE Appraisal Template Mode CHAR   
75 HAP_TODO_LIST To-Do List Type CHAR   
76 HAP_UI_MODE User Interface Mode CHAR   
77 HAP_VALUE_CLASS Value class CHAR   
78 HAP_WD_LAYOUT_TYPE Layout Type WD UI Representation CHAR   
79 HAP_WD_LOCK_STATE Offline Status WD UI Representation CHAR   
80 HAP_WD_NOTE_TYPE Note Type WD UI Representation CHAR   
81 HAP_WD_VALUE_TYPE Value Type WD UI Representation CHAR   
82 HAP_WORKFLOW_RESET Reset Workflow CHAR   
83 HAP_YES_NO Yes/No Option CHAR   
84 HARCHA Hardware characteristics CHAR 12    
85 HARDNESS_W Degree of water hardness DEC
86 HARDW Hardware address CHAR 32    
87 HASHC_KK Hash Code RAW 16    
88 HASNR Service connection number CHAR   
89 HAUSN Addresses: House number CHAR   
90 HAUSNRKENN IS-M/SD: House number range identifier CHAR   
91 HAUSNUMMER IS-M/SD: House numbers CHAR 10    
92 HA_AREA_WA Water hardness area CHAR   
93 HBESCH_SVS Trade types for Spanish annual tax report CHAR   
94 HBKID Short key for a house bank CHAR   
95 HBS_BLOCK block, section , tract CHAR 10    
96 HBS_HOMTYP Domain for Sales unit types CHAR   
97 HBS_LDST Types of lot distributions CHAR   
98 HBS_MTLAUR Indocator for low income housing CHAR   
99 HBS_NRUNIT Domain for number of stories per Sales unit INT4 10    
100 HBS_NRUNT Domain for amount of attached units INT4 10    
101 HBS_OBJTYP RE-SCM object type for field status control CHAR   
102 HBS_ORINT Orientation /exposure/direction CHAR   
103 HBS_PERCENT percentage used for RE-SCM Solution DEC 12 
104 HBS_PHASE RE-SCM Slaes or Development phase CHAR 11    
105 HBS_PHSDAT dates withing phaseing DATS   
106 HBS_PRICE Planned Price CURR 12 
107 HBS_QUAN quantity for lenght and width of the lots QUAN
108 HBS_REFNO Reference Number CHAR 24    
109 HBS_RELAT Relationship of affected buildings CHAR   
110 HBS_RLMD Modes for rules CHAR   
111 HBVAR Maximum stock level variant CHAR   
112 HB_OBJART RE-SCM object type for field status control CHAR   
113 HB_PSTYP Types of PS<->DI_HBS links CHAR   
114 HB_SUBOBJ RE-SCM object sub-type for e field status control CHAR   
115 HCMT_BSP_DDTEXT Dropdown List Box Display Text CHAR 60    
116 HCMT_BSP_DOMVALUE_L Dropdown List Box Value Field CHAR 10    
117 HCM_MAIL IS-HCM Message contents LCHR 1024    
118 HCODE 16-byte hash code RAW 16    
119 HCP_ACTIVITY Personnel Cost Planning Activity (Authorization Check) CHAR   
120 HCP_AGGREGATION_MODE Contingent Planning: Type of Aggregation Mode CHAR   
121 HCP_BSGRD Capacity Util. Level DEC
122 HCP_CALCULATION_TYPE Calculation Type CHAR   
123 HCP_CAPDEPEND Dependence on Capacity Utilization Rate CHAR   
126 HCP_DATA_VIEW Data View CHAR   
127 HCP_DERIVE_AND_VALUATE Indicator: Cost Item is Derived or Valuated CHAR   
128 HCP_DIFFCA_KEY Key of Alternative Cost Assignment NUMC   
129 HCP_EVENT Event CHAR   
130 HCP_EVENT_ID Event Instance ID NUMC   
131 HCP_EX_IFGROUP Group of Data Collection Methods for Personnel Cost Planning CHAR   
132 HCP_EX_INTERFACE Data Collection Methd Personnel Cost Planning CHAR   
133 HCP_EX_PARAM Data Collection Parameters for Personnel Cost Planning CHAR   
134 HCP_FTE Number of Full-Time Equivalents DEC
135 HCP_LEADING_VIEW Planning view CHAR   
136 HCP_MONTH Month NUMC   
137 HCP_MSGTYP Message Type CHAR   
138 HCP_NUMBER_OBJECTS Number of Objects CHAR 10    
139 HCP_ORGGROUPING Organizational Grouping of Cost Objects CHAR   
140 HCP_PARAMVALUE Parameter Value of Data Collection Method CHAR 20    
141 HCP_PAYROLL_VERSION Version for Payroll Results CHAR   
142 HCP_PCONTEXT Planning Context HCP CHAR   
143 HCP_PERCENTAGE Calculation Percentage DEC
144 HCP_PLAN Personnel Cost Plan CHAR   
145 HCP_POINT_ON_SALRANGE Value in Salary Range CHAR   
146 HCP_REASON Reason STRG   
147 HCP_REL_PERCENTAGE Assignment percentage DEC
148 HCP_SCENARIO Personnel Cost Planning Scenario CHAR   
149 HCP_STRING Help String STRG   
150 HCP_STYPE Record Type of Cost Data CHAR   
151 HCP_SWITCH General Checkbox CHAR   
152 HCP_TIME_INTERVALL Time Interval CHAR   
153 HCP_VALUE Value CHAR 80    
154 HCP_VIEW_OBJID Object Key CHAR 20    
155 HCP_YEAR Year NUMC   
156 HCSID Public holiday ID of SAP model CHAR   
157 HCSKW_ADDPATH Path Entry for KW Library (Static) STRG   
158 HCSKW_APPL_KEY Key of Application CHAR 100    
159 HCSKW_APPL_NSP Namespace of Application CHAR 20    
160 HCSKW_BOOL Boolean Value CHAR   
161 HCSKW_CONTENT KW Document: Content RSTR   
162 HCSKW_FILE_EXTENSION File extension CHAR 10    
163 HCSKW_ID ID INT4 10    
164 HCSKW_INHERIT Derived Assignment CHAR   
165 HCSKW_LAST_KEY Internal Key of Application for Package Processing STRG   
166 HCSKW_LIBRARY Name of KW Library (Static) CHAR 30    
168 HCSKW_LOIOHEADER Start of LOIO (2 Characters) CHAR   
170 HCSKW_PSIZE Package Size INT4 10    
171 HCSKW_PSTATUS Status of Indexing Preparation CHAR 10    
172 HCSKW_STORAGE_TYPE Storage Type for Indexing NUMC   
174 HCSKW_TITLE KW Document: Title STRG   
175 HCS_COMMON_DOC_TYPE Help Center Search: General - Document Type CHAR 10    
176 HCS_FAQ_ANSWER Help Center Search: FAQ - Answer STRG   
177 HCS_FAQ_QUESTION Help Center Search: FAQ - Question CHAR 255    
178 HCS_FAQ_TITLE Help Center Search: FAQ - Title STRG   
179 HCS_FS_ASSET_TYPE Help Center Search: Federated Search - Asset Type CHAR 20    
180 HCS_FS_MIME_TYPE Help Center Search: Federated Search - MIME Type CHAR 128    
181 HCS_FS_SOURCE Help Center Search: Federated Search - Source CHAR 10    
182 HCS_GLOSSARY_CONTENT Help Center Search: Glossary - Content RSTR   
183 HCS_GLOSSARY_TITLE Help Center Search: Glossary - Title STRG   
184 HCS_LIBRARY_CONTENT Help Center Search: SAP Library - Content RSTR   
185 HCS_LIBRARY_TITLE Help Center Search: SAP Library - Title STRG   
186 HCS_LINK_CONTENT Help Center Search: Link - Link Content RSTR   
187 HCS_LINK_TITLE Help Center Search: Link - Title STRG   
188 HCS_NOTE_TEXT Help Center Search: Note - Text STRG   
189 HCS_NOTE_TITLE Help Center Search: Note - Title STRG   
190 HCS_SOLMAN_FILE_CONTENT Help Center Search: File in Solman - Content RSTR   
191 HCS_SOLMAN_FILE_TITLE Help Center Search: File in SolMan - Title STRG   
192 HDAYCN Number of days DEC   
193 HDB_APPLICATION Aplpication CHAR   
194 HDB_BACKUP_TAGS Tags for Prefix of Backups CHAR 50    
195 HDB_DBCON_NAV_HANDLE_BATCH Batch Processing: Alternative DB Connection Unavailable CHAR   
196 HDB_DBCON_NAV_HANDLE_DIALOG Dialog Processing: Alternative DB Connection Unavailable CHAR   
197 HDB_HOST Host CHAR 64    
198 HDB_LAYER_NAME HDB: Layer name CHAR 128    
199 HDB_RANGE_FIELD General Domain for RANGES CHAR 128    
200 HDB_SCHEMA_NAME Schema name CHAR 256    
201 HDB_SERVICES Service Names CHAR 255    
202 HDB_SERVICE_DETAIL General Domain for Service Detail (f.e. master or not) CHAR 128    
203 HDB_SUBAPPLICATION Sub-Application CHAR 40    
205 HDB_TRACE_LEVEL Trace Level CHAR   
206 HDB_TSTMP Time stamp (stored in format YYYY-MM-TT HH:MM:SS) CHAR 19    
208 HDLTYPE Header Type? CHAR   
209 HDMOD Screen header modifier NUMC   
210 HDRES Reverse hidden reserves NUMC   
211 HDRVORG Transaction for BW Purchasing Document CHAR   
212 HDR_DIST_FLAG Header distribution flag for the contract CHAR   
213 HDS_ACCESS_MODE Access Type CHAR   
214 HDS_ACTION Activity (Version Management) CHAR   
216 HDS_APPEARANCE Display Type CHAR   
217 HDS_APPL_ID Application ID CHAR 20    
218 HDS_CONDITION_CATEGORY Condition Cateogry CHAR   
219 HDS_FIELDSTATUS Field Status CHAR   
220 HDS_FIELD_VALUE_CATEGORY Value Category of a Field CHAR   
221 HDS_FLAG General Indicator (Space, 'X') CHAR   
222 HDS_FLG_VALUE_LABEL Indicator: Display Value Labels CHAR   
223 HDS_GEN_STATE Status of a Generation Code CHAR   
224 HDS_MIGRATION_STATE Migration Status of Tree CHAR   
225 HDS_NODE_GUID GUID of a Node as 32 CHAR CHAR 32    
226 HDS_ORIGIN Origin of a Data Change CHAR   
227 HDS_QUERY_MODE Query Mode CHAR   
230 HDS_TEST_PURPOSE Vacation Purpose CHAR   
232 HDS_TEST_TRANSCON Transport Connections CHAR   
233 HDS_TREEITM_TEXT Tree Control: Item Text CHAR 255    
234 HDS_TREE_CATEGORY Category of an HDS Tree CHAR   
235 HDS_TREE_ID ID of Derivation Tree CHAR 30    
236 HDS_TREE_STATE Status of a Tree with Regard to Runtime Object CHAR   
237 HDS_UI_SOURCE_FIELDDESCR Source Field Description CHAR 50    
238 HDS_VALUE_LABEL Description of Values CHAR 30    
239 HDS_VERSIONGUID GUID for Tree Version (16 Byte) RAW 16    
240 HDS_VERSIONTYPE Version Type CHAR   
241 HDTABNAME Heidelberg: check tables for global fields CHAR 10    
242 HDUCLASS Heidelberg global fields: User groups CHAR 12    
243 HD_DYNNR Screen number of the header area CHAR   
244 HEADER_TEXT_FIS Text for the Bill Header (Biller Direct) CHAR 1024    
245 HEADING Heading for screen blocks for price transactions CHAR 50    
246 HEAD_LINE Headline within an INCLUDE CHAR 60    
247 HEAD_ROUT Title line CHAR 75    
248 HEDDA Registration number of manufacturer declaration CHAR 20    
249 HEFTNUMMER IS-M/SD: Copy number CHAR   
250 HELPFUNCT Help processor function CHAR   
251 HELPMODUS Help processor mode CHAR   
252 HELP_CRM_IC_XMLNAME XML Document Name CHAR 32    
253 HELP_LINK_OTR_TEXT OTR Text for Help Links CHAR 99    
254 HELP_M_TXA hlp CHAR 20    
255 HELP_STFA hlp CHAR 134    
256 HELP_STF_A help_stf_a CHAR 134    
257 HERBL State of manufacture CHAR   
258 HERCO Origin of CO assignments CHAR   
259 HERK IS-M: Origin of Address CHAR   
260 HERKFT Origin indicator of an error message in T084 CHAR   
261 HERKF_CA Document source key CHAR   
262 HERKF_KK Document source key CHAR   
263 HERKPR_KK Origin of Print Document CHAR   
264 HERKUNFTKZ IS-M/SD: Origin indicator for postal units CHAR   
265 HERKU_VK Trigger Origin CHAR   
266 HERKZ Quality Notification - Origin Indicator CHAR   
267 HERLR Conversion rule for tax - NL CHAR   
268 HERSTELL Manufacturer CHAR   
269 HERTAB Access CHAR   
270 HEX002 Hexa with 2 places RAW   
271 HEX01 Counter RAW   
272 HEX02 Hexadecimal (2 characters) RAW   
273 HEX03 Hexadecimal 3 places RAW   
274 HEX1 Hexadecimal Variable of Length 1 RAW   
275 HEX1024 Compressed data 1K table width RAW 1024    
276 HEX120 Hexadecimal (120 characters) RAW 120    
277 HEX13 Hex field for statistic RAW 13    
278 HEX2 Hexadecimal Variable of Length 2 RAW   
279 HEX255 RAW code 255 bytes long RAW 255    
280 HEX36 36 Bytes RAW 36    
281 HEX4 Hexadecimal variable of length 4 RAW   
282 HEX40 40 bytes RAW 40    
283 HEX4_WAO Hexadecimal variable of length 4 (Web Add-On) RAW   
284 HEX64 Hexadecimal field with 64 bytes RAW 64    
285 HEXTIME Time RAW   
286 HFCAL Factory calendar: Help domain CHAR   
287 HFCID Public holiday calendar CHAR   
288 HFDATE Factory calendar DEC   
289 HHMM Time without seconds CHAR   
290 HIABS ID for higher-level agreement CHAR   
291 HICOL Colors in report portfolio CHAR 15    
292 HIDELINE Hide area line RAW 8192    
293 HIDENT Public holiday calendar ID CHAR   
294 HIEID Hierarchy ID CHAR   
295 HIERACCSTYP_BRO Broker collections: Access mode to hierarchies CHAR   
296 HIERANM Name of hierarchy CHAR 30    
297 HIERAR_LEVEL Hierarchy levels to be read in order progress report NUMC   
298 HIERATYP IS-PAM: Hierarchy type - BP hierarchy CHAR   
299 HIERA_VERA Hierarchy Processing in Results Analysis CHAR   
300 HIERCNT Hierarchy ID CHAR   
301 HIERID Hierarchy indication CHAR   
302 HIEROBJTYP_BRO Business Partner Category in Broker Hierarchy CHAR   
303 HIERT Hierarchy Category for Sales and Operations Planning CHAR   
304 HIER_ACTIO Executable actions for link types CHAR   
305 HIER_ACTIV Indicates if active CHAR   
306 HIER_BOXST Status of a checkbox in a tree structure; values: A , I, P CHAR   
307 HIER_BUFMO Buffering mode for structure data CHAR   
308 HIER_COUNT Counter INT1   
309 HIER_CTYPT Hierarchy Tool: Comparison Type Text CHAR 20    
310 HIER_DIFF Hierarchy Tool: Comparisons - Difference Type CHAR   
311 HIER_GENFL Generation flag for structure buffering CHAR   
312 HIER_ICON1 Possible display options for field in node type CHAR   
313 HIER_INDX1 Key field for buffer table CHAR 32    
314 HIER_INDX2 Data part for buffer table LRAW 8000    
315 HIER_LERI Hierarchy Tool: Flag - Left or Right Structure CHAR   
316 HIER_LEVEL_NM hier level INT1   
317 HIER_LEVEL_NUM Domain for Hierarchy Level NUMC   
318 HIER_LOSTR Flag: Logical Structure CHAR   
319 HIER_NAMES Structure enhancement ID CHAR 15    
320 HIER_NODET Allowed node types CHAR   
321 HIER_OBJTYPE Object Category in Hierarchy of Technical Objects CHAR   
322 HIER_PROP Logical flag with value 0 or 1 CHAR   
323 HIER_RPROP Attribute of a link type CHAR   
324 HIER_RTYPE Valid link types CHAR   
325 HIER_RTYPE_IM Message Type CHAR   
326 HIER_RTYPN Flag: Do not read link with hierarchy tool CHAR   
327 HIER_SFW_ACTION Show or Hide Node CHAR   
328 HIER_SFW_ID Hierarchy Tool Switch Assignment ID CHAR 20    
329 HIER_STYLE Node color INT4 10    
330 HIER_TEXT Text field CHAR 75    
331 HIER_TEXTC Description - only uppercase CHAR 75    
332 HIER_TREE Name of a structure CHAR 12    
333 HIER_TREET Structure Type CHAR   
334 HIER_TYPE Hierarchy Type CHAR   
335 HIER_USER User name CHAR 12    
336 HIER_VERS Version number NUMC   
337 HIER_YESNO Domain with fixed values ' ' and 'X' CHAR   
338 HIEVW Use of hierarchy item CHAR   
339 HIKEY SAP-EIS: Hierarchy node number NUMC   
340 HILFM Utilities CHAR   
341 HINUM Hierarchy number NUMC   
342 HINZ_WERB Additional Amounts/ Income Related Expenses Flag CHAR   
343 HISPO Processing a plan with or without history CHAR   
344 HISTCOPY Indicator: copy of historical data CHAR   
345 HISTORYEXPAND IS-M: Expand history CHAR   
346 HISTSTEU Control of historical maintainability of operand values CHAR   
347 HISTT_KK History days NUMC   
348 HISTUFE Hierarchy level for class hierarchies CHAR 15    
349 HISTVERSION Version in the Past NUMC   
350 HIST_ACTION History Action CHAR   
351 HITLIST CROSS reference function elements: Hit lists CHAR   
352 HITRATE SAP DB: Integer for hit rates INT4 10    
353 HITVAL RI: Value for hit list generation NUMC   
354 HITYP Customer hierarchy type CHAR   
355 HITYP_LH Hierarchy category: vendor hierarchy CHAR   
356 HI_ATTRIB Attribute field for any attributes CHAR 200    
357 HI_ATTRPOS Position in the attribute field INT2   
358 HI_CROSS Checkbox CHAR   
359 HI_EBENE Hierarchy level INT1   
360 HI_OBJECT Object ID for general hierarchy maintenance CHAR 50    
361 HI_SCRPOS Position on screen INT1   
362 HI_TEXT Display text for a hierarchy entry CHAR 80    
363 HKLA Trading Contract: Delivery Address Origin CHAR   
364 HKMAT Material-related origin CHAR   
365 HKONT G/L account number NUMC   
366 HKOST_MD Write / read DATASETs tape or diskette CHAR   
367 HKPSTP Trading Contract: Item Category CHAR   
368 HKPSTP_DEFAULT Trading Contract: Default Item Category CHAR   
369 HKRIT Description of main criterion in vendor evaluation CHAR   
370 HKRTXT Short text for main criterion CHAR   
371 HKTID Account short key at the house bank CHAR   
372 HKTID_TYPE_ITAGCY Category for Bank Account in Agency Collections CHAR   
373 HKTYP Origin of statistical ratio CHAR   
374 HLEVL Subgroup's level in the hierarchy NUMC   
375 HLINEAL Ruler CHAR 75    
376 HLPRTFLINE Online help: RTF lines RAW 134    
377 HMD_DGCL DG-MAT: Dangerous goods class CHAR   
378 HMD_DPOT Risk potential CHAR 10    
379 HMD_DYKY DG: Segregation Rule (Dynamic Key) CHAR   
380 HMD_ESMLG DG: Enterprise-Specific Mixed Loading Group CHAR   
381 HMD_HISCAT EH&S: Hazard Inducer Type CHAR   
382 HMD_HNU DG-MAT: Hazard identification number CHAR   
383 HMD_HPN DG-MAT: Danger label number CHAR 10    
384 HMD_LDBC DG-MAT: Classification Code CHAR   
385 HMD_LWDG DG mat: Short description of regulations CHAR 12    
386 HMD_MLOAR DG: Mixed Loading Rule CHAR   
387 HMD_MOS DG-MAT: Dangerous Goods - Transport Type NUMC   
388 HMD_MOT Dangerous Goods - Mode-of-Transport Category NUMC   
389 HMD_NDG DG: Not Dangerous Goods CHAR   
390 HMD_PACOD DG mat: Packaging code CHAR   
391 HMD_PIN DG-MAT: Packing instruction number CHAR 25    
392 HMD_QUAN DG MAT: Fields for quantities and other physical values QUAN
393 HMD_REAC DG: Response to Mixed Loading Check CHAR   
394 HMD_RSMLG DG: Regulation-Dependent Mixed Loading Group CHAR   
395 HMD_RTYPE DG: Response Type CHAR   
396 HMD_SEGR DG: Segregation CHAR   
397 HMD_STXT Description for dangerous goods entities CHAR 132    
398 HMD_TKUI DG: Identification Number Type CHAR   
399 HMD_TSYGID EHS: Key for Transport Symbol Group CHAR 10    
400 HMD_WOS DG MAT: Processing status CHAR   
401 HNAME Group name CHAR 12    
402 HNDOVR_DAT Handover Date at Handover Location DATS   
403 HNDOVR_LOC Location for physical hand over of goods CHAR 10    
404 HNDOVR_TIM Handover Time at Handover Location TIMS   
405 HNRZUSATZ IS-M/SD: House number affix CHAR   
406 HNWAG On/off switch for messages about quotations CHAR   
407 HNWGK On/off switch for master contract messages CHAR   
408 HNWK2 Add ref. to all contracts partner is authorized to release CHAR   
409 HNWKM On/off switch for references to contracts CHAR   
410 HOART Type of Origin Object of Transaction Data (EC-PCA) NUMC   
411 HOARTTEXT Description of Origin Object CHAR 20    
412 HOCHART Type of extrapolation in unbilled revenue reporting CHAR   
413 HOEHE_C Height CHAR 17    
414 HOEHE_EH_CH IS-M/AM: Unit of Measure for Height UNIT   
415 HOEKORR Altitude correction pressure DEC
416 HOKRU_DOM SAP Object CHAR   
417 HOLD_DATA Indicator: Record Data in Sender System? CHAR   
418 HOLD_STRING Hold External Data RSTR   
419 HOME_DEL_ELE IS-M/SD: Home Delivery Alternation Element CHAR   
420 HOME_DEL_GROUP IS-M/SD: Home Delivery Alternation Group CHAR 10    
421 HORBI Period to: for period of examination in RS header mainten. INT4 10    
422 HORLN Horizon length DEC   
423 HORVO Period from: for period of exam. in RS header maintenance INT4 10    
424 HOST Host name for table TALIM CHAR 20    
425 HOSTSHORT Abbreviated Host Name CHAR   
426 HOST_ID Host name (short form) CHAR 32    
427 HOTMARK Hotspot for ALV / VL35 CHAR   
428 HOTPACK_WARNING Object modification allowed after warning CHAR   
429 HOUR2 Hour of day (0..23) NUMC   
430 HOURS Hours with 4 decimal places DEC
431 HOURS1 Number of hours DEC
432 HR99S_ENDDATE Indicator of date adjustment for calculation of durations CHAR   
433 HR99S_FLNAME Logical form name CHAR 30    
434 HR99S_FOGROUP Output form grouping CHAR 10    
435 HR99S_FORMAT HR_SWE : Units in which are expressed a duration CHAR   
436 HR99S_FOTYPE Output form type (reporting) CHAR   
437 HR99S_FOVARIANT Output form variant (reporting) CHAR 20    
438 HR99S_FPNAME Name of Form Object CHAR 30    
439 HR99S_PROC Processing area for calculation of durations CHAR 10    
440 HR99S_TYPD Type of duration for calculation of durations CHAR   
441 HRAA_STAT Log status when record is acccessed in interface CHAR   
442 HRADATANR Additional data number CHAR 32    
443 HRADI Domain for radio button CHAR   
444 HRAGRTYPE Type of role CHAR   
445 HRARRAYTYP Structure type CHAR 15    
446 HRAUTHSW HR: Authorization main switch CHAR   
447 HRAUTHSW_DEF HR: Main Authorization Switch for Default Position CHAR   
448 HRBAS_ADD_LEVEL Additional Level of Detail NUMC   
449 HRBAS_BUFFER_MODE Distinction Write / Read Buffer CHAR   
450 HRBAS_CDOC_VERSION HR Change Document Version CHAR   
451 HRBAS_CHAR09 HR: Char. Field of Length 09 CHAR   
452 HRBAS_CHAR30 HRBAS: Char. Field of Length 30 CHAR 30    
453 HRBAS_EXECUTE_MODE HRBAS: Type of Operation Execution in Business Logic CHAR   
454 HRBAS_READ_MODE HR: Single Record Access, Type of Read Access CHAR   
455 HRBAS_STRUCTURE_BUFFER_MODE HRBAS: Type of Read Access in Structure Driver CHAR   
456 HRBAS_TIMEPERIOD_CHANGE_MODE HRBAS: Type of Object Period Change CHAR 10    
457 HRBAS_VALIDITY_CHANGE_MODE Mode for Validity Change of PD Objects CHAR 10    
459 HRBELEGNR HR Funds and Position Management: Document Number CHAR 32    
460 HRBPREP_OOB Origin of Budget CHAR   
461 HRBPREP_OOR Origin of Requirement CHAR   
462 HRBPREP_POS_STAT Item Status CHAR   
463 HRBUPROF Budget / plan profile CHAR   
464 HRCCE_ABSTYPE_SHARED Shared Absence Type Flag CHAR   
465 HRCCE_BEN_GENDER Gender Field in benefit reports CHAR   
466 HRCCE_CURR_ASSIGNMENT Current Assignment Flag CHAR   
467 HRCCE_PADCE_PRTXT Personnel assignment description text CHAR 80    
468 HRCCE_PERNR Personnel Assignment NUMC   
469 HRCCE_PERNRNOS number of personnel assignments NUMC   
470 HRCCE_PERSONID_EXT External Person ID CHAR 20    
471 HRCCE_QUOTA_SHARED Shared Quota Flag CHAR   
472 HRCCE_VALID_FOR Personnel number Text of Assignment Sharing the Quota CHAR 80    
473 HRCHAR32 Character string - 32 user-defined characters CHAR 32    
474 HRCLOCKTIME Time in character format CHAR   
475 HRDAYS Days with 4 characters before, 2 after decimal point DEC
476 HRDFT Display type for a field in a screen header CHAR   
477 HRDOCNR Document number for time data NUMC 20    
478 HRDPBS_ANRECHN_2 Hours Counted: Actual, Zero CHAR   
479 HRDPBS_ANRECHN_3 Hours Counted: 1/5 Week, Actual, Zero CHAR   
480 HRDPBS_BEWPAUS Adhoc: Standard Valuation of Breaks CHAR   
481 HRDPBS_GEWICHT Dec.figure/5 places before, 2 places after point and sign DEC
482 HRDPBS_SHIFTTYPE Category of Time Information CHAR   
483 HRDPBS_SHIFT_SOURCE Entry of Shift Abbreviation CHAR   
484 HRDSYSCONTFLAG HRDSYS: Delivery class for object tables CHAR   
485 HRDSYSOBJDOCU HRDSYS: Object documentation CHAR   
487 HRDW_TYPE Time and labor/quota CHAR   
488 HRD_ADD_RETROES Include Retroactive Accounting: Yes, No, also Retr Acc Runs CHAR   
489 HRD_CURR_CONV Domain: Currency Conversion CHAR   
491 HRD_ON_OFF On/Off CHAR   
492 HRD_OSR_DEL_OPT Delete Options for OSR CHAR   
493 HREFERENZ Data field for Text-002: Headers CHAR 24    
494 HREFRP Reference report name in screen 101/111 CHAR   
495 HREIC_ACTIVITY_ATTRNAME EIC: Activity Attributes CHAR 255    
496 HREIC_AD_COMM EIC - Communication Type CHAR   
497 HREIC_ATTACHMENT_TYPE Attachment Type CHAR 32    
498 HREIC_ATTACHMENT_TYPE_TEXT Attachment Type CHAR 60    
499 HREIC_AUTH_PROF Authentication Profile CHAR   
500 HREIC_AUTOREPLY EIC: Indicator for Automatic Reply CHAR