SAP ABAP Function Module - Index L, page 9
Function Module - L
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 LST_WDA_CLEAR R clear all the results from LST repositories. 
2 LST_WDA_GETALLLANGUAGES R Returns all the languages in WDA in system 
3 LST_WDA_GETCONTEXT R strings from same view. 
4 LST_WDA_GETLANGUAGES R returns all existing languages for Application 
5 LST_WDA_GETMETADATA R returns metadata per text and language 
6 LST_WDA_GETREFLANG R fills referenced language 
7 LST_WDA_INDEX R index texts used in WDA applications to repository 
8 LST_WDA_TEXTBYLANG_DDIC R given language and metadata, returns text 
9 LST_WDA_TEXTBYLANG_OTR R given language and metadata, returns text 
10 LST_WDA_UPDATE R Updates texts of the repository 
11 LST_WDA_UPDATE_DDIC updates ddic texts repository 
12 LST_WDA_UPDATE_OTR updates OTR text repository 
13 LS_SERNR_STATUS_CHANGE Statusänderung der Serialnummern zur Lieferungsposition 
14 LTAK_EXISTS Check if LTAK exists 
15 LTAK_READ Select from table LTAK - 2nd layer 
16 LTAP_READ Select from table LTAP - 2nd layer 
17 LTBNM_BIN_BLOCK_MTHD Blocks bin from Monitor 
18 LTBNM_HU_DISPLAY_MTHD Displays HU data 
19 LTBNM_LEVEL_DISPLAY_MTHD Displays level data 
20 LTBNM_MENU_ENABLE_CHECK Check if given method should be enabled in the object context menu 
21 LTBNM_MROUT_MAINT_MTHD Maintains site from TRM Monitor 
22 LTBNM_NODE_DISPLAY_MTHD Displays node data 
23 LTBNM_OBJECTS_GET Display zone objects 
24 LTBNM_ZONE_DISPLAY_MTHD Displays zone data 
25 LTBN_DATA_VERIFY Validate data 
26 LTBN_LEVEL_DETAILS_GET Get level information 
27 LTBN_NODES_DETAILS_GET Get nodes' details 
28 LTBN_NODE_BLOCK_UNBLOCK Block un-block nodes 
29 LTBN_NODE_VALIDATE Verify nodes in conjunction with zone functionality 
30 LTBN_OBSTACLES_GET Get site's obstacles 
31 LTBN_PND_BLOCK_UNBLOCK Block or unblock pick and drop points 
32 LTBN_PRIORITIZED_WC_GET Get all optional work centers that can perform a specific operation 
33 LTBN_SERVING_NODES_GET Get nodes dedicated to zones (by assignments) 
34 LTBN_SRV_ZONES_GET Get all the zones that serve a specific zone (by functionality) 
35 LTBN_ZONES_OF_NODES_GET Get zone information for given nodes 
36 LTBN_ZONE_INFO_GET Get zones' information 
37 LTESTER_IDOC_PROCESS R Test-FB, der per aRFC ankommende Sätze nur rausschreibt. 
38 LTEXT_ARRAY_MODIFY Array-Modifikationen an Langtexten 
39 LTEXT_AUSGEBEN Langtext ausgeben 
40 LTEXT_BUF_MODIFY Anlegen / Ändern Langtexte in Puffer 
41 LTEXT_BUF_TO_DB Schreiben TWGLVT von Puffer in Datenbank 
42 LTEXT_CANCEL_BILD Zurücksetzen SAPSCRIPT-Catalog auf den Stand zu Beginn des Bildes 
43 LTEXT_CHECK_CHANGE Check-Change für Langtexte 
44 LTEXT_FOR_AREAS_BUF_DELETE Löschen Langtexte zu Layoutbereichen aus Puffer 
45 LTEXT_FOR_ITEMS_BUF_DELETE Löschen Langtexte zu Layoutbereichspositionen aus Puffer 
46 LTEXT_SAVE Schreiben Langtexte auf Datenbank 
47 LTEXT_SET_BILD Aktualisieren des Langtextpuffers am Bildende auf Basis des temp. Puffers 
48 LTEXT_SET_SUB Aktualisieren des temporären Langtextpuffers zum aktuell bearb. Langtext 
49 LTEXT_STEPLOOP Ceck ob Batch-Input läuft 
50 LTIF_ACTIVITY_GET Get resource types by qualifications 
51 LTIF_AUTHORIZATION_CHECK Authorization check 
52 LTIF_BARCODE_TRANS Translate bar code 
54 LTIF_CONVERSION_EXIT_INPUT Conversion exit after input 
55 LTIF_CONVERSION_EXIT_OUTPUT Conversion exit before output 
56 LTIF_DEQUEUE_WM_LOCKS Unlock WM locks using update task mechanism 
57 LTIF_DIFFERENCE_QTY_VALIDATE Check if a difference posting is possible 
58 LTIF_DOCUMENT_CANCEL Cancels a transfer order item 
59 LTIF_DOCUMENT_CONFIRM Confirmation of the reference document 
60 LTIF_DOCUMENT_PURGE Purge TRM documents after confirming the reference documents 
61 LTIF_EXEC_DATA_FETCH Fetch task details from host 
62 LTIF_HUTYPES_GET Get possible HU types for a given site 
63 LTIF_INRSN_PER_SITE_GET Get internal reasons for site 
64 LTIF_LEXDT_INSERT Differences for "intermediate" tasks 
66 LTIF_MESSAGE_GET Get message text 
67 LTIF_NEW_DEST_VALIDATE Validation of destination 
68 LTIF_NUMERATOR_CALC Calculation of numerator 
69 LTIF_PERSN_FIELDS_GET Get personalization fields 
70 LTIF_PICKHU_TYPE_GET Gets pick handling unit type 
72 LTIF_PRDEV_MAINT_MTHD Maintain presentation devices from TRM Monitor 
73 LTIF_PRESENTATION_DEVICES_GET Get presentation devices 
74 LTIF_QTY_CONV Conversion of quantity in base UOM to alternative UOM 
75 LTIF_REASONS_GET Get reason 
76 LTIF_REQUEST_CANCEL_CHECK Check if request can be cancelled 
77 LTIF_REQUEST_MAINTAIN External system request maintenance 
78 LTIF_REQUEST_WOREF_MAINTAIN Maintenance of request without reference to external system 
79 LTIF_RESOURCE_BREAK Resource Break 
80 LTIF_RESOURCE_CAPACITY_CHECK Check resource capacity 
81 LTIF_RESOURCE_CONNECT Register resources 
82 LTIF_RESOURCE_DEFAULTS_GET Get logon defaults 
83 LTIF_RESOURCE_DEFINE Define the resource 
84 LTIF_RESOURCE_DISCONNECT Disconnect resource 
85 LTIF_RESOURCE_LOCATION Passes new resource location to system 
86 LTIF_RESOURCE_SWITCH_VALIDATE Validate switched resource 
88 LTIF_RSRCE_EXTERNAL_LOGON Resource external logon 
89 LTIF_RSRCE_MESSAGE_GET Get a waiting message for a resource 
91 LTIF_SWITCH_SAVE Confirm resource switch 
92 LTIF_TASKS_ANALYZE Analyze data of the tasks 
93 LTIF_TASKS_CLUSTERING Task clustering 
94 LTIF_TASK_ACCEPT Accept tasks 
95 LTIF_TASK_CONFIRM Task confirmation 
96 LTIF_TASK_DATA_FETCH Task Data Fetch 
97 LTIF_TASK_ENQUEUE Enqueue tasks 
98 LTIF_TASK_EXTERNAL_CONFIRM Confirms tasks externally 
99 LTIF_TASK_MAKE_AVAILABLE Make tasks available 
100 LTIF_TASK_RECOVERY Recovers tasks 
101 LTIF_TASK_SELECT Select system-guided tasks 
102 LTIF_TASK_SKIP Skip tasks 
103 LTIF_TO_PURGE Request Deletion after External System Document Confirmation 
105 LTIF_USER_SITE_GET Get sites available for the user 
106 LTRMM_APPLICATION_LOG_MTHD Application log method from monitor 
107 LTRMM_ECO_DISABLE_MTHD Disable and Enable Execution Control Objects (ECOs) 
108 LTRMM_ECO_DISPLAY_MTHD Display Execution Control Object (ECO) 
109 LTRMM_LOG_OBJECTS_GET Retrieve requests header via Monitor 
110 LTRMM_LOG_TASK_INFO Log tasks information 
111 LTRMM_LOG_VRNT_MTHD Maintain monitor display variants 
112 LTRMM_MENU_ENABLE_CHECK Check if given method should be enabled in the object context menu 
113 LTRMM_OBJECTS_CHK TRM monitor checks: extern fields 
114 LTRMM_OBJECTS_GET Retrieve requests header via Monitor 
115 LTRMM_PRDEV_MAINT_MTHD Site maintenance from monitor 
116 LTRMM_SITE_DISPLAY_MTHD Display site data 
117 LTRMM_SITE_MAINTAIN_MTHD Site maintenance from monitor 
118 LTRMM_SITE_MANUAL_SCHDL_MTHD Manual request scheduling from monitor 
119 LTRMM_SITE_REQ_CREATE_MTHD Manual request creation 
120 LTRMM_STATIC_PRIOR_MAINT_MTHD Static priority maintenance from monitor 
121 LTRMM_VRNT_MAINTAIN_MTHD Maintain monitor display variants 
122 LTRM_ACTIVITY_GET Get resource types by qualifications 
123 LTRM_ACTIVITY_SINGLE_GET Returns a single activity from table LACTY 
124 LTRM_APP_LOG_ADD Adds messages to TRM's application log 
125 LTRM_APP_LOG_CHECK Checks if application log is required 
126 LTRM_APP_LOG_CONFIG Set application log configuration 
127 LTRM_BASIC_UOM_GET Get basic units of measure for TRM conversions 
128 LTRM_EGO_AVAILABILITY_GET Determination of ECO availability 
129 LTRM_EGO_CHECK Checks definition of ECO and whether at least one ECO is enabled 
130 LTRM_EGO_GET Determines the Tasks' ECOs 
131 LTRM_EGO_MAINTAIN ECO subscription and unsubscription 
132 LTRM_EGO_SUBSCRIPTION_SERVICE ECO Subscription and Unsubscription 
133 LTRM_LEGOD_BY_OBJ_TYPE_GET Fetches records from LEGOD 
134 LTRM_LLOCT_READ Retrieves a record of requested location 
135 LTRM_LOBGR_GET Get task/request group information 
136 LTRM_LOCATION_CHECK Get TRM's default location 
137 LTRM_LOW_LIMIT_TASK_UPD Insert the minimum number of tasks for task selection 
138 LTRM_METRIC_GET Get metric for location 
139 LTRM_MODE_GET_SET Maintains mode 
140 LTRM_NUMBER_GET_NEXT Assigns next free number in number range 
141 LTRM_PRIORITY_CALC Priority calculation 
142 LTRM_REASONS_GET Get reason 
143 LTRM_TIMESTAMP_CONVERT_FROM Convert from time stamp to date & time 
144 LTRM_TIMESTAMP_CONVERT_INTO Convert date & time into time stamp 
145 LTRM_TIME_GAP_CALC Calculate time difference between two time stamps 
146 LTRM_UOM_CONVERT Converts distance, velocity and time units of measure 
147 LTRQM_APPLICATION_LOG_MTHD Resource application log Monitor method 
148 LTRQM_GET_REQUEST_ITEM Get request item data 
149 LTRQM_ITEM_BY_TASK_GET Get request items for task 
150 LTRQM_MANUAL_SCHDL_MTHD Manual request scheduling 
151 LTRQM_OBJECTS_GET Retrieve requests header from Monitor 
152 LTRQM_REFER_GET Get reference of the task 
153 LTRQM_REQST_URGENT_SCHDL_MTHD Urgent request scheduling 
156 LTRQ_BRANCH_GET Get a branch of the request group 
157 LTRQ_BUNDLE_REBUILD Rebuild tasks for request items after execution interruption 
158 LTRQ_DOCUMENT_PURGE Purge request data after confirming the request 
159 LTRQ_GROUP_SCHDL R Schedules a group of requests for task creation 
160 LTRQ_ITEM_EXISTS_CHECK Request item existence check 
161 LTRQ_LAST_REQUST_IN_WAVE_CHECK Checks whether last request of a wave is scheduled for task creation 
162 LTRQ_LRITK_ASSIGN_HU_CLEAR Removes handling unit assigned to a task 
163 LTRQ_LRQSH_LRQSI_READ Read (with buffering) request header/item data 
164 LTRQ_REPLENISH_DUEDATE_GET Retrieves request due date for a replenishment task 
165 LTRQ_REQST_1STEP_PICKING_CLEAR Removes 1 step picking requests from groupe release 
166 LTRQ_REQST_ADMIN Administer request 
167 LTRQ_REQST_AUDIT_TRAIL R Request audit trail 
168 LTRQ_REQST_LIFE_CYCLE Request life cycle 
169 LTRQ_REQST_SCHDL Global request scheduler 
170 LTRQ_REQST_SCHDL_URGENT Request scheduler for urgent document processing 
171 LTRQ_RQITM_CANCEL Cancel request item and its related information 
172 LTRQ_RQITM_CANCEL_CHECK Check whether request items can be cancelled 
173 LTRQ_RQITM_PURGE Purge request item 
174 LTRQ_SUPER_BUNDLE_SPLIT Split super bundle into original bundles 
175 LTRQ_WORK_UNIT_GET Get work unit request items 
176 LTRSE_TASK_SWITCH_MTHD Switch tasks from one resource to another resource 
177 LTRSM_ALERT_OBJECTS_GET Get alert objects related to resources 
178 LTRSM_ELEMENT_BLOCK_MTHD Sets resource element to "blocked" 
179 LTRSM_MENU_ENABLE_CHECK Check if given method should be enabled in the object context menu 
180 LTRSM_MESSAGE_SEND_MTHD Sends free-text message to one or more resources 
181 LTRSM_OBJECTS_DISPLAY_MTHD Display object data 
182 LTRSM_OBJECTS_GET Retrieve active resource information via Monitor 
183 LTRSM_RESOURCE_ACTIVATE_MTHD Activates resources from Monitor 
184 LTRSM_RESOURCE_DEACTIV_MTHD Deactivates resources from Monitor 
185 LTRSM_RESOURCE_LOGOFF_MTHD Logoff resources from Monitor 
186 LTRSM_RES_ELEM_COPY_MTHD Copy a resource element 
187 LTRSM_RES_ELEM_CREATE_MTHD Create a resource element 
188 LTRSM_RES_ELEM_DELETE_MTHD Delete a resource element 
189 LTRSM_RES_ELEM_MODIFY_MTHD Modify a resource element 
190 LTRSM_RSTYP_BLOCK_MTHD Block and unblock resource types 
191 LTRSM_RSTYP_PRIO_MAINT_MTHD Resource type priority maintenance 
192 LTRSM_TARGET_RESOURCE_ASSIGN Assigns tasks to resources 
193 LTRSM_WIZARD_DATA_GET Get global values for Resource Element Maintenance wizard 
194 LTRS_CONNECT_DEFAULTS_GET Get the default connection data for resource elements 
195 LTRS_ELEMENTS_GET Retrieve resource elements for resource 
196 LTRS_ELEMENT_TYPES_QTY Check number of resource element types 
197 LTRS_ELEMENT_UNASSIGN Cancel assignment of resource element to resource 
198 LTRS_HUTYP_COMBINATION_GET Get possible HU type combinations for a given resource 
199 LTRS_LELMT_READ Reads a record from Resource Element table 
200 LTRS_LRSQA_READ Retrieval of resource qualifications 
201 LTRS_LRSRC_READ Retrieval of data from resources table 
202 LTRS_LRSRC_UPD Update Resource table 
203 LTRS_LRSTY_READ Reads Resource Type table 
204 LTRS_LRTCP_READ Read table showing assignment of capacities to resource types 
205 LTRS_LRTQA_READ Retrieval of resource type qualifications 
206 LTRS_RECORDS_COUNT Count number of resources and resource types at node or zone 
207 LTRS_RESOURCE_ATTRS_GET Get resource specific attributes 
208 LTRS_RESOURCE_BREAK Resource logoff, activation and deactivation 
209 LTRS_RESOURCE_CAPACITY_CHECK Perform resource capacity check 
210 LTRS_RESOURCE_CHECK Check input parameters during resource registration 
211 LTRS_RESOURCE_DEL Deletes a resource from the resource table 
212 LTRS_RESOURCE_DETAILS_GET Retrieve qualifications of a resource 
213 LTRS_RESOURCE_FOR_TASK_GET Get resources capable of performing given tasks 
214 LTRS_RESOURCE_INS Insert a record into the resource table 
215 LTRS_RESOURCE_LOCATION Update data about current resource location 
216 LTRS_RESOURCE_LOG_INS Insert logon records of the resource into the resource log table 
217 LTRS_RESOURCE_OFF Disconnect a resource 
218 LTRS_RESOURCE_OFF_CHK Check before releasing resource 
219 LTRS_RESOURCE_QUALIF_BUILD Build execution qualifications for a resource 
220 LTRS_RESOURCE_QUALIF_DEL Delete execution qualifications of a resource 
221 LTRS_RESOURCE_QUALIF_PREPARE Prepare execution qualifications for a resource 
222 LTRS_RESOURCE_REG Register a resource 
223 LTRS_RESOURCE_SEARCH Search for resource by different criteria 
224 LTRS_RESOURCE_STATUS Deactivate a resource 
225 LTRS_RESOURCE_STS_LOG_INS Insert a record into the resource status log table 
226 LTRS_RSRCE_FOR_TASK_ASSGN_GET Display and get the resources for task assignment 
227 LTRS_RSRCE_MESSAGE_GET Retrieve saved messages for resource 
228 LTRS_RSRCE_QUALIF_GET Retrieval of qualifications for resource 
229 LTRS_RSTYP_QUALF_PRIO_GET Get priorities and resource types for given qualifications 
230 LTRS_USER_ELEMENT_DATA_GET Get resource element data for user 
231 LTRTM_ALERT_OBJECTS_GET Get alert activities related to resources 
232 LTRTM_OBJECTS_GET Display list of working areas in Monitor 
233 LTRTM_WA_DISPLAY_MTHD Display working area attributes in Monitor 
234 LTRT_DISTC_CALC Calculate distance between two nodes 
235 LTRT_DISTC_DURTN_GET Calculates the distance and duration between two points 
236 LTRT_LGPRI_INS Insert a record into LGPRI table 
237 LTRT_LLGTM_INS Insert a record into LLGTM table 
238 LTRT_LOG_INS Insert a record into route log tables 
239 LTRT_LPLTM_CHECK Check LPLTM records 
240 LTRT_LPLTM_INS Insert a record into table LPLTM 
241 LTRT_LROUT_BUILD Calculate distance between nodes 
242 LTRT_LRTEX_READ Select all route exceptions according to location 
243 LTRT_LWRKA_READ Read data from Working Area table 
244 LTRT_MANDATORY_CALC Checks if mandatory route between two zones exists 
245 LTRT_NODES_CHECK Check for duplicate nodes and the definition of the obstacle shape 
246 LTRT_OBSND_CROSS Check intersection between a line that connects two nodes and an obstacle 
247 LTRT_PHYSICAL_DISTANCE_ADD Add resource types suitable for each route 
248 LTRT_PHYSND_CHECK Check distances between physical nodes only 
249 LTRT_RECORDS_COUNT Count number of records from Route tables 
250 LTRT_REQUEST_ROUTES_GROUP Find optimal routes for a group of requests 
251 LTRT_ROUTE_CLUSTERING Get intra- and inter-routing options 
252 LTRT_ROUTE_OPTIONS_GET Get all the possible routes per task 
253 LTRT_ROUTE_PURGE Delete from route tables after TO confirmation 
254 LTRT_ROUTE_REPRIORITIZATION Reprioritize task according to a specific resource 
255 LTRT_ROUTE_RESEQUENCE Get task bundle and resequence it according to resource 
256 LTRT_SAME_LINE Check if nodes between adjacent nodes exist 
257 LTR_CM_BUILD_AFTER_IMP Logische Objekt LTXP: After Import Methode 
258 LTR_CM_BUILD_GET_TRANSPORTS LTR CM: Get all transport request which includes builds 
259 LTR_MODEL_EXIT_PUSH_TO_RMT_DB Push exit assignments to remote database 
260 LTR_MODEL_EXIT_RMT_SYNTAX_CHK R Remote syntax check for LTR Exit coding 
261 LTR_MODEL_GET_DDIC_INFO R LTR: Get DDIC table info from remote system 
262 LTR_MODEL_GET_TABLE_TEXTS R LTR: Retrieve Table Description Texts from DDIC 
263 LTR_MODEL_PRM_CLNT_SEARCH_EXIT Beispiel für ein Suchhilfe-Exit eine Suchhilfe 
264 LTR_TRACE_GET_GENERAL R LTR: Get general data of a PCL package 
265 LTR_TRACE_GET_TABLE_BY_BO R LTR: Trace - Get all Tables Selected for one BO 
266 LTR_TRACE_GET_TRACE R LTR: Get Trace Data 
268 LTR_UI_SCREEN_NAVI_GET Get Navigation container 
269 LTR_UI_SCREEN_REFRESH Free screens 
270 LTR_UI_SCREEN_VIEW_EDIT Get Navigation container 
271 LTSKE_TASK_CANCEL_MTHD Cancellation of force skipped task 
272 LTSKE_TASK_COMPLETE_MTHD Confirmation of force confirmed task(s) 
273 LTSKE_TASK_DETAILS_GET Retrieves task details from task pool and host 
274 LTSKE_TASK_RECREATE_MTHD Cancellation of force skipped tasks and creation of replacement tasks 
275 LTSKE_TASK_RELEASE_MTHD Release of force skipped tasks 
276 LTSKM_ALERT_OBJECTS_GET Get Problematic tasks 
277 LTSKM_MENU_ENABLE_CHECK Checks if given method should be enabled in the object pop-up menu 
278 LTSKM_MODE_MAINTAIN_ACC_MTHD Accessibiltity - Maintain mode priority weighting factors 
279 LTSKM_MODE_MAINTAIN_MTHD Maintain mode priority weighting factors 
280 LTSKM_OBJECTS_GET Retrieve requests header via Monitor 
281 LTSKM_PRIORITY_EXPLAIN_MTHD Present priority explanation tool 
282 LTSKM_SHLP_ACTIV Search help exit for task activity 
283 LTSKM_TASK_ASSIGN_MTHD Manual assignment of tasks to resource 
284 LTSKM_TASK_DISPLAY_MTHD Display task data on the screen 
285 LTSKM_TASK_GET_ITEM To be deleted 
286 LTSKM_TASK_IN_RANGE Select tasks according to range 
287 LTSKM_TASK_PRIORITY_BOOST_MTHD Increase and decrease tasks' priorities 
288 LTSK_AVAILABLE_OBJECTS_COUNT Counts available objects for given ECO ID 
289 LTSK_BUNDLE_TASK_UPDATE Updates bundle task type or cancels the task (depending on source zone) 
290 LTSK_LSD_PRIORITY_CALC Calculates task Latest Starting Date (LSD) priority value 
291 LTSK_NO_LOCK_FLAG Maintain no LTKPL lock flag 
292 LTSK_NO_LOCK_FLAG_CLEAR Clear no_ltkpl_lock flag at task create 
293 LTSK_NO_LOCK_FLAG_SET Set no_ltkpl_lock flag at task create 
294 LTSK_RESOURCE_BY_HU Retrieves resource by handling unit 
295 LTSK_TASKS_PER_RESOURCE_GET Get number of tasks for each resource 
296 LTSK_TASK_ACCEPT Assign task to a resource 
297 LTSK_TASK_ASSIGN Assignment and unassignment of tasks 
298 LTSK_TASK_BUNDLE_SELECT Retrieves other tasks in bundle if one of tasks is selected 
299 LTSK_TASK_BY_RESOURCE Retrieve tasks by resource 
300 LTSK_TASK_CANCEL Cancel task 
301 LTSK_TASK_CLUSTERING Handles several handling units together 
302 LTSK_TASK_CONFIRM Confirm tasks 
303 LTSK_TASK_CREATE R Create tasks 
304 LTSK_TASK_EGO_GET Retrieve task Execution Control Objects (ECOs) 
305 LTSK_TASK_ENQU_DEQU Lock, unlock, modify or delete tasks 
306 LTSK_TASK_LIFE_CYCLE Update the task life cycle 
307 LTSK_TASK_LOG_UPD Update log tables of Task Management 
308 LTSK_TASK_LSD_CALC Calculate task's Latest Starting Date (LSD) 
309 LTSK_TASK_PRIORITY_CALC Priority calculation of the task-related entities 
310 LTSK_TASK_PUBLISH Transfer task data to other packages 
311 LTSK_TASK_PURGE Delete tasks from the Task and Task by Resource Type tables 
312 LTSK_TASK_RECOVERY Task recovery by resource ID after disconnection 
313 LTSK_TASK_SELECT Select tasks by resource 
314 LTSK_TASK_SELECT_OPTIMIZE Remove tasks that cannot be selected 
315 LTSK_TASK_SKIP Task skip 
316 LTSK_TASK_SKIP_ALLOWED Check whether task can be skipped 
317 LTSK_TASK_SKIP_LIST_MAINTAIN Maintain skipped tasks list 
318 LTSK_TASK_SPLIT_MAINTAIN Adjust task group reference to new task bundle created 
319 LTSK_TASK_STATUS_CHECK Checks task status for a specified method 
320 LTSK_TASK_SYNCHRO Synchronize tasks according to the Latest Starting Date (LSD) 
321 LTSK_TASK_SYNCHRONIZE R Synchronizes tasks according to LSD in background and foreground modes 
322 LTSK_TASK_TIME_WINDOW Increase the priorities of tasks 
323 LTSNR_INITIAL_CHECK Einstiegsprüfung für Lieferantenteilesortiment 
324 LTX_CREATE_SAPGUI_SHORTCUT Get the SAP shortcut string for the given parameters 
325 LT_DBDATA_READ_FROM_LTDX Externe Variantendarstellung lesen 
326 LT_DBDATA_WRITE_TO_LTDX Externe Variantendarstellung speichern 
327 LT_DB_UPDATE_LTDX Update von DB-Tabelle LTDX und LTDXT 
328 LT_DB_UPDATE_LTDXD Update von DB-Tabelle LTDXD und ggf LTDXS 
331 LT_F4_FOR_VARIANTS Auswahlpopup für eine Anzeigevariante 
332 LT_FC_EXTERNAL_TO_INTERNAL Konvertierung des externen Formates in das interne Format des Feldkatalogs 
333 LT_FC_INTERNAL_TO_EXTERNAL Konvertierung des internen Formates in das externe Format des Feldkatalogs 
334 LT_FC_LOAD Lesen eines Feldkatalogs 
335 LT_FC_SAVE Speichern eines Feldkataloges 
336 LT_LY_EXTERNAL_TO_INTERNAL Konvertierung des externen Formates in das interne Format des Feldkatalogs 
337 LT_LY_INTERNAL_TO_EXTERNAL Konvertierung des internen Formates in das externe Format des Feldkatalogs 
338 LT_PC_APPL_EXECUTE Pass a list to a PC application 
339 LT_POPUP_INPUT_VARIANT Eingabepopup für eine Anzeigevariante 
340 LT_ST_EXTERNAL_TO_INTERNAL Konvertierung des externen Formates in das interne Format des Feldkatalogs 
341 LT_ST_INTERNAL_TO_EXTERNAL Konvertierung des internen Formates in das externe Format des Feldkatalogs 
342 LT_ST_LOAD Lesen eines Feldkatalogs 
343 LT_ST_SAVE Speichern eines Feldkataloges 
344 LT_VARIANTS_AFTER_IMP Import-Nachbehandlung von Listtool-Anzeigevarianten 
345 LT_VARIANTS_DELETE Löschen von Anzeigevarianten 
346 LT_VARIANTS_DESCRIPTION_UPDATE Verwaltungsinformationen zu Varianten aktualisieren (Default) 
347 LT_VARIANTS_IMPORT_SELECTION Auswahlbild für Import von Anzeigevarianten 
348 LT_VARIANTS_MAINTAIN Pflege Anzeigevarianten 
349 LT_VARIANTS_READ_FROM_LTDX Variante von LTDX und ggbf. LTDXT lesen 
350 LT_VARIANTS_TRANSPORT Transport-Baustein für Listtool-Anzeigevarianten 
351 LT_VARIANT_DESCRIPTION_LOAD Laden einer Anzeigevariante (nur Beschreibung ohne Feldkatalog...) 
352 LT_VARIANT_DETAIL_DISPLAY Anzeige der Detailinforamtionen einer Anzeigvariante 
353 LT_VARIANT_LOAD Laden einer Anzeigevariante 
354 LT_VARIANT_SAVE Speichern einer Anzeigevariante 
355 LT_VARTEXTS_READ_FROM_LTDXT Lesen der Bezeichnungen zu Anzeigevarianten 
356 LT_VT_EXTERNAL_TO_INTERNAL Konvertierung des externen Formates in das interne Format des Feldkatalogs 
357 LT_VT_INTERNAL_TO_EXTERNAL Konvertierung des internen Formates in das externe Format des Feldkatalogs 
358 LT_VT_LOAD Lesen eines Feldkatalogs 
359 LT_VT_SAVE Speichern eines Feldkataloges 
360 LVA_RETIREMENT_SIMULATE FB zum Simulieren einer Abgangssimulation für GWG´s 
364 LVC_ALV_OS_DLOG Popup for doc and path selection 
366 LVC_BUILD_APO_TREE Subtree 'liveCache Applications' (APO) for RZ20 
367 LVC_BUILD_BACKUP_TREE liveCache Subtree 'Backup/Recovery' for RZ20 
368 LVC_BUILD_CONNECT_TREE Subtree "Connectivity" for RZ20 
369 LVC_BUILD_EXTTOOL_TREE liveCache Subtree 'external Analysetools' 
370 LVC_BUILD_HEALTH_TREE liveCache Subtree 'Health' for RZ20 
371 LVC_BUILD_INTERNAL_TREE liveCache Subtree 'internal' for checks 
372 LVC_BUILD_PERF_TREE liveCache Subtree 'Performance' 
373 LVC_BUILD_PROP_TREE liveCache Subtree 'Properties' 
374 LVC_BUILD_SPACE_TREE liveCache Subtree 'Space management' 
375 LVC_BUILD_TERADATA_TREE Subtree 'Teradata' only if system is a Teradata system 
377 LVC_CELL_DATA_GET ALV-Control: Typgerechte Zellenaufbereitung 
379 LVC_DEP_REF_FIELDS_GET ALV Control: Assignment Table Units <-> Values 
380 LVC_FIELDCATALOG_MERGE Create field catalog from dictionary structure or internal table 
382 LVC_FILL_DATA_TABLE Transformation der Datentabelle in das interne Control-Datentransferformat 
385 LVC_FILTER_APPLY_OLD ALV-Control: Filter auf interne Tabelle anwenden 
386 LVC_FILTER_DIALOG Set Filter Criteria 
388 LVC_FILTER_FROM_LVC Daten in den LVC_FILTER fuellen 
389 LVC_FILTER_FROM_SORT Sorttabelle in LVC-Filter umwandeln 
390 LVC_FILTER_GROUPLEVELS ALV-Control: Filter auf Gruppenstufenindices anwenden 
391 LVC_FILTER_TO_KKBLO ALV-Control: Filter in KKBLO-Format konvertieren 
392 LVC_FILTER_TO_SORT LVC-Filter in Sorttabelle transferieren 
393 LVC_FILT_EVENTS_GET Returns table of possible events for a list type 
396 LVC_GENERATE_URL URL Generation 
397 LVC_GET_INFO_DATA_TABLE Transformation der Datentabelle in das interne Control-Datentransferformat 
398 LVC_GET_SHORTNAME_FOR_CLASS liveCache: get CON-Shortname for RZ20 class definition 
399 LVC_GLOBALS_FOR_OUTPUT Aufbereitungsoptionen festlegen 
401 LVC_KKB_OUTTAB_SORT Generic sort of an internal table 
402 LVC_KKB_SORTING_DEFINE Sortierung und Zwischensummen einer Liste definieren 
403 LVC_KKB_SUBTOTALS_CHECK Check whether field catalog & layout function allow 'Subtotals' 
405 LVC_KKB_VARIANT_MAINTAIN Definition of a display variant outside the list context 
407 LVC_LOG_HANDLE_GET ALV control: Internal use 
408 LVC_LOG_HANDLE_SET ALV control: Internal use 
410 LVC_SORT ALV-Control: Generische Sortierung 
412 LVC_SORT_COMPLETE ALV-Control: Sortiertabelle vervollständigen 
413 LVC_SORT_DIALOG ALV-Control: Sortierdialog 
414 LVC_SUMLEVEL_GET ALV-Control: Homogene Summenaufrißstufe ermitteln 
416 LVC_SUMLEVEL_TRANSLATE Maximale Aufrißsumme ermitteln 
417 LVC_TABLE_CREATE ALV-Control: Erzeugen einer internen Ausgabetabelle gem. Feldkatalog 
419 LVC_TABLE_FOR_DISPLAY_FILL Transformation der Datentabelle in das interne Control-Datentransferformat 
422 LVC_TOTALS_EXPAND_COLLAPSE Expandieren, kompriemieren von Summenzeilen 
423 LVC_TOTALS_FROM_MEMORY ALV-Control: Summen im Memory ablegen 
424 LVC_TOTALS_GET ALC-Control: Summen ermitteln 
425 LVC_TOTALS_GET_H ALC-Control: Summen ermitteln 
426 LVC_TOTALS_TO_MEMORY ALV-Control: Summen im Memory ablegen 
431 LVC_VARIANT ALV-Control: Aktuelle Anzeigevariante definieren 
432 LVC_VARIANT_080799 ALV-Control: Aktuelle Anzeigevariante definieren 
433 LVC_VARIANT_DEFAULT_GET Read default display variant (description only, w/o field catalog) 
434 LVC_VARIANT_EXISTENCE_CHECK Check existence of a display variant 
435 LVC_VARIANT_F4 Display variant selection dialog box 
436 LVC_VARIANT_NEU ALV-Control: Aktuelle Anzeigevariante definieren 
437 LVC_VARIANT_SAVE Save a display variant 
439 LVC_VARIANT_SELECT Read a display variant 
440 LVORM_AUTHORITY_CHECK Berechtigungsprüfung zum Ändern der Löschvormerkung 
441 LVS_COMMUNICATION_MB Schnittstelle Bestandsführung --> Lagerverwaltung 
442 LVS_COMMUNICATION_MB_CHANGE Schnittstelle Bestandsführung --> Lagerverwaltung bei Position ändern 
443 LVS_COMMUNICATION_VB Ermittlung der LVS-relevanten Daten im Lieferschein 
444 LVS_COMMUNICATION_VB_TO Ermittlung Schnittstelle zum Lieferschein in der TA-Verarbeitung 
445 LVS_DEQUEUE_OLD Zurücknehmen evtl. alter WM-Sperren beim Hinzufügen IM-Position 
446 LVTAB_REFRESH Reset internal tables with changed deletion flag 
447 LWE_APPROVE R Genehmigungsschritt innerhalb eines Life and Workevent 
450 LWE_COMPLETE_ITEM R Setzt den Status eines Workitems auf completed. 
454 LWE_GET_INSTANCE_STATUS R Liefert den Status einer Workflowinstanz 
455 LWE_GET_INSTANCE_STATUS_BPML R Liefert den Status einer Workflowinstanz in BPML 
457 LWE_SET_ITEM_COMPLETED_BPML R versetzt ein Workflowitem in den Status completed 
460 LWMSM_ALERT_OBJECTS_GET Get problematic tasks 
461 LWMSM_APPLICATION_LOG Supports application log for TRM Monitor objects external to TRM 
462 LWMSM_DELIVERY_DISPLAY_MTHD Display delivery data 
463 LWMSM_DELIVERY_RQITM Get delivery request items 
464 LWMSM_OBJECTS_GET Handles wave objects for TRM monitor 
465 LWMSM_TO_DISPLAY_MTHD Display transfer order data on the screen 
466 LWMSM_TO_ITEM_DISPLAY_MTHD Display transfer order item data 
467 LWMSM_TO_WO_TASKS_DISPLAY_MTHD Display transfer order data 
468 LWMSM_WAVE_DELIV_GET Get wave and delivery 
469 LWMSM_WAVE_DISPLAY_MTHD Display wave data 
470 LWMS_DELIVERY_GET Get deliveries 
471 LWMS_GROUP_GET Get wave headers 
472 LWMS_INTERFACE_OBJECT_GET Get interface object 
473 LWMS_LAGP_READ Retrieves storage bin information from database table 
474 LWMS_LIKP_GET Read TO header for TO number 
475 LWMS_LIKP_GET_INTERFACE Interface function to get TO items informations for monitor 
476 LWMS_LTAK_GET Read TO header for TO number 
477 LWMS_LTAK_GET_INTERFACE Interface function to get TO items informations for monitor 
478 LWMS_LTAP_GET Read TO item for TO number and TO items/numbers 
479 LWMS_LTAP_GET_INTERFACE Interface function to get TO items informations for monitor 
480 LWMS_LVS_TRANSACTION_CALL Calls transaction LT21 from TRM Monitor 
481 LWMS_ORG_LEVELS_GET Get organization level 
482 LWMS_SITE_GET Gets site number for WM objects 
483 LWMS_TO_HEADER_ALERT_GET Read TO headers or items 
484 LWMS_TO_HEADER_GET Read TO headers or items 
485 LWMS_TO_ITEM_REFERENCE_GET Gets number of TO item from which given TO item was generated 
486 LXCDKM_VARIANT_MAINTAIN_MTHD Maintain monitor display variants 
487 LXDCC_ACT_INV_COUNT Dynamic cycle count (inactive records) 
488 LXDCC_ACT_INV_INSERT Inserts/updates dynamic cycle count results 
489 LXDCC_ACT_INV_READ_CREATE Reads/activates/creates active inventory records for a specific bin 
490 LXDCC_AUTO_CLEAR Clears automatically in WM 
491 LXDCC_BIN_BLOCK Blocks bin/quant 
492 LXDCC_CALL_SCREEN_151 Call screen 0151 
493 LXDCC_CALL_SCREEN_152 Call screen 0152 
494 LXDCC_DIFF_CHECK Checks differences during dynamic cycle count 
495 LXDCC_DOC_BY_QUANT_CREATE Creates inactive document by quant 
496 LXDCC_INACT_INV_COUNT Dynamic cycle count (inactive records) 
497 LXDCC_INACT_INV_INSERT Inserts/updates dynamic cycle count results 
498 LXDCC_INACT_INV_READ_CREATE Reads/creates inactive inventory records for a specific bin 
499 LXDCC_INV_ACTIVATE_AFTER_COUNT R Activates inventory document after dynamic cycle count 
500 LXDCC_INV_AUTO_ACTIVATE Activates automatically a DCC (inactive) inventory document