SAP ABAP Data Element - Index E, page 35
Data Element - E
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 EXP_FW Forward scheduling XFELD CHAR 
2 EXP_FWBW Forward, the Backwards Scheduling XFELD CHAR 
3 EXP_ICON Icons for Lock Status CHAR4 CHAR 
4 EXP_ICON_DOCS Assignment to Document Info Records Exist CHAR40 CHAR 
5 EXP_ICON_EVENT Event Maintained CHAR40 CHAR 
6 EXP_ICON_INSP Icons for Inspection Lot Variances CHAR4 CHAR 
7 EXP_ICON_LOCK Record Blocked CHAR40 CHAR 
10 EXP_IDENT Identification CHAR50 CHAR 
11 EXP_ITEMS Number of Line Items NUMC5 NUMC 
12 EXP_LOCKED Lock Indicator XFELD CHAR 
13 EXP_MATKL Material Group - Also Generic EXP_MATKL CHAR 
14 EXP_NETWORKS Number of Networks NUMC5 NUMC 
15 EXP_NEVENTS Number of Events NUMC6 NUMC 
16 EXP_NMRID Unique Number of Subitem EXP_NMRID CHAR 
17 EXP_NMRS Number of Subitems NUMC5 NUMC 
18 EXP_NO_DISP Do Not Display Settings XFELD CHAR 
19 EXP_NUMBER Interval for Expected Bank Statements NUMC2 NUMC 
20 EXP_OBJECT Progress Tracking Object Indicator EXP_OBJECT CHAR 
21 EXP_ONLY Display Only in Progress Tracking XFELD CHAR 
22 EXP_ORDERS No. of Purchase Orders NUMC5 NUMC 
23 EXP_OVERDUE Event is Overdue XFELD CHAR 
24 EXP_PERCENT Percentage Share NUMC3 NUMC 
25 EXP_PERC_COMPL Percentage of Completion NUMC3 NUMC 
26 EXP_PEVENT Preceeding Event EXP_EVENT CHAR 
27 EXP_PGTB Planned Exceeds Baseline XFELD CHAR 
28 EXP_PRIO Event Priority EXP_PRIO NUMC 
29 EXP_PROFILE Progress Tracking Profile EXP_PROFILE CHAR 
30 EXP_PROG_OBJ Subscreen Program Name for Object Identification PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
31 EXP_PROG_SUB Subscreen Program for Identifying Subobjects PROGRAM_ID CHAR 
32 EXP_PR_ICON Priority Icon CHAR4 CHAR 
33 EXP_PR_ICON40 Priority Icon CHAR40 CHAR 
35 EXP_RONLY You cannot overwrite XFELD CHAR 
37 EXP_SEQUENCE Rank Within a Sort Sequence NUMC2 NUMC 
38 EXP_SEVENT Subsequent Event EXP_EVENT CHAR 
39 EXP_SLINES Number of Schedule Lines NUMC6 NUMC 
40 EXP_STATUS_ITAGCY Status of Comment on Expiry Notes   CHAR 
41 EXP_STNID Status Information Internal Key NUMC8 NUMC 
42 EXP_STNOTE Status Information CHAR40 CHAR 
43 EXP_STNOTE_C Status Info for Component in Progress Tracking CHAR4 CHAR 
44 EXP_STROBJ Tracking Object Structure TABNAME CHAR 
45 EXP_STRSUB Tracking Subobject Structure TABNAME CHAR 
46 EXP_STTIT Status Information Title TEXT40 CHAR 
47 EXP_STTYP Status Information Type EXP_STTYP CHAR 
48 EXP_TOP_ACTIVITIES Number of Open Activities NUMC5 NUMC 
49 EXP_TOP_COMPONENTS Number of Open Components NUMC6 NUMC 
50 EXP_TOP_EVENTS Number of Open Events NUMC6 NUMC 
51 EXP_TOP_ITEMS Number of Open Items NUMC5 NUMC 
52 EXP_TOP_NETWORKS Number of Open Networks NUMC5 NUMC 
53 EXP_TOP_NMRS Number of Open Subitems NUMC5 NUMC 
54 EXP_TOP_ORDERS Number of Open Purchase Orders NUMC5 NUMC 
55 EXP_TOP_SLINES Number of Open Schedule Lines NUMC6 NUMC 
56 EXP_TOV_ACTIVITIES Number of Overdue Activities NUMC5 NUMC 
57 EXP_TOV_COMPONENTS Number of Overdue Components NUMC6 NUMC 
58 EXP_TOV_EVENTS Number of Overdue Events NUMC6 NUMC 
59 EXP_TOV_ITEMS Number of Overdue Items NUMC5 NUMC 
60 EXP_TOV_NETWORKS Number of Overdue Networks NUMC5 NUMC 
61 EXP_TOV_NMRS Number of Overdue Subitems NUMC5 NUMC 
62 EXP_TOV_ORDERS Number of Overdue Purchase Orders NUMC5 NUMC 
63 EXP_TOV_SLINES Number of Overdue Schedule Lines NUMC6 NUMC 
64 EXP_TRAVEL_CURRENCY Expected Travel Currency WAERS CUKY 
66 EXP_TYPE_TEXT Date Category Text TEXT10 CHAR 
67 EXP_TYPTX Description of Status Information Type TEXT40 CHAR 
68 EXP_XACT Actual Dates XFELD CHAR 
69 EXP_XBASE Baseline Dates XFELD CHAR 
70 EXP_XFORC Forecast dates XFELD CHAR 
71 EXP_XPLAN Planned dates XFELD CHAR 
73 EXRAT Exchange rate reference for tax transfer EXRAT CHAR 
74 EXRATE Exchange rate WERTV9D5 DEC 
75 EXRAT_C_KK Exempt Amount Rate in Character Format NNN.NN for Dir. Input CHAR6 CHAR 
76 EXRAT_KK Tax-Exempt Amount Rate PRZ32 DEC 
77 EXREP Execution by means of a program or report X CHAR 
79 EXROUT Flag if table to be compressed NTABSHORT RAW 
80 EXRYT_VK Disbursement Frequency FREQZ_VK NUMC 
81 EXSEL Perform Extended Selection CHAR1_X CHAR 
82 EXSELECT Language Transport: Selection Condition CHAR4 CHAR 
83 EXSGD Do not explode bulk material items EXSGD CHAR 
84 EXSGT Do Not Explode Bulk Material Items XFLAG CHAR 
85 EXSNR External Sorting EXSNR NUMC 
86 EXSPR Languages in which texts are available CHAR5 CHAR 
87 EXSTA Execution with standard analysis X CHAR 
88 EXSTA_KK Status of Official Document Number EXSTA_KK CHAR 
90 EXSTR_SI_FLAG Flag for Selection of Extract Structure Line Items EXSTR_SI_FLAG CHAR 
91 EXSTR_TT_FLAG Flag for Selection Extract Structre Totals Rcrds EXSTR_TT_FLAG CHAR 
92 EXSV1 Contribution Indicator for Additional SI Scheme 1 KDSV1 CHAR 
93 EXSV2 Contribution Indicator for Additional SI Scheme 2 KDSV1 CHAR 
94 EXSV3 Contribution Indicator for Additional SI Scheme 3 KDSV1 CHAR 
95 EXSV4 Contribution Indicator for Additional SI Scheme 4 KDSV1 CHAR 
96 EXSV5 Contribution Indicator for Additional SI Scheme 5 KDSV1 CHAR 
97 EXTAB Execution with table display X CHAR 
99 EXTAPPLTEXT Text for External Applications TEXT30 CHAR 
100 EXTAS EXTRASTAT control for declara. to auth. for Foreign Trade XFELD CHAR 
101 EXTAT External record type CHAR3 CHAR 
102 EXTAUF IS-H: Kennzeichen Externer Auftrag XFELD CHAR 
103 EXTAUFG IS-H: Kennzeichen externer Auftraggeber XFELD CHAR 
104 EXTAUFGA IS-H: EA Externe Auftraggeberart EXTAUFGA CHAR 
105 EXTAUFNR External order number AUFNR CHAR 
106 EXTAUF_NR IS-H: EA Nummer des Externen Auftrags EXTAUFNR CHAR 
107 EXTBED Field content is limited by other conditions CHAR1 CHAR 
108 EXTBEWART External flow type EXTBEWART CHAR 
109 EXTBEWART1 External flow type column 1 EXTBEWART CHAR 
110 EXTBEWART2 External flow type column 2 EXTBEWART CHAR 
111 EXTBEWART3 External flow type column 3 EXTBEWART CHAR 
112 EXTBEWART4 External flow type column 4 EXTBEWART CHAR 
113 EXTBEWART5 External flow type column 5 EXTBEWART CHAR 
114 EXTBEWART6 External flow type column 6 EXTBEWART CHAR 
115 EXTBEWTXT Name of Flow Type TEXT30 CHAR 
116 EXTCD Addtional tax exempt amount code NUM1 NUMC 
117 EXTCLASS IS-H: EA Externe Klasse des Patienten ISH_PAYCL CHAR 
118 EXTCREDFLG Indicator: Tax credit CHAR1 CHAR 
119 EXTDATA_VK Extended Payment Data (Insurance-Specific) CHAR100 CHAR 
121 EXTDL External Reference Number CHAR20 CHAR 
122 EXTDOC_ON_KK Official Document Number Assignment Active XFELD CHAR 
124 EXTDS Number of external data record SYST_LONG INT4 
125 EXTEB External level of financial assets management EXTEB NUMC 
126 EXTEL Telephone Number of Progress Tracking Group CHAR30 CHAR 
127 EXTEND Budget billing plan is extended KENNZX CHAR 
129 EXTENDED_CHANGE_INFO Flag for extended change information (deletion messages) XFELD CHAR 
130 EXTENDED_OL Indicator for Enhanced Object List Functions EXTENDED_OL CHAR 
131 EXTEND_SEARCH Extended serial number selection EXT_SEARCH CHAR 
132 EXTENSION Transfer area for navigation data EXTENSION CHAR 
134 EXTENTS Current number of extents DEC14 DEC 
136 EXTENT_ID Extent number in the segment DEC14 DEC 
137 EXTERN Display external business event CHAR1_X CHAR 
138 EXTERNAL_COMM External communication active EBA_FLAG CHAR 
140 EXTERNAL_LOG_KK Log Opened by Calling Process XFELD CHAR 
141 EXTERNAL_SYSTEM Object originates from external system CHAR1 CHAR 
142 EXTERNAL_VK Tax Schedule for External Taxes (FS-CD Italy) BOOLEAN_FLG CHAR 
143 EXTERNFORM External form routine for RSCICO02 CHAR30 CHAR 
144 EXTERN_CALC Flag: External Calculation CHAR1 CHAR 
145 EXTERN_CALC2 Disable / Enable External Calculation EXTERN_CALC2 CHAR 
146 EXTERN_F107 Indicator for External Valuation CHAR1 CHAR 
147 EXTERN_SCHEDULE External Scheduling Active   CHAR 
148 EXTEV External business event CHAR1 CHAR 
149 EXTEXDIS_CA FI-CA: Extend Existing Clarification Cases EXTEXDIS_CA CHAR 
150 EXTEXMTFLG Indicator: Transaction is tax exempt/taxable CHAR1 CHAR 
152 EXTFALNR IS-H: EA Externe Fallnummer FALNR CHAR 
153 EXTFLD Database field FDNAME CHAR 
154 EXTFNAME Field name in table CHAR24 CHAR 
155 EXTFORM ID for output of all external FORM routines AUSWAHL CHAR 
156 EXTFRM_KK GDPdU: Extract Format XFELD CHAR 
157 EXTFR_EBBE Change external transaction - accounts from XFELD CHAR 
158 EXTFX Fax Number of the Progress Tracking Group CHAR30 CHAR 
159 EXTGROUP Outline Level CHAR8 CHAR 
160 EXTGROUPNO_LU Group Number for External Fields NUMC3 NUMC 
161 EXTGRUNO External Group Number for Tax Amounts EXTGRUNO CHAR 
162 EXTI1 External identification 1 TEXT20 CHAR 
163 EXTI1_K External identification 1 header TEXT20 CHAR 
164 EXTI1_P External identification 1 Item TEXT20 CHAR 
165 EXTI2 External identification 2 TEXT20 CHAR 
166 EXTI2_K External identification 2 TEXT20 CHAR 
167 EXTI2_P External identification 2 Item TEXT20 CHAR 
168 EXTID External ID (plain text or hash value) EXTID CHAR 
171 EXTIDSTAT Status of entry for external ID CHAR1_X CHAR 
172 EXTID_BKPF Extract ID Document Header CHAR10 CHAR 
174 EXTID_FNAME Field Name for a Part of an External ID of a User EXTID_FNAME CHAR 
175 EXTID_HASH Hash value for external ID EXTID_HASH CHAR 
176 EXTID_ID External ident.   STRG 
178 EXTID_ISS Issuer of an External ID (X.509 Certificate)   STRG 
179 EXTID_KK Event in Which a Function Module is Called EXTID_KK CHAR 
180 EXTID_LONG External ID (Plaintext)   CHAR 
181 EXTID_OP Operation for an ID EXTID_OP CHAR 
182 EXTID_SRL Serial No. for External ID (X.509 Certificate)   STRG 
184 EXTIM Time of last processing UZEIT TIMS 
185 EXTIMP_KK Import Category XFELD CHAR 
186 EXTIMREF Comparison Value for Run Time EXTIMREF CHAR 
187 EXTIN Description CHAR11 CHAR 
188 EXTINTCNTR Include Enhanced Interval Procedure KENNZX CHAR 
189 EXTINTKZ Type of number assignment in IS-U EXTINTKZ CHAR 
190 EXTKENNR External loan ID RANL CHAR 
191 EXTKH IS-H: Identification of an External Hospital RI_KUNNR CHAR 
192 EXTKN EXTRASTAT ID no. for decl. to authorities for Foreign Trade STCEG CHAR 
193 EXTLEN Column Framework: Output Length in Bytes DDLENG NUMC 
194 EXTMG External quantity MENGV13 QUAN 
195 EXTN Extension for the Header-File Name CHAR8 CHAR 
196 EXTN2 Extension for the Line-Item File Name CHAR8 CHAR 
197 EXTND Text extension: reserved/cancelled business event CHAR80 CHAR 
198 EXTNK IS-H: Number Range for External Number Assignment CHAR2 CHAR 
199 EXTNL Indicator for External Procurement XFELD CHAR 
200 EXTNR Base Planning Object (External Number) EXTNR CHAR 
201 EXTNR_ANG IS-H: External Identification of Next of Kin/Assoc. Party EXT_PATNR CHAR 
202 EXTNR_VF Complaints Processing: External Number (Empties Document) VBELN CHAR 
203 EXTNUM External order or planned order number AUFNR CHAR 
204 EXTOBJ_KK Short Extract: Object Key EXTOBJ_KK CHAR 
205 EXTOVRFLG Overwrite indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
206 EXTPA External order type PAART CHAR 
207 EXTPARTNR External business partner identification CHAR15 CHAR 
208 EXTPERSONID External Personal ID CHAR20 CHAR 
209 EXTPKZ Simulation indicator for meter reading results ORIGIN_ESTIM CHAR 
210 EXTPKZVA Simulation indicator for previous meter reading results ORIGIN_ESTIM CHAR 
211 EXTPLNUM External planned order number PLNUM CHAR 
212 EXTPREIS_X Display external prices CHAR1_X CHAR 
214 EXTPT_KK Text for External Payment Collector Category TEXT20 CHAR 
215 EXTPY_KK Category of External Payment Collector EXTPY_KK CHAR 
216 EXTRA MRP element data CHAR40 CHAR 
217 EXTRACT3 Data Extract Available After Int. CRS_SEND_TO_SERVER Exit CHAR1 CHAR 
218 EXTRACT4 Data Extract Available After Ext. CRS_SEND_TO_SERVER Exit CHAR1 CHAR 
219 EXTRACTOK Indicator: Data Extracted During Load CHAR1 CHAR 
220 EXTRACT_CITY Extract City Name (PTT), First Four Characters CHAR04 CHAR 
221 EXTRACT_ID Unique Number for Extraction or Request CHAR32 CHAR 
222 EXTRACT_IN_PARALLEL_SUPPORTED To Indicate if an object type supports parallel extraction BOOLE CHAR 
223 EXTRACT_STREET Extract Street Name (PTT), First Five Characters CHAR5 CHAR 
224 EXTRAINSRK External instructor (search string) CHAR12 CHAR 
225 EXTRAPOLWASTE Category of Waste Disposal Budget Billing Extrapolation EXTRAPOLWASTE CHAR 
226 EXTRA_CAPITAL Additional Stock Capital EXTRA_CAPITAL DEC 
227 EXTRA_EXIM Relevant for EXTRASTAT for declarations to the authorities XFELD CHAR 
228 EXTRB Note Special Table XFELD CHAR 
229 EXTRD Date of Extract Creation DATUM DATS 
230 EXTREC External Application Record XFELD CHAR 
231 EXTREFKEY External Reference Key for Service CHAR_40 CHAR 
232 EXTREPDATE Posting date (internal format) DATUM DATS 
233 EXTREQ Externally Generated Purchase Requisition XFELD CHAR 
234 EXTREQ_NO Document Number CHAR10 CHAR 
235 EXTRID_KK Extract Identification EXTRID_KK CHAR 
236 EXTRID_TINV Extraction ID for Incoming Bills (TINV_INV_*) ERP System EXTRID_KK CHAR 
237 EXTRID_TINV_A Extraction ID for Incoming Bills (Evaluation System) EXTRID_KK CHAR 
238 EXTRK Execution with transaction X CHAR 
239 EXTRN External Object Type Display CHAR1_X CHAR 
240 EXTRN_X Only external business events CHAR1_X CHAR 
241 EXTROW Line Number NUMC10 NUMC 
242 EXTROW_P Row Number - Partner NUMC10 NUMC 
243 EXTRT Time of Extract Creation UZEIT TIMS 
245 EXTR_KK Extract Type EXTR_KK CHAR 
246 EXTSRVNO Vendor's Service Number CHAR18 CHAR 
247 EXTSTAT Status of a document (language-dependent) CRMPLM CHAR2 CHAR 
248 EXTSU Period or segment CHAR22 CHAR 
249 EXTTAB ATAB table with structure TACOB AS4TAB CHAR 
250 EXTTEILN Sorted by number of external attendees CHAR1_X CHAR 
251 EXTTXN_COMMENT Additional comment CHAR50 CHAR 
252 EXTTXN_GROUP Grouping for external code CHAR20 CHAR 
253 EXTTXN_LONGTEXT Long text description of the external transaction code CHAR50 CHAR 
254 EXTTYPBW_KK Type of Extraction Object SLTYPBW_KK CHAR 
255 EXTUMSATZ External sales sorted CHAR1_X CHAR 
256 EXTUSE Is the field group updated? MKNFLAG CHAR 
257 EXTVALUE IS-H: External code value TEXT20 CHAR 
258 EXTVB External sales and distribution document EXTVB CHAR 
259 EXTVT_KK External Contract Number   CHAR 
260 EXTWG External material group EXTWG CHAR 
261 EXTXT Type of Expatriate Text TEXT40 CHAR 
262 EXTYP Examination type SUBTY_591A CHAR 
263 EXTYPE Extraction Type for Generic Extraction EXTYPE CHAR 
264 EXTZL External Payment Method (Bank) CHAR3 CHAR 
265 EXT_AG Document Type For Agriculture BLART CHAR 
266 EXT_ALIAS Alias for R/3 Enterprise Extension in Transaction FIBF   CHAR 
267 EXT_AMODAL Environment information in new session   CHAR 
268 EXT_AMOUNT_LU External Amount WERTV8 CURR 
269 EXT_BU_ID_CATEGORY BP - Identification Category - External Identification EXT_BU_ID_CATEGORY CHAR 
270 EXT_CM Document Type specific to Ceuta and Melilla BLART CHAR 
271 EXT_DEM_ID Requirement Tracking Number CHAR32 CHAR 
272 EXT_DETCODE Tax Exemption Reason Code as returned by tax system CHAR2 CHAR 
273 EXT_DOC_TYPE_KK FI-CA External Document Type EXT_DOC_TYPE_KK CHAR 
274 EXT_EBELP Item number of external purchase order EBELP NUMC 
275 EXT_EXCERTIF Customer exempt certificate as returned by tax system CHAR25 CHAR 
276 EXT_FIELD External Fields EXT_FIELD CHAR 
277 EXT_FLAG 'X' or Space CHAR1 CHAR 
279 EXT_GRA Only for Public Services BLART CHAR 
280 EXT_GUID GUIDs of External Objects SYSUUID RAW 
281 EXT_HU_ID External Handling Unit ID NUMC20 NUMC 
282 EXT_INFTY Indicator: External Infotype CHAR1_X CHAR 
283 EXT_INS Only for Insurance Companies BLART CHAR 
284 EXT_INSTANCE External Key of Instance (Template and Instance)   CHAR 
285 EXT_KEY_CM_CA Customer-Specific Collection Case ID   CHAR 
286 EXT_LAN Only for Landlord and Tenant BLART CHAR 
287 EXT_LEVEL External Level in External Batch Where-Used List EXT_LEVEL NUMC 
288 EXT_LOCNO External Location Identifier LOCNR CHAR 
290 EXT_MODE Number of External Session (SAPGUI Window) EXT_MODE CHAR 
291 EXT_NDC NDC of an External Product NDCTYPE CHAR 
292 EXT_NUM External number TEXT20 CHAR 
293 EXT_NUMKRS_KK External Number Assignment during Document Transfer XFELD CHAR 
294 EXT_OR_REQ Extract or Request Object Data CHAR1 CHAR 
295 EXT_PARTNER_PFT Partner Function Category - External Identification EXT_PARTNER_PFT CHAR 
296 EXT_PATNR IS-H: External Patient Identification EXT_PATNR CHAR 
297 EXT_PLANT External Plant CHAR0001 CHAR 
298 EXT_PYMET_KK FI-CA: Document Transfer from Billing System - Ext.Pymt Mthd CHAR35 CHAR 
299 EXT_RATE_ID External key for service provider rate EXT_RATE_ID CHAR 
300 EXT_RECID_KK Short Extracts: Record ID TEXT2 CHAR 
301 EXT_REF_CA External Reference CHAR32 CHAR 
302 EXT_REF_KK External Reference for Additional Data   CHAR 
303 EXT_R_FUNC Function Module for Read Access External Infotype FUNCNAME CHAR 
304 EXT_SALE Control indicator for external sales X CHAR 
305 EXT_SALES_VOLUME Transfer Ext.Sales Volumes to Delta for DataSource ORDER_1 XFELD CHAR 
306 EXT_SELMETHOD Selection Method Enhanced with Text Fields REFSHLP CHAR 
307 EXT_SERVICE Type of External Service EXT_SERVICE CHAR 
308 EXT_SRCH Extended Source Determination EXT_SRCH CHAR 
309 EXT_SRC_MAINT PSC External Source Maintenance EXT_SRC_MAINT CHAR 
310 EXT_SYST Copy data from external systems via user exit XFELD CHAR 
311 EXT_TABNAM Primary Table for External Infotype AS4TAB CHAR 
312 EXT_TAX External Tax Processing XFELD CHAR 
313 EXT_TAX_DATE_ICA External Tax Date   DATS 
314 EXT_TAX_DATE_KK External Tax Date   DATS 
315 EXT_TAX_ID_ICA External Tax Indicator EXT_TAX_ID_ICA CHAR 
316 EXT_TAX_ID_KK External Tax Code EXT_TAX_ID_KK CHAR 
317 EXT_TEXT External name TEXT45 CHAR 
318 EXT_UI Point of delivery ID EXT_UI CHAR 
319 EXT_UI_BW Point of Delivery ID BW EXT_UI_BW CHAR 
320 EXT_UI_EXPANDED Point of Delivery ID TEXT60 CHAR 
321 EXT_VALUE Field converted in external format CHAR60 CHAR 
322 EXT_VERS Version Number for External Batch Usages EXT_VERS NUMC 
323 EXT_W_FUNC Function Module for Table Name of External Infotype FUNCNAME CHAR 
324 EXT_ZAE External meter ID for servic charge consumption meter EXT_ZAE CHAR 
326 EXUPD External update: yes/no CHAR1 CHAR 
327 EXVER Export indicator (deactivated) EXVER CHAR 
328 EXVKO_KK Reference number for business partner CHAR25 CHAR 
329 EXVKW Externally Entered Sales Value in Local Currency WERT7 CURR 
330 EXVKW_BI Externally entered sales value in local currency (BI field) CHAR16 CHAR 
331 EXVKW_C Externally entered sales value in local currency (character) CHAR30 CHAR 
332 EXWAE Currency of export license WAERS CUKY 
333 EXWAER Currency key for fees WAERS CUKY 
334 EXWAR License currency CHAR5 CHAR 
335 EXWRT External amount WERT7 CURR 
336 EXZNR Continuation number for variable assignment RAW1 RAW 
337 EX_ARBGB FI-SL: Application area for user exit control EX_ARBGB CHAR 
338 EX_ARBGBI FI-SL: Application area for user exit control EX_ARBGBI CHAR 
339 EX_BD DW: Dictionary objects radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
340 EX_BD_VAL DDIC object CHAR10 CHAR 
341 EX_BM DW: Modeling objects radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
342 EX_C3C WB: "Consumer Proxy" Radio Button CHAR1 CHAR 
343 EX_C3D WB: "Proxy Dictionary Type" Radio Button CHAR1 CHAR 
344 EX_C3E DE: Radio Button "Exception Class" CHAR1 CHAR 
345 EX_C3I WB: "Service Definition" Radio Button CHAR1 CHAR 
346 EX_C3P WB: "Provider Proxy" Radio Button CHAR1 CHAR 
347 EX_C3R EU: Radio Button "Service Variants" CHAR1 CHAR 
348 EX_C3S WB: "Web Service" Radio Button CHAR1 CHAR 
349 EX_C3V EU: Radio Button "Event Provider" CHAR1 CHAR 
350 EX_C3X Radio Button "Business Object Enhancements" CHAR1 CHAR 
351 EX_C4A EU: Radio Button "Check Aspects" CHAR1 CHAR 
352 EX_C4B DE: Radio Button "Enterprise Services: Business Object" CHAR1 CHAR 
353 EX_C4C EU: Radio Button "Check Configuration" CHAR1 CHAR 
354 EX_C4G EU: Radio Button "Check Aspect Groups" CHAR1 CHAR 
355 EX_C4R EU: Radio Button "Checking Rule" CHAR1 CHAR 
356 EX_C4S EU: Radio Button "Enterprise Services: Service Modules" CHAR1 CHAR 
357 EX_C4V EU: Radio Button "Check Aspect Values" CHAR1 CHAR 
358 EX_C5F EU: Radio Button "Form Object" CHAR1 CHAR 
359 EX_C5I EU: Radio Button "Form Object Interface" CHAR1 CHAR 
360 EX_C6B Workbench: Radio Button "Business Configuration Set" CHAR1 CHAR 
361 EX_C6F Workbench: Radio Button "Business Functions" CHAR1 CHAR 
362 EX_C6S Workbench: Radio Button "Switch" CHAR1 CHAR 
363 EX_C6T Workbench: Radio Button "Business Set" CHAR1 CHAR 
364 EX_C8A EU: Checkbox Object Type Group CHAR1 CHAR 
365 EX_C8B EU: Checkbox Characteristics CHAR1 CHAR 
366 EX_CA DW: Dialog Module Radio Button CHAR1 CHAR 
367 EX_CAD EU: Radio Button Activation ID CHAR1 CHAR 
368 EX_CB ABAP Workbench: Radio button for authorization objects CHAR1 CHAR 
369 EX_CBAPI ABAP Workbench: Function module that defines a BAPI CHECKBOX CHAR 
370 EX_CBO ABAP Workbench: Radio button for authorization objects CHAR1 CHAR 
371 EX_CC DW: Radio Button Test Case CHAR1 CHAR 
372 EX_CCH DW: Radio button - class CHAR1 CHAR 
373 EX_CCON Conversion exit CHAR1 CHAR 
374 EX_CCTX ABAP Workbench: Radio button context CHAR1 CHAR 
375 EX_CDA DW: Radio button table types CHAR1 CHAR 
376 EX_CDD DW: Domain radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
377 EX_CDE DW: Data Element Radio Button CHAR1 CHAR 
378 EX_CDG Workbench: Type groups radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
379 EX_CDG_VAL Workbench: Type groups CHAR5 CHAR 
380 EX_CDH DE: Radio Button Search Helps CHAR1 CHAR 
381 EX_CDL DW: Lock Object Radio Button CHAR1 CHAR 
382 EX_CDLF DW: Lock Object Fields Radio Button CHAR1 CHAR 
383 EX_CDM DW: Matchcode Object Radio Button CHAR1 CHAR 
384 EX_CDMF DW: Matchcode Fields Radion Button CHAR1 CHAR 
385 EX_CDMI DW: Matchcode ID radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
386 EX_CDQ ABAP Workbench: Radio button data type CHAR1 CHAR 
387 EX_CDS DW: Structure radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
388 EX_CDSF DE: Structure fields radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
389 EX_CDT DW: Radio button database tables CHAR1 CHAR 
390 EX_CDTF DW: Table Fields Radio Button CHAR1 CHAR 
391 EX_CDU Database Procedure Proxies CHAR1 CHAR 
392 EX_CDV DW: View radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
393 EX_CDVF DW: View Fields Radio Button CHAR1 CHAR 
394 EX_CDWX WB Radio Button IO Attribute as Entity Attribute CHAR1 CHAR 
395 EX_CDWY WB: Radio Button IO Attribute as Instance Attribute CHAR1 CHAR 
396 EX_CDX SQL tables CHAR1 CHAR 
397 EX_CE DW: Area menu radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
398 EX_CE_VAL DW: Area menu TCODE CHAR 
399 EX_CF DW: Function group radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
400 EX_CFF DW: Function Module Radio Button CHAR1 CHAR 
401 EX_CFFP DE: Radio button function module interface CHAR1 CHAR 
402 EX_CFK DW radio button: Macro CHAR1 CHAR 
403 EX_CI WB: Radio button include CHAR1 CHAR 
405 EX_CK EU: Radio Button Package CHAR1 CHAR 
406 EX_CKI EU: Radio Button Package Interface CHAR1 CHAR 
407 EX_CKT EU: Radio Button Request/Task CHAR1 CHAR 
408 EX_CL DW: Logical database radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
409 EX_CM DW: Memory ID Radio Button CHAR1 CHAR 
410 EX_CMA DW: Radio button: Workflow standard tasks CHAR1 CHAR 
411 EX_CMC DW: Clusters radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
412 EX_CMD Workbench: Data model radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
413 EX_CME Workbench: Entity type radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
414 EX_CMEA DW: Entity Type Attributes CHAR1 CHAR 
415 EX_CMF DW: Radio button Function CHAR1 CHAR 
416 EX_CMG DW: Generalization radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
417 EX_CMM DE Radio Button: Workflow Template CHAR1 CHAR 
418 EX_CMO DW: Radio Button: Business Object Type CHAR1 CHAR 
419 EX_CMOE BOR: Events in BOR objects CHECKBOX CHAR 
420 EX_CMOM DE: Business object methods CHECKBOX CHAR 
421 EX_CMP DW: Radio button - process CHAR1 CHAR 
422 EX_CMR DW radio button: Workflow standard role CHAR1 CHAR 
423 EX_CMS Workbench: Radio button specialization CHAR1 CHAR 
424 EX_CMT DW: Relationships radio button (as target entity9 CHAR1 CHAR 
425 EX_CMV ABAP Workbench: Radio button for process variants CHAR1 CHAR 
426 EX_CN DW: Message class radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
427 EX_CNN DW: Message number radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
428 EX_CNN_VAL Message number MSGNR CHAR 
429 EX_CNV DW: Message class administration radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
430 EX_CO ABAP Workbench: Radio button - class/interface CHAR1 CHAR 
431 EX_COA ABAP Workbench: Radio button attribute (classes) CHAR1 CHAR 
432 EX_COC DW: Radio button - class CHAR1 CHAR 
433 EX_COCI ABAP Workbench: Radio button classes (implementation) CHAR1 CHAR 
434 EX_COCM DE: Radio Button Method CHAR1 CHAR 
435 EX_CODE_ITAGCY Exception Reason in Agency Collections EX_CODE_ITAGCY CHAR 
436 EX_COE ABAP Workbench: Radio button events (classes) CHAR1 CHAR 
437 EX_COI WB: Radio button interfaces CHAR1 CHAR 
438 EX_CP DW: Program sub-objects radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
439 EX_CPC DW: GUI status radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
440 EX_CPCA DW: Radio button for GUI CHAR1 CHAR 
441 EX_CPCF DW: Radio button GUI functions CHAR1 CHAR 
443 EX_CPD DW: Global data radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
444 EX_CPD_VAL DW: Global field CHAR30 CHAR 
445 EX_CPE DW: Event radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
447 EX_CPK_VAL DW: Macros CHAR30 CHAR 
448 EX_CPM DW: PAI module radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
449 EX_CPM_VAL DW: PAI module CHAR30 CHAR 
450 EX_CPO DW: PBO radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
451 EX_CPO_VAL DW: PBO module CHAR30 CHAR 
452 EX_CPS DW: Screen radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
454 EX_CPU DW: Subroutine radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
455 EX_CPU_VAL DW: Subroutines CHAR30 CHAR 
456 EX_CPV Workbench: Variant radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
457 EX_CPZ DW: Title line radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
459 EX_CR SET/GET parameters CHAR1 CHAR 
460 EX_CS DW: Radio button for selection view CHAR1 CHAR 
461 EX_CSHL Repository Infosystem: Obj. corresponds to srch hlp criteria CHECKBOX CHAR 
462 EX_CSP DW: Customer project radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
463 EX_CSS DW: Customer exit radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
464 EX_CT DW: Transaction radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
465 EX_CT_VAL DW: Transaction TCODE CHAR 
466 EX_CU DW: Area menu radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
467 EX_CURL WB: URL Radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
468 EX_CVT DE: Radio Button XSLT Program CHAR1 CHAR 
469 EX_CW ABAP Workbench: Radio button service CHAR1 CHAR 
470 EX_CWA WB: MiniApp Radio Button CHAR1 CHAR 
471 EX_CWB DE: Radio Button Tag Library CHAR1 CHAR 
472 EX_CWC DE: Web Controls Radio Button CHAR1 CHAR 
473 EX_CWD DE: Radio Button Tag CHAR1 CHAR 
474 EX_CWH EU: Radio Button Theme CHAR1 CHAR 
475 EX_CWM Workbench: MIME Objects Radio Button CHAR1 CHAR 
476 EX_CWO EU: Radio Button BSP Application CHAR1 CHAR 
477 EX_CWS Workbench: Internet Services Radio Button CHAR1 CHAR 
478 EX_CWT Workbench: HTML Template Radio Button CHAR1 CHAR 
479 EX_CWY EU: Radio Button "Web Dynpro Application" (Obsolete!) CHAR1 CHAR 
480 EX_CXD Radio button: Business Add In (Definition) CHAR1 CHAR 
481 EX_CXF DE: Radio Button Enhancement Implementation CHAR1 CHAR 
482 EX_CXFR DW: Function area radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
483 EX_CXH DE: Radiobutton "Enhancement" CHAR1 CHAR 
484 EX_CXI Radio button: Business Add In (Definition) CHAR1 CHAR 
485 EX_CXO DE: System Organizational Units Radio Button CHAR1 CHAR 
486 EX_CXOD DE: Radiobutton system organization unit diagram CHAR1 CHAR 
487 EX_CXP DW: Radio button - process CHAR1 CHAR 
488 EX_CXR DE: Radio Button "Enhancement Implementation (Dictionary)" CHAR1 CHAR 
489 EX_CXS DW: Process selection matrix radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
490 EX_CXT DE: Radiobutton "Enhancement Spot Composite" CHAR1 CHAR 
491 EX_CYA DE: Radio Button "Web Dynpro Configuration" CHAR1 CHAR 
492 EX_CYC EU: Radio Button "Web-Dynpro-Component" CHAR1 CHAR 
493 EX_CYF DW: Relationship radio button (as start entity) CHAR1 CHAR 
494 EX_CYG DE: Radio Button "Web Dynpro Configuration" CHAR1 CHAR 
495 EX_CYP EU: Radio Button "Web Dynpro CHIP" CHAR1 CHAR 
496 EX_CYY EU: Radio Button "Web Dynpro Application" CHAR1 CHAR 
497 EX_C_XF DE: Radiobutton "Enhancement Composite" CHAR1 CHAR 
498 EX_C_XS DE: Radiobutton "Enhancement Spot" CHAR1 CHAR 
499 EX_DFH DW: Function group administration radio button CHAR1 CHAR 
500 EX_DFV DW: Function group administration radio button CHAR1 CHAR