SAP ABAP Function Module - Index J, page 7
Function Module - J
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 J_1B_SD_BI_CFOP_DET CFOP Determination for Retroactive Billing 
2 J_1B_SD_BI_COPY_SHIPPING SD Shipping functions 
3 J_1B_SD_BI_SPLIT_ADD_ITEM BR:0008:SD: Alternative counter for split in billing 
4 J_1B_SD_BI_SPLIT_CHECK BR:0008:SD: Split in billing: Determine whether to split or not (Altern.) 
5 J_1B_SD_BI_SPLIT_NEW_DOC BR:0008:SD: Split in Billing: Initalize counter and fill NF header texts. 
6 J_1B_SD_BTE_00503305 Event: Pflege Konditionen: Feldprüfung 
7 J_1B_SD_BUPA_TAX_STATUS_GET Kundensteuerdaten lesen 
8 J_1B_SD_CFOP CFOP Determination in SD 
9 J_1B_SD_CFOP_CHANGE CFOP (Re-)Determination in SD for modified parameters 
10 J_1B_SD_CFOP_DELETE Delete Internal tables when Item is deleted 
11 J_1B_SD_CFOP_EXPORT_PARTNER Export CFOP internal table for CFOP determination when partner changes 
12 J_1B_SD_CFOP_IMPORT_PARTNER Import CFOP internal table for CFOP determination when partner changes 
13 J_1B_SD_CFOP_INIT Init Internal tables 
14 J_1B_SD_CFOP_REDET CFOP Redetermination 
15 J_1B_SD_COM_HEADER_CHANGE Ändern der Preisfindungs-Kopfstruktur 
16 J_1B_SD_COM_ITEM_CHANGE Ändern der Preisfindungs-Kopfstruktur 
17 J_1B_SD_CUSTOMIZER BR-SD Customizing 
18 J_1B_SD_DECUSTOMIZER BR-SD Customizing: Delete 
19 J_1B_SD_FI_INTERFACE Fill interface to FI 
20 J_1B_SD_FI_NFCPD_SUBST suppy FI one time customer information from Nota Fiscal 
21 J_1B_SD_J_1BSDIC BR-SD Customizing: Table J_1BSDIC (NF relevant Item Category BR) 
22 J_1B_SD_J_1BSDICA BR-SD Customizing: Table J_1BSDICA (Sales Document Item Category BR) 
23 J_1B_SD_J_1BSDNFX BR-SD Customizing: Tables J_1BSDNFX, J_1BSDNFXT (Auto NF Header Text) 
24 J_1B_SD_MAT_IPI_STATUS_GET Get IPI Status of Material from MBEW data 
25 J_1B_SD_NFE_CONTINGENCY_READ Read contingency status from previous NF using SD document flow 
26 J_1B_SD_NFTYPE_DET Nota Fiscal Type Determination 
27 J_1B_SD_SA_CHANGE_VBAP SD Sales: Redetermine CFOP when input parameters change 
28 J_1B_SD_SA_CHECK_COPY Check if copy from billing allowed 
29 J_1B_SD_SA_DELETE_VBAP SD Sales: Delete Internal Tables Localisation when item is deleted 
30 J_1B_SD_SA_DOCUMENT_COPY SD Sales: Save document in internal tables 
31 J_1B_SD_SA_DOCUMENT_RETURN SD Sales: Change document lines from internal tables 
33 J_1B_SD_SA_INIT_LOCAL SD Sales: Initialise Internal Tables Localisation 
34 J_1B_SD_SA_TXSDC_CHANGED Check whether SD tax code changed generally (repricing) 
35 J_1B_SD_SA_VBAP_COPY SD Sales: Copy localised data from sales document 
36 J_1B_SD_SA_VBKD_COPY SD Sales: Copy VBKD but not the field KURRF (Brazil only) 
37 J_1B_SD_SA_VBRK_COPY SD Sales: Copy data from Billing Header 
38 J_1B_SD_SA_VBRP_COPY SD Sales: Restore creation values after copy of document 
39 J_1B_SD_SCREEN_CONTROL Country-specific screen control for SD fields 
40 J_1B_SD_SHIPFROM_SHIPTO_FILL Fill Tax region of Ship-from and Ship-to Party 
41 J_1B_SD_SH_CHANGE_LIPS SD Shipping: Redetermine Localised data of shipping document 
42 J_1B_SD_SH_CHANGE_LIPS_POSTED SD Shipping: Allow change of localized data after posting goods issue 
43 J_1B_SD_SH_COPY_LIPS SD Shipping Copy Shipping Item data for batch split 
44 J_1B_SD_SH_COPY_SALES SD Shipping functions 
45 J_1B_SD_SH_FILL_LIPS SD Shipping: Fill Shipping document Line Item (LIPS) 
46 J_1B_SD_SH_FILL_LIPS_TRANSFER SD Shipping: Fill Shipping document Line Item (LIPS) for transfer 
47 J_1B_SD_SH_INIT_LOCAL SD Shipping: Initialise Internal Tables Localisation 
48 J_1B_SD_T184 BR-SD Customizing: Table T184 (Item Category Assignment) 
49 J_1B_SD_TAXCODE Tax Code Determination in SD 
50 J_1B_SD_TAXLAW Tax Law Determination in SD 
51 J_1B_SD_TAX_CODE_EXEMPT Check: SD Tax code without tax calculation 
52 J_1B_SD_TAX_PARTNER_DET Determination of the partner for tax calculation 
53 J_1B_SD_TAX_SEQUENCE_GET Get number of used tax classifications 
54 J_1B_SD_TVAK BR-SD Customizing: Tables TVAK, TVAKT, TVAKZ, TVASP (Sales Doc. Types) 
55 J_1B_SD_TVAP BR-SD Customizing: Tables TVAP, TVPT, TVAPT, TVLP, TVEPZ (Item Category) 
56 J_1B_SD_TVCPA_1 BR-SD Customizing: Table TVCPA (Copy control: Sales to Bil.: copy Header) 
57 J_1B_SD_TVCPA_2 BR-SD Customizing: Table TVCPA (Copy control: Sales to Bil.: copy Item) 
58 J_1B_SD_TVCPA_3 BR-SD Customizing: Table TVCPA (Copy control: Sales to Bil.: update Item) 
59 J_1B_SD_TVCPA_4 BR-SD Customizing, Table TVCPA (Copy control: Sales to Sal.: copy Header) 
60 J_1B_SD_TVCPF_1 BR-SD Customizing: Table TVCPF (Copy control: Sales to Bil.: copy Header) 
61 J_1B_SD_TVCPF_2 BR-SD Customizing: Table TVCPF (Copy control: Sales to Bil.: copy Item) 
62 J_1B_SD_TVCPF_3 BR-SD Customizing: Table TVCPF (Copy control: Sales to Bil.: update Item) 
63 J_1B_SD_TVCPF_4 BR-SD Customizing: Table TVCPF (Copy control: Del. to Bil.: copy Header) 
64 J_1B_SD_TVCPF_5 BR-SD Customizing: Table TVCPF (Copy control: Del. to Bil.: copy Item) 
65 J_1B_SD_TVCPF_6 BR-SD Customizing: Table TVCPF (Copy control: Del. to Bil.: update Item) 
66 J_1B_SD_TVCPL_1 BR-SD Customizing: Table TVCPL (Copy control: Sal. to Del.: copy Header) 
67 J_1B_SD_TVCPL_2 BR-SD Customizing: Table TVCPL (Copy control: Sal. to Del.: copy Item) 
68 J_1B_SD_TVFK BR-SD Customizing: Tables TVFK, TVFKT (Billing Document Types) 
69 J_1B_SD_TVKV BR-SD Customizing: Tables TVKV, TVKVT (Pricing Procedure) 
70 J_1B_SD_TVUV BR-SD Customizing: Tables TVUV, TVUVF, TVUVT (Incomp. Control Schemes) 
71 J_1B_SD_TVUVF BR-SD Customizing: Table TVUVF (Incompletion Control Fields) 
72 J_1B_SD_TXJCD_DETERMINE Determine Recipient for Tax Jurisdiction Code 
73 J_1B_SEARCH_HELP_EXITS Standard Suchhilfe-Exit zur Auswahl einer Untersuchhilfe 
74 J_1B_SEARCH_HELP_RESET Reset Suchhilfe für Debitor/Kreditor 
75 J_1B_SEARCH_HELP_SET_DEBI Setzen Suchhilfe für Debitor 
76 J_1B_SEARCH_HELP_SET_KRED Setzen Suchhilfe für Kreditor 
77 J_1B_SEARCH_ITEM_EM_COBRANCA Interpretation algor. to search for line items and corresp. credit notes 
78 J_1B_SET_CHECK_MIN_STEP_NUMBER Set and check minimum step number in calculation scheme 
79 J_1B_SET_FIRST_CALL_FROM_MIGO Set indicator to identify the first call from MIGO 
80 J_1B_SET_MIGO_REF_ITEM Set MIGO reference item in for read of original NF 
81 J_1B_SET_MIGO_UMWRK Transfer UMWRK from MIGO to IM tax calc Brazil 
82 J_1B_SET_SF_ST_SWAP_FLAG Prepare special calculation in ret. of stock transf. 
83 J_1B_SET_STATUS_EB Sets status for Bank account item 
84 J_1B_SET_TAX_CALLER Sets the calling application 
85 J_1B_SUBCONTRACT_SET_RETPO Set retpo for return of goods in subcontr. scenario (mvt. 542) 
86 J_1B_TAXGROUP_IN_NET_SD Tax Group in Net from SD 
87 J_1B_TAXTYPES_FROM_WITHT Determine Brazilian Tax Type From WHT Type 
88 J_1B_TRANSFER_TAX_CONDITION Transfer tax rates to condition records 
89 J_1B_UPDATE_ACC_SEQ Update Access Sequence With Tax Group 
90 J_1B_UPDATE_DYNAMIC_EXCEPTIONS Initialisieren der Währung 
91 J_1B_WRITE_TAX_TO_MEMORY Writes tax conditions to global memory in tax schema 
92 J_1HWT_CONVERT_YEAR Exit module to convert year to Thailand year for DMEE 
93 J_1HWT_MODIFY_DATA Modify W/tax data before output 
94 J_1HWT_POST_INV_TO_TAXAUTH Create the invoice for revenue dept. from W/tax reporting 
95 J_1H_BUPLA_GET_VALUE Get BUPLA content via interface system 
96 J_1H_CAL_DATE_IN_INTERVAL Date +/- year/month/day (into the future/past) 
97 J_1H_OFF_NUMBERING Thailand official document numbering 
98 J_1H_TH_PROCESS_00001130 Thailand - Field substitution process 00001130 
99 J_1H_VAT_NUMBERING VAT numbering for Thailand 
100 J_1I2_COPY_TO_LOCAL copying import parameters to local during DOC CLOSE event 
101 J_1I4A_CANCEL_SD_INV_UPDATE Reversal of excise invoice status in update task 
102 J_1I4A_COPY_TAX_ERS_INDEX Copy tax index for use in ERS 
103 J_1I4A_CREATE_EXCISE_INVOICE Creation of Excise Invoice in back ground 
104 J_1I4A_CREATE_PART1 Not used: Creation of Part1 in back ground 
105 J_1I4A_CREATE_SD_INVOICE Creation of outgoing Excise invoice in back ground 
106 J_1I4A_CREATE_SD_INV_UPDATE Update the database in update task 
107 J_1I4A_DEFAULT_GR_QTY Do not use : Default excise quantity in GR 
108 J_1I4A_DETERMINE_NEW_RATE Determine if material is excisable/nonexcisable and the rate 
109 J_1I4A_EXCISE_INVOICE_UPDATE Update Excise data in update task 
110 J_1I4A_F4IF_SHLP_EXIT_STRTYP Beispiel für ein Suchhilfe-Exit eine Suchhilfe 
111 J_1I4A_FETCH_EXCISE_INV_ITEM Fetch excise invoice for an item 
112 J_1I4A_FETCH_EXCISE_INV_MEPRF Create excise invoice with price control 
113 J_1I4A_FILL_KOMK_KOMP Fill komk and komp with the required values 
114 J_1I4A_FORTNIGHTLY_UPDATES Updates in Fort nightly program 
115 J_1I4A_GET_ERS_DATA Get material details for ERs 
116 J_1I4A_GET_EXCISE_BELNR Get Excise Belnr 
117 J_1I4A_INTERFACE_00503305 Event: Pflege Konditionen: Feldprüfung 
118 J_1I4A_SAVE_57F4_CHALLAN Stores in global memory all 57f4 Challan 
119 J_1I4A_SAVE_EXCISE_BELNR Schnittstellenbeschreibung zum Event 00001050 
120 J_1I4A_SAVE_GRXSUB Store GR assignement to j_1igrxsub 
121 J_1I4A_STORE_BPOTAB Storing material details for ERS 
122 J_1I4A_TAX_CONDITIONS Adjust tax condition value 
123 J_1I4_ADD_ST_SETOFF_FOR_OCTROI Get the base amount for calculation of octroi 
124 J_1I4_COPY_DRSEG_SELKZ copying drseg selection 
125 J_1I4_COPY_GR_FOR_IV_TAX_CALCT Copy GR details for Invoice verification tax calculation 
126 J_1I4_COPY_GR_FOR_LIV_TAX Copy GR details for Invoice verification tax calculation 
127 J_1I4_COPY_GR_HEADER_DATA Copy GR header data for Gr taxes 
128 J_1I4_COPY_MATDOC_FOR_TAXCALC Copy Material document for tax calculation 
129 J_1I4_COPY_MIGO_DATA Export excise invoice details to j1i4 global variables 
130 J_1I4_COPY_PO_DATA copy PO data to Tax formula 
131 J_1I4_COPY_TAX_ITEM_INDEX Copy Tax item index for IV tax calculation 
132 J_1I4_CVD_GET_IN_GR Creat contra entry for the CVD clearing item 
133 J_1I4_DED_EXC_INV_FOR_OCTROI Get the base amount for calculation of octroi 
134 J_1I4_EXIT_DED_TAX_FOR_OCTROI Userexit to change the INDX Key generated for uniqueness 
135 J_1I4_FETCH_EXCISE_INV_DETAILS To fetch excise invoice datails from Excise table 
136 J_1I4_GET_ACTUAL_DUTY_IN_IV Get excise value at Invoice verification 
137 J_1I4_GET_ACTUAL_DUTY_IN_LIV Get excise value at Invoice verification 
138 J_1I4_GET_DEDUC_TAX_FOR_OCTROI Get deductible tax for octroi 
139 J_1I4_GET_DELIVERY_COSTS To fetch excise invoice datails from Excise table 
140 J_1I4_GET_ECESS Calculation of educational CESS 
141 J_1I4_GET_EXCISE_AT_IV Get excise value at Invoice verification 
142 J_1I4_GET_EXCISE_AT_LIV Get excise value at Invoice verification 
143 J_1I4_GET_KWERT Passing Kwert to global data 
144 J_1I4_GET_MANUAL_EXCISE Get Manual excise amount from the condition 
145 J_1I4_GET_MATNR_FOR_INV_RED Get Material for Vendor invoice reduction scenario from Global variable 
146 J_1I4_GET_ST_RELATED_DATA Get sales tax related data 
147 J_1I4_HEADER_INV_REDUCTION Header level invoice reduction 
148 J_1I4_INVOICE_REDUCTION IV Reduction Check 
149 J_1I4_MB01_DEFAULT_GR_QTY Default GR Quantity in MIGO from Excise Invoice 
150 J_1I4_MIGO_DEFAULT_GR_QTY Default GR Quantity in MIGO from Excise Invoice 
151 J_1I4_MIGO_LOG_MESSAGES Message log for MIGO 
152 J_1I4_MIGO_POPUP Excise Invoice interface for Migo popup 
153 J_1I4_MIGO_RESET Excise Invoice interface for Migo popup 
154 J_1I4_PICK_GR_FOR_EXCISE_NR Pick up Grn for user entered excise number 
155 J_1I4_REG_UPDATE_PART1 Update part1 for RG23A and RG23C 
156 J_1I4_SCALE_DOWN_SEC_BASE_VAL Scaling down of second base value in case verify/post not done before mrhr 
157 J_1I4_SET_DRSEG FM to set the T_DRSEG structure to global structure t_drseg 
158 J_1I4_SET_KWERT passing second base value to global 
159 J_1I4_STORE_DED_TAX_FOR_OCTROI Get the base amount for calculation of octroi 
160 J_1I4_STORE_ST_RELATED_DATA Store sales tax related info 
161 J_1I4_UPDATE_LICENSE_DATA Exc. Bonding: Update license data 
163 J_1I6_CALCULATE_ACCOUNT_BAL Calculate account balances for all accounts 
164 J_1I6_CALCULATE_DAILY_BAL Calculation of daily balances 
165 J_1I6_CALCULATE_ED_IAC R Calculate Excise Duty : Internet application enabled 
166 J_1I6_CALCULATE_EXCP_EXCISE Calculate exceptional excise amount and percentage 
167 J_1I6_CALCULATE_MONTHLY_BAL Used For Calculation of Monthly Opening Balance 
168 J_1I6_CALCULATE_PERIOD_BAL Used to calculate opening balance for a period 
169 J_1I6_CENVAT_CLR Cenvat Clearing India 
170 J_1I6_CHECK_GR_AGAINST_EXC_INV NOT USED: calculate and store modvat in a local database at GR 
171 J_1I6_CIN_DOC_PREREV IS-RE : Precheck und ggf. Anreicherung für Storno RE-Beleg 
172 J_1I6_COPY_TO_LOCAL copying import parameters to local during DOC CLOSE event 
173 J_1I6_COSTING_DOC_DATA Function to get data for generation of costing document 
174 J_1I6_CREATE_PART1 calculate and store modvat in a local database at GR 
175 J_1I6_CVD_GET_IN_IV CVD in Invoice verification 
176 J_1I6_DETERMINE_ACCOUNT Determine the modvat accounts for different transaction types 
177 J_1I6_DETERMINE_EXCISE_RATE Determine if material is excisable/nonexcisable and the rate 
178 J_1I6_DETERMINE_EXC_YEAR Determination of excise year 
179 J_1I6_DETERMINE_SER_ACCOUNT Determine the service tax accounts for company code,plant combination 
180 J_1I6_DISPLAY_MAT_DOC To display all the material documents in case grxref = 1 
181 J_1I6_DISPLAY_PART1_PART2 Displaying Part1 and Part2 details of the document 
182 J_1I6_ENQUEUE_DEQUEUE Enqueue / Dequeue 
183 J_1I6_EXC_UNIT_CONVERSION Conversion of Excise invoice UOM 
184 J_1I6_GENERATE_PART1 Generate Part1 in Update Task 
185 J_1I6_GET_ERROR_HANDLE To fetch the explicit error 
186 J_1I6_MESSAGE Message Control 
187 J_1I6_MESSAGE_TYPE Configurable Message Type is returned 
188 J_1I6_MODVAT_POSTING FI posting to multiple accounts 
189 J_1I6_ROUND_TO_NEAREST_AMT Rounding off the excise value 
190 J_1I6_SELECT_EXCISE_INVOICE_DE Excise Invoice Selection - Central Function - W/o Dialog - Depot 
192 J_1I6_SET_ERROR_HANDLE To set for explicit error handel 
193 J_1I6_STORE_EXCISE_INVOICE_NUM Store the Excise Invoice Num for use at document post 
194 J_1I6_UNIT_CONVERSION Routine for unit conversion 
195 J_1I6_UPDATE_BA to update business area before posting an FI entry 
196 J_1I6_VALIDATE_GR Validation of GR with Excise Invoice 
198 J_1I7_CHECK_CUSTOMER_VAT User exit to overwrite the defaulted document class 
199 J_1I7_EXIT_DIFF_DUTIES_IF_MRP Exit to use different duties based on MRP 
200 J_1I7_GET_BUSINESS_PLACE User Exit to populate Business Place 
201 J_1I7_MIGO_DEFAULT Default at MIGO 
202 J_1I7_MIGO_SAVE User exit in MIGO during saving 
203 J_1I7_REDETERMINE_INVOICE_TYPE User exit to determine invoice type 
204 J_1I7_RULES_AED_UTILIZATION Rules for AED credit utilization 
205 J_1I7_USEREXIT1 user exit in the TDS posting program - before any processing 
206 J_1I7_USEREXIT_57F4_COMPLETE Userexit at the time of completion of 57f4 sub-contracting document 
207 J_1I7_USEREXIT_57F4_REVERSE User Exit during Reversal of Subcontracting Challans 
208 J_1I7_USEREXIT_57F4_SCRAP User Exit for Reversal in Subcontracting. 
209 J_1I7_USEREXIT_ADDRESS user exit to get the address and TDS circle and range 
210 J_1I7_USEREXIT_BALANCE_DATE User exit for balance calculation 
211 J_1I7_USEREXIT_BANK_ANN_RETURN User exit to retrieve Bank details in annual returns. 
212 J_1I7_USEREXIT_BATCH_CHK_FLAG Userexit for setting flag for checking batch while selecting EI in J1IJ 
213 J_1I7_USEREXIT_BP_MIGRATION Derive Business Place for Migration of Down Payments 
214 J_1I7_USEREXIT_CALC_EXC_BASE To calculate the base for duties in TAXINN on SD side 
215 J_1I7_USEREXIT_CALID user exit to pass calid and ind to calculate the next/prev wkg day 
216 J_1I7_USEREXIT_CAL_BALANCE Calculate balances for AED-TTA and ADE 
217 J_1I7_USEREXIT_CERTIFICATE User exit for Certificate layout 
218 J_1I7_USEREXIT_CERTPRINT Userexit for Certificate print/reprint 
219 J_1I7_USEREXIT_CHECK_PROG User Exit to check customer specific program 
220 J_1I7_USEREXIT_CHEQUENO Cheque number or DD number updation 
221 J_1I7_USEREXIT_CHEQUENO_CERT User Exit for adding Cheque No to the internal table 
222 J_1I7_USEREXIT_CLR_MIGRATION User Exit for Additional Clearing Documents 
223 J_1I7_USEREXIT_DEPOT_BEF_SAVE User exit after the excise header and details are written 
224 J_1I7_USEREXIT_DEPOT_SELECTION Userexit for changing selection of excise invoice in depot 
225 J_1I7_USEREXIT_DEPOT_SELFLAG User exit to set the sel flag as per the item category 
226 J_1I7_USEREXIT_DETNEWTAXCODE User Exit for Tax code determination 
228 J_1I7_USEREXIT_DOC_PRCTR User exit to determine if the document profit center has to be fetched. 
229 J_1I7_USEREXIT_DP_MIGRATION User Exit for Migration of Down Payments 
230 J_1I7_USEREXIT_DUTY_IN_EXPORT User exit for controlling whether to recalculate export duty or not 
231 J_1I7_USEREXIT_EXCISE_AFT_SAVE User exit after the excise header and details are written 
232 J_1I7_USEREXIT_EXCISE_BEF_SAVE User exit after the excise header and details are written 
233 J_1I7_USEREXIT_EXGRP_DETERM R User exit for determining the excise group 
234 J_1I7_USEREXIT_EXINV_ADDL_DATA User Exit for Excise Invoice Additional Data 
235 J_1I7_USEREXIT_EXINV_POFIND User Exit to Find the Purchase Order and Material type 
236 J_1I7_USEREXIT_EXPRNE_OUTPUT User Exit for Excise invoice print output 
237 J_1I7_USEREXIT_FILL_KOMK_KOMP Fill komk and komp with respected values 
238 J_1I7_USEREXIT_GET_GR_DATE User exit to get GR date (MKPF-BUDAT) for price control = 5 
239 J_1I7_USEREXIT_GR_VALIDATE User exit to validate material document 
240 J_1I7_USEREXIT_IMPORT_INV_DUTY User-Exit to Inventorize Duties for a Depot 
241 J_1I7_USEREXIT_ITEM_ADDL_DATA User Exit for Excise Invoice Additional Data 
242 J_1I7_USEREXIT_J1I5_MATFORM Userexit for J1I5 material form changes 
243 J_1I7_USEREXIT_J1I5_VALIDATE Userexit for subsequent J1I5 data validation 
244 J_1I7_USEREXIT_J1IEX_BEF_SAVE User exit for J1IEX before the data is saved 
245 J_1I7_USEREXIT_J1IEX_CHANGE Userexit for changing data before display 
246 J_1I7_USEREXIT_J1IS_BASE_VALUE User exit to determine base value in J1IS 
247 J_1I7_USEREXIT_MANUAL_EXCISE User exit for manual excise. 
248 J_1I7_USEREXIT_MAP_RECIPIENT Mapping of recipient types to CO & OT for Annual Returns 
249 J_1I7_USEREXIT_MAT_IND User exit for determining whether the excise invoice type 
250 J_1I7_USEREXIT_NOEXCISE_FLAG User Exit to Configure No Excise Flag in MIRO 
251 J_1I7_USEREXIT_NUMKI User exit for number key in certificate numbering 
252 J_1I7_USEREXIT_ONETIME_PAN User exit for getting PAN and GIR of One time vendor 
253 J_1I7_USEREXIT_PAYABLE_HEADER Userexit for payable services header details 
254 J_1I7_USEREXIT_PRICE_CONTROL Userexit for determining the pricing date for price control 
255 J_1I7_USEREXIT_PROCESS_TKOMV Process xkomv 
256 J_1I7_USEREXIT_QTY_UNIT_CONV User exit for quantity based unit conversion 
257 J_1I7_USEREXIT_REDETER_EXC_VAL Redetermine Excise values 
258 J_1I7_USEREXIT_REF_DEPOT User exit for Over reference control 
259 J_1I7_USEREXIT_ROUND_OFF User exit for round off of MODVAT credit 
260 J_1I7_USEREXIT_SERGRP_DETERM User exit for determining the sereis group 
261 J_1I7_USEREXIT_STATUPD_CHALLAN User exit to update the challan status during recounciliation 
262 J_1I7_USEREXIT_STO_FLAG Set STO_FLAG for Stock Transfer with Import Condition 
263 J_1I7_USEREXIT_TANNO userexit to get the TAN no. 
264 J_1I7_USEREXIT_TDS user exit in the TDS posting program - before any processing 
265 J_1I7_USEREXIT_UNIT_CONVERSION unit conversion 
266 J_1I7_USEREXIT_UNIT_MULTIPLE user exit for changing GR and excise invoice unit in J1IG 
267 J_1I7_USEREXIT_UPDATE_CHALLAN Update the challan details 
268 J_1I7_USEREXIT_UPDATE_DETAIL update item details fields 
269 J_1I7_USEREXIT_UPDATE_STYPE update subtransaction type 
270 J_1I7_USEREXIT_VAT_CST_LIV Userexit to influence calculation of VAT, CST and LST during IV in MIRO. 
271 J_1IASSVAL_ARCHIVE_PUT Archive j_1imtchid data 
272 J_1IASSVAL_ARCHIVE_SET set archive read for j_1imtchid 
273 J_1IASSVAL_ARCH_GET Get Archived data j_1imtchid 
274 J_1IASSVAL_CHANGE_CHECK_2 Prüfen j_1iassval, ob eine Änderung durchgeführt wurde 
275 J_1IASSVAL_GET_BILD assval get bild 
276 J_1IASSVAL_GET_SUB Holen der WA j_1imtchid zu Beginn des Subscreens 
277 J_1IASSVAL_POST Verbuchen j_1iassval 
278 J_1IASSVAL_SET_BILD Übergeben der Workarea j_1iassval am Ende des Bildes 
279 J_1IASSVAL_SET_SUB Übergeben der WA Uj_1iassval am Ende des Subscreens 
280 J_1IASSVAL_SINGLE_READ Select single auf j_1iassval mit Pufferergänzung 
281 J_1IASSVAL_START_POSTING Übergabe der Daten für die Verbuchung 
282 J_1IEWT_ADJUST_WITH_FOR_CLEAR Adjust with_item entries on Downpayment Clearing 
283 J_1IEWT_BUPLA_BSEG Copy Bupla of Vendor to Withholding lines of BSEG 
284 J_1IEWT_CHALLAN_UPDATE Internal Challan Number Updates. EWT-India. 
285 J_1IEWT_COPY_BSEG copy bseg line no to with_item and get tax code info into bseg 
286 J_1IEWT_COPY_BUPLA To copy BUPLA in vendor line items to Withholding Lines -EWT India 
287 J_1IEWT_COPY_BUPLA_FBZ Copy Business Place to Bseg lines at payment time for FBZ / F110 
288 J_1IEWT_COPY_LIV_BSEG Copy BSEG line information from LIV into ACCIT tables 
289 J_1IEWT_COPY_LIV_WITH COPY line item no for LIV documents to WITH_ITEM 
290 J_1IEWT_COPY_LIV_WITH_ITEM Updates j_1ibuzei for LIV 
291 J_1IEWT_COPY_TO_LOCAL Copying import parameters to local during DOC-CLOSE event 
293 J_1IEWT_COPY_WITH_ITEM_FBZ Copy Bseg line number into with_item line 
294 J_1IEWT_CUSTOMER_CLEAR Check validity of Customer tax clearing 
295 J_1IEWT_DOWNPAYMENT_CLEAR Downpayment Clear - Tax transfer - CIN 
296 J_1IEWT_DPC_WITH_MIRO Downpayment clearing with MIRO 
297 J_1IEWT_DUEDATE Füllen der türkischen Bordro-Nummer in das Feld BKPF-Xblnr /Event 00001120 
298 J_1IEWT_HANDLE_ERRORS Error handling for India W/Tax reporting 
299 J_1IEWT_IDENTIFY_CATEGORY Distinguish TCS related or TDS related 
300 J_1IEWT_PAN_CHECK PAN Check for Vendors 
301 J_1IEWT_REASSIGN_WITH_ITEM Reassignment of with_item buzei 
302 J_1IEWT_SPLIT_INV To recognize Split invoices 
303 J_1IEWT_UPDATE_PROVISION Populate provisions db table on FI doc save. 
304 J_1IEWT_UPDATE_SECCO Update Values for Section Code before Posting - India 
305 J_1IEXGM_BADI_LINE_DELETE Delete the excise line for deleted migo item 
307 J_1IEXGM_BADI_MODE_SET Copy the MIGO action and refdoc 
308 J_1IEXGM_BADI_PAI_DETAIL refresh the data for item subscreen 
309 J_1IEXGM_BADI_PBO sends the excise screen during the pbo 
310 J_1IEXGM_BADI_POST_DOCUMENT is called by badi implementation when user ticks post 
311 J_1IEXGM_BADI_RESET Reset all the excise data 
312 J_1IEXGM_BADI_STATUSANDHEADER Copy the MIGO status and header data 
313 J_1IEXGM_CALC_HEADER_DUTY calculate header duty based on items 
314 J_1IEXGM_CHECK_CENVAT_UTIL prepares all internal tables after save was requested 
315 J_1IEXGM_CHECK_EXCISE_HEADER check the excise invoice header: triggered via badi_check_document 
316 J_1IEXGM_CHECK_EXCISE_ITEM Check Excise Item 
317 J_1IEXGM_COPY_PAI_HEADER Copy the MIGO header data to global variable 
318 J_1IEXGM_DEFAULT_EXCISE_ACTION Get the Excise Action 
319 J_1IEXGM_DETERMINE_EXC_ACTION this function determines the goal and the relevant CIN process 
320 J_1IEXGM_EXCISE_ENTRY Handling Excise Entry 
321 J_1IEXGM_GENERATE_AFTER_FI Table Update After Accounting 
322 J_1IEXGM_GENERATE_EXCISE_ENTRY Generate Part1 in Update Task 
323 J_1IEXGM_GET_ERROR_HANDLE To fetch the explicit error from j1iexgm 
324 J_1IEXGM_GET_EXCISE_FOR_PO Get the excise document based on the rdoc1, ritem1 
325 J_1IEXGM_GET_EXCISE_GROUP determine the exc grp 
326 J_1IEXGM_GET_EXC_HEADER To retrive the excise ehader from J1IEXGM 
327 J_1IEXGM_GET_GLOBAL_DATA Fetches the global data related to excise from the function group J1IEXGM 
328 J_1IEXGM_MIGO_DEFAULT_GR_QTY Default GR Quantity in MIGO from Excise Invoice 
329 J_1IEXGM_NEW_EXCISE_ITEM Prepare Internal excise header structure 
330 J_1IEXGM_PLANT_DEPOT_INDICATOR fill depot and plant indicator 
331 J_1IEXGM_POST_FI this function module creates new rg23d entries as per the rg23d selection 
332 J_1IEXGM_PREPARE_EXCISE_HEADER Prepare Internal excise header structure 
333 J_1IEXGM_PREPARE_HDR_SUMMARY Prepare excise summary 
334 J_1IEXGM_PROCESS_SAVING saves the document, including rg23d, details and header 
335 J_1IEXGM_SET_ERROR_HANDLE To enable error handeling of explicit errors 
336 J_1IEXGM_SET_GLOBAL_DATA This function module sets the global data of J1IEXGM 
337 J_1IEXGM_UPDATE_EXCISE Update Excise document in MIGO 
338 J_1IEXGM_UPDATE_INBDEL_RDOC3 To update reference doc no. 3 with inbound delivery and item 
339 J_1IEXGM_VALIDATE check document line or header - called by mido 
340 J_1IEX_CAPTURE_EXCISE_INVOICE Capture Excise Invoice 
341 J_1IEX_CHANGE_HEADER_STATUS Module to change the header status 
342 J_1IEX_DEFAULT_EXCISE_DUTY Defaults excise duty 
343 J_1IEX_DETERMINE_CHAPTER_ID Determine chapter id 
344 J_1IEX_FILL_EXCISE_ITEMS Fill Excise Invoice Item Details 
345 J_1IEX_GET_ARE_DOCUMENT Excise Bonding: Get ARE docs from database. 
346 J_1IEX_GET_EXCISE_INVOICE Get Excise Invoice Details 
347 J_1IEX_GET_OUT_EXCISE_INVOICE Get Outgoing Excise Invoice Details 
348 J_1IEX_POPUP_TO_CONFIRM Final popup 
349 J_1IEX_PREPARE_ACCOUNTING_DOC Capture Excise Invoice 
350 J_1IEX_PRINT_ARE For Printing AREs 
351 J_1IEX_TEST migo test 
352 J_1IEX_UPDATE_ACC_LINES Update Accounting Lines 
353 J_1IISAUTO_CANCEL_MATDOC This FM prepares the internal tables and structures for cancellation. 
354 J_1IISAUTO_CANCEL_MATDOC_POST This FM carries updates the excise related tables during cancellation. 
355 J_1IISAUTO_EXCISE_DTL This function module determines and validates excise item information. 
356 J_1IISAUTO_EXCISE_HDR This function module determines and validates excise header information. 
357 J_1IISAUTO_EXCISE_POST This function module posts the excise entries in excise related tables. 
358 J_1IISAUTO_EXC_CANCEL_DTL This FM validates the excise details during cancellation. 
359 J_1IISAUTO_EXC_CANCEL_HDR This FM validates excise header during cancellation. 
360 J_1IISAUTO_GET_EXCISE_HDR To get the excise header information 
361 J_1IISAUTO_GET_EXCISE_MESSAGE This function module returns the excise related messages 
362 J_1IISAUTO_GET_FLAG_FOR_INDIA FM to retrieve the flag info for India 
363 J_1IISAUTO_GET_GLOBAL_DATA This FM is used to get global data from J1IEXGM 
364 J_1IISAUTO_GET_MATDOC Retrieves the global material document data 
365 J_1IISAUTO_GET_MATDOC_BADI This FM is used to fetch mat doc for all scenarios except Reverse Doc 
366 J_1IISAUTO_GET_MESSAGE FM to retreive the messages relevant for Excise Posting 
367 J_1IISAUTO_GET_PROCESS get current process 
368 J_1IISAUTO_GET_PROFILE_EXCISE Gets the flag for excise in the profile 
369 J_1IISAUTO_HANDLE_FCODE To Handle Excise specific Function Codes 
370 J_1IISAUTO_HANDLE_MSG To handle messages for vl60 calls to another function modules 
371 J_1IISAUTO_ITEM_QTY_INFO This FM determines quantity in partial GR/reverse qty. 
372 J_1IISAUTO_REFRESH_MESSAGE Clearing the messages poppulated in J_1IISAUTO 
373 J_1IISAUTO_RESET_GLOBAL_DATA Reseting global data in J_1IISAUTO 
374 J_1IISAUTO_SET_FLAG_FOR_INDIA FM checks if the inbound delivery is valid for India 
375 J_1IISAUTO_SET_PROCESS FM to set the process on click of any function code 
376 J_1IISAUTO_SET_PROFILE_EXCISE Checks if the excise function is active for the profile 
377 J_1IISAUTO_VL60_ITEM_CHANGES This FM fetches inbound delivery line item changes 
378 J_1IKUNNR_INTERFACE_00001310 Schnittstellenbeschreibung zum Event 00001310 
379 J_1IKUNNR_KEYTEXT_00001330 Schnittstellenbeschreibung zum Event 00001430 
380 J_1IKUNNR_SAVE_00001320 Schnittstellenbeschreibung zum Event 00001320 
381 J_1IMOCUST_SAVE Save MOVEND in update task 
382 J_1IMODDET_ARCHIVE_PUT Archive j_1imtchid data 
383 J_1IMODDET_ARCHIVE_SET set archive read for j_1imtchid 
384 J_1IMODDET_ARCH_GET Get Archived data j_1imtchid 
385 J_1IMODDET_CHANGE_CHECK_2 Prüfen MARD, ob eine Änderung durchgeführt wurde 
386 J_1IMODDET_GET_BILD set bild for j_1imtchid 
387 J_1IMODDET_GET_SUB Holen der WA UMARD zu Beginn des Subscreens 
388 J_1IMODDET_POST Post j_1imoddet 
389 J_1IMODDET_SET_BILD Übergeben der Workarea UMARD am Ende des Bildes 
390 J_1IMODDET_SET_SUB Übergeben der WA Uj_1imtchid am Ende des Subscreens 
391 J_1IMODDET_SINGLE_READ Select single auf ZCPTEST mit Pufferergänzung 
392 J_1IMODDET_START_POSTING Übergabe der Daten für die Verbuchung 
393 J_1IMOVEND_SAVE Save MOVEND in update task 
394 J_1IMTCHID_ARCHIVE_PUT Archive j_1imtchid data 
395 J_1IMTCHID_ARCHIVE_SET set archive read for j_1imtchid 
396 J_1IMTCHID_ARCH_GET Get Archived data j_1imtchid 
397 J_1IMTCHID_CHANGE_CHECK_2 Prüfen j_1imtchid, ob eine Änderung durchgeführt wurde 
398 J_1IMTCHID_GET_BILD set bild for j_1imtchid 
399 J_1IMTCHID_GET_SUB Holen der WA Uj_1imtchid zu Beginn des Subscreens 
400 J_1IMTCHID_POST Verbuchen j_1imoddet 
401 J_1IMTCHID_SET_BILD Übergeben der Workarea j_1imtchid am Ende des Bildes 
402 J_1IMTCHID_SET_SUB Übergeben der WA Uj_1imtchid am Ende des Subscreens 
403 J_1IMTCHID_SINGLE_READ single read j_1imtchid 
404 J_1IMTCHID_START_POSTING Übergabe der Daten für die Verbuchung 
405 J_1IRPO_GET_MODE Get Mode of PO - Create/Change/Display 
406 J_1IRPO_GET_MRPIND Get Max. Retail Price Settings : Info Record 
407 J_1IRPO_REFRESH_DATA Refresh Global Data 
408 J_1IRPO_SET_MODE Set Mode of PO - Create/Change/Display 
409 J_1IR_GET_PO_HEADER Get PO Header : Retail India 
410 J_1IR_PO_POST Setting PO Post 
411 J_1ITAN_EXEM_DELETE Save Tan Exemption details in update task 
412 J_1ITAN_EXEM_SAVE Save Tan Exemption details in update task 
413 J_1ITDS_SAVE_CHANGES Open FI: to update TDS table in change option 
414 J_1ITDS_TABLE_UPDATE Populate TDS Database table. 
415 J_1ITDS_TABLE_UPDATE_LIV Schnittstellenbeschreibung zum Event 00001050 
416 J_1ITDS_UPDATE Update j_1itds table on commit work 
417 J_1IVENDOR_INTERFACE_00001410 Schnittstellenbeschreibung zum Event 00001410 
418 J_1IVENDOR_KEYTEXT_00001430 Schnittstellenbeschreibung zum Event 00001430 
419 J_1IVENDOR_SAVE_00001420 Schnittstellenbeschreibung zum Event 00001420 
420 J_1I_ACCEPT_VALUE Accept a value 
421 J_1I_BOND_USAGE_ALV Bond / ARE data display 
422 J_1I_CHECK_TXJCD_DATE Check if jurisdiction is deactivated after VAT changes 
423 J_1I_CIN_BTE_00001050 Interface Function Modulle for Event 00001050 
424 J_1I_COPY_BUPLA_MR8M Copy Business Place value to LIV document in MR8M 
425 J_1I_CO_UPDATE_VENDDET Columbia: Function module for update task 
426 J_1I_DELETE_BLOCK_VALUES Delete Block Transaction data 
427 J_1I_DETERMINE_CONDITION_DEF Determine the default tax condition types 
428 J_1I_DETERMINE_SER_ACCOUNT Determine service tax accounts for company code,plant combination 
429 J_1I_EXCISE_INBOUND_DELIVERY Capturing Excise Details for SUS and Background J1IEX 
430 J_1I_F4IF_SHLP_EXIT_LICNUMBER Beispiel für ein Suchhilfe-Exit eine Suchhilfe 
431 J_1I_INBDEL_BACKGRD_SUS R Create Excise Invoice 
432 J_1I_MM_LOCAL_SER_CAT_DET Service tax category determination for MM 
433 J_1I_MM_SER_CAT_DETERMINE Service category determination on MM side 
434 J_1I_MM_SER_CAT_UPDATE Service category updation for MM invoices 
435 J_1I_MM_SER_CAT_UPDATE_TABLE MM service category determination 
436 J_1I_SD_SCREEN_CONTROL Screen control for Brazilian SD fields 
437 J_1I_SD_SER_CAT_DETERMINE Service category determination on SD side 
438 J_1I_SD_SER_CAT_DET_CHECK Service category determination on SD side 
439 J_1I_SERV_CATG_DET_FI Determine Service category for ST lines in FI doc 
440 J_1I_SERV_CATG_DET_FIINV Determine Service category for FI Invoices ST3 
441 J_1I_SER_CATG_LOCAL_MM Update Service tax category in MIRO 
442 J_1I_SER_CATG_LOCAL_MM_INVNUM Determine Invoice document number 
443 J_1I_UPDATE_SERVCAT_DET_TABLE Save Service category determined for FI Invoices 
444 J_1I_VAT_TAX_ACCOUNT_DETRMINE Determination of VAT Accounts India 
445 J_1I_VAT_TAX_ACCOUNT_DET_SD Account Determination SD 
446 J_1S_ADDRESS_CHECK_SWISS IS-PSD CH/S: Prüfung der Anschrift Schweiz 
447 J_1S_ADDRESS_INTO_PRINTFORM IS-PSD(CH): Modifikation Adresse 
448 J_1S_AEND_CH_POSTCODE IS-PSD CH/S: Ändern CH-spezifische Zusatzangaben zur Postleitzahl 
449 J_1S_AEND_CH_STRASSEN IS-PSD CH/S: Anlegen CH-Strassendaten 
450 J_1S_ANLE_CH_POSTCODE IS-PSD CH/S: Anlegen CH-spezifische Zusatzangaben zur Postleitzahl 
451 J_1S_ANLE_CH_STRASSEN IS-PSD CH/S: Anlegen CH-Strassendaten 
452 J_1S_ANZE_CH_POSTCODE IS-PSD CH/S: Anzeigen CH-spezifische Zusatzangaben zur Postleitzahl 
453 J_1S_ANZE_CH_STRASSEN IS-PSD CH/S: Anzeigen CH-Strassendaten 
454 J_1S_AUFTRAGSMENGE IS-PSD (CH) : ZUVO - Schnittstelle ermitteln Auftragsmenge 
455 J_1S_AUTOFILL_STREET Bestimmen Strassenstamm, Strassenart und Präpositionscode 
456 J_1S_BOTPRO_INSERT IS-PSD CH/S: Insert post. Einheit Boten für Tab. J_1SBOTPRO 
457 J_1S_BOTPRO_PRUEFEN IS-PSD CH/S: Prüfung neuer Eintrag für Tab. J_1SBOTPRO 
458 J_1S_BOTPRO_PTT_POSTE_DATA IS-PSD CH/S: Übernahme der Boten-Daten in die Tabelle J_1SBOTPRO 
459 J_1S_BOTPRO_UPDATE IS-PSD CH/S: Update post. Einheit Boten für Tab: J_1SBOTPRO 
460 J_1S_BUFFERED_GET_BOTE_PTT IS-PSD CH/V: Ermitteln der PPT-Botennummer 
461 J_1S_BUILD_STREETS IS-PSD CH/S: Hausnummernbereiche für Strassen berechnen 
462 J_1S_CHECK_MUT_UPDA IS-PSD CH/S: Öffnen der einzelnen Datasets für die PTT-Daten-Übernahme 
463 J_1S_CH_PVA_SHOW IS-PSD CH/S: Anzeigen CH-spez. Zusatzangaben zur PVA 
464 J_1S_CH_PVA_UPDATE IS-PSD CH/S: Aendern CH-spez. Zusatzangaben zur PVA 
465 J_1S_CLOSE_DSET_PTT_ESR_DATA IS-PSD CH/F: Schließen der Datasets für Sammel-,Einzelzahlung 
466 J_1S_CLOSE_DSET_PTT_POSTE_DATA IS-PSD CH/S: Schließen der Datasets nach dem Splitten 
467 J_1S_CONTAINER_MAKE_PTT IS-PSD CH/V: Gebindefertigung Post CH Inland 
468 J_1S_CONTAINER_MAKE_PTT_FOREIG IS-PSD CH/V: Gebindefertigung Post CH nach Prod-Sequenzen aus Versandplan 
469 J_1S_DELE_CH_POSTCODE IS-PSD CH/S: Löschen CH-spezifische Zusatzangaben zur Postleitzahl 
470 J_1S_DELE_CH_STRASSEN IS-PSD CH/S: Löschen CH-spezifische Zusatzangaben zur Strasse 
471 J_1S_ERWPLZ_MERGE IS-PSD CH/V: Merge Postleitzahl + Zusatz zu 6-stelliger Postleitzahl 
472 J_1S_ESR_INC_PAYMENT_RENEWAL IS-M/SD: Erzeugen Buchung aus RFESR000 
473 J_1S_GET_ERWPLZ IS-PSD CH/S: Ermittlung 2-stellige PLZ-Erweiterung 
474 J_1S_GLOBAL_MUTATION_PROTOKOLL IS-PSD CH: Protokolle zu globalen Mutationen 
475 J_1S_GLOBAL_MUTATION_QUANT_EV IS-PSD CH: Batch-Input für globale Mengen-Mutation Einzel-/Wiederverkauf 
476 J_1S_GLO_MUT_ANNSCH_ERMITTELN IS-PSD CH/V: Daten-Selektion Globale-Mutation EV-Aufträge 
477 J_1S_GLO_MUT_PROT_EV IS-PSD CH/V: Protokoll Globale Mutationen EV-Aufträge 
478 J_1S_GLO_MUT_SELECT_ABO IS-PSD CH/V: Daten-Selektion Globale-Mutation ABO-Aufträge 
479 J_1S_GLO_MUT_SELECT_ABO_LFART IS-PSD CH: Daten-Selektion globale Lieferart-Mutation Abonnenten 
480 J_1S_GLO_MUT_SELECT_BZRS IS-PSD CH/V: Daten-Selektion Globale-Mutation EV-Aufträge 
481 J_1S_GLO_MUT_SELECT_EV IS-PSD CH/V: Daten-Selektion Globale-Mutation EV-Aufträge 
482 J_1S_GLO_MUT_SELECT_EV_QUANT IS-PSD CH: Daten-Selektion globale Mengen-Mutation Einzel-/Wiederverkauf 
483 J_1S_J_1SWEMF00_INSERT_TAB IS-PSD CH/W: Hinzufügen von WEMF-Tagesstatistiken(Array-Operation) 
484 J_1S_J_1SWEMF00_IVWKN IS-PSD CH/W: Ermittlung der Remissionskategorie WEMF 
485 J_1S_J_1SWEMF00_REMISSION IS-PSD CH/W: Aktualisierung der WEMF-Statistik bei Remissionen 
486 J_1S_J_1SWEMF00_STAT_CHECK IS-PSD/CH: Prüfung auf Existenz der Wemf-Statistik 
487 J_1S_J_1SWEMF00_UPDATE_TAB IS-PSD CH/W: Verändern von WEMF-Tagesstatistiken 
488 J_1S_MOVE_DATE IS-PSD CH: Umwandlung Datums-Format (YYYYMMDD) in (DDMMYYYY) 
489 J_1S_MUTATION_POSTMEN IS-PSD CH/S: Mutation PTT-Boten Blockverarbeitung 
490 J_1S_MUT_POSTE_NEW_STREET_NUMB IS-PSD CH/S: Mutieren der Daten für die Tabelle JSTSTRPRO bzw. J_1SSTRPRO 
491 J_1S_OPEN_DSET_PTT_ESR_DATA IS-PSD CH/F: Öffnen der einzelnen Datasets für Sammel-,Einzelzahlung 
492 J_1S_OPEN_DSET_PTT_POSTE_DATA IS-PSD CH/S: Öffnen der einzelnen Datasets für die PTT-Daten-Übernahme 
493 J_1S_ORTPRO_PTT_POSTE_DATA IS-PSD CH/S: Übernahme der PTT-Ortsdaten für die Tabelle JSTORTPRO 
494 J_1S_PACKAGE_MAKE_ADR IS-PSD CH/V: Paketbildung adr. Direktlieferung 
495 J_1S_PACKAGE_MAKE_ADR_BUND IS-PSD CH/V: Bundbildung adr. Direktlieferung 
496 J_1S_PACKAGE_MAKE_PTT_CH IS-PSD CH/V: Bundbildung Post CH Inland 
497 J_1S_PACKAGE_MAKE_PTT_CH_FSPED IS-PSD CH/V: Bundbildung Post CH Inland für Fremdspeditionen 
498 J_1S_PACKAGE_MAKE_PTT_CH_SPEC IS-PSD CH/V: Bundbildung Post mit Abladestelle 
499 J_1S_PACKAGE_MAKE_PTT_FOREIGN IS-PSD CH/V: Bundbildung Post CH Ausland nach Versandplan-Zielgebieten 
500 J_1S_PACKAGE_MAKE_PTT_FOREIGN1 IS-PSD CH/V: Bundbildung Post CH Ausland ZEBU-manuell